Will Angelina Jolie direct the film adaptation of ’50 Shades of Grey’?

As I mentioned last month, I actually sat down and read 50 Shades of Grey. It was simply awful. I’ve heard and read criticisms of the book from a standard literary criticism perspective, which I think is unfair – obviously, the book sucks as “literature” but that’s not going to deter people from reading it. You also can‘t really use a straight-forward feminist critique to deter people from reading it. Nothing about the book is feminist in any way, but people will still read it. My take: people should not read the book because the characters are awful. They’re poorly drawn, obviously, and do things for very mysterious and dumb reasons, but by the end of the book, I was simply pissed off that everyone involved in that world was so f–king dumb, immature, whiny, and pathetic. The characters are supposed to be in their 20s – the main character, a girl named Anastasia Steele, talks, acts and thinks like an emotionally stunted 13-year-old. It’s awful, especially when they’re getting into light BDSM because it feels like a douchey try-hard 20-something dude is spanking a 13-year-old.

Anyway. The book is such a “success” that Focus Films has bought the rights and they’re making it into a movie – soon. So who will direct this mess? Sources claim that Focus went to Angelina Jolie. For real.

You know that the gazillion-selling steamy novel trilogy Fifty Shades Of Grey has reached outlandish proportions when The New York Post devotes today’s front cover to the idea that women are stocking up on ropes to be used for bondage purposes. All of this has apparently been spurred on by the kinky relationship between the couple in the book trilogy.

Things are heating up on the movie front as well for Universal Pictures, which won a seven-figure auction to turn the three books into movies. I’ve heard rumors about the possibility of Angelilna Jolie having a conversation or two about directing it.

This has been buzzing around for a couple of weeks. The studio says that no discussions have been had, but they note that if she was interested, that the studio would be also. They loved her directorial debut, In The Land Of Blood And Honey. As for Jolie, I’m told she’s completely focused on her next film, Maleficent, at Disney and isn’t entertaining other offers at this moment.

Things should begin taking shape on Fifty Shades Of Grey shortly. Author E.L. James and her agent, Valerie Hoskins, will be coming in from the UK to Hollywood shortly. They will then set a producer first, followed by setting a writer and filmmaker.

[From Deadline]

The Hollywood Reporter also says that the approach to Angelina was just an “informal conversation but that nothing was real.” All of this brings me to another reason to hate on the book – it’s not a good or authentic representation of the BDSM lifestyle whatsoever. Angelina knows. That bitch loved (loves?) to play with ropes, knives, latex, leather, whips, chains, handcuffs and sex swings. SHE KNOWS. She wouldn’t be interested in some fluff adaptation of a fluff representation of the BDSM lifestyle.

You know when this crap gets made into a film, it’s going to be starring one of those strangely neutered pretty boys from the CW and some fresh-faced try-hard girl who is barely 20. I’m guessing the screen adaptation will barely have any of the “hardcore” scenes from the book – which is kind of sad, because those scenes were barely erotic or titillating or hardcore.

Archival photos.

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  1. Rhea says:

    Bwahahahah. Nah, I don’t think this is the kind of story that would interest her to direct. :)

    • Maguita says:

      Can I be honest and say what I don’t like about Angelina threads?

      You want to make a light joke so badly, but KNOW that it would turn into a nasty third-World War and the rest of the holy triangle gets dragged into it.


      • Rhea says:

        True to that. I must say though, it happens also on JA’s thread, or any other celebs that frequently covered the tabloids and have a fanatic fan base club (example, the Twihard fans).
        People some times forgot that this is just a gossip site. Witty, funny comments are fun to read and nothing to be taken serious. (On side note, some people do get annoyed reading the comments that posted with mean spirited about their favorite celeb and defending back. That’s normal, I guess as long as it doesn’t turn into a nasty World War like you said ;) ).

        As for me, I’m over the holy triangle and prefer to comment about the current gossip of that celeb instead of dragging their past. :)

    • T.C. says:

      You just know she laughed at this silly book. You call that BDSM? Please, La Jolie knows what real BDSM is all about. Bitch was into that sheet for years. 50 Shades of Grey is child’s play. It’s written for bored middle aged housewives.

    • corny says:

      Only if long suffering Jen will star, of course I believe it.

  2. lower-case deb says:

    i doubt it, she turned down Bond because the female character isn’t strong enough. suddenly she wants to be involved with a film where the female character is a lily-livered, lip-biting chit enslaving inner goddess to a man?

    unless she flips the gender around, maybe. Christina Grey and Anatoly Steele.

    or am i completely off the mark?

  3. Shelly says:

    I miss Angelina with fullness in her face. So hot! And a lot of books that people like are simply crap and terrible writing. The Twilight series for one. And the series that True Blood is based on – simply awful. I could only get through about 10 pages of one of those before I was like NO. Awful, awful writing. A 10 year old could write as well.

  4. endlesscircles says:

    AJ would not tie herself to this project. She’s trying to be seen as serious director…the film adaptation of that book will be popular, but it will be cheap looking.

  5. spinner says:

    WOW!! You can really tell that her boobs are fake here. You can see the outline of the implants. Based on her directorial debut, she needs a a lot more experience to move forward with any future efforts. Although, the subject matter of 50 Shades is more her speed.

  6. Chatcat says:

    “The characters are supposed to be in their 20s – the main character, a girl named Anastasia Steele, talks, acts and thinks like an emotionally stunted 13-year-old.” And this is why I think KStew would be perfect for the part! Flipping off the bird all the time, not knowing that there is more then two adjectives that can be used when she speaks “f*cking” or “sh*t”, wearing those ugly ass converse sneakers…UGH. Not only was it written for her/Bella but because it will just be another reason why I’d never go see it…regardless of the director, producer, actor, and/or if I got the ticket with pop corn, a cherry coke, a box of snowcaps and a limo ride ALL FOR FREE!!!!!!

  7. Stacie says:

    I would be so Happy if she did direct this movie . But I really don’t think she would . I love her and I love all 3 books.

  8. Jackie says:

    the main female character is called ‘Anastasia Steele’???

    no wonder i have stayed away.

    harlequin romance porn for the sheltered woman. no thanks.


  9. Lenna says:

    I’m reading the 3rd book now and I agree. They are really bad. I’ve gotten to where i’m just skimming all the se x scenes and just looking for anything plot related. Its a jumbled mess and the characters are boring and predictable. The bdsm is so vanilla. and if I ever read or hear the term inner goddess it will be too soon!

  10. Stacie says:

    I understand , A LOT of people don’t like the books and YES Christian and Ana Both act like 12 year olds , but I was reading it for Fun Not literature , not to really learn anything . Just for fun . But I still don’t think Angie would have anything to do with this Book or the Movie .

  11. mia girl says:

    This is for Kaiser and anyone else who has read the book:


    You HAVE to read these… written by romance author Jennifer Armintrout, they are very funny chapter-by-chapter recaps of the first Fifty Shades book. I was literally laughing out-loud at her comments and critiques. The link was posted by a commenter on Jezebel.

    • Kat says:

      I have to admit I read the book, and those recaps are simply…AWESOME, thanks for sharing! :)

    • CT says:

      Thank you SO MUCH. Now, I feel like there is an outlet for the rage I feel toward this book!

    • Kat says:

      Can’t wait to look at that site – Also, check out a site called SnarkSquad…they’re also in the process of doing chapter-by-chapter reviews and they are HILARIOUS. I was speed reading through each chapter of that book just so I could get to the snark.
      As for Angelina – please. She wouldn’t direct this unless she could radically change the “story” – which is “Twilight” without fucking vampires.

    • leuce7 says:

      I honestly don’t understand the hate–maybe I just went in with low expectations, since all I knew about it was it started life as Twilight fan fic, and I haven’t read Twilight, so the comparisons don’t make me want to toss the book at the wall. The repetitive prose irks me sometimes, but there are also some parts of it that ring true to me and I like those. So I like it, generally. Which I guess is a pretty lukewarm endorsement.


      I read the first two chapter recaps from that link, and the recaps are AWESOME. I will gladly read the entire trilogy just to be able to perfectly understand the recaps. They are a joy. And they remind me of this Twilight-related gem:


      (Also, I think I couldn’t stand Twilight when I tried to read it because I knew it was targeted at tweens/teens and I was a middle-school teacher at the time; I didn’t trust my students, most of whom are still very innocent and trusting at that age, to have the critical-thinking skills and urge to figure out what was not okay with the plot/characterization. With Fifty Shades, I know it’s targeted at adults, and, especially based on the comments on here, the thought of them not thinking about what they’re reading is definitely not an issue).

    • Stephanie says:

      That web site is really hilarious.

  12. ladybert62 says:

    Its a crappy book and she is a crappy director – a match made in heaven.

  13. CC says:

    There is no way AJ would direct this. No serious director would, come on, the subject matter? Please….

    lol. The books are the type you might read but will never publicly admit to serious people because you just know you’ll be looked at as a moron. I read them, rolled my eyes plenty of times but with a lot of “are you kidding me???”. And the little sexiness and the horrible inner goddess stuff….UGH. Even less in any film, because come on, there is NO WAY that that level of physical exposure is deemed acceptable for most people, evne as bland as it really is.

    The CW thing is a good point, some people were pushing Ian Sommerhalder, and the guy has no sexiness to him, he looks too androgynous. While I don’t go for the ultra rugged type…. too girly is just….no.

  14. dorothy#1 says:

    WOW, she used to be soo HOT!! she is still pretty, but has lost something along the way.

    I doubt she would direct 50 Shades, she has changed her image and this film would not mesh with what she is trying to put out there.

  15. Mia 4S says:

    harlequin romance pr0n for the sheltered woman – that is the best description I have ever heard. Some of the names being tossed around to star (Bale! Fassbender!) they would keel over laughing before they got past page 2 of the script! This is what happened with those Twilight books too; they are crap of course and a beach read at best…but that’s fine, a bit of junk food is fine. Then suddenly all these fans emerge who are defensive to the point of absurdity that we should be taking this seriously?! It will be a B/C list cast…as it should be!!

  16. Esmom says:

    Love the photos of the “old” Jolie. She seemed more fun back then. Not knocking her, just making an observation. We all change and evolve.

    That said, I can’t imagine her wanting to touch this crap with a 10-foot pole.

    • Rhea says:

      ITA. Back then when no one expect her to be perfect, when she doesn’t have too many things on her plate, she seems more fresh, relaxed. She’s still a beautiful lady now but she was very alive and radiant before.

      She’s also more carefree in her interviews. Now she’s more careful in answering every question since people often misquoting her. :(

  17. G says:

    No she won’t direct it but this is everything a fake tabloid story should be.

  18. BRE says:

    Thank goodness there are others out there that hated the books (my innergoddess hated them too, Oh My)! I am by no means a literary snob, I like fun chic lit and romance novels from time to time but the writing was horrible, I didn’t really care about the characters, and I was getting bored by the CONSTANT sex scenes. That said, I think this might be one of the only times where a movie is better than the book because I seriously can’t see how it can be any worse, even if it was a Lifetime movie. Although it won’t be as good as the movie Secretary!

  19. Jenna says:

    This really does NOT need to be made into a film. Just leave it alone already. -_-

  20. CT says:

    Ohh my GOD… I read almost a quarter of this book and I wanted to kick puppies. It made me SO MAD! It was so badly written. Who’s internal dialogue sounds like the old batman series? “oh jeez” “whoa” “sh*t” “holy cow batman”… I felt like I should be seeing the batman graphics pop up every time the (dumb) “lead” character spoke… and the stalking… GOOD LORD… the stalking… It’s one thing for a guy to pursue a girl fervently it’s another to stalk them and this book really crossed that line. Agh, what horrible horrible writing and character. I wish I could erase the awfulness of that book out of my mind… AGH!

  21. Mimi says:

    The books sucked. All of my friends were all “you have to read the 50 Shades series” and after I read them I felt like I should go find new friends lol.

  22. mln76 says:

    I’m of two minds on this the book was horrid the sex scenes not even Harliquin level. Still the movie would be a hit and Angie knows about BDSM maybe she could infuse a script with realistic Dom/Sub dynamics and have a bit of fun with it. It sounds like the studios want her why not use her fame to fix what got to be an awful script and emerge as an even more powerful player in Hollywood who can change the script on what happens to an actress once she starts pushing 40?

    • Embee says:

      Exactly! This is what I was thinking as well. Her directing it would be a risk, but she would lend some…gravitas to the project.

    • LAK says:


      Also, many crappy first time directors turn into fantastic directors later on and vice versa.

      Also, some fantastically good films have been made from bad books and vice versa. Personally, i think The GodFather [not 3] is the only film that equals the book.

      Should shades be made into a film? IDK but it could go either way.

  23. Kellie says:

    Sometimes I feel like the only female in the world not interested in this book and I read every chance I get.

    • Emma - the JP lover says:

      My sister-in-law bought me a copy last month and I ‘still’ haven’t cracked it. It’s just not my kind of read. If you’re going to do erotica, please do it well or don’t bother.

      • orion70 says:

        I’m with you. I just wish people would call a spade a spade. If you’re going to read Harlequin romance fanfic-esque stuff don’t go around talking about the books as if they are some groundbreaking new form of literature and the best books ever written. It’s like watching trashy low budget porn and trying to convince everyone it was Oscar-worthy. It’s like everyone suddenly discovered that there are “dirty” books out there or something.

  24. Janet says:

    NOOOOOOOO,please don’t make a movie of that craptastic book. I browsed through it in Barnes & Noble because so many people were talking about it. I made it through ten pages. The writing was absolutely godawful. Even Stephenie Meyer isn’t that bad, although she’s pretty close.

  25. Ginger says:

    I really tried to read the Twilight books because everyone loved them so much…I couldn’t get past the second book and the movies were horrible! I was really disappointed. This is why I’m not believing the hype about “50 Shades” plus, I’ve been reading books like this for years and from everything I’ve heard, I think it’s a rip off. Erica Jong did the controversial tampon scene with “Fear of Flying”and that was back in the 70′s. Anne Rice did the whole erotic series with her character “Beauty” complete with BDSM and explicit sex scenes. These books were well written and ground breaking.

    • Janet says:

      LOL I kind of liked the first Twilight movie. I had to put it on my list of Crappy Movies You Can’t Help But Like, along with “Avatar” and few others. But “New Moon” was pretty bad and “Breaking Dawn” was vomitous.

      And don’t even get me started on the books.

    • littlestar says:

      Anne Rice’s Beauty trilogy was truly some kinky messed up hotness on a whole different level than Fifty Shades of Boring. I was 17 when I read the Beauty trilogy and could not believe there was books out there like that, that were both sexy and wrong at the same time. Then I read 50 Shades when I’m now 27, and was all kinds of let down. I seriously need to read the Beauty series again….. Lol!

      • Emma - the JP lover says:

        The “Claiming Beauty” series is raw and explicit erotica, but Anne (didn’t she write it under her Anne Rampling moniker?) wrote it so well, it was worth a first, second, and third read. ;)

        You should also read her “Exit to Eden” novel.

  26. lucy2 says:

    I know so many people reading these books, but I keep hearing how bad and stupid they are. No thanks.
    Anyone looking to have a serious career acting or directing should stay away from this. But seeing how much money the craptastic Twilight books turned movies made, I can see the studio throwing mega bucks and some star taking the bait.

    Angelina is still a beautiful woman, but she did look better with a few extra lbs on her.

    • mln76 says:

      I have t I have to disagree for instance the director of A Better Life which garnered critical praise and an Oscar nom for Best Actor was made by the guy who did an installment of Twilight. Its totally acceptable to work within thestudio system in order to get more projects done in the longterm.

  27. Eleonor says:

    No way she is going to be involved in that mess.
    But looking to her old photos…I need to start a petition to have Angelina Jolie as Catwoman.

  28. nancy xl says:

    it was a STORY!! geez, i enjoyed reading it and got out of it. if angie is involved i won’t see it. she is very over hyped.

  29. jasmine says:

    Yes yes yes God please o yes let her do 50 shades! I’ve been racking my brain, who could do this correctly?, Angie!, she could do the crap outta this project!!!

  30. jasmine says:

    Yes yes yes God please o yes let her do 50 shades! I’ve been racking my brain, who could do this correctly?, Angie!, she could do the hell outta this project!!!

  31. jasmine says:

    Lol I just looked thru the comments and realized that most of your readers don’t get the books?! It was light but if you get people,you get the book.Angie can’t do anything she doesn’t want to at this point in her career.I think she’d do an awesome job with this book series.

    • Jilliterate says:

      Don’t “get” the books? It’s repurposed Twilight fanfiction (And don’t get me wrong, I’m ragging on Twilight here, not fanfiction) that’s striking a chord with 40-something year old moms with no sex life. Not sure if there’s much to get.

      • BRE says:

        I agree. I read light books and sexy/steamy reads from time to time but this book is so horribly written. I think that a lot of the women that are picking this up have never actually read a really good steamy read, if they had, they would find it as boring as I did.

    • CL says:

      I get people, and I got that Christain is an abusive, controlling stalker. I also got that Ana is his rude, emotionally stunted prey. I managed to get this despite the atrocious writing and lack of editing.

      That being said, the obvious choice to direct is Zalman King!

    • some bitch says:

      Didn’t “get” the book? I totally “got” that it was shitty Twilight fanfiction with a few names and places changed around, that the main character was a stalker, Ana was a complete asshat AND the BDSM was tame, tiresome and would get you laughed out of any BDSM/Fetish community worth their salt.

  32. JB says:

    No. Please. This an absurd question.

  33. Aries says:

    No way is she directing this crap! Seriously, who is making this shit up?

  34. pwal says:

    Get Madonna to do it… direct, I mean, not star.

  35. Mara says:

    The photo with her and the sheep is so funny ,the best photo of Angelina ever .

  36. Jilliterate says:

    Yawn. These books are only “racy” to bored vanilla housewives who think the cowgirl position is a wild time. Meanwhile, in the real world…

  37. SamiHami says:

    I tried to read these stories. I just couldn’t do it.

    I stopped not long into the first one, when Anastasia became “disorientated” by something. THAT IS NOT A WORD! How can someone call herself a writer yet still use “disorentated?” I tried to read on, but I was worried that the characters might start “conversating” or something.

    Poor writing is such a turn off!

  38. foozy says:

    cool, let’s have angie direct it

  39. Mimi says:

    I’m just gonna throw this out there. J.R. WARD!!! Anyone else obsessed with the Black Dagger Brotherhood series? Now THERE is a woman who knows how to write.

  40. c says:

    Ok, I will stop posting these, but this is one of my favourite sites and I can’t help wanting to share!! It’s a nice pick-me-up. You won’t regret it!


  41. GirlyGirl says:

    She is so boring this article made me fall asleep on my keyboard.

    Everything she does is so devoid of imagination, like she’s reading from madonna’s 1995 playbook.

  42. moo says:

    Oh, I’m sure if Angelina wants to direct it, she’ll end up directing it…… seems she always gets what she wants.

    Say….. I wonder how all those poor kids and people are doing in all those foreign countries she involved with these days…. hmmmm, yeah… good time to direct a crappy sex movie.

    • lisa says:

      Did you even bother to read the fact that she is not directing the film. Or did you just have you snark prepared in advance.

      And she is working on a film. Had no idea that she is not allowed to work and that the situations in ever foreign country is supposed to be carried on her shoulders.

      Some of the nasty is beyond reason. You should read the facts before you start to attack.

  43. Nan209 says:

    Ugh! Isn’t it bad enough that the Twilight books were made into a movie and that they took that last book Breaking Dawn and split into two movies (My husband calls that one Breaking Wind, Fart II). Now this claptrap 50 Shades is on the market for a movie too??

    I read the jacket and new it was going to be ridiculous. I just couldn’t do it. I made the mistake of read through the Twihard books which passed the time but after the last book I was really pissed off at myself. How could I?

    There is no way AJ is going to tie her name to that crap.

  44. Alex says:

    I highly doubt she’d go from directing a story about the horrors of the Bosnian war to this. This just seems like the authors and studios wish and they’re just throwing her name out there for attention.

  45. Marissa says:

    It’s common knowledge that “Fifty Shades of Grey” isn’t the best book around, nor is it smoothly written. E. L. James said so herself that she’s a terrible writer – only writing about her fantasies and whatnot. So, for people like Kaiser to take it so seriously is ridiculous. Not all books should be analyzed as serious literature. It’s not “War and Peace” for Christ’s sake. It’s mainly for crappy entertainment. Enough already. Also, La Jolie wouldn’t be caught dead directed this.

    • B says:

      I know! ITA. I’m not ashamed to say that I actually liked all three books. The writing is absolutely terrible, repetitive, and boring.

      But I think that’s what made it entertaining. There’s not really a plot and there isn’t really any character growth. It just happens to be published fan fiction that’s making one woman incredibly rich.

    • Esmom says:

      Yes but since it was published it is fair game for criticism. So many talented, hardworking writers who could write circles around this author would kill to just to have a book published, let alone have it be a monster bestseller.

    • orion70 says:

      Even people who read Harlequin romances and enjoy fluffy summer beach reads have said stuff about these books, so I don’t think it’s necessarily a case of taking things too seriously.

  46. ZenB!tch says:

    I know nothing about BDSM – so I couldn’t tell you if it was right or wrong. What I can tell you is that 50 Shades was the worst WRITTEN book I have ever attempted to read.

    I was curious as to how it would end so I downloaded all three books but I just couldn’t read it. The dialogue made me roll my eyes. The sex scenes made me roll my eyes.

    I can’t see Angelina being interested in anything of such low quality. I can see her perhaps writing her own novel but not directing this drivel. I’m going to check those recaps noted above. I can use some entertainment.

  47. Newtsgal says:

    Hey Kaiser,
    “– it’s not a good or authentic representation of the BDSM lifestyle whatsoever”
    How do you know about the BDSM lifestyle?
    Do tell, we want all the sexy secrets.

  48. Lara says:

    I hope she’ll say no. I bought the book, read half of it and gave it to a co-worker. CAN NOT TAKE IT ANY LONGER!!!Why this book is such a bestseller is beyond my comprehension.

  49. Julia says:

    I think that Angelina will be perfectly suited to direct this movie. And I think she will.

  50. Kim1 says:

    I would be suprised if she has heard of this book she doesn’t keep up with pop culture.Hopefully Cleopatra is next she was doing research in Egypt.

  51. jc126 says:

    They’re just trying to drum up publicity, clearly. There is NO WAY Angelina Jolie, or any actor/actress of any quality or reputation whatsoever, will get within 20 miles of what will certainly be a crapfest.

  52. Victoria says:

    Jolie’s perfect to make this erotic. Her first movie as a director was quite erotic and powerful. She’s perfect but will she commit to direct all 3?

    And yes, the book was awful. All the girl ever said was “Oh, crap.”

  53. Janet says:

    Guys, it’s a baseless rumor. The studio making the film has already denied it. It ain’t happening.

  54. Freya says:

    Does anyone want something to make the news? Link it to Angelina!
    Why would she be interested in directing this kind of movie?

  55. Dredz says:

    Gorgeous then, gorgeous now

  56. Heather says:

    I really miss the old Angelina.

  57. Mourning the Death of Music says:

    Not every big selling book needs to be made into a movie. Christ…

  58. Reece says:

    Off the title alone:
    Yeah right! Keep dreaming Universal. This sounds like when they put out the rumor Taylor Swift would be in Les Miserables and people (myself included) thought they’d lost their minds.

  59. Madpoe says:

    Are those photos from her Lara Croft days – minus Mr/Mrs. Smith stills. She looked fab back then.