Is Joe Manganiello helping Demi Moore “get her groove back”?

I pretty much think Joe Manganiello is a dumb beefcake. And I pretty much think Demi Moore is just dumb. So would a possible pairing of these brain-cell-impaired people bring me joy? Not so much. British tabloids are claiming that Demi and Big Joe are possibly in the middle of something. Allegedly, Demi and Big Joe met a few weeks ago, and… that’s basically it. They met at a party. They talked for a while. Demi flirted and invited Joe back to her home to enjoy some Whip-Its. And the rest is history…

She’s had a very difficult year after splitting from Ashton Kutcher and being admitted to rehab for ‘eating disorder and addiction issues’. But now Demi Moore is getting her life back on track, and has apparently hit it off with a new man – True Blood star Joe Manganiello.

According to reports, Demi, 49, and Joe, 35, were spotted enjoying each others company at the after-party following the premiere of the actor’s new movie That’s My Boy at Los Angeles’ Napa Valley Grille earlier this month.

A source told heat magazine: ‘They looked amazing together. Demi was getting a lot more attention than a lot of the younger girls in the room, and Joe was seen waiting for her before they went off and hung out together at the party. They had amazing chemistry.’

The pair first met when they both signed up to appear in the movie Magic Mike, in which Joe stars as stripper Big Dick Richie. And despite Demi pulling out of the film following her breakdown, the pair have reportedly kept in touch.

The source added: ‘Demi has finally got her groove back – and it’s all thanks to meeting Joe. She’s feeling confident again and, more importantly, sexy.’

However, it remains to be seen what Demi’s ex Ashton Kutcher makes of her new relationship, as he actually starred alongside Joe in an episode of sitcom Two And A Half Men last year.

Meanwhile, it has also been claimed that Demi has gained nearly a stone after sticking to a new healthy eating regime. The actress had sparked concern with her worryingly thin frame when she dropped to less than seven stone ahead of being admitted to rehab. But now Demi, who was spotted at her daughter Tallulah’s graduation on June 7th, is looking much healthier after adopting a new eating plan.

An insider told heat: ‘Back then Demi was basically living on Red Bull but now she’s eating balanced meals that include protein, complex carbs and organic vegetables. She’s also been swimming and doing yoga every day and has gained just over a stone.’

[From The Mail]

“She’s feeling confident again and, more importantly, sexy.” UH. Why is the idea of Demi “feeling sexy” the most important thing? Demi had to go to rehab and her recovery is still fragile, but YES. The most important thing is that Demi feels sexy.

So… is there any truth to this report? Eh. It feels like a plant from Team Demi, and I say that because Team Demi is where PR goes to die. They don’t know what to do with her, so they’re just throwing her (fictitiously) at random, young beefcake. The fact that she goes for consistently younger men is only a symptom of a larger problem I have with Demi. That larger problem? Demi thinks that if she acts 22 years old, dates young dudes, and goes under the knife in a vain attempt to look 22 years old, that somehow she’ll be 22 and it just doesn’t work that way.

Photos courtesy of WENN, EW.

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  1. neelyo says:

    This is some serious Norma Desmond shit. Instead of a butler named Max she has a publicist who plants stories about how she’s still got it and is still getting all these hot young studs. They probably also send her adoring tweets from hundreds of phony accounts too.

  2. samira677 says:

    I love Joe but I don’t see them together. I think Demi is too damaged right now for any man to find her attractive.

    • beyonce's bump says:

      I don’t know how to feel about your statement Samira. What does too damaged mean exactly? I guess if it means falling for the wrong type of guy and having our hearts crushed by this guy, we have all be “too damaged” at one point. Or is it the massive insecurity that most of us girls will have to sometime battle at some point? I don’t know why Demi gets a hard time. I also know that being “too damaged” have never been a prerequisite for a guy being attracted to you, infact some guys ARE attracted to the “damaged” kind of girls, you know, the ones with captain save complexes. *shrugs*

      • Blue says:

        I think Samira meant that Demi is not in a good place yet. She’s been through a lot, the break up of her marriage, addiction, eating disorder. She needs to get herself in a better place emotional, with her kids and physically before looking for a new man.

    • marie says:

      I love to look at Joe but when he speaks it makes my ears bleed. Although, if this were true it would be kinda hot.. She may be desperate but Demi is still a pretty woman..

  3. brin says:

    Wow…she really turned into a sad case.

    • Maguita says:

      I think she has age dysmorphia, not just body image.

      Wish she would just grow out of it already.

      • Veruca says:

        Do you think Madonna has the same issues?

      • Chatcat says:

        @Veruca….Madonna is a complete Narcissist, totally different case then Demi.

      • Maguita says:

        Although I agree on Chacat’s appraisal, Madonna is losing it on a completely different level. She is trying too hard to appeal to younger generations, to sell albums, what with flashing nipps and ass on stage.

        What i have always admired about M, is that no matter the man in her life, SHE has complete control of both her career, and her love life. Unlike Demi and now JLo, who is much younger than Demi.

        Demi does not seem to be working on a career, of any sort, she is just working on getting a love life. A very PUBLIC love life. Of any desperate sort.

        Demi could be concentrating on getting better, healthier, being a mother to her daughters (not a bar-hopping, whippet friend), and could learn a few things from AMAZING ACTING LADIES, like:

        Merryl Streep
        Helen Mirren
        Glenn Close
        Nicole Kidman
        Judy Dench

        But Demi seems to have chosen the path to be perceived as a sex kitten. No matter what it takes.

        And that is my meaning behind the age dysmorphia.

        I have no problem with women dating younger men. At all. I f-cking encourage it (it’s good for the skin). But dating a younger man does not mean wallowing in teenage charged hormonal misgivings and lack of confidence.

  4. NeNe says:

    Am I the only one not buying this story? I say it is a BS story to stir up publicity.

    Oh, yeah, and …. DAMN, HE’S HOT!!!!!!!

    • skuddles says:

      You could be quite right NeNe – possibly flung out there by Demi’s camp in the hopes of making her appear less needy and more viable & sexy. In any case, it’s a story that doesn’t involve the loser ex so that’s a plus 🙂

  5. mel2 says:

    He can help me get my groove back anyday!

    • Hautie says:

      Oh yea… he could help me too!

      And I just don’t think he needs the stink of Demi on him.

      Bless her heart. Her PR team is faking a hook up with Joe Manganiello.

      While her “husband” is out on another date with Mila Kunis.

  6. Cody says:

    They probably did meet at a party and maybe they went back to her house, but I have a feeling it was for one night and Demi’s PR team is running with it. I can’t see Joe dating cougars, he probably gets into young thangs. In a relationship, I am sure it is all about Joe or it is all about Demi, no way these two could be together, their worlds would collide.

  7. Skinnybetch says:

    I hope so, he’s hot and she needs lots of amazing sex to get over that douche bag. He seriously ruined her!

    • Rhea says:

      Whatever it takes. This rumor is definitely better than the one that said Demi and Douche-ton considering to get back together.

  8. Chatcat says:

    I don’t know why people are so hung up on the age thing when the woman is older then the man? My Mom is 8 years older then my stepdad (she was 40 he was 32), she had my youngest brother at 42 and they’ve been together for 39 years now.

    Hanging with the mid twenty something’s last weekend at the wedding my 24 y/o son was in Jennifer Aniston was brought up (God knows for what reason) anyway the five mid twenty guys all said they thought she was hot, would love for her to be their girlfriend and she had staying power (I know ??????) and what, she is 18 years older then the lot them.

    If Joe Mang, or any other 35/36 year old guy clicks with an older woman I say good for both of them! We have no problem with a 49 y/o man and 36 y/o women; never have, so quid pro quo I say!

    Now the fact that Demi the Disaster has lots and lots of issues is what Joe should stay away from. That woman is not healthy at many levels and it would be toxic to his PR run right now with TB and MM being promoted, to be associated with her. So if he was stupid enough to hit it with all that going on, then I will cater to the theory of “all brawn and no brain” of Joe, and I just don’t want too!

    • Really? says:

      Chatcat, i love your attitude and wish it were more universal!

      • Chatcat says:

        Amen! People can be such prudes when it’s older woman/younger man…or maybe the women are jealous young one’s or older one’s that just can’t grab and hold a man’s attention regarless of his age! Is prudeness a personality disorder? lol

  9. LittleDeadGirl says:

    I hope it’s a lie it would seriously ruin my fantasy of him.

  10. Jill says:

    Bwahahaha i hope so. Joe is a giant douchecanoe and this story would give me great pleasure.

  11. Talie says:

    I wouldn’t say he’s dumb, but he does seem fame-hungry and a little desperate.

  12. Jen34 says:

    I figure he is into 20 something girls, not 50 year old women. I don’t believe it.

    Joe is growing on me slowly. I know he looks like Grade A beefcake, but I don’t think he is all that dumb. He graduated from Carnegie Mellon University. That impresses me almost as much as his body.

  13. alison says:

    If you guys want a real jolt, read this article while thinking of Demi Lovato because that’s what I did and was really confused.

  14. Garvels says:

    I disagree with the writer about Joe being a “dumb” beefcake”. Joe graduated from Carnegie Mellon University,Carnegie only accepts top students. Joe reminds me of my brother’s “jock” friends.

  15. Jenna says:

    Eww all around. She doesn’t need another douche.

  16. Daisy says:

    They look dark and mysterious together. I hope she is getting some of him even for a brief moment to help her move forward with her dumb stupid life.

  17. Esmom says:

    “Demi flirted and invited Joe back to her home to enjoy some Whip-Its.”

    Haha, I almost choked on my lunch. Good one. Sad that it’s probably true.

    I know nothing about him, seeing his photo doesn’t do anything for me, but I can’t imagine any guy wanting to be associated with Demi at this point if he wants to move up the H-wood food chain.

    Not to mention she needs more time to pull herself together before she dives back into a relationship. She must be terrified to be without a guy.

  18. Beth says:

    Dumb beefcake maybe but I doubt anyone really wants to talk to him!

  19. jferber says:

    I so hope this is true. Remember, Demi is 15 years younger than this guy and Bruce Willis’s age difference with his wife is more than this (not sure, but 20 to 25 years is probably in the ballpark). But that has always been a non-issue with men. Demi seriously has to forget that idiot Kutcher, even if she has to try hypnosis or mega-sex with hot, young guys. Losing Kutcher is actually an enormous opportunity for self re-invention and healing, although Demi doesn’t see it that way now.

  20. pinchofsalt says:

    Beefcake ‘sizzle’. He is seriously hot.

  21. BELLA says:

    She must be paying him….He has no time for the elderly.

  22. suze says:

    Yeah, the part that says ‘Demi was getting a lot more attention than a lot of the younger girls in the room’ makes me think its Demi’s PR team.

    That’s just such an odd statement to make.

  23. bettyrose says:

    49/35 is not such a big deal. 35 can be pretty mature, even for menfolk. Buuuut if there is any truth to this it would make me think she’s specifically looking for a young beefcake, which isn’t a good sign of moving on.

  24. skuddles says:

    Well this is a much better idea than moping around over Asston Crotcher! Just hope she sees whatever it is for what it is and knows to let go when the time comes…

  25. Izzy says:

    I don’t think Joe Manganiello is dumb, but he sometimes comes across as desperate to be perceived as VERY intellectual. Don’t know if he’s just a bit pretentious or if it’s his way of fighting the “beefcake only” perception, but it makes me think he might be a little insecure. Having said that, I could be wrong. And having said all that, who cares? I just want to stare at him for a while.

  26. julie says:

    The guy is a hunk. What on earth would he want with an older, drugged out, completely screwed up actress? It remains to be seen what Ashton thinks of it?? I doubt he gives a hoot.
    Come on folks. They probably said hello at a party. Don’t believe everything you read. This one is BS.