Anne Hathaway’s fiancé might be a superficial jerk, he hates her ‘Les Mis’ look

When Anne Hathaway was filming Les Miserables in London, we heard all about her extreme dieting and how she was doing all of this crazy stuff to get into her character (Fantine). Annie just confirmed some of those stories in her recent Allure interview – she talked about how she was living on hummus and radishes, which was causing her to break out. Plus, she chopped off her pretty long hair for the character too. So this is what her fiancé is dealing with: a girl who is having drastic mood swings because she’s on such an extreme diet, a girl who is probably weak and tired all of the time from lack of caloric intake, plus she’s got pimples and barely any hair. Sounds like a dream fiancée. THAT is why they make you take vows. But according to Star, Annie’s guy Adam Shulman has had enough:

When Adam Shulman proposed to Anne Hathaway last November, it seemed like the on-screen princess had finally found her Prince Charming. But the couple, who have been together since 2008, are going through a serious rough patch, with pals concerned about how bad it’s getting, a source tells Star.

“Annie and Adam have been bickering a lot recently,” the source confides. “It all started when she went on those radical diets for Les Miserables. They made her moody and irritable, and it really caused issues for them.”

And that’s not all: Adam hates her new haircut and frail figure, the source said. “He loved her long, brown hair. He’s going around telling people his fiancée looks like a sickly little boy.”

With Anne so body and work obsessed, suddenly all talk about kids has also halted.

“He’s really upset, because they were on this family track and now all Anne can talk about it work,” the source explains. “Adam was trying to be nice to her, but she’s not exactly the girl he fell in love with anymore.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

For God’s sake. I mean, I can understand how all of that can put a strain on the relationship, but complaining about it (privately or publicly) just seems petty. Her hair will grow out. She won’t be on the extreme diet forever. Enough with the “she’s not exactly the girl he fell in love with anymore” – it makes him sound like a superficial wang. I hope he’s not really like that.

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  1. Lilalis says:

    Somehow I still fail to see her massive weight loss. Maybe she is a bit thinner but not 500 cal/day skinny.

  2. Franny says:

    Well, in all fairness…I don’t like this look either.

  3. gee says:

    It is a HUGE pet peeve for me when men complain about haircuts. HUGEEE.

    Aside from that, her (unhealthy-movie-based) diet might be making her grumpy and that could lead to issues. That, or sometimes when someone isn’t nice anymore, even if they’re beautiful they’re ugly. You know?

    *I’m not excusing his alleged douchbaggery of bitching to someone in public about this, but IF he is, this COULD be behind it. Just hypothetical.

    • Marcy says:

      why? women complain about haircuts on their men too… i am sooo over the shaggy disney tween look and won’t hesitate to tell my cousin that his hair is atrocious. Most men do not like short haircuts on women. Its a fact. My Marine husband made me promise once when we were having the kid talk that I would never get a “Mom Bob” because he thinks it is so unattractive. However, Anne is bringing home the bacon and if it means having short hair for a while then by all means go for it Miss hathaway. Her fiance should realize that being married to an actor means putting up with them physically getting in character.

      • gee says:

        It’s just a pet peeve.. I can’t help it, it drives me nuts when men say their girlfriends cant have short hair. It’s just like, you’re more than your haircut. That being said, I totally agree.. I hate (most) beards on men, but it makes me a hypocrite to bitch about it.

      • mams says:

        You love a person, not their hair. Incredibly shallow. I would never be with anyone who made my hair a condition of their love. I’m actually laughing just thinking about it. But personality changes are another thing…

      • novaraen says:

        My husband has always told me that I am not allowed to cut my hair above my shoulder and that short hair on any girl is horrid. I don’t like short hair(on myself) so he doesn’t have to worry. As for Anne…she looks terrible. No movie roll is worth putting your body and your love life through that much torture.

      • lu says:

        Why would you let your husbands dictate which haircut you cannot have? That is crazy!

        If my husband ever said something like that to me, I’d go and get my hair cut exactly that way. Show him what his demands get him.

      • Marianne says:

        @Lu : Well said. If some guy told me I couldn’t so something, I’d say F U…and go do it. It’s my life and if having short hair makes me happy, or makes my life easier to manage then Hell Im going to do it. That or I sit there, put a smile on my face and say fine “You can’t do this….”. and see how he takes it.

  4. Ming says:

    It’s STAR magazine.

    The cleaning lady (and secret editor in chief) at STAR headquarter had a writers block, threw her editor in chief/cleaning lady Apple notebook against the wall and there: Story.

  5. moopsie says:

    she is still too hot for him lol

  6. StopItLuke says:

    So he’s a douche because he’s not happy that she’s self inflicting all this crap on herself and by association him???
    Even if it’s for a movie I wouldn’t say nothing if my fiance was having mood swings and stuff when it’s because of her own actions, if anything she should try harder to control herself and not take it out on him…

  7. freya says:

    well, he’s right (IF he actually said it) she does look like a sickly boy. And I can imagine it’s difficult to handle when someone’s suddenly having moodswings all the time from not (or hardly) eating. IMO it would make her a different person than the one he fell in love with

  8. Nicola says:

    I have assumed this guy comes from money, because I don’t think he’s doing any “income generating” work right now. Actor/jewelry designer screams ‘someone else is paying my way’. I’m hoping it’s mom and dad, and not Anne. If it is Anne, someone needs to tell him to STFU.

  9. Eve says:

    I look at that second picture and all I can see is teeth, teeth, TEETH!

  10. Julie says:

    those stories are used often because it pushes buttons. after all its mostly females who read gossip. thats also why for example cheating is almost exclusive to men in the gossip world, you have the men and the mistress to blame and have sympathy for the wife. you barely have any rumours with female stars and thats really unbelieveable.

    i doubt that he told it to people.

    michelle williams and halle berry can pull of short hair, anne cant.
    speaking of halle berry, mood swings and crazy behaviour can make a super beautiful woman look like the ugliest in the world.

  11. Djinn says:

    She’s supposed to look like someone dying in abject poverty, if he DID like this look I’d say that’d make him a misogynist.

  12. ds says:

    Oh come on, it’s just the Oscar campaign starting… She almost lost the love of her life cause of the transformation. Whatever

    • Kiyoshigirl says:

      BINGO!! And I hate that they’re stressing the physical changes so much. Didn’t we just go through that with Natalie Portman? It’s as if a female actress isn’t good enough to win the Oscar unless she greatly transforms her body or takes off her clothes and shows her body.

  13. tripmom says:

    I can’t imagine getting engaged to someone and then feeling like all of a sudden they’ve changed into a different person. This doesn’t sound like it’s just about a haircut. I actually feel bad for him.

    In my experience if someone is complaining to their friends about their significant other it’s because they tried talking to their S.O. and they wouldn’t listen. Sometimes you just need to vent somewhere.

  14. Me says:

    I wouldnt be happy if my husband lost weight and did something stupid with his hair.

  15. NM6804 says:

    I think it might be everything else surrounding her appearance. How all consuming this Oscar bait role is. Hathaway already admitted how much she cares, imagine how obsessive she is indoors! She seems like she’s a perfectionist anyway so for to dedicate her private and public time to this role must be hard for people who are close to her. That and the fact that her breath probably stinks like hell (also, see Swank for Million Dollar Baby and her all consuming transformation).

    Actors are already so obsessed with themselves, imagine having such a heavy role to carry and phyiscally change. I too, would not feel comfortable with it. I wouldn’t moan about it all the time but I’m just saying it can’t be easy :) .

  16. Jayna says:

    So you have to love every look your spouse chooses? Seriously? How PC. My husband shaved his gorgeous hair once. He looked like shit and I hated it and didn’t find him as attractive. He looked pasty. I loved him just as much, sure. But who are the PC police to tell me I had to love his look. I highlighted my hair blonde once and he made his displeasure known a few times. I hated that he didn’t fall all over my new look. Looking back in photos he was 100 percent right. I looked so washed-out.

    And where did he complain publically? Oh. That’s right. Star Magazine.

    • Cel says:


      My partner grew a moustache for Movember (collecting money for cancer) and I hated it…but I felt I couldn’t vent as it was for a good cause. Very happy when he shaved it off.

      If this story is true, his biggest problem is undoubtedly with the mood swings.

  17. carrie says:

    she looks too boyish and too pale now .
    And i don’t understand why she doesn’t gain a few weight now ,Les Mis’filming is finished

  18. Sarah says:

    Saw a trailer the other day, the film looks bloody awful.

  19. RhymesWithSilver says:

    She looks ill and is probably exhausted and cranky all the time- not expecting him to like it. But if you can’t make it through your actress girlfriend changing her appearance while filming a movie, it’s probably not a good sign.

  20. bored says:

    I love her short hair. She’ll be back to the cookie cutter Hollywood extensions in no time, buddy. Let’s hope she never dares to age or gain weight. What an idiot.

  21. JB says:

    I love Ann, like so much. However, she is very hard to look at with that hair. It is atrocious.

  22. alexis says:

    If this is true, she has horrible taste in men. Plus it seems he was with her for her looks only then.

  23. Theresa says:

    He looks like he’s channeling Ryan Gosling’s look, right down to those collar-less t-shirts, scruffy facial hair and haircut. Unfortunately he doesn’t pull it off and just looks nerdy. He should go all out at Halloween though, throw on some aviators, he’ll win every costume contest he enters!

  24. Gary says:

    I think she looks great in her short hair, just as she did in her long style. She is able to carry off many looks because she is so attractive. As for the diet, it would make anyone grumpy, understandably.

  25. Trish says:

    now that she’s messed up her metabolism by semi starving, she is going to gain weight super easy…not a good idea entering into your 30s by slowing your metabolism down…not that she can’t get attractive again, she can, it’s just that she’s made it just a little bit more difficult to maintain staying lean… and I agree with an above comment, about those ‘Hollywood’ teeth…just like sculpted bicps of actresses in movies set long ago…no softness, just these cut up arms… looks hilarious!

  26. Runs with Scissors says:

    He looks whiny and unattractive.

    Maybe she tried to find the exact opposite of her last boyfriend and ended up with this guy.

    Third time’s a charm.

  27. Olga says:

    Person on a diet can be really terrible and hard to be close to. I agree she’s maybe having mood swing and also maybe had sort of lost her sex drive.
    Hope that’s not forever and Ann and their relationship will get in shape again.
    She looks now so like my teenage relative! Ugly and really bad guy! So I have difficulties with appreciating that look :)

  28. valleymiss says:

    Well. I hope Anne never gets a disease like cancer or something. Her future husband said that she looks like “a sickly little boy.” He won’t be able to deal with any changes in her appearance.

    Dump him, Anne. You could do better.

  29. hayley says:

    sorry but I think he has every right to be bummed about how she looks now. when he got with her, she had long, beautiful hair and an amazing body, and now she does in fact look like a sickley boy.

  30. stop the madness says:

    I hope this isn’t true. Actresses often have to change their appearance for roles. She does look fragile, but it’s Les Mis, what can he expect?

  31. LittleDeadGirl says:

    If he is complaining I hope it’s about her weight loss and that’d be a good thing. Who would want him to be encouraging her to stay this skinny.

  32. sup says:

    sounds like bs. and if it’s true, time to break up imo

    • crtb says:

      Why? If your boyfriend gained 200 punds, You wouldn’t be a tad bit upset? How about if he got an 80′s Shag? No complaints? You are ful of sh1t if you say you wouldn’t be upset. Most people have a type and are upset when theyir mate turns into someone different. If my patner gained or lost a lot of weight I would be upset. Not talking about illnes. Not looking forwrds to drastic changes in hair either and I’m not talking about aging.

      • sup says:

        oh shush you don’t know anything about me. my significant other did gain a ton of weight but i wouldn’t divorce him because of that… maybe see a doctor about it with him. you are superficial as hell if you think a haircut is reason enough to break up with someone. god help the person who you’re with… if there is somebody

    • crtb says:

      Correct, I don’t know anything about you however you are the one who mentioned: “if it’s true, time to break up imo”. I never mentioned breaking up, I said people get upset when their patners drastically change. And just like I don’t know you, you don’t know me, so no need for the personal attack: “god help the person who you’re with… if there is somebody”

  33. F5 says:

    she does look gross >_<
    and she's probably an "actor", not an actress

  34. Shelly says:

    Well I hate her Les Mis look, too. She looks terrible.

  35. Gabby says:

    My boyfriend was on one of those diet meal delivery plans for about a month, he was getting 1300 calories a day…he turned into the biggest NIGHTMARE. I was so glad when he went off it.

  36. Ravensdaughter says:

    If this is true, time to kick this guy to the curb…more below (sorry)…

  37. Ravensdaughter says:

    I had short hair forever and it really worked for me. That’s because my head was pretty much proportionate to my body-I was not skinny, because a skinny body proportionately makes your head look bigger. Also, Ann has those lovely doe eyes which probably make her head look even more out of sync with her body now.
    But yes, it will grow out. A man wouldn’t even dream of making excuses for what he would be asked to do for work!
    Aside: even though he was a crook, I bet the Italian guy would have loved her no matter what…

  38. normades says:

    OK, conspiracy theory. Maybe the “engagement” was to deflect from those Bale rumours and now camp Anne is putting out these stories so she can dump him.

  39. d says:

    If he’s ANNOYED by her sickly health etc., instead of being WORRIED about her sickly health, then I call douchebag.

  40. the original bellaluna says:

    Call me a rube, but don’t they have things to conceal hair and wigs and stuff? It’s called a “wardrobe department.” (Or maybe it’s “hair and makeup.”)

    I’m not detracting from his incredible douche-baggery-ness if he’s acting out like this, but DAMN.

    Girl, this is NEVER the look. Not even for an Oscar hopeful.

  41. Chris says:

    I’m constantly amazed by how ugly the boyfriends of some of these actresses are. If this guy’s good enough looking to be with Anne Hathaway then I should be with Michelle Williams. Even if I do say so myself. ;)

  42. phoenix says:

    I don’t trust him. He’s cocky.

  43. Kosmos says:

    Agreed, I don’t care for her look either compared to her usual look, but this too shall pass. About mood swings, not good, they can ruin a relationship. About him, I doubt if Anne would date anyone who doesn’t have a lot of money. She was crazy about the last one, who ended up in prison, but he impressed her a great deal by shuttling her all over the world. Too bad the money was stolen. As for her new guy, he’s not overly handsome himself, but I can certainly understand him not falling in love with her look. She does look a bit sickly and too thin. Maybe they should give it more time before tying the knot.

  44. Ramona Q. says:

    In those pictures, he looks like the SNL costume dept. dressed him up as a self-important, overly-serious, insufferable actor douche bag.

    Am I right or am I left?

  45. Vesper says:

    If this is true, the guy is an idiot. Changing one’s appearance for a role comes with the territory when one is involved with a actor who takes their work seriously. Granted, some of what Anne is doing is dangerous, and goes far beyond appearance, but it is a temporary thing. If he is struggling with that, he is not marture enough, or in love enough to deserve the relationship.

    BTW, in One Day, she had a short pixie cut and she looked stunning. Once she is a healthy weight, and her skin goes back to it’s normal colour and radiance, add a touch of makeup, and Anne could totally rock a short cut.

  46. Snowpea says:

    I find Anne Hathaway the most annoying actress of all time and her performance in The Devil Wears Prada made me cringe the whole way through.

    The lack of chemistry between her and Adrian Grenier made sure the whole thing was a total snoozefest.

    Something about her reeks of school prefect, like she’s gonna go tell tales…ANNOYING TO THE MAX!

  47. RuddyZooKeeper says:

    God forbid a person change! Inside or out! And they say this guy was talking about babies? He’d really be in for a shock! You wanna see a woman change, just make her a mom and watch what happens!

    It took 5 solid years of couples therapy for my husband to understand he was completely sabotaging our relationship by constantly comparing everything about me to “the GIRL he fell in love with.” A hell of a lot changes mentally and maybe physically after you marry/move in, work to pay bills, birth babies, LIFE… Funny how so often women mature and evolve with age and men just don’t or won’t.

    “That girl” was 16 years ago, and I’m never gonna be “that girl” again. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t ever want to be! I love the strong woman I’ve become and that I continue creating a better version of me every day. Any man who wants to stop time will never grow with you or for you. He will be the same at 50 as he was at 20. And as much as men seem to want women to stay the same, it’s not something I’ve ever known a woman to put up with.

    So if this guy is willing to toss it all over weight, a haircut, and a bad mood, then just go ahead and take the “richer, poorer, sickness, health” stuff out of those. If he can’t love and support you right now, what’s this jackass gonna do when things really get tough?