John Travolta is in settlement talks with an accuser, will he ever escape this scandal?

John Travolta
It’s hard to recap all the Travolta madness, but I’ll try and I have to thank Radar for making the case a lot clearer in their latest story. There are seven men who have accused Travolta of harassing and sexually abusing them. Two are currently suing him, and both are represented by Gloria Allred. The first accuser, an anonymous masseur known as John Doe #1, went over to Allred after his lawyer dropped him for getting the date of the alleged incident wrong. The second accuser, John Doe #2, went over to Allred and dumped his original lawyer. The lawyer that represented John Doe #2 at the point of his his defection to Allred is suing Allred for allegedly pilfering his client.

So now there are two men who are lawyered up with Allred and seeking restitution from Travolta. Radar lets us know that one of the men is “quietly” discussing a settlement with Travolta, one that will be sealed and ill forbid the man from revealing details of his encounter with the predatory creep, under penalty of being sued. (And having men in dark suits from Scientology visit his house and follow him around, although that has probably already happened.) Here’s more, and this incident occured within the last two years, which is withing the statute of limitations for civil lawsuits:

John Travolta’s attorney is currently in settlement talks with one of the men who has accused the actor of sexually groping him, is exclusively reporting.

As we previously reported, a total of seven men have come forward accusing the married star of various unwanted sexual advances. Two of those men filed lawsuits against Travolta, which were subsequently dismissed when they fired their former attorney, Okorie Okorocha, and hired famed civil rights attorney Gloria Allred.

“John Travolta’s lawyer is currently in settlement talks with one of the accusers. The goal is to have a settlement reached very quietly and quickly because John just wants this scandal to go away,” a source close to the situation tells “No money has been paid yet, but it’s almost a done deal. It will be an out of court settlement and John Travolta’s name won’t even be in the agreement to ensure complete confidentiality, along with a clause that states if the man ever goes public with his story, he will be sued for at least twice the amount of the settlement.”

John Travolta Second Sexual Assault Accuser Documented Alleged Attack In Emails To Bosses

Travolta’s team has vehemently denied all of the allegations to date.

Three of the seven men accusing the Pulp Fiction star of sexual misconduct are masseurs. The accuser who’s currently in talks with Travolta’s lawyer alleges that the actor groped him in the last two years, which is within the statue of limitations to file a civil lawsuit.

“If the accuser who is in talks with John’s lawyer right now is unable to reach a settlement, he is absolutely prepared to file a lawsuit against him,” the source says. “The man isn’t intimidated by John’s celebrity status and just wants the actor to be held accountable for his actions.”

[From Radar Online]

As Kaiser reported last week, along with the two men represented by Allred, there’s also one more Travolta accuser who has lawyered up, a gym employee. So that makes three men who may either get settlements from Travolta or who may go on to sue him. Whatever amount he pays and stipulations he makes to keep these victims quiet, this story is out there. He’s never going to escape it, and for good reason. He hurt a lot of people, and he got away with it for way too long. We’ve heard the details in the National Enquirer for years, and now we can be assured they were based on real stories, and real people who were hurt.

I would love it if Kelly dumped John finally, but she knows what she signed up for. Even if she’s no longer living with him as The Enquirer reported, I doubt she’ll file divorce papers.

According to Rob Shuter in the Huffington Post, John Travolta is “the most sought after interview among top TV journalists.” Do you think he’ll give an exclusive to his good buddy Oprah? She’ll go easy on him, but he’ll probably owe her a lot more than he’s comfortable with.

John Travolta

John Travolta and Kelly Preston

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  1. Anne says:

    Kelly needs to stick by him. She knew what she was getting and has had a pretty good life because of him.

    • aud says:

      I doubt she “signed up” for the harassment part of things.

      I have no doubt at all that she knew about his sexuality and was fine with him fooling around. But I doubt she was okay with the assault part and that is probably what forced her to move out.

      I think the arrangement was that they have a happy, family image while she lives a life of luxury and john had discreet encounters with men. he just had to go on and assault people.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        I posit that whatever “agreement” was signed between the two, it’s pretty much set in stone (Thetans?) by the CO$. They’re not going to let one of their “biggest celebrity couples” go (or let them let one another go) without a good long fight, and maybe some bloodshed.

        Too many secrets; too many lies; too much inside knowledge as to how the CO$ operates. TRUTH.

  2. Lol says:

    Iv been waiting for you guys to do a John story.
    Late sunday night I checked the sun website and their leading story was that photos had emerged of John T dressed in a blonde wig and heels and stories of him being a transvestite. I checked again in the morning and the story was gone off the website. Not a hint of John Travolta left on the website even though it was their leading story a few hours before. I bet they got a phone call from his lawyer

    • Snowangel says:

      Enquirer has the pic of him in drag, with the blonde wig on the cover of this weeks issue. just saw it at the grocery store. Probably more pictures like this floating around.

      • Lol says:

        His lawyers must be exhausted trying to get everyone to take their stories down 😀 I wonder will they go for the enquirer?

  3. CandyKay says:

    He’s past his leading man days. Time for him to do character roles, and coming out won’t get in the way of that. It worked for Richard Chamberlain.

  4. Cathy says:

    Johns career is over. He hasn’t put out a good movie in a long time. CandyKay is right, he should start taking on character roles. But he should wait until all this hoopla dies down.

  5. KJ says:

    Kelly’s just fine. Her and John are best friends and wanted to raise a family together. Them being a couple was just a convenient arrangement for both of them. As long as John doesn’t keep trying to screw it up by not being discrete. Everyone knows he’s gay and no one cares, but he’s dug this massive hole over the years, fawning all over his family and Kelly like there wasn’t some deep secret, and it seems he’s content to keep digging rather than admit fault.

    And remember, Scientology heavily support Prop 8. It would not be good for their image if one of their bigget adherents came out as a proud homosexual. Just like Jett’s developmental disabilities, they shove it aside because the church doesn’t want to acknowledge it because acknowledging it would reveal the stupidity of a lot of their beliefs.

    • Chatcat says:

      KJ…being discrete is one thing, being a predator is another, regardless of sexual orientation.

      He’s done…put a fork in him!

  6. Marjalane says:

    Lord- the last thing on earth I’d want to see is Barbra Walters or Oprah, very sincerely and with great “anguish”, ask John Travolta if he is gay. (This would be after we were treated to a big buffer about all the tragedy that had befallen him and how grifters are always out to scam celebs) You know he’d try to look all tragic and start lying. He’s been shaking his head and “bravely” facing these “hurtful rumors” for years. *sniff*

    Travolta needs to make the payouts and then GO AWAY! He’s a creep. (although I will always love him as Edna in Hairspray- perfect casting)

  7. lucy2 says:

    This is never going to just go away for him. Quiet rumors have become headlines, and an anonymous settlement doesn’t do much to help, especially if it’s being reported on.

    I don’t really understand the idea of suing him for money, unless his actions somehow cost them their jobs or something, but whatever. It’s a shame they didn’t all go to the police when it happened, but I guess it’s not that simple.

    • Lizzie says:

      I think suing a rich person for money at times (not all) is because there is no other way for them to have any consequences. Our justice system is disgustingly lenient with the rich, and I’m sure they could find a way to keep them from being employed elsewhere if they were real a-holes. So, in many instances a victim of assault may feel they have no other choices but to either stay quiet or wait for the day somebody has the courage to come forth and add their plight to the other victim’s, in hopes that there is finally a little justice in any way they can get it.

      • lucy2 says:

        Good point – maybe they feel it’s the only recourse they have.
        If nothing else, I hope this stops him from doing it again.

        I’ll be surprised if Kelly and COS stand by him. At some point I think they’re going to cut their loses and abandon him, and COS will probably set her up with some other cult member and then run all these stories about her triumphing over adversity and finding new love. Blah.
        It’s just so sad there’s kids involved here.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      lucy2 – Civil Cases only require a 70/30 vote for guilt; whereas Criminal Cases place the burden of proof on the prosecutor and the victims, and have a unanimous or nearly unanimous verdict. (See: OJ.) Also, Civil Cases tend to award a greater amount of money to the victims, if the accused is found guilty.

      I can honestly say that, while no amount of money would mitigate the amount of damage my former abuser did to me, I could not tell my attorney (let alone a judge, jury, and courtroom full of people) everything he did to me. So I may have been tempted to settle out of court, had he a pot to piss in.

      I don’t think Kelly or the CO$ is going to let go of their prized little pig. I think they’re the ones providing the attorney; the settlement money; the intimidation of the victims; and the “rehab” for JT.

  8. LAK says:

    The Enquirer….Not so dumb after all.

    • The original Tiffany says:

      They always seem to pull out some sensational real stories like this and jOhn Edwards for instance.
      JT and his cos buddies and fake wife just gross me out.
      I remember as a kid watching g him as Vinnie barbarino on welcome back kotter. How did he turn so ugly? I guess you really do get the face you deserve.
      Excuse the typing. Oma ranch in Yosemite riding my horses and am on my phone.
      I’d say go be a character actor like Spacey, but we arent talking Gay but criminal abuse. COS wil try to erase it all.

      • LAK says:

        I think they cleaned up their act alot in the early naughties but because they were/are the go to magazine for zombie stories etc, they still do not have credibility.

        But if you think about it, much of the seedier side of famous people is always broken in THe Enquirer.

        There hit rate is quite high compared to more respected magazines.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Must be beautiful, original Tiff! Of course, the CO$ has probably gotten to all of JT’s accusers by now. If not, they’re circling.

  9. Jackie says:

    he will pay them off, his wife will stay with him, time will pass, and it will be forgotten.

    for some reason, most people/fans give him a pass. makes me ill.

  10. SirSnarksalot says:

    Here’s my big problem with this…he shouldn’t be able to pay people off that he has assaulted. I understand how they (the victims) would rather get paid and retain their privacy. But the man is allegedly a predatory repeat sex offender! Shouldn’t there be criminal charges being filed or at the very least an investigation into whether or not charges will be filed? The accusers should press criminal charges make sure he is brought to justice so he faces a real penalty for his behavior. Its criminal!

  11. Beth says:

    A lot of people seem to be missing the point. This is assault. I think in this case it works against the victims that they are men. Had the victims been women, I think there would have been more of an outcry. These guys should be able to do their jobs without being grabbed or subjected to the sight of Travolta naked.

    • ZZZ says:

      Totally agree, and that is exactly why it shouldn’t (and possibly won’t) go away.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Beth, 2 things are working against these accusers:

      1. They’re men; and
      2. Their profession(s).

      Welcome to victim equality, gentlemen.

  12. skuddles says:

    I firmly believe Kelly will divorce JT – there’s no way back to “normal” now, not ever again, and she has no choice but to move on (or appear somehow complicit in the allegations).

  13. UniqJaz says:

    I want all the details to come out and i want travolta to get punished for it. I hope they sue so it’s all over newspapers and websites so COS cant get rid of every story. I hope the victims have the guts to sue in court and not settle. He cant get away with this. Sooo gross. Good and Truth must prevail !

  14. the original bellaluna says:

    By all accounts, JT has been getting away with this for years, decades even.

    There’s no way KP and the CO$ didn’t know. Why do you think there haven’t been any previous lawsuits or threats thereof?

  15. Bella says: