Tom Hardy is furry, under- dressed for UK premiere: gorgeous or too scruffy?

In my unyielding Fassbender-lust, I completely overlooked another hot guy at last night’s Prometheus premiere in London: TOM HARDY. Yes, it was a good night for ladies who love men with big, beautiful beards. I have to admit… my favorite is always Michael Fassbender. Even when he looks like hell, even when his suit is horrible, even when his pants are awful, I still prefer The Fassbender to everyone else. That being said, I always appreciate some Tom Hardy. I wonder why Tom came out for this premiere? He’s worked with Idris Elba before (I think they’re mates), but Idris wasn’t at the premiere. Are Tom Hardy and Fassy friends? Imagine hanging out with both of them together. Imagine…casual flirtations… eye contact… Tom leans in, staring at your mouth… while Fassy slowly runs his fingers on your neck and back. GAH.

Hardy has certainly improved since his unfortunate Bane styles – that was when he shaved his head, bulked up and all of a sudden looked like Shrek. He’s been growing out this mangy beard for a few months, and the rest of his hair has come back in rather nicely. Tom walked the blue carpet for Prometheus solo (or, at least, we only have photos of him solo), but at the after-party, he was with his back-on fiancée Charlotte Riley. I like the way he holds her. If you remember, Tom recently said that Charlotte isn’t interested in marrying him any time soon – “She’s a difficult woman to pin down.” This needy bastard needs to pin me down.

PS… A lot of people think Tom Hardy and Logan Marshall Green look alike. There’s a resemblance, sure, but the vibe is totally different. Tom Hardy is all bedroom eyes and flirtation and Logan is just… I don’t know. He seems kind of awkward.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Pacific Coast News.

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  1. Eve says:

    I’m with Lainey…where is Idris Elba???

    Really don’t get Hardy (for Hardy, hehehe) — even less with the caveman look.

    P.S.: he reminds me of Wally Walrus (from Woody Woodpecker’s cartoons) here.

  2. Trish says:

    it is too bushy and doesn’t suit him at all. If he had trimmed it super close, kept it neat, maybe…but he really doesn’t suit it at all. *ugh*……

  3. embertine says:

    HAHAHAHA GINGER BEARDS. So wrong. But I still wouldn’t find some beard burn on my inner thighs, IFYOUKNOWWHATIMEANANDITHINKYOUDO

  4. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Oh my god..WHY???? His face is so interesting-travesty to cover it up with that forest. I love him for his talent-he is one of the best right now. Can’t wait to see his version of Bane.
    PS-I would still hit it. Beard does not take away from insane talent.

  5. Helen says:

    And she’s looking at him thinking, Hell YEAH, I’m not get tingled with that beard tonight!!!

    Honest, he’s too handsome to do this to himself and I would definitely hate on him badly if it weren’t for a movie role.

    Admirable actor (really, see Bronson!) and gorgeous man! *sigh*

  6. Anna says:

    Logan isn’t awkward, he just did a great interview for Details magazine. And Logan is hotter than Tom, though Tom is a great actor.

  7. Shel says:

    Tom and Michael are friends who went to drama school together. Michael was a year or so ahead and Tom was and still is in awe of him. Tom always has amazing things to say about Fassbender.

    “He attended the prestigious Drama Centre London, where he looked up to fellow student Michael Fassbender, who was two years older than he was. “He was a really serious method actor and we used to watch him and think, ‘F–k, man! He’s the s–t!’” said Hardy. “He was in an Irish play about this guy who came back from the First World War who was a great athlete but ended up in a wheelchair, but at lunchtime he wouldn’t come out of character and was always in his wheelchair and we’d be like, ‘Dude! Just order your lunch and come along! We’ve got an hour before we have to go back to class!’” Hardy laughs and adds, “But he was the best actor in the school.” (The Daily Beast 9/16/11)

  8. ria says:

    *Waves at Tom* “Hi Tom” Just in case he reads this. Looking fwd to TDKR. Fassy looking hawt as always. His bed hair makes this little kitty purrr. Seriously can’t wait for this crush to be over. I hate the celebrity crush but I’ve had it since watching him in the film Fish Tank, and instead of subsiding it has intensified.

  9. Stacie says:

    Thank You so Much for this Post . 3 of my Favorite men together .I’m smiling so Hard my cheeks are hurting . I’m totally swooning . :D Thanks

  10. cd says:

    i think it’s disrespectful to look so scruffy for a premiere. you are there to help sell the film to the public, some of whom who may have stood there for many hours to see you. i don’t know if the beard relates to a part, but even so, smarten up. you got a huge wage for being in it, free god-knows-what, could no doubt get a suit or tux for free – you are representing every single person that worked on the film, have some respect.

  11. Mina says:

    If a woman showed up in a similar state of shambles to a premiere people would never let her live it down. And it’s of course other women perpetuating it. “Tom looks so dirty, love it!” compared to “Ewww, couldn’t (insert female name) get her eyebrows fixed??”.

    He looks like an asshole doing that on a red carpet.

  12. Me says:

    Tom looks filthy and I love it.

  13. F5 says:

    After seeing “This Means War”, Hardy, Pine and Reese make me dry heave.
    shouldn’t have clicked.. ._.

  14. Gene Parmesan says:

    Why hasn’t Idris even done some promotion for the movie? i think maybe he is filming another?
    Plus kaiser there is more to Logan than meets the eye, he is just really shy which i think is endearing. He is hot too though!!

  15. ZenB!tch says:

    Why do we have to look at another Fassbender photo? This was a Tom Hardy post. I didn’t click on the Fassbender post for a reason.

  16. Boxy Lady says:

    When he’s clean-shaven, I always notice his lips. But with the beard, you can’t see the lips and it’s making me pay more attention to his nose. Tom Hardy has a great nose!

  17. Sayswho says:

    Logan Marshall Greene, not sexy?!?!?! Surely you jest! I think he is real subtle and fine.

  18. katie says:

    He’s too scruffy but still hot, and OH i love to hear him talk. Charlotte is so cute as a bug.

  19. Nakli says:

    Scruffy and gorgeous!

  20. kitty bye says:

    Is that lady related to John Malcovich? :D

    Shave that fur!

    WHY OH WHY so many Fassbender?

  21. MsJAPrufrock says:

    I really think Tom Hardy only showed up to the Prometheus premiere to let everyone else know that Logan Marshall-Green is not Tom Hardy.

  22. dc says:

    I don’t get the fascination with Fassbender, given that HE BROKE HIS GIRLFRIEND’S NOSE. Google it.