John Mayer’s bodyguard grabs photographer by the throat

John Mayer’s bodyguard got in quite the scuffle with a paparazzo last night. John was leaving Wolfgang’s Steakhouse when his bodyguard attacked the photographer. It’s hard to make out exactly what provoked him, but it appears that the photog got in the way of John’s friend. Though that still doesn’t explain the severity of the reaction. The bodyguard pushed the paparazzo to the ground and at one point grabbed him by the throat. The photographer then hurled insults and taunted him. The whole scene was pretty pathetic.

John Mayer took a break from wining and dining Jennifer Aniston Tuesday night, and things got a little rough. Mayer dined with a male friend at Wolfgang’s Steakhouse in Beverly Hills, where, although the private exit was ready for him, Mayer decided to leave out the front door—into the teeth of the paparazzi scrum.

As Mayer ducked into his awaiting BMW, his bodyguard shoved a shutterbug to the ground and then briefly grabbed the photographer by the throat.

The guard then hopped into the driver seat and whisked Mayer away as customers and employees spilled out of the steakhouse to see what the commotion was all about.

Although the encounter lasted just a few seconds, and the paparazzo, Marc Rhea, immediately stood up and started screaming at the Mayer crew, E! News has learned the photographer subsequently headed to a Tarzana hospital to make sure he had no serious injuries. Rhea has not filed a police report, but plans on contacting a lawyer.

[From E! News]

Something tells me the only reason Marc Rhea went to the hospital was for documentation so he can sue the bodyguard (and presumably Mayer). Normally I’d take the victim’s side, but he seems excessively abrasive and really into the whole thing. He’s clearly trying to provoke the bodyguard and milk it for the cameras. Or for the lawyers. All the men involved come off as childish and stupid on the video. It seems like they’re all just itching for a fight and barely able to contain themselves. Really the only person who came off okay was John Mayer. There’s a first time for everything.

Here’s John Mayer leaves a gym in Los Angeles yesterday, wearing an Israeli Krav Magna t-shirt. Images thanks to Fame.

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  1. what is ever. says:

    He came off okay until you realize that he chose to walk out the main entrance instead of the back. He’s just starved for the attention. sad.

  2. devilgirl says:

    Wish someone would grab John M. by the throat and choke the life out of him.

  3. Kaiser says:


    Losers all-around.

  4. Cheyenne says:

    Oh right, he knows the paparazzi are waiting out front so he has to leave by the front door. Give me a freaking break. This clown is an even bigger famewhore than Aniston is — if that’s possible. Those two richly deserve each other.

  5. tigerlille says:

    The video doesn’t show what precipitated the incident, but I thought that the body guard looked calm and in control, and not like someone using excessive force. The paps, on the other hand, were clearly out of line. I don’t understand how their conduct can be legal. They were literally endangering the safety of the people in the vehicle by holding up their cameras to the window and setting off the flashes, presumably to temporarily blind the driver, who was the body guard in question. Disgusting. How can this kind of behavior be legal? Why is it tolerated? I understand that Mr. Mayers could have used a back exit, but I also think that he should be able to walk out of a restaurant without being harassed, what ever his motivation for doing so.

  6. lanette says:

    i think photogs need to get their asses kicked.
    there are zoom lenses –they do not have to get close so yes i think they need to be beat down.

  7. Jugz says:

    Agreed on all comments above!
    Just a suggestion…JUST STOP!
    Stop taking his picture! He’s the one who calls to let the paps know where he is anyway, and then acts ‘shocked’ -n- ‘pissy’ when they try to take a picture of his ugly mug.

  8. kate says:

    why does john mayer need a bodyguard? god he is a famewhore.

  9. lmao says:

    that was hilarious. usually i side against the paparazzi but this time it is obvious that the karate kid bodyguard lost his cool. there were only 4 photogs and mr mayer wasnt stopping the pictures. he went after the snapper away from the car when his client was already inside. he’s lucky hes not in jail. he and his boss should be sued