Former 700 pound Ruby Gettinger’s inspirational story

Ruby Gettinger is the star of the new Style Network reality show “Ruby,” which chronicles her life as she struggles to lose weight. 5’9″ Ruby is now down to 364 pounds from a high of 715 pounds ten years ago. Ruby is determined to lose weight through diet and exercise and while she’s not opposed to gastric bypass surgery she says she needs to learn how to lose weight without it.

A resident of Savannah, GA, Ruby calls eating an addiction and is emotional and honest about her personal trials. She says that she wants to inspire other people by sharing her journey. Her goals and dreams are simple ones and she hopes for many of the things regular-sized people take for granted, like being able to take a bubble bath or paint her toenails by herself.

A friendly, positive person, Ruby helps bring a human face to the obesity issue while shedding light on the struggles of larger people in a sizeist society.

“My doctor said, ‘You’re a walking time bomb and you’re going to die if you don’t do something,’” recalls Ruby, who reached her highest weight of 715 pounds 13 years ago and has since fluctuated between 350 and 550 pounds.

Having lost 113 pounds over the last eight months, the 5’9″ Savannah, GA native is hoping to inspire others. “My dream is to help those who are on the same road,” she tells In Touch. “I want to be able to look into people’s eyes and say, ‘You can do it, too!’”

In Touch: How did you feel when your doctor said you could die?
I knew he was right because I already felt my body shutting down. I thought, “OK, I guess I’m going to die,” but three weeks later, I decided not to give up.

Have people been mean to you because of your weight?
I was walking through the mall once and a man stood up and yelled, “Oh my God!” and started pointing and laughing at me. And another time someone said “Aren’t you embarrassed to look like a circus freak?”

That must have been awful.
I went home thinking, “Do I really weigh more than the woman in the circus?” I looked it up, and I did.

Has being obese affected your love life?
I’ve never been asked out on a date. I have a lot of guy friends, but they just can’t get over the physical.

You’ve lost more than 100 pounds. Have you been exercising?
Yes, I do 20 minutes on the treadmill in the morning and evenings. It takes everything I have to do it!

Have you ever considered having gastric bypass?
I’m fine with people wanting to do that, but I need to learn how to do this, or I’ll never beat it. But I will get plastic surgery after I lose the weight to get rid of the excess skin.

You’ve lost weight before – what makes this time different?
I’m tired of the quick fixes. I really want to learn how to eat healthy and work out for the rest of my life. Plus, for the first time, I’m doing it for myself.

What’s one thing you can’t wait to do once you reach your goal weight?
I’ve never taken a bubble bath, so I’m really looking forward to that!

[From In Touch, print edition, November 24, 2008]

Ruby won’t reveal her age, but is open about most of the other aspects of her life. She says she’s been big since she was young and that she didn’t eat regular meals but had snacks like pop tarts, sweet rolls, and Milky Way bars growing up. She likens food addiction to alcoholism, and there’s a scene in her show in which she points to fast food in a display case and says how hard it is to see that, like an alcoholic walking into a bar every day. Ruby started filming the show seven months ago and is now down to 364 pounds from 477 pounds, which means she’s lost over 100 pounds in just over half a year.

Ruby keeps in touch with her fans on her message board and says she has read all of their messages and is touched and moved by the support she’s receiving. You can learn more about Ruby on her website, which includes many clips from the show. Hang in there, Ruby, a lot of people are rooting for you.

Here’s a video message from Ruby:

Note: this is not an advertisement for the show and we decided to cover this story on our own without any encouragement or contact from the Style Network.

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  1. Jen (the other one) says:

    ‘Ruby’ is a fantastic show…she’s an absolutely charming and lovely girl. Love her.

  2. GrnMtGirl says:

    I’m looking forward to watching this show. It seems like it will be interesting, informative, and inspiring. Good Luck to Ruby

  3. Bros says:

    i wish i got this channel. i love stories like this. her face is very pretty.

  4. elisha says:

    I saw the promo for this!!! And one of the Daniel twins was in it. You know them, Brittany and Cynthia Daniel? They played the twins in the Sweet Valley High TV shot. Brittany has also been in some other stuff like Dawson’s Creek and White Chicks.

    So my question is, how the heck does Ruby know one of the Daniel twins?

    Also, a while ago, beauty chain The Body Shop had an ad campaign featuring a doll they called Ruby. She was billed as the “anti-Barbie” and much like this Ruby, she was robust and red-headed. I thought the Style network’s Ruby may somehow be related to this but apparently not.

  5. Vex says:

    I don’t see why she should lose weight for that man she wanted to marry.

  6. geronimo says:

    I like that she says no quick fixes and that surgery’s a no-no until after she’s lost the weight and figured out how to eat in a healthy, sustainable way. Wish her well, hope she achieves her goals.

  7. vdantev says:

    715 pounds! Poor baby :( that has to be extremely painful on your joints, back etc etc. I wish her luck .

  8. Syko says:

    Bless her heart! She’s a pretty girl, and apparently a determined one. I’m rooting for her!

  9. Cici says:

    Vex – I don’t think she’s losing weight for “that man.”

  10. Vannuccia says:

    Pretty girl. Good for her for not taking the ‘easier’ way out of a gastric bypass, instead deciding on reducating herself on the way she eats.

  11. I choose me says:

    Ruby warms the cockles of my deeply cyinical heart. I sincerely hope that she achieves her goals.

  12. Aspen says:

    She’s got such a lovely countenance and such a beautiful face.

    I love seeing things like this. She’s saving her own life, and how could you have more self-esteem building than that?

    As for her losing weight “for” anyone…that just never happens. Like quitting smoking or kicking a drug habit, no one loses Ruby’s kind of weight for someone else. It’s all about internal drive and self-preservation.

    I can’t wait to see this show.

  13. RhymesWithSilver says:

    I like her. “Discovery Health” is full of shows about morbidly obese people who seem to think that gastric bypass is the only thing that will save them from themselves. I think those people are delusional and haven’t dealt with their underlying problems. I also think the caretakers of those 1000 lb. people should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    I wish those folks luck, but Ruby is miles ahead of them all.

  14. SW says:

    I have a few episodes recorded but have yet had time to watch them (kids). I am currently about 25 lbs overweight, this being the first time in my 31 years of having a weight problem. I just really don’t have the energy to exercise like I should (lame/pathetic excuse, I know).
    I really commend Ruby, I’m exceptionally proud of her. Taking the iniative to do something about her weight problem when many people her size would have either said ‘Eff it’ or gone the surgery route. Hang in there, Ruby. You’ve done an excellent job so far. Keep your chin up, stay strong and remember you’ve got countless people rooting for you!

  15. miss_kitteh says:

    Rhymes with Beeyotch, why do you think people who want gastric bypass are ‘delusional’? Good lord, whatever it takes is fine with me. Some of them are WAY past the point where they can even consider exercise. I doubt they thought of dangerous major surgery as their first option.

    As for prosecuting the ‘caretakers’, I would imagine food addiction is just as much a co-dependent or family illness as any other addiction. They ALL need help for their underlying issues, and maybe even gastric bypass to save their lives. Ruby is lucky that she found the will to change. When you’re severely depressed, that’s extremely rare.

    It boggles my mind that you think Ruby is somehow morally superior to other people who are obese. I bet you hate people who get AIDS from sex, but you think someone who gets it from a blood transfusion or a dental procedure is an innocent victim, right?

  16. Syko says:

    I don’t think the bypass surgery is an easy way out! It’s dangerous and afterward you have to deal with really bad constant diarrhea and personally I think 20 minutes on a treadmill and a salad for lunch is a lot better way to handle it.

  17. Celebitchy says:

    ok no attacking others. I agree that there’s no quick fix and from what I understand a gastric bypass is incredibly difficult to go through and is in no way an “easy way out.” My heart goes out to everyone who is going through this and it is just as difficult, if not more so, to get surgery.

  18. MaiGirl says:

    My opinion is somewhere in the middle. Some people are so beaten down in their struggle with obesity, over years of taunting, rejection, diet failure, and self-abuse that they don’t see any other options. If that is what they believe, they are right, because you can’t do it if you don’t believe in yourself. Also, let’s not forget that the surgery was (and still is, to some extent) aggressively marketed to potential patients, similar to the way a lot of prescription drugs are marketed in the US. It’s hard not to have pipe dreams when you are already in a desperate state and are being fed an excessively optimistic picture of what the surgery and its results are like.

    My aunt had the surgery after years of struggling with her weight. She was over 300 lbs. at the time of the surgery. Her proportions were wacky (she was extremely bottom-heavy), which made it very difficult for her to get around. She got down to 160lbs. after the surgery and stayed there for a year, but wound up gaining 50 lbs. back. She is still not morbidly obese, obviously, so it was still of benefit, but she constantly struggles with eating properly (you have to be very careful about eating well to get proper nutrition into a tiny stomach)because she never learned good habits.

    Anyway, sorry for the long post, but I feel very strongly that we should be compassionate for these people, whatever route they take, because some people are simply too beaten down to do it any other way, like my aunt. But, also like my aunt, there is just no way around learning good eating and exercise habits.

  19. ff says:

    She’s on the halfway mark. Good for her. Screw the haters.

  20. WTF?!?! says:

    Vex, she’s not losing the weight for her ex. To his credit, he was a personal trainer and loved her as she was, but kept begging her to lose the weight for her health. He didn’t want to watch her die, and that’s why he left after seven (?) years. They’re having a reunion on the show, I hope to catch it.

  21. ? says:

    This makes me wish I had a television.

    Best of luck to her!

  22. Rio says:

    Yay! I’m a Savannahian and have seen Ruby out and about on several occassions. It’s good to see a local girl do good.
    Overcoming the “addiction to food”, ESPECIALLY as a Southerner, is one hard road. The vast majority of our culture is built around food and eating: overeating is *expected* and it’s more eyebrow-raising if you’re a Kate Moss than a Ruby. We’re a traditionally agricultural and economically poor culture; this translates into food that sharecroppers and people who spent the day plowing and burning all their calories could afford to eat. Thus high-fat high-salt, etc.

  23. Shane says:

    Interesting comments Rio. I also notice hot, muggy areas of the country are prone to be overweight since outdoor activity during that time is unpleasant.

  24. Christina X says:

    Even though she’s stilll heavy, losing as much weight as she already has is impressive.

    She’s been through way too much to not let this work out, and I’m touched by her motivation.

    She has a pretty face too.

  25. SW says:

    SHANE – You are ABSOLUTELY on the mark with your comment. Granted, not everyone who lives in those climates are like that. I moved here to Florida a couple of years from NC. In NC we normally have dry, albeit hot, summers. BUT I could definitely go out and do my thing in the summers, which is how I could stay down to a size 5-7. Now…here in Florida it’s so &^$!! humid, miserably so to me, that I basically stay indoors with my AC on and no exercise done, which is why I’ve gone up to a size 10-12 and which is why, also, my depression has skyrocketed. We are currently looking for jobs back up in NC. I love it here but it just isn’t worth it. On another note, it boggles my mind when I see people out running, biking, skating, what have you in the summer in the middle of the day. I want to call a paramedic for them just in case! 8O

  26. Margie says:

    People who want gastric bypass surgery usually don’t understand the problems with it. It is really just intensive behavior modification. If you eat too much, you can develop problems with vomiting or you develop dumping syndrome, uncontrollable loose bowel movements. Also, nutrients are no longer absorbed well so people may develop malnutrition despite taking vitamin and mineral supplements. People can die from side effects of this surgery and often have a significantly shorter life span. And you can regain the weight by consistent overeating, so it still comes down to changing your habits.

    I’ve never watched Ruby, but she sounds like she’s got the right attitude. She’s just doing what the gastric bypass people would do, but when she reaches her goal, she’ll have a lot more money and probably be healthier.

  27. Ter says:

    She seems to be quite a lovely person from the one show that I have seen. She will be lovely at any weight, but for the sake of her health I hope she makes it down to her target weight and has a bit of the bubbly with her bubbles.

  28. Raelyn says:

    Hey Elishia…

    It is Brittany Daniel. Ruby used to live in LA & worked at a gym as a receptionist that Brittany used & that is where she met her & they became friends!

  29. rahjoe says:

    I dated a wonderful woman like Ruby. My babe got up to about 477 pounds. I must admit that it was a different experience dating a SSBBW (supersized big beautiful woman). I was a member of NAAFA for many years before I dated my SSBBW. NAAFA was a big help with education and self-esteem aspects. My babe did the gastric bypass surgery. My issue with that is that many folks don’t get a handle on the food obsession FIRST. With the surgery, you eat less because your stomach won’t hold much. Fix the food addiction FIRST them the surgery works best. Many simply want the quick fix of being smaller. Hey, it took years for Ruby to get big! Shouldn’t it take years for Ruby to get small?! Too many issues after the surgery too, like the pills you have to take because man wrecked what God created.
    Ruby is gorgeous! I’d like to marry a babe like her and do that journey together. She’s sweet.

  30. Harley says:

    Ruby – I am a real fan of your show. I know you can do this!!! Have you ever considered Weight Watchers? You can have desserts and snacks and still achieve your goals. I have had really great success with it.Hang in there and don’t give up! You are a beautiful woman!
    SE GA Fan in Blackshear

  31. Glynda says:

    Ruby is a beautiful woman and is so intriguing and sweet and funny that you want to watch her and want to see her succeed.

    She is a whole lot of beautiful just as she is, but because her current status is unhealthy, she can’t stay that way and is doing as she needs to do.

    She has pride and she understands her plight and that is a first step in her journey. She is not in denial for sure. She goes about her life, asking for bigger chairs, planning how she will sit in a plane, walking in the park, but not getting irate at others when the world doesn’t conform to her needs like a lot of other people do.

    She lives in a fabulous friendly southern city where I think the whole city would come together and support her and love her. She is bringing attention to this city like Paula Deen did….people there seem like they would run to her rescue. They are so nice, like Ruby. I hope they do.

    She is an inspiration to all of us that have any weight to lose.

    And bless her friends for sticking by her and loving her but what is not to love? She is loveable. God bless you Ruby. You can do it.

  32. anita says:

    ruby you are beautiful and keep up the good work because you are inspiration to other big beautiful women who can do it. i can do it too.

  33. slone says:

    Ruby is inspirational. But how odd she won’t discuss her age??

    She is only 45…nothing to be ashamed of!!

    Ruby be proud to be 45 years old!!

  34. Diana says:

    Ruby: You are wonderful! I have had a weight problem my entire life. In the mid 70′s I lost 100 pounds and kept it off until 1995 then started to gain again. Have dieted off and on since, I recently lost 50 pounds but still would like to lose 30 more. Your show is an inspiration for me. It’s the holidays and I find myself beginning to go off my diet. Watching your show helps me to stick to my diet. You go girl and I support your decision to dump your ex. Hang in there, I’ll be watching!!!!!

  35. Michelle says:

    Watching Ruby’s show has given me a new thought process on life. She is such a beautiful person inside and out. I have taped all of the shows and began eating without junk and fast food. Soon I will begin working out. Thank you so much Ruby for just being yourself and working hard to reach your goals! And thank you to all of her friends for helping her to stay on track. All of you are awesome!

  36. Nancy says:

    Ruby… you are such an inspiration to everyone who has struggled with weight loss. The fact that you are willing to share your story and put your face out there in public…shows how strong and devoted you are to your effort. I wish you well and pray that you will be successful. And I hope for the days that you will will take bubble baths, go kayaking, bicycling and get out and do the regular everyday things! Best wishes.

  37. Susan Teed says:

    You go girl!
    I haven’t watched your show in quite awhile because they too it off my cable, but I just read that you are down more than 100 pounds and really doing well. I’m so proud of you for staying the course and keeping up with the exercise, that’s most important to keep the pounds coming off when you hit the plateau, just eat a little less and do alittle more exercise. I hope to see your show soon again because I really enjoyed it. Keep up the great work and I/m rooting for you. Keep the faith and you will succeed. sue

  38. yvobnne weiss says:

    Dear Ruby
    I have maintained a 250lb loss for 13years.I would luv sharing with you so you can hold on to the belief that it can be done and worth the journey.yvonne,

  39. Dear Ruby,
    I have read and seen your videos on your web site. You have done so well with your weight loss. Don’t give up. Keep going with it. Only problem is I don’t get the style network to see you every week. Joyce

  40. Corrine says:

    I just don’t get it. Why is someone who couldn’t control her own obesity now a reality tv star? There is nothing inspirational about this woman. She should not have ever allowed herself to get to 700 pounds. We have so many real issues that should be brought to the forefront, so many REALLY inspirational people, and we are following a chronical of “a biggest loser” that goes on and on and on. It’s stupid.

  41. Vix says:

    Corrine… why are you on this site looking at information on Ruby in the first place if you don’t like her or the program or whatever? let alone leaving a negative comment on this site?

    I think she is a tremendously courageous woman for taking her journey public and admitting you have a problem is the biggest hurdle to get over. Keep it up Ruby

  42. Kat says:

    Corrinne: STFU. Not everyone is perfect as you, you big jerk.

  43. Jaclyn says:

    First let me say I have struggled with being obese most of my life. I’ve watched the show but it can be a little annoying. Ruby’s whiny attitude and cutesy names for her private parts etc. is a little overbearing. In the latest episode she can’t even go to the gynecologist without her two friends holding her hand in the exam room! I’m sure she’s at least 40, so that’s a little extreme. I wonder how she would be able to do this without the constant presence of her friends who seem to give up their life to support her. I hope she learns to be a little more independent.

  44. Oprah says:

    Corrine is simply jealous.

  45. Rachel says:

    this makes me regret that I have a television. :(

  46. camille says:

    Ruby you rock!!!!!
    I wished i had a support system and the opportunities you have

  47. mary says:

    you rock Ruby!!! You inspire me as an overweight women who also on a journey for health.

  48. Linda Bach says:

    Miss Ruby :
    I am deeply moved by your courage , conviction, spirit : I don’t even see the weight half the time your personality and overflowing love for people is so, so big .
    And you really love life .
    I pray LIFE can love you back double
    and you live long and healthy .
    Thank you for what you’re doing .
    Fellow C.O.E.
    Compulsive Overeater .

  49. Shanny says:

    Sorry not a Ruby fan, ready to get floagged.
    This show has always anoyed me.
    And this is what I want to know, WHO has been paying Ruby’s bills, paying for all this food she wants to eat, reseraunts, who pays for her little dog, her home. Who is paying her bills when all she can/wants to do is sit around and eat and play with her friends and puppy?
    I guess I am mean but I just have 0 symathy for this lazy waste to society.

  50. gloria ellerbe says:

    I have never been overweight. I have always weighted about 125 and I;m 5’5″.
    I stopped smoking about 5 years ago and I have gained up to 220. As hard as I try, I stay hungry and I stay fat. I am so proud of you and I hope I can do it too.

  51. Mandy says:

    Ruby is an inspiration. I am 34 years old and have struggled with weight my whole life. When I got up to over 370 lbs. three years ago, I decided to have gastric bypass surgery. The surgery is no easy way out. The eating limitations and painful consequences of even eating a “normal” meal are difficult to deal with at times, but I truly believe that the surgery has saved my life. No more high blood pressure. No more sleep apnea. No more nightmares of being buried alive and suffocating. And, best of all, after years of infertility, I am expecting twins in a month! The surgery has in no way shortened my life! The surgery has given me my life! I applaud Ruby for losing the weight without surgery, but please understand that for many people, surgery is the best option.

  52. Jojo says:

    I don’t get it – why won’t she reveal her age?

    And please, let’s not forget that obesity is NOT a disease like Cystic Fibrosis or Parkinson’s Disease. She is obese because she is a glutton – period! I agree with Corinne that we shouldn’t be celebrating the fact that a fatty has lost weight or hold her as some sort of hero.

    If she wants to tell her story, that’s cool. But the rest is over the top and unnecessary.

    • bev says:

      JOJO, what planet did you come from?? obesity not a REAL disease?? come on now you can’t REALLY be that ignorant…or can you?

  53. maggie says:

    Ruby, I admire everything about you. I love your personality and I really applaude your zest and love for life. You will reach your goal and I will be cheering for you–all the way!! I hope that you find the reason for the “beast” that has controlled you and put it finally to rest. I’ll be praying for you. . . .

  54. Kaje says:

    Does anyone know why there has not been a new episode of Ruby for 2 weeks?

  55. Babz says:

    I’m sad to see another season end, and hope there will be more.

    I love Ruby’s spirit and the joy she finds in the simple things many people take for granted.

    Overweight or not, she is beautiful inside and out.

  56. Yvonne says:

    I have not seen this show and just read about her in an email subscription I get on diet and nutrition. I don’t know if I get this channel on my satellite, but I plan to check.

    First of all, kudos to Ruby and her gumption and hard work for doing this. Anyone who thinks what she is doing is easy is crazy. Losing just 10 pounds can be a struggle much less hundreds of pounds. I will make no excuses about obesity. There are lot of people like “Jojo” or “Corrine” who say how lazy and gluttonous she is and that she has only herself to blame are partly correct, but so are people who are addicted to alcohol, drugs, cigarettes…yet alcoholics and drug addicts are sent to “treatment centers” and have 12 step programs. Society keeps saying how much they want to help these people to live better lives, and in the same breath they are never cured, and are forever in recovery. Food addiction is not different; the only difference is that you need food to survive. Food is legal and is everywhere. Food is used as a “reward” and a “treat”. Mom gave us candy when we were good. Vegetables were forced fed. No excuses, just facts. As we learned how bad some foods were for us, we should change how we eat. Eat more fresh veggies, fruits and lean meats, just as cigarette smokers and drinkers learned how bad their addiction was and tried to quit or cut down, yet as they struggle they are not as shunned by society as over eaters were. Obese people are called “lazy”, “stupid”, ETC when many of them are far from it; they just have an addiction and need to take that first step themselves, as Ruby has, to lose the weight for good. Some do it as Ruby is, through diet and exercise, others through surgery.

    As far as “who’s paying the bills” a lot of obese people are on disability, or their families are taking care of them because they can’t work because of physical problems or even social problems. Some of Ruby’s eccentric actions such as taking friends to the doctor or sitting around and playing with her dog are due to not getting enough socialization. Many overweight people have a hard time socializing because they feel uncomfortable going to restaurants, can’t fit in movie theater seats or go to amusement parks. When they do go out, they get taunted like the examples Ruby gave in her interview. Would you go out if you were called a “circus freak” every time you go anywhere? Unlike alcoholics and drug addicts, you can look an obese person and know their problem. They can’t hide like them.

    I’ve lost about 130 pounds the same as Ruby, going from 270 to 140 in just over a year. I feel more confident, health problems are gone and my life has completely changed yet inside I am the same person as I was. I wish Ruby much luck on her journey, hope she doesn’t give up and I will be rooting for her the whole way!!

    PS: Ruby give your age. Give us middle aged gals hope that even at 45 or 50 we can lose the weight!

  57. CAROL says:


  58. vickie farlow says:

    you are a true inspiration. I hope you are planning on coming back and doing more shows on style network. I alway looked forward to your show. I just love to see your old boyfriend on the show. I really feels like he really loves you. One of my favorite was when you were able to get a new regular bed. That shows how far you have come. Remember, WITH GOD NOTHING IS INPOSSIBLE>>>>>>>

  59. nadine says:

    hey all, firstly, well done Ruby and every other person out there who struggles with their weight.
    now, to the people who say that the fatties out there are just gluttons, lazy, too pathetic to control their own weight…i am a chubby woman of 33, always battled to keep the kilos off. now i have lost 60lbs and i am still considered plus size. i have a masters degree, work, go to the gym( alot more than most of my skinny friends), i don’t smoke, i don’t do drugs, i am a mother, clean my own house,have a wonderful husband, do everything that a slender person does. i don’t eat myself into a stupor but unfortunately for me there is a genetic tendancy to overweightness in my family. sad how people of corrine and jojo’s ilk are so quick to judge purely on appearance because they must miss out on so many interesting people in their very narrow world of perfection…

  60. I love your creativity and your desire to introduce your new you..I think you are a great inspiration to all..

  61. chucky says:

    Ruby is in her mid to late 40

  62. KKK says:

    Ruby is 34 or 44? I have heard both. She look more 34 then 44. Now, for those of you who chastise others who are overweight and say they are lazy just goes to show how brutally ignorant you really are. My sister was overweight and actually died of it. She was NEVER lazy. Its a disease that CAN be controlled but its a brutal battle. So educate yourselves before you speak. Makes you sound even more ignorant then you really are.

  63. Kathy says:

    This is straight form Wikipedia.

    The series, which depicts 34 year old Ruby Gettinger and her battle to lose weight,

    SO she is 34.. Mystery solved.

  64. Mikky says:

    I noticed that she seemed a bit whiny, but hello she’s on a reality show so of course the producers will want her to exaggerate some. Most people on reality shows are only acting like that to keep the ratings up.

  65. RoeInLA says:

    Miss_Kitteh and some others seem to understand that this overeating is a disease. Like Alcoholism. Compulsive (key word=compulsive – implying you can’t help it – it is a mental condition) overeating is NOT a moral issue. I am a compulsive overeater. No, I have never sat in front of a full refrigerator, crying and stuffing the entire contents into my mouth – annorexics who binge and bulimics have been known to do that sort of thing. Bless them too.

    But, I have been bigger and littler – depending on where my life is. It is a terrible burden and not for the faint of heart. I am married happily, college educated, made a 6 figure salary for years, was an executive VP at the company I was at, was in the Los Angeles Times business section 1x per month for 15 years of my career, being quoted about the business I was involved with, bathe 1-2 times daily. Yet, on any given day, if I did not work the 12 Step Program of AA, (the eater’s version is called Overeater’s Anonymous), I JUST HAD TO EAT. The most graphic way I can describe it is like this. Imagine if you had to go to the bathroom. And it got worse and worse and worse until you finally were able to find a facility and do what you needed to. That is what the craving to practice this disease is like. You just MUST do it. You must eat. And then there is relief until the next craving hits. I am a furiously brave person – even had a gun pulled on me when I tried to stop a man being mean to a homeless person – and yet, I can’t beat this disease without a program. The program says:”You didn’t cause it, you can’t cure it, you can only control it with the program’s help, one day at a time.”

    This disease is bigger than I, you, Ruby. If Ruby doesn’t get help thru a 12 step program, she can go down to 120Lbs. and will go right back up again. Good intentions, intelligence, charm, a pretty face, a show on Style, friends, the plan she is on re:diet, — NOTHING CAN STOP THIS DISEASE except a 12 step program. Why? You need the education about this disease, you need a food plan which deals with the cravings brought on by refined carbohydrates, you need a support system of people who also suffer the disease, you need a life plan which involves steps, to counteract the disease you were probably born with (scientists don’t care about finding a cure for this — big business leans on them not to – they make too much money with diets, diet food, etc. to allow scientists to cure this dreaded disease). You just can’t take care of the physical aspects of this disease. You will gain it all back.

    Insofar as people who hate, judge or malign “fatties”, heaven help you. You can’t understand the courage you need to have or fight this disease. It is a raper of life, happiness, health. It lies in wait for you. This disease will ruin your life, but it wants you on a slab with a toe tag. It is a spiritual, physical and metal disease.

    Those in 12 step program of AA will tell you 2 things. 1. It is easier to kick booze than food. You can just “put the plug in the jug” and stop drinking. With trying to give u food, You still have to face it three times per day –eat three times a day -and make the choice not to eat badly–with the very thing you crave so badly in front of you. So harder to face food daily if you have that disease. 2. Once they stop drinking, 50% gain alot of weight – as they go to food. These diseases are addictions. It is just a matter of what your “choice of drug is.” The expression is-pick one “Food, booze, drugs are my drug of choice”.

    While there are alkys, anorexics, bulimics, they are not called lazy, smelly, disgusting, etc. – and large people take care of personal hygiene more than anyone. If a fat person is smelly, they would have been smelly as a thin person, too. To continue-the alkys, etc, are not made fun of, because they don’t have extra skin filled with fat on their body. We are made fun of, because we look different. Like they did to japanese, chinese, blacks for decades.

    Now, it is not politically correct to make fun of blacks (except those ignorant racists), so it has moved on to the last bastion — the fatties of the world. An unkind and horrific thing to do. Unless you walk 10 days in another’s shoes,you have no idea what you are saying.

    I know this was long and you probably want to tell me to shut up and send smaller comments and I will from now on – but you guys — the ones who criticize – educate yourselves first, with the facts before you judge.

    The funny thing is – we watch TV and “understand” through watching this “line” about the behaviour of vampires – that they MUST HAVE BLOOD. We understand this fictional desire – written about by writers of fiction. But we can’t understand that there are humans who MUST HAVE THE FOOD. We are ready to believe fiction, but not fact. What a world.

    God bless us one and all.

  66. cosmo says:

    Dear Ruby,

    Your weight has nothing to do with your love of food. Excessive weight hides and masks deep emotional traumas in ones life. Many people who have an addiction with food have gone through sexual abuse/trauma in their childhood/past. I have found this to be true time and time again with so many women. I think you’ll find that once you open to the pain from your past, you will then be able to finally start the healing process and will begin to shed the pounds, as you shed the pain that’s been held within your body all of this time. Uncovering the truth is what will set you free.

  67. Dear Rubi.
    am so happy for the inspiration that you are. from the very first time i saw your show, i was touched by your sence of humor. you are a humbled,sensitive,beautiful lady in and out. liked you unconditional of your weight issues. i can’t wait for you next season show. keep up your inspiration.

    love you gal.

  68. Linda says:

    Ruby, I miss you, when will your show return?

  69. Kim Brink says:

    Dear Ruby,
    I have watched your television program as you progress throughout your struggle.
    I’m a big fan of you, an you are an Idol of mine.
    Thank you for being such an inspiration to the whole world, for teaching me to never give up, that every drop, every inch does count. You have made a difference to the way I look at life and at everything I do. Thank you, Ruby. Your love, Kim Brink (13 years old)

  70. Ptenchik says:

    HOLD ON!!!

    If you come at this issue disgusted by it, it shows. You show the world your disgust, thinking you are just being honest or maybe giving someone a reality check! People who read your words may have had family or friends die from spin-off complications of obesity. You wound them just as deeply with your “duh, its logic, have some control” approach as if you walked straight up to that person and said “they didn’t love you enough to change for you, to live for you.” I hope you see how pointless stating your “ugh” attitude comment is.

    My comment is this: God has a purpose for you. He has one for all of us, its why we are all still breathing! His mercy, His love, His power is indescribable, and yet I spend days trying to describe it all. You think you need motivation? Turn to the God who is above and beyond all-powerful. Meet Him, and He’ll inspire you to do whatever you do best to glorify His name, and you’ll see yourself change. When God finally let me see the scope of who He was, I became an empty glass just so He could fill me up. I found out I have leukemia a year and a half ago, and I praise God for it! This is my fire, and when I’m finished, the flames will be but a memory and I will be what Jesus is shaping me to be. Ruby’s battle is her own. I can only suggest giving more burdens (fear, sadness, worry) over to God. He’s the only one capable of changing something in our minds and hearts!

    PS. My chemo regimen first made me lose some weight and then gain double what I lost. I battled it, hated it, groaned about it and then God nudged me and I realized all I had to do was ask. I asked and He came and helped me even with picking what to eat and how much!! I am now 50 pounds lighter, the end of chemo is in sight, and I defy you to find anything or anyone better than my God.

    God can speak to you all day. Your heart may be content and you are just singing a melody that has been on your mind and suddenly the words from the song answer the concern you laid before God in a prayer before you went to sleep.

    God bless Ruby, her supporters and friends. God bless America and make it a place where we all depend on God and each other. God uplift those who are down and need a smile or just a kind word. God bless this country despite all that plagues her right now. Bless us, forgive us, and continue to remind us of how much you truly do love us!

    There is much more to ask for and to suggest, but my sleeping medication will kick in soon so I have to go to bed. Tomorrow is a new day!! Praise God!

  71. m.dicerni says:

    Ruby, I love watching your innocent-like personality move through the problems you meet along the way. I am concerned that you might be on an anti-depressant that sometimes is not allowing you to lose, or to not lose enough… I was on Mirtazapine to sleep, and gained 60 pounds in a very short time, less than a year. I took many flax oil pills and the cravings for fat and fried food and chips and chocolate, went away, as long as I was on the omega oils. One doc said they should never give anyone this drug. I hope nobody is.

  72. m.dicerni says:

    I hope Ruby gets the comments,I love her show, and wish her well. Mary

  73. mike says:

    who is Ruby and why is her story worth telling? i understand its touching personal story but how did she get her own tv show?

  74. Molly Ryan says:

    Sigh. Sorry, folks, but Ruby’s show is hard for me to watch. She DOES whine, and she is so infantile sometimes it makes me nuts, it comes across very affected – put on – to me. And that card-carrying bunch of drastically, dangerously co-dependent and similarly insular and infantile, neurotic, middle-aged founding members of the Official Ruby Enablers Club are the oddest bunch of ducks in the pond. Truly. And the most invested female in the gaggle,pretty Georgia, is the one who has KIDS – REAL ones! (Although Ruby herself admitted – and with NO SHAME whatsoever – that she told one or both of those now teenaged boys that SHE herself breastfed them!) That to me (who actually nursed my own four kids) is just so invasive, intrusive and arrogant,it is so far beyond the pale. So there is yet another symptom of Rubyitis – entitlement and arrogance. But I digress – back to the Enablers Club. They are all VERY pleasant and well-intentioned people, but come ON. They – the Big Three – have been in the Ruby Boat since they were all children and have clearly been in the process of drowning each other – with Ruby at the wheel – for what, 25 years or thereabouts? She is shady about her age, but they are always showing old-school photos of the Club – where the 80s hair, fashion and makeup just scream out how old they are. Only Denny looks younger, most likely cause – and heres a REAL oddity for you – he is a personal trainer and into the healthy eating/living thing. BFF Georgia, who would seemingly fit anyone’s notion of what a life-long bestie should be, is Ruby’s A-1, dyed in the wool, Enabler Supreme. WHY is she that? She is no dummy, I don’t believe, and this is the Information Age. She obviously KNOWS that her constant attention and attentiveness are ultimatley KILLING her friend, but the truth is clearly that SHE is as addicted to Ruby and her role as Ruby’s First Lady, as Ruby is addicted to food, et al.
    I don’t like Ruby’s patently silly and downright ridiculous infantalizing of the perfectly good as it is English language. Hacky? Ugh, thats just embarrasing, I am embarrassed for this woman. Made-up words even a baby wouldn’t resort to, like saying ‘helicopter’ to ‘avoid’ saying “hell”? Is she insane? It is things like this, the constant whining, the butchering of the language, and the entitlement this ostensibly grown woman clearly feels to run selfishly roughshod over her pals ad nauseum – that make ME nauseous. I am not a person who has ever had a weight issue – although after 4 kids, I need to make more time for better-quality excercise for my health & long life, hopefully. We have always – since I was 18 and became very interested in nutrition – eaten healthfully, although who doesn’t happily lap up the occasional hot fudge sundae? so MY health ‘issues’ do not fall into the same pool as Ruby’s do.
    We all have our phobias, fears, and flaws. But I don’t view Ms. Gettinger as a role model, at least not in this stage of her “journey”. She isn’t brave to share her “struggles” on camera, for she clearly basks in the attention and limelight – I think to the degree that she is presently experiencing zero motivation to lose weight – why should she, when that might mean the end of all the ‘fun’ (ie, attention ) – the “journey” doesn’t really ever start.
    The Style network doesn’t care about this woman’s health – they only care that she continues, along with her Queendom, to ‘give good reality show’.
    Of course, this is all merely just my opinon and we all know what they say about THOSE!

  75. polkadots says:

    I have to agree with Ryan. I can not stand this show. Ruby’s whining and murder of the english language. Everytime I hear her say “Sided.” for EX-CITED! I want to vomit! And all her friends who sit around with her. Good Lord. The Style network is paying this woman to be fat.
    We all have issues. We all struggle with problems. I myself struggle with weight. NO ONE is paying me to sit around and whine, and get a tan and have my friends wait on me. Am I jealous of this person. No, but she doesn’t need to be put on a pestal. This is just plain stupid.

  76. I have only watched this show a few times. The first few, I felt kind of sorry for Ruby, until I too realized she is a “user”. She takes, takes, takes from all her friends, her trainers and her doctor. We ALL have figured out she must have been sexually abused, but refuses to make any stab at trying to reveal the truth about her childhood. How does she support herself? How does she pay for all her trainers and doctors? The show. So if she ever does reach her goal, there goes her income. Yes, superficially she seems happy and positive, and so do I, if that’s a role I get to play for money. She breaks out the tears in time for the last 5 minutes, for drama. So, she and Denny broke up 9 years ago, because he wanted to be free to have sex. He’s a young single guy. Shoot him. She’s still bugging him constantly, calling at all hours. She goes for bellydancing lessons, and he’s supposed to be staring at her, while a gorgeous young girl is right in his face. She’s yelling at him for not looking exclusively at HER. Why should he? They’re not a couple. Why was he even invited? She just has to have this full time entourage telling her how wonderful she is, 24/7. Doesn’t she make HERSELF sick, with her neediness. And yes, why does her friend allow Ruby to intrude so in every facet of her family’s life. Dan is going away to school, and Ruby thinks he should feel worse for her than for his mother. If a real therapist were to see this, I think he/she woud recommend hospitalization. I have been fat two separate times in my life, then I buckled down and lost the weight. After a major life loss, I gained some back, so I buckled down again, and lost it again. My final thought – Ruby doesn’t really want to lose it – it’s her reason for being, and how she keeps her circle around her, stroking her and telling her how wonderful she is. She loses the weight, she’s just another over the hill neurotic.

  77. Jedi says:

    Obesity is actually classified as a disease by some. And I don’t mean in a psychological way. It is a physical metabolic disorder. Many experts believe it is caused by Leptin resistance.Leptin is the chemical in your brain that tells you it is full. Obese people have very low levels of Leptin plus the receptors in the brain that the Leptin latches onto are defective and the molecules bounce off. So obese people always feel hungry because the mechanism for feeling full is defective.

  78. Molly Ryan says:

    Polkadots and Virginia, I agree 200% with your comments. She IS a user, and the baffling part is, I am not at all sure it isn’t completely intentional. So yes, Ruby does take obscene advantage of her posse, which is the first part in their pathetic, co-dependency dance, but lets face it, Georgia and Jeff especially, couldn’t possibly have their OWN lives that fulfill them, because they appear to be right there like loyal subjects ready and eager to be pulled into each exploitive and ridiculous activity/conversation/ therapy session/road trip for the cameras. Could it be that they would not be there so addictively = were there NO cameras??!! I didn’t realize she hadn’t been in contact with Denny for nine whole years. I thought it had been like, two or three! Now he just strikes me as a huge wannabe tv ‘star’. ( Can we all say “wishin’ & hopin’ for a spin-off ’bout MEEE ???)”
    I never saw the bellydancing episode, but that childishly jealous behaviour
    you described is exactly what I would expect to see from Ruby. I just recently caught the episode where Ruby keeps whining to poor Georgia that the fact that gaining 30 lbs is a far worse and more painful situation of personal suffering than the experience Georgia is facing of her oldest child going 3000 miles away from home for the first time to college! And she seemed perfectly SERIOUS. I confess to simply sitting there with my mouth open! What I want to know is at what point is Georgia going to finally haul off and deck that woman??!!?? Good grief, girlfriend, get your head out and grow a pair! This person has done nothing but whine in your face and steal YOUR moments since forever. What has she done for YOU lately? (Or ever) Quick – Save your life and your kids, too while you;re at it – it may not be too late!
    The most telling Ruby moment? For me, it was when they went to the track with the little racing cars. Playing “helpless damsel” in front of Denny, Ruby screeches for him to knock out some other driver, she perceived as a racing ‘rival’ ” so I can WEEN. I wanna be the WEENER”. Yes, Ruby said in jest – except I felt that this is probably how she has dealt with problems all her life – by sitting on the sidelines while all her minions fly around, running defence and slaying her ‘dragons’ FOR her. Maybe this is one of the reasons she is so immature, despite her age – which is 45 – NOT 34, by the way.( And If you still think she’s in her early 30′s just take a good look at her class reunion. No offence to those people at all, but few of them could pass for under 40)

    My final wish for Ruby Gettinger and pals? 6 months with Jillian Michaels. Heads would ROLL! Now THATS a show I would really want to watch!

  79. antidots says:

    Polkadots is horribly offended (to the point of regurgitation) by Ruby’s word-mangling, then goes on to say that Ruby “doesn’t need to be put on a pestal.”


  80. Molly Ryan says:

    Dear “anti”
    We all misspell and make typos – which I’m sure is all that happened in polka’s post. So she made an error. So what? I think we all know what she intended to type, and I’m certain no one missed the point she was making, in any case. Try reading for content. Anyway, I for one, would rather read your views on Ruby and her show.

  81. Claire Swazey says:

    Re Molly Ryan’s comment: I get what you’re saying but I think what you maybe should keep in mind is that we all aren’t the same. Some people don’t like others who act young for their age, indulge in silly talk. I have at least two friends who hate that. And speaking as someone who indulges in that myself, I’m sorry, but my sympathies are with Ruby.

    People in this world aren’t perfect and they’re not robots. Not everyone is going to act the same. Some tolerance is needed, I think.

  82. Claire Swazey says:

    Yeah, there’s some using and enabling going on. It’s part and parcel of the human condition. People have flaws. Ruby does- we all do.

    I don’t think I know of anyone who has a perfect utterly high flown relationship with anyone wherein no mind games occur and all is utter Boddhisattva perfection.

    After reading some of the nasty comments here, my sympathies are with Ruby.

    At least she’s DOING something about *her* flaws.

  83. irish shamrock lover says:

    ruby,i want to be your first single white male to ask you out on a date.i have a crush on you while i was watching your show on style.