Mary-Kate Olsen & Olivier Sarkozy’s romance called “grotesque” by his ex-wife

Mary-Kate Olsen

As Kaiser reported last week, Mary-Kate Olsen has hooked up with an unlikely new suitor, Olivier Sarkozy — the half brother of former French president Nicolas Sarkozy. You can see a photo of the strange couple together on the OK! website, and let’s just say that Nicolas cornered the sex appeal quota in the family. Olivier is not a looker, but he’s probably got that dashing Frenchman personality, and he is a very successful businessman as well who has reportedly been “wining and dining” Mary-Kate to the hilt. In all likelihood has been a refreshing change for MK, who usually dates much younger dudes, and she probably wants to find someone who doesn’t use her for her status and money. As Kaiser also pointed out in her previous article, MK has been a professional for her entire life and that could have an “old soul” (my interpretation) effect, which could mitigate the age difference.

Well Mary-Kate and Olivier have swept the tabloids this week with stories in the Enquirer, In Touch, and Star about how her friends are worried about Olivier’s womanizing ways and the possibility that he’s set MK up for a hard fall. All three publications have also all heard from a source close to Olivier’s ex-wife who calls the romance “grotesque,” which sounds exactly like a former spouse whose ex immediately starts dating someone 17 years younger. Star has the most comprehensive take on the story:

Mary-Kate Olsen Ashley Olsen

They looked like father and daughter as they sat next to each other at N.Y. Knicks game back in April, but they are far from it. He is Olivier Sarkozy, playboy and half brother of former French president Nicolas Sarkozy, and she is Mary-Kate Olsen, American darling 17 years his junior. And, much to the distress of Mary-Kate’s friends and family, they are lovers.

According to sources close to Mary-Kate Olsen, she’s been “head over heels” for Olivier Sarkozy, 42, ever since they met at a party in early April. But they also warn that the fashion deisnger could be in a toxic relationship that’s damaging to the two most important things in her world: her fashion empire and her relationship with her twin sister, Ashley.

Aside form being Nicolas Sarkozy’s bro, he’s also managing director of the prestigious Carlyle Group’s Global Financial Services division. But his flashy resumé is deceiving, says an insider. “He’s a womanizing love rat,” the source says. “He and his brother think it’s normal to date many women at once. Mary-Kate may think she’s in love and being swept off her feet now, but before long she’ll realize she’s just one of many women that he’s making pancakes for in the morning.” Upon hearing that her ex-husband was dating Mary-Kate, Olivier’s ex-wife, Charlotte was far more blunt. “That’s not right. It’s grotesque!”

Another sources says that Olivier wants to control her — and it’s starting to destroy the girl her friends once knew. “Mary-Kate just hasn’t been herself since she started dating Olivier,” says the source. “She’s cutting off her firneds and family and acts totally different when she’s with him.”

Unfortunately, that includes her superclose relationship with her twin sister. “Ashley thinks Olivier is too pushy — and Mary-Kate got really upset,” the source says. “They had a big fight about it. They’ve since made up, but Olivier is really coming between them. If they have a big falling out…it will be a disaster for their company. The hoope is that Mary-Kate will come to her senses and realize that Olivier is exerting way too much control over her.

[From Star, print edition, June 18, 2012]

The Enquirer basically repeats the same story as Star and adds that “Charlotte certainly won’t want her kids to be around Mary-Kate, who has a history of wild-partying and booze binges” while In Touch says that Mary-Kate is “head-over-heels” and “really serious” about Olivier, who just loooves da ladies. It does sound like trouble.

As for the manufactured twin drama in this story, I don’t buy it. I think that Mary-Kate and Ashley are probably well used to giving each other “relationship space,” and they always work things out together. Sure they might have occasional arguments, but they also have a creepy twin brain, so they’ll be fine.

Mary-Kate Olsen Ashley Olsen

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49 Responses to “Mary-Kate Olsen & Olivier Sarkozy’s romance called “grotesque” by his ex-wife”

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  1. lafairy says:

    I also find this relationship totally grotesque! I hope this is not true and just a rumor!

  2. marie says:

    I get the “rat” part, but “womanizing” really? I don’t see the appeal.

    • Maguita says:


      That is what boggles the mind, how these older-looking physically unappealing men get much younger, prettier and fragile-looking women!

      But in this case, to be fair, MK is 26, not some 19 year-old chit with limited life-experience. Mary Kate Olsen has LIVED. A lot.

      Still wonder what her role was in Heath’s death. Got the feeling her part got swept under the rug quickly!

      • Trillion says:

        I always think the Olsen twins look like little old ladies already. Except for their fabulous shoes.

      • Jean says:

        I think if you’re old enough to have given birth to or fathered your partner, you have issues.

    • lafairy says:

      I don’t get it too either! he is like an antique, particularly ugly scarecrow, the idea that she has to see him nekkid (she is just 2 years older than me) makes me wanna puke;)!

  3. Sillyone says:

    I clicked on the link what in the?? That dude gives me the perv vibe, look at this eyes freaky.

  4. Cherry says:

    Well, just because a guy isn’t physically attractive, that doesn’t mean he can’t be appealing. Who knows, maybe he’s incredibly charmy, intelligent and funny…? I’m just spitballin’ here.

    Oh, and BTW, I don’t think it’s right to imply that Mary-Kate is an innocent little girl who knows nothing about the ways of the world and ‘may think she’s in love and being swept off her feet now, but before long she’ll realize she’s just one of many women that he’s making pancakes for in the morning.’ I doubt she’s that naive.

  5. skipper says:

    Don’t these two ever get tired of each other?

    • RocketMerry says:

      You mean MK and Ashley? I wonder about the relationship between these two, too.

      I thought that the fact that identical twins’ brains tend to form thought patterns almost identical was at the base of the “twin brains” phenomena. How does that apply to them, since they are not identical twins, but fraternal twins?
      Being fraternal twins should make them a bit less attached then they are, no?

      • Roma says:

        I think it’s not just a case of twin brain, but being fairly isolated together. They had an intense childhood and spent far more time together than an average set of twins would.

      • mayamae says:

        They are actually fraternal twins.

  6. Laura says:

    Olivier Sarkozy is creepy. Mary-Kate, why? WHY?

    • momoftwo says:

      She seems very creepy and odd too! She lives in a whole other dimension of wealth and status – I agree that she must be enjoy being with someone also successful

  7. Aries says:

    I like them as a couple and don’t understand why people are so bothered by the age difference. My guy is 17 years older than me and it’s the best relationship I’ve ever had. I’m sure MK was sick of dating little boys and decided it was time to find herself a man.

    • lafairy says:

      Good for you!
      But for most people breaking the generational gap is giving the creeps, because of many reasons as biology,possibility for the oldest to pass for the parent of the younger, facing different challenges and goals as time will pass by.

      Well the fact that the oldest was almost an adult when the other one was born is the main factor why most people are drove away by this type of relationships.

      I’ma not one for big age gaps between partners (no matter if the oldest is a man or a woman, or if it is a same sex relationships) but whatever float your bloat! If you are happy that’s good!

      PS: 25 years old men are far from being “little boys” you know.
      I am 24 and I like men around my own age,and + 7/8 older men creeps me out,we are all very different in love ;)

      • Beauty Cat says:

        25 year old men are far from being little boys? lol yeah right. My husband is 25 and I feel like im with a kid. Its eat, make a mess, play video games, work and s*x. Men will always be boys no matter how old they are.

      • lafairy says:

        @beauty cat: Mine is 26 and I don’t feel I am with a kid at all!! he is very romantic, plan a lot of surprises, romantic gettaways, likes hiking, diving and sailing, hates video games, and help me out greatly at home (we share 50/50 of most of tasks),he is very considerate with me and also volunteer for non-profit organisations, I never feel with a kid with him… well I’am the kid actually ;) !LOL!
        So maybe men are different as …individuals, some are kids and some are not just like some women ,some feel (and act!) still like girls at 40 and some like women at 23!

        Well I don’t have to complain a lot ;)

    • Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

      I agree, whatever works. My cousin is married to a man 23 years older and they have a beautiful family. Too bad the older woman – younger man gets such a bad rap though.

    • Otterette says:

      I think the main reason for the repulsion is the fact that it looks like there is a 40 year difference between them, with how tiny she is (and the fact that we’ll always associate her with the babyhood that made them famous) and how old he looks :P

    • Lukie says:

      News flash: most men regardless of age, are little boys.

  8. Jacq says:

    The whole thing sound manufactured to me. Is he controlling her or is she acting in a way that she wants to? Star needs to pick an angle, unless I missed the paragraph about HOW he’s controlling her.

  9. Andrea says:

    Why do these two always pose as if they are conjoined at the pelvis??

  10. Meg says:

    Why does Mary-Kate have the posture of an 80 yr old lady? Starvation? You’d think someone in fashion would at least try to stand up straight during photos

    • Veruca says:

      I was wondering if it’s posture or if she simply has a really curved spine. Either way, she should start doing something to fix it or she’ll be seriously regretting it by her 40s.

  11. JudyK says:

    I think he’s nice looking. Why does a young woman who is only 3 feet tall (snark) SLUMP…her posture is atrocious.

  12. JB says:

    Ashley really is more beautiful than MK. It’s become so obvious in recent pictures. Did MK get work done? She looks tweaked.

  13. Amea says:

    I lived in France for awhile, stayed with a French family and made a nice group of French friends. Their views on relationships, specifically monogamy, are a little different from American views…it’s almost like an understanding that people are attracted to others and may act on those attractions but at the end of the day the love they have for their partner is always there like an anchor. Same for the women, they enjoy compliments and even cat-calls from other guys because it re-affirms their physical beauty or whatever…so back to Sarkozy’s womanizing, to us Americans it may seem like cheating, but to the French it’s almost expected….this is just from what I’ve seen and what my friends have told me!

    • lafairy says:

      I am French and I tend to strongly desagree with you on the acceptance of this kind of awful behaviour amongst the french people.

      This is not common and not largely accepted at all.
      And cheating like everywhere else is VERY big deal.

      To everybody I know (family, friends, friends’friends, co-workers, etc..)this kind of behaviour IS NOT expected at all, and the idea of an arrangement in couples is as badly accepted than in america.

      For any french woman just like for any american one this is just plain cheating!

      Sure we are very flirtacious people… but as in flirting… not cheating!

      Cheating is not considered ok!Not at all! The cliché attached to the french on this subject come from our kings and queens’ behaviour centuries ago, and people think it’s common sense to admit that all the french behave that way but that’s not true at all!

      If my boyfriend would cheat on me I would hang him by his balls and beat him up like a pinata ;)

      • Amea says:

        haha at the pinata part XD

        I realize all French people don’t share this viewpoint; I tried not to generalize. I guess the people I know/hang around are the exception rather than the norm!

  14. kazoo says:

    I like their fashion. And I judge myself for it.

  15. DreamyK says:

    She does look like his daughter in that photo. She also looks much better without all that raccoon eye makeup.

    The Trollsens remind me of a creepy story that V.C. Andrews would write. Just kinda swarming in a incestuous vibe. Eeeewww.

    • Maguita says:

      I think you are closer than you think DreamyK.

      With all the pedo-Hollywood stories running around lately, you have to wonder if one, or both girls, went through hell.

      Which might explain a lot; Especially for MK’s troubled teens and rehab stays.

      That is why I feel kind of sad for MK. But still want to know what happened the 24 hours before Heath’s death!

  16. Santosrocks says:

    Good for this ex-wife to say whatever the heck she wants. To her it must be like he’s a pedo now, having been w/little MK. I’m embarassed for her.

    MK looks ridiculous in that black outfit, like she’s playing dress-up & trying to look older like her “BF”.

    But she & her sis are two fragile people who’ve lived crazy lives growing up too fast, so they must feel a lot older than they are.

  17. Ally says:

    It’s not the age difference as such, it’s that he’s homely and creepy-looking, and she looks like a wizened baby (or Anna Wintour — the shrunken early years).

    They’re creepy-looking separately, and even more so together.

  18. erika says:

    Qui, Mademoiselle Celebitchy, I second and third it, I find these two ‘le grotesque’ myself.

    The way they morphed from these quite creepy Cabbage Patch-esque, ABC child stars to overnight 75 yr old versions of an aged Marlene Dietrich (“I want to be alone…” + Bag Lady/Eliza Doolittle on crack cocaine fashionistas is WIERD!!!!!

    They’re WIERD! Run a brush over your pony manes, smile and LET LOOSE!!!

    and stop cuddling up to each other like you’re Siamese Twins and take a SEPERATE PHOTO!!!!!! GOD!

    • Hakura says:

      @Erika – “The way they morphed from these quite creepy Cabbage Patch-esque, ABC child stars to overnight 75 yr old versions of an aged Marlene Dietrich (“I want to be alone…” + Bag Lady/Eliza Doolittle on crack cocaine fashionistas is WIERD!!

      This story actually caused me to go back through their looks since 1999. (They & I are the same age, so I was sort of a fan throughout). It’s really strange, they were such pretty girls up until about 2007/2008, where you really start to see the results of MK’s eating disorder.

      But while it happened slower for Ashley, her appearance began to decay to match her sister’s, with that ‘wide-eyed-children-locked-in-a-basement-their-whole-lives’ appearance.

      Other than the disorder, I just don’t know what happened. It’s like the pressures of their lives in show biz crashed into them all at once.

  19. Hakura says:

    While I know that MK is ‘fragile’ (& has always come off as such)… & while I DO think this guy looks creepy, & can’t imagine any sort of ‘relationship’ with him…

    The woman is 26 years old. It’s not like she’s 16 or even 18 & this guy is picking her up at a bar.

    She probably even feels as old as he is, having been in business for so long, heading a successful company herself. Maybe they can relate on a professional level.

  20. erika says:

    Don’t you all think that at their age perhaps they should stand and smile on their own? I’m not saying don’t ever take a picture together, I get it, you’re twins, but you are both now grown up, mature young women…

    I’m not a twin so I don’t understand that symbiotic (?)bond but I always thought if I ever had twins I would make a real effort to make sure they stood out in their OWN right (not matching clothes, similiar sounding names, etc). And still respect that close bond, a balance is what i’m saying.

    doesn’t seem like these young twins ‘balance’ their twinly/intimate relationship…just seperate!!!!!

  21. Hakura says:

    @Erika – If they haven’t done much while away from eachother up til now, the odds are that they aren’t ever going to. Like you mentioned, you would want to start very early, trying to make sure both of your twins had a proper sense of ‘self’, outside of their twin. (Not that I think attempting to do this is always successful. You hear so many stories about twins who just naturally feel eachother in every aspect… In which case it’s UNnatural for them to be separated).

    I always thought the fact that their first acting gig on Full House didn’t do much to contribute to a ‘separation’/unique sense of self/identitity, given that they were actually playing the same person. They grew up being used interchangably in the only life they ever knew, which perhaps could’ve screwed them up.

  22. GoodCapon says:

    What’s with all the Olsen posts lately? Are they trying to promote something?