Did Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson have a jealous blow-up in Cannes?

Correct me if I’m wrong, Twihards, but I believe that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have been separated since the Cannes Film Festival. And by “separated” I mean “they haven’t been in the same city at the same time in about three weeks.” Is it time for some Twihard hand-wringing? You know what I’ve noticed lately? The Twihard thing seems to be dying down. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad. Surely, it will rise up again when Breaking Dawn Part II comes out later this year. But the interest already seems to be ebbing a bit – Sparkles didn’t even make it to the MTV Movie Awards and… nothing. There was no big outcry. Twihards weren’t leaping off bridges.

So if the Twihard fan-universe seems to be fading every slightly, do you ever wonder if Kristen and Robert’s feelings for each other might fade as the Twilight Saga comes to a close? Sure, Kristen is talking about Sparkles more than ever in interviews these days (even referring to him as “my f–king boyfriend”). But is there ever trouble in paradise? Is there a reason (beyond two competing press tours) that they haven’t seen each other in weeks? Star Mag thinks so. They say Kristen and Sparkles had a big blow-up while they were in Cannes.

Life after Twilight has been rather dark for Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. While at the Cannes Film Festival recently, the couple had a huge bust-up that ended with Kristen, 22, storming out on the dashing 26-year-old Brit.

“At Rob’s Cosmopolis party, she lost her temper,” reveals an insider. “She says he was flirting with other women, but he wasn’t at all. She was in the lobby in tears.”

She stayed at the Hotel Martinez that night – while he stayed at the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc.

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

It’s weird that the tabloids always paint Kristen as super-jealous, when really – she doesn’t seem that way at all. While the Twihards always claim that Kristen is super-neurotic (and that’s why she’s so twitchy), I think Kristen probably has a very high opinion of herself, and I do mean that in a good way. I think she’s a very confident, self-assured young woman in her private life, and she’s not prone to jealous hissy fits. It’s almost like the tabloids are trying to make Kristen into the new Angelina Jolie – a tabloid creation, a temperamental villainess, a secretly needy, emotional wreck.

And for what it’s worth, Lainey says Sparkles and Kristen were flirty and cute together in Cannes.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. I.want.shoes says:

    Meh. They’ll be over once the final and last Twilight movie comes out.

    • l. says:

      Nah these two aren’t a PR couple. I don’t get how anyone can really believe that?

      • another nina says:

        …And you, stan, know it how?

        P.S. don’t bother, I don’t care either way.

      • l. says:

        Well you must care plenty, since you’re always posting about them. But keep claiming not to care ok :) It doesn’t take a stan to see they are an actual couple. Why do some people try so hard to convince people that there’s some big conspiracy? Some people are just as obsessed with proving PR theories as they are shipping them together. The latter I atleast understand even if it’s slightly creepy.

      • Hakura says:

        While I don’t have anything invested either way, as I’m both not a fan of Twilight or of either of these 2…

        I find it interesting that some people won’t take into account the possibility that their ‘relationship’ is a method of promotion… Both for Twilight itself, & for Kristen & Robert, who were both just starting out in their careers.

        The actors of the 2 leads in a romantic series actually dating eachother, you have to admit that’s kept more attention on Twilight in-between movies better then the studio ever could. Not to mention fans interest in the individual actors as a result. They aren’t stupid, whether the relationship is real or not, they have to have seen the effect it’s had on their careers.

        I’m just saying, these 2 are actors. Being able to turn it on & off, convincing people they’re someone else, is how they make their living. So I wouldn’t be *surprised* if it’s just been an extension of their roles in this franchise.

        If they’re really together, that’s great.

      • riley says:

        I think it is a possibility it’s something pr related. But having been linked together for as long as they have, and being consistently and physically together as they have, the only way this could be pr related if it was mutual bearding.

        I tend to think they are together, and sometimes they take advantage of the situation for professional purposes.

      • BitchyPerson says:

        I agree, why put up such a charade, for what? The fanbase was there regardless of the actors. Also, Stewart was in several films before this, she’s not “starting out”

      • Hakura says:

        @BitchyPerson – “Also, Stewart was in several films before this, she’s not “starting out”

        I just meant that they were ‘starting out’ because neither of them had ever gotten their foot in the door of being super successful in their careers. Their celebrity & suddenly getting opportunities they didn’t have before… is something they were both just ‘starting out’ on. They were moving up to the ‘big dogs’ territory, still learning how to handle it.
        I honestly don’t know their status (as I don’t follow them closely). They’ve managed to keep the public appearances together pretty neutral/cutesy/tame. (which isn’t wrong, it just doesn’t point me in any particular direction at guessing. I say good for them, if they are/have been in a relationship this long, supporting eachother as they waded through all the BS that comes with sudden super-stardom.

  2. marie says:

    meh, I don’t care either way. Although, it seems to me in general, when one star starts talking openly about their relationship (after denying it for months) that it flows through the crapper shortly after.

    Plus, if it were true you know she would have flipped him the bird before storming out..

  3. RocketMerry says:

    Red is her colour. Super pretty in these pics!
    And yeah, I don’t get a “jealous bitch” vibe from her either.

    • Laura says:

      Yeah seriously. I always laugh when these random tabloid stories about them pop up. They are the most boring celebrity couple (not in a bad way). But there is never any drama because they tend to be low key. Tabloids are desperate for them to do something crazy. And Kristen has never shown an ounce of jealousy (publicly anyway). They’re fine.

  4. Rosy says:

    Seeing as she never acknowledged Leighton Meester at the Mtv movie awards when accepting the best kiss award makes me think the rumors a few years back about Meester and Pattinson hooking up might be true

  5. Anname says:

    They are both back in LA now, in their house (you know, since they live together??), so I think this story is a bunch of bull. They are working actors and will be in separate cities at times, it’s sort of expected, yes?

  6. beyonce's bump says:

    okay I like them but this is boring….

  7. Jade says:

    Yeah the tabloids def. want Kristen to be the new Angie. Not sure why though. I like Kstew but isn’t quite as cunning as Angie.

    • deep says:

      Well, if the tabs are treating her as if she were like that, just like they do Angelina, I hope KS is cleaver enough to just ignore it like Angelina does. I think KS is pretty cool. She won’t pay it any attention. I really don’t think she cares. Just like Angelina.

    • Kara Ann says:

      Okay I know I’m going to get attacked but, to be fair, Angelina had a hand in creating the mythical tabloid “bad girl” image from her youth. Angelina did things that were considered shocking/controversial in her private life but it was for public consumption i.e. the brother stuff, the sex talk about Billy Bob, the sex talk in general, etc. While I believe Kristin, like all “stars” has created a persona for herself, I don’t believe it’s a shocking/controversial one. It’s more of a emo -edgy-non-conformist one if that makes sense. In other words, I don’t see any comparison between Kristin and the earlier-years Angelina.

  8. Rhea says:

    At least they spared us from the story of Villain Jolie this week. The story of “Jolie The Evil” is getting more ridiculous each time that you start to wonder why people still buying it?? :D

  9. Jade says:

    Oh and if Kstew was angry that night it mostly likely had to do with the craziness that happened with the paps and police. The video was unreal.

  10. Hanna says:

    Seriously, who the hell cares? Well I do think Sparkles thought highly of himself at cannes (after all, he did get lots of attention) lol. What a talentless douchebag-muppet.

  11. Kimbob says:

    Yeah, a non-story, really. One thing, though…I think Kristen is one of those few, rare celebs that looks better when she doesn’t have much makeup on.

    I don’t know why, but Kristen just looks better au natural. More makeup makes her look surly. The lipstick in these pics isn’t doing her ANY favors.

  12. Orly says:

    ” Sparkles didn’t even make it to the MTV Movie Awards and… nothing. There was no big outcry. Twihards weren’t leaping off bridges.”

    Oh, but they were, Kaiser. You should have seen the amount of angry tweets they sent to MTV and Josh Horowitz because of the limited amount of nominations twilight got. They believe that’s why the sparkly one didn’t show up.

  13. Julee says:

    he is flirty with females though. You can see it from his early twilight days, but it’s already been said many times before that he is the flirty kind. Nothing wrong with that.

  14. Laura says:

    #1 – red is Kristen’s color. She looked amazing that day.

    #2 – did you see the video of them at Cannes? Being super cute and affectionate? Everytime these two are separated for weeks you get these crazy stories about how it’s over. They both work and have different schedules. They’ve made that work for 3 years now. Why would it be different now? Batshit fans needs to calm their tits over them not being together at all times. The fact that they can go longer periods without seeing each other will continue to serve them well. I like them together. They’re both awkward and slightly off beat and suit each other,

  15. jess says:

    You know whats funny? OK mag has them getting married at the end of the year and Famous mag said that they got married in Cannes. Now Star says they had a big blowout. You would think that these tabloids would coordinate their stories somewhat so they seem true. My opinion, is that after Cannes Rob was promoting Cosmopolis and Kristen had to finish promoting Snow White. No big deal. As for Leighton, Kristen waved to her when she went on stage and I think she walked off with Kristen as well so I dont think there are any truth to those rumors about her and Rob. Rob was seen with Kristen in another country when that rumor came out.

  16. LittleDeadGirl says:

    So they’ve been apart for a three weeks. I wouldn’t care if they were together or broken apart, it’s not my relationship, doesn’t effect me but seriously what kind of teen relationship do you haveto be in not to take time apart from one another? They are both in the middle of promoting. Just natural.

  17. another nina says:

    yeah, whatever, yawn. I’m more perplexed by James Franco, stanning for Stew in Huffington, along the lines that Stew is a Queen, give her a crown. Plus that geriatric theme, like he called Charlize an aging actress…And when I think about it, she is probably 3 years or so older than him. Ugh, jerk.

    • Orly says:

      Wait, what?
      Does anyone take Franco seriously anymore, anyway?

      • another nina says:

        Orly, it’s a huge-huge article, an ode to Stew, basically.
        Funny thing, I had a dream last week that I was looking at two beautiful postcards, signed by some Franco ;) And I spent days afterwards trying to remember who the heck that Franco was. And then I saw an article last night and could not stop laughing. May be it’s a sign to write a wtf comment :)

      • Orly says:

        I don’t understand. What’s the point of the ode? I thought of heading over to HuffPost to read it, but I can’t be bothered.
        Maybe Franco is doing a more “sophisticated” (because he is a ‘true artist’) version of Jim Carey’s video to Emma Stone?
        I think your dream will prove prophetic. :D

    • jessie says:

      Nice to see that kristen haters still obsessively checking the web daily for news on her. You guys know more about her than most fans. Oh the irony!

      • another nina says:

        Right, stan, you got me here. I only open papers to scan them for Stew’s name. In fact, I specifically learned English to speak the language of Stew.

      • Orly says:

        Nah, I think you just don’t know the definition of irony, Jessie.
        What if someone is a regular reader of HuffPost or (god forbid) a fan of Franco?
        You do know the world doesn’t revolve around Kristen Stewart, right?

      • danni says:

        funny how your two replies are trying to convince you how they don’t care about kristen stewart yet they’ve repeatedly commented on this post and other post about these two just to shit on them.

        Everyone’s entitled to their opinion but those two seem to care a great deal about her.

      • jessie says:

        Don’t be silly! You don’t need to scan through newspapers. That’s what google alerts are for.

      • Orly says:

        Yes, Danni – you can see how HARD we are trying to convince the both of you. That’s why we wrote these HUGE missives. It’s not like we comment on any other post on celebitchy. You have just outted us.
        I will now go sob in my cereal.

        I adore Kstew days on Celebitchy. Such fun!

      • danni says:

        you don’t like her.


        but why do you follow posts and keep commenting about someone you don’t like? It’s silly and counterproductive. You obviously care enough about her to keep checking the comments on this page.

        You’re obviously regulars to this site, so there must be a celeb you like that you can focus on. I just don’t see the point of continuously commenting about someone you don’t like.

      • another nina says:

        stans, would love to talk to you more but am too busy learning Chinese – have heard they published an article about her, too! Oh the expansion of Stew Universe!
        P.S. I don’t believe in advance techniques, Stew deserves some authentic love! Back to scanning my papers!!!

        P.S. danni, honey, why do you keep insisting I don’t love my lil’ Stew?

      • Orly says:

        Hey Danni -You don’t like what I say.


        Why do you keep reading and responding on something that has nothing to do with you?

        Obviously you care about me to keep checking and commenting on this page. :P

        Thanks for the advice on who I should focus on, though. In that spirit, why aren’t you on a kstew fansite? I’m sure it’s a lovefest on those. Non?

      • jessie says:

        danni if you don’t know where to find the kristen fan sites, ask nina she can point you in the right direction :)

      • another nina says:

        Orly, that’s it – Stew is a lovefest! Golden words! Gosh, I got so worked up with excitement, I don’t know how I’ll make it through the day…So many articles to scan, so many websites to comment on… ;)
        P.S. We should be careful with you though, I recently read a story that twies reported couple of journos to FBI, just because they deemed them nonstens or some other sh.t, and as such believed they present a danger to The Stew…;)

      • Orly says:

        Nina – I hadn’t heard about the FBI but nothing surprises me with those people. Twitter is crazy with them. You don’t even need to follow them to hear about it. Did you know that @theInsneider (he works for Variety) pretty much quit twitter because they couldn’t handle his critique of SWATH and attacked him en masse? It’s what they do when anyone speaks or writes negatively about KS.

        Th whole thing would be funny if it wasn’t so weird.

      • jessie says:

        No it’s because Jeff is a little bitch and was scolded by his employer for being a major unprofessional whiney douche.

      • ORLY says:


        Are you saying that was not Jeff’s personal account? Are you also saying that the stans didn’t bombard him with tweets? What about Albert Brooks? Was he being a major unprofessional whiney douche as well?

      • jessie says:

        No I didn’t say that. It is his personal account. But he said he had a meeting with his Variety bosses and he was in trouble for some stuff. If you look at his tweets he’s constantly getting into bitch fits with other trade websites over “exclusives”. All you have to do is read his tweets to see what a whiney douche he is.

      • ORLY says:

        No, Jessie, he didn’t say all that. You’re making assumptions based on his last tweet:

        “UPDATE: After a carefully considered meeting, I have decided to take a self-imposed hiatus from Twitter. I may be back. Thanks for reading.”

        He is back, it seems and he has made no mention of SWATHgate.

        What do you consider “constantly”? I’m not sure how many movie reviewers you follow, but all of those guys rag on each other all the time.
        Regardless, my point about Jeff was just an example. Kristen Stewart fans don’t tolerate criticism of her, they attack anyone and everyone. That is a fact. You know it.

      • jessie says:

        LOL. A bunch of harmless fangirls tweeted him because he was painfully harsh. And he was an immature brat much like you are. And if you read his tweets back and forth with Josh Dickey his alludes to getting some heat. This was before his account was suspended (or he just stopped tweeting whatever). I’ve been reading his tweets for a long time. If you don’t see what a whiney idiot he is, that’s fine.

      • ORLY says:

        The Kristen Stewart fan calling me an immature brat!
        That, Jessie, is what I call irony.

      • another nina says:

        Jeez Orly, twies are on the roll today;)immature brat – hahahaa

    • teri says:

      He wasn’t calling theron aging or anything, it was more trying to make a parallel with the story and the notion that a new generation of actresses are coming up. He’s a crappy writer though, so yeah, he could have worded it more carefully I guess.

      • Geekychic says:

        Not EVERY kristen stewart fan is immature, or a brat. Ain’t that prejudice or what? Are We really going to judge people solely on celebrities/actors they prefer/like?!
        Yes, some fans Are too much, most of the twihards Are too much ( never, ever click robsessed, that level of obsession is…well, creepy, IMO), But by saying what you said, Orly, you’re putting yourself down on twihard level.
        I usually

      • Geekychic says:

        Not EVERY kristen stewart fan is immature, or a brat. Ain’t that prejudice or what? Are We really going to judge people solely on celebrities/actors they prefer/like?!
        Yes, some fans Are too much, most of the twihards Are too much ( never, ever click robsessed, that level of obsession is…well, creepy, IMO), But by saying what you said, Orly, you’re putting yourself down on twihard level.
        ( Don’t Get me wrong, I Like you, no matter if We respectfully disagree on KStew.;)

      • ORLY says:

        What the hell are you talking about, Geekychic? Who did I call immature and a brat? Jessie called ME an immature brat. For all the posting I do, except for the “shipper” and “stan” label, I don’t name call. This isn’t kindergarten.
        Fact check, please.

        PS: you want to know what’s funny? Neither Nina nor I have actually spoken about KS today. It’s all about Franco, fangirls, twitter etc, but whatever.

    • Geekychic says:

      Ok, first: sorry for the double post, people-iPhone+sketchy connection+storm on an Island makes your browser go crazy, it seems.
      Second, Orly, the context of your comment is pretty clear. I have no desire to nitpick, But Come on-It’s ironic that a fan called you immature bc they all are. Just bc It’s passive-agressive doesn’t mean it’s not said.
      P.S. Regarding Franco: usually, if I talk about/comment some article, I read it first. If i can’t be bothered to read it, Then I Don’t judge it-especially based on opinion of another.
      P.P.S.: the article is meh, Franco is, per usual, full of himself and the praise for stewart is Just ( So typical for him) thinly veiled praise for Franco. I read it.

      • ORLY says:

        Geekychic – Can you please point out my criticism of the James Franco article? I think I was asking Nina what it was about and what was the point of the ode. I don’t think I said the article was good, bad or full of shit.
        James Franco is a proven douche and that was my point about people not taking him seriously anymore.

        I said “THE” Kristen Stewart fan, referring to that particle person I was having a discussion with. If you see that as ALL Kristen Stewart fans, that is your issue, not mine. I’m not going to take responsibility for your lack of mind reading skills.

        As for my ironic comment, it was a throw back to Jessie pointing out so-called irony at the start of that topic.
        Granted though, that a lot of KS’s fans act immaturely. It’s evident all over the interwebs.

    • Geekychic says:

      Ok, first: sorry for the double post, people-iPhone+sketchy connection+storm on an Island makes your browser go crazy, it seems.
      Second, Orly, the context of your comment is pretty clear. I have no desire to nitpick, But Come on-It’s ironic that a fan called you immature bc they all are. Just bc It’s passive-agressive doesn’t mean it’s not said.
      P.S. Regarding Franco: usually, if I talk about/comment some article, I read it first. If i can’t be bothered to read it, Then I Don’t judge it-especially based on opinion of another.
      P.P.S.: the article is meh, Franco is, per usual, full of himself and the praise for stewart is Just ( So typical for him) thinly veiled praise for Franco. I read it.
      If this goes into multiple posts, I’m sorry!!

  18. danni says:

    He’s been promoting cosmopolis with david cronenberg since Cannes internationally and it’s due for an august US release. Kristen’s been doing SWATH promo. they’re both back in L.A now, they just stay on the DL. This is a nonstory, you know it by your commentary, yet gave it attention anyways.

    These two are fine, have been fine for 3 years. I wouldn’t be surprised if they got engaged after twilight ends.

  19. eileen says:

    I see Kristen has being VERY insecure. She reeks of insecurity. Maybe not about this guy, but every time I see her she’s awkward, nervous and lip biting.

  20. shailee says:

    pfff I don’t see Kristen getting jealous, the other way around yes, Rob seems more insecure than her.

    There are videos of them leaving the after party together holding hands, and almost trampled by paz and fans (insane video btw, and people wonder why Kristen hates papz)so yes, this article is full of crap.

    I think they’ll be fine as far as their relationship goes, they support one another, they’re not in the spotlight famewho*ring the relationship, and they seem to really love each other, so good luck to these two.

  21. Twilight says:

    The Twihards had a huge meltdown when they weren’t nominated. This was all over twitter and trended for a while and the ratings for MTV fell 29% this year. It’s not noticeable because the Hunger Games is supposed to be taking over and it’s not happening so everyone is trying to keep it as quiet as possible. Twilight fans have also matured and are not as crazy as they used to be.

  22. Crystal says:

    Look at all the stranger bitches in here who’ve migrated from K-Stew fan sites. Ugh.
    This is a non story. I don’t know why the tabloids paint K-bitch to be this insecure girlfriend when it’s more than obvious that Rob is more into her than she is into him. Rob is infatuated by her and K-bitch looks like she gives zero fucks.
    She looked stunning in that red though.
    I see these two lasting about as long as Zanessa did.
    Hi ORLY & another nina *waves*
    I see a couple of stranger bitches try come for you and call you haters. Don’t mind them. They must have forgotten that this isn’t a fan site. All basic celebrities are fair game here. Deal with it.

  23. teri says:

    My take on them is that they are a somewhat boring, private couple. So the tabloids just make up stories about them when they need to couple pap photos with a story.

    Kristen doesn’t strike me as insecure at all. Rob comes off more insecure in general to the point of neurotic.

  24. laura says:

    no no they got the story all wrong:

    “At Rob’s Cosmopolis party, he lost his temper,” reveals an insider. “He says she was flirting with other women. Sparkles was in the lobby in tears.”


  25. D1 says:

    KStew is already the next Angelina Jolie in one respect – she & Jolie are the only actresses working today who are so intensely polarizing and who have such fiercely devoted stans and haters.

    Women like that are catnip to the tabloids because their detractors can’t stop themselves from hate-reading stories about them and arguing with their stans all over the Internet, and stans can be counted on to pore over any stories about their beloved star and immediately swoop down to dispute any unflattering comment or story written about her.

    So expect to see a lot more dramatic stories about KStew in the tabloids/gossip blogs in the future.

    • Dina says:

      Stewart is not as respected as Jolie and not as good of an actress as her. She also only has a large following because of the crazy twilight fans…as mean as it sounds i don’t care about twilight or it’s Fans and consider twilight fans to be just as important as justin beiber fans…which means i really dont care for them or their opinions since they are immature and crazy…

  26. billie says:

    @ Jade
    wow these videos of the after party are crazy. The paparazzi totally attacked her. It’s strange that Rob didn’t do anything to help or stop it but i guess it would have made things worse.

    craziness starts @ 1:00 minute mark


    • KayKay says:

      So I just took a gander at those videos and frankly, to me, it didn’t look like she was attacked. It looked like Kstew was panicking and tried to barrel her way through the paps as quickly as possible thereby creating chaos in her wake. Further evidence being that Rob then calmly walked in after her, seemingly unhurried and unharrassed. I also saw in one video a pap say to Rob, “She’s crazy man…”, obviously referring to Kstew. Idk. Just my opinion.

      • A says:

        Eh. I didn’t see her panicking, or Rob doing nothing to help. It looked like he had a security guy, and she didn’t. Rather than wait and have the dude guard both of them, which may have taken a while for a security guy to barrel his way through while protecting two celebs, she just took off quick as a flash and made her way through on her own. Maybe she left his ass behind, but he also seemed to have a guard. Dunno, I’ve seen photos of celebs running for cover at LAX and other places. It’s not uncommon.

    • suzanna says:

      It looks like Kristen was trying to grab on to Rob but was unable to do so. I’d be pissed too.

  27. Jaime says:

    They’re in the same city right now. They’re both in LA. Lol.

  28. Janet says:

    OK, I am completely out of the loop. What the hell is a “stan” and what the hell is a “nonsten”? Can somebody please explain?

    • marie says:

      are you sure you’re ready for the crazy that follows? look up the thread-jessie, danni, shailee are considered “stans” completely crazy with anything have to do with Kristen/Robert and Twilight. “nonstens” are the ones who dislike them, or as the stans like to refer to them, haters.

      a comment was made higher up that fans tweeted MTV because Twilight was not up for enough awards, those would be stans..

      I believe that covers it, but I might have missed something..

      • another nina says:

        I believe that “nonstens” are those who don’t believe in the true love of Robsten, i.e. Rob and Kristen and “haters gonna hate” are those who allow themselves not to love Rob or Stew deeply. Stans are generally die-hard fans. (There is a good definition at urban dictionary.) There are plenty of other deviations in Twi-Universe but they mostly stay at their own fan sites.

      • cara says:

        nonstens are the folks who tried to organize a letter writing campaign to Fox studios to insist that the studio ban Kristen Stewart from the “Water For Elephants” premiere because they thought she and Summit were forcing Rob to make her attend.lol

        They are the flip side of the same crazy coin with stans.

    • mia girl says:

      I’ll just add to @marie & @another nina with some other “monikers” in this fandom… at least the ones I know of:

      nonstens – originally were those that do not think Stewart and Pattinson are an actual couple. This eventually evolved into the moniker:

      prstens – see description above… with an added bit of crazy that often involves all kind of detailed descriptions of how anything to do with these two is funded by a secret society within Summit Pictures to bolster Twilight films.

      shippers – those that believe will all their hearts that Stewart and Pattison are a real couple. This also involves a lot of crazy where there are many websites dedicated to their love and they know all kinds of things about the couple, including the exact timeline & details of their love.

      krisbians – die-hard fans of Stewart, many who are allegedly lesbians. They hate Pattinson with a fire that can burn through steel.

      robtards – die-hard fans of Pattinson, who allegedly have shrines to him. They hate Stewart with a fire that can burn through steel.

      I know there are more, and can be regularly found yelling at eachother over at the E! Cassablanca site. What they all have in common is that they are way too invested!

      • ORLY says:


        What do you call (me) people who don’t like Kristen and is mostly apathetic to Robert?

        I saw mostly apathetic, because I can see and enjoy his movies but don’t really care if he succeeds or fail in his career, or who he takes to bed.
        I’m super excited about Cosmopolis, mostly because of Cronenberg, but still, I look forward to seeing how Rob fares.

      • mia girl says:

        Hmmm, not sure what to call you. Sane? Ha ha, sane with a streak of rabble-rouser… I read your posts :)

        But from my observations, there is not really a place for casual/mild fans of either of these two or their movies (lest you be labeled a “stan” or a “hater”). I happen to really like Pattinson and am fine with Stewart. I don’t think either walks on water though. I do think they are a couple, but don’t really care if in fact one day we find out it was all for show. I can laugh with the best of them at all Twilight parodies and jokes, but also have a soft spot for the movie’s craptasticness. So, I am in a no man’s land.

      • ORLY says:

        hehehe! You’ve got me pegged. I read all your posts too. :D
        You know, I should say I don’t like Kristen’s public persona, she may be a sweetheart privately. I can dislike her and still be fair, you know? Like, I think it was unfair that people were commenting on her holding that fag in the pic with Charlize, because Charlize also had one in her hand and no one commented on it. I also defend her when people pop in here just to rag on her, if they aren’t part of the overall discussion, but just want to trash her, that’s not right.
        At the same time, I’ll admit that the Kristen Stewart she shows publicly is not the type of person I like, so I can say “I don’t like her”.
        It’s perfectly fine for people to love her and sing her praises. I would never go to her fansite and get all over them. Ever. I start having a problem when they get angry that I don’t feel the same way, or they attack strangers for differing opinions.
        When that happens, I post just to rile them up, because in the grand scheme of things, none of this matters. It doesn’t affect my life one way or the other.

        I read the first 3 twi books (on the rec of a teen relative) prior to the movie and I will own that I enjoyed them. I saw the first movie and really enjoyed it, then it was all downhill from there. I saw New Moon and Eclipse on TV, I haven’t seen BD1 and don’t plan to.

      • mia girl says:

        Listen, there are certain fan universes where passions flame high across factions… i.e. the triangle, comic book fan boys (ie Nolan fans) and above all Twihards. Each crazy faction is so entrenched that they often can’t discern between an actual attack from a dissenting faction and a simple, reasonable observation or funny joke from a non invested person. Kind of like the polarization of politics these days… but I digress.

        Truth be told, as a behavioral researcher (with a focus on media/entertainment) I find it all pretty fascinating. Human nature and all. And I enjoy your “riling” almost all of the time because a. you are clever and b. it encourages factions to bubble up to the surface (though sometimes you must be aware of the fact that you are shooting fish in a barrel!)

        So back to topic, I totally understand your feelings about Stewart. Her public persona doesn’t bother me though and in fact slightly fascinates me because she is playing it so different from her contemporaries. We will see how long she can STEW in her own ARTness before she has to play the game like most do.

      • Janet says:

        OMFG I give up. Enough already!

        These Twihards sound like they have the emotional maturity of a two year old.

      • ORLY says:

        Mia – I’d never paid much attention to fandoms prior to the twi madness. I have a friend who is deeply involved in the Super Natural fandom and she also dabbles in the twi fandom. She claims that the SPN fandom is just as crazy, if not more. They have a het and hat (or something like that) and apparently it’s very divided and confrontational and well, insane, similar to the nonsten/robsten. So, yeah.

        I also work in media, not as a behavioural researcher though. But my prime focus is the post-secondary student market, so I work with a lot of 18-24 yr olds. Research, surveys, blah, blah, blah. Anyway, I agree it’s fascinating stuff. I spend a lot of time on twitter because part of my job is to “monitor chatter”. Again, blah, blah, blah. I enjoy the riling up because people take all this so seriously when I’m just playing a lot of the time. Sometimes I can get a little harsh, mostly when I’ve lost patience, but then I have to remember to reign it in because this should be about fun.

        You and I have different views about about Kristen Stewart. I think she is playing the game, mostly because (I’m sure you know) celebrity image is so carefully cultivated. I don’t doubt that she is surly or hipster or whatever, but I think she acts the part a lot more than is let on. For eg, I’ve seen several vids of her ‘cussing out’ the paps, when they are only standing around taking her picture, not chasing or harassing. It’s like she is courting their ire.

        Anyway, I like that we can talk civilly about this stuff. Please feel free to share any of your observations.

      • mia girl says:

        ORLY – If you are monitoring the chatter on Twitter, then God bless you, because that right there can be some soul-sucking stuff. It’s like somehow, the fewer characters you give to some people, the more they reveal their “crazy”!

        I don’t disagree with you at all that Kristen cultivates an image. As I said, she is “playing” it differently that most of her contemporaries. I do think however that her artsy/rebel image is rooted in reality (vs. someone like Avril Lavigne back in the day). I think she does believe in her art, and all that. Kind of the way members of young alternative rock band believe when they start out. I hung around a lot of those in my early 20s, and they really are earnestly trying to create vs. the mainstream… but there is an interesting point, where that attitude becomes a badge of honor, thus a persona they constantly manage and try to put that out at all times (aka Kristen). But alas, the “sell-out” moment comes for every alternative band that has success and like that, Kristen’s will come soon. She will have to stop with the surliness, the fingers and such because if she wants to be a serious “adult” actress, few outside of her fans will tolerate that for long. I think we are seeing that already, with the fashion, the slightly improved interviews, etc. At some point she has to get out of her artsy head and stop believing every word, moment is a matter of artistic life and death. I had a boyfriend like that and it becomes intolerable and impossible to maintain.

        I agree that it’s nice to have a civil discussion about potentially opposing views. :)

      • ORLY says:

        Mia – I’m not sure if you’ll come back to this thread because I’m replying so late, but here goes.
        See, what you said about the “sell out”, I think has already started happening with Kristen.

        If she is only interested in her art and being creative and if she cares more about those things, than being mainstream, she’d likely not have taken the Balenciaga gig. She also chose to star in another blockbuster, with SWATH. To me (and I could be wrong) that’s not a person who wants an artsy career.
        I believe she was genuinely surprised by the first Twilight’s success, then she just hunkered down and saw the series through to the end. But why choose another blockbuster? SWATH was pitched as a blockbuster before filming started.

        I look at Daniel Day Lewis, for instance, he comes out every few years to make a movie, then he goes back to shoe making. He seems to be someone who loathes the spotlight, comes to town to do a job, then goes back to “real life”. He has always seemed that way too, it’s not just about age.

        You’re right about only her fan tolerating the surliness, the finger flipping and the swearing. I understand why she is so defensive, and there are times I feel some sympathy for her, but then she either says or does something that’s just so obnoxious or hypocritical (to me) that I go back to square one.
        Regarding twitter/online chatter, I take it all with a sense of humour, or I’d be completely nuts. Good news is that it’s a shared responsibility so I don’t have to do it all day, every day. :D

  29. Jaime says:

    Also, Cannes was two weeks ago, and Rob’s been back in LA since Tuesday. I don’t know why I’m defending this, but the dramatization of their time apart is a little much. It was like ten days, tops, not three weeks.

  30. Lindy says:

    I’m going to pretend I didn’t see that heinous short-shorts/red jacket thing and just comment on that red dress/pulled back hair. Which is completely, totally gorgeous and glamourous. Maybe it’s because she so rarely seems to do long dresses, but she rocked this look–and yes, it’s slightly daring with the low-cut neckline. And yes, I guess it could be trashy on someone else or if the dress hadn’t been cut perfectly for her. But she skates just to the proper side of that line.

    Also, do not care at all about Sparkles.

    And I know I will probably get crap for this (and please know that I am a pretty serious Twilight hater–the books are anti-feminist religious conservatism masquerading as teen romance and I loathe all of that crap), but I kind of think she has the potential to be a serious fashion icon.

    She has the tendency to get too comfortable with her routine (throw on a minidress, scrubby hair etc.) and she has occasional FAILS (like that weird gothy dress from a few weeks ago). But when she makes an effort and has some good clothing to choose from she often takes it to the next level. She can wear the hell out of some edgy, interesting stuff.

    • Jaime says:

      Kristen is a fashion icon for many girls out there that don’t quite relate to the Disney girls with the tan glittery legs and the perfect blowout. She’s a little rough around the edges. She chooses jeans and t-shirts on airplanes, or to run errands, over dresses and heels. But her jeans are usually pretty cute, and she usually sexes it up a bit by tying up her shirt and showing a little skin. It’s subtle.

      Then she can really wear some interesting makeup and put on a dress and look pretty killer. I absolutely loved every look she rocked in Cannes. And I can go to the mall and look for a red jacket or a pair of confetti pants, and have some inspiration.

  31. nina says:

    They aren’t one for public demonstrations of any kind, cuddly or angry, so I highly doubt the story. As for staying power-they are just kids, no one marries their first love or whatever. But they’ve lasted longer than I thought they would, so there’s that.

    • Lisa says:

      At 22 and 26 they aren’t exactly kids and nor is it their first serious relationship. It will be interesting to see how this plays out after Twilight is over. I don’t think it’s PR or anything, but they have bonded over that experience so now that it’s over I wonder if they’ll still have a foundation.

      • Chelsea says:

        Yeah, Kristen ended a multi-year relationship with Michael Angarano to be with Rob, and Rob had a rather serious German model girlfriend named Nina that he says lasted three years. This is not the first relationship for either of them. I think Rob’s had a bit more dating experience given his age, but it’s not like Kristen wasn’t with anyone else before Rob…she was.

        Now Rob and Kristen have been together for at least three years, maybe longer, depending on who you ask…cough Catherine Hardicke…But yeah, they aren’t exactly newbs here.

      • nina says:

        they were just kids when they met, she was jailbait at the time. lol She’s a kid at 22 when people are wondering what sort of future they have in terms of marriage,etc. As for first love, a bf at 16 is different than a bf at 22, that’s my point.

        As for twilight-twilight’s over. They bonded over twilight, but that bond was probably more about them being in a bubble of sorts. That bubble is still existing somewhat,independent of the franchise now. What will be the challenge I think is when one of them continues to be big while the other’s career falters.

    • Bored suburbanhousewife says:

      They seemed to have had some sort of strong chemistry from the get go–isn’t that how he got the part? She INSISTED he was “by far the best” & Hardwicke saw the sexual chemistry would be great for the story. Anyone could see from the interviews & the VF photo shoot around that time that they were totally mesmerized by each other. So maybe they will surprise people.

      I’m neutral on her though I do wish she could manage to express some sort of semblance of enthusiasm for ANYTHING in interviews. Very pretty though. Like I said earlier, poorly educated.

  32. JessSaysNo says:

    I really feel as though they will break up because she is super manly. She is gorgeous but her personality is so domineering. I think that must get really old to a man after awhile.

    • ceilia says:

      Domineering tendencies are not exclusive to one gender. What matters is whether a domineering person hooks up with a more passive person who doesn’t mind it.

    • Anname says:

      I bet she is way more girly when she is just around him. I have said it before, but I think he softens her a bit.

      • Anne says:

        Kristen puts on armor in public. In private photos that fans have hacked from friends and family’s facebooks, etc, she seems very gentle and sweet. She loves her animals and her Rob. It’s very clear if you look closely.

      • ORLY says:

        “In private photos that fans have hacked from friends and family’s facebooks… ”

        What?!! How psychotic is that?


      • A says:

        @Orly. The utter psycho nature of her stans/haters is the one reason I tend to keep giving Kristen a break…and also, like I pointed out below, I think she’s slowly (VERY slowly) maturing…Vanity Fair/Elle/Vogue interviews are done several months in advance, but her current interviews over the past few months have been quite a bit better in my opinion. Plus there was this photo at the MTV awards were she looked like she was about to flip someone off and then thought better about it.

        Lainey points it out all the time, the twi-hards are psycho for the most part and about 1/4 of them hate her. Lainey wrote about how some of the twi-hards did a mass letter writing campaign to RPatz’s manager and the studio to try and get Kristen banned from his Water for Elephants premiere. Also, apparently, this portion of totally insane twi-hards will mass email every blog/tabloid/etc. with fake tips about her being a lesbian, cheating, drug use (girl may smoke pot, but she does not have the look of anything else), etc. in an attempt to basically wreck her career. Before I got fed up with Ted’s twi obsession, I used to read his board and those crazies admitted they have a website and do that sort of shit in an attempt to fuck with her life. They also flat out admitted to cyber bullying/hacking her parents and brothers and would send nasty messages about her to her family (i.e. she’s a skank, get her away from sparkles, etc.)…Also, before I abandoned Ted’s board I read this one disturbing thing about how some of them threatened to assault KStew at some premiere by standing close and asking for autographs…apparently, they talked about this over twitter and after her security found out and had them thrown out of the crowd, they bragged about it over twitter about getting kicked out. So, I can kind of see why Kristen acts so strangely…I think that would drive a lot of people bonkers. After all, Lainey says very few approach the balls to the walls insanity of the twi-hards.

      • marie says:

        If true, that is seriously insane.. I don’t even know what to say to that except those people are pathetic and need to get their own damn lives.

      • A says:

        @Marie. I wish it wasn’t true because it shows there are a lot of sick, sick people out there. Lainey wrote about the letter thing and provided a link about the letter thing. The crazies on Ted’s board would post the html address for their insane websites and cut and past sections from their websites and tweets. I never went on the websites, but I read the outtakes that were on Ted’s board and it was pretty sickening. I stopped reading Ted on a regular basis about a year ago, but I pop in once in a blue moon. Now, apparently there are a lot of people that trash Rpatz (although not to the same level as Kristen, as in admitting to hacking/cyber bullying her family, etc.). Lainey and a couple of other bloggers had said that the insanity level of some of the twi-hards is like no other, and I believe it. The flip side to the insane passion of some of the twi-hards is the insane hate they have. I would never, ever want to be famous if I had to deal with that shit.

      • riley says:

        I find the nonsten ones the scariest of the bunch, because they have a savior complex with Rob. I think Kristen acts too defensive all the time, but damn, I would too if I had all these people projecting such weird and sick things onto me. I give her leeway too simply cause no one understand the level of crazy she needs to manage.

  33. Billy says:

    Mmm, I see her as the jealous type. Adorably or not-so-adorably so, depending on the level.

  34. Cate says:

    I have lmfao at rob these past three weeks while doing his promo for cosmopolis. He looks like a little boy being lead around by his dad. Rob has no self confidence at all. I assume kristen will tire of his constant need for validation. Sure hope he learned something while under cronenbergs thumb bc there arent many directors who will do this level of babysitting.

  35. carly says:

    well if she is more dominant it hasn’t bother him, why would it bother him now, they’ve been together for more than 3 years, TW filiming is over, and they’re still together, making time and actually putting some effort in keeping the relationship.

    The chemistry was there from the very beggining, I think tw brought them together, but I think they have real romance there, he could be with any girl,a supermodel type, but he still choses Kristen, she must have somethig he loves

  36. A says:

    I don’t buy this at all. There were photos of them in the same hotel that night that were on PopSugar or Celebuzz or one of those websites and photos of them holding hands.

    Here’s the thing. I think Kristen is slowly (VERY slowly) growing up. I read the Vanity Fair article in full, and they really took the most shocking four sentences and ran with it. Over the course of a lengthy article, she cursed about five times. Which in reality, isn’t that terrible…It’s like she held it together for most of the article and then lost it for a brief moment, and that brief moment is what they ran with. Most of the big magazines (Vanity Fair, Vogue, Elle, GQ) do their interviews four or five months in advance too…The interviews she did from Cannes and onwards were WAY better. I almost wonder if someone sat her down after the Elle and Vanity Fair interviews were finished (they often send copies to the publicists) and basically told her to try and get it together in times for Cannes and the rest of the press for Snow White. The Interview article was eons better and so were a couple of other ones. She even had a pretty good response to the nudity thing in On the Road. I also saw a photo with her hand raised with all five fingers out at the MTV awards, like she was about to flip the bird, and then thought better about it.

    So I think if she keeps growing up and RPatz stops with the bullshitting (he already admitted that he was acting pretentious when being interviewed in the past about working with Cronenberg)…they will be okay. That said, I really don’t buy that Adele said she was the best selling female artist to his face. Adele may be snarky, but she does not seem like the person to do that. I kind of think that was bullshit. And while Kristen seemed to keep herself from flipping the bird at the MTV awards, she still did it earlier at Cannes. So who knows. But like I said, if they keep maturing I think they will be a-okay.

  37. Amanda_M87 says:

    Wow, Kristen actually looks pretty in these photos. Don’t like the overly revealing dress though.

  38. Jennifer12 says:

    I’ve never seen a Twilight movie in its entirety, but what I’ve seen has shown incredible chemistry between Kristen and Rob. I like that they’re a lowkey, loving couple who doesn’t play the young Hollywood game and isn’t insane with grief if they’re separated for a while due to work.

  39. ZenB!tch says:

    She finally realized his head is shaped like a tortilla? In profile he looks like he was hit by a skillet.

    I didn’t even like him as Cedric. While I don’t think she is gorgeous enough for Charlize to worry about her being the fairest of them all, I do think she is cute and can do better.

    As an aside…. I’m so jealous…. I remember when my boobs passed the pencil test. Yes she is only 22 but some of those other young Hollywood chicks already fail that test.

    • LMAO says:

      Yeah, I think he’s kind of cute but I never got the OMG he’s so hot thing. Also, the tortilla thing made me LMAO. He’s not aging well, in my opinion. He was at his best from 18-23/24. From certain angles, he looks good. Kaiser certainly picks the most flattering photos of him. Other photos, his face looks strangely flat and showing his teeth emphasizes that flatness. There were some candids of him arriving back at LAX, and he looked like a totally different person than these photos. I do wonder about his career. His looks are a big part of it. I think the strange, youthful, androgynous, beauty helped him a lot when he was younger. What happens now that he’s older though and it is starting to fade? It’s very few, like Cillian Murphy, that can make that transition unless they are very talented. I mean, Chris Hemsworth is 28 and looks older than him. Hell, even Liam Hemsworth looks older and tougher and he’s only 21/22. I hate to use gender roles, but I think it’s in play here. He’s not very masculine to a lot of people, and that may restrict his roles. Like, a lot of people were very much WTF when it came out he would be playing an ex Navy Seal.

  40. Kosmos says:

    Don’t know if there is any truth to this story, but it’s definitely reasonable that they (one or the other) could have a jealous tantrum. Women are always into him, so it would be difficult having to be around that on a regular basis. I don’t know if it’s the same for her, but men don’t usually clamor and chase the female stars whereas the female twihard masses always seem to storm the guys to death.

  41. fluffybunny says:

    Apparently there was never a letter campaign but knowing (by that I mean, I know who they were I don’t consider them friends and never will) who was involved in the “joke”…I wouldn’t be surprised if they were serious.

  42. Boomer says:

    Mutual beards. PR Relationship.

  43. erika says:

    She has this perpetual look on her face that reads to people “What the F*Ck are you doing here/looking at me for?”

    and they reply “what are YOU doing here Kristen?”

    she remarks “….right…What the F*ck AM I DOING HERE?”

    She just always looks so terribly F*ing bothered to be outside breathing oxygen much less at film premieres etc., She is the MOST UNGRATEFUL looking piece of thespian sh*t I’ve seen walking around!

    I just want to say to her “Krissy, if you’re tired of this overrated Hollywood crap, there are 5,632,559 chick waiting to take your place.”

    show some gratitude, or at the very least LOOK F*CKING ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Komatose Kristen- that’s what i’m going to keep calling her from now on. KK, ‘K’omatose Krissy….

    • Lila says:

      This is what I think. is over the line. Calling her a bitch or a shitty actress, whatever. Calling her a piece of shit and ranting in capital letters, not cool. Calling anybody a piece of shit is nasty and cruel.

      • erika says:

        I apologize CB Ladies. you have a point Lila, I let the profanities slip out when I get going on a rant and looking back on it, all that cussing just detracts from making my point. Won’t happen again.

      • Michele says:

        It’s not the cursing that is offensive but the ugly, mean-girl insults you are hurling at Kristen for no apparent reason other than you simply don’t like her.

        You know, you don’t have to follow Kristen so closely or at all for that matter if she bothers you that much. If Kisten provokes a Tourettes-style outburst from you just by looking at a picture of her or reading an interview, you might want to rethink the amount of time and attention you are giving her.

  44. Angie says:

    Yes! GOD THANK YOU FOR SEEING IT! The obsession with her ‘bitch face,’ always painting her as some jealous man eating neurotic little bad girl, (I remember when everyone obsessed over Angie trying to seem ‘edgy’ when she was younger — when that was clearly just how she was, a little bit darker, a little bit strange, sometimes, a little bit cringe-worthy). I wouldn’t exactly compare Kristen to her, but as far as the media goes, they are, and have been for ages, totally Angie’ing this girl.

    …Can I coin that? My name is Angie so I think I have the right.

  45. Cleveland Girl says:

    She should TRY to separate herself from the whole Twilight thing. She is a good actress and the Twilight movies are only one part of her career. Just saw “Snow White” and it was fantastic. She should be promoting that, and “On the Road” and should not let her career be pigeon holed into this tween drama.

  46. Sheri says:

    I think. They might have started out as a publicity thing but later it became real. That’s my opinion anyway

  47. crtb says:

    This didn’t happen because they are not a real couple.

  48. Candyland says:

    More like she’s had a fight with her girfriend lover.

    And what’s with super sour face? All the time.

  49. carly says:

    lol people still think they’re pr?? sure involving their families, friends, co-workers, they’re all part of the evil plan of these two, get over it already, they’re a couple, and have been together for over 3 years, they’re boring with no drama, that’s why the media likes to talk crap.

    Erika, your post is ridiculous, she is not ungrateful, your comment is just an example of how much unfair criticism she gets for no damn reason.

  50. Elj says:

    Her lipstick looks amazing in that top photo.

  51. Daniellie says:

    If she was freaking out, it was because photogs were following them around.

  52. Ramona Q says:

    A picture of her with her mouth closed! A picture of her with her mouth closed!