Sharon Stone, 54, makes out with her 27 year-old model boyfriend. Go Sharon?

Sharon Stone
I just saw these photos of Sharon Stone making out with her new boyfriend, a 27 year-old model from Argentina named Martin Mica. There are some portfolio photos of this guy below, from his Facebook. He’s amazing, and can you imagine his accent? I’m swooning a little and picturing myself in Sharon’s place, but the fantasy has some holes for me. I’m not yet 40 and I can’t imagine finding much in common with a guy under 30. Although I can easily see what Sharon finds in common with this hottie.

These photos are so demonstrative that I might dismiss then as a publicity stunt to distract from the story that she’s getting sued by an ex nanny. They might be, but she’s been with this beefcake for at least a month. The lucky bitch. I’m not as shocked by this hookup as I would be if the guy were as young as Madonna’s early-20s lovers. 27 seems like it’s just old enough not to be skeevy. Am I turning into a cougar now? I hate that word. Here’s the description of these photos from The Sun:

The actress, 54, looked in the throes of passion as she locked lips with 27-year-old Argentinian model Martin Mica on a public beach.

Casino cougar Sharon lay on her back as Martin climbed on top for a close smooch, but it wasn’t all about the passion.

The happy couple were in stitches as the catwalk fella appeared to be throwing the screen star onto the sand at Venice Beach, Los Angeles.

Arriving at their chosen spot, Sharon spread out a picnic blanket for them to relax on – and they didn’t seem short of conversation as they shared chat and giggles in the sun.

The actress paraded her pins in tiny shorts while her shirt-clad man opted to keep his undoubtedly rippled body under wraps.

Sharon also found time for a bit of exercise, impressively balancing on her head at one point.

However, their tomfoolery soon turned steamy courtesy of a back and neck massage that Martin gave to his girlfriend.

Midway through the body rub, Sharon succumbed to the urge to kiss her boyfriend – and didn’t seem to care about prying eyes.

The movie star’s romantic day in the sun must have been a welcome distraction following reports she’s being sued by her former nanny.

[From The Sun]

So could you get with a guy young enough to be your son? Judging by Madonna’s lovers, I would say “no,” but Sharon is making me come around gradually. Maybe when I hit menopause I’ll understand. Is that terrible to say? Because the guys still seem a little young to me now. Not that I would say no to that. Holy crap.

Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone

photo credit: FameFlynet

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  1. Jdao says:

    More like, “No, Sharon!” He’ll just use her.

  2. lafairy says:

    I am not that shocked! You can see tons of women who are proud to tell you that they “prefer older men” and nobody is offended by this preference, as nobody is offended by men who clearly enjoy being with much younger women… so why women can only have the choice of being only with older men then;

    And it’s not nature’s will, men fertility decrease greatly in time just like for women (have you heard of andropausis?)so they have pretty much the same limitation in time.

    So all this double standard is fabricated and most of women give in this unfair standard by following it and choosing systematically older men (a very recent sociological study has also put a light on may-december romances in which women are younger and this study underlines that the less education a woman have the older she will marry) the ones who try to follow their own path are crucified, it’s time to end this silly double standard.

    Ps: I think I am not that shocked because she is in a tremendous shape and if there were just 2 random peoples on the beach, nobody would guess such a big age difference, maybe 5/10 years but no more since she still look incredible!

    • SweetCaroline says:

      I agree with you 200%. We need to stop this “women bashing”. It is so unnecessary. We need to learn from experienced women, not downgrade them. We need to smash these double standards to smithereens. Sharon is cute and hot; he looks happy, so he obviously agrees. Just because there is an age difference doesn’t automatically mean he’s after her money. He’s after her sexy body :) )

  3. Sabrine says:

    Whatever makes you happy and she looks happy. Obviously he’s full of energy in the sack. Men like younger women so why shouldn’t Sharon have a younger boyfriend? There should be no double standard. People sound very jealous judging by the catty comments on here….(and go make dinner for their balding, paunchy husband).

    He’s hot! Yep…jealous

  4. NM6804 says:

    Well, if this is a PR-move, then I don’t give a damn. I will not forget the nanny story and it’s not because a young man finds her sexy, interesting or whatever that she becomes a better person by it. No way Ms. Stone. Methinks, you are just as nuts as Berry.

  5. SweetCaroline says:

    I love how some people on here feel threatened by older women and have to resort to denigrating them by calling them “menopausal”. That is so juvenile and inadequate. Many menopausal women are hot and sexy; especially, because they have confidence and experience – so get a clue and stop trying to down older females just because you’re jealous of their success with the opposite sex.

    • lafairy says:

      Totally agree… and I am 25! I hate it when people try to shame women calling them “menopausal”, what is that supposed to mean? that the only value of a woman is her eggs and beyond that she has an expiration date? in this century??? shocking!
      A lot of older women are inspirational in term of sexyness, beauty and experience. As we tend to value experience in men as a very positive and attractive thing, we should try to give it a shot for women.Nowadays mature women are sexy and fun, times have changed!

      And no men don’t grow old better than women, that’s just another standard set in order to control women, they even grow older in a worst way (they tend to not take care of themselve)

      ps: Sharon stone is super hot talk about her to men in thier 30′s and 20′s and you’ll see their reaction, she is still a huge fantasy to most younger men

    • Loulou says:

      In her case, it looks like female midlife crisis. You’d hope by 54, she’d not be doing what you wouldn’t have caught her dead doing in decades before. There’s sexiness and then, there’s sexiness. This is cheap publicity, desperately trying to look carefree.

  6. VanillaFrosting says:

    I feel like he’d be too young for me and I am only 25! I’ve dated men around my age and hated it. My husband-to-be (in 1.5 weeks!) is 39. :P

    Good for her if she’s enjoying it and is happy.

  7. lafairy says:

    @Zenb!tch: oh you still can itry to plan some goldigging ways !!lol!! Viagra works only in 40% of the “problems” cases and particularlly when the “problems” are connected to psychological issues… see there is still a good chuck of harmless granpa’ for unbrave goldiggers!LOL!
    Just the same as you! I am 25 and I cannot look outside a range of -/+ 5 years more it totally freaks me out!;)

  8. Loulou says:

    Beurk! And her acting is just as bad on a beach. Such intimacy too, where she poses like a man with her hands behind her head and the palms of his hands are closed. She purses her lips in another pic. The picture most metaphoric seems to be the one where she’s imitating an ostrich with her head in the sand. That should have made her realize the ridicule of the situation.

  9. LittleDeadGirl says:

    Both adults so good on them. He is hot as hell and you never know what level of maturity either one of them have. I’ve met 40 year olds with less brains than some 28 year olds so age isn’t everything.

    He isn’t some 18 year old jailt bait so its not gross to me.

  10. crtb says:

    It doesn’t interest me to date men alot younger than me. Who wants to go to a party with your boyfriend and be the oldest person at the party? Who want to be with a partner and look old enough to be their mother?

    • lafairy says:

      insecure much? so the goal in relationships is to not appear the oldest in a party and to not look older than your partner when random peoples look at you?
      Woooww these goals are so deeeep!
      So to insecure we can also top very shalow right?
      it’s because thinking like this that society only mind women as cute little trophy who have an expiration date.

  11. Ann says:

    Well, she certainly looks better than most 54-year old men making out with 27 year old women!

  12. leslilly says:

    I have a feeling this is entirely staged.

  13. sarahtonin says:

    Haters are just jealous. Their love is real, just like Me!Ann and Ediot’s. It must be, right? Cos these pictures all look the same.

  14. Candyland says:

    Yo, CB, have you taken a look at men Sharon’s age? They’re fat and bald and old lookin. And they’re slow and cranky. Why should someone who takes great care of themselves go with that?

  15. irene harvey says:

    ladies,ladies,ladies–you have no idea how beautiful you are in your 40′s & yes, in your 50′s & beyond. when i was 40 & living in los angeles (where the prevailing wisdom is that women should basically kill themselves after 35), i had a 23-year-old bf. i was not famous or rich. it was wonderful. if you are single & so inclined, try it. young men who like older women are the best. at first i was insecure, but then i realized that he didn’t even see all those “flaws.” hell, guys that age don’t even know to look for them.
    how about we women empower & support each other instead of buying into oppressive stereotypes?

  16. midnightmoon says:

    yeah, no. he does not a thing for me. the top shot makes me think of some drug addicts who were friends of my friends in the 70s. NOT appetizing. he’s not bad from the front.

    she is no-holds barred crazy as a loon. he’ll be gone pretty damn quick. they’ll have a few weeks enjoying the NRE (new relationship energy) which tends to fade, and then oy.

    as a practicing cougar (i’m just about 55, my lover is just turning 30 in october) IT IS NOT EASY to do this-the age difference is a huge barrier to understanding each other.

    we have massive chemistry, and it’s agreed that this is just ‘a thing’ that neither of us WANTED but it’s here and we’re into it because we’re willing to deal with the awkward parts. and he’s an awesome communicator about 90% of the time.

    sometimes, when you meet someone you can really relate to, it just is what it is. i have dear friends who are 20, 30 years older than me. always have. and i have dear friends who are lots younger than me. including two kids who really relate to me on a deeper level than i’d have ever imagined (family friends).

    i say, let’s not judge by age, but by maturity level.

    sharon stone is a nutcake who has great genes and doctors, who has parlayed a horrible skill at acting and that certain ‘something’ that some movie stars/celebs have, into a much longer shelf life than most.

    whatever they were doing on the beach, why, let them!

    and me, i really enjoyed the horrific writing in that article in the Sun. i think the writer should really think of soap operas. totally craptastic!

  17. oldconfused1 says:

    Im 50 and my husband is 28. We loves and adores me more than ive ever felt in my life. Im a lucky woman.

  18. Ange says:

    Hot damn that picture with the belt… I mean hot DAMN…