Amy Winehouse admits marriage is over, Blake to stay in rehab

Amy Winehouse has finally admitted that her marriage to loser husband Blake Fielder-Civil is over. According to News of the World, Amy’s told her friends that Blake’s left her for a German model. It’s utterly ridiculous that he would leave her. As is the notion that Blake would think he can do better than Amy.

AMY Winehouse has sensationally admitted her marriage to jailbird Blake Fielder-Civil is FINISHED. The troubled Back To Black singer revealed her husband has left her for blonde German model Sophie Schandorff. Drug-tortured star Amy dramatically confessed: “It’s over. There’s no way back for us now. It was never going to last. We were only together for SEX. I fancied him like mad, like no one else I’ve ever known. But it’s not enough, is it?”

Amy stunned pals with her bitter acceptance that the 17-month marriage will end in divorce. And she shocked them by revealing astonishing secrets of their wild sex life including LESBIAN ROMPS and sordid THREESOMES. One told us: “It’s a watershed for Amy. She’s been up and down for weeks but finally accepts the reality. “She still loves Blake on many levels but she sees there’s no future.

[From News of the World]

You know anytime your relationship is based on LESBIAN ROMPS and THREESOMES it isn’t going to last. I love the way British tabloids capitalize any word they find important. Like names, places, and dirty things.

I’d say that this sounds like a good step forward for Amy and a logical reaction, but anytime I say that and think she’s taken a few steps forward, she does something stupid or crazy within a week and I look like a fool. So I’m no longer making any “maybe she’s getting better/moving on/making progress” type of comments about Winehouse. Hopefully it’s true, but I get the feeling she’d take Blake back in a heartbeat. Even though she’s the talented and wealthy one, she always seemed to need him more than he needed her.

Luckily for Amy, it’ll be a while yet before she has to worry about Blake having the inevitable THREESOME with Sophie Schandorff. He’s stuck in rehab, according to the Huffington Post.

A British court on Monday rejected an appeal by the husband of singer Amy Winehouse against his sentence for assault and obstructing justice.

Blake Fielder-Civil was sentenced in July to 27 months in prison for beating up pub manager James King and then offering him a bribe to keep quiet about it. Fielder-Civil, who had spent nine months in jail awaiting trial, was released earlier this month on condition he live at a drug rehabilitation center.

Two Court of Appeal judges turned down an appeal against the sentence. Judge Christopher Pitchford encouraged Fielder-Civil to continue his drug treatment, saying it was only if “these attempts are successful that he has a worthwhile future.”

Fielder-Civil, 26, said after the hearing that he was “disappointed but not really surprised.”

[From the Huffington Post]

Blake was appealing his original sentence for his assault and witness tampering charges. Since the judges ruled against him, he’ll have to stay in rehab.

For a while they were going to let Blake out of jail and live with his mother – he wouldn’t even have to be in a rehab facility – as long as he promised to stay away from Amy. He steadfastly refused – twice. So he stayed in jail for an extra while. What devotion. I guess that’s all out the window now. It’ll suck for Amy and I’m sure she’ll be heartbroken and partake in an extra serving of crack, but in the long run being away from Blake will only be a good thing.

Here’s Amy leaving her house with her security team last Tuesday. She’s wearing several tags on her wrist that appear to be from the hospital, one reading ‘Amy Civil.’ Images thanks to WENN.

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18 Responses to “Amy Winehouse admits marriage is over, Blake to stay in rehab”

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  1. PollyRho says:


  2. JaundiceMachine says:

    I’m sure this will warrant a bender or two – leaving an abusive relationship is never easy, whether you’re the one walkin’ or being dumped. I just hope she doesn’t “relapse” and allow Blake to get into her good graces again. It’s a nasty cycle to break, but she’s taken an important step.

    Baby steps, Amy. Baby steps.

  3. xiaoecho says:

    This at least explains why there hasn’t been a huge hearts and flowers reunion. Amy will die if she re-unites with Blake, and perhaps this realisation has sunk in

    Just keep focused on recording your new album Amy, that’s the main thing

    We’ll see :|

  4. geronimo says:

    I want to get excited about this but I can’t. If the story’s still the same in three months time, then I’ll celebrate.

  5. Kaiser says:

    Perhaps part of the CARDIGAN CURE worked, G.

  6. xiaoecho says:

    What is going on with her beehive in the header? you can see the mesh

  7. Kristin says:

    Wow she sure is scary looking.

  8. Baholicious says:

    She looks like a camel in the main picture…anyway.

  9. Codzilla says:

    Trying to banish the inevitable image of Blake and Amy doing the wild thing. 8O BARF.

  10. Amy says:

    How anti-climactic. Wasn’t this supposed to end in a murder-suicide, like Sid and Nancy?

    She was so insanely talented, what a waste. I don’t think she’ll ever clean up and sing/write like she used to.

  11. Ohforf says:

    I wish to god she’d eat a frigging sandwich.

  12. Mairead says:

    Aw let’s have a little mini-celebration at least! C’mon, sing along with me…
    “Oh happy day….. oh happeeeee daaaaaay….” :lol:

    JayBird, I think you mean to say ZOMG SORDID THREESOMES! 8)

    Y’know, for a gang of crackheads, they sure do shock easily, if the News of the Screws is to be believed. (Alas it usually isn’t)

  13. Aspen says:

    Here’s the part that worries me. Her marriage isn’t ending because of sex or other women.

    It’s ending because neither of them has been sober since 2004!!!

    It’s the drugs…not the infidelity. And her marriage has no future because she’s going to die soon. If she were clean and getting healthier, I’d accept her rantings about why the marriage was ending. But let’s face it…who her husband was screwing or wanting her to screw has nothing to do with their current life situation.

    I mean. I’m glad she’s getting away from him. I truly am. I just think it’s too late. I feel that we are watching this talented, beautiful, funny…stupid…woman die.

    I’m angry with her if you can’t tell. I’m so angry with her for killing herself and throwing away everything.

  14. mark says:

    THIS is a surprise? Why does this woman think it’s cool to look like a cheap drug-addled and boozy hooker? Oops, I guess she is one. Probably not a hooker.

  15. Christina X says:

    I have a soft spot for Amy WInehouse.

    I think leaving Blake is possibly better for her anyway. Not only does he come across as very abusive, but with his own (former?) problems, is enabling Winehouse.

    Good luck, Amy Winehouse.

  16. mojoman says:

    Threesome/lesbian romps + Winehouse and blake= Uncontrollable retching and watery eyes

  17. Lauri says:

    I just keep telling myself that she’s young and resilient, maybe she will eventually get her act together.

    I know-that’s very pollyanna of me. But getting away from BFC has got to be a step in the right direction. Now she can focus on herself without him being part of the equation.

    Just maybe, maybe, maybe she can get through this horrible part of her life, recover and start doing what she was meant to do…sing!