LeAnn Rimes is cryptic about Brandi, tweets photos at the shooting range

Earlier this week, we covered a new interview with Brandi Glanville in which she described her murderous thoughts upon seeing LeAnn Rimes with Eddie Cibrian and Mason and Jake for the first time. I thought Brandi was being pretty honest about everything – LeAnn stalked and “won” Eddie and then proceeded to use the two little boys to promote herself as a “bonus mom”. And obviously, Brandi didn’t hurt LeAnn in the end. There’s no law against THINKING about murdering someone. Still, Brandi tried to clarify her comments via Twitter, and “sources” close to LeAnn told media outlets that LeAnn considered Brandi to be “unstable” and that LeAnn had considered taking out a restraining order against Brandi. Because… obviously.

So, LeAnn has been on Twitter throughout the week, tweeting up a storm and acting like she won this round, I guess. She did tweet this nonsense the other day: “Disappointing when what you think is out of the goodness of someone’s heart is only a manipulation for them to later use to paint a pretty picture.” Is that directed at the media outlets covering Brandi’s interview? Or is it directed at Brandi? Unknown. Whatever. Then, yesterday, LeAnn started tweeting about the gun range and going to target practice, and she tweeted a bunch of photos with guns. She tweeted, “I used to go shopping on my day off, now I go shooting.” Brandi… watch out, girl.

Photos courtesy of LeAnn’s Twitter, WENN.

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  1. Marjalane says:

    Ooooooh Lean! You are sooooo baddass.

    • thyphoid.mary says:

      Dude! :D I didn’t know horses could use their hooves to shoot! Cut your sh *t Leann! Now she looks really unstable, time for the xanax, bish!

      • TheOriginalTiffany says:

        Right? My horses can open gates and latches and cause havoc, but shoot? Impressive with hooves.

        Mine will on command attack dogs, cows, coyotes and anything else that threatens me.

        Now i have a new training goal to work for.

        She SO SWFs Brandi, it’s kinda weird.

    • Genevieve says:

      OK….time for some psychiatric intervention. This girl is so mentally unstable, with such a zero sense of self and inner security, it’s laughable. Well, unless you’re Brandi Glanville. I think her textbook DSM would be Narcissistic Personality, combined with Borderline Personality. Really scary. Horseface is all ego, but has no internal security, inner resources or sense of self…she adopts others traits and literally tries to become the person she is scared of, intimidated by, wishes to be, etc.

      Somebody had better do an intervention on Horseface, and I mean, QUICKLY. If I were in Brandi’s shoes, I would request a court ordered psychiatric evaluation of Horseface. Not sure if you can go through the courts in CA to accomplish that, but Horseface needs some serious intervention. I honestly worry about LeeAnn’s ability to be a stable, non-harmful influence in Brandi’s little boys lives. It seems as though she is fragmenting fairly quickly now. I hope that we don’t soon read a tabloid headline with a tragic caption concerning something awful that Horseface has done to Brandi’s boys.

      Apologies in advance for the armchair psychology. However, I am very familiar with this exact type of situation. Eddie needs to check his wonky little Horseface in for some D-E-E-P psychoanalysis for the sake of his darling boys. BTW, lol@ TheOriginalTiffany…my nasty little thoughts mirror yours exactly. NEEEEIIGHHH!

      • Heidi says:

        Please diagnose Eddie cuz he ain’t no icon of mental sanity. Until she acts out, I don’t think anything can be done.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Yes, you can request a “psych eval” through the family courts in Cali. Generally, it’s for one of the parents or the other, but I imagine Brandi could request one for ME!Ann, citing all this stuff as the reasoning behind it.

        Personally, I think Brandi should have gotten a restraining order against this bitch a long time ago. ME!Ann is obviously off her nut!

  2. Bobby sue says:

    OMG. She is scary. Showing us her “roots”? Did the daddy she sued teach her that good gun play?

  3. wonderwoman21 says:

    Leeann is so crazy and pathetic that I can’t even wrap my mind around it. It’s too early maybe.

  4. Amy says:

    I sort of like her little jacket…

  5. Annie says:

    My recollection was that Brandi quote was pulled from an interview several years ago!?!
    No matter, Leanne has to swing at every pitch and meander down the low road per usual.
    This more than anything shows her intentions. Is she really trying to paint herself as the victim needing protection!?! This women desperately needs an intervention from a well meaning friend, but with her actions those are are probably scarce!!

  6. marie says:

    so, is this supposed to be a veiled threat or a lame joke?.. the girl’s an idiot..

  7. Jezi says:

    She most likely is referring to Brandi’s invitation to them for Easter. Funny, cause Leann tweeted about how she called Brandi on Mother’s Day to wish her happy Mother’s Day. So in Leann’s hypocritical world, only she’s allowed to tweet about her good deeds and show how much of a bigger person SHE is. Brandi has to stfu! Gotcha!

    Oh and I think Eddie should be the one more frightened then Brandi that Leann is shooting. He better protect his jewels.

  8. beclove says:

    Two words…. BAT SHIT!!

  9. Viv says:

    She sure as hell shares a stylist with Wilma Flintstone and Betty Rubble.

  10. Girlygirl410 says:

    This display is a passive aggressive threat towards Brandi. This girl is crazy…Brandi, run to your nearest police station and get a restraining order. Seriously, who would leave their kids alone with this crazy person?

  11. brin says:

    This one is Not Wanted, dead or alive.

  12. Kimbob says:

    Leann is such a lame-ass poser. I get nauseated every time I see or hear about her living her life in the public on Twitter. She’s such a sick, mental-case narcissist….ugh.

  13. SleepyJane says:

    Leann’s outfit is cute. She’s much better looking when she isn’t trying to copy Brandi.

    Round 4,324,823 of the three ring circus has begun. What a whack-a-do.

  14. cmc says:

    This is genuinely scary. I won’t be very surprised if this insane, horrible triangle ends with Leann killing someone. She’s the one who seems really unstable.

    • Boo says:

      I’m thinking the same thing. What’s really scary is that one could imagine Leann trying to figure out the best way to permanently get Brandi out of Eddie’s life, and what better way than to get the kids they share out of the picture? I can only hope and pray that Leann is not really as batshit crazy as she seems. And why doesn’t that dope Eddie see the insane writing on the wacko wall?

    • Jennifer12 says:

      I think who she wants to hurt is Brandi and I have no doubt, as they said on CDAN long ago, that Leann would like it if Brandi just disappeared. If Brandi hadn’t become famous, I can see her trying to make that happen. Bullies always see themselves as the victims at some point; Leann knows to say sorry for an affair, but she doesn’t mean it, and she isn’t sorry because she feels that she’s always in the right. And she wants to be the boys’ mom, so I don’t think they’re her target, but you never know. An accident could happen while she’s wound up and going for Brandi. Seriously, did you ever think OJ would kill? Or that Barretta guy? You can be famous and still a nut, and Leann has proved how sick she is. Eddie is a waste of space and life and I look forward to the day when he faces his teenaged sons and has some explaining to do.

  15. lil ole me says:

    Ya’ll know she is pretending that target is Brandi. Heard her song “borrowed” on twitter. Couldn’t make out what she was singing though….

    Top photo: E GADS! Who let her carry that purse with that dress? Leann is gonna lose her mind when new promos/season for RHOBH starts.
    She also says to her fans when they express concern over negative comments “It’s just a few people on twitter that don’t like me”. Honey, go read the comments on dailymailuk site. They don’t like you across the pond either. Delusional

    • Jezi says:

      Well the words are something along the lines of this.

      “I don’t want to give you back, you’re the best that I ever had, I don’t wanna give you back”

      “Do you love her the way you love me, do you make love to her the way you make love to me”

      Something like that. Basically, she was cheating with Eddie, didn’t want to give his ass back to his wife and stalked him until she got him. That pretty much sums it up.

  16. Leticia says:

    every day is a day off for her. she doesn’t do anything productive.

  17. Jaana says:

    LOL LeAnn, and this is supposed to make u the victim.. Wow

  18. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    If she had so much as taped a pic of Brandi on that target, that would be grounds for reporting to police..I just wonder how far Leann would have to push. Like, would ‘BRANDI’ or ‘BG’ written above the head on the target be enough to report? This woman is cray all the way!

    • Hakura says:

      That was actually what I was thinking, when I saw others talking about restraining orders. Especially in domestic situations… I heard that it was actually pretty difficult to prove enough intent to have one registered.

      In this case, this is very scary, but like you said, she made no (direct) reference to Brandi, or decorated her targets with photos.

      Plus, if she *were* found to be an unstable actual threat, & they got the order, how would that work with the kids? If she’s so dangerous, would they still be able to live there?

  19. dorothy says:

    My god, get off twitter live your “happy” life and get help. How do you have time to live your life if your always on your phone tweeting?

  20. srm says:

    Not related to this post but I find it kind of funny that Chelsea Houska from Teen Mom has DOUBLE the Twitter followers as “Human” LeAnn. I dont do Twitter but sometimes read it when there is a link and was really surprised when I saw how many Chelsea has. Very telling that people would rather follow a Teen Mom rather than this “Bonus Mom”.

  21. qtpi says:

    1) The dress in the top pic is quite possibly the fugliest thing I have ever seen.

    2) She changed her twitter description (or whatever they call it) to just “human”. Didn’t it used to be breadmaker, bedmaker, coffeemaker, etc…. ????

    3) Agree with original poster.. she is soooooo badassss….

    eta: she tweeted this a few minutes ago “It’s amazing when someone can not be right here with you, but you KNOW….He loves me, without question.”

    Barf.. so is he off his leash loose in the wild somewhere?!

    • brin says:

      Sounds like she’s trying to convince herself.

    • lil ole me says:

      @ qtpi: She tweeted THAT??? I’ll have to check that out. I’m almost embarrassed for her. ALMOST. She really is scared, and insecure about her marriage. She makes it so obvious. But that territory comes with marrying a man that is known for cheating.

      I don’t see how mistress’s do it- KNOWING the person they are sleeping with is sharing his bed with another. I guess I have too much self respect to put myself through that. NO MAN IS WORTH THAT MUCH WORRY

      • Hakura says:

        This is absolutely the way I feel about the subject of mistresses (the ones who are aware).

        I would never even be tempted. Self respect/esteem is exactly what she needs (But the ‘esteem’ & ‘respect’ should NOT come from those guns, God help us), to improve her psychotic tendencies.

        But what’s more… Even if you are the mistress, that doesn’t mean you’re morally exempt. You’d know you were contributing to the destruction of a family, & decided to continue regardless. (especially with kids). Eddie would of course cheat, whether it was with you or not, but at least you (as the mistress) can remove yourself from it.

        (I can’t shake the image of a lovely little house, only disrupted by the sound of a horse-drawn wrecking ball, parked just outside.

    • Jezi says:

      Wow!!!!!! She is one insecure person. If you have to tweet that, you know in your heart that you are truly worried about what he’s doing.

      • brin says:

        Meahwhile…Eddie must feel like he just got out of prison, running around yelling “I’m FREEEE!!!”

      • Jezi says:

        I know!!!!! Surprised she didn’t get “sick” again.

      • Theskinny says:

        Her tweets by Saturday night (a full 24 hours without Eddie) will be FANTASTIC in their crazyness. lol I have a sneaking suspicion she has outfitted their home with security cameras so she can monitor his every movement. The minute he is off the property his phone is going to START RINGING. All I can say, is if there is a God then there will be a soccer game scheduled for while wewe is away. Then she will have to see pics of her husband and his ex watching their children TOGETHER. PLEASE PLEASE let it happen. lol (Of course Brandi would have to call the paps because they only show up when Leann calls them apparently)

    • Natasha says:

      I have to go and see this with my own eyes. If she truly tweeted that (and I have no reason to believe she didn’t?!) then she is so totally transparent it’s unreal.

      I actually feel embarrassed thinking about her sitting there typing that for several hundred thousand people to read. It’s like something from a teen magazine.

    • Rita says:

      In her tweet, she’s talking about one of her dogs she just gave away.

  22. Theresa says:

    The girl is seriously unstable. And who wears THAT to a gun range?? Is this a dress with lace detailing? FFS!

  23. Dani says:

    LeAnn always has to have the last word and ultimately that will be her undoing. Can you imagine what it is like living with her? She is holding on so tight to Eddie that it is a wonder he is still breathing.

    LeAnn, let it go already. We get it, you don’t like Brandi and you are such a victim.

    And I can’t stand twitter. It is making a world full of narcissists. I don’t give a crap what people do everyday, all day long.

    • Rita says:

      Brandi has moved so far beyond all of this that she sent LeAnn flowers for her and Eddie’s first anniversary with a note that said,

      “Thanks for the freedom you have given me by accepting all the things that have been holding me back in life.”

  24. KK says:

    On her “day off” from what? Bikini posing?

  25. lilcus says:

    At the gun range learning to protect herself? Wow, she is crazier than I initially suspected.

  26. Natasha says:

    I think this may have been mentioned before in a previous thread, but hold on a moment while I channel Oda Mae Brown:

    “Brandi, you in danger, girl!”

  27. Green_Eyes says:

    She has never grown up, she has the emotional & psychological mentality of a teenager. Scratch that she’s just plain psych! Most teens I know, do not display the full range of immaturity nor delusional tendencies that she does. Think Brandi is the one needing to put in place a restraining order…. Hoping LeAnn doesn’t lose the rest of her warped mind & actually shoots Brandi, she is delusional enough to still tweet she was the victim and is vindicated… Eddie ya better be locking up those guns!

    Be thankful she’s wearing an ugly dress and not her dental floss bikinis in these photos…. My eyes can’t take many more of those photos. Especially before I have had any warning or a chance to down my breakfast.

  28. arock says:

    seriously, some one should slap her upside the face with a wet towel and yell “Snap Out of It!”

    shes looks crazy, and not in that “i love my husband pookie wookie and ill fight for him” way. shes in the spectrum of “hide in the bathtub with a knife, defecating in the front bushes way”.

  29. ladybert62 says:

    I read somewhere else (cant recall where as it was during one of my sneak and peaks at work breaks!) that she and eddie and Brandi were all in therapy TOGETHER!

    Damn that must be interesting and weird!

    • Jezi says:

      They attempted therapy twice in the past. I don’t believe that they are currently in therapy now. Leann needs to go by herself for a looooonnnnnngggg time.

      • Heidi says:

        I read that she is with a therapist from the Kardashian church of Brad Johnson. Some disorders are untreatable.

      • claire says:

        Speaking of the Kartrashians….she sued that Jonathan Shelton guy. But, Leann was good friends with him, I think, and was still talking to him after Kim’s scandal with him. I saw something the other day where someone asked him why he wasn’t following LR on twitter anymore, and I don’t know what he said (he’s private now), but the woman responded back with something like “sorry to hear that. hope you two can work it out). Curious what the story is there – is LR getting her friends dictated to her now by Kim K?

      • Jezi says:

        @Claire he had made a statement about someone needing to eat or something along those lines. It wasn’t about Leann. Anyway, Annie Sandor from Curb Records commented saying that she expected more from him and didn’t like that comment. Leann chimed in with a “yes I’m also disappointed”. He then followed it up with saying “well you haven’t talked to me in months and then you when you do you critcize me”. I’m paraphrasing here. So then he went private and unfollowed her. Jonathan Shelton aka Jaxson is a fraud as well. I was hoping he would sell out LR like he did the Kardashian peeps and Kim Zolciak.

      • Stalker says:

        Gee Jezi, stalk LeAnn’s twitter much? Makes you look a little cray cray yourself.

      • Heidi says:

        How does following a story on Twitter make one a “stalker”? It’s a public venue and we’re all welcome to read and comment on whatever we please.

      • Jezi says:

        @Stalker Actually someone else caught it and told me about it. I’m not on that much but people do tell me what goes on and since I have a lot of friends on twitter, they are all on at different times. But thanks for being so concerned. I bet Leann knows more about me than I do about her. She even noticed when I cut my hair. So if you want to talk about stalking, then you are talking to the wrong one.

      • Alita says:

        Hi Jezi,

        What happened with your hair?? Bizzare sounding – what’s the story with that?!?

      • thetruthhurts says:

        Yeah, she seems to blow off a lot of people once she is done with them. Noticed she doesn’t talk to that Amejean anymore. She tried tweeting him last week and he replied very generically and cold back to leann. It was very telling since he was up her butt for years. I wonder what she did to him too.

  30. JB says:

    LeAnn is an immature sociopath. My goodness, how absolutely gross and pathetic. Get a life and get off Twitter.

  31. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Can you imagine being this embarassing and being completely unaware of it? Is she in high school? She is an effin’ grown-ass woman, married, step-mom. Get off Twitter and grow the hell up. Jeebus. I have never seen someone so narcissistic and so juvenile in my whole life.

  32. Heidi says:

    Who wears that kind of outfit and makeup to the shooting range? Someone who plans on the statement-making photos making the rounds on the social media sites.

    • Green_Eyes says:

      When I was going to the range I wore makeup & was dressed in “cute clothes”. Not like that though, to me it’s not even cute it’s fugly. But at one time Due to my upbringing, I used to be the type not wear jeans or go out in public w/o having styled my hair or make up completed. But LeAnn ..agree full photo opp here..not because of make up or clothing, but the content itself.

  33. Lindy says:

    Wow. I didn’t think this b!tch could shock me anymore. I was sure she had played out all her crazy-cakes cards. But seeing her with that freaking machine gun or whatever the hell that is–that’s genuinely scary. I think she’s maybe someone who just utterly lacks a conscience–she has no inner voice that tells her not to do something. No filter.

    Who are her fans at this point? Who sees pics like these and thinks, “I love her, she’s awesome!”

  34. TheOriginalVictoria says:

    I can’t believe this is the chick who at fourteen gave a goosebumps rendition of How Do I Live and that Patsy Kline song (I promise I know the song’s name but after having kids my memory gets shoddy sometimes)

    And now she spends her days on Twitter trying to convince herself and others that her homewrecking has paid off.

  35. corny says:

    love watching this loon…just waiting for her to shave her head and let go with a baseball bat

  36. Dee Cee says:

    Uh seems Leann cancelled out the shock in first threat, which was a quick mad flash in the mind, cancelled out by morals and common sense by threatening Brandi in actuality and showing her skill with weapons.. moron Leann’s piece of weak but greedy man and her handlers better tell her she royally flubbed up any sympathy and praise.. No she has sit down and shut up..

  37. juju says:


  38. Marisa says:

    My favorite post from a “fan” to Leroy re: her Wed show, “I enjoyed the show, have never been to such a small venue. Precious.
    This woman is scary crazy. Ediot better plan his escape because the money is gone & she is going to lock him up like Silence of the Lambs.

  39. Jayna says:

    I am so disappointed in LeAnn. It’s sad what this beyond talented girl has reduced herself to.

  40. Ruth says:

    Lol am I alone in my first thought being.. “she is a really rubbish shot..”

    • Ginger says:

      EXACTLY what I was thinking too. If she supposedly goes shooting a lot according to her tweet then she should be getting more of the center shots on her target…piss poor IMO!

    • Faye says:

      Most of them are in the nine zone, but they’re a bit spread apart. I’m not the greatest shot, but when I get the nine zone I usually manage to keep my shots grouped together. Since it sounds like this is her new thing, we’ll probably get lots of tweeted images of her improvement. :/

      She does have a pretty solid grip though, but bad stance (with the hand gun).

      • the original bellaluna says:

        It’s probably a “rental.” We have custom grips on our firearms.

        Personally, I prefer the shotgun. Nothing deters a person like that “CLACK-CLACK”! ;)

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        Hi bells!

        Didn’t know you were a firearms enthusiast. We have an AR 15 and a colt python (like the one Rick uses on “The Walking Dead”).

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Oh, Mort! I was raised on a Marine base by an NRA member and married a gun enthusiast. We have too many for me to keep straight! But we have them safe, and I would never, EVER post a pic of me with a shot-out target online (no matter how BIG a bitch his mother happens to be), because I happen to love my step-son. He’s a very sweet boy and an excellent big brother.

        (I want the gun Hunter used, but hubs it has too much of a kick for my damaged right wrist. But we just got one that’s supposed to be easier on the “kick.” I still have to give it a whirl!)

  41. Chell says:

    I am willing to bet a lot of money that this whacko lays in bed at nite ‘plotting’ her tweets!!!! She probably had it planned out months ago what she would tweet on Mother’s Day or should I say “Bonus Mom’s Day” *GAG*
    Not sure what she is trying to prove, however she just comes across as juvenile & twisted! And I am completely entertained by her…not sure what that says about me LOL!!! But I can’t get enough of her craziness!!!!

  42. Jack says:

    Yes LeAnn is completely unstable.

    Worse, it takes a special kind of idiotic man to not realize the woman you think is so angelic and wonderful is not only a complete turd but you can SEE it in her face. Men are so dumb sometimes.

    I think LeAnn was using Brandi’s good nature to parade around, now Brandi has said it like it is, LeAnne’s all kind of rattled. It’s good to see. Brandi won this one good and fair. Hope LeAnn disappears sometime soon.

  43. bluhare says:

    I don’t know Brandi’s opinion of guns, but if I were mother to those two little boys, I’d be asking if they had guns in the house, how they’re stored, etc. etc. Personally, I’d want the guns out of the house, but I’m not a fan. Not trying to start a war but a lot of kids are killed playing with guns.

    • Green_Eyes says:

      In this case it would bey best all around to not have any guns in the house. She is in some serious need of help!

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      @bluhare, I understand where you’re coming from. I grew up with guns in the house (my father was a police officer and former marine) and my husband and I have a few that have safeties and are stored in a gun safe. Given Leanne’s poor judgement, I’m not confident that she takes similar precautions. Perhaps someone should ask her on twitter.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Hi Mort! Yes, ALL of our guns have safeties and/or double-pull safety triggers. I even have keys for some (at least 3) of them. The ammo is stored separately from the guns, and the older 2 were taken shooting and taught gun safety. (When little one is older, he will be as well.)

        We are in the process of researching gun safes, as we will be purchasing one soon.

        I’m the daughter of a USMC, Retired, Officer, and I was taught that you NEVER point a gun at another person without the intent to shoot; gun safety; how to re-load; and my father even had a shotgun modified for me when I was 9. (He hunted and we shot skeet.)

        I highly doubt ME!Ann will be as responsible as you or me. Hopefully, she doesn’t actually own a gun!

  44. mymy says:

    so Brandi tried to shed some truth on her situation. And this is how LeAnn decides to one up her. You can just see her up all night pacing trying to figure out how to outdo Brandi. I guess this is better than the notion she had of actually shooting Brandi.This woman’s entire self is invested in believing Eddie actually is in love with her. And Brandi is her dark twin. FRIGHTENING

    Brandi don’t take the bait.

  45. Ginger says:

    Must be nice to go shopping or shooting whenever you want to…both are so expensive! I like to do both myself but can’t afford it all the time. I hope she appreciates her lifestyle.

  46. Deann Baldwin says:

    Fatal attraction…hide yo bunnies and yo husbands. She is nuts. Certifiably nuts. Brandi needs body guards honestly. And Eddie gets what he deserves. I am buying stock in Orville Redenbacher cause when his ass leaves her, and it will…..my ass want be able to leave the site or the internet…..goes and follows LeAnn on Twitter….because its coming…

  47. jellyfish says:

    Well if Brandi ever ends up dead we all know who did it and there is proof right here.

  48. thetruthhurts says:

    First photos in bikini’s, now guns?? She is officially now the new Heidi Montag.

  49. Jeni says:

    Frankly, as a loving mom myself, it is sickening shocking and sad that this nutter, who stole another woman’s husband and insinuated herself into the lives of said woman’s children as “PIMPING bonus mom” …..posts photos of her shooting a target clearly meant as a message to the REAL MOM. What the hell kind of “bonus mom” does that? You really want those boys Mom dead, don’t you, psycho whore?Then your mission will be complete. I bet she’d make a brandi skin suit like in silence of the lambs. This inhuman filth needs to be put down. Seriously. I’m not a violent person but I said a special little prayer this morning that karma comes swift, and relieves Brandi and her precious boys of the sh!t that keeps sticking to their shoes. I really hope a car hits her or she has a heart attack. Honestly, WHO WOULD MISS THIS STINKING PIECE OF TRASH? ITS NOT EVEN HUMAN. IT CANT BE REHABBED!

    And no, I dont know any of these ppl and don’t follow them online – and NO i don’t feel bad for hoping she dies in a terrible, painful accident. I MEAN IT. She is going to rot in hell this one.

    I’m a mom and i gotta tell you – there is NO WAY IN HELL this would be going down in my life. That b!tch would not stand a chance. I would run her out of town so fast her horsey head would spin off her neck.

    peace to all the LOVING MOMS OUT THERE!

    • Theskinny says:

      Tell it girl! Here is a little snippet from Leann when she was in her teens and suing her own father. She stated.. “I’m not the sweet little girl you think I am. I have a dark side and your going to see it.”
      From the mouth of evil. I don’t know about you but I wasn’t living with 20 year old guys and threatening my daddy in my teen years. She outed herself as a sociopath early IMO.

  50. jeni says:

    PS Those boys so-called father needs to be culled as well. He’s a total scumbag and the boys will do much better without him. So what if he plays nice with the boys or gives a few hugs. LOOK at what he CONDONES!!! Car crash for two, coming up!

    • lori says:

      ITA, look at what he condones and encourages!
      He encouraged her to stalk and imitate everything about Brandi. So she lost weight and had the same surgeon and implants as Brandi. She then started retouching her face, and buying the jewelry and shoes and clothing that Brandi likes. She even tweets similar images and thoughts as Brandi. She shows up at every event for the kids. All of this is Eddie using her to get revenge on Brandi. Something tells me he will tire of this soon, especially if Brandi ignores it and is polite to him. Eddie will go back to doing what he does best, and focus on himself 24/7, find a new playmate on the side to feed his giant ego. This is the thing Leann is most afraid of, and what I think she is bringing into her life by her obsession with Brandi and in her need to control Eddie.

  51. the original bellaluna says:

    Next thing you know, she’ll be wearing bikinis and holding guns “modeling” at gun shows.

    Pathetic, and nucking futz.

    Brandi, you in danger, girl. Go to court and get a restraining order, PLEASE.

  52. eileen says:

    I know you love Celebitchy site and sometimes read these so I’m going to say this in hopes you see it. This girl is getting more and more out of control. Its just going to get worse. She is clearly unstable and your ex is not going to stop it in hopes some of her sh!t will hit you.
    Please consider action and don’t rely on your gentle heart that tends to see and hope for the best in people. This little girl is so immature and selfish, she has to have her way at any cost. If she wants things to be a certain way, she doens’t care who gets hurt for her to have it. We’ve been saying for years to be careful, but I have a feeling this is going to come to a head very quickly since the hate for her is getting so bad. She might think that if you’re gone, the hate will go away. I’m dead serious! Crazy people who have been told their whole life they are gifts from God and everything they do is right-don’t think healthy.

    -your faithful twitter friend

    • Heidi says:

      I know I have a lot of company when I say “I agree wholeheartedly with Eileen”. If she has any friends here who could convey the message, please tell her to hire a bodyguard post haste. Make sure he regularly checks the brake lines, etc. Cali roads can be hilly & treacherous.

    • Rita says:

      While I think you ladies are wonderful, you have to remember that Brandi is now LeAnn’s meal ticket to publicity. Eddie has to stick around for a couple of years before he’s “earned” his divorse settlement so until Eddie runs, LeAnn will stay within her personal crazy.

      Yes, Brandi should be more suspicious of LeAnn but not live in fear of her.

    • thetruthhurts says:


      While I usually agree with all you post, I have to say this one was a little nutty. I think Leann is crazy, but not crazy to physically harm Brandi, which you are insinuating. It’s as crazy as people thinking Brandi would hurt LeAnn. If you disagree with me and really believe this, then I urge you to make whatever knowledge you have about Leann public so everyone will know the crazy and not just you and a handful of BB’s. If there is truth to any of this and more to the story than witchy, etc, then it needs to be made public.

      • Eileen says:

        Brandi knows everything I know and has what’s needed to help herself if she chooses to. I leave it to her to deal with it-but I DID want to reiterate my feelings.
        Trust me when I say I’m not a melodramatic person and I have very good reasons to believe this chick is seriously a danger.

      • thetruthhurts says:

        Eileen, I see what you are saying, and it’s good that BG knows. But my whole point is, if you make it public, it’s less likely the person you are worried about will do anything in fear of being caught/discovered. When the world sees her as some sweet innocent creature then she is more likely to do something. When she is aware that all know of her behavior, (beyond the BB) then she is less likely to take action. Just sayin, that is if you are really concerned. You are a good friend to BG and I am sure she appreciates your concern!

    • Jennifer12 says:

      Eileen, I agree with you. People see it as a joke, but this girl is a vicious sociopath who has become obsessed with Brandi and her children. She’s getting braver about the things she does and she is possessed with hatred and jealousy. She’s seriously unstable and should not be near the boys nor should she be allowed near Brandi. Her venom is overtaking her reason and desire to show herself as the good guy and it is scary to think how this will end if Leann has her way. OJ Simpson and the Barretta guy are two examples of celebrities gone mad and doing as they pleased and getting away with it. Leann is mentally ill and has been unraveling for quite a long time.

      • lori says:

        She is a danger, and that is why Brandi has to have very little contact with her. Detach from this situation quietly for a while. Brandi needs to keep quiet on Twitter and in public for now. Protect her and the kids safety. Let time go by for Leann to focus on another obsession. I think that there is a good chance that Eddie is probably hooking up with his old gf, the one he was dating when married to Brandi and sleeping with Leann. My guess is this is who he runs to during stressful times. And if L.R. let him off-leash this weekend, he’ll be back with her. Let Eddie’s whereabouts be Leann’s obsession, let her stalk him, not his family.

    • Lara says:

      Agreed Eileen. I follow all this Twitter stuff and it amazes me that the BBs aren’t more proactive in putting pressure on Brandi to DO something about LR. It will be too late if one of the children is hurt. As others have said, Brandi needs to get a Restraining Order out against LR, barring LR from being near the boys preferably but if not that, at the very least barring her from being near Brandi. This will protect Brandi, but will also stop the paps from being called to soccer games, because the RO will prevent LR from being there. I see so much sympathy (very warranted) towards Brandi from the BBs, but it seems like, the BBs don’t seem to really give a sh*t about doing anything actually proactive to stop LR. Its all talk, talk talk. Whats the point in that? For goodness sake DO something. This has got to stop and Brandi has to see that she is dead WRONG in not doing something. Maybe Brandi is too close to it and can’t see it objectively like others who are removed from the situation, but LR chills my blood to ice and it will be far too late if she hurts one of the boys, or worse. What will Brandi say then? That we warned her? Too late for ‘I told you so’s’ then. This is about her children. And herself and her safety and wellbeing. Brandi needs to act for her sake and her children’s sake. What has stopped me from becoming a BB on Twitter (apart from me not having an actual account) is the all talk/no action of the BBs. Frustrates me to sh*tting tears. Someone needs to grab hold of Brandi, shake her until she understands that she must take action. THANK YOU for finally being a BB that actually cares enough to not just talk, but to actually CARE enough to speak up that Brandi needs to act. If the BBs truly care and not all about lip service and giving platitudes, the voices will rise up and continue until Brandi gets it through her head that she needs to ACT. Get Gimminez on board to slap her up the head until she wakes up and takes action. I just feel like shaking the friggin sh*t out of Brandi until she comes to her senses and acts. The more people like the BBs who get her to see sense and convince her, the better. Even if its just a RO for Brandi. Lets face it, this case is NOT lacking in evidence! There wouldn’t be as many cases requiring an RO that are as well-documented and well-evidenced as this. So I hope the BBs can be proactive and convince Brandi.

      • TheTruthHurts says:

        Thank you! This is what I was trying to explain to her above, albeit, did not have the patience to write such a great post as you did. So TRUE.

      • Eileen says:

        I appreciate you guys’ concern, but what goes on behind the scenes with people very close to Brandi isn’t talked about on here because Leann reads all of this.

        BBs have done MANY things for Brandi through the years-mainly drawing attention to Leann and her insane behavior. We have a library of evidence against Leann waiting for when she’s ready. Maybe she is ready, maybe she isn’t-that’s for Brandi and her attorneys to decide and take action when the time is right. I know that she will absolutely not do anything that would risk having her sons taken from her and you have to understand that the second Brandi changes the tide and starts legal processes she has to be 100% sure she can finish it. If not Leann and Eddie can file against her over and over and over with her money supply and if Brandi runs out of cash before they do??? That’s very risky. Her attorneys are advising her and helping her make the right steps that are best for her sons-that’s all that matters to her. And at the end of the day, those boys are CRAZY about their father and don’t understand the adult issues or how could they understand why they can’t be around their father? She doesn’t want her sons to not have their father-ever. So she has done her best to put up with the crazy for them to have him in their lives.

        Brandi supporters have seriously worked tirelessly to help her and also respect her wishes to TRY to have peace for the boys, but at the end of the day: Leann isn’t going to have that.

  53. linlu says:

    It is seriously time for SleazeAnn’s publicist, parents and/or her friend to have an intervention and get this sicko the help she desperately needs before someone gets hurt. Why won’t they do something? Please everyone pray that they do SOON! Obviously her “ho” husband isn’t going to do anything. But someone has to!!

  54. linlu says:

    She is supposed to be in Pennsylvania tonite for a concert and in New Hampshire tomorrow night for a concert. Are they still on or will they be cancelled for “scheduling conflicts” like Wash DC was? Anyone heard?

  55. ria says:

    This girl is mentally ill. This is a message to Brandi, loud and clear. To the rest of the world shes just having fun with her band. I hope Brandi gets a restraining order for her kids sake. I’ve always maintained on here never take a chance on crazy. I think some people underestimate how crazy this woman can be. I whole heartily believe lr is capable of killing. lr has antisocial tendencies written all over her. Just because her boys like her does not mean a thing. She might treat the boys nice but she’s not doing it from the goodness of her heart, just part of the deceit. When EC gets caught or if EC talks about divorce she will blame Brandi. First line of attack, hurt the ones she loves the most. I understand that Brandi is trying to be civil and do what’s best but a line has been crossed and there is nothing else she can do. Brandi has tried everything in her power to be the bigger, better woman only to have leann come back and continue to stab her even more. Lr will never be civil, she will always be the aggressor. Lr poses a severe threat to Brandi and her boys. Maybe not now but in time when her relationship becomes even more strained with Eddie. I wish Brandi all the luck in the world. It can not be easy having to deal with a very psychotic woman through no choice of your own.

  56. Linda says:

    This is NOT surprising. You have to remember that about a year ago, LeAnn tweeted a photo of a spray can and on the can it said, BITCH BE GONE!

    It was tweeted ‘immediately’ after Brandi had tweeted a pic of jewelry that Eddie had given her when they were married.

    LeAnn would love for Brandi to be absolutely gone. When LeAnn tweeted that photo, I could actually feel the hatred towards Brandi. Satan blinds her. She fails to see that she operates in the same realm as he does. He has her, and she has know idea–just the way he likes it.

    You, LeAnn, are a vile serpent.

    • lil ole me says:

      I totally remember this! When you are with someone that had been married before, you can’t just erase the first spouse. The fact is that at some point they had to love each other and have shared good memories together. If you are truly confident in your relationship- this should not bother you. I also have fond memories of my ex (and little gifts he gave me), but in no way want him back. This is normal

    • Cassandra says:

      I found it. It is the one she posted on her twitter account for the world to see.


    • Nancy says:

      Hey yall, I too remember this. She also made a nasty comment about the necklace. Something along the lines of it being purchased at Claire’s. Then shortly thereafter, she deleted the comment along with the ‘Bitch Be Gone’ pic, only to repost the twit pic back up but not the comment. Certifiably evil.

      I wonder if the pic is still posted on her Twitter, but I refuse to check through that awful mess of twit pics she has.

      When the boys are older and ask her about it, how will she explain the ‘Bitch Be Gone’ pic away?? In all her documented mess, she has forgotten that BLOOD IS THICKER THAN WATER.

      Keep your head up Brandi because you win.

      • Jack says:

        Hopefully Brandi is keeping a record of all this, to show the boys as adults. At least then they can see for themselves what Sleazeann put their mom through. It must be the worst pain to see your husband leave you but to have this woman be such a swine is pure and utter hell. It’s like she’s on a hell bent ride to make Brandi commit suicide. People have for far less! And it seems her stupid ex is encouraging her..

        Although kids aren’t daft, they must know.

        For a start their dad left their beautiful mom & is with some scraggy woman who keeps fawning all over him.

        If I saw my mom sitting on the ground while the new woman sat in her chair, I’d be damn well upset about it. Stupid woman.

  57. Jordan says:

    Ugh, can’t we put all 3 of them in a room full of weapons and let it work itself out?

    And man, does she look like a white Grinch in that first pic!

  58. hoya_chick says:

    she tweeted this. lol:

    LeAnn Rimes Cibrian ‏@leannrimes:
    “It’s amazing when someone can not be right here with you, but you KNOW….He loves me, without question.”

    Who is she trying to convince? Us? Or herself? It’s gonna be funny when they break up. Crazy.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Herself, natch.

    • claire says:

      doesn’t sound like love coming from her, sounds like obsession. She gives me the creeps like no one’s business.

    • Jeni says:

      If this gollum creature were not so utterly vile and twisted, one could almost pity her. I shudder to think of her inner-psychosis, what goes on in her mind when she is alone. I dont know who or what damaged this hoe in childhood, or if she was dropped on her head at birth, but whatever the case, somewhere along the way she encountered terrible abuse that prevents her from being able to live a sane life. Forever locked in a cage of madness. At this point, having seen that B!itch Be Gone Spray…I’m convinced that EVERYONE around her has ZERO concern for her AT ALL, and are just USING HER UP until there is nothing left, and then they’ll leave HER to rot. I simply cannot recall a more blatant and disgusting display of evil played out in media, directed toward a LOVING MOM (in this case brandi). WHAT in the hell are brandi’s boys going to think and do when they SEE all this shiz? Eddie is NO BETTER than a PEDO imo. Any court that continues to permit him or psycho to be around those precious boys, needs to be shut down because they are DIRECTLY contributing to the ruination of those innocent children.

  59. ria says:

    She did what? I never heard that one. Not surprising. How can her twitter fans ignore such behavior. A pic with (Bitch be gone!) She is a very dangerous unstable person. If Brandi had not left EC, Brandi might not be around today. These types will go to any lengths to get what they think is rightfully theirs. Lr needs to be committed, the sooner the better before someone gets hurts or worse. It of course won’t help her mental well being, but it will keep others safe. I know a bit about people like Leann because I had the misfortune of dealing with one in our family. The girl is just like Leann and she did attempt a kill. There is so much of her in Leann and vice versa. True story! That’s why I fear so greatly for Brandi and her kids as I really hope she is not that crazy, that maybe shes just bitter but her actions paint a different picture. That she most likely could be psychotic and severely dangerous. Of course most people won’t see that side as it takes work to see through the BS and people don’t understand what being passive aggressive is. They think she is being sincere. Good to have a following of idiots only so they can’t interpret the underlying messages.

  60. teri says:

    I only pray one day that LeAnn and Eddie have a child and he leaves her to go back to Brandi. Oh that would be sweet revenge, Brandi could give ol horse face the treatment she’s been giving her. You should never try to cut out the biological mother and that’s exactly what Leann has done. How would Leann handle Brandi getting to hold and love on her child?

  61. Cinderella says:

    Eddie is such a piece of shit for ever getting involved with this psycho. Was it worth it?

  62. Cirque28 says:

    I watched this youtube thing recently (for reasons unrelated to LeAnn). Wow. Substitute Twitter for FB and it’s so her. How to spot narcissists on social media:


    This part cracked me up:

    “One or two pictures at the beach are OK, but when you’re doing entire photo shoots with different outfits and hairstyles… there’s really something wrong with you. Get a life!”

    • MaceyMay says:

      That video seemed like it was made just b/c of LR so much that it was eerie. I couldnt believe how that had her pegged to a T, word for word. I wonder if the Dr. that did that met LR or something.

      These pics proves just how bad shit crazy she is. There is no way I could have this thing around my kids. she truly is beyond obsessed with BG, I think even more so than Ediot.
      Her tweet about using a gesture to paint a better picture was hysterical since she’s been doing that shit forever.
      sadly, she’s playing in my state tonight but luckily not in my area. she’s must be getting real desperate for gigs b/c this is not a big venue.

      • nomorerimess says:

        Please let us know if she really did show up! She has been known to get “sick” or have dental problems and have to cancel. (The sick part is sooo true!) If she keeps that crap up, she won’t have to worry about leaving EC cause she won’t have any concerts to give! She supposedly was booed on the red carpet for one of the country music shows. Another one coming on June 1 (or thereabouts)–will be interesting to see if she shows and whether she is booed again!

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Didn’t they cancel some larger venues, due to lack of interest? Or am I confusing my narcissists?

  63. Dirty Martini says:

    Im thinking this is kind of like Kim Kardashians wedding……………

    We knew it was fake while they pretended it was real….

    FAMEWHORES will do anything to stay in the rags.

    Even this.

  64. lori says:

    Another idea, Leann should hire the paps to follow Eddie when she is out of town. Then she could focus her stalking and obsession on him.
    By getting involved and egging L.R. on, Eddie has shown he is willing to bring a sociopath into the lives of his children, so he can torment his ex. He doesn’t care that his own kids could be harmed by this woman.

    • MaceyMay says:

      Im sure she’s got one tailing him already. thats how she exposed their affair to make sure BG found out about it. Ediot didnt know she set up the paps to tape them sucking each others fingers or that she then sold it to the tabs just so BG would found out and leave him so she could have him. I dont think she planned on him wanting to try and work things out with BG after she found out but he did, which is one of the many reasons why she’s so psychotic with BG, she knows she could have him back any time she wanted.

  65. SweetLou65mums says:

    Poor LeAnn. She’s always trying to bait Brandi and never forgetting her number one agenda — to prod Eddie Cibrian into gaining full custody of the kids.

    • nomorerimess says:

      After all the things SleazeAnn has said on twitter and all the informing the paps, she will never get full custody of the kids. Any judge who would do such a thing after all of us witnessing what she has done and is doing would be up in arms and the result would be that that judge would be thrown out! It’s all on record just how sick she is! And hopefully Brandi is just sitting back and keeping track (like all of us) and doesn’t give SleazeAnn the satisfaction she wants.

  66. Twez says:

    I swear… if Cibrian didn’t have an ex-wife for this lunatic to stalk with passive-aggressive intensity, she’d have no use for him.

  67. grey says:

    This is such a bloody trainwreck.
    Those poor boys are going to grow up in the middle of this Fatal Attraction love triangle mess.
    Seriously this is just embarrassing at this point. What an unstable woman.

  68. RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

    This “woman” is a pathetic crack pot. Honestly if two small boys werent involved her antics would be laugh out loud funny.
    If I were Brandy I’d take these pics straight to my lawyer and ask him what he intends to do about this.
    Shame on Eddie for standing by and allowing this freak of nature to be this offensive and threatening.
    The fact of the matter this is called Harassment and intimidation and it is, in fact, illegal.

  69. Scarlett says:

    Leanne goes shooting on her “day off”? Her day off from WHAT, exactly???

  70. Cowgirl27 says:

    She is officially a lunatic. I hope Brandi still keeps an insurance policy on Eddie and I hope Brandi keeps herself protected and safe because I can see where Batshiz crazy would try to harm Brandi and make it look like an accident.

    This is not good!

  71. Mela says:

    Eddie is a chubby loser and a horrible father. Leann is scary and should be arrested.

  72. Love says:

    You guys should be thankful ! At least we stopped seeing her butt cheeks !!!! Her other badly executed form of “revenge” on Brandi . Huge fail on both parts

  73. MommaK18 says:

    I didn’t think it was possible but does LeAnn know she’s probably one of the most hated “celebrites” ever….

    More so then Lindsey Lohan and Kim K together!

  74. Kricket says:

    Finally, an activity were she can use her squint.

  75. andrea says:

    Good morning everybody!
    I’m trying to understand this situation – I find it very fascinating! None of them is famous hee in Sweden, even if Real Housewives is shown on tv here. But I read american gossip sites – they’re the best!

    One thing I haven’t wrapped my head around – how can Leann be angry at Brandi, what’s her reason? Has she ever felt bad conscience about stealing her husband? And at what point has that remorse switched to hated and anger? How can SHE feel badly treated in this whole situation?
    Has she ever felt guilty? She must at least have felt bad in front of her first husband.

    • Rita says:

      You must understand that you can not apply the values of your moral conscience to LeAnn Rimes. The “normal” person’s character, values, and principles are not applicable to her.

      Understanding LeAnn Rimes character is like trying to understand the person in Norway that killed all those children at that retreat. It’s just a different type of mentality that “normal” people call crazy.

      Not only has LeAnn never felt bad about destroying Brandi’s life, LeAnn took and continues to take pleasure in wanting Brandi to suffer.

      A “normal” person just has to accept that there are such people in the world. If we are to continue as a civilization, we must remember the following:

      “The only thing required for evil to triumph is for good people to stand by and do nothing”.

      That is why we shine the light on LeAnn’s terrbile behavior.

      • andrea says:

        Considering that then maybe the people around her should try to get her psychiatric help – since she herself doesn’t have insight in her own behaviour. Maybe she’s not born “deranged”, maybe she’s become because of sociological factors around her.

        Has there been any reporting about others worrying about her conduct and state of mind? I thought I read her mentioning her therapist. A psychologist should be able to detect abnormalcy.

        Is Eddie benefiting somehow from her strange behaviour? Or maybe he doesn’t know everything she does. Because he seems rather passive.
        I don’t know how he talks to Brandi, if he’s polite and civilised, or if he is angry and shouts at her.

      • Rita says:

        Hi Andrea,

        LeAnn is and always has been surrounded by enablers which began with her parents. It’s always been about others living off LeAnn’s money. As a teenager, her own grandfather called her a “spoiled little bitch” in front of a reporter.

        Continuing to try to understand LeAnn’s mental make-up in terms of intervention, enlightenment, reason, self awareness, or any other approach to her becoming a decent person is futile. She is by definition, a sociopathic narcissist….in other words, someone who cares only about their own self enggrandizement and nothing about the well being of others.

      • claire says:

        She doesn’t have a lot of friends outside twitter fans or paid employees that anyone can tell. Most of the people closest to her work for her. She’s their money bags. They’re not going to say anything to her, although it’s actually in their best interest, ’cause she’s destroying what little was left of her career. Her career was at a low even before Eddie. But, I’m sure, with her personality that is pretty narcissistic, (I think most can agree on that) anyone that doesn’t kiss her butt is an enemy. This is how she treats any of her fans that ask her simple questions she doesn’t like: she blocks them. Sooooo….no one will likely talk to her about her massive image problem, etc.

      • andrea says:

        Thank you so much for answering – it’s fun to be part of this discussion. Even if at the core of it it’s sad since we’re actually talking about real persons and real problems.
        I understand the situation better since your answers and the more I read about it it kind of feels like something is going to happen. Since the general opinion seems to be that Eddie doesn’t really want to be with her and will leave her and her career will just get worse, than I don’t think Leann will be able to handle it. Maybe a breakdown like Britney Spears’ ?
        It will be a shock for her the day she realizes that the world doesn’t see her the way she sees herself. As I do for all people in trouble (I’m a nurse), I hope she has good and competent people around her, otherwise she’ll be lost.
        Til then, let’s hope she wont hurt anybody (anymore).

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Hi andrea! Try to think of it like Britney Spears’ situation a few years ago (famous since teen-hood; supporting the whole family; surrounded by sycophants & paid “friends”) but without a parent’s willingness to intervene for her best interest.

      Or like Lindsay Lohan – same situation as ME!Ann (except for all the DUI’s, drug use, and drink-throwing) – right down to the parents unwillingness to intervene for her best interest.

      The astonishing sense of entitlement boggles the mind, and there is no sense of personal responsibility for either her actions or the ensuing consequences.

      Hope that helps! :)

  76. Snowpea says:

    Big news from downtown Sydney, kids.


    This is the FIRST time I have EVER seen the Rimes/Cibrian/Glanville shenanigans reported in mainstream media in Australia.

    Rimes is starting to take big risks. I think she needs to be certified. She is clearly off her rocker.

  77. Erica says:

    I admit I check the tabloid sites daily just to see if today is the day there are pictures of Ediot and his new toe sucking floozy. Warhorse will turn sniper when she finds out he has gnawed off his leg and scampered back into the forest with a new Bambi. I noticed LR old twitter bud Anthony doesn’t have much to say to her any more. What happened there? Did he figure out he was just her flying monkey doing her dirty work for her? Interesting…

  78. Hollywood says:

    Saw on the news that Selena Gomez went to the shooting range as well yesterday. She posted pictures of it on her twitter. Guess Brandi should be worried about Selena too. Cause, you know, if any girl goes to a range with her friends it means she going to hurt someone.

  79. nomorerimess says:

    I know this has been said before but it needs to be repeated–This person desperately needs help–mentally! We all know that her fans and few friends do read these comments. So please, get this girl the help she needs. IF she does harm to anyone, even herself, and you do not do something, YOU will be just as responsible as her. IF you really care about LeAnn (and that’s the first time I’ve used her first name correctly) GET HER HELP IMMEDIATELY!!!Contact her agent, her family anyone, please!

    • lori says:

      This IS LeAnn! It should be posted on every story about her, everywhere, all the time!
      I know a person like this too. I went to a therapist about what to do because the person was stalking me. The therapist said, they will never change, they will never grow up. Never be more empathetic or kind, they will always be this way. It is such a deep childhood trauma, it shaped who they have become.

    • Hakura says:

      Wow. That *really* is Leann in every conceivable way… It’s more than a little depressing that someone could live their lives that screwed up, without any hope of improvement.

      I’m sure her issues stem from childhood superstardom & a horrible relationship with her parents… Though I’m sure there’s plenty the public doesn’t know about.

  80. Debra says:

    tweet from Leann rimes:
    “Disappointing when what you think is out of the goodness of someone’s heart is only a manipulation for them to later use to paint a pretty picture.” <–( this is probably in reference to Brandi Glanville inviting the 2 cheaters to her house for an easter egg hunt)

    so what is this about, Leann??

    the article says they don't divulge anyone's identity without their permission,, just another example of the hypocrisy that is Leann Rimes

  81. Jack says:

    I so hate coming back to this article as I have to look for a brief second at that pugs face…

    So, someone on twitter calling themselves crypically Drp2u (or prob LR) has told LeAnn & Brandi about your posts here Eileen.

    And clearly, don’t agree with what we have to say ;)

    LR is such an a hole. I rarely hate anyone but for her, I make an exception.

    Flour bomb?

    • Debra says:

      Drp2u is Stace who used to be one of Leann Rimes’ biggest denigrators,, she made videos, and picture collages making fun of Leann and Eddie..posted comments on most of the gossip sites, etc.. then she did an about face, and now she is one of Leann’s biggest mouthpieces, she is probably the ‘source’ for alot of the stories you see trying to make Brandi look bad… too bad they all backfire and make Leann look worse(if that’s even possible)

    • Eileen says:

      Jack-thank you for the heads up! Drp2u is insane-she was one of the first Brandi supporters and was on here all the time ripping Leann a up to shreds and commenting on all other sites to. She’s even made video montages about Leann. Then when she saw Brandi wasn’t going to let her in and let her be her “#1″ so to speak and us others called her out she took off to Leann who took her in with open arms hoping this girl would have some good info on Brandi and the girl made it sounds like she did. Now she’s Leann’s problem because Leann can’t let her go now that she sees how insane she is-the girl knows too much. Leann isn’t the brightest bulb in the package thats for sure!! lol
      I’m glad Leann knows about this thread-maybe she can now see how insane she looks to everyone? I can hope can’t I?? lol ;D

  82. claire says:

    Well that’s weird. I ask Jezi about that Jonathan Jaxson guy earlier in the thread, and now he’s tweeting Brandi:

    Jonathan Jaxson @BrandiGlanville I sooo wish I would have believed in you from the start and not be trapped by another’s web. Glad that person is outta!

    Yeah, that about sounds like what it must be like to be friends with Leann: she talks shit about Brandi to all her friends and expects some loyalty. This is same guy whose friends were tweeting mean things to Brandi. Leann sure is a piece of work in her scheming!

  83. Mela says:

    Leann is now claiming the shooting range has nothing to do with Brandi. I don’t believe her innocent act. I think it was probably on a whim that her and her band went to the shooting range but Leann saw this as a great opportunity to be a bitch and her *choosing* to tweet about it and taking pictures (she’s taking a pic of herself on her phone in one pic, that is clear) is absolutely calculated and an attempt to be a “bad ass” and probably an implied response to the recent quotes by Brandi. That is very clear and what Leann is trying to do is not lost on the public, no matter how much she tries to back track and act innocently naive about her actions. Nothing this woman does is anything but calculated and fueled by her insecurities and unbalanced thoughts! Bitch is crazy!

    • thetruthhurts says:

      Mela, Exactly. She says it was all about “her boys” who wanted to go shooting, how they love it and take it very seriously & she wanted to make them happy, she LOVES them and be one of the guys (gag), but yet, she does not show ONE photo of “her boys” at the range. All about wewe as usual!!

      • Linda says:

        It’s all a lie from LeAnn. What a coincidence, huh?? She tweeted she’s been going to the shooting range since childhood, yet she takes a picture of herself, NOW?? She is a natural born LIAR. Where are the pics of her boys shooting?? Yet, the ‘only’ pics are of her.

  84. ria says:

    I hope Eddie is enjoying his weekend of freedom from LeAnn. Its going to be a long time before he has that much freedom again. I wonder if he has some girls on the side reserved for weekends like these, as rare as they are. He loves the ladies and that will never change. LeAnn is at a disadvantage looking as ugly as she does. No man goes from gorgeous supermodel type women to deranged psychopathic horse faced homely ones. Money can just about buy anything.

  85. sup says:

    i hate writing about this untalented, old looking bitch, but she looks so stupid in these photos.

  86. nomorerimess says:

    Even Australia and England knows how loony this broad is. She really has made a name for herself and it’s psycho!

  87. Lara says:

    Rimes contradicts herself. She said it was for the boys (I assume she means her band/gang and not Mason and Jake) but why then, is there ONLY photos of her, and not OF the guys? That part makes no sense at all. If it were for the guys, you’d think she’d have PHOTOS OF THE GUYS.
    Shes been shooting all her life, but suddenly only photos herself shooting NOW? And none of the guys, who it was for, after all, in the first place? Seriously, Rimes is a TERRIBLE liar. Her ‘stories’ make NO sense at all and do not add up, too many holes in them. She should really try better with her ‘stories’ so they add up and the photos (of the guys not of her) add up to the stories she tells.

    Oh, and can someone tell her to stop using sick children such as the blind girl at Disneyland and now this wheelchair needy child for publicity and to make herself look good? Just to paint a nice picture of herself? She is so low that she will manipulate innocent sick children to manipulate her public image. NOTHING Rimes does is without self-gain or out of the goodness of her heart.

    • nomorerimess says:

      She was probably by herself (except for whoever she asked to take the pic–could have been a total stranger).Her bands member boys should know that deranged people shouldn’t handle weapons and they probably stayed away and were nowhere near a psyco with a gun! You cannot believe ANYTHING she says as she has lied so much in the past. And is still liein to herself when she tells herself that “ho” husband loves her. Bet he is still thinking about making love to Brandi!

  88. nomorerimess says:

    I saw on another site some of her twitters about how she enjoyed the concerts on Friday and Saturday. Anyone on here go to them? Please let us know IF they actually took place and if so, how was the attendance. Can’t believe many showed up! Pretty soon the venues will shrink and the money and Eddie will be long gone!!!

    • claire says:

      I saw someone say they were a fan, and it was a good show, but that she talks a lot, in between each song, about her personal life, and things that they felt were TMI, I guess. They said something like, if she’d talk about her personal life less, she/the show would feel more professional.

      So, you know….you can read into that and probably guess what’s going on there. ;)

      • nomorerimes says:

        Wonder how many people were there and if it was one of those 2for1 shows. The ticket sales are not going well so they have to go 2 for 1. HA! Her concerts are just like her twitter messages–all mouth!! If only she would shut it!! Too bad when she had “dental work” done a short time ago–they didn’t wire her mouth shut. But then they would have to do something about her fingers as they are in constant use on Twitter.

  89. Lara says:

    Wheres Vesper? First article on Rimes where our Vesper is strangely silent….. Off doing ‘vespers’ for Rimes’ sanity? :D

    • someone says:

      There is no point coming on here to try and dispel the Brandi is God, Leann is copying her mentality that reins. None of you will see it any way other than that. Sad. Keep making up your little theories about Leann. All I want to know is: has there ever been ONE story about Brandi in the news that hasn’t involved knocking down Leann? Seriously, point it out to me. Just one story about Brandi that does not mention Leann…Just wondering how she is going to sell her future cookbook – will she call it “The food I used to cook for Ed before Leann stole him away”? ‘Cause if it doesn’t include Leann it won’t make the news. Love her or hate her, Leann is the draw in these stories. Not Brandi.

    • RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

      Exactly Lara. Thank you so much for pointing that out.
      “Vesper” is singing her passive-aggresive worried little heart out somewhere.
      Well, I’m glad you pointed out the very obvious truth!

  90. I Choose Me says:

    Jeezus! Ya know I didn’t think she was this bad but yikes! Was she not hugged enough as a child?

  91. nomorerimess says:

    Lots of sites are showing this psycho and her shooting pap opportunity! Except for People–nothing about it there–are they anti-gun or are they finally realizing that SleazeAnn is crazy!!

  92. nomorerimess says:

    Poor Eddie–SleazeAnn will be home soon!! Enjoy while you can! Hope you are getting a lot of whatever you want from whoever you want. But hurry! Cause the leash goes back on soon!

  93. Salem says:

    Rimes is a sociopathic nutcase who is a danger to herself and others. She is unstable and Brandi should get a restraining order against her for her and for the boys. She shouldn’t be around children.

    • Hakura says:

      I truly believe those kids aren’t safe with her.

      If something (anything) were to go wrong in the relationship (such as Eddie cheating on *her* now, or Brandi continuing to simply exist, I could easily see a psychotic break, possibly even using the boys in some way for ‘punishing’ their parents. God forbid those guns became involved,

      Needing constant reassurance & compliments due to her personality type, yet picking a man/mate who’s more famous for his philandering than his actual career. Sounds more like something producers of a reality TV show would suggest, to use conflict as a means to garner attention. *COUGHKrisJennerCOUGH*

      She seems like the type that would be unwilling to talk to a therapist & a psychologist, even though she’s way up on the list of people who would absolutely benefit from it.

      Because remember, Leann is the SUN, & we are all but chunks of rocks (less beautiful than she’s deluded herself into thinking) calling ourselves ‘planets’.

  94. ria says:

    I still wonder about scheana. She rt ‘d this – “RT this if you still banging that #macadelic.” Probably nothing but interesting.

  95. ria says:

    He was sleeping with scheana for 3 years. He obviously had feelings for her. He slept with LeAnn and wanted nothing to do with her afterwards. He went to great lengths to separate himself from her .He went to her only after Brandi kicked him out. He was attracted to her money,she was his money bank. I think Scheana and him were going to take LeAnn for her money then eventually end up back together. No one predicted how tight she would keep him on his leash. He obeys commands purely for the money. He rarely gets to see her because LeAnn has to have him by her side every second.

    • lori says:

      Yes, her name is Scheana Marie Jancan, and he was spending all his money on her, buying her clothes and jewelry and taking her on vacations when he was married to Brandi and first took up with Leann. Brandi didn’t want to continue the marriage after finding out about Scheana.
      I think Leann knows about Scheana and the other women who will follow. She will take her rage out passive aggressively on Brandi and the boys. That’s why the pics of her shooting guns show up the weekend Eddie’s away. Leann grew up in a house full of liars and cheaters and she lost her family and her sanity. She still carries all that anger. Now she wants to replay the game in another family, this time as a gun-toting adult.

  96. Rita says:

    Sundays are so nice just to spend a little girl-time together. *Big kiss to all*.

  97. Ruh-Ro! says:

    LeAnn, you might want to ask Eddie about the Sagebrush Cantina. I hope you are getting home soon.

  98. Heidi says:

    Isn’t “vesper” or “someone” none other than Stace???

  99. Memphis says:

    She is that close to her target and can’t get a better grouping than that? Sorry, Leann…you suck.

    As for Brandi, I don’t think Leann is sending her a threat (in this pix)… I think Leann thinks this makes her look tough and hot…it doesn’t.

  100. claire says:

    I actually thought that wheelchair gift at her concert with Make a Wish was a true donation from LR, even though others were sure it was a photo-op involvement for her. Well, guess you were right – the company donated the wheelchair, so I don’t even get what LR’s involvement was besides being there while it was gifted to the girl???? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_XsS44cuwQ

  101. Euphorima says:

    Im waiting for the day that this website stops highlighting this crazy ass biotch!!!! I know it gets all the commenters postibng and its good for biz but im personally tired of the horseface.

  102. SweetLou65mums says:

    We know that LeAnn arranges for paparazzi to take photos of her and EC. We also know that she takes pictures herself and/or has EC or her friends do this when she’s out and about (e.g. these shooting range pictures) and posts them herself on her twitter or hr blog. If she stopped calling the paparazzi and if she stopped posting photos herself there would be absolutely no “articles” written about her activities and the real or imagined impact on Brandi Glanville. All three people — LeAnn, Eddie, and Brandi — would be out of the gossip sites instantly if LeAnn stopped calling the paps or posting her own photos. These “articles” are entirely written around photos that LeAnn had a role in creating.

  103. nomorerimes says:

    Okay–she is home for a little while–want to guess how long it will be before we see articles saying she was so glad to get home to her loving husband and how good he was while she was gone!! NOT! Thoroughly expect to see this in just a couple days. She loves all publicity even though it makes her look like a psycho and a liar!

  104. Jack says:

    I didn’t realize Eddie wanted Brandi back but she said no. More power to her.

    Now I realize Eddie’s just using LeAnn to annoy Brandi (unfortunately just proving Brandi was right to toss him out as he’s a jerk) & encouraging her.

    Which makes me feel a bit better about all this.

    LeAnn is still a grade a C***

    Eddie is still the same.

    And Brandi has the higher hand and can walk with her head held high :)

  105. nomorerimes says:

    @ruh-ro–Come on–let us in on the Sagebrush Cantina info. We are sitting on the edge of our seats!