Katy Perry: “Hollywood is so fake” but “the truth will always prevail”

Katy Perry

Katy Perry is still promoting her upcoming 3-D movie, Part of Me, which comes out next week (I will be reviewing for it Pajiba — gird your loins). Since this is a documentary, Katy’s attempting to convince the world that she’s all about “transparency,” so she’s insisting that this movie (which is edited like all documentaries) presents the “real” Katy to the world. She’s even allegedly appearing without makeup in front of the cameras, but I agree with a lot of you that she’s probably wearing concealer and some other subtle makeup too. So she’s still lying and being fake, and she thinks that complaining about how “Hollywood is so fake” will somehow make her actions and words ring true. Naturally, this “truth” also involves making her ex-husband, Russell Brand, look like a bad guy in front of her audience for this film. Katy has now given an interview to MTV about how she’s not fake and only fights for truth, justice, and the right to flaunt one’s boobs. Or something like that:

Katy Perry

Katy Perry’s feature-film debut is every bit a concert movie as it is an emotional biography of sorts. For every scene that features her pop-star persona and killer stadium performances, there are several quieter, much more emotional scenes surrounding Perry’s very public split with Russell Brand that make Katy Perry: Part of Me a wholly moving film.

When MTV News caught up with Perry on Friday (June 22), we asked why she wanted to include footage of the moment when Perry realized her relationship with Brand was over and she couldn’t do anything but sob.

“In my personal struggle, you see me not changing and not giving up on this dream that I’ve had my whole life. Hopefully people are inspired by that,” Perry said. “You don’t always see me with all the gorgeous lighting and makeup on and all that. I think it’s fine. Hollywood is so fake and people need to realize that people are just people, and you, too, don’t need to be born into something or have money or have whatever product someone is hawking on you. Find out what your gift is and nurture it.”

Because the film is her film, there is naturally only one side of the Perry/Brand breakup shown, so we asked the “Wide Awake” singer if she felt pressure in revealing what happened to her and whether she wonders when and if another side to their story will come out in the media.

“The truth will always prevail,” Perry said. “Everything has to be handled with integrity and appropriately, and it’s not nice to air all your dirty laundry, because that stinks, so I had to be very delicate with the situation, but I couldn’t avoid the elephant in the room,” she explained. “If you were to have seen that movie and walked out and [my breakup] wasn’t at all mentioned like it never happened, you’d be like, ‘Eh, this is weird, what is she trying to hide?’ I don’t like to hide.”

[From MTV]

I don’t know, man. Katy and Russell both lied for months about their crumbling marriage, which is fine because if I were in the public eye, I probably wouldn’t want people in my bedroom either. However, it’s awfully convenient that Katy’s claiming to be all about “transparency” now that it’s time to sell the movie — just so she can make a quick buck off the demise of her relationship. So she’s including footage of herself crying backstage over Russell in the movie. It’s just sketchy, and I feel sorry for Russell because he specifically asked not to be included in this movie, and Katy is doing it anyway.

In slightly brighter news, Katy now claims that she’s preparing (after the release of her movie) to take an extended hiatus from showbiz. We’ll see about that.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry

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  1. idk says:

    why couldn’t this be on tv instead of the cinemas then? If Hollywood is so “fake” to her then why is she a part of it?

  2. Reece says:

    1) This Bitch…*side eye*
    2) Said the chick with lb of makeup on her face.

    • Tiffany says:

      Good point, she DOES always have 10 lbs. of make up on at all times.

      I had to laugh at the line about her “killer” performances. It should be edited to read “performances that will kill your ears”. She is the worst live performer, her voice is shrill and awful.

      In the commercial they cut to a little girl in the front row of her show to make KP seem inspirational. I wonder if they will edit to ignore the fact that Katy mimmicks a blow job when she says “we’ll melt your popcicle”, in front of that same audience. Katy has been selling sex to kids her entire career, and now this movie is going to try and re-write history on that. So FAKE Katy!

    • corny says:

      yes, but it is 10lbs of REAL makeup and REAL blue/pink/black hair, because Katy is so REAL don’tcha know?

  3. Eve says:

    “Hollywood is so fake” but “the truth will always prevail”

    Says one of the fakest celebrities out there.

  4. valleymiss says:

    It’s really, really sh*tty and indefensible that she keeps talking about how everything in her divorce was handled with “class,” after she refused to take footage of Russell Brand out of the movie. Katy sucks.

  5. Jackie O says:

    i saw the trailer….she is really marketed to tweens, so it is difficult to take anything about her seriously. she’s a cartoon.

    • Tiffany says:

      I find that so disturbing considering most of her “performances” include her mimmicking fellatio, humping giant chapsticks, and spraying things out of her boobs. I wouldn’t mind it if she was going after an adult audience.

      • Russell says:

        That’s the problem I have with her. The way she is using sexuality to sell her crap. Madonna was a SM domina, Britney was lolita, Xtina was a slut and that’s OK I get the concept. But Katy is like these kids in Toddlers and Tiaras. It’s like pedophile dream not teenage dream. It’s disturbing.

  6. heatheradair says:

    so, she says some of that like she thinks people *DON’T* already know that all of it’s fake, smoke & mirrors, blah blah blah.

    Sweetie: real people know that hollywood isn’t real.

    But we still get a kick out of that whole schadenfreude thing, I guess……. :)

  7. Genevieve says:

    Not my favorite celeb. And I find it unbelievably hypocritical that Katy Perry would bemoan the “fakery” of anyone or ANYTHING. Pot…meet kettle. Ha.

  8. wonderwoman21 says:

    Because Katy Perry is, like, the rillest ever!! Her face looks like it was painted on by the makeup gun from the Simpsons

  9. HappyJoyJoy says:

    The truth prevails: No matter what you do, you still suck. And that’s the truth.

  10. Bec says:

    I can’t stand her and I don’t understand why she’s famous. She is gonna tromp all over Russell to advance her career. So sad.

  11. Rhiley says:

    She was promoting this shizz on E over the weekend, and just to hear her speak in interviews is ssssoooo annoying. She spoke in a muted faux British accent, very slowly, so already she was being fake. But then the interview was pretty similiar to what she has barfed up here. Just a bunch of crap about how normal and trasparent she is. She is such a tw*t.

  12. Skinnybetch says:

    She is one of the biggest posers out there(pot meet kettle). . . . .

  13. smegoff says:

    “Find out what your gift is and nurture it”

    Her only gift is that she has a cracking pair of boobs and knows how to use them for her benefit. She has no real talent apart from knowing how to hustle, but maybe thats all that counts nowadays.

  14. Jordan says:

    I don’t understand why she thinks she is important enough to have a movie about herself and why it has to be in 3D. I know it’s all about grabbing every dime she can which in light of her brilliant observation that “Hollywood is fake”, seems to be very hypocritical. She saw how much the Justin Bieber movie made and her ego is screaming at her that her story is just as important. I really hope it bombs.

  15. the original bellaluna says:

    If anyone would know fake, it’s KP.

  16. sup says:

    is she finally losing hair? it’s a miracle it even endured for so long (even as thick/wavy it is). i mean in her last video it was parted in the middle and the rift was huge. and in the orange hair pic it looks like it seriously has lost volume. i’m hardly the hair expert though

  17. Julie says:

    its kind of funny. she wants to use the “crying over russell” to get sympathy but people with half a brain cell hate her for that. its just back firing.

    and if hollywood is so fake why dont you release your movie on tv or just dvd or give it away for free? oh right because you can cash in multiple times with the way you chose

  18. BeeBee says:

    With considerable shame, I admit I’ll probably go see this. Though I agree she is a fake, a bad role model for children, and her combined sex and kid friendly schtick is totally inappropriate. I think of her as the Dita Von Teese of pop. Though Dita would never, ever market to children.

  19. Thea says:

    She always looks like she should be in a Pee Wee Herman Playhouse episode with a singing toaster or something.

  20. Skins says:

    Are any of her fans old enough to be allowed to go the the movie theaters?

  21. Susan says:

    If she thinks that Hollywood is so fake then she should attempt to create a number 1 hit without autotune.

  22. Jayna says:

    I hope it doesn’t do as Bieber’s two-part special on NBC or whichever channel it was. Only a little over 3 million viewers each night. The guy is huge. If the Tweens/teens didn’t tune in for a free behind the scenes tour special on him, I doubt they’re going to pay money for Katy.

  23. some bitch says:

    Her personal struggle? Didn’t she become famous at like, twenty three?

  24. Cherry says:

    It’s so dumb to translate ‘being real’ to ‘not wearing makeup in front of the cameras’. I think it’s beside the point that she’s probably wearing some anyway. Only an incredibly shallow person thinks like this.

  25. QQ says:

    This bitch NEEDS to shut the ENTIRE F up with this wounded wifey tour of blahbling

  26. Jayna says:

    I’ve seen these popstar behind the scenes specials. Gaga cracked me up with her Truth or Dare black-and-white look with her backstage crying over not being good enough for her Little Monsters and how people were trying to drag her down. Spare me.

    No one has touched Madonna’s Truth or Dare. It happened at a time when Madonna was at her zenith and the Blond Ambition tour was a pop masterpiece tour, the gold standard still for young popstars. Truth or Dare was 22 years ago, and still no one has topped her tour documentary in the pop world.

  27. Hanna says:

    Honey, you’re the fakest one out there. Cakeface.

  28. Mary says:

    Katy is SO fake and stupid. She just doesn’t get it that as much as she trashes Russell, the more we respect him for not saying a single bad word about her.

  29. Kate says:

    Russell wanted babies and to start a family with her. Her priority was her career. Russell had a lucky escape. I hope he finds the one soon.

  30. Embee says:

    I can’t help it, I like her. I don’t even know why. Maybe because she seems so lost but like she is trying hard to find her way, and trying to be tough while she is so fragile. She’s so flawed I can’t help but root for her.

  31. Orange Cone says:

    Soooo what’s the point of all this? No seriously, a MOVIE? Did I miss something?

  32. derpy says:

    How is she going to take a hiatus after the films release if she has a new album coming out at some point sooner rather than later? I mean we’ve gotten two new singles already, and she will inevitably tour… So I call bullshit on the hiatus.

    Plus I wish the truth would prevail in her mind that she has no talent.. Seriously, I tried to like Katy. Some of her songs are guilty pleasures for me, but after all this stuff she’s doing to Russell after the divorce all I can think is what a b*tch.

    • Tiffany says:

      The “new” singles were left over Dr. Luke creations from her last album.

      Her new album will take a lot of time because Dr. Luke has now been signed to his own label on another parent record label. They won’t let Dr. Luke write for KP anymore…and he has been her producer/writer since “I Kissed a Girl”. It will be interesting to see if any of her singles chart without his magic.

  33. Feebee says:

    Can someone tell me when Russell Brand’s canonisation is scheduled for? Probably right after Katy’s been burned at the stake.

    Yeah she needs a giant reality check but she’s also just playing the game and she’s doing it well. Maybe call out the interviewers who let her get away with this shit. And why not the big screen v tv? What’s the argument? She shouldn’t want to cash in? What a laugh.

    Brand obviously wasn’t the right guy for her and vice versa except he’s old enough to know better. So he wanted kids and she wanted a career? Such a strange thing for a 20-something at the peak of her career to want. He’s had his fun, why not marry someone closer in age and outlook. Unless he objected to being filmed it’s tough that he doesn’t want to be in the movie now. He can be a bit of a baby. Did the marriage not assist with publicity in the US?

    • Just U says:

      That is exactly what I was thinking too!!

      I cannot abide KP and her smurftastic sexuality but he has been around the block more than once. If he wants kids and a nice quiet life then don’t marry a 24 year old popstar who is famous for being naked and shooting cream from her boobs.
      She has every right to pursue her career (however tacky and inappropriate) and enjoy herself.

    • G says:

      Gee, maybe he thought that she, like him made a distinction between a public persona and a private one.

      In any case what’s that got to do with putting him in a film he didn’t want to be in?

  34. Jayna says:

    I don’t blame him. I don’t even blame her. They fell in love fast and it was intense. But, let’s face it, both had very busy careers that needed attention. His burgeoning movie career that you have to strike while it’s hot, and the same with a popstar, especially in this day and age and only her second tour. Both probably resented each other for not paying enough attention. It was a red hot love that burned out and just wasn’t meant to survive longterm. The dream of marriage is sometimes better than the reality of marriage.

  35. Ainsley says:

    Thanks for the lecture on authenticity, Katy Hudson, uh, err, Katy Perry. Oh, that’s right, your record label changed your name, your genre, your look, and your entire personality and you happily went along with it so you could make a buck. She’s an overexposed irritant and she’s making Russell Brand look better every day. As for her taking an extended break, thank Jesus! I hope she takes a year off and is replaced by some other ditz with neon hair and big boobs.

  36. Bette says:

    If you ever want to be creeped out, try looking at some of the stuff her hardcore fans say on Twitter. To those of us who are sane, Katy seems like nothing more than an irritating, fake, attention-seeker who can’t really sing. But to her “Katycats,” she is nothing short of the new messiah. It’s like a cult. They call her “mom” or “mama cat” and anytime she’s linked to a new guy, they start tweeting him frantically and calling him their new “daddy.” They did this with that Baptiste guy and also with Rob Ackroyd. Some of them still also call Russell their “daddy” and beg him to get back together with KP, while others spend their time sending him death threats for what they “know” he did to her.

    And OMG, you should’ve seen how they reacted when Russell made a (very tame) joke about his short-lived marriage on the MTV Movie Awards! To them, it was like he desecrated Katy on national TV and deserved to be strung up by his genitals for it. Not kidding.

    I’ll never understand her fanbase or how she inspires such unhealthy obsession in some.

  37. Crystal says:

    ‘find out what your gift is and nurture it’

    Has Katy found her gift yet ??? Katy, honey I’m gonna tell you like I told Kreyshawn, this whole music career thing you have going… End it. Find your gift and nurture it because singing is not for you. I think Katy is beautiful and has one if the best bodies but unless her boobs come with speakers, she needs to be seen and not heard. This documentary looks lame and just because your on screen without make up it doesn’t make you ‘real’.

    I just bought Sade’s concert DVD ‘Bring Me Home’ and she slays my whole life. I could never watch Katy Perry because I know what class, elegance, beauty and talent look like and it’s not this try hard wannabe.

  38. Jover says:

    I despise KP but I really despise the guy that invented autotune; he should be forced, FORCED, to listen to KP on an endless loop forever in HELL.

  39. Lady_Luck says:

    This is pretty damn rich and hypocritical coming from her. She is one of the fakest there is. If she isn’t fake she wouldn’t have minded Russell putting that unflattering photo of her without an ounce of makeup onto twitter. She is not prepared to reveal her “true” self and we all know it. She’s interested in one thing and one thing only – herself, and riding the money train. I can’t stand her.

  40. Carolyn says:

    The hypocrisy of her is astounding. I won’t be paying money to see this rubbish.

  41. Anne says:

    Katy lost me forever when she went on stage at the VMA’s, and the show was paying tribute to Amy Winehouse, and Katy slurred and shouted about how drunk she was and how many tequila shots she had taken backstage. I think she’s phenomenally beautiful, and I can jam to her songs in my car all day…but yeah. She needs to grow up.

  42. Lani says:

    She’s not being f*cking fake. She’s being who she is. She’s still a person with a soul whether you know it or not. No one is perfect, and everyone can be “two-faced.” Even though she’s a celebrity you still can’t understand what type of person she is so don’t try to assume what’s going on in her heart/head. And so what if she was wearing a bit of make up in those videos where she was originally thought to be make-up less. I can personally attest to having bad skin and not being able to be carefree and wear zero make up unlike many other fortunate women. Maybe she’s really insecure about it, ever think of that? I went through nearly every damn comment on this board and almost everyone is just bitching about Katy Perry because they’re overweight middle aged b*tches who are jealous of a young woman with a nice body and a bubbly personality. Get over it.