Lindsay Lohan violated her insurance terms by driving, but nothing will happen

If you believe it, I’m only seeing this NSFW-ish photo shoot for the first time today. Back when she was a ginger… maybe a month ago?… Lindsay did a “photo shoot” with L’Officiel Homme. I saw one of these pics before, but I thought it was from that years-old photo shoot she did where she was copying a famous Kate Moss shoot. I also thought the whole thing looked pretty Terry Richardson-ish, but as it turns out, this shoot was done by someone named Olivier Zahm. Do you have any thoughts on the whole “taking photos of a scantily-clad crackhead as if you’re viewing her from night-vision goggles”? It’s creepy, right? It’s also creepy because Lindsay looks pretty druggy in these pics. I get the feeling that this is her life – she gets undressed and creepy men take photos of her in her Chateau Marmont hotel room.

Anyway, remember Lindsay’s car crash? I know, I know – that was like five cracktastrophes ago. Lindsay (herself) crashed her rented Porsche into the back of an 18-wheeler, then lied to the cops about it, and then nothing. Because the LAPD issued the Cracken a “Get Out of Jail Forever” Pass. Well, insurance companies have higher standards than the LAPD – and it seems like Lindsay’s insurance for Liz & Dick is jeopardy. Sort of.

Lindsay Lohan was PROHIBITED from driving while shooting “Liz and Dick,” because the insurance policy the production company took out made it crystal clear — Lindsay was not allowed to get behind the wheel … TMZ has learned.

Sources connected with the production tell us … the insurance company that issued the policy — which would take a major hit if Lindsay couldn’t complete the film — was extremely reluctant to take the risk. The insurance company set numerous conditions on its coverage, and one of them was banning Lindsay from the roads which have landed her in big trouble multiple times — DUIs, car accidents, and on and on.

Sources tell us … the honchos producing the movie knew Lindsay was driving in violation of the policy, but it appears no one cared — that is until Lindsay crashed a Porsche on Pacific Coast Highway, with a production SUV following right behind her.

As for the consequences, we’re told so far the insurance company hasn’t attempted to cancel the policy or take other action. For its part, the production company has made it clear to Lindsay — she is NOT to drive for the duration of the filming.

[Via TMZ]

So… the insurance company should and could pull Lindsay’s policy because they set out in super-explicit terms that IN NO WAY should anyone let the crackhead drive, and when the crackhead drove, no one is doing anything. Like, I understand Lindsay’s enablers – her mother, her sister, her publicist, all of them – I understand why they cover for her and lie for her. But why does everyone else? Why is it that absolutely NO ONE in Los Angeles is willing to demand that Lindsay follow the rules, and when she breaks said rules, make her face the consequences? Ugh.

Photos courtesy of L’Officiel Homme.

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  1. Maguita says:

    Aaaah, I KNEW IT! I knew the Cracken was desperately trying to run away from the studio’s poor lackey, who was supposed to drive her to work, when she ran away in her rented Porsche, driving high out of her mind!

  2. Incredulous says:

    The colour photo is pretty good but the rest look like a rugged-road crack whore plastering on fake enthusiasm for the seventh trucker john tonight.

    [claws out]So, just like Lindsay these days, really.[/claws back in again]

  3. RocketMerry says:

    *opens a huge bag of crisps and throws its content in abowl with three spoons of mayo and ketchup, ready to read LL’s crack-everything once more*

    Alright, alright, who did she…uhm… what did she, er… HOW did she get of trouble this time?

    Damn, Lindsay! I am trying to have a positive thinking policy out here, why do you have to cock this up for me?!

  4. Anon says:

    Nothing will be done until she kills someone and then, everyone will be “it wasn’t my fault or not my job!”
    As for the pics, the photographer probably was waiting for her to die so he could earn more money off the pics. (yes, it has been discussed by her so called “friends”.)

  5. Happymom says:

    These photos are disgusting. Seriously creepy and pathetic. Dina-wake the f up and LOOK at your child and what she’s doing. Ugh.

  6. Sillyone says:

    We now know why they were filming those 85 hours in four days, they need to get this film done before the insurance company pulls their life line!!

  7. Bess says:

    Once the producers of the tv movie found out that the Cracken was driving, she should have been fined. The only thing the Cracken responds to is the almighty dollar.

    Also, the insurance company should have canceled her policy as soon as she had the accident. Why would they continue to support someone who has proven time after time that she can’t follow the rules?

  8. Boo says:

    These pictures are really skeevy. The only things missing are blood and semen stains on the sheets.

  9. ladybert62 says:

    Obviously a practice session for her upcoming porn movie – something she will be good at.

  10. Candyland says:

    Looks like Lifetime and the insurance co told Crackity Lohan they needed to wrap up the movie. Fast. Less chance of more fuck ups if she’s onset all day. Get a few more days work outta her then dump her ass.

  11. Just U says:

    Why does she always do that bottom lip sticking out, mouth half open thing?
    Is her nose so bad now that she is a mouth breather? Kate Moss at least can be sexy (sometimes) but these pictures look like the 1800- numbers in the back of a dirty magazine.

  12. arsine says:

    I’m fairly certain insurance did get pulled on this production. Note the reports right after the crash that they were wrapping up. Insurance doesn’t eff around. See Downey, Robert J. . . . .

  13. sup says:

    lindsay will never pay for her many crimes, jeniston will still not be pregnant and jennifer love will continue to be desperate by 2020. let’s all just stop expecting for miracles to happen.

  14. the original bellaluna says:

    Thank you, Kaiser, for not blanketing all of Cali as f*cked up as LA County.

    I have an honest question: What is it about her that NO ONE will do ANY THING to put a stop to her cracknanigans?

    She’s been pulling this shit and these types of stunts for YEARS, and yet there in an ENTIRE INFRASTRUCTURE IN PLACE THAT HAS DONE POSITIVELY NOTHING. ZERO. ZIP. NADA.

    There’s not a WTF?! big enough to cover this!

    • Blue says:

      I’m seriously starting to believe she is banging and/or blackmailing someone with a lot of pull. There is no other explanation for this free pass she has been getting. All these crimes and she’s only served less than 2 wks in jail. There is something very wrong with that. Look at that Chris Brown/drake drama. Eveyone in there who got even a broken nail is getting ready to sue, meanwhile there have been at least 4 incidents since January of LL throwing bottles at people and assaulting people yet nothing happened. Someone with deep enough pockets has to be funding this girl. She doesn’t work but has money for an assistant and a rep. How did she pay her lawyer? why isn’t the IRS after her if she hasn’t paid her taxes in a couple years. So. Sketchy.

      • Just U says:

        I have been thinking this for a long time too.
        I kind of remember a blind item from a few years ago about a mother who filmed her underage daughter ‘with’ a very rich and powerful man and has been using this for years.
        If this happened at all (as blind items are not always true)I have no doubt it would be this family.
        I may have some of that wrong because its been a while, but I wouldn’t put it past them.

      • Jennika says:

        Yea, I bet she has blackmail on high up people , and she’s probably an escort for some judges or city officials

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Oh, Blue, I’ve been saying she’s been blowing people in exchange for favours for quite some time now (great minds, and all that). :)

        There’s got to be some truly shady shit going on behind the scenes, to which we’re not privy. (I just want one or two people to step up and spill it!)

      • Bess says:

        I think Vikram, the Indian hotel billionaire, is paying at least some of her bills. I doubt anyone would rent her a house or lease her a car without significant financial backing behind her.

        Also, let’s say she is blowing/blackmailing someone powerful. Who is powerful enough to make the LAPD, NYPD, LA county probation department, LA county morgue, several judges and several therapists go along with the scam without someone squealing???

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Bess, I don’t know. I thought maybe she was blowing or doing blow with all of LA County’s employees.

        But seriously thinking about it, could it be someone with ties to the Mafia? And just how powerful is ole Vik, anyway? (For some reason, I thought it was his father/family with the most of that wealth, and I’ve read he does NOT approve of Blohan. Is that right?)

        p.s. Blue & JustU, I bet we’re right. And that blind item is just awful if true. (Though it does fit right in with the “I had sex with a porn star while my dad was downstairs” story, does it not?)

    • sarahtonin says:

      We keep hearing about how American prisons are overpopulated because of stricter penalties, zero tolerance, mandatory incarceration etc. But if anything, LL has shown that the opposite is true. She’s a great ambassador for criminals actually. Come to L.A. to do crime, where the Police dept can be bought, punishment is negotiable and judges never follow through on their threats.

  15. Riana says:

    I will say this.

    Lindsey Lohan is an absolutely irresponsible, arrogant, narcissistic human being who is going through life crashing into everyone and everything in a cloud of drugs and incoherency.

    She is also an addict. A deeply disturbed, emotionally scarred, likely brain damaged addict.

    I know everyone will come up with their own opinions but the reality is the science isn’t on Lindsey’s side as an addict. Truthfully her record reflects the majority of addicts EXCEPT they face legal consequences.

    You can’t tell an addict “You’re so lucky, you get off without the system punishing you! Why don’t you take that as a sign to change your ways???” Addiction does NOT work that way. Take the average crack head and give them as many legal pardons as Lohan and you’d see damn near all of them in the same boat as her.

    I’m sorry for her because all the people who ARE supposed to be in the position of holding people responsible and helping society as a whole are shrugging and letting this girl kill herself and whoever else she takes down with her when the time comes.

    THAT’S what pisses me off.

  16. Jackie O says:

    she has the same smart aleck look on her face that robert downey jr use to have…until he got seriously locked up. then the smugness went away fast.

  17. GirlyGirl says:

    The insurance company doesn’t really care. They’ll keep taking premiums from the producers, then when the production flames out the insurance company will render the policy void.

    Win-win for the insurance co.

    • bluhare says:

      Oh, the insurance company cares. If there are any claims out of this, they won’t pay as Lifetime didn’t follow the caveats on the policy. I’m surprised they haven’t cancelled it, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they have and no one’s talking. Seems like they are far enough on the filming that to quit now would basically mean scrapping the whole thing, as Lohan probably can’t be insured anywhere now.

      • GirlyGirl says:

        Why would any insurance company cancel the policy? They can keep taking premiums from the the prodco without ever having to think about the risk of a claim as it would be nullified.

        its essentially free money.

        Seriously whatever Hollywood bozo that thought this was a good idea must have brain damage.

    • Lizzie K says:

      Yep, I agree. Insurance company won’t raise this issue unless/until production tries to make a claim against the insurance policy. Then they’ll deny the claim based on this policy violation. Whatever losses production incurred while Lohan was crashing, going to hospital, responding to police, etc. will just have to be eaten.

      You can’t insure against this woman, because the rules don’t apply to her. She will do whatever she wants to do 100% of the time.

      Lohan won’t be stopped short of lock-up.

  18. mewmow says:

    It seems that EVERY article starts with “Lyndsay (insert whatever she did wrong here)” and ends with “but nothing will happen to her”. So tired if this little b!tch. I will never understand why she threw her life away. And she did. It doesn’t matter how many chances she gets, it will never get better. For anyone who feels sorry for her because of her addictions and family life, stop! She is old enough to take control, there is so much more than that wrong with her. It isn’t even fun gossip anymore. It is now disgusting! :-(

  19. some bitch says:

    I keep getting this creeping feeling that Lindsay Lohan is going to be found dead soon.

    God help her. Lindsay and I were born pretty much one year apart, but when I think back… this girl’s lived her life so fast and so hard that there’s no real way she can keep going.

    Clearly this girl is very sick and in a lot of pain, maybe more than some of us can imagine. Clearly this girl is also a narcissist, massively entitled, pissed away all her looks and talent to hang out with Paris and over-saturate the media and has been given too many friggin’ chances. If there’s any hope left, it’ll only be through a year or two in jail and long-term intense drug rehab and psychiatric help.

  20. logan says:

    Sometimes I think law enforcement has the attitude that she is just a flea on the ass of life. After awhile you just get tired of messing with it. She is a small time repeat offender who isn’t worth their time. I know, I know, if it was one of us little people we would serve our time. I keep hoping that a little thing called Karma will decend upon her nasty weave. But the fact that she is a drug abusing, booze drinking, thief, DUI driving, car smashing, lying, scank is good enough for me. She makes me feel a whole lot better about my life and those around me. Her hangeroners will never be like my friends are to me. My family loves me and would do anything for me. Her family uses her and is pathetic. I don’t have a new fancy car, but neither does she. I don’t live in a big fancy mansion, but neither does she. She can’t be happy or she wouldn’t do the things she does. I am not famous, but she is. Famous for being all of the afore mentioned sad attributes. She is her own worse enemy and one day it will be to late to turn it all around.

  21. Bread and Circuses says:

    The insurance company has no power to slap her or the production company’s wrists.

    What they have, however, is the legal right to now refuse to pay out any claims the production company makes on the insurance policy.

    The producers must be double-fisting Maalox. They effectively have no insurance now. They MUST get their movie in the can, or every dollar they’ve spent is non-recoverable.

    Which means they MUST keep the Cracken on-track and performing.

    Good luck with that.

  22. Jennika says:

    Lindsay? Breaking the law? Pish Posh! That is absurd!

  23. Jennika says:

    And that picture is f-ing scary! hahaha! She look like Him from the powerpuff girls!

  24. phlyfiremama says:

    Its just a ploy by “the man” to ensure you have a sense of hopelessness and despair already securely in place when the REALLY bad news about the war on women, the environmental damage, the coming war with Iran, and other actual news that matters finally comes to the surface. You will already be pre-conditioned to accept that the game is, in fact, rigged against you. Just sayin’

  25. boo says:

    Gee her mother must be so proud! now Dina can put these photos in the family album, along with all the other Lindsay cracked out and naked pictures!

  26. bettyrose says:

    I know this is a different issue but does she have car insurance to pay for the damage she caused?

    • NerdMomma says:

      She can’t possibly. Not with DUIs… I thought there were rules about having a breathalyzer in your car? You’d think where the legal system fails, insurance companies would draw the line at insuring her!

      This will have to come out soon. The person rear-ending is always in the wrong, and that truck driver will definitely be able to take her to court if she’s uninsured.

    • Boo says:

      I’ll bet the car was rented by someone else (Vikram?) and she was driving it without the knowledge of the rental company. I hope this will result in her being sued and possibly cited. Of course, nothing will happen anyway; Vik will pay for the car and any lawsuits by the truck driver himself and probably lease her another new Porsche. Why not?

  27. Crazy Charlize says:

    I guess the laws of the land don’t apply to celebutards. The douche Alec Baldwin just punched out a photographer. Will anything happen to him?

  28. Dotty says:

    How many hours of retouching does it take to “remove” all of this bitch’s freckles?

  29. sarahtonin says:

    I’m skeptical that Lifeline turned a blind eye to her driving considering they send a car to pick her up every day. Not to mention the risk of the whole project going up in crack smoke if/when LieLie nodded off at the wheel and crashed her car. I call bullshit.

    If I was managing that insurance policy, I’d revoke it, not (just) because it would be really lulzy, but because bitch needs to learn a lesson.

    Anyway, she might be screwed now regardless. Someone went out on a limb to insure her despite the huge risks, but she spat in their face. She might find there are no more companies willing to take a chance on her now.

    Edit: Lifeline should be Lifetime, but considering this is about career suicide it stays.

  30. littlestar says:

    I work in the insurance industry, and I find it odd that the insurance comapny wouldn’t have pulled Lifetime’s insurance on this movie immediately after the accident happened. Insurance companies are there to make money for themselves, not dole out millions to Lifetime should the Liz & Dick movie somehow not be completed. ESPECIALLY if one of the regulations was that Lindsay wasn’t allowed to drive, did exactly that, AND crashed the car she was driving.

    So for now, I’m sticking to the belief that the insurance company cancelled Lifetime’s policy. Unless someone can otherwise prove me wrong.

    • sarahtonin says:

      Yeah, I think you’re right too. I don’t see how she could weasel her way out of it. As soon as she broke the conditions, the contract was nullified.

      They aren’t interested in saving Lindsay Lohan, they have shareholders to answer to who want to see profit. It’s not charity.

      • jesstar says:

        I agree, they either have no insurance, or the policy isn’t fully earned and they would have to refund part of the premium. Depending on the size of the policy and the questionable nature of any company that would write this policy, they might save more money hedging their bets that there won’t be any claims, like the producer’s statement that it was her last day of filming, and keep the premium.

  31. Lem says:

    A) I actually like those photos. For her, she looks great!

    B) didn’t she “film her final scene” after 84 hours straight and one unconscious bender…
    So what could they do?

  32. Prim says:

    She thinks she’s a modern Marilyn Monroe and is so in love with the trainwreck that is her life. Get over yourself.

  33. skuddles says:

    Looking at these pics, it’s painfully obvious that Lohan will do ANYTHING (and most likely anyone) for a buck.

  34. yael says:

    every morning for the last week and a half i’ve been waking up with the feeling that i would be seeing the breaking news of lindsay lohan’s death.

    i wish i was kidding. this feels way too morbid

  35. Mama*C says:

    She’s starting to remind me of a fish I used to have. He wouldn’t eat anymore, refused all food, but he also wouldn’t die. His water got all cloudy and he just sort of drifted aimlessly in the water, still alive, bumping into the walls. Eventually, we gave him a grand send-off in a shot of whisky. LiLo- the fish who wouldn’t get better, wouldn’t die and has no consequences.

  36. Paul Frehley says:

    And this is why Lindsay Lohan will never be as good as Emma Stone.

  37. TXCinderella says:

    That looks like a no-tell-motel room. Ewwwww…she should look between the mattresses for bed bugs or under it for a dead body. The whole thing is disgusting!

  38. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Jaysus! the one photo of her on her back she looks like a plastic blow up doll just waiting for her first ‘client’ of the day….

    I really don’t get why she gets away with absolutely everything…I mean there is no way she can be bl0wing absolutely everyone in LA?!

    Pass the cracktini’s ladies…feel the need ;)

    • sarahtonin says:

      Funny TMZ are getting ALL the stories about her at the moment. She’s managed to have something there nearly every day. I’m wondering if she’s telling them herself. The worse her behaviour is the more people will tune in and watch, so is she running her own crack marketing campaign?

      edit. sorry tmz and radar

  39. Sara says:

    More druggies pics, awesome. She’s not even trying to hide it anymore. Sick girl for sure.

  40. Anahata says:

    Ugh she looks like an old, saggy hooker.

  41. Andrea says:

    I’ve heard that getting her insured is really difficult. It’s actually a really serious issue which in the end may be what does in her career. Filming costs millions of dollars and Film Production companies require some degree of protection in the event a star is unable to perform. The more she acts out the harder it is for an insurance broker to find (her or the production company) coverage and end of. Nothing left to do . . . It’s actually really sad. I wish she could clean up her act.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Due to her behaviour, insuring her has been an issue in the past. Basically, since Herbie and Georgia Rule, no BIG NAME STUDIO has thought her worth the time, effort, and headache.

      There was talk that she (or SOMEONE) had to pay for her OWN insurance on IKWKM and that ridiculous labour movie Disney was supposed to release, then sent strait to DVD (and which ended up being aired on Disney Family or one of their channels upon release instead).

      It wouldn’t be unprecedented for that to happen. After that “Open Letter to Lindsay Lohan” from the Morgan Creek CEO (Georgia Rule), she was considered poison in H-Wood. Bet you money she still is; she’s just re-affirmed that with her behaviour during this Lifetime movie shoot.

  42. Stubbylove says:

    Straight up washed up whore. Nast.

  43. G says:

    Lifetime knew what they were getting into. She can’t be arrested for violating an insurance regulation.

    But there is a reckoning. It will be very difficult for her to get insurance next time. And her only potential enployers have to be those looking for a three ring circus again. Can you imagine a serious film maker having their work upstaged by her crotch shots and bar fight?

  44. Quinn says:

    Are these the photos used by the escort service she works for?

  45. sister says:

    Girl, just do porn already.

  46. Skinnybetch says:

    I’ve never seen someone who thrives on drama like she does. The reason nobody feels bad or tries to stop her is because she adores her epic shit storm of a life. If she really was serious about getting better she would leave Hollywood, but she clearly doesn’t.

  47. OhMyMy says:

    Those photos look so much like late night 900 number ads. “I’m waiting to talk to…cough, cough, Ack!, HAWK, spit….you. Call me! *cough**cough**hack*.

    No offense to any of you that might smoke. I just can’t imagine what her voice would be like over the phone trying to be sexy.

    Welcome to your future LL, taking off your clothes so skeevy guys can take photos of you.

  48. Anahata says:

    Ha ha yeah I always thought her ad for that skincare product (ugh the name escapes me!!) was so funny bc she had this horrible raspy voice and is the polar opposite of “fresh” and “clean” – those things the product is trying to convey. Needless to say they don’t run that ad anymore…

  49. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    At this point, even Charles Sumner wants to give her beatdown.

  50. jesstar says:

    I am by no means defending her, but she continues to get off light because the amount of damage she causes for each cracktastrophe manages to be not quite bad enough to be in felony range, which is the basic criteria here in Cali to get real jail time. Combined, its obvious she is a dead gal walking, but for each individual instance, it is not enough for any serious consequences. Due to California’s Three Strikes rule and various budget issues, most criminals, like Liho, do not go to real prison. Sad, but true.