Rob Pattinson demanded that nipple-licking pics be removed from shoot: diva?


This is a really weird story, but Robert Pattinson has reportedly pulled the ferquing diva card about his nipples during his recent shoot with Premiere magazine. That is, Rob was fine with having a female model grope him while the camera clicked away but allegedly drew the line when the photographer instructed the young lady to start licking his nipples. The shoot in question contains the set of photos that functioned as a homage to the works of David Cronenberg, and Rob was totally fine with the surreal, weird, violent vibe but couldn’t handle some random chick’s saliva on his nips. Perhaps he could have asked Tom Cruise for some guidance on how to enjoy an implied beej with an air of detachment? Or not.

Anyway, some people are really implying that Rob is a diva over this mess, and it’s rather amusing that such a huge deal is being made over nothing. After all, Rob once famously endured a 12-hour Details shoot with assorted naked models and then went onto joke about how he was allergic to v-gina.” So just leave him alone about his nipples, alright? Here’s the scoop from Radar Online:

Robert Pattinson is willing to sex things up on camera and get steamy for a photo shoot, but sometimes, things are just a little TOO steamy, even for the adventurous Brit!

The Twilight hunk got down and dirty for a recent photo shoot with French Premiere magazine, but drew the line when it came to naked nipple licking, is exclusively reporting.

The bizarre photo shoot was in honor of Pattinson’s new movie, Cosmopolis, and lasted a whopping thirteen hours. The shoot got pretty racy, culminating in a doubled up, half naked Pattinson posing in bed with a woman – but what ended up on the cutting floor was even more X-rated!

“Rob was asked to pose bare chested with a sexy blonde model, who happened to be topless as well,” a source tells “He did his best Blue Steel for the camera as the girl snaked all over his body, nibbling his earlobes, kissing his face and neck and pressing her bare boobs against him, but you could see he was uncomfortable with it.

“Rob was really torn — because the girl was stunning and he’s a bit of a cad — he was definitely having a really good time being half naked with a hot blonde with her boobs out, but then he seemed to get all nervous and started worrying that it was just going too far.”

Then came the straw that broke the camel’s back!

“Toward the end of the shot the photographer instructed the model to lick Rob’s nipples! That was the kiss of death — Rob called cut and went in his dressing room and made a phone call. But, he did come back a few minutes later to finish off the photo session, so everyone thought it was all good.”

However, the source says, a few days later the magazine got a call demanding the naked nipple licking photos be pulled from the issue.

Guess some things are just not for public consumption!

[From Radar Online]

It’s a photoshoot, sure. It means nothing. But still, I wouldn’t even want the hottest dude licking my nipples for all the world to see. Some people would argue that it’s different for guys because nipples aren’t so taboo, but this chick was actually placing her bodily fluids on them. That probably made Rob feel uncomfortable even if he wasn’t the f–cking boyfriend of Kristen Stewart. Also, some guys have really sensitive nipples, and others don’t. Maybe Rob is of the former camp, and he didn’t want to have photographic evidence of his genuine arousal floating around for all of posterity. If it was a Terry Richardson shoot, maybe he should expect it, but this was for a feature in the fairly well-respected Premiere magazine.

Bottom line — Rob’s nipples, Rob’s right to be a diva about them.

Photos courtesy of Premiere

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  1. Rhea says:

    I don’t even like him in this photo shoot. Looks… weird…. But each to his own…the same goes to his nipples :D

  2. rocy says:

    Yeah rob don’t let no biatch lick my precious nipples only I can lick them.:)

  3. Liv says:

    Why do actors have to do shoots like that? Are they whores? Crazy.

  4. Gene Parmesan says:

    He is just so annoying to me

  5. itsaco$? says:

    The next Tom Cruise . . . .

  6. Belle says:

    Ha… I don’t blame him. Sounds like the shoot was probably ‘arousing’ enough without adding nipple-licking. Drawing a line hardly makes him a diva! Would a female celeb in a similar situation be called a diva for drawing such a line? Doubt it. My guess is he wasn’t as worried about her fluids on his nipples as he was about accidentally getting HIS fluids on her nipples(; Come on, even a guy in a committed relationship with a girl he adores is going to have a hard (no pun intended) time keeping his composure when some hot chick is rubbing her naked body all over him.

  7. My Darling Pinkett says:

    Dang, I find him so unattractive. Whatever looks he had have disappeared.

    As for the nipple thing, well I don’t blame him if he didn’t want a model licking his man-nipples for all the world to see. I think you should be allowed to draw the line with something like that. So I don’t consider that diva behavior. I would have said no, too.

  8. aud says:

    I’ve been married for almost 3 years and am not allowed anywhere near my husband’s nipples. I once touched one by accident and he freaked out

    some guys just don’t want you to mess with their nipples

  9. NerdMomma says:

    What the heck is “diva” about drawing the line? Models and actors/actresses modeling sure do have to put up with some awful stuff. I personally wouldn’t want a stranger licking on me, and it seems unfair to imply that his entire body should be fair game for a photog’s whims. Obviously I would say the same thing about a female too.

  10. Orly says:

    haha. This is the funniest article.
    Rob most likely didn’t want photographic evidence of his enjoyment of the shoot.

  11. Belle says:

    Just noticed the girl in that first photo is pregnant… strange or no?

  12. T.C. says:

    Maybe he gets hard when women lick his nips. Didn’t want to get a hard on with some other chick while dating Kstew?

  13. jess says:

    The fact that the story is from Radar Online pretty much means its not true.

    • But says:

      Gossip cop already addressed this, said it wasn’t true. Completely stupid radar article.

      • Janet says:

        I used to have some respect for Gossipcop until it turned into a Twihard fan site. Any story on that website about either Stewart or Pattinson brings out a host of Twihards and if you post anything remotely critical about either of them, they go apeshit.

      • But says:

        Isn’t that true at any site? It is not exclusive to Gossipcop!

      • Oiu says:

        How do they know what Rob did in his trailer? Did he announce it by saying “Hey guys!! I made a call.Now back to work” when he came back?
        Imo Radar Online saw the pic with the nude pregnant chick and decided to come up with “controversial” BS about it by adding another nude chick in it and that too a blonde one….how creative! *eyeroll* And guess what -it worked!! cause now people are actually discussing it.Premiere mag states that Rob was the one who came up with this idea for photo shoot as a tribute to DC so I’m sure he was well aware about the how shoot was going to be done.

      • Oiu says:

        @ another nina Ok my bad it was not trailer but dressing room but I still don’t think this story is true since it came from Radar Online.Plus it doesn’t make sense to have a nude blonde woman being all over him like that.The theme of the photo shoot was Cronenberg tribute,focused on different nature of his movies.It was not a risque photo shoot meant to portray him as a playboy.In other words the shoot was obviously meant to be weird not sexy/erotic with nipple licking that’s why I think its BS.

      • another nina says:

        qiu, yes, I also doubt it’s a true story – I was not serious arguing with you. It’s just fun.

    • another nina says:

      qiu, Rob was not in a trailer. It was a photoshoot in a hotel in a LA. I assume, that they could have heard him talking on the phone, what’s not realistic about this part of the story?

  14. S says:

    This shoot…WTF? He doesn’t do it for me. Pass!

  15. Jenna says:

    Nothing wrong here. I still don’t get this guy’s appeal though. Bleh.

  16. bored says:

    He looks good with the shorter hair and scruffy beard. Such an improvement over plastic fantastic sparkles.

  17. Michele says:

    I figured all the nonstens would be all over this fake story like a rash and put their obvious twist to it! PMSL!
    Thanks for not letting me down, nonnies! *wink*

    • Orly says:

      “I figured all the nonstens would be all over this fake story like a rash and put their obvious twist to it! PMSL!”

      Michele – what’s all this nonstens foolishness you speak off? Now you’re just being daft.
      Stop it.

    • Janet says:

      “Nonstens”? What are you, ten and a half?

    • another nina says:

      oh michele, here you are! What took you so long? Again, who are we now, nonstens? can you wink at me one more time?

      • Michele says:

        Says the girl who was spreading lies about Robert not helping out a friend in need just the other day. How & why you would know such personal information about someone Rob is friendly with who isn’t even famous is beyond me. Hell, I admit I’m a big Robert Pattinson fan but I don’t know anything about who his nonfamous friends are! You are hardcore, that’s for sure!
        I’ll let you get back to your Kristen bashing and this fake Robert story! Whatever gets you through the night. PMSL!!!!

      • another nina says:

        michelle, hon, it’s alright if you don’t want to wink, no need to get all worked up! I suggest that you go back to my comment and read my response, we can’t discuss same stuff again and again. Let’s talk about something new. Oh, I think that you are lying about being rob’s biggest fan – how come you did not recognized a reporter, who provided you with the famous “we do it all the time” quote?

      • Orly says:

        Michele – You have got to stop “PMSL!!!”

        I’m worried about you, why do you keep pissing yourself laughing? That’s just gross. Do you have a weak bladder? There are cures for that you know.

        @Nina, *wink*

  18. Dani says:

    Michele (and fans like her) are the reason Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will never be taken seriously (beyond the lack of acting talent). Their fanbase are so utterly juvenile and embarrassing, right up there with Justin Bieber fans. It really makes the rest of the world point and laugh and roll our eyes.

    • Michele says:

      Hey dani, thanks for the biggest laugh of the day… “pre-gay” (still PMSL over that one!)
      I’m a nurse with a BS in biology and I have never come across the term “pre-gay” ever! I can’t wait to go into work tonight and tell my friends at the hospital all about your “pre-gay” theory! Bless your heart!

      • another nina says:

        Michele, I’m relieved that you are going to the hospital tomorrow. It means the help is always near you!

      • Dani says:

        Wow, you’re actually NOT teen? I really thought you were 12 and goofing off. You need some help, dear. Seriously. No grown woman should be acting this childish.

        That said, pre-gay was a joke from Curb Your Enthusiasm, but I knew you wouldn’t get it when I first posted.

        And by the by, since people are born gay, they do exhibit signs as early as 9. Nothing wrong with it. You’re actually starting to not only come off as more than slightly unhinged but also homophobic. Do even KNOW any gay people?

        Grown women should know better.

      • Michele says:

        I won’t forget to tell my friends about how you have the remarkable ability to diagnose a 9 yr old’s sexuality by simply watching her portray a character in a movie! Who needs fancy evaluations by professionals when all one needs to do is watch a certain child actor in one of their movies! And the best part…you don’t even have to physically meet the 9 yr old child face to face. Just watch a movie. That’s where all the answers are! Brilliant!

      • original almond says:

        Michele, you were slightly better off when people thought you were a budding teenager. Though I guess it shouldn’t be such a surprise since KStew-loonies seem to come from a very varied demographic. But you should put some emotional distance between yourself and all things Stewart. We’re having fun, you’re getting upset.

      • Jenny says:

        Michele you need help.a growass women fighting for kstew honor is pretty sad..

      • Oiu says:

        Ok which child actor was called gay? I didn’t know you can detect gayness by watching a child perform on screen…that’s bizarre to say the least.

      • Dani says:

        You think you need to be evaluated by a doctor to be ‘diagnosed’ as gay? Jesus, Michele.

        I’m just offering my opinion. And of course children have sexuality. Lots of gay people have known they were gay from a very small age. But it’s not just her baby gayness in Panic Room. It’s everything, including her behavior and mannerisms up until today. And it’s not an insult, which is what I think you are ascribing. I don’t really care if you agree or not. What I find fascinating is that you are actually a grown woman when you sound like a very immature, little girl.

  19. original almond says:

    Sparkles has lost what little appeal and hotness he had. I don’t even know why, but lately he seems like bland porridge. It’s a shame really, because it was the only thing he had going; his acting is in the same league as that of his GF.

  20. rocy says:

    WTF are noonies ,nonstens robstens shitstens cmon people .

  21. Michele says:

    Don’t accuse me of being homophobic. Please don’t play that tired out card. I know how you love to jump to conclusions. I don’t appreciate any person who boldy states their personal opinions as fact, that’s all. You have no actual proof Kristen Stewart is gay. Personal “gaydar” doesn’t cut it. Unless you can present factual evidence, then you don’t know anything about Kristen’s sexuality. You can say ‘I think she’s gay” but don’t go making these bold “she’s gay” statements like you have actual proof.
    You say that it’s her mannerisms and behavior that prove she’s gay? She has 3 older brothers. She said in an interview that she was always a tomboy growing up surrounded by all boys in her family. That sounds reasonable to me. Not every girl grows up to be a “girly” girl regardless if they were once a tomboy or not. I was a tomboy and most of the girls in my neighborhood were also. We played sports with the boys because it was fun. I’m married to a man and we a child so I am not gay. You can’t assume someone is gay just by observing their mannerisms.

    • Dani says:

      I didn’t know I had to provide sworn testimony and DNA evidence. It’s a GOSSIP board, so of course people will GOSSIP. Get over it. It’s not all that serious! The fact that you ARE taking all this SO seriously is why people thought you were a teenager and too emotionally invested for your own good.

      But I still think I’m right (wink wink).

    • Oiu says:

      Michele I know you are Kristen fan and I also think its fine to be lil annoyed when people say wrong stuff about her.But the thing is that, on internet people don’t really care about what they type since they are not accountable for it in real life.And they are always going to be like that.Thinking that KS is gay is matter of opinion.I don’t think KS is gay but I also don’t feel like convincing people that she is straight cause they won’t understand and all I’ll get is “gaydar” BS.But still if it bothers you then focus on the positive stuff like Kristen is beautiful girl who is laughing her way to the bank and boning Rob until he sees the sparks ;) lol

    • dear me. says:

      I have three older brothers also, I’m not a talentless, uneducated bore…c’mon use another excuse. Also “diagnose” someone as gay, go on be more offensive and ridiculous I dare you. It’s not any wonder you think this silly actress is worth your time. You’re just as ridiculous as she is.

  22. Ann says:

    Yeah, I call bullsh*t on this story too. Radar Online is one of the more dubious sites, IMO. Pattinson isn’t the freak out over a photo shoot type, he seems to roll with the punches. Plus, the shoot was an homage to early Cronenberg films, and I can’t think of where the supposed nip shots would have fit in.

    I think a lot of these sites make up stories with names they know will draw a lot of hits. If there’s no real story to be told, they just make one up.

  23. Dani says:

    That pasty, doughy physique is so unattractive. I think I have more muscle tone and I’m a girl. He’s as soft as a marshmallow.

    • Chatcat says:

      I have to admit, I have never read any of the books nor have I seen 1 minute of any of the movies (Twilight) despite the countless time they are on cable. But I have thoroughly enjoyed this entire thread today! I don’t think I’ve ever seen this guy in anything other then still pics (thank God). Besides Stews role in Panic Room, she did a nice job in Silent…other then that and the fact she has no sense of style what-so-ever, I could give two shits about these two people. But apparently there are many many kool-aid drinkers out there who’ve bought into the studio built hype of this couple on and off film.

      • Ann says:

        The Twilight films are certainly forgettable. But in RL, he’s actually rather amusing, if you see him in interviews. He’s got a pretty good sense of humor. Even with all the sh*tstorm that surrounds him, he seems to have stayed pretty down to earth. I’m interested to see if he can pull off a career beyond Twilight, now that its wrapping up.

      • laurielou2 says:

        Agree with Ann. I’m ashamed to admit it, but I’ve watched tons of his interviews on youtube, and the guy is actually pretty damn funny. MUCH more than you can say for his significant other.

  24. shailee says:

    lol this story is fake, but funny how some of the losers here love imagining Rob not with Kristen, keep it up guys, is not going to change a thing, he is whipped!!!

  25. Emma says:

    Idk, I like that there’s a story about Rob and his nipples out there. There should be one at least once a week to be honest.

  26. Rory says:

    These are creepy. He looks dead, laying there with his blank eyes staring. Is looking like a corpse fashionable in Europe now?

  27. Janae says:

    LMAO. I can see it now. Rob runs away like a little bitch. Facetime on the iphone with K-Stew, she gives him her open mouthed death glare and he gets scared straight and decides not to go on with the Nipple fucking.

  28. Crystal says:

    Firstly, I swear to God that Shailee and Michele are the same person.

    Secondly this story sounds like some BS.

    Thirdly, why do y’all even waste your time with Michele…Nurse ??? Girl please, who are you fooling? Your ass is still in school because I can’t imagine that a grown woman would mention nonstens. I swear I lose some brain cells reading your arguments. I really wnat to know how much K-stew pays you to stan for her…I might just join you if the pay is good.

  29. TheOriginalVictoria says:

    Okay that second picture is hot. He’s a sexy fug to me. Meaning he has the ability to look good when in character but the minute he’s no longer whatever version of Edward/Tyler being played, he’s meh. But if I could, Id still hit it. HIS VOICE….HOT.

  30. chrissie says:

    I love this photoshoot. It’s the best he’s done since the 2010 Vanity Fair.

  31. leslilly says:

    If the story is true, I say big f–king deal. We all have things we’d say “no” to – no one wants to ever give up that right.

  32. Snowflake says:

    Eww, that is so gross! why would a model be grinding on some guy anyway? skanky. it’s a photo shoot, not filming for a porno.

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