David Beckham covers Elle UK, says he “loves to bite Harper Seven’s legs”

David Beckham has become the first man ever to cover an issue of Elle UK. I’m not sure if it’s that big of a distinction, although I am a fan of Elle UK – they have interesting photo shoots and they aren’t just phoning it in and jacking interviews from the American Elle covers. The July issue is devoted to all things London Olympics – Becks was given the high-profile task of bringing the Olympic Torch to London, and most people expect Beckham to be named to the UK’s Olympic football/soccer team too (although it hasn’t happened yet). As for Beckham’s Elle photo shoot – it’s kind of meh. I like the close-up cover, but the shirtless one is rough. His face looks angry/gross/wrong in the shirtless one.

Fixing the camera with his trademark brooding stare, David Beckham is no stranger to posing for high-fashion magazines. And with his myriad of tattoos on display, the ex-England captain becomes Elle magazine’s first solo male cover star.

The 37-year-old sportsman, clad in a simple grey t-shirt, scowls artfully as one hand comes to rest on his carefully coiffured hair. While in another picture, Beckham shows off his finely-honed body and ‘six pack’ as he strides out of a pool – complete with soaking wet jeans.

The father-of-four, who plays for LA Galaxy, declared last month that he was ‘honoured’ to have the ‘really exciting’ opportunity to be on the cover of July Elle.

Editor-in-chief Lorraine Candy said: ‘David Beckham is a national hero… He is an icon and Elle is known for featuring icons on its cover. This is a first for us on the newsstand and I believe he is loved by men and women alike. Anyway, who doesn’t want to see a picture of one of the world’s most handsome men on the front cover of a magazine? It will be a collector’s issue.’

Beckham tells the magazine that he is so smitten with his 10-month-old daughter, Harper, he likes to give her a nibble.

“I love to bite her legs, or shoulders. It’s how a baby should be. She’s so beautiful,” the soccer star told ELLE magazine in the UK.

Beckham and his former Spice Girl wife, Victoria, also has three sons, Brooklyn, 13, Romeo, nine, and seven-year-old Cruz.

“There’s no more love for a daughter than there is a son, but it’s just different,” he said. “When they [boys] are kids you can roll them around and they fall to the sides and they pick themselves up and they’re fine. Whereas Harper, now, she hits herself just slightly and she cries… I still think ‘Oh God, I can’t believe this, I’ve got a girl.’ And to see the boys with her it’s incredible. When they walk into the room, her little face lights up.”

The Beckhams said they’re hands-on parents, but like to have a date night once a week where they can just spend some time on their own.

“She [Victoria] comes home and shows me what she’s been doing all day and what exciting dresses and bags she’s got coming through. And then I say something boring like ‘I got kicked today.’ But we listen to each other. We try to go out at least once a week, just the two of us, a quiet dinner somewhere. It’s not about wearing a nice dress or a nice suit. It’s just going out and chatting and having some time together.”

[Via The Mail & the New Zealand Herald]

Did anyone else squeal a little at David’s description of his daughter? Goodness. THAT is what makes him so attractive. Yes, he’s conventionally handsome and he has good hair and all of that. But he’s sexy (to me) because he’s such an awesome father. And I always believe it with him too – I have my doubts as to what he’s like as a husband, but I think he just loves and adores being a dad to all of his kids, and becoming a father to a little girl has just made him so, so happy.

Photos courtesy of Elle UK, The Mail, The Fashion Spot.

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  1. lflips says:

    He seems like a really good father.

  2. Carolyn says:

    “What a man what a man what a man what a mighty fine man”. I could just look at Becks all day. Sigh.

  3. cupidtyrox says:

    All i see are gross tattoos

  4. Ell says:

    ‘Made in England’…so patriotic David. I’m sure if the Olympics were in the US this time he would be all things american.

    • Lilly says:

      I think you can criticise Becks and accuse him of a lot of stuff, but being unpatriotic is not one of them …

  5. Victoria says:

    He can bite me all day long. 🙂

  6. Lorian says:

    He looks 47 not 37.

    • Bubbling says:

      Whatever, he looks better with age, escaping boy band look and really coming into his own. He seems so genuine as a dad and a father.

  7. Fit, fit, fit, fit fit!!!!!!!

  8. Eve says:

    Judging by these pictures, I guess he’s back to waxing his eyebrows…

  9. betteboo says:

    Too much botox and tats. In the wet shot he looks uncomfortable and weird, not so much sexy

  10. Isabel says:

    I don’t even want to criticize anything about the photo shoot because his love for his kids is beyondddd the sexiest photo ever. And you really gotta love a daddy that’s all about having a daddy’s girl. Ahhhh…one of the things I love most about my hubby is what a phenomenal daddy he is to both our son and daughter!!

  11. Darlene says:

    Nothing is sexier than a man who loves his family.

  12. Nev says:


  13. Me says:

    I love him and V. Everyone slags her off saying she isnt a good mum or that she detests being pregnant. The woman has had 4 kids. I have 2 and think thats enough for me because I am that vain. Theyre just such a cute couple.

  14. ramona says:

    Love, love, love this man. Nothing like a sexy tattooed daddy to fuel a pleasant daydream…

  15. Jen34 says:

    I like the Beckhams. I do feel sorry for her because she has self-esteem issues, probably caused by him, but they are devoted parents.

    • guilty pleasures says:

      I obviously don’t have a hot clue what goes on inside their relationship, but he seems to adore her (ya, he cheated, I know). She says that she has always been insecure, and hates her teeth so she doesn’t smile much.
      I found her to be funny and quite charming in that brief reality show stint.
      And who doesn’t chow on their babies chubby legs and arms and cheeks?? They are perfection!

      • It is ME!! says:

        I bite my baby’s cheeks. They’re just so chunky!

        My baby- she makes me SQUEE.

  16. foozy says:

    girls rule!!!!! how cute of him 🙂

  17. Kim says:

    Id like to bite his thigh! LOL – Sorry I couldnt resist. His comments about his daughter are precious. She is a cutie.

  18. Karen says:

    When I glanced at the headline I thought it said he liked to bite Steven Harper’s legs- Canadian Prime Minister. That was a gross image!

  19. shaboo says:

    Beckhams body is so overrated. Why do his pecs still look prepubescent?

    He always looks angry too

  20. blouson says:

    Love the gender stereotypes, because we all know girls are delicate and cry if we fall over. Bloody neanderthal.

  21. brooke says:

    His arms looks disproportionate. Everything looks like it has been shaded over with a pencil. Nothing looks real. And his pecks are confusing. Not a good cover.

  22. dahlianoir says:

    Biggest revelation of the article : Victoria actually EATS.

  23. john says:

    Anyone know the make or designer of the grey t-shirt he is wearing ?