Lisa Marie Presley on CO$: “They were taking my soul, my money, my everything”

Lisa Marie Presley

A few weeks ago, we reported that Lisa Marie Presley was beginning to break free from the clutches of Scientology, which was inferred by the fact that she told the cult to kiss her ass through some song lyrics from her new album. At the time, Jason Beghe voiced the opinion that if Lisa Marie was truly leaving the “church,” then Kirstie Alley’s size 6 ass could possibly follow suit as well. While I’m still wondering what Priscilla thinks about all of this, the story is still developing in regards to Elvis’ daughter herself, who is dropping clues like mad.

This week’s issue of the Enquirer refers to an interview that Lisa Marie gave to USA Today on 5/14 where Presley refuses to name names but speaks of a mysterious “they.” Lisa Marie also stated within the interview that she was “emotionally and fiscally robbed by her closest confidants,” and she is obviously referring to the CO$ in both instances. Now the Enquirer has spoken to insiders that say the CO$ fears that Lisa Marie’s behavior could inspire others to leave the cult as well. Here’s more telling stuff from the Enquirer story, which also talks about another new song of Lisa Marie’s that basically tells the CO$ to go to hell:

The ENQUIRER has learned Lisa marie is cutting ties with the controversial Church of Scientology. As Elvis Presley’s little girl gets ready to hit the road to support her latest album, Storm & Grace, sources say she’s dumping some members of her entourage who gave her bad advice — or worse. She believes some of her most trusted people betrayed her and cheated her out of millions of dollars!

The 44-year-old singer admits being “devastated” by the betrayal of people closer to her. “I was slowly starting to self-destruct, and I didn’t know where that was coming from,” she said in a recent interview. “I got bad advice. I was insulated with no grip on reality. They were taking my soul, my money, my everything.”

She confessed that she was too trusting with her money, revealing that people she had hired to look after her affairs had stolen a fortune from her years ago. “I didn’t want too deal with the business,” she said. “My father was like that. He trusted that people did what they said they were doing.”

Along with Lisa Marie cleaning house of untrustworthy employees and hangers-on, insiders say she’s also ready to sever her money-donating devotion to Scientology, the controversial church that claims celebrity members including Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Kirstie Allen, and Juliette Lewis.

“Lisa removed all mention of Scientology on her website, and the lyrics to some of her songs have caused major speculation that she’s cut off all communication with the church,” the source explained. On one album cut, she uses Scientology buzz words when she sings about being “transgressive” and “suppressive” while asking: “Am I a disruption to your corruption?”

Sources familiar with Scientology explain that “transgressives” and “suppressives” are code words for negative people who are enimes of the church. Insiders reveal that there’s worry among Scientology leaders that Lisa Marie’s departure from the church would spark other celebrity defections, particularly Kirstie Alley.

Lisa marie currently lives in England with fourth husband Michael Lockwood and their twins, now 3. Although she is financially set for life thanks to her father’s estate, her music career has been one big flop after another. And pals say changing that around is the foremost thing on her mind. “Lisa Marie feels like her whole life is riding on this album and tour,” said another insider. “She’s exorcized a lot of her demons and has made what she feels is the best record of her career.”

[From Enquirer, print edition, June 4, 2012]

The USA Today interview has also been replicated on as well, so there’s a double endorsement of her words. It certainly sounds like Lisa Marie has seen the CO$ for what it really is — a greedy and corrupt business that sucks its members dry in both the financial and spiritual senses. I hope that she’s got a gated home (and she undoubtedly does) where she’s currently living in London because the city has a strong CO$ presence there, although she’s sure to have less potential contact with them there than in Hollywood. I can’t wait to see what comes of this story next because you know this isn’t over by a long shot.

Lisa Marie Presley

Lisa Marie Presley

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  1. RocketMerry says:


    So happy for her if she is indeed leaving the Co$. I hope she goes on with this no matter what.

    • Zimmer says:

      I might buy her new album just to celebrate!

      • TheOriginalTiffany says:

        Rose, even though my grandfather, his new wife and kids were sucked with only one escaping, after fifteen years of it and I couldn’t tell you why. A bank manager and a wealthy dentist now with nothing to their names. My grandfather got out but will never see either of his families again. Had to move across the nation and is never allowed to talk to his family in the big blue building.
        I worked across the street at CHLA, and they would always be inviting me for lunch or trying to give free testing. Then it becomes not free at all. Then you become robot.
        Co$ sucks

      • Veruca says:

        @Zimmer —

        I was thinking the same thing. Scientology might think showing LMP’s dark side will destroy her reputation, but I think it’ll just make her look more human.

        @Tiff — good for you for staying strong. My brother tried to involve me in his cult (not CO$), but I just couldn’t bite. Thankfully, Bro had the Aha! moment Lisa’s had, but it’s amazing how manipulative these cults are. My sib is an absolutely brilliant man, but he bought into the con anyway. Bye-bye $$. Now he’s in his 50s with no savings and figures he’ll have to work until he’s dead.


    • rose says:

      how do these people get sucked into this scientology bs in the first place?? how do they have such a strong international presence?? there are many evil forces constantly in motion in this world with CO$ being one of the biggest. anyhone who is a member cannot possibly be trusted.

      • gg says:

        Lies, and they are very, very, very sneaky. They will try to crush her but frankly I don’t think they can. They are going DOWN. And it’s high time all the celebs split.

      • Sweettart says:

        Their “auditing” is all about hypnosis and mind control. Their initial tests help them target who is most susceptible.

        Ron Hubbard was one really sick individual. He was a friend and prodigy of Aleister Crowley, the Satanist.

        There are interviews with his son where he walks in on his Dad performing a ritual abortion. All kinds of sickening stuff.

        This is the mind that Scientology sprang from. It has always been about manipulation and control.

        The psuedo scientific route was just a way to cater to their marks’ egos and pull the wool over their eyes.

    • Tim says:


  2. gee says:

    I loved some of her old songs. She always seems so sad, I just want her to be happy.

    • Maguita says:


      I see Debbie Cook’s Christmas e-mail has done its job, and has given courage to some members who were indecisive.

      I also believe that Lisa Marie is going about this the right way: Publicly, shaming them, telling her story, without giving details enough to get sued.

      And that is how you treat a big-fat bully. You don’t go into seclusion driven by fear, you let people know what they are really doing, loud and clear, shaming them into a corner.

      Hope many more will follow her suit!

      • Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

        Yes! that is how you do it not by being silent. I wish Canadians would do the same with Harper lol.

      • Yasmina says:

        Hahaha! YES! Another sane Canadian agrees on Harper! I don’t know how we’re ever going to get rid of him. Or the CO$.

      • TheOriginalTiffany says:

        Why do you all hate him so much? Curious as I always hear from the Canadians on tour and when we live there.
        Going back much of 2013. Toronto, Ottawa, and at least Calgary…in December, no less. Brrrrrr.

      • LeeLoo says:

        @Tiffany I am an American who received my undergrad degree from University of British Columbia in Vancouver. Stephen Harper is David Miscavige and George W. Bush rolled into one person. Religious fantic but also an absolute idiot who has bullied Canadian parliament time and time again. I’m pretty sure Harper would love to get his hands on Miscavige’s notes on brainwashing and coercion. Plus Miscaviage and Harper do bear a striking resembalance. Go orange!

        Hey Canadian left: how is Thomas Mulcair doing as head of the NDP?

      • Maguita says:

        @Leeloo, I didn’t know you lived in BC? I have a few French Canadian friends who are very excited about Mulcair. There is also the fact that in the Province of Quebec, certain things like abortion and gay marriage, are taken quite for granted, and have been for a few decades now. Especially abortion, that is very much equaled to a basic human right over there.

        So you can imagine the damage Harper is doing to his own credibility, as well as the Tory’s, especially after attacking and over-riding that fire-arm law. Can’t remember details, but has to do with abolishing a fire-arms mandatory registry, that used to enable law enforcers to tracing them easily to owners, and also being taken right away at first spousal-abuse report, and not given back before the charges are cleared. Loved so much that last part btw. We should be so lucky to help save more women and children from fire-arm rage caused by spousal abuse.

        Yep, not popular the Conservative PM lately, especially when he started to sound like an extreme right dingbat. Very not an appreciated Canadian trait. Because if there is one place in North America where religion truly is fully stopped, is at the door of legalities, and is so not allowed to step all over their Charter of Rights and Freedom.

      • Jilliterate says:


        Thomas Mulcair is doing about as good as can be hoped, as a relative unknown replacing Layton. CBC aired some data from an independent poll a few weeks ago that put Mulcair only a few points below Harper in approval/trustworthiness/etc. Apparently it was considered to be really good for Mulcair, coming out of the gate, and really bad for Harper, who was at an all-time low.

      • Lee says:


        I lived in Mulcair’s Montreal riding for several years and while I haven’t been closely following him recently, I think he was the best choice for the job. He’s a good guy who’s reasonably charismatic (though no one will ever compare to Jack, especially in that regard) and the fact that he’s from Quebec but speaks perfect English is definitely an advantage on all fronts. Plus, as someone who came over to the NDP from the Liberals, he stands a chance of appealing to some voters who tend to lean more towards the centre-left. And he definitely has a more polished and professional vibe that can only help the NDP broaden their base.

        My only concern is that he won’t be as passionate and ballsy as Jack, but I think we’d be hard-pressed to ever find a seasoned politician who would be. Ugh, I miss that man.

      • LeeLoo says:

        @Maguita I lived in Canada from 2006-2009. I’m American but I decided I would rather go to Canada for school because they had a strong program in my chosen major. I have to say living in Canada was one of the best experiences of my life. It was cathartic, it was educational…just a wonderful experience. I think I will most like move back up there in a couple of years.

        @Lee and @Jil It sounds like he is off to a reasonable start. When I heard Jack passed away I was devastated. I was so beyond proud of how well the NDP did in the elections. It felt so unfair to have the rug pulled out from under the party less than 4 months after the election.

        IMO, Thomas Mulcair was the only real choice. He was the one that could keep the party inclusive to Quebec which is vital at this stage. Plus his past experience with Liberals may come in handy if Libs/NDP merge. Not that I really am 100% sure they should but it may have to happen in order to beat Harper.

      • blonde on the dock says:

        I’m Canadian as well. I dont particularly like Harper either but the NDP did themselves a huge diservice by choosing Thomas Mulcair as their leader. The guy is a complete bumbling fool and believe it or not people dont like a guy with a beard. He’s no match for Harper in the smarts dept. either. As for the Gun Registry, Harper was right in tossing that out. It never should have been implemented in the first place and cost the taxpayers millions.

      • Maguita says:

        @Lee and Leeloo, I studied @McGill’s!!! Am American as well, but went to University in Montreal. Such a beautiful multicultural city. Love her!

        And I absolutely agree, no one can replace Jack’s charisma. The man oozed good-hearty goodness, and could not be sidetracked from fighting for the environment, and middle-class families. No wasting time with him on already resolved healthcare and human rights issues that most Canadians already take for granted.

    • supalolly says:

      Yeah, she’s always seemed so troubled – and has had a pretty tumultuous personal life.

      Hope she finds some peace and happiness away from those CO$ crackpots.

  3. says:

    Good for her!

    Maybe now that she is free, she’ll start smiling once in a while?

    • Cherry says:

      You don´t understand, that´s her trademark bitchface.

      • whateveryouwantittobe says:

        People telling other people to smile more is my biggest pet peeve, I am a fan of the snarly tough bitch face.

  4. SolitaryAngel says:

    Good for her! But, Lisa? You in danger, girl.

  5. Jayna says:

    I saw her live interview and never even thought she was referring to the church. But I hope she was. It would be nice to one high profile celeb come to their senses. I bet mom is still firmly ensconced I’n it. She looks adorable in that last photo. The white and black ensemble looks killer on her.

  6. Gia says:

    She looks great! I wish her all the luck in the world!

    • Cherry says:

      She´s been looking a lot better lately, hasn´t she? She obviously lost a lot of weight and I believe she had something done to her face, too, but I like to think that her new freedom becomes her.

  7. marie says:

    Good for her and I hope others do follow. I’ve never gotten the concept of CO$, the book it is based on was marketed as a science fiction novel right, and changed after Hubbard figured out he could make money on it? I’ve never really looked into it because, well I think it’s crap, but if I’m wrong can someone explain it to me?

    • Tapioca says:

      South Park, “Trapped in the Closet”. (Season 9, Episode 12.)

      All you need to know…

      • marie says:

        I’ll be sure to check that out, thank you!

      • Maguita says:

        That was hilarious!

        And I believe Tommy did threaten to sue! Also, he had the powers that be at Fox in his pocket, or rather the Co$ deep sadistic pockets that put tremendous pressure on the 2 creators of the show.

        At the end, the guys of South Park won, they had refused to submit to bullying, and selling out on their creative integrity, and I believe they made money over the whole thing… Anyone remembers the details?

      • BeeKnees says:

        I vaguely remember something about Tom Cruise and his lawyers putting pressure on the network to not show that episode again in reruns. I am pretty certain they lost that one which makes me happy because that is one of my favorite South Park episodes ever.

      • Alita says:

        The way I recall the timeline:

        – show is made and starts getting publicised .. controversy ensues
        – Isaac Hayes (Chef character, is a scientologist) requests ep be pulled and discarded, never to see the light of day .. more controversy ensues
        – Cruise wants show pulled and now aired – network dramatics ensue
        – screens first night .. more and more controversy ensues
        – Hayes quits because of the shows ‘bigotry’ despite happy involvement in such ‘bigotry’ towards Christianity, Mormonism, Judaism, Islam (did I leave anyone out?? Lol)
        – rescreening is pulled because (reportedly) Cruise says he won’t promote Mission Impossible 2 or 3 (which one was around then?) if it airs again (paramount owns comedy central)
        – fans bitch and say they’ll boycott MI if it’s not screened, general controversy ensues
        – eventually rescreens
        – everyone except Parker and Stone deny there was an ‘issue;’ they say ‘Chef left because he’s a scientologist’
        – ‘return of chef’ episode (they used cut-ups for Chef’s voice) kills chef like 7 different ways; is raw in its honesty about what happened with Chef – he aint coming back
        – episode wins an award (golden globes? Oscar? Something presigious like that)

        It was definitely a ‘thing.’

        I have to say though, aside from the brilliant “this is what scientologists actually believe” recap of the ‘religeon’s’ tenets, I thought that the ep was pretty lame!

    • RocketMerry says:

      You got it right.
      Hubbard wrote a science fiction book, then realized there were money in it and created a cult.
      He was a despicable person: ex-satanist, had no soul if you ask me. He distorted concepts and rituals form many other religions to suck his “followers” in and then used brain-washing devices to keep them put.

      Gosh, I hope Lisa Marie escapes for real.

      edit: LOL @Tapioca, you said it best!

      • Maguita says:

        Wow, amazing read Bedhead! Reminds me of every crazy Co$ detail. They’ve done some very bad sh-t under Miscavidge. Multiple gracias!

        BTW, Question: have to check some facts, but I believe Tom is still with CAA agents, and lately, Ari Emanuel’s WME is now and truly controlling most of Hollywood. Is Ari Co$ too, or has the power shifted?

        I know a weird question, but Co$ got all that money from agents pushing their clients to follow Co$ classes to help them “taking charge” of their career and success (some fees are over 160K for those “programs”). And since Ari is a Texan, I always assume he’d stick to being Christian, and not let a cult like Co$ get the upper hand…

        EDIT: I stand corrected, Emanuel family is Jewish. Thank you guys!

        A profile on Ari Emanuel would be interesting: his brothers are also very successful, one is the mayor of Chicago (therefore one assumes links with the mob), his other brother is some kind of nerd genius, that has power over how government allocates funds in his field…

        Sorry, rambling on. Back to the program!

        To all who want to see the ep. “trapped in the closet”, here is a direct link:

        Thanks again!

      • Maguita says:

        Yep, You are right, born in Chicago. I have to remember though what the Texas link to his family was… Something political.

        And Tom is still with CAA at last search.

      • Jackie says:

        Ari Emanuel is Jewish and from Chicago. His brother is the Mayor of Chicago and was the White House Chief of Staff under Obama. The other brother is a doctor.

        Charlie Rose did a very good interview with all three.

      • LeeLoo says:

        Rahm Emmanuel and Ari Emnanuel are interesting characters who you should read more about. But as far as anyone knows the family has no mob connections. Ari is Jewish, the whole family is Jewish. They are from Chicago. My understanding is Ari has quietly worked to dismantle Co$ in Hollywood.

      • mayamae says:

        Maguita – I’m from Chicago but I didn’t know that means I’m in the mob. I better call President Obama to make sure he knows. Hopefully he’ll bring Hillary Clinton up to speed too.;)

      • Maguita says:

        @mayamae, that was rather perfidious.

        I did not make the mob connection because of one hails from Chicago, rather the POLITICAL MAYORAL connection, where one has to have some dealings at one time or another with mob families. They are after all a prominent BUSINESS integrative part of city’s society.

        My words in no way were meant to be mean-spirited against ALL that are natives to Chicago. My comment, if you read it appropriately, is in specific regards to the Emanuel family.

    • LAK says:

      @Marie – there is a very long article in the new yorker magazine given by ex-co$ Paul Haggis in which he explains how he was hooked by them. In short, the auditing sessions are a therapy sessions that mysteriously leaves you wanting more, which you can get at a price. He also said they don’t tell you everything at once. Each new revelation of the doctrine has to be earned via, you guessed it, more sessions. And of course you can’t progress until they feel you’ve passed the audit.

      • mayamae says:

        I have read that they do not reveal the crazy xenu stuff until OT4. They are then forbidden to talk about the space aliens to members beneath them.

      • LAK says:

        @mayamea – true. Paul Haggis said that when they revealed it to him, he thought it was a joke. ie the way it was revealed to him, he thought they were pranking him as opposed to letting him know that this was a tenet of their religion.

        So he did not leave then.

        Surprisingly, he says that whilst he is not a member of the church, he still believes in Scientology. I guess he is like a non church attending christian.

  8. Gwen says:

    We need to form a protection squad if this is true.

  9. Beta says:

    love it!
    I have another level of respect for lisa marie now 🙂

  10. dorothy says:

    Another scientologist finally found their brain! Hopefully others will wake up and realize it’s a financially draining, mind controlling cult, nothing else.

  11. Julie says:


    i hope she gets through it, im fairly sure we will get loads of bad stories about her planted by the cult.

  12. Lucy says:

    The more celebs that “come out” like this the better.

    It will encourage more to follow suit. I just can’t believe they don’t see how foolish the CO$ makes them look to the public. I instantly lose respect for someone when I learn they’re a member. Only in retrospect do they realize they were brainwashed.

  13. Bellabumbum says:

    As another posted, I’m willing to buy her album. Anything to support her defection from Co$ and maybe open people’s eyes.

  14. LeeLoo says:

    I don’t think Lisa Marie ever 100% drank the Co$ kool-aid. Tabloid reports from the 70s and 80’s suggest she was basically forced into it against her will. So I think Scientology was something forced on her and she has finally broke free.

    What I found very sad about the interview is the fact that it sounds like Lisa Marie’s rejection of Scientology has caused a falling out with her mother. I interpreted that part where she talks about the album title and crying while singing the demo about a specific person being about her mother.

  15. valleymiss says:

    It reads to me like Lisa Marie is doing a 2 fold blame thing: business managers, and Co$. Unless they’re actually one and the same.

    And lest we forget, the church doesn’t just use brainwashing. They also heavily rely on blackmail to keep ppl, especially celebrities, around. You confess your darkest thoughts and actions during “auditing” sessions (which they videotape or audiotape with or without the person’s knowledge). Then later, when you try to leave, they tell everyone in your community about the time you cheated on your wife, the time you went to an orgy, the time you cheated your business partner out of $, etc. Now imagine it on a grander, celebrity scale where celebs are *obsessed* with protecting their images. They’re totally screwed if their personal lives are exposed.

    I suspect that’s what they’ll do with Lisa Marie. I don’t think they’ll try to physically harm her or any other celebs who ditch Sciento. They’ll do a smear campaign based on all of her (and her family’s) secrets. We’ll find out shit about Lisa, Priscilla, Elvis, Lisa’s 3 previous husband (esp Lisa’s marriage to Michael Jackson!) And so on. These celebs can all afford lots of security, but security guards can’t control bad press.

    • LeeLoo says:

      I’m betting Priscilla is still with Co$. She was the one who forced Lisa to go at an early age. The worst that can happen is that they try to divide the family if Priscilla is still involved with Co$.

      • TG says:

        Is Priscilla still living? How old is she 100? I thought she was dead decades ago. I mean why doesn’t she live at Graceland any more? I thought that was a museum now. Next you are going to tell me the Jackie Kennedy is still living.

        Glad this woman finally woke up and escaped the cult. I agree with the comment above as soon as I learn someone is dabbling in the COS I immediately lose respect for them. How devestating would it be to have your children join a cult? Shivers.

      • LeeLoo says:

        Priscilla is very much alive. See her most recent photos. *Shudders*

    • Tiffin says:

      But if celebrity leaves and all of a sudden their darkest secrets are exposed, everyone would know that the COS was responsible for leaking it to the press. Surely with a new publicist and/or lawyer, the celebrity could strike back at the church and come out on top? At least, I hope that would happen.

      • LeeLoo says:

        Especially with Lisa. She wouldn’t bat an eye at discrediting any rumors and hiring lawyers to go after Co$. If you want her back you have to hit her where it hurts.

      • LAK says:

        @Tiffin – What @leeloo said. Look at John Travolta. Granted his secrets have a criminal element, and his secret life being exposed yadayadayada.

        Whatever JT may or may not have done, i can’t help but think that co$ is doing it’s best to expose him.

        The rumours of him wanting to leave co$ have been quite strident since his son died.

  16. lil ole me says:

    Looks like her new husband put the kibosh on her wasting all her money on this cult. $cientology treats their celebrities to their “deluxe” version of the religion. Po’ folk get the Zenu talk, and treated like slaves.

    If more celebrities decide to leave and $cientology exposes their secrets, it will just prove their detractors right

  17. mel says:

    I heard her sing on Idol…I liked the song. My respect for her just went up immeasurably.

  18. jc126 says:

    Good for her!!

  19. Ponytail says:

    What did you mean, that London has a strong CoS presence ? I don’t feel/see it at all – there’s the old offices in Tottenham Court Road but that’s about it. Have I completely missed all references to it ? Does anyone know what this refers to ?

    • TheOriginalTiffany says:

      There are offices all over there. See them in Vauxhall, Kensington, they are definitely there in a big way.
      I’d be taking the bus and go ,yep, there is another one.

    • LAK says:

      There is a cosy townhouse done up like an upmarket boutique hotel but is infact a co$ centre down my street in Bayswater.

      I always thought the tott. court. road centre was for the poor people vs the deluxe centre in Bayswater for the rich people.

  20. Marjalane says:

    Lisa Marie certainly has interesting taste in men…Michael Jackson, Nicolas Cage, whoever the hell this try hard is. It’s kind of bizarre how badly really wealthy women can bang up their lives! Priscilla has done a bunch of dumb stuff too- didn’t she let some Brazilian Dr. inject her face with motor oil?

    • MW says:

      Her present husband is a long-time guitarist in her band. Maybe that was what she needed — a normal but talented guy, instead of these self-absorbed celebrity-types or a COS robot.

    • Original Lucy says:

      LMP sure likes them wierd looking…nic cage = gross…michael jackson = an alien = the new husband = is that a lesbian?

  21. apsutter says:

    Hmmm….I was unaware that she was defecting. I figured if there was anyone who wouldn’t do it it would be her. Good for her!

  22. poppycarew says:

    Wow, the Enquirer are too lazy to use a spellchecker, obviously! Lisa-Marie has problems with “enimes of the church.” WTF is that? I think it should be “enemies.”

    Good news that Lisa-Marie is finally leaving that damn cult.

    • Jilliterate says:

      Right?! I kept cringing at the spelling errors. And they kept failing to capitalize “Marie” (Unless Presley chooses not to capitalize her middle name for some reason I don’t understand).

  23. MW says:

    She never seemed to want to trust fans or the public, and then she’s tried to marry rich men to ensure they won’t be “after her money” and she won’t be taken advantage of, (but they had their own agenda, like she was Elvis’ daughter, a “collectible” or something). Meanwhile, she allowed herself to be ripped off by COS, the biggest rip-off of all. I hope she can trust her own feelings, finally. Have a little faith that people want to hear her music, (it’s odd, for someone trying to establish a singing career, I never heard her sing a note anywhere before AI the other night!). It seems to me her advisors, not the public, have made her career tank up till now. Maybe “they” thought they’d lose her $$$$ if she went mainstream and actually got some outside input or good advice.

  24. TG says:

    @LeeLoo – I do recall seeing photos of her years ago. I really did think she was dead, but I guess she was a child bride so she could conceivably still be around. I know Elvis was no prize but he does seem to be a legend and his duaghter should just leave it at that. Stop trying to be her father and enjoy her millions and find some other way to find meaning in her life. I too have never heard her sing anything and have never heard her play on the radio. It is funny how nepotism works. The kids try to foist themselves on us and we push back. Maybe she is talented I don’t know or care but glad she is getting out of the cult. Wonder about her daughter though. Is she in the cult also? How does a parent raise their children in a cult or religion and then 20 30 years later denounce it. Wouldn’t that create confusion in the kids eyes. Sorry kids the last 20 years of your life was a lie. Suckers.

    • Sassy says:

      Priscilla Pressley is very much alive and looking great. She appeared on US Dancing with the Stars a few seasons ago. She does seem over plasticized, but it may be the result of corrective surgery after her unfortunate experience with the bad plastic surgeon.

    • LeeLoo says:

      Aside from all the plastic surgery Priscilla has had, I’m also pretty convinced that she drinks kitten blood or her scientology superpower is looking like she’s 35 when she’s damn near 70. Knowing Co$ it’s probably a combination of kitten blood that gives her the super power to look forever young.

      I’m also curious about the kids. It’s hard to say how heavy their involvement was in Co$. I don’t think Lisa ever wanted to be a Scientologist. I think her mom forced it on her and she only just now has the guts to get out. It’s hard to say if the kids followed suit or if they are still apart of it.

      I know Elvis was PISSED about Priscilla making Lisa apart of it. He hated the Co$. Right before he died, he complained about how hard they were trying to convince him to convert. So I always wonder if maybe deep down Lisa Marie knew he was right. She has never been as active in the church as other celebrities. It makes me think she was scientologist in name only for many years. I tend to think she’s been gone for a long time and she is only just now talking about it.

  25. Lucy2 says:

    Good for her, too bad it took this long for her to realize it and it cost her so much. I fully expect a smear campaign as backlash. If she is leaving she should be very vocal about her reasons and head them off by saying publicly that they will try to smear her. If she stays a step ahead, hopefully there’s not much they can do.

  26. Francesca says:

    She looks a lot like Sarah Jessica in that last photo…

    Good for saying ‘kiss my ass’; she is Elvis’s daughter after all – back off!!

  27. Hmm says:

    On one hand they claim to have a direct quote from her about how the COS took her money and then they have to speculate that she left the church from interpreting lyrics in her song? That doesn’t make sense. Are they falsifying the quote then?

  28. skuddles says:

    Good for her! I hope a lot of other celebs follow suit. Dying to know where Cilla stands on all this…

  29. John Wayne Lives says:

    Bravo Lisa Marie!!! *stands and claps* BRAVO!!!!!

  30. Lastew says:

    Her musical career has been one big flop after another? Her first album, To Whom It May Concern, released in April 2003, reached #5 on the Billboard 200. It was certified gold by June 2003. Her second album, Now What, released in April 2005, reached # 9. It was certified gold in November 2005. Both albums are now certified PLATINUM! Do your homework ENQUIRER!

    • demented says:

      They probably consider her career a flop because she hasn’t reached her daddy’s heights.

  31. Angee says:

    Always liked and rooted for LMP; all the best to you Lisa Marie!

  32. Carolyn says:

    Think of how much $ that cult would have gotten off Lisa Marie by now. They’ll be spitting if she does leave for good. I’m rooting for her and with all others who finally see through this dangerous damaging nonsense. Wouldn’t it be an awesome trifecta if Travolta and Cruise leave the fold too this year. Lisa Marie needs Jason Statham as her bodyguard – he can defeat anyone.

  33. UniqJaz says:

    Goood for her ! She is a smart women. I’m glad she spoke out about it. Yes she needs to beware. Scientologists will come after her now.

  34. Onyx XV says:

    I’ve always had this feeling that she is cool as sh*t, and this just proves my gut right. Good for you, Lisa Marie. Your father would be happy (from what I understand).

  35. Marycontrary says:

    I would just LOVE to see Lisa Marie happy. She has had a tough road, and I have always rooted for her. Go sweetie! 🙂

  36. Nan209 says:

    Yeah!!! I’m always happy to see people break away from controlling cults that believe in crazy sh*t and bully people. I won’t name names but CO$ is definitely one of them.

  37. The Other Katherine says:

    GO GO GO, Lisa Marie!!! Do your daddy proud!

  38. stinky says:

    its serious. COS wants that Presley fortune. how obvious can it be!

  39. Jules says:

    Her outfit in that last picture is horrendous.

  40. Ravensdaughter says:

    Good for her!

  41. redd says:

    Are these photos recent? This girl’s gonna get colon cancer. Fat, thin, fat, thin, fat, thin, fat, thin….Way baaad!

  42. Paul says:

    Good for her! Now if she would leave the songwriting to people who know what they’re doing and concentrate on her singing should be a lot better off.

  43. MemphisGirl says:

    I have always hated the fact Lisa Marie was entangled from an early age with this criminal operation/cult. My sincere hope is that Lisa’s decision to sell 85% of Elvis Presley Enterprises (including Elvis’ likeness/music) wasn’t the huge mistake it appears to have been. I hope she wasn’t talked into selling her birthright by anyone with ties to COS.