Lady Gaga suffers a concussion onstage in NZ & she continued the show

Have I ever mentioned how clumsy I am? I’m very clumsy. I get it from my mother’s side of the family. My mom has never met a slightly graded hill that she couldn’t roll down, and I know that’s in my future. So far, my greatest include: falling up stairs, falling down stairs, walking into walls, falling out of bed, hitting my head while I get into the car, constantly stubbing my toe on pieces of furniture that have been in the same spot for years, and slipping in soggy weather constantly. Basically, I’m pretty familiar with getting banged up and it’s almost always my own fault. I would imagine the life of a pop star is pretty similar – no matter how coordinated and graceful you are, you have to sing and dance on stage night after night, and there are set pieces and costumes and plenty of potential pratfall instigators. But is it worse when one of your backup dancers simply isn’t paying attention and he basically slams a giant metal pole into your head? That’s what happened to Lady Gaga in New Zealand. I’m including two videos of the same incident:

The dancer isn’t paying any attention as he tries to take down the set piece pole or whatever. He conked her on the head pretty good too. I was going to make a joke about Gaga’s hairpieces and wigs and how they might have been a good buffer, but really, if you watch the video, you can see that Gaga really got hit hard. Her makeup artist tweeted that Gaga had a concussion, but you know what? Gaga finished the show. So… props to Gaga. She didn’t freak out and cancel the rest of the show and play the diva card – which would have been her right. She went off stage for a few seconds and got her sh-t together – she was probably checking to see if she was bleeding. And then she came back. Poor Gaga.

Photos courtesy of Terry’s Diary/Terry Richardson.

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  1. Tillie says:

    Wow, looks painfull. What a pro.

    • Maguita says:

      Chris Brown should take note: Real professionals, like Gaga, Bieber, and so many more, deal head-on (no pun intended to GG’s incident) and put their fans’ needs FIRST.

      No hissy fit. No throwing chairs around. No canceling. The fans who afford you your lifestyle ALWAYS deserve at least their money’s worth.

      I am still looking though for those Illuminati signs… Or devil worshiping. Where are they.

  2. Melissa says:

    OUCH! I love that you can tell she is singing live, because she loses a word or two when her head gets hit. Then she just continues on, belting it out, when I am sure she must have been in serious pain. That was really hard!

    • gg says:

      not to mention a great big loud surprise. :BONG-A!:

      Not for nothing but I just broke my big toe and finger last week falling up 3 stairs.

  3. Kasey says:

    Glad for her that it wasn’t worse. Now why does she always have to look so BAD?!

  4. alison says:

    The other day I took a turn in a hallway, but half my body hit the corner of the wall and it spun me around like an idiot. i’m also duck footed so my feet stick out thus making all chairs a tripping hazard.

    so I feel you. and Gaga did look like she got whacked pretty good.

  5. Ainsley says:

    This is why I like her more than the other pop stars of the moment. She sings live, sounds great, and is a real pro. She does give people a show that’s worth their money.

  6. lucy2 says:


    “My mom has never met a slightly graded hill that she couldn’t roll down”- LOL!

    In my case, if there is one little hole or dip in the group in a huge field…I will manage to step in it and twist my ankle.

  7. RocketMerry says:

    And so the “shock value” battle between MDN and Gaga continues…

    I’ll give Gaga the win in this case, since nipple-showing is boring and overdone. Next time, Madonna!

  8. Madge says:

    I hope it was painful and she saw few stars.

  9. Jaschintaz says:

    Went to her Singapore concert, and she was amazing. She sang live all the way and her show and props were worth every penny. Some of the dancing stunts were quite dangerous though because she and her dancers had to climb really high up this fake church-looking prop. At one point, when one of concert goers threw a doll on stage, she even picked it up and started playing with it, making it sing and dance to her songs. I’ve watched many acts perform live but she’s the best by far. Not surprised that most of her shows sold out within minutes.

  10. kristin says:

    Between her and the and NFL, concussions are having their fifteen minutes of fame lol

  11. Aubra says:

    No lie, I chuckled a bit, but I would LOVE to see her fall over in those shoes she wears!

  12. annaloo. says:

    Now THAT’S pretty dedicated

    (Take a F*CKING note, KANYE!)

  13. Bubbling says:

    I was wondering, you think she punished somehow that poor bastard who hit her?

  14. Carol says:

    Hmmm,i want to be on the “good for her-what a trooper” bandwagon but this week I had my first serious accident whilst horse riding. Though I was lucky to only get a mild concussion I was dizzy, couldn’t talk for minutes from the pain, nauseous, in shock. It looks like she got hit hard and for that I sympathise, but I don’t think she suffered a full-on concussion. Every one’s symptoms vary I guess.

  15. Mooshi says:

    Where’s the PROOF she suffered a concussion (she got a bop on the head lighter then my best friends toddler)?

    I am so over the hollywood bloodlines painting fantastical stories for themselves in the press.

    Where are her medical records ? Her medical evaluation is from her “make up” artist!

    OH please.

    • Tiffany says:

      Mooshi, who the heck cares if she was technically diagnosed with a concussion? She was hit on the head, HARD, but a pole. She is a trooper for continuing on. Just accept it.

      Saying that you NEED access to a complete strangers medical records shows that you are the one living in a fairy tale. That is just odd and creepy.

  16. Hope says:

    Say what you will about Gaga, but like you said, she could have played the diva card. Do you think for a second Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, Madonna, or any other pop star would have stuck it out? (Well, Pink probably would have.) I don’t think so. The show must go on and this just proves what a true performer she is 🙂

    • Mooshi says:

      This doesnt prove ANYTHING. Noone knows if she got a concussion or not.

      This could just be a PR fairy tale. Its more likely her thick wig offset any injury.

      Look at the video again. That doesnt look like a “concussion injury” situation.

    • Maguita says:

      I agree with your assessment Hope. However, I think Madonna would have stuck through. Whatever douchy thoughts we have of the Material Girl, she always gives to the fans.

      Nicki Minaj… I truly do not understand what all the hoopla is all about: She is closely tailing La Lohan with all her drama.

      • apsutter says:

        Word on Madonna. I also think Beyonce would keep going. She has had some crazy stuff happen to her while performing but always soldiers through. Like when she fell hard down those stairs on her face and hopped right back up.

    • Jaschintaz says:

      Agreed! I saw Rihanna in concert once and when her mike wasn’t working for ONE song, she threw a hissy fit and even started cussing on stage. I mean hello! She flew all the way to Sngapore for her concert and still displayed diva traits. And she didn’t even bother resigning the song when the mike was working again.

  17. Baylor says:

    Can you imagine Leann Rimes doing this?! Hell no!!!

  18. Jover says:

    Too bad it didn’t knock her out for good, overrated overexposed and will be irrelevant in 5 yrs. Ultimately it comes down to the music and her music is rehashed eurotrash Rufus Wainwright was right – she really has only one or two decent songs in her entire ouvre everything else is forgottable dance pop crap – and please stop with the faux religious blasphemy crap – she’s way too corporate and mainstream to pull this stuff off.

  19. marie says:


  20. Migdalia says:

    “A concussion is a traumatic brain injury that alters the way your brain functions. Effects are usually temporary, but can include problems with headache, concentration, memory, judgment, balance and coordination.

    Although concussions usually are caused by a blow to the head, they can also occur when the head and upper body are violently shaken. These injuries can cause a loss of consciousness, but most concussions do not. Because of this, some people have concussions and don’t realize it.”

    You can easily have a concussion with any kind of blow to the head…you don’t have to be knocked out or anything. This is why when most people brush off a hit to the head they end of dying or with consequences later in life.

  21. some bitch says:

    Well, it’s not THAT difficult to get through her crappy little show, concussion or not.

  22. spugzbunny says:

    She tweeted a pic of her bruised face earlier. It does look pretty bad!

    • A says:

      She got hit right on her head, NOT in her face.

      Any bruising you see in her face is not from this incident.

  23. Jolie says:

    I was there and she was amazing~At one point she was talking about something, apologized for rambling because she thought she may have concussion and said with a laugh that she was going to finish the show if it fking killed her!
    After seeing the way she interacts with her fans and how much she puts into her performance I honestly think she’s an awesome person and deserves every ounce of good fortune that comes her way. There will always be people that are guna hate, but that says more about them than anything else.