Letter to Britney-Get a Clue

Dear Britney-

Everyone was very proud of you since you gave K-Fed the boot and started to change your life.
But your new BFF Paris Hilton and all the recent “party pics” rank up there at the top of the stupid list.

Newsflash Britney-Unless you want your babies living with Kevin most of the time, say goodbye to Paris, buy some underwear and get a clue.

Your lawyers protect you from pesky husband mistakes. They can’t protect you when it comes to child custody. In just about every state, the child custody laws are clear cut:
Unless your former partner is a crack-addicted child molester, there is joint custody.

Crazy fun with Paris isn’t worth custody of your boys. With each picture of you and Paris, you are loading up Kevin’s case for proving you an unfit mother. Go home and let the press snap pictures of you at the Piggly Wiggly or at church. The legal system is insane when it comes to child custody so grow up and be a good mother.

Note from Celebitchy Chic Mommy has a new article about how Britney has chosen to stay home with Jayden James, who is sick with an ear infection. That may be true but Britney was out yesterday showing her shaven twat for the fourth time. TMZ reports that it’s the third time, but I counted three different outfits in those previous picture sets.

People are bashing her on her official myspace, begging her to get a clue and cover up.

Images from CelebrityPuke.com

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7 Responses to “Letter to Britney-Get a Clue”

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  1. LA says:

    Gawd! She’s looking like Courtney Love on a rant.

  2. Toubrouk says:

    Wow, LA just put an image in my head that I wish I hadn’t; Britney, the new Courtney Love. Sadly, it makes sense…

  3. sassymommy says:

    Holy crap! You’re right, she totally looks like C. Love in the above picture. Ugly dress, messy hair, sloppy lipstick. Let’s hope she doesn’t copy the drug problem.

  4. Ana says:

    I was thinking that exactly! She is Courtney Love: The Next Generation. I wonder exactly when the drug rumors will start…

  5. millie says:

    Where the hell is her mother? I would be on my daughter’s case 24/7 if she behaved like that. Kfed will not get the kids but a bold twat photo in a divorce court is always a nice distraction. Was she completely drunk or having a mental breakdown? She has two boys for f*ck’s sake.. she should think of them being confronted with their mom’s pussy photos later on.. I think I’d just die of shame.

  6. miss cooper says:

    you are right millie – where is her mother – she was sure right there with the apparent “intervention” to rid K-fed and now??? Also, I firmly believe she is channeling Courtney Love. No doubt about it. can we look forward to Paris and Brit wearing old prom dresses and tiaras at the next awards show? Thinking that white trash comes in one flavor and one flavor only.

  7. Poor Boopie says:

    I think Britney’s problem is that the grass is always greener on the othert side of the fence. When she was single and unattached, she wanted nothing more in the world to be married and have a child. Once she did that, she discovered that marriage isn’t all “happily ever after” and does require work and effort. Granted, who she picked to marry wasn’t a stellar choice (let’s see -pregnant girlfriend, golddigger). Being married, the single life attracts! Now we are on a huge vag exposing, drunken party binge with Hollywood f*-offs. At the very least, she will have to have joint custody with Fed-X because of her current behavior. I don’t really believe that he cares about the kids, but he’ll do it just to be a pain in the ass to Britney during their growing up years. She is a disaster and is going to continue to be a disaster. I hope she continues to spiral the drain because it sure makes for interesting reading.