Lindsay Lohan poses with a gun for Terry Richardson: gross and sad?

Obviously, Lindsay Lohan is a cracked-out mess. Somehow, in between working 25 hours every single day and clubbing every single night (don’t worry, it’s crack math!), Lindsay found the time to “pose” for Terry Richardson once again. She hasn’t posed for him in a few months, ever since Radar revealed that they briefly “dated” and the Cracken basically scared the crap out of Richardson because she’s a hysterical, cracked-out, high-maintenance stalker. Well, Terry is back. And he somehow managed to get Lindsay to pose for him once again in her crack den at the Chateau Marmont.

The complete photo set is pretty disturbing, and I’m not including the photos with nudity and/or Lindsay pointing the gun to her head (or her mouth, etc). If you want to see the full photo shoot, go here. Movieline notes that Terry published the images on his Tumblr, Terry’s Diary, but pulled the images soon after. I’m sure he got a call from the Cracken. Now, to me, this looks like a fake handgun, but I don’t pay that much attention to guns in general, so I’m sure someone will school me. In addition to the gun play, Richardson also snapped photos of Lindsay looking weepy in a bra, Lindsay smoking, Lindsay with liquor bottles on the bedside table, and one of my favorites, Lindsay wearing what I’m sure is the faux fur coat from the Liz & Dick set. I told you she would CRACK HEIST the entire wardrobe department. And she’s too stupid to realize that it’s bad form to flaunt the clothes that you’ve stolen.

Here’s my #1 favorite photo, because you can tell crackie is trying to recreate Elizabeth Taylor in Cat On a Hot Tin Roof or Butterfield 8 (both include iconic shots of Taylor in a white slip). Cracken On a Hot Tin Roof?

I guess I should say something hand-wringing and sympathetic about Lindsay considering she’s trying to “telegraph” something about her unhappiness and suicidal thoughts, I suppose. The nicest thing I can say… her predicament isn’t all her own doing. She had horrible parents, she was surrounded by enablers, and the legal system gave up on her a long time ago. Maybe if someone stepped up to the plate and made her take responsibility for her actions, she wouldn’t be such a mess. That being said, there are so many people who have it worse, and I’ll save my sympathy for them.

Photos courtesy of Terry’s Diary/ONTD.

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  1. QQ says:

    I’d care, but she is a dumb dirty entitled narcisistic asshole

  2. Marie says:

    I can’t with her. I never comment on lilo articles but I saw the other gun pictures over on dlisted. She is below trash. And she always poses with her mouth open, it’s so played out and she is not attractive. Those pictures are not ‘edgy’ they are disrespectful and he should be ashamed.

  3. Sue says:

    Huh? Love the cigerette in all the pics. Sorry I just don’t get these…..

  4. Kathrin says:

    Ok, so she honestly wants to enter the 27 Club… woman, stop it…RIGHT NOW! Listen to me: STOP IT!

  5. cmc says:

    Somehow he is the only photographer that makes her look like her body isn’t completely falling apart. Can’t do a thing about her eyes though. Maybe that’s the appeal of Terry Richardson? He makes cracked-out messes look like human beings?

    • Jaime says:

      Her body truly is starting to fall apart. She’s getting that apple look that a lot of women get in their 40′s where they get boxy and bulgy in the middle and then lose their ass completely. This is happening to Lindsay at 25. She’s also getting a double chin and boob sag to her knees. I have to believe it’s the way she’s treated her body. It’s falling apart cell by cell.

      • ZenB!tch says:

        Exactly – this is why I can’t hate on these pictures. If I wasn’t a woman, I would love to learn the art of photoshop from this guy. He’s really good. It doesn’t look super fake like the magazine covers do.

        When I try on my own photos I end up with the magazine cover look.

  6. Lilo says:

    Is she trying to pull a Marilyn? Having those intimate shoots and then becoming a legend once she dies? Honey, the trick is NOT to publish those pics beforehand. And even then you’ll never be Marilyn.

    • Eleonor says:

      She is not trying to be Marilyn (that phase is temporary on hold), she is trying to be Elyzabeth Taylor,
      this pic

    • Kat says:

      I think she really does see herself as Marilyn. What she doesn’t seem to realize is that Marilyn was actually a huge star – she still got work despite her on-set antics. And also, despite MM’s substance abuse problems, she was still absolutely beautiful and youthful looking at the time of her death at age 36 – Lindsay is a decade younger than that and looks ten times worse.

      • ZenB!tch says:

        I never really cared about Marilyn, I’ve seen one movie with her and the dumb blond breathy voice thing offended me.

        Still she looked good possibly because they had no meth back then. What was she on? Coke? Heroin? Booze? I don’t know what the thing was in the 50s.

        I got the feeling Liz didn’t become tragic until she met Richard Burton and even then I thought Liz was only on booze as a destructive thing. I know she was on pain killers because of her back but I can’t count that as a destructive addiction – it was more of a $hit happens, people build a tolerance to this crap thing from what I’ve read.

        Basically, what I am wondering is what LiLo is on that makes her looks so bad. Is it the meth?

        Whitney looked decent when she died and she was twice LiLos age.

  7. Ruby Red Lips says:

    dear god, they just get worse…wtf does she think she looks like? Wait a second, she doesn’t think does she – too drug addled blah blah blah

    Hope Dina is proudly displaying the ‘suicide’ shots of her wonderful talented child on her walls at home!!

  8. Chris: now with 10% less negativity says:

    Nice pics and I have no issue with her posing with a gun. But I wouldn’t be comfortable with her carrying one on a regular basis.

  9. lisa2 says:

    I can’t stand that Richardson guy and the way he photographs women. Why are there so many pictures now out from him photographing everyone. It’s like women are drawn to him. Does he photograph men too.

    I think Lindsey needs someone to stay with her at all time and redirect her choices. She makes stupid choices without thinking of the consequences.

  10. Thinkaboutit says:

    I want to feel sorry for her but I just can’t. Her sense of self-satisfaction oozes out of these photos. It’s nauseating how this trick is just SO pleased with her cracked-out self.

  11. brin says:

    Just a regular old cracked out Wednesday for her.

  12. mytbean says:

    I wonder if she’ll ever be “ok”… Or if she even knows what ok is.

    I dunno… but Monroe died August 5th… it’ll be 50 years ago this year. I hope Lohan hasn’t made any plans… :(

  13. Kimlee says:

    These photos look like every other photo Terry Richardson has taken all his work looks the same and he a pervert so I don’t get why people want to be photograph by him. The man is not doing anything mind blowing that’s going to be remembered for years to come so I don’t get his the allure unless he has some good drugs, that would explaine his connection to cracky.

  14. Mew says:

    She has no idea how to hold a pistol.

  15. Izzy says:

    I’m guessing those liquor bottles ended up being more than just props…

  16. Ming says:

    The best representator for the NRA after Charlton Heston.

    Now Michael Moore has to after her and go all guns are bad.

  17. neelyo says:

    Played out. If she lives to be 50, she’ll be doing the same shock tactic photos (‘Ooh is she cradling a breast implant!?!’) and they still won’t be edgy, just desperate.

  18. DanaG says:

    If she dies and a gun is involved these will become life imitates art. Lindsay needs help not guns and half naked photo shoots. Of course she needs to want to help herself and she doesn’t. Living in a hotel being called a hooker and crack addict yep that is some achievement. Dina probably bought the booze for her. Why did Terry even go back if she stalked him? Did he miss her?

  19. Julia says:

    It is sad. She has nobody to take care of her. She seems to be really lost. Too bad because she is very talented and beautiful. I really feel sorry for her.

  20. D1 says:

    Any photoshoot involving Terry Richardson is gross and sad. The question mark in the title of this post is superfluous.

    Regardless of who the model is, all his photos look like evidence from a case that’s being investigated by the Special Victims Unit.

  21. Candyland says:

    Oldest 25 year old face I’ve ever seen. Great friend, Terry. Letting crazy druggie pose with a gun at her head.

  22. G says:

    Seriously, is she just playing with the media and the public creating this cracked out cult persona or is she this f*cking personally unaware?

  23. Mimi says:

    Richardson is such a consummate douchebag; having a nice camera does not an artist make.]

  24. SolitaryAngel says:

    I’m finally stunned speechless…

  25. Carrie says:

    she’s more and more ugly

  26. Ann says:

    Terry Richardson is such a no-talent loser. He’s just trying to be “edgy”, to “push people’s buttons” because he has NO TALENT. Just goes to show how low some women’s self esteem can go to have sex with an ugly old poser like him.

  27. Cora says:

    Guns, booze, grubby paws all over her Camel’s… Just a delicate little flower.

  28. YuYa says:

    Gun isn’t even loaded. Terry is a creep and has no talent what-so-ever.

  29. logan says:

    They are, as is she both sad and gross.
    Doesn’t anyone with any common sense and compassion care about this person? It’s like watching a suicide in slow motion. Her mother and father must have hearts of stone. I don’t care how old your child is, if you love them you do everything to save them. I know, tough love. But it’s like they have thrown her away. Just seems like she has no one in her life that is stable. Her own falult I know, but these photo are errie. Everytime I think she has hit a new low, something worse pops up.
    Sad, disturbing and very unsettling. Not to mention down right creepy.

  30. Patricia says:

    The complete set of photos are on the dlisted website. She is pointing the gun at her head in those, and her chin, and has it in her mouth. There were pobably more but I couldn’t look. Really disturbing. My brother comitted suicide with a gun when he was young, so I have to say that although I’m not easily offended, I don’t think this behavior should be promoted as cool or artistic. Of course neither of them have any sense, much less any feeling of responsibility for others or what they produce, so this is par for the course for them. Nauseating.

  31. Adrien says:

    She’s done this kind of sick weapon wielding photoshoot before with Vanessa Minnillo. I find that more disturbing than this Terry Richardson handgun thing.

  32. LittleDeadGirl says:

    She looks almost human in black and white. I hope they are filming the LMN movie in black and white.

  33. dorothy says:

    It’s no longer funny or irritating. It’s become so sad and pathetic. Where are the people that love her? Don’t they care?

    • MBGB says:

      People who love her? Who would that be? Her parents? They only care about the money they can sponge off of her, so the last thing they are going to do is confront her. They are both gutless losers.

      Her skeletal sister? Nah. Too busy trying to make it as a “model” on the back of her sister’s fame.

      Everyone else around her is there for a paycheck or for whatever drugs/booze/goodies they can filch or steal from her. No way they are going to say anything.

  34. Cathy says:

    They deserve each other. They’re both whacked in the head

  35. nikzilla37 says:

    Super gross. And she’s high in every picture.

  36. OhMyMy says:

    This girl has 3 active brain cells left that don’t talk to each other. Ugh.

  37. Smokey blues says:

    Where did her other chins go? She is a chin chameleon. Two days ago her face was twice as puffed up, on set. Her face still looks somewhat puffy here, especially in the white nightgown pic, but it only looks HALF as puffy as it did. What is going oooooon?!?

  38. Sara says:

    This is sick and sad. Any celebrity that let’s this man take your picture has to be nuts! He is sick and so is Lindsay. It’s not looking good for her at all! Only a matter of time I’m afraid.

  39. ladybert62 says:

    Nothing like a slutty and trashy crackie first thing in the morning – makes me feel better about myself by just looking at her cracked out self!

    The picture of her in the slip is that she is trying to copy liz taylor’s cat on a hot tin roof look – BIG FAIL!!!

    Liz was beautiful and crackie is trashie!

  40. Stubbylove says:

    Pathetic when one attempts to look complicated, interesting and intriguing when in fact they’re as shallow as a kiddy pool. *Yawn*

  41. Quinn says:

    Never mind suicide…this girl should have lung cancer by now…geesh! She is NEVER without a cigarette.

  42. TheOriginalKitten says:

    PERFECTLY stated, Kaiser, and ums up excactly how I feel about her:
    “She had horrible parents, she was surrounded by enablers, and the legal system gave up on her a long time ago. Maybe if someone stepped up to the plate and made her take responsibility for her actions, she wouldn’t be such a mess. That being said, there are so many people who have it worse, and I’ll save my sympathy for them.”

  43. Sillyone says:

    If you look at the pic where Lindsay is attempting to put the clip in the gun, look closely at the barrel it isn’t a real gun also take a look at the barrel where she is pointing the gun, it almost looks like it is shooting a flame. I actually think it is a lighter, but it is not a real gun.

  44. bagladey says:

    Does this photog get any paying jobs?

  45. Bobby the K says:

    Terry Richardson has a very easy job, considering what his compensation must be. I have yet to see an image of his that anyone here could not have taken. Just nothing better than the paps really, except they’re in edgy black & white.

  46. Ninjajeje says:

    That is an EKOL aras magnum – I think it’s an air gun however firearm safety advises to never point a weapon at something you do not intend to destroy, also treat every gun as if it’s loaded. She’s breaking sooo many common sense rules here.

  47. skeptical says:

    I’m sure miss “the service was not fulfilling” told terry to take these down for a reason…and I bet that fur coat is related to it.
    She’s still as entitled and spoiled as ever. I’ll save my sympathy for those who have not had the world handed to them.

  48. Sillyone says:

    By the way her face and eyes look even more dead than usual, not sure how that is possible but it is.

  49. Boo says:

    One of the commenters over at TMZ did a breakdown of that gun, saying that you could tell the whole barrel was plugged with lead and thus completely non-workable. He said it is an old gun, too–collectible, but non-firing.

    Not that it really matters; she is a reprehensible, attention-seeking scumbag. Her smirk is visible in many of those pictures, and she is just making a mockery of suicide’s victims just as she makes a mockery of everything, including herself.

    I’m sure the Liz & Dick people were thrilled to see their coat and their makeup in these trashy shots. Always a lady.

  50. Jackson says:

    We all know where else that gun ended up that night, don’t we?

  51. The Original Mia says:

    What exactly is the point of all these Uncle Terry’s photoshoots? They do nothing for her career. Are they just her way to trade drugs for “edgy” photos for his portfolio? Can’t believe this crackie is in her 20s.

  52. Sarah says:

    Terry Richardson has no soul. You know he had her do these poses with a gun so that when she dies young these photos will be everywhere.

  53. Anne de Vries says:

    I feel like Creepy Terry is doing some sort of ‘Lindsay Lohan, a documentary of the downslide’ project..

  54. the original bellaluna says:

    It’s gotten to the point where it’s no longer funny, it’s just pathetic. Thank goodness I have a finely-honed apathetic response to her.

    While I will continue to be my snarcastic little self about her antics, I will not mock these insensitive and offensive photos.

  55. skipper says:

    The second picture actually made me gag on my lunch.

  56. Bess says:

    I’m sure “Uncle Terry” isn’t wearing any pants when he takes these photos, so we know what he gets out of doing these shots.

    Lohan is another matter. If she still wants to rehabilitate her image, these photos aren’t the way to go.

  57. Fashion Spy says:

    Yikes! Cracken is wacken … She looks even more haggard than usual. I don’t love Creepy Uncle Terry but his style of hyper-white lighting effect has a complimentary effect of the skin, no such luck here – blegh!

  58. RN says:

    She’s already dead inside. The cessation of her bodily functions is just a mere formality at this point. Looking at her eyes is painful.

  59. some bitch says:

    Liquor bottles all over the bedside table, mmm mmm mmm. Crackenlicious.

  60. I think it is tragic to watch the continuing train wreck that is LL. She is on a course of self-destruction that will not end until she has followed in the footsteps of her idol Marilyn Monroe. The thing is, it is just so sad to watch and that many people take advantage of documenting and encouraging her fall is the height of exploitation. What’s happening to LL is a tragedy that Terry Richardson is documenting and releasing the photos and is not artistic but commercialism in the worst way.

  61. NeNe says:

    I think she looks like complete sh*t!!!!!

  62. G says:

    I predict Honig will come out with a statement, in a bit, that says these are photos of her prepping for her role in Canyons and everyone is stupid to be concerned.

  63. thetruthhurts says:

    Isn’t being in possession of a firearm violating one of her many probations? She looks HORRID.

  64. Hmmm says:

    Is Terry Richardson supposed to be talented? :scratching head:

  65. Jaxx says:

    I don’t even feel sorry for her anymore. She may be surrounded with enablers but she does have a working brain and also has the resources to get help. She chooses not to. So I’m not wasting my pity.

  66. skuddles says:

    Gawd, she looks messed and rough beyond belief. Thought Richardson was busy running away from Lilo? Guess he figured she was good for another roll or two…

  67. NerdMomma says:

    This is the first Lohan post to ever bum me out. She always looks totally unaware and unfeeling, and here for the first time it looks like some real emotion is in her eyes. This is really sad.

    Not just for this, but for everything he is and does, Terry Richardson should be an absolute outcast. I CANNOT understand why people embrace Woody Allen, Roman Polanski, and this guy. If they ever made it to prison they’d be beaten to death on their first day, but celebrities just can’t wait to work with them and support them.

  68. Bec says:

    She shows all the signs of the victim of sexual abuse as a child – Terry Richardson being the biggest sign. He is a sexual predator masquerading as photographer. Former victims of sexual abuse are forever drawn to people like him when they grow up. They are also drawn to her kind of self-destruction.

    Child actors are often the victims of sexual abuse because they spend an inordinate amount of time ALONE with adults and tend to have parents that neglect them or even pimp them out – totally Dina Lohan’s style.

  69. Jovia says:

    Oh, Lord. That upper lip of hers has turned into a permanent sneer. Is it just me or does anyone else see Lohan channeling Stacy Keach (and not in a good way)?

  70. LeeLoo says:

    These photos bare an insult to anyone who has lost a loved one to a gun suicide. But of course, Crackie ain’t thinking that far ahead. She and Terry deserve one another.

  71. Hm says:

    Eh, they’re both selling a dirty-but-vulnerable, outlaw glamour intentionally – Lindsay’s playing it up and she really loves those lips.

  72. crazycatlady says:

    Keep in mind folks, just because these have gone public today doesn’t mean they were taken yesterday. We don’t know when they were actually taken. Because yes, as some have pointed out, she doesn’t look as puffy in these as she did in those on-set shots yesterday.

    Timing aside – I think Richardson is smart. He’s going to have had the last photo spreads of her when she kicks the bucket. Cha ching, cha ching.

  73. Carolyn says:

    Words fail me. Except to say Terry is a cockroach. Vile. With you all in everything else you’ve already said.

  74. Emily says:

    A gun is always loaded. You do not play with a gun, because a gun is always loaded, especially when you think it’s not. And whether that’s a real working gun or not, it looks like one. This isn’t “edgy”, it’s irresponsible, disrespectful, and idiotic to the nth power.

    Terry Richardson is an ugly, creepy bag of misogyny. Strip a woman of her clothes and then get her to act like she’s abused/abusing herself/killing herself. Hatred porn. This is the kind of person Lindsay surrounds herself with. They both need to fade into complete obscurity as of about ten years ago.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      THIS^^^Anyone with any type of training/knowledge of how to handle a gun knows you NEVER point a gun at ANYTHING or ANYONE if you don’t intend to pull the trigger and do gross bodily harm/kill it/them. A gun is ALWAYS to be handled as if it’s loaded and the safety’s off.

  75. boo says:

    Wow, how edgy (insert eye roll), same shit different day. I’d be much more surprised if she washed herself and took off all the gritty makeup and sat up straight once in a while, instead of always rolling in sheets and looking skanky. It’s been getting really old and is now in pathetic territory.

  76. Lisa says:

    Richardson: Gross.

    Lohan: Sad.

  77. mayamae says:

    For those in the photo know – is this guy so good at his craft that he has steady work in spite of his perv reputation?

  78. butch says:

    Back in 2007 she had someone styling her and I use to think ‘Wow. This girl has really amazing outfits’. Her clothes were fantastic and the reason I’d click on her postings. She’s going to cross into Courtney Love territory way before even Courtney crossed that line, and I don’t mean drugs etc. I mean having real mental illness and surrounded by strangers. I still have hope she’ll find her way back to that stylish closet far from the Chateau.

  79. dj says:

    I made a mistake by clicking on those pictures. I accidentally made them huge. Dear Lord…she has words tattooed seemingly everywhere. I don’t have anything against tattoos just that it seems unbalanced. She even has “shhhh” on the inside of one of her index fingers. Up the meds please and take away the tattoo person. That is all.

  80. the original bellaluna says:

    THIS JUST IN! Blohan has settled with her 2007 car-jacking victims! (No, terms of settlement were not discussed.)

  81. alexis says:

    He’s only doing it as an investment incase they are worth more posthumously…after *her death, not his, I should say.

  82. TG says:

    Posing with a gun is so unoriginal.

  83. d says:

    AGAIN with fingers by/in the mouth. I agree that TR is getting the goods so he’ll have the last photos of LL in case somethng happens to her.

    I don’t think LL really understands what it means to take care of herself. because she clearly doesn’t.

  84. Aud says:

    I don’t find photographs with cigarettes glamorous.
    She looks tired for her age. Like she’s a bloated alcoholic Hollywood Norma Desmond type of parody – except without any talent to speak of.

  85. GirlyGirl says:

    It’s completely uncool.

    She’s just not cool anymore, she’s more disgusting

  86. Kiyoshigirl says:

    Terry Richardson is a creep. The only reason he gained any fame in Hollywood is because he has been supported by other creeps. The Lohan is so stupid she thinks she working with an innovative artist. She’s working with a perv. This photo shoot is nothing but a few clicks of the camera after the two of them finished their cracked up romp in bed.

  87. ViloDeMenus says:

    She poses for Richardson because no one else wants her anymore and she thinks it keeps her relevant, modeling. It makes her feel like she’s famous. Famous people get their photos taken, lots of them even get paid, but that ship sailed for her a while ago.

    It’s about needing to feel like a desirable celebrity, that ended for her, but Terry knows her and will have a cache of photos when the end comes that he can exploit. She gets what she wants and needs now, he’ll get a payday or 70 after she’s gone. I guess for her it’s a win/win, at this point in her “career”.

  88. GreenTurtle says:

    I don’t think they’re trying to be “edgy” per se, I think they’re actually mocking the public’s perception of Blohan as being on the fast track to self-destruction/suicide. Cheap, tasteless stunt nonetheless, but I think that’s the reason for the gun pics. The rest is just vintage Uncle Terry crap. Sad girl with cigarette in mouth- endless imitation of one side if Juergen Teller.

  89. jwoolman says:

    She has that same sad lost little child hooker look as in the previous batch of photos. I’d wonder about pedophilia if a guy really did find these shots “sexy”. The suicidal gun photos were especially disturbing. What is going on with her? Is she just that compliant, obediently doing whatever a perv with a camera tells her to do? Or are these shots her idea?

  90. Skinnybetch says:

    Too sad for words. . .

  91. sarahtonin says:

    Attention seeking whore will do literally anything for publicity. She knew this will get people all worked up about the message, not to mention question her mental health.

    We are all suckers for perpetuating the hype. I’m not playing along anymore. She’s f@cked in the head.