Kelly Preston & John Travolta are in “Scientology marriage counseling”

Kelly Preston and John Travolta
This story just makes me sad. We know that Kelly Preston has been drinking the Kool Aid for decades, that she buys into her fauxmage with John Travlota like she buys into niacin, saunas, and electrified tin cans as cure alls for every independent thought that ails her. We just saw her hanging all over Travolta at his recent film premiere in an obvious, awkward show of solidarity. So is it surprising that Kelly and John are turning to Scientology marriage counseling in an attempt to save their relationship? Since Scientology fixes everything once you give them all your cash and free will. They’re also supposedly trying for another baby, because babies fix everything. Here’s the story:

Kelly Preston and John Travolta

“Kelly has called off divorce proceedings for the time being after John agreed to follow her rules,” a family friend told The Enquirer.

“With the disgrace she’s endured over his sex antics, the bottom line is that Kelly is worried a divorce right now would mean even more humiliation for her and the kids.”

The “Jerry Maguire” beauty is most insistent that the couple give their children – 19 month-old son Ben, and daughter Ella Bleu, 12 – another sibling, insiders say…

On the advice of Kelly’s closest pal and fellow Scientologist, Kirstie Alley, the two have also reimmersed themselves in intensive church counseling.

“Scientology therapy worked for them in the past, so Kelly is hoping it holds the key to saving them again,” the source explained…

“Kelly is willing to forgive but not forget, and she has demanded that John recommit himself to her and their family life.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, July 9, 2012]

I can see Kelly doing this. It takes a certain kind of person to stick with a man after he’s been accused of sexual assault by over a handful of men. But somehow I was hoping that Travolta was being so reckless and cruel because he wanted to get caught, and he wanted out of COS. Once he outs himself, the cult loses whatever leverage they had over him by knowing his deepest secrets. I don’t care about Travolta at all, he’s just an abusive creep to me after what we’ve heard. Still it looks like hes been deliberately sabotaging himself, and it would be nice to see the cult lose another high profile member. He’s never going to write a letter denouncing Scientology like Paul Haggis, though. He’s in too deep.

As for the part about how Kelly wants another baby, I don’t see that happening for her again at 49. They can always adopt, like Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. Draw your own conclusions from that.

Also, I have to mention this blind item, which you can read over at DListed. I don’t put a lot of stock in blind items, but it’s possible that Kelly is getting some on the side too and that’s why she doesn’t care. If so, good for her I guess.

Kelly Preston and John Travolta

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  1. Launicaangelina says:

    Wow… I just got second-hand embarassment for them after looking at those pictures. AWKWARD! I like the theory that Travolta is trying to sabotage himself, very interesting.

    • Lindy says:

      Second-hand embarrassment–that’s the PERFECT description for the cringey feeling I get every time I see pictures of these two pretending to be in love and all over each other.

    • JenD says:

      What’s weirder is that in the second picture it looks like she’s looking at the camera, like she’s making sure someone captures the “loving” moment.

  2. neelyo says:

    The first image I had upon reading that headline was Kelly beating Travolta with a bag of oranges while the rest of Zenu’s followers watched.

  3. D1 says:

    “Scientology marriage counseling” = getting kidnapped in the middle of the night, having your eyelids pried apart with a contraption on loan from the “A Clockwork Orange” set, and being forced to watch Scientology re-education films until you get with the program & accept Xenu as your personal savior.

  4. NerdMomma says:

    To me, all of the sexual harassment stories sound like a man used to getting his way and being surrounded by yes-people. A guy who has lost all awareness of what real life is like. So I think they’ll keep covering it up, paying people off, and he’ll keep behaving like a jackass. It would be sooooo much more fun if he got out and went through some non-CO$ therapy and wrote a tell-all book though!!

  5. MBGB says:

    There’s not enough money or fame in the world to make me debase myself by staying with a man whose into dudes. And not that there’s anything wrong with being into dudes, but in Travolta’s case, it ain’t about love, it’s about exploiting vulnerable people for his own base gratification.

    And any woman who thinks she’s “protecting” her kids by staying with an abusive jerk like Travolta is every bit as guilty as he is for the extent to which they are ultimately screwed up.

    Nice lesson for your daughter, Kelly. “Honey, it’s okay for a man to humiliate and degrade you as long as you have nice dresses and jewelry and plenty of people to take your picture.”

    • Veruca says:

      The mother of the year move for Kelly still can’t be topped by pretending your disabled child doesn’t exist.

      Not to sound rude, but I really wonder why Charlie shot her.

  6. corny says:

    counseling? I wonder if massages are included?

  7. Lizzie K says:

    Is this supposed to make it better? A man who’s into sexual assault on other men because he can’t own his sexuality, a woman so lacking in self-respect that she’s played his beard for years, a faux marriage that’s a grotesque travesty of the institution … and it’s all going to get better because they’re going for more brainwashing sessions from a cult built on the idea that we’re all infested with dead aliens.

    Yeah, that’ll help.

  8. the original bellaluna says:

    I don’t think such a thing exists. CO$ is just worried about their prized pigs and not losing face.

  9. marie says:

    gross, give up already and end it. CO$ doesn’t work, just admit it..

    And in the second to last picture she looks like she’s pushing herself as far away from the peen as possible..

  10. Ari says:

    Ya’ll are torturing us with those gross a$$ pics of them kissing :L I was eating LOL anyway they need a divorce.

  11. Sonia says:

    “With the disgrace she’s endured over his sex antics, the bottom line is that Kelly is worried a divorce right now would mean even more humiliation for her and the kids.”—-How about showing some pride in yourself and be a good mama, and get the heck out of there! Seems more humiliating to stay with him at this point.

  12. julie says:

    He has already made financial settlements in the past and is in talks now to make another financial settlement with one of his accusers. What does that say? So why all this phony PDA? I think the whole world knows he’s gay by now – and who really cares? So I do not understand all this pretense to cover it up. Their red carpet appearance the other day was so ridiculously set up that I was embarassed watching it. I’m not sure I understand the “humiliation” in splitting at this point. They look ridiculous.

    • original lucy says:

      seriously…I was waiting for the pictures of him throwing her down on the red carpet, and then dry humping her…and I don’t care how much money this dude has…that face, that body, that (I don’t know what to call it) hair?…that skanky vibe…there is not enough money in the world that would get me to “massage” that!

    • olcranky says:

      phony PDA doesn’t even beging to describe this. The kiss between Al & Tipper Gore was less embarrassing and the one between Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley seemed more indicative of a real relationship than this one does (and Preston & Travolta are actors)

  13. Shelly says:

    She looks amazing for 49, and she doesn’t appear to have any obvious work done.

  14. Alexa says:

    Probably not the brightest remark, nevertheless: “Does anyone else remember when John Travolta was smokin’ HOT?!” Boy those days seem long, LONG gone.

    • ZigZagZoey says:

      I know! Like a zillion years ago!

    • bessy says:

      right?!! it’s one thing to lose your hair and cover it up w/ a TERRIBLE rug, but man alive his face is looking crazy bad these days. i would love to know what he would look like at this age sans all that surgery/primping

  15. sarahtonin says:

    For actors they are both terrible at faking love scenes.

  16. Nanea says:

    The CO$ is against everything that sounds remotely like psychology.

    Why would they offer counseling then? Or is that just blackmail with a fancy label stuck onto it, making sure those two know their limits, and what awaits them if they cross the line?

  17. Izzy says:

    I hope the counseling includes kissing lessons. He looks like a puffer fish with collagen lips.

  18. erika says:

    you know what the real cover up is in this story?

    that AWFUL spray on cover your grey junk Trav is putting all over his head!!! GROSS!!!

    come on! this is no Loreal cover your grey in 5 minutes this is full on jet black/black gold hair spray!!!

    He reminds me of that scene with Jason Alexander and Jack Black in Shallow Hal, where Jason’s head starts dripping in black hairspray! sooo gross!!!

  19. Dredz says:

    What’s that like? More brainwashing or threats?

  20. di says:

    If CO$ can make someone change “teams”, they are in the right place and have PLENTY of people to work on!!!!!!!!!!!