Hugh Jackman is the sexiest man alive

Doesn’t it seem like People Magazine names a sexiest man alive every few months? I know it only happens once a year, but for some reason I thought I just heard this story over the summer. It’s like there are only so many sexy men in Hollywood to chose from and the limited pool of applicants makes it seem like they’re constantly just picking one and throwing him out there as a chiseled specimen of male beauty. In this case they got it right though, and hot Aussie dad Hugh Jackman, 40, is gracing the cover of People as their sexiest man alive of 2008.

Jackman has an interview published on People’s website in which he gets a little personal about his bedroom habits with his wife of 12 years, Deborra-Lee Furness. If he didn’t earn his sexiest title just by taking off his shirt he definitely gets our vote with some of his responses to People’s questions:

You turned 40 Oct. 12 and now you’re the Sexiest Man Alive. What was your wife’s response?
God bless her, she said, “I could’ve told them that years ago!” And then she said, “Obviously, Brad wasn’t available this year.” And I said, “That was a joke, right?”

“Hugh is tough and romantic at the same time,” says costar Kidman. “Australian men are a different breed. They’re rugged and they sweat.”

Your marriage is a success story.
In my early 20s, I didn’t have a regular girlfriend. I was single and really happy about it. And then when I was 26, I met Deb on [the Australian TV show] Correlli. She was my leading lady. It was just undeniable. I started planning to propose to her at about three months. We are happy. Deb and my kids have been the best things that have ever happened to me, without a doubt.

How do you keep the passion alive?
It’s easy with my wife. She loves the idea of me coming home in costume because it makes her feel like she’s having an affair in a good way. When we met, I was cast as a prisoner with tattoos and she’d say, “Don’t take your tattoos off tonight!” and I’d be like, “All right!” But what works best with her is the stockbroker look. She also says, “Do your sexy dance for me,” [an '80s-like, hip-swiveling number] and that works for me.

Are you self-conscious about any body part?
When I was younger, I had chicken legs. My nickname was Sticks.

What part do people like best?
My smile. Lately my pecs. I’m being honest!

What do you wear to bed?
I didn’t wear anything until my daughter was born and we had a night nanny because I was working. I walked out stark naked, and she was reading a book. Now I like boxer briefs.


Hugh has the epic film Australia with Nicole Kidman coming out in the US next week. If Luhrmann knows his audience there will be plenty of shots of Hugh wet and shirtless.

Other sexy men honored in the upcoming double issue of People include Daniel Craig, Jon Hamm, Zac Efron, David Beckham, Robert Buckley, Blair Underwood, Ed Westwick, Javier Bardem, Robert Pattinson, Joshua Jackson, Michael Phelps, country singer Blake Shelton, and piano player Lang Lang. Zack from “Saved By The Bell” even gets a mention. You can see a gallery featuring the sexiest men on People’s Website.

Jackman is shown swimming on 10/10/08 and 10/13/08. He is also shown out with his wife in Sydney for his 40th birthday on 10/11/08. Credit: Bauergriffin

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  1. Kaiser says:


    Good choice, People Mag. John Hamm also makes my top three.

    But no Gerald “Dead To Kaiser But Still Nice to Look At” Butler?

  2. geronimo says:

    That little interviewette with Jackman proves his Sexiest Man Alive worthiness. Love a man who loves his woman!

    Great choice, as are Javier B, John Hamm and Daniel C.

    kaiser – I’m sure Butler’s on there somewhere, but not in the top 10 as punishment for disrespecting you. :P

  3. ri23 says:

    To go from Matt Damon — who’s fine to mow the lawn or make me a grilled cheese sandwich, but definitely not the sexiest man alive — to the hotness that is Hugh Jackman…People finally got it right.

  4. Rose says:

    I believe I will happily concur with this.

  5. vdantev says:

    If I were gay, I’d concur.

  6. Wif says:

    I know most people will be swooning over his looks, but what’s getting my libido up is the idea of a “night nanny”. Oh…my…GAWD!!!!! Someone else to get up with the kids at night…hours upon hours of uninterrupted sleep. Swoon.

  7. Codzilla says:

    Michael Phelps? 8O

  8. Megan says:

    I like his body but his face doesn’t do it for me. Also whenever I hear his name I’m always sure there -has- to be a joke in there somewhere. Huuuuuje-ackman? No, there isn’t one, but it SEEMS like there should be.

  9. what is ever. says:

    haha Codzilla, as long as you don’t look at his crazy shrunken head, and just focus on the true beauty and form of his swimmer’s bod… it’s all good.

    And I agree, nothing is sexier than a man who loves his wife and children.

  10. sandy says:

    hurrah – people mag. and hugh jackman- finally a perfect choice for the cover!
    Love daniel craig also- non american men are smarter too and that’s sexy!

  11. I choose me says:

    Pant, drooool. :oops:

    Think I’ll change my handle to I choose Hugh.

  12. Syko says:

    Sometimes I have to shake my head at People’s choices, but not this year! He definitely is one sexy man, never more so than when he is playing with his kids.

  13. devilgirl says:

    I like Jackman for the fact that he loves his wife. There are so many that are critical of her, her looks, her style, etc. It is refreshing that an actor is married to a woman for love and stays faithful to her. He obviously sees interior beauty as well as exterior ( I think she is a nice looking woman). Kudos also for a woman not sucumbing to the evils of botox,silicone and collagen injections in a pathetic attempt to look 28 when she is 48. Codzilla- my thoughts exactly. I think I will read your posts first that way I can save on typing, since we seem to think along the same lines! :wink:

  14. drm says:

    OMG…drool. I can concur with Nic’s comments about Aussie men having lived there for 5 years…and Kiwi men as well. Different breed again but just as good…more sort of granola bar, good looking, green leaning, dreadlock wearing, egalitarian sweethearts…no wonder I married one :) (he doesn’t have dreads however, he’s currently suffering mid-forties hair migration…)

    Oh the above comment does not apply if you live in Auckland :twisted:

  15. KateNonymous says:

    And what’s best–after the way he feels about his wife–is that he looks like a man, not a pre-pubescent boy.

    On top of that, I like him because no matter what piece of crap his agent may have talked him in to (Swordfish, I’m looking at you), he shows up and acts.

    Hugh Jackman. Yowza.

  16. Jen (the other one) says:

    Really? My sister loves this guy, and I just don’t see it. He’s got a nice body, but there’s something weird about his head and face…I dunno, he just doesn’t do it for me.

    It is nice, though, that he loves his wife. And the hot-ass Australian accent doesn’t hurt, either! ;-)

  17. Ter says:

    The bod, fine, but his overall look has been very off putting to me, I can’t get on board with the total package. The fact that he loves his wife and family is a huge plus though.

    Bill Rancic (sp?) from The Apprentice is a cutie. He reminds me of Bruce Campbell from the horror spoof movies that are so hilarious.

  18. ff says:

    Well, he is. Although, I’m not sure how they didn’t get Christian Bale on that list.

  19. orion70 says:

    ZOMG towel !

    ….. I wouldn’t kick his sticks out of bed for eating crackers I can tell you.

    not a fan of the slicked back hair though. now that look on the Australia preview, with it down in his eyes…..

    *supresses filthy thoughts*

  20. tigerlille says:

    Oh yeah. Great choice. I love a gorgeous guy with a little bit of wear and tear who loves his wife and kids AND has that dry, slightly self-deprecating sense of humor.

  21. artkid08 says:

    he looks amazing for his age, does anyone know where i can find the actual list, i’m curious where zac and Daniel are on the list

  22. hey guys i can’t wait 4 the expendables to come out! It’s gonna be awesome!

  23. Aristotle~ Evil draws men together.

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  25. I don’t usually care about who’s the hottest man, but if I were a girl, it would definitely be Brad Pitt :)

  26. jenny says:

    he is really handsome and a rare personality. Brad Pitt is also cute and hot

  27. emmy sam says:

    he is really handsome

  28. jenny says:

    who said he is handsome em talking about brad pitt