Bobbi Kristina accepts award for her late mom Whitney Houston at the BMAs

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Last night’s Billboard Awards paid tribute to the late Whitney Houston with performances of her hits by John Legend and Jordin Sparks. Legend did a soulful, if somewhat shaky, version of “The Greatest Love of All” while Sparks belted out “I Will Always Love You.” (Video is below.) The camera panned to Whitney’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina, in the audience several times and she was understandably crying.

Whitney was posthumously awarded the Billboard Millennium Award, which Bobbi accepted on her behalf. She was accompanied on stage by her aunt, Whitney’s sister in law, Pat Houston. Bobbi was very well spoken and composed on stage. She did seem a little buzzed to me, but maybe she was just overwhelmed in the moment. She’s gone through so much these past three months. Here’s a little more, thanks to Radar Online.

Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina made a rare public appearance Sunday night at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas to take part in an emotional tribute to her late mother…

John Legend and Jordin Sparks, who plays Houston’s daughter in her final film, Sparkle, performed her hits, with Legend singing the Greatest Love of All, while Sparks amazed with her rendition of I Will Always Love You.

Following the moving memorials, the late singer’s sister-in-law Pat Houston and daughter Bobbi Kristina accepted the Billboard Millennium Award on Whitney’s behalf.

Pat said, “This is truly an honor. We thank you, Billboard; we thank you, Whoopi, Jordin; we love you, John. But tonight, the one person that should be accepting this award is the one person that Whitney loved most,” ushering in Bobbi Kristina.

Bobbi Kristina said she “just really want to say thank you to everyone who supported us through it all.

“Not just when it was good, but when it was bad too,” she said. “Thank you so much for showing that much love, ’cause she deserved it. There will never be another one, ever. I thank you so much.”

[From Radar Online]

I can’t imagine losing my mom when I was just 18. (Bobbi Kristina turned 19 in March.) My grandmother died when I was in my early 20s and I was devastated. It’s got to be even harder when your mom is famous and you’ve got to get dressed up, go out to an event and make a speech on her behalf. Krissi did an amazing job, though.

Bobbi Kristina’s boyfriend, 22 year-old Nick Gordon, was next to her in the audience. Like Krissi, he was wearing a pin with Whitney’s photo on it. Nick walked Krissi up on stage and gave her a kiss before she went on. It was sweet, and it made me worry less about the stories that he’s taking advantage of her. There was a lot of controversy when Krissi and Nick first got together, as Nick was raised by Whitney and Krissi used to consider him her “adopted brother.” The fact that he looks so supportive of her makes me think differently about their situation.

Here’s video of the tribute to Whitney. Kriss comes on at about 6:00.

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  1. Jen says:

    I’m sorry, but nobody was talking about Whitney’s music in the several years before she died. She wouldn’t have received this award if she hadn’t killed herself. And now we’re supposed to act like she was this great talent who was taken too soon? Give me a break. She was a drug addict, and rewarding this kind of behavior is EXACTLY why things will never, ever change in Hollywood. Drugs are a route to everlasting fame, and that, in the end, is what they all want. Pathetic.

    ETA: That said, I’m sorry this little girl lost her mother. Let’s just pray she learns from it and doesn’t continue down the same path.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      I don’t understand this comment. The award wasn’t for her personal life, it was for her musical contribution. Why should the fact that she had issues with addiction prevent others from honoring her talent? I wasn’t a fan myself, but it is undeniable how gifted she was. I don’t think her personal struggles should have anything to do with it.

      • Jen says:

        My point is that her musical contributions had been largely forgotten, especially as her drug issues took center-stage. I’m saying that she would not have received this award recognizing her music if she were still alive.

        She had a great voice until drugs ruined it, but her music was crap.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Ok but she’s hardly the first artist to receive an award posthumously. Just like there are many great artists who sell more records, paintings, etc after their death (Van Gogh, Elvis..)—it’s a pretty common scenario. In fact, Van Gogh and Elvis both struggled with addiction-would their accomplishments be any less valid because of that? I guess I just still don’t see what her addiction has to do with it.

      • Jen says:

        You’re comparing Whitney Houston to Van Gogh?! Oh, come on.

        Her untimely death made people lose their minds and convince them that her music was good. She had a good, maybe even great, voice. She was a singer, not an artist. And certainly not a great one.


      • Sure says:

        Whitney Houston is the greatest singer of all time. I don’t know how young you are JEN but Whitney deserved the awards when she was AlIVE! Whitney’s voice was a national tressure, and second to none.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Yup. I am comparing Van Gogh and Houston in this context as two emotionally-damaged artists who received more accolades posthumously than during the time that they were alive. Van Gogh was largely criticized for his art work (as was the impressionist movement as a whole) and spent his life awash in poverty, while his “Portrait of Dr Paul Gachet” sold for $83M in 1990, decades after his death. His struggles with absinthe addiction and severe depression did little to undermine the legendary influence he had on the art world. I think the same should apply for Whitney Houston.

        Honestly, you’d be better off just saying that it’s your opinion that she’s not a great singer instead of declaring it as fact because I’m fairly certain that she is considered by many to be one of the greatest of all time.

      • Sure says:

        Kitten is correct. Whitney is not only considered to be one of the greatest, but many think she is THE GREATEST VOICE OF ALL TIME.

        Ask Rolling stone magazine which dubbed WHitney BEFORE her death to be the GREATEST VOICE of this GENERATION. Believe me Jen, Whitney would have received this award eventually.

    • k says:

      Absolutely false Jen. They awarded Whitney for her career achievement. She would have gotten that award eventually. Whitney was awarded numerous
      times for her career achievement when she was still alive, and battling. Say what you will about Whitney but she is undoubtedly one of the greatest, if not the greatest VOICE of this generation. People always praise white addicts but black addicts are always bashed. Whitney was an addict, Doesn’t dismiss her TALENTS.

      • Hootenany says:

        I get what Jen is saying in terms of music and art. Whitney was a great singer, but as an overall artist…well that’s debatable. Granted, I don’t know much about her music, but from what I remember she didn’t write a lot of music. She sang it. Beautiful voice, but it stops there.

    • kyjelly says:

      Absolutely false Jen. They awarded Whitney for her career achievement. She would have gotten that award eventually. Whitney was awarded numerous
      times for her career achievement when she was still alive, and battling. Say what you will about Whitney but she is undoubtedly one of the greatest, if not the greatest VOICE of this generation. People always praise white addicts but black addicts are always bashed. Whitney was an addict, Doesn’t dismiss her TALENTS.

      • Keepitrealfolks says:

        Whitney herself dismissed her God given talent …she wasted it and abused it…. Could not…had not…done anything in over 15 years…. She had a Great 10 years ? What a waste…

    • april says:

      Jen sounds like a negative old witch who should be ashamed of herself for her negative diatribe.

      • Snarky says:


        Whitney’s music forgotten before she died? Hell no! She was often rotated through my iTunes playlists. I grew up with Whitney. Definitely not forgotten!

    • jaye says:

      But….she WAS a great talent and she was taken too soon…drug addict or not.

    • sarah says:

      to Jen: You are an insensitive jerk. Get over yourself.

  2. TheOriginalKitten says:

    She looks so much like her dad. I feel like she’s in similar position as Michael Jackson’s kids were in after he passed away. It seems like all of these kids have a LOT of family support which could make all the difference for them down the line.

    • NONNIE says:

      yeah I thought that too last night. Unfortunately, she favors her father in the looks department.

      • gg says:

        oh come on now don’t be saying that and especially not right now.

      • jaye says:

        Let’s not start with the bashing of the child’s looks. Yes, she looks more like her dad than her mom, but she’s by no means ugly.

  3. ranya says:

    oh my lawd–that weave! it’s just awful! other than that her genuiness shines through. she clearly loved her mother deeply.

  4. Fyofeelings says:

    Bobbi Kris looked a steaming hot mess she has too much money to look that low budget. *gives side eye* to Pat Houston.

  5. HK9 says:

    Whitney’s voice is legendary and besides Xtina & Mimi (who come close in range but not always in delivery) believe me when I say her voice is the industry standard. Very few people have it, the industry knows it hence the award.

    • Sure says:


    • apsutter says:

      I agree completely. I worship Mariah and love her music but the way Whitney sang was effortless. She hit the high notes as easily as if she were just talking. It’s amazing to me how easily she could breeze through a song impeccably and her delivery was the best.

      • gg says:

        You said it right. Not my type of music usually but Whitney made it look ridiculously easy, which is to her great credit because she was a talented goddess of a woman.

        Drug addiction is a monster separate from people’s inner worth — something to remember.

  6. Lizzie says:

    I thought Krissi handled it nicely, her mannerisms reminded me a bit of her mother. But, did anybody else feel it was a bit odd that Pat Houston (sister-in-law) threw a tantrum about making sure she went onstage to receive the award? Tmz reported that the producers wanted Krissi to go up alone, but Pat made it a point that she had to go up there too. It seems her whole point was more of a shameless self promotion for the reality show coming up. Something about that woman just rubs me the wrong way.

    • skuddles says:

      Hmmm, I just don’t know about this Pat person…. did she/does she really have Whitney’s best interests at heart?

  7. serena says:

    This actually made me cry a little.

  8. Onyx XV says:

    Bless her heart, it seems like Bobbi Kristina always looks low budget. She looks real sloppy in this appearance. Maybe her style is just super casual, but if I were Whitney Houston’s daughter, I’d step it up a notch.

    • Sure says:

      She looked beautiful. I don’t even know how she pulled it together because I woud have been a mess. She lost her mother less than 4 months ago.

    • gg says:

      She had on a Herve Leger dress that probably cost at least $1200. She is always dressed very expensively when she’s out at fancy events.

  9. Amanda G says:

    I know I’m awful, but all I can think of when watching Bobbi is “her teeth, her teeth!” If she fixed them she’d look so much better.

    • skuddles says:

      You’re not awful Amanda, just honest. I’ve always wondered why her parents didn’t get her teeth fixed…

  10. Boxy Lady says:

    If you’re going to talk about the teeth, why not ask why her father didn’t get his own teeth fixed? The whole teeth thing is starting to sound a little sexist.

    • skuddles says:

      Except this story is not about Bobby Brown is it? We’re talking about Bobby Kristina. Your suggestion of sexism is off-base.