PETA slams Kim Kardashian for wearing (fug) python boots: fair criticism?

PETA has had a hate-on for Kim Kardashian for years. Kim made all of the PETA’s “Worst Celebrity” lists because Kim wears fur and leather and all kinds of animal-related gear. Plus, Kim is actively trying to remake her face into that of a cat, so PETA has really had enough with her. Back in March, a not-so-rogue PETA activist even flour-bombed Kim on the red carpet for her latest perfume launch – the activist supposedly yelled “FUR HAG” at Kim before dousing her in flour, although Kim was not wearing fur at the time. She was wearing leather though… but I guess “leather hag” sounds more like an issue in the gay biker community. Anyway, this is just a long way of saying that Kim and PETA aren’t going to be getting along any time soon. Kim stepped out in Paris wearing these python boots (the photos in this post) and PETA issued a press release before the photos had even made the gossip blog rounds:

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have already won the title of PETA’s most hated couple for their fur-loving ways and now the undiscerning fashionista has ruffled the feathers of the animal rights group yet again, can exclusively reveal.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star strutted down the boulevards of Paris on Tuesday in a pair of thigh-high Christian Louboutin python boots, which retail for $5,495 and are banned in her home state of California.

“They’d go well with a Dalmatian-fur coat, which is also illegal to sell in California and immoral to sell anywhere else,” Wendy Wegner, a spokesperson for People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals tells in an exclusive interview, in a damning comparison to evil Disney character Cruella de Ville.

The most recent scaly stand-off is the latest in a long line of collisions between Kardashian and PETA, which has included her being slammed in a giant billboard for wearing fox fur, and resulted in Kim being flour-bombed by a supporter during a red carpet event last March.

According to the California Penal Code Section 653o it is unlawful to import python into California for commercial purposes, to posses with intent to sell, or sell within the state. However, it is not illegal to purchase python in another state and carry it over.

After PETA called out Reese Witherspoon for carrying a Chloe Paraty python and leather purse last November and sent her an educational video about how cruel it was, the Water For Elephants star ditched the offensive accessory.

It seems unlikely the tough-skinned Kim will do the same though as she’s shown a blatant disregard for their opinions in the past!

[From Radar]

I remember that Reese Witherspoon thing – go here for a refresher. Reese was carrying a gorgeous Chloe python bag in LA, and PETA climbed up her ass about it. Then, a few days later, PETA claimed that Reese had “given up” the bag, although I thought that story reeked of BS. I also remember being surprised that the state of California has a law on the books criminalizing the sale and purchase of python skins/leather. You can wear python stuff – you just can’t sell it or buy it in California. It seems kind of random and not all that easy to enforce, but whatever. Obviously, Kim bought her boots outside of California, and she’s wearing them in a completely different country, so I’m not sure what PETA’s goal is other than to publicly bitch it (“raise awareness”).

Also: Am I alone in being more offended by the horrendous fashion overall? The boots are fug, but the dress with the belt? That’s hurting my eyes.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Amelia says:

    I don’t think I could ever wear those boots knowing such a beautiful animal had been killed purely for vanity’s sake.
    And they’re just so goddamn fug!!
    I’m not a veggie anymore for health reasons but I just don’t see why animals have to suffer purely for vanity (conservationist and animal lover here, in case you couldn’t tell…)
    When I learnt how UGGs were made I nearly cried and vomited all at the same time. If animals are going to be used for clothes, they could at least do in humanely.

  2. sukienow says:

    kanye has been dressing her like shit.
    she aint go the model body or the personality to pull this look off

  3. Fritzi Schnitzer says:

    I can’t imagine how much life would suck being consumed 24/7 with how I appeared to strangers.Her entire life is about being seen, mostly by people who hate her and talk sh*t. That is so sad and empty. Her life has no meaning at all. She cares about no other being except herself. Pitiful.

  4. NeNe says:

    She’s wearing the boots, because she knows the attention it will bring from the folks at PETA. Everything she does, says, and wears is extremely calculated. What else would you expect from a famewh*re!!!!

  5. Vera says:

    Their way about going about slamming celebs is kinda not great, but with pythons I think it is kind of justified.

    It is rather disgusting how much fur she wears, but I just hate the overall idea of wearing fur. Doesn’t help that she always looks awful when she does, so wearing another animal’s beautiful skin isn’t making her beautiful.

    However, I don’t really think anything PETA or anyone else will say will stop her from wearing the skin of animals, so I don’t know how much bagging on her will do ever. I don’t think it should be ignored, I just don’t honestly see it changing with people like her.

    • Zelda says:

      99% of celebrities out there wear leather handbags, shoes, jackets…

      Why doesn’t PETA bitch about that, too?

      “PETA: Protecting the lives of animals. Well, cute animals. Cows are on their own because they are smelly and have gross poops. But you know, bunnies and stuff.”

      (I say this as a leather-wearer and Kardashian-hater. PETA just pisses me off with its hypocrisy.)

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Well I can’t speak for PETA (nor would I want to) but I think the prevailing argument in defense of leather is that people are utilizing what would become a wasted resource. Meaning, people will eat meat regardless, so why throw the cow hide away? Much like many Alaskan Native (Indians, Aleuts, and Eskimos) utilize all parts of a seal after hunting it, from blubber to seal gut.

        As far as PETA only defending cute animals-well, some might argue that a Python is not exactly a cute, fuzzy, cuddly animal friend.

      • Erinn says:

        Ahahaa. I can’t stand PETA. I’m all for animal wellfare, but PETA really sets a bad example. When the godaddy guy shot the elephant they switched all their domains to the company I work for… I guess they’re a nightmare on the phone.
        Luckily, I don’t have to deal with phone people :D

  6. Tiffany says:

    Living proof that money cannot buy brains…or common sense…or…*sigh* why go on.

  7. marie says:

    I personally can’t stand PETA, think there are much better animal groups out there, but I also don’t understand killing snakes to make boots that dang fugly..

  8. Sue says:

    Forget the boots, it’s the circle of life…. I am just impressed she is actually covered up, but seriously, Kim, get a better bra!

  9. beyonce's bump says:

    I am not gonna lie and say I don’t like those boots. In fact I like her whole get-up and she looks very lovely. I hate PETA, I am disgusted by PETA. I believe all beings should be treated humanely, even the ones we eat, but there are few things WORSE than a group or an individual trying to FORCE and sometimes bully people into believing for they believe. It is gross a f.

    • Sue says:


      It gets old having everyone’s beliefs, etc. shoved at you all the time. If you believe it – great! Don’t shove it in everyone’s business……

    • Meggie says:

      In the same sense tho I feel like Kim K. should be hated on as well to the same extent-doesn’t that whole Klan shove themselves down our throats left and right as well? And sorry but that chika FORCES her giant fake butt in everyone’s face just as annoyingly as PETA forces their beliefs.
      Screw it.
      I like animals-my votes for PETA.

    • Gayle says:

      This kind of argument is obtuse. “I don’t like hitting children, but if someone else wants to do it, it’s their prerogative?” If you have real convictions, of course you want to persuade others to follow suit.

      Yes there are different tactics. PETA is more about bullying and shaming people not to wear fur, etc, than gentle persuasion and education a la Humane Society. You may not like the tactics b/c in the end you don’t really care THAT much about humane treatment of animals, but I find it hard to believe there are no issues on which you would approve such tactics. FGM is really okay for other cultures to practice? Live and let live?

      • beyonce's bump says:

        Well Gayle, your kind of argument is obtuse. You see what I did there? I tried to make my PERSONAL opinion become FACT. But let me entertain you though; hitting Children is Vastly different from CHOOSING to eat meat. How you ask? Because for starters there are laws in most cultures against hitting children. Thus, it is no longer just a belief but a regulatory code of conduct that is punishable if someone breaks that code. In the same token, I can say whatever my conviction, I SHOULD be able to force it on it. What about women being inferior? Sure, some cultures think women are inferior and actually have laws to reflect it. It is their damn belief or conviction afterall. Does that give them the right to try to bully the rest of the world into thinking, that all people should THINK or belief women are inferior? What about Scientology? Where does the validity of the belief at play meet the threshold for one to be able to force and bully other people to tow that belief? How do we measure such validity or threshold even?

        I will reiterate what I said in my first comment, trying to force other people to belief what YOU belief is DISGUSTING. For everything else, we have laws to reflect the cultural norms, until YOUR belief is part of the law and thus disbelief in your belief could lead to consequences, you have NO MORAL HIGH GROUND to force your belief onto someone else. Whatever.

  10. Ming says:

    What stops her from wearing boots made of PETA people ?

  11. Bad Gal Addiction says:

    Seems like her bra straps finally gave up…girls are sagging!

  12. says:

    Even if these boots were made of fake python, they are still a crime against humanity.

  13. Fatkid says:

    Why does it look like her dress is tucked into her boots?

    It looks like she’s trying to pretend she’s wearing a mullet dress, or the front of the dress got caught in her spanx?

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Fatkid, you took the words right off of my keyboard. I’ve been sitting here, staring at the bottom of that dress, trying to figure out WTF is going on there.

      Is is tucked into the boots? Is it elasticised at the bottom, like those scrunchy skirts a few years back? Is it SUPPOSED to look like it’s stuck in her underwear?

      You can put an expensive dress and boots on trash, and it’ll still be trash.

  14. Skinnybetch says:

    I love fashion, but I draw the line @ fur coats, leather, and python boots. I’m an animal lover and I don’t understand how you could walk around in that and not feel bad. Especially when you consider the inhumane way the animal was killed.

    • deep says:

      Well, sorry you feel that way. Wearing animal has been a part of life since the beginning of time. I wear it all and don’t feel an ounce of guilt about it.

      • Gayle says:

        Men raping women also dates back to our cavemen days, but is that something to aspire to?

      • J.Mo says:

        I eat meat and have nothing against hunting because it’s part of my culture. I hope they kill tons of pythons BUT they actually skin them alive and don’t bother to put them out of their misery, just leave them there to suffer for days :-( The meat industry is disgusting and I’m sorry but I don’t understand why any vegan or veggie would need to go back to meat for health reasons?! I eat only locally farmed and hunted animals and you figure it out if you care enough.

  15. Katalina says:

    I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but her face looks better than usual. She looks so much better without shoveling on 10 pounds of makeup. And yes, the boots are gorgeous, but I could never wear them (even if I had 5K) knowing how they were made.

  16. Krock says:

    Am I the only one here that likes these boots? (not the idea of skinning pythons of course) but I like them *dodges rotten tomatoes* lol

    • lw says:

      I actually like the whole outfit except that the turtleneck neckline and belt don’t flatter her body type. The boots are fantastic. You can tell that Kanye is dressing her now. No more bandage dresses and 12 tons of makeup. I like that she’s taking more risks, fashion wise. Not everyone will love it, and who cares?

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      *hurling tomatoes*

      She has been wearing less makeup lately huh? She looks better but I think it’s sad that it took a man to point this out to her. Seems like the only way she will change her appearance is if a man dictates that she should.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Hi OKitt! She’s that girl in high school who could never be without a boyfriend, and only HIS opinion mattered. (No matter who or what his opinion was at the time.)

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Hi Bella!
        Exactly. She and J Lo both seem to subscribe to the idea of “self worth dictated by the man I’m dating”.
        I can’t imagine how restrictive that would feel. I always feel sorry for women who can’t spend time alone-it just makes me think that they dont like themselves very much. As in, if they’re alone then they’ll have to confront some self-realizations that they have worked very hard to avoid (by always being distracted by relationships).
        I just don’t understand how you ever get to truly know yourself if your identity is always defined within the context of a relationship.

    • Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

      I like Peta and agree with most of what they do; but I also like the boots. She looks really good in this outfit and normally I think she looks like a lumpy sausage trying to escape it’s casing.

  17. StephanieMarie2685 says:

    Oftentimes, those poor creatures are skinned ALIVE (like fish often are de-scaled alive)
    Animals need their skin way more than we do. Shame on you Kim Kardashian.

  18. Bubbling says:

    Those boots are vomit inducers. She has reached higher heights of fug styling lately. One more thing I hate – she looks so uncomfortably stuffed in everything!

  19. k says:

    I would love it if those boots suddenly came to life and swallowed her one leg at a time, leaving her head for last so that she had to watch the whole thing. My magic realism moment for the day.

  20. Alexis says:

    PETA is killing innocent pets in so called animal shelters. How dare they be so rude and nasty to my American Princess Kimberly? She is fashionista and has right to wear whatever she wants.

  21. ZigZagZoey says:

    Ha! She’s finally turning into the snake that she is. Or her psoriasis has returned with a vengeance!

  22. Cathy says:

    I think the boots are ugly and she is pathetic. She hurts my eyes.

  23. Rhiley says:

    I wish we had video of Kim walking in these god awful boots with narration by Randall the Honey Badger guy: “Kim Kardashian don’t give a sh*t. She is one nasty piece. Look at her. She just killed a snake and wears it as boots. Nasty little f**k. I bet that is what Ray J thinks. Hmmmm. But Kim she don’t give a sh*t. She just wears her snake boots and shakes her big a** in our faces. Crazy b**ch.”

  24. the original bellaluna says:

    Why would you wear a long-sleeved turtle-neck dress and then tuck the front into your boots or underwear, except to show off said boots?

    Fashionista FAIL.

  25. Blue says:

    That outfit is awful! PETA is so catty and bitchy in their statements. I lol’d @ the Dalmatian coat reference.

  26. Meg says:

    saggy boobs. i can’t look at the boots b/c i’m so distracted by those boobs and that nightgown! woof.

  27. MizzVJJ says:

    WTF is that??? One of Fat Alberts turtlenecks? What a waste of money Kim.

  28. O says:

    Those boots are hideuous. I wouldn’t pay 5 bucks for them. She seems to be suffering from the too many clothes syndrome. This is where a person just has to many clothes to choose from all the time, and they just end up picking the worst crap and looking awful.

  29. RobN says:

    While I think the boots are incredibly ugly, python is commercially farmed for the market, just like cows, and alligators and all the nice pieces of other animals that we use every day to make shoes and handbags.

    Florida actually has a permit program to hunt them and sell both the meat and skin because they’re destroying the Everglades.

    Typical PETA, never let the facts get in the way of an emotional outburst.

  30. oh dear says:

    imagine yourself as the second strongest species on earth, the strongest.. lets say lions.. eat humans when theyre hungry. fair enough since theyre the strongest and were so effin yummy.

    but if the lion bitches started to kill off my relatives and friends just to wear their skin as a funky blanket to show off to their lion friends id get effin pissed!

    anyone who says killing animals for fashion is ok is a sadist. there is no need to kill snakes etc. unless youre stranded some place and need to eat them to survive.

    this sh*t is purely done for entertainment and a perverse need for showing off. if the fashion you wear expresses your personality then those boots express a cold blooded sociopath whose vanity and lack of empathy prevail. they simply dont see any value in a pythons life.

  31. deep says:

    I LOVE her boots. I have a pair as well. And, I love leather and fur too. I am not a peta person. It’s really no ones business. If you want to wear animal..wear animal..if you don’t..don’t. IMO it’s people need to mind their own business. I’ll wear what I want..when I want. period!

  32. SD_R_SR says:

    I’d be interested in knowing if the pythons used for leather are farmed or hunted.

    If farmed, then I feel like PETA has a legit criticism. If they’re hunted, then I’m grabbing my rifle and making me some money! I live near the Everglades, where pythons have been let loose by irresponsible owners, and they’re now wreaking havoc on an already delicate ecosystem. I have absolutely no problem with hunted pythons being used for leather.

  33. bella mama says:

    i like the boots, except maybe just a little shorter would look better. oh, and i love fur as well; and leather and eat animals without thinking twice. and despise PETA.

  34. ok says:

    she needs a better bra, her girls are hanging really low.

  35. wonderwoman21 says:

    Wow the boots look disgusting, like scaley legs! Seriously looks gross, which is fitting for Kartrashian

  36. Dahlia1947 says:

    She’s the same tacky bi&ch that I always knew she was. And YES it is completely fair to criticize her as# because it’s so terrible the cruelty animals have to go through to dress shallow and useless humans like her!

    Yes this makes me very angry. Where’s the bucket of flour? come on get her! And let it be a REAL attack this time!

  37. Sabrine says:

    There are very few women in Hollywood that I find really annoying and distasteful. This smug faced bitch is one of them.

  38. CT says:

    f**k this bitch. I hope she and her fat ass get swallowed whole by a python. Now to find a python so large…

  39. AcesHigh says:

    Just kinda throwing this out there…but why can’t PETA just go after the designers and creators of the boots/coats/ect instead of singling out people who buy the stuff? I mean, it’s not Kim skinned the snake herself or anything. I dunno. >,<

  40. faye says:

    Any criticism in this person and her family is fair. They are horrible disgusting waste of spaces.

  41. Tansey says:

    I eat meat but I don’t wear fur, leather or anything else made from animals. I tried going vegetarian once but I got sick. I’m a very petite woman, weigh 95 pounds and I’m only 5 feet tall. I NEED the nutrients that meat provides or I get really sick.

    Killing animals for the sake of food is, IMO, perfectly acceptable as the meat provides us with nourishment which in turn sustains life. Killing animals for the sake of fashion is, IMO, cruel and not acceptable. Our ancestors wore animal fur and used animal hides for blankets because they had no other choice. There was no mall or outlet center they could go to and buy clothes. In this day and age, there’s a ton of quality faux fur and faux leather and faux of other types that look almost identicle to the “real thing” (and are usually cheaper too!) so why not just wear faux? You’ll (general “you’ll” not anyone in specific) still look fashionable AND you’ll know you’re not wearing the fur, skin or hide of an animal that was tortured and skinned alive just so you can look good.

    Note: I don’t mean to offend anyone with my post. These are just my opinions.

    • Mac says:

      Leather, fertilizers, cosmetics, drugs, hair products, perfumes, gelatin products, glues, animal feed and Neatsfoot oil are all by-products of the Beef Industry.

    • jwoolman says:

      If you ever feel an urge to give veggie eating another try- if you have high protein needs but low calorie needs, you might try protein supplements. There are even tasty non-soy ones today that get a complete amino acid profile from a blend such as pea, rice, hempseed, and chia seed (for example, Life’s Basics or Vega, both have boatloads of protein with low calories and can be used even in just water, juice, nondairy or dairy milks or as puddings, ice creams, etc.) Also aim for enough fat, some unsuccessful veggies are low in that – it’s ok to eat more fat when it’s healthy fat, including coconut oil and even butter, as well as nuts, seeds, oily legumes like peanuts, avocado, olives. Anything else found in meat can be handled via supplements today if your diet has trouble fitting enough plant sources in (there is even a vegan chewing gum and mints ( B-Fresh) that have good doses of B -12). If you can eat soy and/or eggs, the market for veggie and vegan convenience foods has skyrocketed (Gardein for example is very high protein from a variety of plant sources). I’ve tracked my eating sometimes to make sure I’m getting enough, and have been amazed at how easy it is to get 60 grams of protein or more in a day even when eating low calories (some days as low as 900 or 1000 when I’m having some medical problems) even when eating vegan and not depending on soy. So tracking can help figure out where you are on a meat diet and check what happens if you switch to veggie or semi-veggie.

    • jwoolman says:

      P.S. you didn’t mention what deficiency in your veggie diet made you sick, but sometimes the real problem isn’t deficiency so much as allergy or intolerance to something a person starts eating a lot more of than before a diet switch. Googling rotation diet food allergies gives ways to figure out if this is a problem and to manage many allergies that aren’t life threatening. I am prone to food allergies and try for variety (not the same food every day) myself.

  42. Mister Decent says:

    I grow so tired of people complaining about fur, then dining on meat products for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The meat “industry” is one of the most cruel and heartless businesses ever and although it’s often “baby steps” that need to happen for change, focusing on python skin or fur without acknowledging meat eating is just plain retarded. And I don’t mean in the disabled sense…

  43. Kim says:

    I say we skin her like those poor pythons were skinned. She disgusts me.

  44. Kim says:

    Regardless of how one feels about PETA, killing animals for fashion sick. You are an absolute sadist if you are ok with torturing animals to look fashionable. sick sick sick

  45. erika says:

    to me personally, fur/skin is so disgusting vile, stupid and murderous, most of… which is exactly why KimKim Meowwww…loves to flaunt it.

    You Wear What You Are.

    And KK is just that vile and vain. A total waste of life. I think KK and her BJ Dreamman wear fur just to piss PETA off. With the same fervor that women had when they burned their bras for women’s rights in 1970s

    “I can wear anything I want! Freedom! I’m an independent woman!No one puts Baby KK in a corner!” which makes her fur fetish even MORE sick.

    I bet her and BJ Dream Kanye lay in bed together cuddling and dreaming of new ways to wear fur just to piss PETA off, I REALLY DO! And what better way to piss their millions away then by one-upping each other

    “KK, my Rump Honey Lover, I just bought you an elephant skin Jeep Rover, with 4 day old kitten fur seat covers and get this, the horn on the steering wheel is made of the nose of a baby Antarctic seal!”

    But seriously, it’s just nothing but a disgusting waste of money. I used to do fashion merchandising and I KNOW that textile technology this day is amazing! you can create textiles that not only mimic but OUTDO the actual thing.

    More so, what if PETA took a live being that YOU loved and skinned the F*** out of it?

    Really! Do you love your nephew Mason? Yeah? Well, use your imagination.