Britney Suddenly Remembers She’s a Mom (update: not really)

Britney Spears has put a temporary hold on her wild crazy nights with Paris Hilton. Her 3 month old baby, Jayden James, has come down with a nasty ear infection, prompting Britney to stay behind and care for the little tyke. Star magazine reports:

New BFFs Britney Spears and Paris Hilton were slated to arrive in South Beach last Friday, and spend Thanksgiving weekend there partying it up with music producer Scott Storch — who is working on Britney’s upcoming album — but Britney’s maternal instincts kicked in!

“Britney was supposed to come to Miami on Friday, but [her son] Jayden had an ear infection, so they had to cancel,” a source tells Star. “Jayden couldn’t fly because of the ear infection, and Britney didn’t want to leave him in L.A., so she scrapped the trip. She was waiting for him to get better, and was hoping to go, but she just decided to stay. She missed her flight on Friday, thinking she would get a later flight, but it never happened.” The source adds that Britney and Paris, along with Jayden, were supposed to stay at Scott’s place in Miami, and also record Britney’s album at a Miami recording Miami studio. Plus, Storch was planning to take them to Walt Disney World on Saturday.

I’m guessing little JJ’s ear infection may also be the real reason Britney pulled out of co-hosting the Billboard Music Awards with Paris next week. It wasn’t a rift ya’ll, it’s just that Britney suddenly remembered she was a mom.

Note by Celebitchy: Header image is of Britney and Sean Preston, because little Jayden James has yet to be seen.

Correction: Oops! Sorry guys, I misread the details of this story on Star this morning and made a huge mistake. The article from Star talks about how Britney, baby Jayden, and Paris were supposed to go to Miami Thanksgiving Weekend (meaning last weekend) and not this Friday, as I misunderstood. Sorry for the oversight. I read the story too fast and got the facts mixed up.

That being said, I think Britney’s just an awful person to say on one hand, she can’t travel to Miami because of her son’s ear infection, and then spend the entire weekend flashing her cooter on the streets of L.A. Bad bad Britney. Antics like this are gonna look just lovely for Team K-Fed in family court. How foolish I was to think she was actually being a concerned mom.

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  1. Pecarrie says:

    You know it’s because Paris held him up against herself… j/k

  2. lyric says:

    I hope she starts remembering her underwear as well.

  3. Toubrouk says:

    Let’s just hope someone from her entourage will find some balls to tell her some truths about how she looked in the last few days…

  4. Gigohead says:

    The mainstream press is picking up on Britney’s panty snauf. Seems that it’s done intentionally – it must be the gals way to stick it to the paparazzi. It’s the new “ass mooning” in Hollywood.

    Seems that despite their monetary worth $$ bottomline these gals (Paris, Brit, Lindsey, Tara, etc) are unrefined young women.

    What I believe needs to happen is that folks like Bonnie Fuller (Star Magazine) and the rest of the smut peddlers (Hello, OK, National Enquirer, the rest of the $1.99 rags) need to stop buying pictures of them.

    Perhaps the snatch shots will end once and for all.

  5. Mr. T says:

    Can someone say “SKANK?”

  6. Action says:

    Well, it’s about f’ing time that she realizes she’s still a mom! I take back every single good thing I said about her at least being ‘around’ for her kids. Cause she sure hasn’t been the past few days!