Nicole Kidman tells Kelly Preston to GTFO of her marriage & come to Nashville

Oh, the stories that Nicole Kidman could tell. It’s amazing that Nicole has never really sat down and done an extensive interview about her years spent with Tom Cruise, within (or adjacent to) the Church of Scientology. I imagine she was just happy to get out relatively unscathed, and she doesn’t want to even think about those mostly unhappy years? Does Nicole ever speak to anyone from her old Xenu-tastic life? Star Magazine claims she does. They say that Nicole still talks to Kelly Preston occasionally, and Nicole has reached out to Kelly in the wake of Masseur-gate. Allegedly, Nicole is encouraging Kelly to leave John Travolta and come to Nashville for some rest & relaxation (from Xenu).

In recent weeks, Kelly Preston has found an ally in Nicole Kidman. The two women have been close since the early ‘90s when both were married to high-profile Scientologists.

“Nicole called Kelly as soon as she heard about John’s issues,” a friend says. “She is urging Kelly to come to her ranch in Tennessee for a month with her kids, Ella and Benjamin. Nic thinks her friend needs time away from John, so she can get counseling from non-Scientologists.”

While Kelly and John have endured rumors about his sexuality for years, Kelly has always stood by her man. But this time, friends fear the scandal may be too much for the 49-year-old actress.

“Nicole is worried that Kelly is going to become dependent on alcohol again,” the source explains. “Kelly’s been sober recently, but this is a full-scale crisis. At Nicole’s house there is no alcohol, because Keith Urban is sober. So it would be a good retreat for Kelly.”

For her part, Kelly seems open to the idea. “She has said she is going to Tennessee after she wraps up a few things – legal things,” the insider reveals. Unfortunately, divorce may not be a real option for the couple, as it’s frowned upon by the Church of Scientology.

“John is doing everything he can to keep Kelly,” the friend says. “He’s a wreck though, and Kelly feels sorry for him – sorry enough to not just totally walk out on him. But she may be considering her options and talking to lawyers.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

As if you needed any more evidence that Nicole Kidman is a Suppressive Person, right? That’s how Scientologists see it, and trust me, Kelly Preston isn’t going to give up her beliefs in CoS just because her husband loves dong (allegedly.). So while I could see Nicole calling Kelly to gloat about how she (Nicole) got out of her “Boys Only” marriage, I don’t see Kelly and Nicole really reaching out to each other in times of crisis.

In any case, Gossip Cop has a very specific denial – from Nicole Kidman’s rep. Not Kelly’s. Not John’s. So… maybe only the Nicole Kidman part of this story is false? I could buy that.

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  1. brin says:

    Well if the Nicole Kidman part of the story is false, there isn’t a story.
    Wish this was true!

    • TheOriginalTiffany says:

      You know what really gets me? COS demands divorces.
      Made my grandfather get divorced and declared SP, made my young aunt and uncle get married and divorced multiple times all at COS demands.

      That must only apply to the money makers. Kelly is fully entrenched, she’s not going anywhere unless she never wants to see her kids again. This is serious shit, people. There is a reason Nicole doesn’t see her older kids very much. I am so glad most see the BS of COS. CULT.

      • QoFE says:

        OriginalTiffany – interesting! You had/have family in Co$? I’m obsessed and always doing research. I’ve read some crazy crap from defectors including, Jenna Miscavige who has a pretty intense website.

      • TheOriginalTiffany says:

        yeah, I’ve talked about it a lot. You could probably do a search here and find it all. My grandfather married his young mistress and had two kids younger than me. They were SDA at the time. He a banker, she a dentist. Loads of cash, cushy life.
        Not so my grandmother.
        So, the new family joins COS, they still live at home, but get weird. She did an assist on me when I was having an asthma attack. I was like, thanks for tickling my back, but can I get my inhaler now?
        Flash forward. All of them living in the blue building, I’m heading up my division at CHLA next door. They keep trying to get me to come for lunch, to meet them, etc. I don’t, cuz the creepy is strong now. They all sign billion year contracts now except for my grandfather who wants out.
        Send him for retraining (brainwashing) in Clearwater, held captive in hotel rooms, etc. finally gets out, name ruined, declared SP, wife divorces him, not a dime to his name.
        Mistress dentist now cleans floors with a toothbrush. The kids would visit once per year to my moms. Married off at 18 to so eone the church picks, early divorces and remarriages. Slave labor.
        My aunt tried to escape and call and show up at my moms, only to be collected by the black cars a few hour after running. Now we are SP. as if we care, though my mother worries about her young half sister. My grandfather relocated across the country and will die alone, having abandoned his first family and running from the cult lost the second family. He did the right thing, but too little too late.
        I wonder how long before my au t tries another runner. Everything you have read is true.
        They steal, they ruin, they sue, they besmirch, and they never let their secrets out if they can. It’s worse than what most think.
        We really thought he would be killed during the repromming thing, as he went missing for a long time before getting out.
        Beyond weird. Sorry for the big story.

      • gg says:

        OriginalTiff – thank you so much for your insider insight. There are still way too many people who do not understand how serious and debilitating the methods of the Co$ are. Because, well, contrary to their false reports of zillions of members, there are scant out and proud Co$ers for normal people to talk to to see a) how zombie they are with their own eyes; and b) speak to people who have gotten out and can share their stories.

        If people don’t do their own research they will be sorely underinformed unless they know an Anonymous zealot who has the energy to go into all the horrendous activities of this crazy den of power and money-hungry grifters. It’s a long list for sure.

      • littlemissnaughty says:

        @ Tiffany: Wow, thanks for sharing that. I usually skip posts that have to do with COS because this stuff makes my skin crawl and I’ve already read so many horror stories.
        I’m so glad my government has labeled them a cult. I’m all for freedom of religion … as long as it really is a religion. These people are criminals.

      • TinyDancer says:

        Personally I feel a lot of the negative press and rumors that surround Nicole Kidman come from CoS. I could be wrong, but it seems like a few of them feed rumors and blind vices to Ted C and others.

      • erika says:

        original tiffany -
        I’m SO sorry you had to witness all this mess from your family. I sincerely pray that your family members can find some peace and independence.

        Never heard from anyone in my life who had any insight into Scientology and from yours it sounds horrific, a true CULT and a CRIMINAL sounding operation at that!

        Peace and abundance.

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        Oh, thanks you guys. I’ve talked about it pretty openly here.
        It feels pretty far removed now. He moved most of the country away and I do feel bad for my two relations who no matter how they try, they can’t get out. It’s a billion year contract. They will hunt your ass down.

        I am sure all the crap about Nicole being a bad mom stem from the cult. L.Ron Hubbard’s whole MO was sue, sue and destroy. This is an admitted (by him) scam to get people’s money based on a sic-fi book. No religion at all.

        I highly recommend you guys look into the book we had all discussed here-Inside Scientology. Every word true. More higher up are defecting and their base is crumbling no matter what they say. The more people speak out, the better chance we have of getting rid of Xenu. Or you can just watch the hilarious South Park episode. Sums it up purty good.
        So that’s the one nut ball part of the family… Now we are SPs we will never see them again.

        Please do not judge Nicole too harshly for her older kids. I know exactly what went on. Same as they do for anyone that dares leave.

        Add from a below post of mine. THIS is why it is so hard for younger people to leave. THIS is how they control their cult members.

        They have a sick hold. My aunt and uncle were kids when they were put in. No degrees, no job skills, no money, live in squalor. They have no skills in the real world, especially with social, financial, etc. The cult runs every minute of their lives. I’m not joking.

      • Carolyn says:

        We went to a Mind/Body/Spirit festival yesterday and Scientology had a booth and there were tons of people doing the “free stress tests”. Sigh. Not all see through the nonsense. My daughter wanted to do one and I virtually pulled her away saying “No – step away from the cult!”.

        I’m with those of you warming towards Nic and Keith. I tend to think CoS place all the anti-Nic stories out there too. Putting it out there wondering what possible connection Ted C has with CoS and why he has fallen for it too (as others have already said).

    • Tess says:

      Maybe the reason why Kelly Preston was an alcoholic in the first place was because of her husband, very possible.

      • Jazzmin says:

        I don’t feel sorry for these women who marry these rich Hollywood types. The types that are gay but hide it with their Scientology “religion” The women know who these men are, but they choose the rich cushy life over real love and a real marriage. In the end after all the years of lies and control they realize is not as great as they thought. These women of Hollywood and Scientology help in the big lie and cover up. Kelly Preston is reaping what she sow years ago I don’t feel bad for her one bit. Nicole got out, only reason she did not end up broke and alone is because she build a career of her own and was smart enough to get out before it was to late for her.

  2. mln76 says:

    Kelly isn’t a sympathetic figure. She went into the marriage knowing about John’s sexuality and she’s plotted to keep John in the closet and tied to her hence the ‘miracle’ test tube baby. Her power comes from keeping JT in Scientology she’s not going anywhere.

  3. Marjalane says:

    This sounds like a total fairytale story. Kelly will never abandon Xenu, and I don’t think Keith Urban is sober. I saw him about a year ago and he was toasted.

    • marie says:

      I think I read somewhere that he’s back in rehab.

      • Kimlee says:

        He not in rehab he was at the CMT’s and was all so photograph with the kids visiting Nicole on the set of her new movie.

      • Unoriginal Ella says:

        Keith is a mentor on Australia’s version of The Voice and from all appearances is a genuine, down to earth guy. He seems really sweet and sincere so I doubt the rehab story has any truth to it.
        Not to say that means there’s no chance he’s drinking but he certainly seems sober on the voice
        As much as you can tell from a television show anyways he’s awesome :)

      • marie says:

        well thanks for setting me straight, I really didn’t know. I saw a quick headline, but it was probably from years ago..

      • Sassy pants says:

        I saw Keith in concert two years ago and he is definitely NOT sober. Left the stage toward the end of the concert and entered a draped booth near where I was seated. The lights in the booth were put out and he stayed in there for 3-5 minutes.I thought maybe he was changing because he was sweaty. But, no. He emerged still sweaty and in the same clothes. He sang the last few songs seated on a stool with his eyes half mast looking totally wasted. I’d be very, very surprised if he is truly sober. Shame, really because I think he’s incredibly talented.

    • olcranky says:

      I actually think Kelly’s completely into Xenu, maybe even moreso than John to be honest. I also doubt that Kelly would stay in touch with SP Kidman unless CO$ wanted her to in order to get an idea of any evil things Kidman may try to say/do

    • Vacationbarbie says:

      In reply to comment #3 by Sassy Pants…

      Keith Urban goes backstage to call his wife and sometimes he has an energy bar during the break between the encore. He doesn’t have time to ‘change his clothes’ like some Prima Donna, or would that be Don? LOL

      Seriously, how can anyone say what anyone does in a 3 minute break.

      In regards to the rest CO$ is some scary stuff.

  4. Neelyo says:

    I can’t imagine that Kidman has anything to do with any Scientologists, especially one who has been so entrenched in Scientology and such a vocal advocate, like Preston.

  5. Agnes says:

    yeah, i feel like kelly knew what she was getting into, at least partially. still, i feel bad for her. she appears brainwashed.

  6. Bored suburbanhousewife says:

    Don’t think Nicole would interfere or ever ever talk about Nutjob or COS. if she does we will eventually be reading the headline “Actress Kidman has been In an accident and is not expected to recover.”

  7. Talie says:

    Yeah, the rumor is that Kelly is way more into CoS than John, so I doubt she would want anything to do with Nicole. But seriously, I feel for Nic, she got out unscathed…true, but she lost her children in the process. That’s just wrong.

  8. Seagulls says:

    Nicole Kidman always wear the best lipsticks. They’re just beautiful!

  9. kibbles says:

    I don’t think this story is true but I wish it were. Nicole probably wants nothing to do with any Scientologists from her past (sadly, that also includes her adopted children) and probably signed a contract stating she couldn’t reveal any secrets from her marriage with Cruise or what she heard or saw at these Scientology gatherings. Thank goodness she was smart enough not to become completely absorbed in this mess or otherwise she would have never been able to leave, just like Kelly! I hope Kelly regains enough sense to reach out to ex-Scientologists who can help her get outside help to decide what she needs to do to leave her sham marriage. She might have been brainwashed by the CoS but Travolta has really crossed the line too many times and this scandal might finally be the push Kelly needs to leave him.

  10. Ari says:

    I honestly think that Kelly lured John into CoS to “make him normal” but of course, John would have wanted to be that way in the first place. Or was John into it before he met Kelly? I dunno. The whole thing reeks of desepration on Kelly’s part. Perhaps John cannot control his urges any longer (or lost control along the way maybe) and now its just gonna all come out. I personally cannot wait to see how this unfolds. I dont think Nicole would bother with Kelly because she would obviously know the deal behind that couple to begin with and I am sure its not pretty or something she wants to get involved with at this juncture. But who knows.

  11. Anon says:

    No way this is true. Kelly Preston is a hard core Scientologist, more involved and entrenched than JT. A true believer, unlike JT who I sense has had his moments of doubts. Run, John, Run!!

  12. eileen says:

    Run to Tennesee Girl! Run!

  13. stinky says:

    she’s just not gonna get w/ the bangs, is she. pity. CAUSE SHE NEEDS SOME. why will no one in all of Hollywood tell her!??

  14. Bad Irene says:

    Don’t think Nicole would want to get involved with anyone from COS again in a hurry, and Kelly would not accept help from a SP anyway. Kinda off topic but I have a theory that Nicole was never tainted by the COS after her divorce for two reasons
    1. A contract with Tom Cruise which may have involved cold hard cash
    2. Rupert Murdoch and his wife who Nicole is good friends with. Shortly after Nicole and Keith were married and he went into rehab it was rumoured that some very juicy stories were due to see the light of day, the News of the World bought the exclusives and never published to save Nicole’s rep.

  15. MommaK18 says:

    I love Nicole and Keith….I doubt she is helping Kelly and staying as far as she can from all this CO$ mess….

    Nicole was smart to get out while she can and you can see the happiness and success she’s had out from under the thumb of CO$ and Tom. If only Katie was so wise….

    • Kimlee says:

      Thing is Nicole didn’t need Tom money or fame she is a celebrity in her own right. Now Katie needs Tom she is nothing with out him, if it wasen’t for Tom she would have a movie career, her ” fashion” line or have the money. I don’t see Katie giving that up any time soon if not at all.

      • Miss T says:

        Well Nicole didn’t leave Tom anyway. He left her.

      • kibbles says:

        There is a reason why Katie and Kelly were chosen as CoS wives. When Tom picked Nicole, she was a rising star who later eclipsed Cruise. Nicole valued her career more than CoS so the relationship was doomed. They were simply unable to control her. She also had two miscarriages during her marriage her Cruise. Her second miscarriage towards the end of their marriage which I had read somewhere that Cruise contributed to due to all the stress he was putting on her.

        On the other hand, Kelly and Katie have always been C list stars. They are more dependent on Travolta and Cruise for their lavish lifestyles and to raise their celebrity profile since their careers have stalled. It was obvious from the start that Katie was starstruck by Cruise and would have been easily manipulated into probably doing anything to be his girlfriend and eventual wife.

  16. aims says:

    Am I the only one who feels like Kelly sold her soul here? I feel like, maybe, she knew what she was getting into, loved the contacts he could provide her, and the money for the lifestyle that she enjoys. When they go our in public, I never see them show affection to one another. I almost want to say that they’re bestfriends, but not in a happy, passionate marriage. Maybe it’s wrong for me to say that, I just don’t get the feeling that they’re hot and heavy at home. They both know their place in this relationship, and they know where their place is to one another.

    • Anne de Vries says:

      Then again, as long as there is no deception, is that so bad? Does every marriage need to be passionately hot and heavy until the end of time?

      • aims says:

        I agree with you. Not every marriage is hot and heavy. Everyone has their own ideas for their relationships. What’s important to one, may not be for another. If she knew what she was getting into, then it’s their own business. I guess it makes me sad to hear about how some people still feel that they need to live an untruthful life. Everyone has the right to be who they are, and love who they want.

    • gg says:

      Yeah, she sold her soul all right. Willingly. I just wish one day she would come to her senses. It’s never too late.

    • MommaK18 says:

      Either way Nicole got lucky….
      And to remarry a man like Keith Urban who is the opposite of Tom. He’s down to earth and relatable.

      I’ve met him twice and seen him in concert numerous times. He seems nothing less than a gentleman and a family man!

  17. Ravensdaughter says:

    Ack-the pearl hair pins-scary look. Nicole needs to tone things down a bit-she’s not in her 30′s..

  18. Anne de Vries says:

    Nicole Kidman doesn’t talk about $cientology because the Co$ has her children hostage, plus what is likely to be years worth of confessions of her deepest secrets.

    As long as she doesn’t speak out and alienate her children, she can maintain some degree of contact with them and be there for them should they ever decide to get out of the cult.

    In that light it doesn’t surprise me there was an immediate denial from her rep – she has worked hard to maintain a difficult position and she can’t have that ruined by rumours.

  19. Kloops says:

    With the majority here. BS story, Kelly is way into Co$ and has no intention of leaving. I doubt Nicole Kidman wants anything to do with Co$ and it’s members. She gave up her children to be free, she will not risk it for KP.

    • Lee says:

      She did not “give up her children”, they were separated from her when Tom left her. CO$ and Tom declared her a “SP” and made her essentially off-limits to her children. Parental Alienation with a slight cult-twist.

      I do agree though that she would have no interest in contacting Kelly – why endanger herself in any way?

    • OriginalTiffany says:

      Kloops read my above story before you say she LEFT her children. I can assure you she was a declared SP and therefore cannot talk to any COS members, if THEY get caught talking with an SP, guess what happens?

      They will allow once yearly visits to non-sp family outside the cult. That stops when and if you or they try to help get them out of said CULT.

  20. lucy2 says:

    Nicole is smart to publicly state she is not involved and it’s not true. Otherwise COS will be all over her.
    I too have the impression Kelly is way into it. If John decides to bail on them, COS will probably try to make Kelly a victim, and then set her up with a cushy new life and love eventually.

  21. RobN says:

    There have been lots of rumors lately about big name “believers” bailing on COS. Lisa Marie is out, Kirstie Alley who was very vocal is apparently trying to get out. Wouldn’t surprise me if Preston becomes part of the exodus. It’s easier to go when you’re not the first; easier if it’s a bandwagon.

  22. Jackie says:

    what is SP ? In the UK we are not familiar with this Co$; it sounds so dreadful and as said, like selling your soul :-{

    • Chatcat says:

      CO$ = the Church of Scientology which is nothing but a big cult that stupid ass people fall into.
      SP = “supressed person” in the looney world of CO$.

    • OriginalTiffany says:

      Supressive Person. It means they will mess with your Xenu soul and give you bad juju.
      That’s how F-ing stupid this is.
      If you are an SP, you will be shunned by COS, they know they will be branded SP as well.
      They have a sick hold. My aunt and uncle were kids when they were put in. No degrees, no job skills, no money, live in squalor. They have no skills in the real world, especially with social, financial, etc. The cult runs every minute of their lives. I’m not joking.

  23. barb says:

    Nicole definitely had some sort of deal or pact or contract when Tom left…otherwise she would’ve been decimated by Tom and the COS. I guess Tom Cruise and the COS is too big to fight. Celebs who ‘got out’ should band together and bring them down.

  24. Jackie says:

    thank you chatcat !! A very powerful org. ! What some people will do for enduring fame !! I have thought for a while that Tom Cruise’s wife cannot leave the marriage now because she will not be allowed to have custody of Suri and most likely will be unable to see Suri even!! You sense her desperation – she seems only at peace when working on an acting project she enjoys; it is such a shame for a lovely young woman like her Before you ever have a child you cannot even imagine that as a mother you cannot ever leave your child. Lucky Nicole at not having blood children with Tom, eh!!!

  25. lisa says:

    Nicole Kidman is not getting anywhere near that mess.

  26. Lindy says:

    I kind of doubt this is true, but also kind of wish it were. And if on the off chance it *is* true, well, that just makes me like Kidman for extending a hand to someone going through something she herself had to go through.

  27. SUper says:

    what is a SP and when and why did Nicole got declared a “SP” ?

    • Jilliterate says:

      An “SP” is a “Suppressive Person,” which is what the Church of Scientology formally uses to describe anyone they consider to be an enemy of the church. If someone is declared a Suppressive Person, Scientologists are encouraged to “disconnect” from them, meaning they are to cut off all contact with them for the rest of their lives. This can be very hard when a family member leaves the Church and relatives are told they can never speak to them again.

      I’ve heard some talk before about Kidman being declared a SP, although I’ve never read anything where someone went on the record about it. If it is true, odds are it’s because she made some critical comments about the Church during her divorce from Cruise (Her Wikipedia page says that she publicly stated she didn’t want her children with Cruise to be raised as Scientologists, and I’ve heard some folks say that she never gets to see those children).

      For some fun-time reading on Wikipedia:

      Suppressive Persons:

      Operation Freakout (A historical example of what Scientology is willing to do to people they consider to be ‘suppressive’):

      • Bored suburbanhousewife says:

        Thanks for this–what incenses me is that the IRS allows this criminal enterprise that worships no Deity & has been prosecuted by the US government for multiple counts of criminal acts continues to have tax exempt status as a religion! Does this make any sense to anyone? Are they afraid?? Every US taxpayer should be infuriated by this a d DEMANDING action. They are welcome to their crackpot views., but they have. I right to taxpayer subsidization.

  28. Jilliterate says:

    This really feels fake to me, and considering Scientology has proven in the past that they’re willing to go to some scary lengths to take out their enemies, I’m thinking Star shouldn’t be so glib with their gossip. I know there are frequently “victims” of celebrity gossip, but seriously, if someone at CO$ reads this and believes it, Kidman might end up paying the price for Star’s story. I certainly wouldn’t want someone specifically naming me as performing “suppressive” acts against the Church, all for the sake of selling a few more magazines. I’ve got no love for Kidman, but Star just painted a big target on her ass and CO$ has no shortage of firepower.

  29. moo says:

    “Does Nicole ever speak to anyone from her old Xenu-tastic life?”
    They’d probably kill her.

  30. dorothy says:

    It would be great if Nicole could get Kelly away from Scientology. It’s not going to happen, but it would be the best thing for her. I really believe that they (Scientology) had a role in the death of their son by not recognizing his disability.

  31. Anon says:

    I don’t believe Nicole said anything to Kelly, she’s probably knows how much deeper Kelly is into COS than John.
    Btw, is it true that Kelly had an older boy with disabilities (before Jett, still living but with her parents or something) from a first marriage that disappeared from public record and the net except those can get it to come up on some “way-back” thingy on net? Says a lot about Kelly Preston.

  32. Vesper says:

    Years ago there was a blind item that was linked to Tom and Nicole. Allegedly, Tom was giving Nicole monthly cheques as an incentive to keep her quiet after the break up.

  33. MTS says:

    Please? who cares about kelly?

    It’s JT that I care……who doesn’t think he’s going to commit suicide after all of this horrible stuff.

    Don’t matter to me how he goes…….he always seemed so sweet and real, and talented.

    I hate all of this crap. My brother is gay and lives a normal life w/his partner.

  34. ViloDeMenus says:

    John was a speaker at the AFI event honoring Shirley Maclaine, I didn’t see any photos of Kelly next to John on his first public outing after the scandal. That says a lot to me if she wasn’t there with him. Did anyone see photos of Kelly at that event?

  35. MTS says:

    I feel so sorry for him……….that sci fi stuff that was supposed to “fix him” couldn’t. Guess why? It’s a fraud like most of Hollywood.

    I wish John would leave….go to somewhere far away and live as he wants.

    Sex is such a stupid thing to worry about…gaa, I don’t even want to think of ANYONE having sex.

    I just wish him peace. Out of the limelight for the rest of his days.

    RUN JOHN RUN………………..

  36. Boomer says:

    Kelly Preston actually seems really sweet, whenever I have seen her interviewed.

    So obviously she and John Travolta are friends with an “arrangement”, so she really doesnt need to GTFO if things are going well between them. Irrespective of whether or not John Travolta is gay (and I totally think he is), if their arrangement is good, Kelly obviously knows about it.

  37. Ally says:

    Now that she’s a bit older, Preston is starting to look like Talia Balsam. That Clooney really has a type. I don’t think he’ll be settling down with Kiebler, who looks nothing like either.

    I recommend Google Image searching “Talia Balsam”. There are some hilarious pictures of Clooney from when they were together. He looks like Russell Brand’s ‘before’ pictures.

  38. Sugar says:

    I have a foggy recollection of Tom making a statement when he & Nicole separated like ‘she knows what she did’ does anyone else remember that & what he was implying?

    • Anne de Vries says:

      I can’t find the link right now, but there is a former high-level $cientologist (I think it was Marty Rathburn) who defected and brought out a lot of intel. He revealed that (IIRC) Nicole had miscarriages and couldn’t have a child, so she and TC adopted, but she got pregnant toward the end of the marriage when TC was already deeply back into the cult. Co$ wanted Tom Cruise back into the cult fully and that wasn’t going to happen as long as he was married to NK, so they did their best to alienate them – including convincing him that she must have been cheating to get pregnant.

      The story goes that she again miscarried (not surprising in the stress and turmoil and hostility from all sides) and that she saved a tissue sample of the embryo so that she could prove she had not cheated.

      If that sounds bizarre, that’s because it is. Now think about in what state of mind she must have been to feel it was necessary to do something like that in a moment of such pain.

      I’m always impressed and relieved that she’s managed to build a life for herself and seems happy with her husband and family.

    • CL says:

      She was on a talk show (I’m pretty sure it was Letterman) and Dave was asking her about the split and when he asked her what happened she answered along the lines of “I’m really not sure”. Of course the media picked that up and ran with it (I figured she said that instead of “I can’t talk about it or I’ll never see my kids again”), and Mr. Control Freak Cruise felt the need to clear the air.
      Dave asked her if anything good had come of it, and she said “I can wear heels now”, to the audience’s enjoyment.
      I’m pretty sure CO$ told her to shut it after that.

      • Sugar says:

        thank u Anne & cl for taking time to reply. Until I started reading this site I never had any interest in TC & company but learning more about the CO$ what a dark scary thuggish group-Nicole didn’t get sucked in & was strong enough to stay true to her convictions but I sense his current wife is caught in that web with no way out unless they say so-ugh how sad.

  39. Popular celebrity of the world “Nicole Kidman”. She was a very sexy girl and her dressing is very hot and amazing and i hope everyone like it!

  40. Jackie says:

    thanks to everyone for explaining about Co$ and SP et al., I had no idea of the whole picture before. But what is “underneath” all this cult business and with the Co$ cult with the famous celebs members, do you think? It MUST be about fame and money! The Co$ must have big influence within the movie industry, and the media industry, how else could they possibly have so much control and power over so many people?
    What on earth is it that ever enables these cults to start-up I wonder. here in London, UK it seems that everyone has freedom if they want it. Although having said that, one of my first cousins is a memeber of the Jehovah Witness sect and neither her, her husband and children are encouraged (allowed?) to socialise with non- Jehovas, her mother was not allowed to give birthday presents to her grandchildren! or at Christmas !! It seems so unfair on the children. We must all celebrate being FREE, everyone!!!


    False story – they don’t own a ranch in Tennessee. There is no farm. There are no goats. She is not growing tomatoes. They don’t have an organic garden. All of that is as real as their marriage is.