Mark Zuckerberg & Priscilla Chan are on a completely normal honeymoon in Italy

Mark Zuckerberg married his girlfriend of nine years, Priscilla Chan, on May 20. Their friends thought they were coming to a medical school graduation party for Priscilla but the party ended up being a wedding, which is kind of a cool way to do it. After Mark spent a few days dealing with the Facebook IPO scandal (which I won’t even get into, but you can read about here), he and Priscilla headed out for their honeymoon… in Italy! And we have grainy photos of the couple on their honeymoon too (at the end of the post). You know what I like? I like that they’re holding hands and it seems like Mark can’t stop looking at his bride. They seem like a really sweet couple.

Mark Zuckerberg stole some time away from the Facebook headquarters to celebrate his recent nuptials with new wife, Priscilla Chan. The newlyweds, who tied the knot during a surprise ceremony in California May 20 after being together for nearly a decade, jetted to Italy to enjoy the sights and sounds of Rome for their honeymoon.

Zuckerberg, who went public with his company this month, and Chan toured some of the city’s iconic sites like the Sistine Chapel and the Spanish Steps.

One evening, the pair found themselves in a comical situation while dining out at celebrity-favorite restaurant Pierluigi.

“I showed them my photo of Jesse Eisenberg,” the restaurant’s owner, Lorenzo Lisi, tells Us Weekly. (Eisenberg portrayed the Facebook founder in the Oscar-nominated drama The Social Network in 2010.) “We had a laugh because everyone who sees the picture at the restaurant says ‘Hey that’s the guy from Facebook.’”

The Facebook CEO and his new wife blended in as they took their table within the crowded restaurant, but their newlywed glow was unmistakable.

“They looked very happy and relaxed,” an onlooker tell Us.

[From Us Weekly]

So many obscenely wealthy people play the “I’m just like you” card so often, and it gets harder and harder to buy it. But I buy it with Mark and Priscilla. By all accounts, they are a very low-key couple, and they certainly act like a pretty normal, 20-something, just-married couple. Mark could afford to have some huge Italian extravaganza, with private jets and helicopters and renting out whole restaurants and opera houses… but he didn’t. It just seems like Mark and Priscilla wanted to take a break and just be normal tourists on their honeymoon, which is pretty cool.

Jezebel also had a piece on Priscilla Chan and how she lives a very modest life. She plays a harpsichord. She and Mark adore their dog Beast. She refuses to buy expensive shoes. She only spent $4700 on her wedding dress. She gives out her own Halloween candy while dressed up as a pea pod. And her engagement ring is a small ruby, worth only $25,000. Mark and Priscilla: the billionaires next door.

Photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News, WENN, Mark’s Facebook.

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  1. Jacq says:

    He must be able to enjoy his anonymity, he gets the benefit of the cash as well as walking around pretty unnoticed. I bet Eisenman is recognized as Zuckerberg more than Mark himself.

    I like the $25,000 ring. She could have any ring, but it doesn’t prove anything – hell, they don’t need to! Good for them, I hope they enjoy a long life together

  2. MBGB says:

    Their wedding photo is completely creepy. Like she can’t believe what she’s just done.

    And what she’s just done is marry a deceitful, sneaky, arrogant little sh*t who screws his friends over.

    • cupidtyrox says:

      You really shouldn’t be using a hollywood movie to judge someone’s character.

    • Linny says:

      Oh, grow up. You don’t know sh*t about his personal life.

    • Cleveland Girl says:

      I respect Mark Z even more after watching the Social Network. He is an entrepreneur. Granted he should not have turned on Edward Severen, but I think he has apologized for that and they have both moved on. No on really knows the truth anyway, as the story was told thru Severens eyes.

    • Hmmm says:


  3. Kathrin says:

    Worth only 25,000$… Am I totally wrong or is this more than enough for a ring?! The press is bashing him, because he “just” spent 25,000$ on the ring… This is more than enough to buy a decent car!
    But perhaps I just don’t get the fuss about spending a lot of money on wedding rings since I’m from Germany and we do not spend such enormous amounts on our rings…

    • Dani says:

      You are not wrong Kathrin. I suppose we give him props because we are used to our millionaires/billionaires buying rings for $100,000′s….so in the relative sense they live like billionaire paupers.

    • TheEntrepreneursWife says:

      No, you aren’t wrong. $25,000 is a lot of money for a ring and $4700 is a lot of money for a wedding dress.

      I get that its relative to their (his?) means, but the criticism is disgusting. There was a NY Post article that Chan got the short end of the stick because she “only” got a $25k ring. Wonder if the author is single…

      Marriage is about making a commitment to the person you love most in this world, not how big your ring is. My husband could have given me a Life Saver and I would have married him. Our commitment to each other is real. But maybe I am missing something — my dress only cost a few hundred bucks.

    • TheEntrepreneursWife says:

      And, by the way, he had the ring custom made, which means he spent time to design it for her. That is so much more personal than buying retail.

    • Rux says:

      My husband bought me an engagement ring that was a little over 10Gs and I asked him nicely, to return it. This is just my opinion and preference simply because I would rather that money go towards things we can both enjoy like vacations or just to keep in the bank. Instead he bought me an $1100 wedding band with diamonds which i found at BJ’s Wholesale and which I also love. This incessant need to purchase high priced engagement rings just boggles my mind. Then again, my husband is not a billionaire and I am happy for that.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      @Kathrin-Because in this country, weddings (and all the pre-wedding formalities like engagement rings) are big business. It’s really disheartening but in the US so often the true meaning behind marriage is lost in $500K engagement rings and $$$$ price tag wedding ceremonies. The silliest part is that the ring becomes more of a status symbol of wealth, and less about two people who truly love each other.

    • Amanda_M87 says:

      I think what Kaiser meant was for how much he;s worth, a $25,000 isn’t all that much. It would be way more than enough more me though!

  4. Zelda says:

    They look happy in the papparazzi photos. Like real-person happy, not smile-for-the-cameras happy.

    Whatever their relationship is, it has worked for 9 years. That’s more than 40 Kim Kardashian marriages, if you’re counting. So if they’re happy, why is everyone picking it apart?

    And I pity the value system of anyone who says she should have a nicer ring. The idea that jewelery–of any kind–and love have anything whatsoever to do with one another is sad.

  5. eny says:

    So, what are they gona spend all this money for?
    I hate this”I’m so grounded. I’m just like you” line, but I don’t mind that rich people buy expensive things.

    • Linny says:

      He’s already well on his way to becoming a philanthropist. I imagine his money will keep going to charity.

  6. Zimmer says:

    I love the part about dressing up as a peapod!

    The old idea that the truly wealthy people don’t feel the need to flaunt it, is right on the money so to speak. All the people flashing their brands and jewels are insecure.

  7. Liz says:

    The Google founders started out this way too, all modest and living in fix-me-up homes. Now one is married to an ex-model and owns a mega yacht, and they co-own a jumbo jet that they use for private air travel.

    Let’s see what kind of life the Zuckerbergs are living in a few years.

    • anne_000 says:

      I dunno, cuz they’ve been living a low-key life for 9 years as a couple, so I don’t know what would make them want to change things up now just cuz they got married. They purchased a house only last year or so. Before that they were renting all this time and it was a normal house too. I guess one reason they got along so well for all these years is because they have in common their desire to live a nice, normal, relatively-moderate life rather than an extravagent one.

  8. Steph says:

    Does anyone else think they photoshopped the crap out of her wedding photo? She and Mark look really tiny in comparison to the other wedding photos. Like model/alien-esque. It’s so strange to do that when they are so normal!

    • CandyKay says:

      I agree – the wedding photos are VERY flattering, particularly of the bride. But what the heck – it was her wedding day. Every woman, even a down-to-Earth doctor, wants to look gorgeous on her wedding day.

    • L says:

      A good wedding photographer can do that. They know how to use light, lenses, angles to really get the best of a wedding. If you look at the other wedding pictures, they look like dressed up versions of themselves.

      to compare that to fuzzy pap pictures is apples and oranges.

      I like that they didn’t announce ‘we are taking a normal honeymoon! we are so normal!’ I think that’s the difference between them and the google guys (who were all about telling everyone how normal they were) These two seem to be living a relatively normal life instead of talking about how they are living a normal life.

  9. cupidtyrox says:

    I love how low key they are. The daily mail has such an obsession with these two now. They keep insinuating they’re unhappy & miserable..smh..

  10. Amelia says:

    I love these two :) I can totally see them in 50 years time sitting on a porch together after X amount of documentaries about Facebook have been made.

  11. Turd Fergussen says:

    Ostentatious they aren’t. I like that. It’s refreshing, especially when you have fame whores like the Kardashians and Hiltons, and all the idiot athletes who go broke in a matter of years because they’re truly the epitome of nouveau riche.

    Money can’t buy class — so I hope Mark and his wife have a happy life and have lots of fun and do whatever they want with their money — he earned it by making brilliant decisions.

  12. bubbles says:

    come on people, breathe, they are just a breath of fresh air! I adore them and want to adopt them.

  13. redroses says:

    I think they are so cute together and her modesty is really great. Funny how they still get some sort of privacy even with the recognition.

  14. Fashion Spy says:

    I am pretty sure that she is strolling the streets in Chanel (Cameron Diaz wore it to Fashion Week earlier this year)

    Not judging, just saying …Regardless, they are very cute couple

    (I have seen a photo of her ring so I could be wrong)

  15. Belle says:

    She’s wearing a Valentino dress that cost almost $3k.

  16. Alexis says:

    They’re like the same size. How tall are they?

  17. insidescoop says:

    I like this. They sound really great. Though I do take issue with the shoes. If I had a bagillion dollars, I think I’d treat myself to nice shoes. Low key honeymoon – check, fabulous shoes – check. Everybody wins!