Is Brad Pitt’s film ‘World War Z’ going to be a $170 million disaster?

These photos just popped up at Fame/Flynet, and I became enchanted by them immediately. According to the photo agency, “Actor Brad Pitt visits a Honda Goldwing specialist motorcycle shop in London, England on June 13, 2012. The Hollywood actor posed with staff of HGB Motorcycles in Ruislip during the brief visit.” Is it just me or does Brad look really sexy here? It’s the hair – it looks sort of blown-out, but it’s not girlishly fluffy. It’s an interesting length on a man approaching 50 years old, but Brad really makes it work. All I really needed was one of these photos, the idea of “motorcycle shopping” and I had already formed a little sexual fantasy involving Brad, Michael Fassbender and a motorcycle ride in the English countryside. Mmmm… English country threesome. Nice.

Brad is keeping the long hair for a little while longer, at least. You know why? Because he has to go back and film even more scenes for World War Z. WWZ filmed for months and months last year, all over Europe. It was the neverending film shoot. And now the ending has been rewritten and Brad has to go back to work AGAIN and do reshoots – although the time estimate on the “reshoots” is five to seven weeks, which is more like half a film production. And even then, it might be a disaster:

Forget sometime scary-skinny near-missus ANGELINA JOLIE, BRAD PITT has some real ZOMBIE problems! AS The ENQUIRER reported previously Brad had been producing a zombie thriller “World War Z” which seemed destined for a big money making franchise. But now, sources say, not only is the film A STINKER with its release date pushed back to 2013 but the tawny Brad may be to blame.

“Can we take this genre movie and use it as a Trojan horse for sociopolitical problems, and what would the effect on the world be if everything we knew was upside-down and pulled out from under us?” Brad told The Hollywood Reporter last January, as he seemingly had classic disaster flick “The Poseidon Adventure” on his mind – but substituting flesh eating denizens of the brain snarfing undead for Shelley Winters.

But a source now told THR that Brad’s film is now “a nightmare from top to bottom”.

The troubled production dragged on for months as a novice SFX director battled with the cinematographer and the logistics of shooting all over economically ravaged Europe took its toll. Meanwhile Brad and his producing partner were busy prepping a small indie film that preemed at Cannes, “Killing Them Softly”.

By the time they were ready to re-focus their attentions on the zombie flick “the disaster was already well in the making,” the production insider divulged.

Yet a Paramount exec said “The footage from this film looks fantastic, but we all agreed it can have a better ending. Getting the ending correct is essential, and we are in that creative process.”

But Brad is positive his zombie apocalypse gore fest will garner kudos, “I know my boys are going to like it.”

[Via The National Enquirer]

You know who did the script rewrite? Damon Lindelof. The man who screwed up Lost and bungled the Alien reboot, Prometheus. So… expect a three-hour opus in which Brad Pitt wanders around talking about faith versus science, basically. Beyond that, Indie Wire reports that director Marc Forster was unprepared to helm such a massive, big-budget film, and the whole disaster is already costing the studio more than $170 million reportedly. Let’s hope Brad The Producer can begin to rein in some of this BS.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Chatcat says:

    Yep, I’m thinking right up there with Tommygirl’s disaster opening this weekend!

    And he looks sexy here because he actually looks like he took a shower…he could have trimmed up the chin a bit…you know “Oh well a touch of gray, kinda suits you anyway.”

  2. Truth says:

    Nope this is still my favorite Brad Pitt photo

    That’s why he has the side swept hair. He has to hide his ever growing forehead. Hahaha

  3. mln76 says:

    It has zombies not my thing but 15 year old boys will watch it. It will at least break even.

  4. Kaye1 says:

    He looks good from the neck down. I think his obviously colored and highlighted hair looks weird next to his salt and pepper beard.

  5. Lizzie says:

    World War Z is in my top 5 favourite books. I hope its not totally shit.
    And Damon Lindelof isn’t that bad!!

    • Carrie says:

      for PROMETHEUS,you can blame Ridley Scott because it’s his idea,his director’s cut,he’s the producer…

    • Theresa says:

      World War Z is a very excellent book, and I often thought that the visuals it creates in the mind would be amazing if they made it to the screen.

      I have high hopes for this film, and I hope they take the time to get it right. If they do, it may well set a new standard for intellectual horror. The source material is outstanding and deserves the proper treatment!

  6. Bradley says:

    Watch out the Oscar – Brad is coming for you!!!

  7. olivia says:

    1. pitt’s each single movie since he got hand on Plan B alone was an oscar bait. if the source of the story does not warrant enough oscar baiting shiite or the role pitt takes on is too complicated and/or minimal, pitt rewrites the story in a way, it will be oscar baity and it will give his character significance and allow his non existant acting ability to shine (e.g. pitt constantly eating in money ball)

    2.if the WWZ film was wrapped year ago it means, THAT pitt was satisfied with the result, that the movie, the story, his role and ending was exact the way he wanted it. this means that it was pitt’s fault that the movie is such a shitt – because he was intervening in script writing, direction and acting AND went on with the filming. this means, if the movie was not like he wanted it, he would not allow it to be wrapped up but would still be doing changes as he always does.

    3.from 1-2 it’s clear, that the script writer and director had ZERO control over the story and the way WWZ was filmed, because pitt was interferring constantly and he was their boss who decided what and how will be done or not instead that pitt just let the professionals do the job. when other people financially bound in that desaster saw the mess, pitt denies any responsibility and throws the script writer and director under the bus, thus pr wise damaging their carreer for ever only to save his shitty unwashed upper asss err face.

    5.rightfully it would be to blame solely brad pitt for the WWZ desaster, because he was executing his power in a way, that yielded the movie unwatchable.

    • ahoyhoy says:

      Good lord, olivia, how long have you been hoping for a story like this?

      I know you didn’t read the article, but if it’s a true story, the purported ‘disaster’ supposedly started and snowballed while Brad was away & busy. He is only one of the producers. Directors, cinematographers, writers, and editors DO have a large role in how a film looks, sounds, and feels. Trust this. Success or failure, no one person is responsible for a movie’s cost overruns OR gross.

      It’s probably going to be a fine movie, and will make its budget back in 2 weeks, minimum. Try not to take it too personally when it’s great, olivia, YOU DON’T KNOW THESE PEOPLE.
      I wish you the best, honestly. I just feel bad when I see anyone always so caught up in hating people they don’t know. Gossip is supposed to be fun, dear, please have some.

    • NM6804 says:

      Not that I think you wrote this comment yourself (too apt and friendly), but I think it’s spot on Olivia.

      I worry about this film. The fact that Lindelof (hey his projects DO make money) had to rewrite the complete ending and seven WEEKS of reshoots are being done doesn’t spell good news. It’s probably still going to be a disaster. Plus the illegal weapons shit that happened on set isn’t good for promotion either, all under Pitt’s own company no less. This film is cursed from the beginning.

  8. Eve says:

    It has zombies so I’m sold.

    About World War Z being an announced disaster…that can very well be true. But people said the same thing before Titanic was released.

    and I had already formed a little sexual fantasy involving Brad, Michael Fassbender and a motorcycle ride in the English countryside. Mmmm… English country threesome. Nice.

    For some reason I’m not crazy about a threesome involving myself and two guys. I guess it’s because I’m slightly turned off by the idea of looking like a Chinese finger trap (or a rotisserie pig).

  9. WOM says:

    I hope when this movie tanks, January Jones signs up for Twitter and — following Lindelof’s lead — tweets a mean-spirited, unprofessional, immature, personal insult about him. I doubt it will happen, but I would enjoy karmic payback.

  10. laylajanelovesgossip says:

    Has his jaw always been so wide? That facial hair is GROSS. He looks sexy from the neck down like someone else said…

  11. Linda says:

    He looks great for his angie. The man still has a great body. Can’t wait for this movie and KTS.

  12. Mina says:

    I think he looks terrible in those pictures, with the long hair and sunglasses and white pants, like a sad dude going through a mid-life crisis.

    • Kericho says:

      seriously? you can tell he is going through a mid-life crisis by looking at what he;s wearing? Kudos.

      • yuya says:

        Uh, she said that “he looks like a sad dude going through a mid-life crisis”…she did not state: “I know for a fact, because I know him personally, that he is 100% definitely going through a mid-life crisis.”

        Reading comprehension is a skill you might like to try out sometime before you start jumping down people’s throats for daring to not find Brad Pitt attractive.

        He is at best: Meh.

    • Kericho says:

      the old guy standing next to him is wearing cargo pants. Can i get your armchair analysis on that too?

      • yuya says:

        You can get my analysis. They are obviously work pants that the man wears when he wrenches on bikes. As you can see, they are dirty and well-used.

        Unlike Pitt’s very obviously professionally laundered snow white pants. I will say one thing positive. Pitt has the fashion sense in his relationship with Angelina. She has absolutely none. Which is a shame, because she could still get stylish separates and stylish shoes and still be comfortable, and look great while being comfortable.

        Instead, she’s gone completely opposite and dresses like a grandmother.

    • deep says:

      OMG are you and I looking at the same person?? Brad looks GREAT!!

  13. Happy21 says:

    WWZ was a great book. It wasn’t your typical zombie horror, it had meaning, it was fantastic. I am very curious to see the movie version because it will be very interesting to see how it is interpreted.

  14. Kaboom says:

    Marc Forster directed the last Bond movie which pretty much brings the same logistic problems like this one, so I call poppycock on the assertion that he was overwhelmed with the project.

    I also wonder about what “economically ravaged Europe” is supposed to mean. Does the writer think that there’s no electricity and food available? If nothing else you’d expect a more supportive environment for a production that brings money into town.

  15. RobN says:

    If you saw a guy on the street looking like that, you’d roll your eyes and make some snarky comment to your friend about how sad it is when old guys try to look hip.

    • lower-case deb says:

      if i saw this guy walking down the street, i’d be like “holy sheets! dats Brad Pitt!”

      and i’ll start calling him BPitz, to see if he has the same averse reaction to it as RPatz.

      BMine, BPitz!

      well, the joy of admiring from afar. ahem. anyway, to each their own. isn’t that why there’s a saying, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

      • Linda says:

        Well said.

        I guess the NE ran out of breaking up story so they published this crap.

        I’m sure this movie will do well. Troy cost 175 mil and it made over 470 mil WW. This story is probably better than Troy. Most young adults love zombie movies so I think this will do well.

      • NM6804 says:

        It’s not a crap story. The Hollywood Reporter had this article first mind you and it is a legit source.

        Reshoots are generally a bad sign. And Troy was panned greatly by critics, I don’t wish such a crappy plot to WWZ but by the looks of it, it will be a disaster. Pitt is also a more serious actor now so I think he hopes of both critical and financial success, that is the sign of a real successful film (especially since he’s the producer!) in terms of big budget films.

    • blaugaro says:

      I totally agree, he looks awful. Like the PR guy of an Ibiza/Cannes/… afterhour. The hair is hilarious.

  16. Chickie Baby says:

    Is it going to be a disaster?

    Ohhh, probably.

  17. Navy Blue says:

    He’s trying to go for the scruffy cool look just like a version of Billy Bob. He’s so phony and caters his looks to whoever he’s dating.

  18. lucy2 says:

    I don’t know how much anticipation there is for this movie, but re-shooting the whole ending is rarely a good sign. Nowadays though $170 mil actually isn’t THAT high for a film like this.

  19. Folly says:

    Damn, Billy-goat gruff could get it. My Dad has a forty-something coworker with the EXACT same hair- he could get it too, but I’m not looking for an “illicit encounter” jsyk. I like’em tall dark and single.

  20. Toot says:

    Brad looks good to me. His chest area is looking hot, anyway these pics are older than this week. I saw them I think a week and a half ago on a fansite. I guess the store owner must have sold them finally to a photo agency.

  21. jamminatorr says:

    Despite the production issues, I don’t see it having problems making the money back. People LOVE zombie films, and if I’m not mistaken, this movie is based on a very popular book.

    I don’t care about the production issues – i love zombie movies and WILL be going to see it.

  22. Tansey says:

    World War Z is my all time favorite book and when I heard it was being made into a movie I was stoked. I looked online and came across some rumors that the only thing the movie has in common with the book is the name. Everything else in the movie is completely different than the book and the only reason the movie studio bought the rights to the book was for the name. Naturally, this is very disappointing to me because had the movie stuck to the book, it would be a spectacular movie. Of course, these are just rumors. I’ll still go see the movie but I’m not going to get my hopes up that it will do the book justice.

  23. Jovia says:

    I wish he’d taken his sunglasses off. But he looks good. He and Fassbender are both my cup of tea so I relate to the fantasy aspect of the post. ;)

  24. Chris says:

    If it even slightly sucks you can be sure some critic is gonna run with the headline: World War Zzzzzzz. I just wanted to be the first to get that in.

  25. orion70 says:

    I loved this book and when I heard it was being made into a movie and Pitt was involved, I was apprehensive that he was going to mess it up. But I think Max Brooks approved him from the get go, so who am I to say. But these recent developments only increase that apprehension.

    This is a much-loved book and a lot of people are going to have high expectations for it. I don’t think it’s just going to be a case of “hey it’s a zombie movie, people like zombies, everyone will love it”.

  26. Emma - the JP lover says:

    Re-shoots and a pushed back release date doesn’t necessarily indicate that a film is going to be a ‘turkey.’

    “The Bourne Identity” (a film whose release date was pushed back one year) went through four rounds of re-shoots ‘and’ the action piece at the end of the film was re-shot just before the film’s release. Because of the re-shoots, Hollywood and industry blogs predicted “The Bourne Identity” was a TURKEY coming to a theater near you, and then straight to video. But we all know how ‘that’ prediction turned out, don’t we?

    “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” re-shot scenes in May 2005, just one month before the film’s release. It wasn’t a turkey either.

    The fact is that nearly every film made goes through some form of ‘adjustment’ before its release. I think the Enquirer is just trying to stir up a Tempest in a teacup. LOL!! They’re probably mad because they don’t have the ‘scoop’ on the Jolie-Pitt wedding. I’m still going to see the film. :)

    P.S. Brad’s body is SMOKIN’ and ‘very’ doable in these photos. Woof!!

    • Chris says:

      “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” re-shot scenes in May 2005, just one month before the film’s release. It wasn’t a turkey either.

      You’re right. It wasn’t a turkey.


      • Emma - the JP lover says:

        @Chris …

        I respect your opinion, but the movie-going-public (domestic and international) disagreed with you.

        The production budget for “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” was $110 million. It grossed $186 million domestically and $292 million overseas for a $478 million worldwide total. And that, my friend, is nothing to sneeze (or snark) at.

  27. Chris says:

    @Emma: And yet not a single nomination at the Academy Awards and only a rating of 6.4 on the IMDB and 58% on Rotten Tomatoes. If you want to judge its success on how much money it made then it was successful. If you want to judge the actual quality of the film itself it was a POS. I couldn’t even bring myself to sit through the whole thing and I’m a Brad Pitt fan.

    • Emma - the JP lover says:


      The point of my original post–and my response to you–is that sometimes Hollywood and industry ‘experts’ get it wrong. ‘Your’ point of citing the Rotten Tomatoes rating for “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” merely underscores ‘my’ point. The success of a film is all about what resonates with the viewing public.

      Hollywood said that “The Bourne Identity” (which ‘is’ a quality film) was going to flop for the same reasons Hollywood now thinks “World War Z” will flop. Hundreds of scores of people predicted that “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” would flop because nobody wanted to see two ‘cheaters’ on screen, especially two cheaters who’d hurt America’s Sweetheart. But something about the film resonated with the viewing public. And in the end, that’s ‘really’ what determines the success of a film, isn’t it?

      Even the “Twilight” films are successful because they resonate with a group of people who spend money to see them. I don’t understand exactly ‘what’ they see in the films, but I can’t argue against their success.

      • Chris says:

        Again you equate success with box office returns instead of the quality of the films themselves. Mainstream success just means that a film had a wide audience and more often than not the wider the audience the less special the film because if you want to appeal to the most people you have to round off the edges.

  28. dj says:

    Oh noooooo…not Lindelhof! Plus, he’s Brad Pitt and gorgeous.

  29. A says:

    Thing is, this probably boils down to the studio f’ng up. I’m into film criticism and have a family member who works in the industry, and lately I’ve been reading some interesting pieces on budgets. Basically, the studios are setting the budgets way too high to the point that even if a film makes a lot of money, the profit will be small because of how much the budget, advertising, and theater costs are. A lot of people falsely believe the theater takes 50 percent always…it takes 50 percent after the first few weeks a film is out, and even then it can have different rates negotiated (family member tried to explain this to me but it’s a lot of economic mumbo jumbo, so that’s about the gist of what I understand). There are other things like DVD rights, etc, that can help bring more money in, but even then it’s tough when the budget is so high. For World War Z to break even, it needs to make around $300 to $320 mil. I wonder if this film has enough of a target audience to make that kind of money?