Star: Eva Mendes wants Ryan Gosling’s baby & she’s already off The Pill?

If this post doesn’t get more than 100 comments, I will be SO disappointed. I’m foreseeing a great deal of hate for Eva Mendes in the first round, followed by a second round of convoluted debating about reproductive rights, contraception and third-wave feminism, followed by a third round devoted to how much Ryan Gosling sucks because he’s with Eva Mendes. Do not disappoint me, people. Star Magazine reports that Eva Mendes wants to have Ryan Gosling’s baby. I KNOW. She wants to gestate a baby gosling (redundant) so badly, she’s allegedly issued Ryan a “Put a baby in me or we’re over” ultimatum. The kicker – and the buried lede – is that Star Mag’s sources claim that Eva is ALREADY gone off The Pill. Flame on, y’all.

It might be time for Ryan Gosling to put or shut up with girlfriend Eva Mendes, as the stunning actress is demanding a little Gosling from the Hollywood hunk.

“Eva has given Ryan an ultimatum. She told Ryan she wants a baby with him, and that if he isn’t prepared to do that, they should split up,” a source tells Star.

Eva, 38, has told multiple friends she is off the Pill and ready to become a mom. “Eva’s clock is ticking,” says the source. “She’s been aching to start a family for a few years – and even seriously looked into adoption in the summer of 2010. But now she and Ryan are together, and he’s mature beyond his years and great with kids.”

Eva believes that Ryan, 31, will be an amazing father and that the timing is right because they are in a committed relationship.

“He’s loyal and not a skirt-chaser,” the source says. But that doesn’t mean Ryan’s totally on board himself. “Ryan loves Eva, but he isn’t ready for a baby right now – he’s concentrating on his career,” the source explains. And that may just put an abrupt end to the adorable couple.

“Eva’s considering her options. If Ryan doesn’t change his mind, this could end up destroying their relationship.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

I believed the Us Weekly story a few weeks ago with sources claiming that Ryan “grew distant” with Eva for several months, and they’re relationship was in flux. But! I think that photo op they did together in NYC was a public confirmation that they’re still very much “on” and very serious about each other. Gosling doesn’t do those photo-ops with just any random Disneyland piece. Eva is “special”. Special enough to carry a Gosling baby? Hmmm….

Some photos of Eva over the past two weeks – she’s been getting pap’d every other day in LA, it seems. Read into that whatever you want.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. paola says:


  2. Gia says:

    Errrr…uhhhh…run Ryan, run?

  3. alison8701 says:

    A baby would be great for her career! Especially a RyGos bebe. I’d say do it. Then again, I almost posted in the Ziya Zhang prostitution story that I aint mad about it- a million a night? You make that money! But now I see how horrible I sound. i blame society.

  4. Cherry says:

    The expression ‘her clock is ticking’ SHOULD BE BANNED FROM THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE FOR ALL ETERNITY. It seems every woman between the age of 20 and 50 is the unlucky owner of some sort of magical ‘clock’ that can suddenly start ‘ticking’ and turn a totally normal and rational female into a nutcase hysteric who throws away pills and sets ‘ultimatums’ to whichever unsuspecting male she happens to find in her bed. Please. Make it stop.

    • lafairy says:

      ^^This. Amen!! I agree 200% and I applaud you for saying it!Infoff with this stupid clock!

      • Ally says:

        Well, women are hysterical, helpless creatures dominated by their biology… besides the clock, there’s periods, PMS (pre-period), pregnancy, post-pregnancy, menopause, etc. /sarcasticSnark

        Look, everyone’s brain is affected by things going on in the body, but women no more than men. Remember 20 years ago when everyone felt it was OK to wonder out loud if a woman on her period could be trusted near the nuclear button? No one ever seems to wonder that about the male politicians who have proved they will implode their careers to sleep with a woman younger than their fiancée/wife.

        So, basically, I’d like some parity in the coverage of these gender ‘issues’ in the media generally.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Seriously, I live in fear every day that the bio-clock will take over my brain and transform me into a baby-producing robot. It’s sort of like invasion of the body-snatchers. You just never know when it could strike.. O_o

    • Gia says:

      But there IS a bio clock ticking because if you want to have kids it gets ‘dangerous’ I.e. increased chance of disabilities etc once you pass 40. I totally get that it’s annoying to hear…but it’s out there for a reason.

      • Cherry says:

        Yes, duh, I’m not denying that. But not every woman wants children and no woman I ever heard of turns into a complete nutjob because of some alledged ‘ticking clock’.

      • Ann says:

        Men over 40 who father children have a much greater chance of fathering children with much increased rates of autism, schizophrenia, lower IQs, and other disabilities but they don’t get harassed endlessly about it.

      • Cherry says:

        Good point, Ann!

      • Ally says:

        What’s offensive (not on CB) is that there’s no “right” answer, (i) you’re either baby-obsessed and not serious about your career, or (ii) you’re an unnatural cold B who doesn’t want kids.

        Whereas your average Pete Campbell who ignores his kids and gets on with his juvenile behaviour is a-ok still today.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Thank God it’s not attached to C4! We’d have no choice but to reproduce by a certain (undefined) timeline! 😀

    • LadyAnne says:

      You are SO RIGHT.

  5. beyonce's bump says:

    she has such an unlikeable face, as per Ryan, yes, I had a massive crush on him after seeing him in notebook…but my crush has significantly dwindled over the past few years, so I could really care less who he dates……or impregnates…..

    • MsJAPrufrock says:

      Ava Mendes suffers from “bitch face” syndrome, like Victoria Beckman and Kirsten Stewart.

  6. anon says:

    I absolutely REFUSE to believe this nonsense. I also absolutely REFUSE to believe they are anything other than a PR couple.

    I really wish you hadn’t given into the Hollyweird crap, Ryan. So disappointed.

    • CG says:

      I still don’t think those pics from a couple weeks ago prove anything. Look at their body language in the header pic: They’re not walking in sync, their fingers aren’t intertwined, they both look pissed. I know everyone pointed to those pics and said, “See, they’re still together, everything’s fine!” But the body language is just totally off.

      • orly says:

        Exactly! I’m no expert on body language, but he doesn’t look like a person in love. And she looks desperate as she hangs onto him. I know I shouldn’t make judgements based on photos, but Ryan’s never looked so miserable. I never see him smiling anymore.
        With Rachel, he looked happy and in love. I’m not a jealous fangirl or a die hard McGosling shipper, but I just don’t see or sense positive body language or happy vibes coming from this couple.

      • Nessa says:

        In pictures, these two have absolutely no chemistry of any kind. It doesn’t even look like they like each other, let alone love each other and contemplating babies.

      • BB says:

        sure they look like a fake couple… wonder who is the next actor with some acting skills, who is going to play this stupid game

      • JJ says:

        Maybe Ryan owed a higher up in hollywood (like Harvey Weinstein) a favor and was forced into dating Eva for PR? Things like this happen in hollywood all the time. Would explain him looking so unhappy all the time. Just a thought.

      • Hakura says:

        @CG – “They’re not walking in sync, their fingers aren’t intertwined…

        This is *just* like those recent pictures of JLo when she interacted with both her boyfriend Casper, & her ex Mark A. at the same place.

        With Casper on the way in, fingers intertwined, steps in sync. With Mark up on stage… Hands not intertwined, & clasped awkwardly & tightly, (like she might be trying to pull away to no avail.)

        That particular body language does speak of desperation to hold on to someone.

      • Peach says:

        Really? You got all of that just from one picture?

  7. Dorothy#1 says:


  8. brin says:

    Hope she dresses baby Gosling (yes, redundant) better than herself. She always looks cranky, never smiles.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Hey Brin. First thing I noticed about the pics-why does she always look so pissed?

  9. Laura says:

    Not true. She’s said more than once that she doesn’t want kids. If you aren’t interested in kids the “right guy” is not going to make you want them.

    • kit says:

      Not always. My family and friends still tease me about being a mom of three (with another baby on the way) after being 100% sure for 32 years that I did not want to be a mother. I met my kids dad, fell in love madly and changed my mind.
      Not saying that is what is happening here, but just because she didn’t want babies in the past, doesn’t mean she still feels that way now.

      • lucy says:

        Agree with you and if she really wants Ryan’s babies now, how mean it is for her 8 years long ex boyfriend Georges Augusto.

      • wanda says:

        I was under the impression her ex was the one that wanted to start a family and she didn’t, which caused their break up last year. And now she desperately wants babies with Ryan? What a b*tch she is being to her faithful ex partner of 8-9 years if this is true!
        Wow, thats truly a slap in the face.

    • sauvage says:

      She WAS pregnant a couple of years ago. People seem to have forgotten about it completely, but she announced it officially back then. Then she went to rehab for coke addiction and you never heard about the baby again. So I’d think she lost it due to her addiction and for once the media respected someone’s privacy and didn’t investigate any further.

  10. kit says:

    It’s Star so it’s probably not totally true.
    Still, I can understand that she wants a baby. But even if an ultimatum works, it usually comes back to bite you. And if he’s really not ready, this will end it.

    • Amelia says:

      Since when has anyone EVER pulled off an ultimatum?
      Actually, genuine question, has anyone here ever issued or been issued an ultimatum? And I’m not talking about small ones involving food, remotes and the bedroom ^^
      I reckon if Evil Mentos is demanding a kid, Gosling will probably do a runner. Have these two ever looking genuinely into each other, ever?

    • Hakura says:

      I think it’s incredibly selfish, to set such an ‘ultimatum’. Why would you pick a man to father your child… when he doesn’t *want* to father your child (right now)?

      Ryan wouldn’t be a deadbeat I’m sure. But if he’s not ready, he’s not ready. Which hurts everyone, including the child… since you know this relationship isn’t going to last. Maybe that’s her reason for a child with him, to hold onto him.

      • pat says:

        I agree. This is not fair to put Ryan on the spot.
        I hope he stays strong and doesn’t give in. Both parties should want the baby equally, otherwise it’s not fair to the child, or the other partner being forced into it.

      • Hakura says:

        @Pat – Hopefully you’re right, & he (nor anyone else) will be swayed to just give in… Not on something as hugely important as that. I don’t think there’s ever been a case where a child has held a failing relationship together, at least not for too long.

        If this is all true, I really am shocked to see someone who’s reasonably successful pull such a ‘Golddigger-like’ move. I guess you don’t *have* to be after money to be a ‘golddigger’ though.

  11. marie says:

    yeah, because ultimatums ALWAYS work. And that black and white outfit (onesie, whatever) needs to be burned and buried, it is awful and my eyes are offended.

  12. lafairy says:

    Eva Mendes lies about her age, but since she lied so much people have stopped counting and keeping real track.

    But even is she looks younger than her stated age above, she is actually older than 38.

    I remember 6 years ago she was greatly shamed on French live TV, the host(Marc-olivier Fogiel) asked her her age and she answered 29, the host then posed smiled really big and said “actually this is not what it is written on my folder… this one actually states 35)… the moment was really akward she was really embarrassed then admitted that she has a big problem with age.

    So it makes her now 41 not 38…so still lying about age hum!

    Common’ you are gorgeous and look way younger than your age stop lying!

    • orly says:

      The woman is such a liar! She’s a former addict too, so she must be good at hiding things. I hope she doesn’t pull a fast one on Ryan, getting pregnant without him knowing. Why do I have a feeling she’s not above doing this? Why doesn’t Ryan wake up and see what this woman’s doing? He’s completely blind.

      • Trashaddict says:

        Well, gee, that’s his responsibility. If he doesn’t want a baby with her, he better glove it or skip sex altogether.

    • Missy says:

      She can lie to everyone about her age but she can’t lie to her ovaries

    • lucy says:

      She’s 10 years older than him, well if she thinks she’ll be ryan’s forever girlfriend, she is really dumb. From the beginning of this relationship she looks very insecure to the point of following him to Bangkok. She seems to need him more than the opposite.

  13. Sisi says:

    She doesnt seem pressed about the baby issue at all and doesnt seem the type to be desperate to be a mother so my guess is that this entire article is bullshit. Eva seems content with her life just the way it is. Then again Charlize totally surprised me with her adoption and I thought the same thing about her. Who knows.

  14. Talie says:

    She’s said often that she doesn’t want kids and on the flipside, her career has never been hotter. She just had a very well-received movie premier at Cannes for a renowned auteur. So, I don’t know if I buy this.

    • Kennedy says:

      You do realize she has a glorified cameo in that film? She’s not even a talking point in any of the reviews other than a mention that she is a cast member. Also her most recent film that was suppose to take her out of the film ghetto- Girl in Progress- not only bombed critically but was a financial failure. So to say her career has “never been hotter” is a gross overstatement… she’s in the exact same spot career-wise as she was when last year, the year before, and 10 years ago when she started. Of course her romantic life has made her a more tabloid-worthy star but that in no way measures her talent or lack thereof. I’m all about giving credit where it’s due and I commend her hustle but the lady has less range than January Jones and that’s saying something. I really do wonder how she will fare in Cianfrance’s latest film… I think it’s a make it or break it career move b/c this will be the film that will have both the critical attention (thanks to Cianfrance’s last film- Blue Valentine) and the tabloid interest.

      • paula says:

        Well she’s certainly kept the tabloid interest going.
        So trashy. And she’s dragging Ryan down with her.
        As far as I’m concerned, they must be more alike than we think. At least Gosling has talent, but his image is going down the toilet if he keeps this up. The funny thing is that he’s doesn’t seem that worried about it.
        If he was concerned, he would have ended it with her a long time ago.

  15. Marjalane says:

    O.K., granted I don’t like this man-woman at all, but I have NO problem believing this story. I think she’s been the driving force behind all these painful photo shots- can’t you just FEEL the love between them? Ryan’s one of the hottest stars in Hollywood; Eva’s a shampoo model. She’s not about to let him go without a fight. I’d kind of love it if someone at the STAR made all this up just because they hate Eva too.

    (I will not let you down Kaiser- I will comment many times on this one)

  16. really says:


    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      I can’t believe peeps are still using plastic & cardboard/styrofoam mugs. smh

      • really says:

        I know, it drives me crazy. Especially when it’s obviously not just a once in a while, “I forgot my mug” kind of a thing.

    • Marjalane says:

      You know what makes me insane? BUY A FRICKIN COFFEE MAKER! My Keurig makes better coffee than burnt tasting Starbucks anyday. The only place Eva is ever photographed is Starbucks- Paps must hang out there.

      • farrah says:

        I don’t think she’s above calling the paps and telling them where she will be and at what time. The woman is desperate for attention. Also, if it’s true she learned to cook for Ryan. you would think she would have also learned how to make a decent cup of coffee.

      • Missy says:

        That’s exactly what I think!! Starbucks tastes like last nights dishwater, even with a double shot you can’t even taste it, it’s cheap crap! I read that she said having a big coffee in the morning is her fav part of the day( this is assuming that she does anything else but drink coffee and shop) but seriously if you were waking up next to Ryan, wouldn’t you invest in a coffee machine so you wouldn’t have to leave the house and drink it in bed with him? I think even Eva could figure out how to use a nespesso for Christ sake.
        And yeah it is really sus that she’s always getting paped there considering there’s like hundreds of Starbucks around. Maybe it’s the celeb one like the whole foods store she always goes to, celebs know its always staked out so they go there to get paped.

      • marie says:

        I’m with you on that one. I’m far to cheap to spend the money at Starbucks, plus I like my cup that I carry it around it-hasn’t spilled on me yet! (I may have just jinxed myself, it will probably dump over on me Monday morning)

      • lucy says:

        She perfectly knows where to go every day to be photographed , right ? And then she makes her horrible face and pretends she doesn’t like it, so laughable …

      • Leigh says:

        Product placement, people…

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Total agreement on the Starbucks coffee – ick; nast. But I do like their black tea, iced, no water, no sweetener, light ice.

        In my re-usable Enviro cold bev cup, natch! 😉

      • liza says:

        I’ve said this before. There is no reason for these rich stars to go to Starbucks all the time to buy coffee. You would think they would have one of those fancy coffee/expresso/latte makers at home, wouldn’t you? It’s all about PR. Eva wants to be seen, and often.
        For the record, I hate Starbucks coffee too. It always tastes burnt to me.

      • Lisa Marconi says:

        Starbucks coffee can’t be replicated at home because many of their drinks contain MSG.

        MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) is a deadly neurotoxin in almost every food product on the market that can make dirt taste appealing. It’s a drug used as ‘flavoring’ to get consumers to buy more food. What does this have to do with Starbucks? FDA loopholes mean that you can disguise MSG as a variety of ingredients. For example, the ingredient in Starbucks’ white mocha syrup doesn’t list MSG as an active ingredient, but on the list, you’ll find ‘Natural Flavors’. ‘Natural Flavoring’ is, and it’s commonly used to disguise MSG in food labels. That’s right, your favorite mocha at Starbucks has MSG in it. This is why lots people’s personal attempts at copying Starbuck’s drinks fails because they lack MSG.

        In today’s market, MSG is a money-making ingredient. The more you love the food, the more you’ll want to buy, and the richer the company becomes. It’s a common technique used to deceive your taste buds and body’s natural urges. Now only that, but caffeine is also a known drug that creates addiction. The combination of these two ‘drugs’ is what causes so many people to love their drinks so much. To be honest, it’s just amazing how Starbucks can trick so many intelligent people, doctors, and others into paying 10x the amount for coffee at some store when they can make it at home for a lot cheaper.

        Eva’s still an addict.

      • Bodhi says:

        I like the idea of a Keurig, but I HATE how wasteful they are! Those little cups are noting but landfill rubble

    • RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

      LOL…now the militant enviros are going to dictate to everyone in what manner where to drink our coffee??!! Get a G*D Damn life and get over yourself.
      Corporations and unbridled third world pollution do 99% of the damage to the Earth. Thats the truth so deal with it.

  17. T.C. says:

    I don’t think she is running around telling people she is off the pill. I don’t think she wants a kid. Not buying it.

    • ZZZ says:

      That’s what I want to know ~ HOW do they know she stopped taking the pill? And if she did, it could be for other reasons. You can’t stay on it forever….

    • Liv says:

      I will die of laughter if she’s pregnant and they end up having a child together – just imagine, he’d be connected to her his whole life – crazy, literally! 🙂

      • Marjalane says:

        For sure! Ryan Gosling needs to take a hard look at the Halle Berry/Gabriel Aubrey situation. Once you procreate with a crazy, you’re stuck with crazy forever.

  18. NO NO NO!!! Ryan is far too good for her. She doesn’t deserve to hae his babies.

  19. DanaG says:

    I hope Ryan doesn’t get forgetful. I seem to remember her saying she didn’t want any kids and she looks older then 38 or 41 that is why she lies about it. This might be Ryan’s get out of jail free card. Being pushed into fatherhood by a d list “actress” is a split announcement waiting to happen. Eva isn’t doing that well on the movie side of things she can’t act seems to be the main issue most have with her. Eva looks like a man in drag in many shot’s although I doubt any real drag queen would be caught dead in some of her outfits. Ryan can do better then this why he doesn’t is what confuses me.

    • Missy says:

      Nope, peoples no 1 biggest problem with her is that shes a rude bich that has mega delusions of grandeur. But that is closely followed by shit actress and product flogger and using her bimbo slutty image to do it 🙂

  20. Tina says:

    What is this weird hatred of Disneyland. You bring it up in every gosling post, so what? Your hatred of it is weirder than his bringing dates there.

  21. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Right. Because every woman on the planet wants to have Ry Gos’s baby. If she said she doesn’t want kids, I believe her. Story is complete BS. I don’t like these two together but they seem happy-WITHOUT the complication of kids.

  22. Intercontinental says:

    Hope The Gos has been taking good advice from The Clooney about keeping gravy train mamma’s away from the door!! 😳

  23. Michelle says:

    Reading into these pictures, I feel Eva drinks a LOT of coffee. 🙂

  24. Lindy says:

    Ha! I don’t much care about Gosling or Mendes at all, but I love Kaiser’s expectations for the comments!

    • lily says:

      Please NOOOOO! Run Ryan! If she gets pregnant by him, it would be a sign of an inevitable apocalypse.

    • Intercontinental says:

      Ha! Great isn’t it! Not huge Gos fans but half way there now! 😁

  25. amy says:

    I think if the other item about him not wanting to move in with her yet is true, it’s doubtful he wants to starts a family right now either. I hope she doesn’t get pregnant on purpose and trap him. Somehow I have a feeling that’s what she might actively be trying to do now. So yes, RUN RYAN!

  26. mayes says:

    Wow, how can this women go from saying she doesn’t have a maternal bone in her body to being so desperate for a baby? I know people change their minds, but she was so vocal about NOT doing it before, this surprises me. She’s becoming so contradictory now. Her interviews are a joke.

  27. kate says:

    EVERY word of the STAR magazine article is true.

    • mandy says:

      I’d take this article with a pinch of salt. Star Magazine is one of the most unreliable tabloids out there. It’s the same as The Enquirer. I hope this story isn’t true, and considering the source that’s most likely the case.

  28. stellalovejoydiver says:

    I don´t see this. I think she´s way too possessiv and insecure to let anyone come between them. Especially if she´ll have a baby girl, the older the girl get the more she´ll seem a competition for his love.
    He doesn´t seem to be like a fool in love with her, so he´s prob aware of that she isn`t exactly mother material.
    But I could be wrong and in a year we´ll have a baby gosling.

    • jamie says:

      Noooo! Please don’t say that. Ryan’s future children should never be part of her gene pool. She’s has a mean and rude reputation, and puts a shock collar on her dog! This woman should NOT reproduce, ever!

  29. Mare says:

    I’m guessing there are no male readers on this site cause all my male friends find Eva Mendes absolutely gorgeous 🙂

    • lafairy says:

      I find her absolutely gorgeous too!!But it doesn’t take away the fact that she lies badly about her age!

      • Mare says:

        I don’t know about her age. I was just surprised that so many readers are wondering why is Ryan Gosling with her.

    • Intercontinental says:

      There are 3 in our team and none of them find her attractive in the slightest! X1 finds RG very attractive though.. Ha! 😉

  30. Rada ura says:

    If that cocaine binge-miscarriage-rehab rumor was her, she should not want to have kids at all. But the story is prob pr/bs

    • daisy says:

      Yes, and there is also a blind about how she slept with Denzel Washington for her part in “Training Day.”

  31. Wendy City says:

    Isn’t she the answer to the blind about dancing in Starbucks and catwalking back n forth do people would notice her?

  32. marlene says:

    What makes me angry about Mendes is she is sh*tting on Ryan’s reputation. Since they became a couple, Ryan’s face has made it onto several crappy tabloid covers. I thought that was his worst nightmare??! I’m just perplexed that this keeps happening and yet he still keeps seeing her. He was never on tabloids before. I know he’s more famous now, but it is possible to avoid it. I get the feeling it’s Mendes wanting attention, and at Ryan’s expense. I feel sorry for him that he’s been dragged down into her skeeve. I wish he would wake up and realize what’s happening before it’s too late. If he doesn’t, he will wake up one day and find himself a regular item of tabloid fodder, right next to the Kardashians. He’s worked too darn hard and is way too talented for this crap. It’s disappointing.

    • mercy says:

      He’s an adult. No one can drag him anywhere he doesn’t want to go

      He’s also more famous than he was just a couple years ago. Any actress he dates now is going to be covered by the tabs.

      With this in mind, maybe he figures he might as well try to work it in his favour and get more attention and better box office for the kinds of films he likes to do.

  33. Peach Dancer says:

    OMG, these 2 are getting so funny. I hope they stay together at least until they do promotion for their movie.
    Her crazy a** face and him trying to dodge questions about how the paps always found them in Paris, NY and Thailand. It’s amazing to me how they both milk this stunt to the absolute max for attention. They have reached the fame whoring level of Brangelina at this point. Mendes, I don’t care about, to me she is just a dumb and opportunistic bimbo. Gosling, why he agreed to be in on this is beyond me. If all these cheap tabloid stories would have bothered him he would have ended their realtionship/PR arrangement long time ago.The people he is attracting with all this are not the ones who will appreciate his work in movies like Blue Valentine, Lars, The Believer or Drive though. Cheap gossip people want him to do another Notebook or him taking his shirt off, movie after movie. So if this is what it’s all about, I am pretty sure I won’t be spending my money on his movies anymore.

    • anon says:

      Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

      I am glad that some of us are smart enough to see this for what it is. Hollywood insults the public’s intelligence every day.

      I am really disappointed in him for this. He’s never been the type to have his face splashed all over the tabloids. He’s always been (or seemed to have been) more about his craft. This is why we loved him so much!! He actually seemed to not be into the game of Hollyweird.

      Eva on the other hand…. this has her name written all over it. The media attention she’s getting for being with him is everything she’d wish for and then some. But you can’t blame it all on her. He agreed to do this mess. Its really dumb on his part. Totally brings his stock down. I’ve got a feeling he knows that now….

      I think they initially came together bc of the movie they made. My guess is that its all a big promotion of their film and the big wigs behind the film wanted this to happen. My guess would be that they’ll either split right before the movie, or right after, depending on how well it does.

      • Naomi says:

        Absolutely agree! He brought this on himself. He could have said no. But he has decided to sell out to the Hollywood game now and it’s terribly disappointing. I never thought I would see him appear in tabloids, never mind the cover! And especially a low-life tabloid like “Star.” My longtime crush on him and admiration for his career is fading fast.

      • lucy says:

        Definitely agree with you, and HE didn’t need at all this PR, after Cannes festival last year he was at the top. Maybe he did all this to help Eva mendes “career” and his friend Derek Cianfrance to promote his movie because Blue Valentine was a fabulous film but did not get enough audience ? weird, because it ruins ryan’s image …All this PR is just disgusting, last week he didn’t want to move in with her , today, she wants his babies , next week they’ll get married ?? Anyway I don’t know if all these stories are true but if she tried to adopt I hope they don’t give babies to people who have been in rehab ! And I’m wondering how Eva mendes is going to get over of this horrible image she has …

    • mercy says:

      Maybe he figures if he’s going to be tabloid fodder anyway, might as well try to bring awareness of his films to that crowd.

      People who care about his acting aren’t likely to believe tabloid reports, or be affected by them to the point where they can’t appreciate his work.

      • Peach Dancer says:

        Granted, but the behaviour he has shown in the last months is not the same one that got him respect and sympathy in the first place. It’s the lack of finesse and subtlety that is missing, it’s just blatant show business from him lately.

  34. annie says:

    She’s a known diva and b*tch in the industry. Why is Ryan hanging around so long? I know people who have met her and can confirm her b*tchiness first hand. I think Ryan was either forced into doing a showmance with her for some reason, or he’s completely lost his good judgement and his mind.

  35. redvelvet says:

    I used to admire Ryan and his work. But I have to say this. I really don’t care for his choices lately. Both professional and personal.

    • Anna says:

      You didn’t like Blue Valentine and Drive?

      • redvelvet says:

        Blue Valentine was ok, but it wasn’t my favorite.
        And Drive was a bit too violent for my liking.
        His best film so far was Half Nelson, in my opinion.

  36. Cody says:

    If this is true ,what he is such a pushover ,that he can’t tell her to go back on the pill or he should use condom or she is going to trick him into having a baby.

  37. Cody says:

    If this is true ,what he is such a pushover ,that he can’t tell her to go back on the pill or he should use something or she is going to trick him into having a baby.

  38. gg031 says:

    Not a fan of the fact she decided to go off the pill without really having a conversation with him but why can’t he just wrap it up while he is still deciding if its something he wants too!
    I understand she wants to have a baby since she is a little older but she has to respect his decision to focus on his career. He wants to be a good father someday but today is not that day. AND HE NEEDS TO TELL HER
    I hope they break up (not because I selfishly love Ryan myself) but because it sounds like moving a different speeds. I never 100% understood them together anyway

    • matt says:

      I agree as well. She wasn’t honest with him by going off the pill and not telling him. That right there says something. It’s dishonest. I know for me as a man, that would be a major red flag, and I would seriously be considering ending the relationship.

  39. snow says:

    If this is true, I can’t see this lasting. Bullying somebody into having a baby when they are not ready is never a good idea. Even if it works, it will always backfire. It’s not fair to the person or the child. It’s psychologically unhealthy. Nothing good will ever come of it. Ryan needs to move on. And so does she.

  40. The Original Denise says:

    Just what the world needs, more kids that will have jawlines like the Willis girls. Anyway, Eva wears the heck out of floral prints….they look good on her!

  41. justme says:

    Oh this sounds like a happy and functional situation, NOT! She sounds quite selfish, and will do anything it takes to keep him. I hope this forces Ryan to use his brain for the first time in 8 months and do what needs to be done. Dump the toxic clinger!

  42. Rachel says:

    Ryan! Don’t be a fool, wrap that tool!

  43. what ever says:

    nothing really to say just want you to
    get your 100 comments lol

  44. bonnie says:

    If she’s as batsh*t crazy as she’s rumoured to be, I have no difficulty believing this story. Get out Ryan, while you still can!!!

  45. tru tru says:

    hmph, her clock is not ticking its her bank account that she’s worried about.

    RUN Ryan RUN!!

  46. Gene Parmesan says:

    Their offspring will be all chin. A lil’ jay leno or Rumer Willis.
    Im done with being disappointed with Ryan, none is holding a gun to his head to be with this witch, he is with her so therefore he is not as hyegirlhey nice girl we all thought, cos Eva is a major bitch, and i have direct knowledge. Plus she is being snapped daily cos umm she has no job?

    • lucy says:

      Yehh, agree, when is she going to work ?? And I don’t understand why she’s still getting roles , there are hundreds of MORE talented and unknown actresses behind every palm tree in LA. She ‘s really a lucky women !!!! This one is for the 100 comments !!

    • lora says:

      I agree. No one’s holding a knife to his neck or a gun to his head, forcing him to be in this relationship. Birds of a feather always flock together. He puts on the niceness when the interview cameras are rolling, but we have no idea who he really is in real life.

  47. Olive says:

    Those blue hipster wanna be sunglasses need to go! She’s been wearing them since the Paris photos…. Terrible

  48. carrie says:

    I wonder if this article will be the last straw for Ryan?
    Or will he continue to see her anyway? The fact that a friend of mine saw Ryan with Eva at Knotts Berry Farm last night makes me worried he might actually be considering doing this. I really hope he doesn’t, as I feel it would be a very bad decision, judging from Eva’s known reputation.

    • mercy says:

      Why would it be? If anyone knows how the tabloids work, it’s a fellow celeb.

      That your friend saw them together at Knott’s makes me more inclined not to believe this story. That, and the fact that it’s the Star, and both have said they either don’t want (her) or don’t have time (him) for kids right now. It sounds like they’re still acting like kids themselves. Coasters and caffeine aren’t good for baby lol.

      And I guess they weren’t being followed by papps at Knott’s. Maybe those photo ops are reserved for quashing the breakup rumours that start when they haven’t been papped together for awhile.

      (Just for the record, I’m of the opinion that they won’t break up until after their movie comes out.)

  49. person3514 says:

    Don’t really have an opinion about Ryan. I don’t think I’ve seen anything with him, but I’ve seen Eva. I want to like her, but she seems like an annoying stuck up bitch. I hope this story isn’t true aand if it is, I hope he wraps it up. I can’t stand women who trick men into getting them pregnant. Disgusting.

  50. Daisy says:

    If a man doesn’t want children HE will take precautions. I wonder if he is a fan of the pull out method?

  51. Bubulle says:

    IIRC she was pregnant 3 years ago but lost her baby, next thing you know she went in rehab. years

  52. Monie says:

    #100? 🙂

  53. cheerfulgee says:

    Here is an equation:
    (One of the most desired men on this planet looking fairly miserable) + (One of the hottest women on the planet wearing strangely unattractive baggy clothing for about the last month) = Well who really knows, but I would give it about 6 weeks…..

  54. CC says:

    I just hope Ryan is wise enough to shrink wrap his sh*t if he’s not into it. Men can be so dumb sometimes in things like that….

  55. The Original Mia says:

    I guess I’m alone in not caring about them as a couple as I’ve never squeed over Ryan Gosling to begin with. Oh, well…

  56. janessa says:

    This has got to be the strangest couple ever. They look so wooden when they are together. No laughing, no smiling, no conversation. Just frowns. Odd.

  57. Newtsgal says:

    Just want to help Kaiser get over the 100 mark…hehehehe!
    Happy Friday Ya’ll!

  58. Missy says:

    You know, if I was with Ryan I don’t think you could smack the smile off my face. I’d be smiling while running around in the most unflattering workout clothes/sun dresses/mom jeans/fugly orange jumpers/onesies and pantaloons ever seen by man, and I’d have trouble trying to get that Starbucks crap down my throat on account of all smiling. Even when I’m rude and belittling to all the peasant graced with my presence, I’d be doing it with the biggest shit eating grin you have ever seen, you know why? BEACUSE HE IS RYAN F–KING GOSLING!!!
    I think I’d also be working and trying not to give him and the world the impression that I’m more then just a washed up jobless aging bimbo who has an acting resume so embarrassing pathetic on its own but held up next to his, it wouldn’t even be worthy enough for him to use as toilet paper.

  59. anon says:

    it doesn’t necessarily mean that Eva is special. It may just mean he wasn’t aware they were going to be there. It is New York [meaning not LA] and he was there all the time and managed not to get papped everyday. Or it could just mean that he doesn’t care about Eva enough to fight with her over something that won’t hurt or help his career either way. I mean why wouldn’t he? Psuedo- special Eva or not.

  60. garvels says:

    If her clock is ticking(I hate this phrase)and she is 38 years old then she would not be dating a 31 year old hollywood hottie.

    I strongly believe that this is purely a Hollywood PR relationship. My instincts think she probably prefers lesbian relationships.

    • dina says:

      I’ve heard rumblings of lesbian rumours over the years about Eva as well. I guess it’s not impossible that this could be a possible bearding situation. Hollywood is a strange place, and the lengths some celebs go to hide things is astronomical sometimes. That may explain the lack of chemistry? Hard to say.

      • Peach Dancer says:

        I doubt these rumours are completely untrue. She talks about girl crushes a lot, keeps bringing up Annette Benning and Julianne Moore, who played a lesbian couple in a great movie a few years ago. Look at pics with her and women, she actually has a nice smile. I remember a few years ago she flat out in an interview said “I don’t date dudes”. She did this foto shoot with Terry Richarson a while ago.

        For promotion (and the Gosling/Mendes thing is a big attention grab for her) she may be Bi. I doubt they only played scrabble in that hotel room in Thailand. She was in a long term relationship with a guy, and maybe is now trying to convince Gosling to be her beard. Or is desperately trying to keep him by convincing him she fell in love with him. Loosing him means she will fade away into absolute oblivion. She has no projects coming up and the one interesting movie (Holy Motors) she was in during her whole career, she wasn’t even invited to the premiere. Maybe her being a lesbian and not living her life the way she wishes is also the reason she appears so unhappy and fell into the alcohol/drug abuse thing. If she is smart she could actually capitalise from this situation with coming out and get some big headlines from it.

      • penny says:

        If she actually is a lesbian, I don’t know why she would want to hide it. Her coming out wouldn’t be that big of a deal. Maybe she doesn’t want to disappoint her mostly male fanbase who buy into her sexpot image? That’s how she made her career, afterall.

    • perry says:

      Are your instincts usually right?
      I have the same feeling. There is something not quite right going on with this couple. Somehow it doesn’t seem real or genuine.

    • lucy says:

      Yeh, absolutly, if her clock is ticking she shouldn’t want babies with a guy 10 years younger than her ( she’s probably 41 or more). She should know this relationship won’t last and try to find someone of her age or older. And does Ryan really want babies with the women who had sex in 50 states ? Well, why not ??!! Their kids would certainly be very proud of their mom’s performance ! This is a big joke, I can’t believe it’s something else than PR.

    • Liv says:

      Yeah, something’s off between them, that’s for sure. First I thought he’s bearding for her and they are doing this just for their film – but there are a few sightings of them without paps which confuses me. Maybe she’s bi, they thought they should support the film and have now a loose relationship?

  61. shocked&appalled says:

    I don’t understand her appeal. She is just so… meh. Her acting? Meh. Her style? Meh. Her image? Meh. Meh. Meh.

  62. Faxon415 says:

    What is up with the assumption that women have to be on the pill? What ever happened to condoms?

    • marley says:

      Yeah, what happened to condoms? Doesn’t anybody use them anymore?

      • NYC_girl says:

        I just looked at the condoms I keep in my bedside table and they’re about to expire. LOL

  63. Kosmos says:

    I guess only time will tell if they are a real couple and stay together…it takes time for them to know if they will ultimately be a very long term couple. They must go through their trials like every other couple, to see if it’s a good fit..if the pregnancy thing is true, well, I can totally understand Ryan not wanting to become a dad just yet and take on those responsibilities. He’s still working on his career. Even if she’s 38 and wants a child, I think both partners should want a child. I don’t even think they’ve been dating long enough to move into being parents yet, geez, it’s just too soon and I doubt he is ready…is this story really true?

  64. moopsie says:

    she’s gorgeous but she should smile more

  65. Lana says:

    OK, you don’t “trap” a man by secretly getting pregnant. Where he puts his junk and whether he’s using protection of his own is his responsibility. She’s hardly forcing him to bone her.

  66. dragonlady sakura says:

    Hmm, my biological clock stopped ticking a year ago and I never took it into the shop to get fixed. Oh, well…

    • lafairy says:

      LOL!!! excellent!
      These clicking clock comments are pathetic and very sexist, men experience the same decrease of fertility and the same risks ( down syndrom, rare desease) do we hear such hateful comments towards them?

      So thanks for the laugh!

      PS: ladies we are way much more than just ovaries, just rise up to higher expectations for our gender!
      PS2: I don’t care if she is older than him 8 or 10 years are not a big deal especially if you look like her… and she is not just a walking uterus with for sole purpose to pop out babies… and I don’t even like her!

  67. starr says:

    They were seen taking a flight to canada from lax today.
    I hope that doesn’t mean she’s pregnant and he’s taking her to meet his family?!!

    • Missy says:

      Yeah Eva was really low key in some lovely neon green pants, seriously how can anyone be so style retarded, it’s like she goes out of her way to look bad.
      I don’t think she’s pregnant or can possibly even get pregnant, not without some IVF help. This is all just more of her PR crap

    • stellalovejoydiver says:

      If he knocked her up he´s beyond stupid.
      I kind of hope it happened, because it will be such a drama, especially when he eventually break ups with her. I bet she´s gonna lose it. Sorry for the kid though.

    • fooh says:


      what are they doing everyday?

  68. Missy says:

    Um is anyone else wondering why Ryan has stopped working, it’s been a couple of months now since he wrapped in Thailand, and I haven’t read about any upcoming projects.
    He’s becoming a lazy Hollywood bum like her, he would be getting offered the cream of the crop of roles at the moment, you’ve got to strike while the iron is hot Ryan cause it won’t always be like this, this is the time to do the best work of your career, from the beginning she’s been a bad influence on him.
    If your going to give up your career to have a family, I understand that, but do for someone’s who’s worth it and who’s genuinely the wife and mother type.

    • aimee says:

      I hope he doesn’t make the huge mistake of knocking her up either. It’s career suicide, as he said so himself that he doesn’t want to act when he becomes a father. And she is not a woman he should be settling down with, but that’s just my opinion. Now is not the time. He is at the top of his game professionally at the moment, so he should stay focused on getting good projects. I agree that Eva’s been bad news for him ever since he got together with her. Even if it’s mostly for PR, it’s not benefiting him in the least.

      • april says:

        I totally agree. If he slows down now, there’s always another up and coming actor who is more talented and more hungry for roles nipping at his heals, ready to take his place.

    • james says:

      He does have a project coming up with Terrence Malick in september, and another movie with called Logan’s Run, but it’s a ways off. He’s not really as booked up as I thought he’d be.

    • lucy says:

      I don’t agree with you. I think he has worked too much last year, he had 4 films released, “Crazy Stupid Love” and “The Ides of March” were not that good. He has been too much exposed. What he really needs is making good choices, not working a lot and be more discreet with his private life. This year, he has again 3 movies coming up, and the Terrence Malick, maybe another NWR. And I hope he’s going to be on this poject with Gaspar Noe about the suicide of Teresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake.

      • Missy says:

        True, those films were pretty forgettable, but I what I meant was that he can afford to be picky because he’d be getting offered some pretty good roles and he’s gonna miss out on them cause he’s too busy bumming around with her.

    • tom says:

      I’m disappointed he’s made the decision to “go Hollywood.” To sell out and play the game. Displaying his private life, which isn’t so private anymore, on tabloid covers and staging many a photo op with his irrelevant C list bimbo girlfriend. All the acclaim and respect he’s worked so hard for, and he’s flushing it down the can?! Ryan, why?

    • Creme says:

      “He’s becoming a lazy Hollywood bum like her, he would be getting offered the cream of the crop of roles at the moment, you’ve got to strike while the iron is hot Ryan cause it won’t always be like this, this is the time to do the best work of your career, from the beginning she’s been a bad influence on him.
      If your going to give up your career to have a family, I understand that, but do for someone’s who’s worth it and who’s genuinely the wife and mother type.” –> WHAT?! I’m sorry, but this is crazy talk. He has been working NON STOP for the best year and has already wrapped 3 films that are slated to be released this year – i.e. The Place Beyond the Pines, Gangster Squad, and the Refn film. He did not have any breaks between each film- he went from one to the next. So what if he’s taking some time off now? He has had a crazy hectic schedule. He will start filming the new Malick film and then move on to Logan’s Run soon. I dislike Mendes as much as the next girl, but I don’t think it’s fair to knock on his work ethic which has been anything but lazy thus far.

    • Nina says:

      @Lucy I’m not excited by his upcoming movies except the Terrence Malick one.

      Gangster Squad : awful trailer
      The Place beyond the pines : awful cast
      Only god forgives : Drive 2.0

      He used to take risks. Now he works with the same directors and plays the driver character over and over.

  69. fooh says:

    Her unhappy face is due to her long-time smoking habit. Her corner of mouth is more drooping than anyone at the same age non smokers (whether she is 38 or a little over), plus what you see in her forehead. Aging does this to everyone but smoking accelerates it.

  70. fooh says:

    Excuse me, I somehow could not edit my previous comment. so posting it again.
    I have concluded that her unhappy face is due to her long-time smoking habit. Her corner of mouth is more drooping than same age non smokers (whether she is at Hollywood official 38 or a little over), plus what you see in her forehead. Aging does this to everyone but smoking accelerates it on facial appearance.
    And her everyday going to Starbucks to get coffee, or rather to be photographed is just so over the top, pathetic.

  71. violet says:

    I liked him better when he was with Rachel or when he was a single ladies man about town. He seemed much happier during those parts of his life. I don’t care for this glum-looking Ryan we’ve seen ever since this relationship started.

  72. ToastedSkin says:

    a baby?! they’ve been dating for what, a year? a bit early for that dont ya think, Eva?
    god she will do anything to tie him down.

  73. martine says:

    They just flew to Montreal together. I wonder what they are doing there?

    • farrah says:

      Someone on the Just Jared site thinks he might have taken her there to propose. Apparently that’s where he proposed to Rachel. I’m really hoping not. It would be a huge mistake. But I guess he’ll learn, one day.

  74. april says:

    i liked him better with rachel too!

  75. julie says:

    I read so many articles about Eva.. that she believes she is 100% A+ list, and her career comes before all else and is not interested in marriage or kids. I don’t believe that she wants a kid unless she thinks it will further her career or improve her horrible image. Plus they hint now and then that maybe Ryan is gay.. jus’ saying

  76. Leigh cook says:

    I think people are getting sick of this guy and all these PR photos.
    Cant see how this is helping his career

  77. Hakura says:

    I’m just wondering if she’d doing this because she’s afraid the relationship with Ryan is going downhill… If they have a CHILD together, he’ll be tied to her for the rest of his life, & maybe she mistakenly believes he wouldn’t leave her if there was a kid involved.

    Odd to see a successful celeb pulling such a ‘goldigger’ move.

  78. charlotte says:

    I noticed that Eva has pretty much become the main focus of his life. He spent christmas with Eva and her family instead of his own, and that was only after a few months. And instead of seeing his own mother on mother’s day, he spend that day in NY with Eva. I wonder why he’s always put her before his family all the time? It’s obvious she’s desperate to hang onto him to stay relevant in Hollywood. It’s like he’s got these rose colored glasses on, and is refusing to take them off and see what kind of a person she really is. If he’s decided to marry and start a family with her, it will be heartbreaking. That means he will just have to learn the hard way.

    • stellalovejoydiver says:

      But he always looks so miserable with her. If he´s doing this, it would make sense somehow if he would look like head over heels in love, but he just seems not that into her. I really don´t get those two.

  79. Molly says:

    We’re not at 100 comments people!!!! Keep them coming!

  80. ema82m says:

    If she does get knocked up she’s going to have to cut back on her coffee intake!

  81. patty says:

    Well, she’s 41. I know it’s not impossible to have a baby at that age, but the risks are high. She shouldn’t be pressuring Ryan if it’s something he’s not ready for.
    Sounds like they both need to move on, but judging that they are still together, and Ryan is now introducing her to his family, I have a bad feeling he might actually be considering it. I really hope not!

  82. Nina says:

    I don’t care about Eva… Where’s George? We haven’t seen any pics of his dog for a while. He used to bring it everywhere.