Jennifer Garner is smoking hot

Hot mom Jennifer Garner looks great in a tight purple dress at the GQ Magazine Men of the Year celebration last night.

Her husband Ben Affleck recently told Ellen Degeneres that he wants more kids when she asked about it, but he didn’t set a number. Ellen tried to get him to say five or six kids, but he said “I should probably talk to my wife before I talk to you.”

Here’s the video of Ben telling Ellen he wants more kids.

Ben also spoke candidly about taking a break after his PR debacle (link lead to video) with J.Lo and Gigli, and said “I took about a couple of years off. I mean, definitely a full year where I didn’t do anything, and I did this [Hollywoodland], and then the rest of the time I spent directing a movie, but it was… I got a little bit sort of exhausted of uh – myself, and you know, and my life, and so I wanted to try to control it or manage it or look at it differently or try to figure out like what do I really want to do, and who am I really and not looking through a reflection of a magazine or being defined by someone else. So it was good for me and good things happened for me.”

Affleck certainly changed his public image during his hiatus. He seems a lot happier and down to earth now and his career is sure to take off.

Here’s Garner last night. Thanks to Hollywood’s Best for these pictures.

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8 Responses to “Jennifer Garner is smoking hot”

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  1. Jane says:

    She has a hot body but such a fug face.

  2. Action says:

    I like her hair here! I like the top of the dress, but the bottom… eh, boring.

  3. millie says:

    She looks great. I think that Ben finally got his act together.

  4. just me says:

    Her make-up is just not done right. But she’s not good looking so I don’t think it would help.

  5. Matt says:

    Good lord, she looks amazing. I don’t care what anyone says, I think she has an adorable face.

    I really think their marriage could last. I hope I’m right, for their sake.

  6. Gigohead says:

    Listen, Jennifer is a lovely woman but there is something a little too simple about her that doesn’t make her breathtakingly beautiful to me. She does look good here. Good for her.

  7. Michelle says:

    Jennifer is gorgeous- her face and her body! I don’t get why people are saying mean things about here on this site. Seriously, she looks hoT!

  8. FF says:

    I’m sorry but people can try and elevate Affleck since he and Lopez split but every award he gets since that time seems to be nothing more than an unofficial kudos for not being with Lopez anymore.

    I’m mean, so what if they weren’t compatable, neither were Reese and Ryan but I don’t see everyone sideswiping in the press it as if Reese were killing Ryan’s career.

    The reason Affleck’s career was tanking was because whenever he’s in a role he looks like he’s half-smirking/just about to start laughing. I’m just getting tired of everyone making out like it was all to do with Lopez. Good role or not, I’ll never really see the hype around Hollywoodland as a less than a ‘thanks for breaking up with J-Lo’ prize, when really, she did him a favour by making him halfway interesting.

    Now if it were Matt Damon she’d hooked up with *then* I’d agree she was a near career killer. But face it, Ben’s movies prior to that period (with a few notable exceptions) weren’t that great anyway. Let’s at least face some of the facts.