Oprah snubbed again by TomKat

Tom and Katie are having yet another wedding celebration this Saturday at the Beverly Hills mansion of his business partner Paula Wagner. It’s meant to be a big affair for friends and family who couldn’t travel all the way to Rome to get the Scientology pitch. Noticeably absent from the guest list is Oprah, who certainly pissed off Tommy for commenting that she didn’t “buy” his couch-jumping antics proclaiming his love for the little actress on her show.

Oprah was all “I don’t get invited to everyone’s wedding” when she was asked about being snubbed from the Rome wedding. I wonder what she’s going to say about this, which kind of brings the snub home:

TomKat didn’t invite the talk queen to their wedding in Italy. Now Winfrey’s rep confirms that she hasn’t been asked to the post-honeymoon bash thrown by Paula Wagner, Cruise’s UA producing partner, and Cruise’s agent, Rick Nicita. (Some believe that Viacom chief Sumner Redstone started thinking about cutting Cruise loose after seeing his infamous couch-jumping antics on Oprah’s talk show.)

Look for lots more pictures of smiling brainwashed faces in your favorite glossies next week. TomKat must not have received enough coverage for their last wedding, and is planning another just as the news dies down.

After his second wedding party, Cruise will start work on a new war film called Lions for Lambs with Meryl Streep and Robert Redford.

Here are pictures of Katie bringing Suri to meet Victoria Beckham during her stay in LA. Beckham is said to be looking for real estate in the Cruise’s neighborhood. Pictures from KatieHolmes.com

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  1. Kolby says:

    What is going on with Katie’s hair? She’s got, like, 1-inch bangs growing out of her forehead, and she keeps brushing them down. Did she let Suri cut her hair or something?

  2. FF says:

    I’m sure Oprah can live with this kind of snub. However, it says volumes about Cruise that he’s so easily incensed. And that he then feels the need to underline it, not once, but twice.

    It’s not as if Oprah was the only one who felt he was nuts. Fortunately for all his other wedding guests they bit their tongues in public.

    Add his couch jumping to the fact of his snubbing and he’s coming off like an immature brat – he needs to get a tougher skin, imo, and stop letting his upbringing rule his life. Yes, people took the p*** out of you when you were younger – it’s 30 years later and you own most of Hollywood. I’d say it’s time to let it go.

    Being so sensitive just makes it look like he’s protesting not just too much but all the time – and that makes Oprah’s outlook that bit more credible.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Looks like Oprah is trying to hang onto Katie and pull her away. Maybe it was her attempt at “saving” Ms. Katie that got her snubbed.

  4. frewtloop says:

    This story assumes Oprah is peeved. I suggest she doesn’t give a shit – especially if she thinks Tom’s a fruit like the rest of us.

  5. Jean says:

    Katie also could’ve been on a big rebound from a broken 5-yr relationship–we all know things like that need time to really move on. Its so odd how there were all these quotes form her about loving NY and looking fwd to living here, and seeing her out with that mystery guy, actual friends, etc. (read: freedom, young adult fun, dating etc) then BAM POW ZOWIE 16 missing days and the current situation.

    She definitely was pregnant, but I understand from all those weird pics why people can still hold onto the idea she wasn’t. And it’s not just “lunatics”, but the general media and hundreds of websites who’ve talked about it. It was a juicy bit to think about…and though I contend Suri is definitely hers, those pics were incredibly suspicious.

    I do think that Suri looks like Tom, though i was in the CK camp for ages. We don’t know the truth, so it’s safe to also speculate Suri could be Bill’s, etc. THEY created this monster by acting like complete FREAKS and now they have to deal with scandalous gossip….I don’t know about you, but I don’t turn on any given TV show and hear how many people are wondering if Brad Pitt really fathered Shiloh—or if Gwen Stephani was really pregnant. Reap what you Sow, Tom….

    If they truly care about this kid, they will stop the ridiculous behavior, act like a normal celeb couple and keep the kid’s emotions/safety a priority. No more hiding her now that they got home, no more being sketchy. And NO whoring her for the media, either. We all know they can’t resist, but lets hope for all three kids’ sake, they change.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- I feel really bad for those 3 kids—-and MTP is a selfish ego-driven man for manipulating them in public eye as he has the last 2 years.
    I think at home he is most likely a good father- he seems to love them etc. But doing best for your kids requires more than that.

  6. Lola says:

    love tom love tom love tom, how could oprah doubt our love, yes we all had our opinions next time she will learn when to keep her big mouth shut, friends stick to friends no matter what, she was jealous that Tom had found a true love and was out of the typical hollywood convenient relationship, I have my reasons but I have never felt that Tom was faking it, never!, I didnt see any reasons for faking it, it was too plain for a Cruise Agenda, if he wanted to a publicity stunt he would have handled it better than he did, he is very clever if you havent noticed. Go Tom! I will check my post for my invitation. Look forward to the picutres.

  7. over it says:

    Oprah did NOT say that. At least not publicly. Everytime I heard her respond to the couch incident, whether questioned by Letterman or the random red carpet interviewer, she always said he must’ve been head over heals b/c he’s usually so closemouthed about his relationships. whatever, tho. she’ll escape once he forgets to refill the zany pills he sedates her with.

  8. kailie2 says:

    Tommy is such a girl, so sensitive… But the Beckhams are definitely going Scientology. They need some help with their U.S. image and probably hope that COS delivers. I wonder if J.Lo is so desperate for a kid, she’s willing to take some of Katie’s magic pills. I definitely think that Suri is Katie’s daughter but I also think that Katie was pregnant with her when she was introduced to Tom.. early on she was given an option to present this child as Tom’s on condition of complete confidentiality. That’s why their “love” erupted and progressed so quickly. Isn’t it odd that Tom didn’t manage to get any of his former wives pregnant for years and knocked up Katie with a record speed? Or the fact that she started showing so fast? How about the fact that the baby was very big and well developed for her official age and they kept her hidden for moths (while adverstising everything else about their relationship)? Just asking 😉

  9. Action says:

    I don’t think Oprah could care less if she’s invited. It’s all a bix hoax anyway!

  10. Lee says:

    Belive it or not Oprah cares, she and Tom had a good relationship, before she went on Dianne Sawyer’s goodmorning America and said, and I quote’i am not buying it…am not buying it…’ has she apologised? no! so Tom has no obligation to her whatsoever other then a working relationship. Lola I agree, friends stick togather and dont redicule each other in public regardless of your private thoughts. Hoax or no hoax, at least they seem happy. More than I can say for many of you!

  11. ThatGirl says:

    I like Tom and Kate for sticking to their principles, and Oprah wouldn’t be a good fit to be a close friend as she constantly whores herself out to the medical establishment. Her whole show is doctor this, doctor that, and she LOOOVES psychiatrists and psychologists. (Although I did recently hear her tell this grief stricken mother with a shopping addiction that her pills may be her problem, which is one of the first times I have seen her use her brain on this issue.)

    Congratulations on your lovely daughter, you two! All the best!!