Have Angelina Jolie & Brad set a wedding date for early June, in France?

In the scope of all of the tabloid stories about Brangelina, this In Touch Weekly one is relatively subdued and surprisingly nice. In fact, Brangelina took a backseat in all of this week’s tabloids, which were full of stuff about the Kardashians, Reese Witherspoon and John Travolta. I wonder if Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie breath a sigh of relief when other celebrities dominate the weekly news cycle? Or do they not even pay attention? Anyway, In Touch reports that Angelina and Brad’s wedding could be going down much sooner than anyone expects. Like, in about two weeks?!?

Here comes the bride! Angelina Jolie is busy finalizing her wedding plans with Brad Pitt, including the most important part: the date.

“It’s now happening faster than anyone expected,” says an insider about the big day. And In Touch can reveal that Brad, 48, and Angelina will marry during an intimate ceremony in front of a tight circle of friends and family at their French estate, Chateau Miraval, in June.

Why so soon? The couple has a brief window of time before work will get in the way. But there’s another reason – it’s the perfect gift for Angelina’s 37th birthday on June 4!

[From In Touch Weekly, print edition]

You know what? This could be true. I don’t think it is, mind you, but it COULD be true. You never know with Brangelina. Six months ago, I thought the engagement rumors were BS. Now the engagement is a reality and everyone is wondering what a Brangelina wedding will really look like. My guess is that whenever the wedding goes down, it will be very subdued, and it will probably be in France.

And… Brad and Angelina are due in France next week. Brad’s film, Killing Them Softly, premieres at Cannes on Tuesday, and I suspect they’ll be flying in… oh, maybe Sunday night? Brad will do some press on Monday and then they’ll have a romantic date night and then the premiere on Tuesday. And then maybe they’ll run off to the Chateau and throw together a wedding? Could be.

These are the most wedding-y photos I could find, courtesy of WENN.

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  1. ahoyhoy says:

    It’s cute how girly she acts around Brad sometimes. It’s great to have a boyfriend that takes charge and lets you just be the girl when you feel like it.

    • lisa says:

      I like that side of her too. Fans see way more pictures then posted on gossip sites. We see them like that all the time. I never get when people post that they don’t look happy together or show affection. Not sure what pictures they are looking at. but yes I think they have something very special.

      I’m a romantic.. But I love them together.

  2. Anmelt says:

    Not a big fan or anything what I will say from those pics’ body language is that they really seem to love each other.

  3. KWM says:

    And THAT is when Aniston will announce her pregnancy.

    Gawd I am so sick of her.

    Happy for them. I used to like Jennifer, now I loathe her.

  4. jc126 says:

    I always think they’re going to have a small wedding, not a big lavish bash. I could see marrying in June, in France, in a low-key ceremony.

  5. wonderwoman21 says:

    Eeeeeeep Angelina will be such a beautiful bride!!! I’m not Brangeloonie, I’m an Angeloonie!!

    • Brittney says:

      Word! Committed Angeloony since 1999 over here. Funny that Brad was the huge star back then, and I didn’t even pay attention to him until Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

      And you’re right, though I’m kind of hoping they keep the pictures private. She wore a T-shirt for her first wedding and eloped in Vegas for her second… never thought she’d be the type to don a long white gown, but she’ll rock it if she does.

    • Freya says:

      That’s what I am too, an Angeloonie, and yes, she will be a beautiful bride.

  6. lower-case deb says:

    isn’t shiloh’s birthday next week/two weeks (not sure, but i’m sure it’s sort of end of may early june, right). maybe they’re planning a big birthday party for her. she’s five now, isn’t she?

    i remember we have a big-ish birthday party for me and also my sisters when they reach five. because it marks our being “big girls”, we started primary school then. hahaha.. oh how time flies.

    • islandgirl says:

      She is going to be 6 I believe

    • Brittney says:

      She’ll be six on May 27… I know because my friend shares the birthday (and because I’m crazy, fine).

      • Camille (The original) says:

        My birthday is that day too. I love that Christopher Lee has the same birthday date as me! hehe :)

  7. lover says:

    awww too cute the way she look at him

  8. BLOGAHOLIC says:

    They are so in love

  9. Leaf says:

    They always look so cute together!

  10. Leah says:

    Can’t wait. They are such a cute couple. Can’t believe it’s been 7 years since they got together. Time flies. Good luck to them.

  11. Janet says:

    If this pans out it will be a big milestone for In Touch. It will be the first time they were ever right about anything.

  12. Katherine says:

    Well, there are only 12 months in a year. If you print 20 guesses then you’re bound to be sort of right with at least one of your “guesses.” Er, I mean with your “sources.”

  13. sophie says:

    So, KWM you are saying that Aniston knew they were getting engaged beforehand so she hurried up and got pregnant immediately(just like that) so she could make the announcement EXACTLY when they get married?

  14. Lipsy says:

    Yawn… how many articles will I see on this wedding spectacle? I always skip Brangelina wedding articles and Leanne Rimes/and that ex-wife what’s-her-name article… so boring and repetitive!!!

    • Brittney says:

      Really? That’s like saying you’re a vegetarian while biting into a hamburger…

  15. Red Granny says:

    I want that fluffy white dress!

  16. original almond says:

    Why is everyone so invested in their wedding? Are we all getting invitations to the happy event? I can’t believe people aren’t bored with these two by this point. Then again, others are just as fascinated with Aniston who is so bland and uninteresting it’s almost painful.

    • Paige says:

      You find them boring and uninteresting but still find time to comment. If you didn’t care you wouldn’t have found time to read the article and comment.

  17. waq says:

    “I wonder if Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie breath a sigh of relief when other celebrities dominate the weekly news cycle?”

    I’m not sure about that. Consider this: All throughout the awards season, Brad hints at marriage. When the Oscars are over, they go to an art exhibition, one photo agency gets the exclusive pictures of Angelina leaning down and pointing at something with her ring on full display. Barely a few hours pass and the Jeweler that helped designed the ring is spilling his guts over the details of the ring. Then Brad’s pr confirms it promptly after. A few days later we see Angelina exiting a building, waving and smiling with her ring on so all the paparazzi can get a good shot.

    If they wanted to get married without the attention, they would have been low key about it. It is possible. They have mastered the art of getting attention when they want it and avoid being noticed when they don’t want to be seen.

    • another nina says:

      Yes, I agree, there is a lot of manipulating involved.
      On the subject of the wedding – what’s the purpose of this exercise? Except for Angie’s wedding dress?

    • Emma - the JP lover says:

      As I recall, that first photo of Angie’s ring, probably taken without her knowledge, was so grainy you could barely see the ring or make out the style. And wasn’t the only caption at the time the fact that Angie was wearing a big ring on her ring finger?

      Why is it so hard for people to believe that Paps stalk the Jolie-Pitts for that ‘special’ photo (and a big pay day) on their own?

    • Jackie says:

      they are masters at working the publicity machine.

      i watched a documentary on the paparazzi and they said angelina’s people called them to take the first photo of her and brad together with her son…it was on some beach in africa.

      pap’s are tipped off all the time by celebrities. i’m sure these two are not the only ones that do it.

  18. KellyinSeattle says:

    I’ve always thought Angelina is so naturally beautiful….she is gorgeous.

  19. hopeso says:

    God i hope so i’ve waited long enough…

  20. silly tabloids says:

    they don’t call the paps- more tabloid lies- just because it is in print or on tv, doesn’t make it true. Other celebs or their paid PR maybe. If Brad/Angie were so concerned about positive press and getting their picture out there, they would be spending MILLIONS on PR like most of these other stars do. It is a fact that these pap follow them and camp out at their gates- if they ditch the paps, then people see them out, tweet about it and locals track them down, take their picture and sell it to pap agencies- it’s happened over & over again year after year

    • lisa says:

      The logic of some people is just SMH

      so they call the paps to print negative stories about them and their children.


      ** I have been looking forward to this forever. Don’t care what I am called for it. I am a huge fan and they are the celebs I read most about and follow. Nothing strange about that. No stranger then people that follow sports and know all the stats. or people that follow musicians. Nobody calls them loons. I read about them and I remember the stuff I read.

      I’m super happy for them because I think they are a great couple that love each other. I find it wonderful when two people come together. It is hard to find the right person. I think they have and I celebrate that for them.

      and yes she is going to be a beautiful bride. She has never had an engagement or real wedding. She deserves both. Let her enjoy it like all the other women get to without all the negativity.

  21. Anon says:

    Angelina doesn’t have a publicist, not sure if Brad does. But other stars have what they (themselves) called “PR GURUS”, hard at work and some seem to latch on to everything Jolie-Pitt. It has become beyond coincidence now. Curious.

  22. skuddles says:

    Angie looks unbelievably gorgeous in that second (profile) pic. So glad these two are getting married – not a lunatic fan by any means and don’t perceive them as perfect in the slightest, I just like them together and believe they are one of the few celeb couples who has their priorities straight. Not only do they seem to truly love each other, they put family first, and they dedicate time and effort (and money) to helping their fellow humans. They’re okay in my books.

  23. crtb says:

    Please, please, please go quietly and elope to a small private island and have a small wedding with just your kids and your closest friends. No paps. No press NO newspapers, No cameras. No PR people. Don’t sell or give away the pictures until your death. Make Jennifer Anniston your maid of hoonor and her boyfriend your best man: So that the infamous triangle will be over.
    Then Jennifer makes Brad and Angie the godparents of her first kid.