People: Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise are divorcing after 5 years of marriage (updates)

OMG. OH. MY. GOD. I’m actually stunned. Truly. We joke a lot about Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise and their contracts and contractual negotiations and one of them being an unhinged midge, but SRSLY I can’t believe this is happening. TomKat is over. OVER.

After five years of marriage, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are getting a divorce, PEOPLE has learned exclusively.

“This is a personal and private matter for Katie and her family,” says Holmes’s attorney Jonathan Wolfe. “Katie’s primary concern remains, as it always has been, her daughter’s best interest.”

The Rock of Ages star, 49, wed actress Holmes, 33, in an Italian castle in November 2006. They have daughter Suri, 6.

This was Holmes’s first marriage and the third for Cruise, who previously was married to the actresses Nicole Kidman, with whom he has two children, and Mimi Rogers.

[From People]

Bedhead was just talking about how Tom and Katie have been spending more and more time apart, and now this. Over the past year – especially over the past six months – there has definitely been a noticeable dip in joint public appearances by Tom and Katie. They really do seem to have been living separate lives for a while. It’s sad. It’s sad for Suri and it’s sad for Tom and for Katie. But I have high hopes that Katie finally stood up for herself and refused to be audited one more time. Don’t you?

UPDATE: TMZ got a statement from Katie’s lawyer, Jonathan Wolfe: “This is a personal and private matter for Katie and her family. Katie’s primary concern remains, as it always has been, her daughter’s best interest.” Katie’s dad is a divorce lawyer too, and it’s believed that Tom and Katie did have a pre-nup.

UPDATE (From Bedhead): This divorce is going to get ugly, but it’s for a good cause; that is, the liberation of Suri from Scientology’s clutches. TMZ reports that Tom was “blindsided” by the divorce filing, and (more importantly) Katie has filed for sole custody of Suri:

Katie Holmes is the one who filed for divorce and Tom Cruise was “blindsided” by Katie’s legal move … TMZ has learned.

We know Katie filed the divorce docs in New York on June 28, citing “irreconcilable differences.” She is asking for sole legal custody and “primary residential custody” of the couple’s 6-year-old daughter, Suri.

We also know Katie is asking for a “suitable amount” of child support.

Katie also asks for a division of property in her divorce docs, although we know there was a significant prenup that is based on California law. Katie makes no mention of the prenup in her filing.

We’re told Tom “did not see this coming.” We’re told there is some “nastiness” here, evidenced by Katie’s move to get sole legal custody.

Obviously, Katie saw what happened to Nicole’s relationship with Isabella and Connor after divorcing Tom, and she’s going to do anything in her power to prevent history from repeating itself. Good for Katie! I didn’t know she had it in her.

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  1. Jess says:

    Holy crud – I’m really shocked too, although I don’t know why. Poor Suri. And poor Katie. I hope this doesn’t mean that she loses Suri.

    • bns says:

      Another shocked one over here. Didn’t think the contract would be up for at least another 3 years. And I’m also curious about who gets Suri since Tom wants his kids raised as Scientologists and all…

      • Rhea says:

        I’m shocked, too. I thought it would be Tom who would filled for a divorce in the end! And I certainly thought their deal would be more longer than 5 years.

        Tom would fight back. But his position at the moment is much weaker than when he and Nicole Kidman was split up. Back then he was still the number one in the Hollywood. This is going to be a nasty fight. Hope he doesn’t take Suri away from her.

        Also, this news just pushed Johnny Depp off the front page of everything so I think Depp would use it to lay low after the backlash of his team stupid split strategy (a.k.a blame it all on VP).

      • gg says:

        “Katie’s dad is a divorce lawyer”. This made me smile really, really big. This is why this might turn out okay for Katie and Suri. Because without that, they’re screwed.

      • Melissa says:

        I don’t know why everyone is like “poor Katie”. She knew what she was getting into. It wasn’t like he wasn’t a scientologist for 20 years before they even started dating. Fact is, she married him and chose to have his child. She isn’t a victim.

      • Liv says:

        Rhea, that’s what I thought! Johnny Depp must be very happy now ;-)

      • Vesper says:

        There is no way Tom is going to get sole custody of Suri. Katie is in a much stronger position than Nicole was. Katie and Suri have been attached at the hip since Suri was a baby, and since the filming of Rock of Ages, Tom seems to have spent more and more time on location filming. Katie has always been the primary caregiver. No court is going to take a child away from a primary caregiver without a really good reaason. And, while Scientology, like any other cult, can gain control over their members, not so much with members who have money or are in the spotlight.

        And why blame the cult alone? Tom is a control freak who loves to micromanage everybody. Does he have any genuine friendships/relationships with anyone other than his mom and sisters? He doesn’t even seem to be that close to his older kids. It’s no wonder Katie is going for sole custody. Also, they have obviously been having problems for while, and when it came down to choice, Tom seemed to have had no problem going off to film and leaving Katie and Suri behind. He himself has said he works all the time. Can u imagine being married to that?

        I think this is a positive thing – for Katie, and most definitely for Suri. I hope Tom will finally get what he deserves. No empathy from me after seeing how he kept Connor and Isabelle away from their mother.

    • Samigirl says:

      That’s what I was thinking. I really, REALLY hope he doesn’t play dirty and take Suri away from her. For all their craziness, she sure does seem to love her daughter, and we all know she will never have a good life with all that CO$ malarky!

    • bns says:

      Guesses for the next beard?

      • Agnes says:

        i guess the auditions will be held soon.

        good for katie. i hope scientologists don’t keep her kid away from her.

      • Amelia says:

        I could see Tom wriggling into Julianne Hough’s life as the next beard. Young, doesn’t seem overly savvy/streetwise, fairly sheltered upbringing. And have you heard the way she talks about him in interviews? She’s not putting him on a pedestal – more like building a bloody temple to him.
        I just – wow. Although not wow. I guess a divorce was kind of expected to happen some time in the long run, but still. Hope she doesn’t get shoved out of Suri’s life. I reckon Katie’s Dad will probably be a force to be reckoned with.
        Edit – Also, when we mention all this contract stuff – is this referring to a literal monetary context or just taking the p*ss out of Scientology? Because I haven’t a clue what to be thinking about this cult anymore.

      • Fritzi Schnitzer says:

        Amber Heard

      • Sonia says:

        the next beard will be KELLY PRESTON because John Travolta isn’t as into CO$ as she is.

      • GlitterSha says:


      • Chris: now with 10% less negativity says:

        Mila Kunis.

      • polk8dot says:

        1. Olivia Wilde – this fame’ho is so desperate and completely nutso, she’d be kissing the ground he walks on.

        2. Elisabetta Canalis – same deal as above, but with a few extra exclamation points!!!!!

        3. Blake Lively – well, AGAIN, same as above.

        If he zeroes in on Julianne Hough, I’d feel really sorry for her. Hopefully Seacrest can snag her first – at least as HIS beard she won’t have to live in the constant shadow of CO$.

        I have a feeling thought that with his 50th birthday coming in a few days, Tommy-girl Tommina will finally now decide to remain ‘broken-heartedly single’ and milk the Katie ‘blindside’ angle forever, using it as an excuse for not engaging into any more public relationships.
        His private ones will finally not have to worry about sharing time and attention with some fame’ho star wannabe.

      • Liv says:

        Blake Lively? Oh my god, that’d be so funny!

        Okay, I say January Jones ;-)

      • Amy says:

        Olivia Munn gets my vote. Get her away from my Joel Kinnaman (if they’re even still an item).

      • the original kate says:

        judging by tom’s last 2 marriages whoever his next beard is she will have to be young, guillable, wholesome and not that well known.

      • Bobby sue says:

        I think, more importantly, who will Katie’s real love be after all this? I hope she meets a wonderful guy and experiences joyous bliss. She has looked on the brink recently…really really unhappy.

      • sarahtonin says:

        Lindsay Lohan.

        Tommygirl brags that he’s cured heaps of people of addiction so perhaps they can fall in love at Narcanon meetings.

    • Angelina says:

      I don’t believe in heterosexual love anymore. Why God? Why?

    • deep says:

      @Jess I don’t think Kate will let go of Suri…He WILL have a fight on his hands. Actually, I think Scientology is the problem now. Suri is school age and I’m sure Tom is ready to send her to the Scientology institute and Kate is having non of it. He took his older kids away from Nicole. But, I think Kate will fight and I don’t think he’ll get Suri. I believe they will have joint custody when it is all said and done. And, I don’t think Kate is going to bring Suri up a COS either.

      • holly hobby says:

        All Katie’s attys can point out is the ridiculous tenets of Sci (permissively parenting, no formal schooling etc.) and Tom will be ruled unfit for custody.

        You know he’s a whackadoodle.

      • Jag says:

        And they could ask for a psyche evaluation of Tom, which would probably end in a diagnosis of bipolar. Untreated bipolar isn’t looked on very highly, depending on the judge, so that would be a way to keep him away from Suri. Since Co$ doesn’t believe in medicating mental differences and all. (I’m bipolar.)

    • Tansey says:

      Oh God, PLEASE let Katie keep Suri. It’s not even just because I’m scared for that little girl and that the “church” will brainwash her against her mother, but it’s also because Katie will be devastated if her child is taken from her. Suri belongs with her mentally stable parent, and that’s Katie.

      • deep says:

        @Tansey..Kate WILL fight for Suri. No doubt about it. At the most Tom will get joint custody. I do not believe this will be a replay of his older kids. He took those children away from Nicole. I don’t know what the deal was. But, Nicole didn’t fight. There has to be a reason for that. What mother doesn’t fight for her children? I believe Nicole loves her older children…but something wasn’t right about that. What was it..we’ll never know

      • Belle says:

        @ deep… I firmly believe that the Co$ uses the massive amounts of ‘auditing’ they have on their members to threaten and intimidate in order to get what they want. So would Nicole give up her kids because she was worried about info she had given up during those auditing sessions? Doubtful… but what if there are serious threats to smear and destroy her character to the point where she wouldn’t get custody… or worse, what if threats are made regarding the children themselves? For someone in the church, who has seen the nasty way they go about this and the tactics they use to get what they want, I’m sure it is very real, very serious and very scary.

      • TheOriginalTiffany says:

        TMZ now reporting she blindsided Tom and is asking for FULL custody!

        Salacious gossip day! This is going to be messy.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        OTiff – What worries me is she went for sole LEGAL custody (SOLE control over child’s healthcare, religious, educational upbringing) and joint PHYSICAL.

        That says a lot to me, and in Cali (where the pre-nup is on-file) it’s a rare thing to be granted. (Much more likely is a “sole physical/joint legal” ruling.)

      • mary simon says:

        I don’t know about Katie being the emotionally stable parent – but she has to be better than Tom, and her family will help. She’s seemed so depressed and broken down for a long time. I think her parents finally took charge and are fighting to save their daughter and grand daughter. This is really serious.

      • TheOriginalTiffany says:

        @bells, that’s what has me thinking it’s going to get dirty.

        That’s a big thing to go after in Cali. HLN is foaming at the mouth, NO ONE in the news will say the words, Scientology. At least not yet.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        OTiff – If this doesn’t get nasty, that will surprise me. (Some of our co-CB’ers aren’t from Cali and don’t get what a big thing this is.)

      • L says:

        @the original bellaluna She filed in NY, so I wonder if the laws in that state would apply as opposed to CA? Thoughts?

      • the original bellaluna says:

        L – I know the pre-nup is on record in Cali, and they had a family residence in Cali, so I’m not sure if NY could negate or “over-rule” that or not. They could rule to return the case to Cali, or a NY judgement in Katie’s favour could be attempted to be over-turned in CA family court.

        I do think there’s a reason she filed in NY, but I’ve never lived there, so I don’t know their stuff like I do Cali’s.

      • Maguita says:

        ^I believe it was easier for her to file more anonymously than in Cali. And how child custody could be affected.

        (I know I’ve said my by-byes for the weekend, but I just can’t leave!!!!)

      • deep says:

        @Belle I’ll tell you what..they’d have to do an awful lot to get my kid away from me. It’s obvious Nicole was frightened. But, I can almost guarantee you that Kate will fight for her child. I don’t think Tom wins this time. At the most I’d bet he’ll only get joint. And, that’s at the most. Kate pretty much takes Suri with her everywhere she goes…day or night. And, I am sure they are very close. We’ll just have to sit back and see how this plays out. And, I have no doubt it’s going to get ugly. At least she’s letting Tom know right out of the gate that she’s going to fight for Suri. Good for her.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        deep- Oh, I agree. They’d have to pry my child out of my cold dead arms (I wouldn’t hurt him; he’d be fine) to keep me away from him. (That’s been my motto for 22 years of parenthood, btw, with all 3 of them.)

        I’m sure Katie will fight; I’m just not sure how it will turn out for her and Suri, but I am hopeful for them both.

    • stop the madness says:

      I’m shocked because I didn’t think he’d ever let her go. Wow, I hope they don’t take her daughter.

      • Colu says:

        I hope EVERYTHING comes out in this divorce! Way to start a scandalous summer!

      • Kevin says:

        It’s Katie’s turn to jump on the couch now. I hate how he ruined her. Hopefully she will bounce back.

    • Nadinek says:

      Errr well i can’t wait for Tom to Fall in love with another robot and do the whole batshit crazy jumping on couches again!!

    • thetruthhurts says:

      There is NO WAY Katie will lose Suri. It’s not the same as with Tom and Nicole AT ALL.

      • gg says:

        ^^ right on!

        The plaintiff always goes for full custody, but I do think they’ll wind up with joint custody. Either way it means Katie will not “lose” her daughter. I hope she fights to keep her out of Co$ school.

      • Belle says:

        @gg… unfortunately, even with shared custody, I think Katie could very well still ‘lose’ Suri. Depends on how much damage Tom could do with cult crap during his time with Suri… my guess is plenty.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        gg – This is an example of only two aspects of a child custody case: the filing parent requests “sole” for both physical AND legal, then “settles” for “sole” on legal and “joint” on physical or joint on both (to make them appear the more “reasonable” party); or the filing parents requests “sole” for one or the other, but acquiesces on the other (also in a bid to look reasonable).

        All of this goes out the window A) unless a “mutually agreeable schedule of visitation and holidays” is not presented at time of filing; or B) if FCS (Family Court Services) gets involved and recommends an alternative custody and visitation arrangement.

        And we’re talking sorting down to the short and curlies: EVERY holiday, three day weekend, summer vacation, Christmas vacation, Thanksgiving vacation, and holidays you may not even be aware existed; on alternate years.

      • Jaxx says:

        I’m not saying that Nicole didn’t love her children but I think she loved her career more. I do think they had stuff on her from auditing that she did not want to come out. She got some really big roles after the divorce, I imagine those were dangled in front of her to shut her up. It worked. I do think she thought the kids were old enough to fight to see her, despite her being deemed SP. That part didn’t work out so well for her. People often say she just abandoned her kids. I think it works both ways. Them calling Katie Mom was rude and hurtful.

        Katie, on the other hand, would ditch her career, such as it is, in a heartbeat if custody is on the line. And what could they really have on her anyway? Katie has lived a pretty modest life. I think she’ll fight to her last breath to keep Suri out of Sci-bot school etc. The biggest problem is going to be Suri. I have a feeling that Suri is a Daddy’ girl, especially since Tom gives her anything she wants and Katie attempts to discipline her. She’s going to have her hands full trying to undo the damage that cult has done.

      • Alexis says:

        Yeah, I don’t think Tom will be able to shut Suri out of Katie’s life, or even get primary custody. After what went down with Nicole Kidman, people have their eyes on the custody situation here. Also, rather unfairly, in the media adopted children are sometimes assumed to be less important to the parents — even though any person with an adopted family member could tell you that’s anything but true.

        I don’t even know if Tom’s older kids are even adopted, to be honest, or if that they aren’t inter-familial adoptions. His son and him look like blood relatives – similar facial features, both short, etc. I can’t comment on his older daughter’s appearance because I’ve never seen her, but the whole situation is a little odd.

    • iseepinkelefants says:

      He wouldn’t be able to get away with taking her. Everyone knows how he achieved custody last time (or at least an inkling of why). Katie should thank Nicole for that.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        I hope you’re right! And Katie should ABSOLUTELY thank Nicole, in who’s footsteps she’s walking, for paving the way. (It may not have been the best way, but it was likely the only way.)

    • deep says:

      I firmly believe that Tom will not win this time. I truly believe that all Tom’s going to get this time is maybe joint custody. I do not think he will be the primary parent to Suri. These CO$ people play dirty but I think Kate is up for the fight.

      • flan says:

        Plus we are ten years further, with far more stories of creepy CoS stories. We can thank the internet for more openness.

        They can not do all their horrible stuff to Katie without it reflecting back hard on themselves. Germany really had the right idea by banning them.

    • stellalovejoydiver says:

      2 days ago I read in German Grazia that Katie Holmes starts to look great and happy again, the outfits were really bright and she seemed happy. The first thing I was thinking is that she finally made the decision to file for divorce.

  2. dorothy says:

    I guess the contract was not renewed. Don’t blame her. He’s a Scientology nut. I wouldn’t want my child involved in that crazineww either.

    • Erinn says:

      She knew that going in though. It wasn’t like she HAD to have a kid (unless in her contract) if she didn’t want the kid in that situation.

      • deep says:

        Errinn he swept her off her feet at first..she didn’t know what hit her. He laid it on hot and heavy. She was young and he held all the cards. He gave her wealth and fame beyond her wildest dreams. By fame I meant she was the wife of (at the time) an A list movie star. Well, now that she has to live with the crazy everyday all day she has finally come to her senses. I do feel bad for them all. Divorce is hard on the kids. So, I mostly feel for Suri. I wish they could have worked it out. It’s always sad when people divorce..unless some sort of abuse is involved. If Tom could or would have just toned down the crazy, maybe it would have worked. but, once he fired his publicist and put his sister in that position..the real Tom came out. And, it’s been down hill for him ever since.

        And, one more thing..I think COS has a lot to do with this. Suri is now school age and I believe that Kate is saying a big NOH to sending Suri to the COS institute. She is Catholic and I don’t think she likes COS. Just like Nicole didn’t like it. But, he took Nicole’s kids…don’t believe that he’ll get Suri. Kate will fight

      • ZenB!tch says:

        She was already pregnant. The big rumor back then was that it was Chris Klein’s kid and he dumped her. As a more or less devout Catholic she was between a rock and a hard place and basically agreed to Tom’s contract to make Suri legitimate. There was something wonky at the end of her pregnancy like it was extended after she gave birth. She went from being pregnant to looking like an 11 months pregnant Beyonce. After that they didn’t show Suri to the magazines until the 2-3 month age difference wouldn’t show in her photos.

        In short – Katie was desperate and while pregnant she was not a mom yet. Mom’s feel differently or so I’m told. I bet Katie’s been plotting to get out since the real day Suri was born.

      • Kate says:

        That makes NO sense Zen Bitch. Suri was born 12 months after Tom & Katie got together. To have known she was pregnant and have time to develop a plan B, Katie would have had to be probably 2 months pregnant when they got together. No way Suri was 5 months older than they said. Nor did Katie disappear for a while in the middle of the pregnancy (to have a baby) – instead she was around and photographed throughout. And finally, Suri looks like Tom far more than Chris Klein!

    • NicoleKidman says:

      Hmmm gotta wonder what the Scientology Church thinks of this. Am I the only one who thinks that this isnt a routine “contract not renewed” situation? The timing for his cult is just so terribly off. First, all the drama with Travolta and now this?

      Also, I would have thought that with all the couch-hopping he would secured her contract for atleast 10 years — being true love and all that.

      • bns says:

        Idk why, but you’re name is making me laugh.

      • RocketMerry says:

        I agree, contract ending or not, I bet she has been plotting and gathering damaging info on Tom and the Co$ for the better part of a year… and saw this opportunity coming! Good girl.
        This, with all the allegations she can make on Tom and all that she has witnessed in that crazy cult… she can be the final nail in the coffin for the Co$.

        Also, if Suri is not, as some say, Tom’s daughter, all she needs to do is ask for a DNA test and discredit Tom even more!
        She has been smart about timing and I can’t wait for all the goodies she has to share with us. Go Katie! :)

    • mia girl says:

      Im happy for her but my theory is that he didn’t want their contract renewed either. He entered this marriage on a career downswing and this marriage was supposed to help him with public perception, and that sort of backfired with his crazy antics. Now that his career is back in full swing, at this point this “marriage” is more a pr hindrance than a help to him.

      It’s a shame because Katie had some career potential until she got sucked into this Sci sham of a marriage. Now she looks like a hollow shell of her former self.

      • julie says:

        That’s ridiculous. Someone who has just recently been telling all the tabloids how special his wife is and how much he loves her and how special their relationship is, is NOT someone who didn’t want the contract renewed. The man didn’t marry her because his career was at a low… he married her because he needs a beard. Besides, the couch-jumping thing set off the bad media, and he had already proposed. No, he wanted this, but the man is a psycho. Nicole Kidman said every day of her life consisted of being forced to sit down and write her goals and what she was going to do that day to achieve them. Some life.
        If the kid isn’t Tom’s she has no worries. If it is, she will have a fight on her hands but i think she will win in the end. She has a great support system – something I don’t think Nicole had.

      • Trashaddict says:

        I agree with mia girl. I don’t think he wanted to renew the contract either. I think he’s been saying nice things about her and acting like he was blindsided so he’ll look nicer when it all goes down, for the sympathy PR.

  3. Maguita says:

    The END of the contract!!!!

    Please let her keep Suri, truly hope she won’t be losing her kid like What happened with Nicole.

    Next up , John Travolta?? or Will and Jada Smith?

    • TheOriginalTiffany says:

      I’m scared for her about that. She will be declared an SP, so will Suri if she lives with Katie. If Tom gets her, good luck.

      Going to be very bad for Suri, OTOH, Katie is FREEEEEEE!

      • Maguita says:

        Someone mentioned that Katie’s dad is a great attorney.

        Hope these rumors of Tom and Katie during courtship were right. Remember when gossip was all about how a tough negotiator Katie’s father was when it came to her pre-nup??

      • Belle says:

        +1 While I’m shocked at this news… my initial reaction is HAPPY for Katie, and then immediately very worried about what will go down with custody of Suri. Is there any way that Katie can escape CO$ with Suri??

      • Rebecca says:

        Yep, I’m with Belle.

      • sarahtonin says:

        Yeah this is what sucks. Either Suri loses her mother or she loses her father, because anyone who leaves is SP. CO$ are such bastards.

      • polk8dot says:

        @ sarahtonin,
        Tommy will NEVER EVER allow Suri to be declared SP. If he has to, he will personally force CO$ into changing this specific point of their policy. After all, he’s not the High Priest 2nd in command for nothing.
        He invested too much time, too much money, too much PR, too much emotion into this child to just let her go and be ‘expunged’ out of his life by CO$.

        Though I’m not sure he loves Suri this much, he difinitely considers her his posession, his crowning glory, his ‘live golden statue’ and as such he will fight tooth and nail to keep control over her. Even if it requires standing up to CO$.

      • sarahtonin says:

        @polk8dot: No I mean that if Katie has to leave Suri with Tom, (like if she loses the custody battle because they divulge nasty e-meter secrets and ruin her), Katie will be declared SP and Suri won’t have contact with her, (or will choose not to because she gets brainwashed, like Nicole’s kids).

        If Katie leaves with Suri, K will be SP and Suri will be by default, leaving her estranged from her father.

        Even if you are right and his status means they bend the rules so the latter doesn’t happen, she will probably end up estranged from him anyway, because with distance from CO$ influence she will eventually realise what a nutjob he is when she’s old enough.

        Edit: But you are right, she is his prize possession, and for that reason he’s going to fight for her as fiercely as her mother will. It’s going to get ugly.

    • Maguita says:


      You need to get cracking on the martinis!!!

      Hold on to your goody-goody panties, for I’m about to get mean.

      I for one always believed that the cracken would overdose, or cause someone irreparable damage, BEFORE Tom Cruise would ever have another divorce under his belt.

      Thank God I’m not a betting woman!!

      • Genevieve says:

        Maquita, you and me BOTH!! WOW. Even with all the physical (and seemingly, emotional) distance between them, I never in a million years thought that Tommygirl and Co$ would let Katie go this soon.

        I guess all the photos of Katie looking like a homeless person since forever actually worked for her. I will always believe she was doing it intentionally to embarrass the midget. Hooray!! Katie is finally FREE!!!!

        So happy for the girl. She and Suri will be so much better off!

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Maguita! I’m here! These are my newly-minted Scientolo-tinis! (Just don’t ask what’s in ‘em, and don’t reveal too much after drinking ‘em!) ;)

        Hand to God, I’m floored by the press release, but not the content.

      • Maguita says:

        oh-uh, @Bellaluna, if those are Co$tinis, would I remember anything after a drink or two?

        Would I be jumping on Couches??

        Would I be fighting with Matt Lauer and calling him an arrogant fart?… Wait… I don’t need a drink for that. Matt Lauer IS an arrogant fart, and I will happily bash his head on that same couch.

        Would I suddenly believe in Aliens???

        Would I give up a BILLION years of my lifetime(or times???) just to sail freely-enslaved on a ship??

        Would I be saved by pirates?

        Can one of them be Jason Momoa?

        Obviously, I’ve been drinking too many Cracktinis. Delusions. Too many.

        What are the projected side-effects for the Co$Tini Bella???

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Maguita – Side-effects: unknown. Virtually untested. (But since I’ve had to type “virtually” 3 times before spelling it correctly, the CO$-tini is good stuff!)

        However, if you’re prone to A) smiling like a rabid squirrel (see Hammy, “Over the Fence”); B) jumping on couches; and/or C) an unnaturally high sense of “glibness”, PROCEED WITH CAUTION. :D

      • Maguita says:

        very, very cautiously, tasting a Co$tini.

        Oh, hey look, a couch!

        Have a great week-end everyone! Gotta go prepare for my girls’ night out and hot male-stripper movie!

      • GoodCapon says:

        Scientolo-tinis :D

    • jess says:

      Is there any proof that Tom is really Suri’s biological father? Ive always heard that he was shooting blanks and thats why him and Nicole adopted. Either way I think this going to be an ugly custody battle. Even though Katie looks like shes had the life sucked out of her she appears to be a very loving and devoted mother. If Tom cares for Suri he will let Katie have full custody of her and he have visitation rights.

      • Maguita says:

        That could be a double-edge sword. If DNA tests prove he’s not, there is always that coucou possibility that Suri is Ron L. Hubbard’s child…

        I do remember Mimi Rogers stating that Tom had admitted to shooting blanks because of a childhood sickness he had contracted.

        She had also admitted that Tom is gay also…

      • ZigZagZoey says:

        Not L Ron, Tommy Davis Scientology creep. I swear it has to be him!

      • Maguita says:

        ^Spooky guy!!

        I thought Suri could be William Mapother’s child. you know that guy from Lost, that no one is clear on whether or not he is Tom’s brother??? even when most state that Tom only has 3 sisters, but William Mapother is somehow related…

        That is, if Suri is not Chris Klein’s, or Josh Hartnett!

      • Zvonk says:

        Is “shooting blanks” a euphemism for not being able to get it up for a woman? If so, then yes, I think Tom is shooting blanks.

      • fairy godmother says:

        I thought Mapother(spell?) was his cousin.
        I cannot remember if TC said it or Mapother, but Mr. Shoelifts has only sisters no brothers.

      • fairy godmother says:

        Mimi Rogers said several years after the divorce that TC was unable to give her a baby.
        Mimi also had a baby with no problems when she was older than most -over 35 years old?
        So has Nicole which further supports TC’s inability to father a child.
        I hope Katie gets custody. She is 6 years old, should be with kids her own age. in a normal school, and not be coddled by being carried all the time.

      • Maguita says:

        @fairy godmother, I think you’re right! Mapother is Cruise’s cousin.

        He sure looks like Suri though. And he is Co$!

      • thetruthhurts says:

        She looks alot like him, not to mention, it is well known that Nicole had a miscarriage when they were married.

      • Belle says:

        Have to throw this out there again(;

        I still think Suri’s daddy is Joshua Jackson.

      • olcranky says:

        @thetruthhurts – Kidman was pregnant (but had not announced it) and miscarried either right before or right after Cruise filed for divorce. She announced the miscarriage after their divorce statement was made and, since it made him look bad, he made a comment that she knew why they were divorcing in a way that implied she was cheating on him/the baby wasn’t his and that’s why he filed for divorce.

        I wonder if the Travolta scandal has anything to do with Holmes having the guts to do this. Maybe she came to her senses and didn’t want for herself or her child to be humiliated like Preston (who stays because she’s more into C0$ than Travolta is). There are rumblings of others trying to break free so if Cruise and CO$ push Holmes too far, she may well end up spilling on the church and giving others the guts to be liberated

      • Janet says:

        @zvonk: “Shooting blanks” is a euphemism for a guy who is not able to impregnate a woman. In other words, a guy who is sterile. It doesn’t mean he can’t have sex with her but he won’t be able to get her pregnant.

    • Maguita says:


      WHERE IS @originalKitten??? She is missing on all the gossip juice! Get her furry ass here. If you please :D .

      • Amelia says:

        Maguita, where did you hear about the Mimi stuff? My interest has been piqued…
        Right, well, I’m off to crash the google server and find the Mimi quote.

      • TheOriginalTiffany says:

        OMG! You are right, where is OKWhen you need her. I’m not in contact.

        Wonder how many posts we get on this one? Reading the first post of the day on this I too was thinking of them phrasing it the way they did.

        Tom soothes Suri when she throws tantrums with mom, this is going to get nasty. I think they are both angling for custody.

      • Maguita says:

        Bluhare has said it not even 5 minutes before People broke the news on Bedhead’s post: That the wording leads us to think that Suri would rather be with her father!

        @Amelia, this would take more research, for you understand, some of things Mimi had stated after her bitter divorce from Tom, are hidden far-far away in Google land. When things have calmed down a bit, I’ll find you some links, because right now CB is going crazy with the multiple posts.

        Poor CB Ladies, and they thought they’ll be going away for the week-end.

        Here’s to you Ladies! Bellaluna did not crack the tinis in time, so I am serving an old gossip classic: The Cosmopolitan.


      • Mimi says:

        @Amelia, Mimi said something to the tune of “I need my engine revved up a little bit more than he was willing/able to do”. I’ll see if I can find it but I remember reading it (I was only a young teenager) and wondering what kind of crazy ass car she had. ;)

      • olcranky says:

        I thought Mimi eventually came out and said he told her he didn’t enjoy sex and wasn’t having sex with her

      • tina says:

        somewhere, Mimi said that Tom thought he was a monk and she needed more than that. lol.

    • curegirl0421 says:

      Oh she’ll get custody. All she has to do is threaten to spill the beans; you know she’s got dirt on him that would….well, not shock any of us really, but he’d still like to keep up appearances. I think, as a Catholic, she finally realized what Suri was getting into. No first communion for her, no confirmation… nothing. I’m not surprised by this, but I do hope it goes smoothly.

      • Maguita says:

        What surprises, as of this moment, Katie has the UPPER HAND!??

        Apparently, she’s the one who filed for divorce while Tom Cruise was naively filming in Iceland.

        Katie is asking for sole custody.

        As per Lainey, Katie had gone back to her publicist pre-TC, and is looking to replace all of her Co$-approved people!!

        I think she listened to her lawyer daddy really well, and had planned this perfectly.

  4. valleymiss says:

    The contract is over! Run Katiebot! Yay!

    I will be very curious to see what happens with custody of Suri.

    • Lizzie K says:

      I just hope Suri isn’t ruined already. She’s, what, 5 or 6 years old now? And they’ve treated her like a mini-adult from the day she was born, letting her make all her own decisions, ’cause CO$ teaches that fully mature beings inhabit baby bodies, and it’s an insult to try to tell them what to do.

      I don’t know what kind of kid you get after 5-6 years of that, but I’m betting it’s not good. Hope I’m wrong!

      • polk8dot says:

        Whatever the CO$ child-rearing beliefs may be, Suri is 6 now. That is OLD ENOUGH to already be spoiled rotten which, I’m sorry to say, she does appear to be. And if nothing else, it is NOT NORMAL for a 6yo to want to be carried by mummy or to allow her to carry you. So either way, there already seem to be some serious issues present. The way Suri is behaving and looking in some of the newest pics, it seems as though she too is in deep depression, but also giving Katie some serious attitude.
        She probably picked up on the weirdness of the mummy-daddy relationship long time ago, and like a lot of spoiled but intelligent kids, already chose where her loyalties lay, and it does not look to be with Katie.

  5. Aubra says:

    “Katie knows why this is happening”

    …bet she won’t get the Nicole Kidman treatment of quotes! LOL

  6. layla says:

    “But I have high hopes that Katie finally stood up for herself and refused to be audited one more time”

    Or… Katie just signed a “mini” contract and the contract date was reached.

    • lucy2 says:

      Yeah, I’m thinking that’s the more likely case. I figured they wouldn’t get to the 10 year mark, but am surprised they’re done so soon.

    • olcranky says:

      I can’t imagine this is the contract ending as planned since she’s asking for sole legal custody. She wants to get her kid out of CO$ before she’s as deep in as Bella & Connor were when Cruise and Kidman divorces. Holmes knows full well that’s how Kidman lost her kids

  7. brin says:

    I’m only surprised that they didn’t break the news at 6pm on a Friday (a la Lopez/Anthony).

    • olcranky says:

      I don’t think Holmes’ people want the press to miss this. Considering the church, the more the press and people pay attention, the better Holmes’ chances are. This isn’t bad/negative press for her

  8. Zaza says:

    yay Katie!!!!!

  9. neelyo says:

    Ah the old dump the story on a Friday afternoon trick. Pat Kingsley probably taught him that.

  10. sarahtonin says:

    The only surprise here is that they’ve admitted to it.

    • ZigZagZoey says:

      I know!
      I love your name.
      Anybody got any guesses of who his next victim will be?

      • sarahtonin says:

        Thank you :) I like it because people think it’s my real name, (The fu¢k, right?), so it is great for filling in forms on the internet.

        I wouldn’t have a clue who number 4 will be. Katie was so random, I’d have never guessed it in a million years. It’ll be someone trying to break into Hollywood, young, probably 25-30, very feminine, insecure, unsure of herself, and willing to sell her soul for fame, because everyone knows what the contract really involves. That’s all I got.

      • Jordan says:

        Julianne Hough…that will be her ultimatum to Ryan to put a ring on it.

      • sarahtonin says:

        Actually ZZZ, can I change my answer? This time, I want to read about Tommy and Johnny skipping through a field of flowers that David Miscavige planted for them rather than some random chick. They deserve each other in their old age.

      • ZigZagZoey says:

        Pity whoever it is!!!
        Instead of a couch ~ Hopefully he’ll jump off a building to show his love this time.
        Have a great weekend everyone!
        This is such a great site! ♥

      • OXA says:

        Rosie O’Donnell

      • sarahtonin says:

        @ZZZ: Bahahahaha @ jumping off a building. I’ll applaud that. Hope you have a great weekend too. But remember the day of gossip isn’t over yet. It’s Friday, so it means LieLie will leave work early and do something cracktastic for us to laugh at.

        @Jordan, Ryan is so much prettier than Julianne, so I’ll go for him as winning the next ‘best actress in a mini-series.’

        @Oxa: Rosie has probably already jumped on Oprah’s couch before so yeah, could work.

      • Fabgrrl says:

        Someone tall, no doubt.

      • pichounette says:

        Someone who isn’t “glib”.

  11. Eve says:

    Freedom at last! Well, at least for Holmes.

    Now the search for another perfect captive…oops, wife, begins!!!

    • mayamae says:

      A couple of years back an article speculated that with the way Tom marries women increasingly younger than him, that his 4th wife may be Dakota Fanning.

      • Eve says:

        I’m guessing Amanda Seyfried. Looks innocent enough and seems to be easily controlled.

      • Amelia says:

        That’s quite a good call, eve. I didn’t even consider amanda, but now that you mention it, I could totally see it.

      • stellalovejoydiver says:

        James Franco thinks that Amanda Seyfried leaving James Franco for Tom Cruise is just perfomance art. Franco says that Franco is going to create an installment about Tom Cruise who is springing on couches and dry humping James Dean lookalike plastic dolls while screaming “I´m a rebel, I´m a rebel!”
        The further he´s stating that James Franco will bring perfomance art to the next level by creating a real life character named Franco who is joining CO$ in order to save his love interest. Franco is easily the most talented, intelligent and handsome actor of his generation, if not all generations, a great author, an incredibly author, artist, goes to 4 different universities, YALE! YALE!, and he still finds time for charity.
        His intellect is sharper than the sharpest knive, he sees right through the CO$ bullshit, he won´t be audited, he´s auditing the auditor.
        Lean back and be stunned by another amazingly overwhelming real life art perfomance by James Franco, God´s gift to humanity.

    • T.C. says:

      I can’t wait to see who the next victim oops wife is. Tom Cruise dating will be good for gossip. More interesting than Johnny single.

      • Aubra says:

        Scarjo or Zoe Saldana’s dull thirsty asses better get one it then! LMAO

        ScarJo supposedly passed the first time around…

    • Trillion says:

      Eve, I’m gonna go with Taylor Swift. She’s already been through Beard 101.

  12. cr says:

    Friday afternoon news dump?
    But, really, good for her for escaping (as long as she gets primary custody of Suri).

  13. kpist says:

    OH MY GOD is right

  14. DeltaJuliet says:


    Now, I wonder what happens with Suri? We all know what happened with Nicole and her kids….The thought of that breaks my heart.

  15. Laurabb says:

    WOW!!! I really am shocked and I don’t know why!!!

  16. DeltaJuliet says:

    In the time it took me to type my comment, 10 other people said almost the exact same thing lol

  17. marie says:

    I’m actually surprised a little.. Hope Katie gets custody of Suri with no problems from the CO$ but I doubt that will happen.. Anyway, good for Katie..

  18. Meredith says:

    OH MY LORD! I can’t believe this is finally happening. I hope she gets out and has a better life for her and Suri on the “other side.”

  19. Amanda G says:

    Free at last Katie!!! Run and don’t look back!

  20. jano1981 says:

    I always heard it was a 5 year contract. I just thought it was too weird to be true for some reason. So crazy. Wonder who Suri goes with primarily. This will be interesting. Wish the best of course but the Scientology makes it interesting.

  21. sarahtonin says:

    Now is the scary part for their child. Katie doesn’t have a hope of escaping CO$ with her, so she’s either stuck there doing her best to insulate Suri from all the crazy (and give her some sort of hope of normalcy), or she leaves her to save herself. I’d say they are both trapped forever. You sell your soul when you marry Tommygirl.

    • mln76 says:

      she has more hope than Nicole-Katie is her biological mother…Tom may not be Suri’s biological dad…Nicole may have not even legally been the parents of their children BIG DIFFERENCE.

      • TheOriginalTiffany says:

        Except COSandtom wil sue, sue, destroy, besmirch, tell secrets from audits with all their force and might. It’s part of their belief system.

      • sarahtonin says:

        They way I saw it, it’s because she is biological that Katie will have more trouble. He will fight this with his army of CO$ lawyer goons until the day Xenu returns before he gives up Suri. How can you compete with that sort of power?

      • Bubulle says:

        Like it or not but Suri looks exactly like Tom.

      • sarahtonin says:

        Yeah Bubulle, I don’t get what people are on about saying he isn’t her father, she looks just like him. The way their blue eyes slant down at the outside, the unfortunate nose. She is definitely his daughter.

        That said though, her best chance of getting out with her Mum would’ve been if Chris Klein was really her father. But as if DNA testing hasn’t been done already, it’d be part of the contract.

      • original lucy says:

        Interesting Min76…mmmm…never thought that maybe bella and connor were only adopted by Tom, even though he was married to Nicole…maybe that is how he got to keep them when they divorced…makes sense!

  22. Hipocrisy says:

    uuummm, Kathy wants another child….

    Maybe Chris Klein can provide a sibling to his little Suri…..

  23. maemay says:

    Poppa’s got a brand new beard!

    • kristiner says:

      LMAO! Tom’s probably pissed Johnny took Amber Heard.

    • polk8dot says:

      Jennifer Love Hewitt probably already sent her resume to Tommygirl/Tommina and his reps.
      She’s been desperate for a relationship for soooo long now, plus she always wanted to be a HUGE star, just never had real acting chops to make it happen.
      Being Tommina’s new beard could be a role of a lifetime for her. We know she has no dignity or common sense as she’s already publicly begged Adam Levine to date her, so she’s clearly willing to go as low as required.
      She’d be a perfect beard – ostentatiously perky, not too much going on under the skull, clearly willing to let a guy lead her thru life.
      Tommina – get on it. I’m sure she’s already keeping watch by the phone awaiting your call, and peeing herself a little from excitement and anticipation each time it rings.

  24. backwards says:


  25. lisa2 says:

    Move over Johnny.. this is about to be the Shit..

    Wonder what Tom is going to say in response.

  26. Kellie says:

    So much for jumping on a sofa on national TV to show the world how in love you are.

  27. kay says:

    I am totally shocked.

    I had to flip to People to see even!

    just WOW, I did not except this at all.

    poor Suri :(

  28. bea says:

    First day of the rest of your life – congrats!

    Now, never sell your soul again.

    Maybe this means he and Travolta will will finally live happily ever after!

  29. lulu says:

    Wow. I do wonder what will happen with custody. First the Supreme Court’s decision and now this?! Bizzarroness!

  30. DenG says:

    Wonder who he’s been interviewing for Katie’s replacement?

  31. mln76 says:

    I am really happy for her!!! And I have to say I called it earlier this morning in my previous comment ;)
    It’s really a case of be careful what you wish for because her career was much better off before Tom. Except for Suri I am sure she regrets the deal she made with the devil.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Yes you did! :)

    • Eve says:

      It’s really a case of be careful what you wish for because her career was much better off before Tom. Except for Suri I am sure she regrets the deal she made with the devil.

      EXACTLY! I don’t think Holmes would have achieved the level of Michelle Williams’s career, but I’m certain it would have been better had she not married Cruise.

    • Maguita says:

      Great going mln76!!!

      Am I the only one giddy with all the frenzy that the gossipy goodness is generating??

      Yeah-yeah, a family is breaking, blabla, heartless moi, BUT, didn’t Page Six call it from the first, and had said that the marriage contract would be for 5 years?

      I just love this, with absolutely no apologies. NONE!

      • Eve says:

        I guess we’re happy because we’ve never had the feeling that was a real family in the first place.

        Plus, as much as I’m indifferent to Holmes, I don’t wish anyone a marriage to a scientology freak!

      • Maguita says:

        Agree Eve!

        Never for one moment I had bought into their “crazy courtship”, and never once had I bought that these 2 were a real a family. They were always, a CONVENIENT family.

      • kay says:

        you’re not the only one :)

        I’m glad I have cb to report on all this and keep it straight, I cannot wait for the accusations to fly.

      • Maguita says:

        @kay, I don’t know if accusations will be ALLOWED to fly.

        I believe because of the John Travolta sticky situation, they will keep the Tom Cruise drama very tight, and silent.

        Which makes me wonder, does Tom’s now announcement have anything to do with Co$ trying to steer the public eye away from JT’s drama?

        Oh, that “church” gives us the juiciest gossip, and makes us think of the most unlikely conspiracy theories ;) .

      • Kara Ann says:

        We should all celebrate this unapologetically! The COS’ most recognizable mouthpiece has shown his life to be a cautionary tale against this “religion” (eye roll). What’s not to celebrate? Suri Cruise will be better off in the long run b/c Katie Holmes will fight Tom and/or the CO$ for her daughter’s well-being. I feel that Suri will, at the least, have one parent not set on indoctrinating her into this mindless cult! I am truly happy for Katie and Suri! Yippeeeeee

      • Mira says:

        @Maguita: Don’t think this is CO$’s way of deflecting attention from the JT situation. Katie filed for divorce anonymously, according to TMZ.

      • IrishEyes says:

        Well played Katie!!!!!!!!

        @Maguita speaking of fab gossip drinks and a pirate named (or actually) Jason Momoa, I’ve got a great one called the “Dirty Pirate”: coca cola, Sailor Jerry, and Kahlua!

      • Maguita says:

        *Jumping off the couch*


        Please hand me one of them Dirty Pirates!

        This story of Katie actually having the UPPER HAND on Tom is just crazy!

        Cheers to you Ladies, and cheers to Jason Momooaaaan’s clutch-worthy sexy ass!

        (no matter if he’s dumb as wood… I bet his is good wood! ;) )

  32. Catherine Paris says:

    I really hope to God that Katie has custody of Suri. I so don’t want to have the same thing happen as what did to Nicole, that is was so awful then and even now for those poor children.

  33. Happy21 says:

    OMFG!! I got goosebumps when I saw this! I am really surprised! I didn’t think she would come to her senses EVER!

    Now maybe I can like her again. She worships her little girl, I sure hope that she remains her primary caregiver (because let’s face it, she really is).

    I have loathed Tom Cruise so much its not even imaginable for years now. I will continue to.

    Maybe Katie can live a normal life with you the scientology nutcases…

  34. Stubbylove says:

    Wowza. Katie’s FREE. FREE!!! No more Katie-Bot Scientology BS and wearing shoes that arent’ higher than his lifts. If I were her, in my next outing, I’d be wearing the highest, most kick-ass heels I could find. Rock on.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Like Nicole! ;)

    • BeeBee says:

      Lol judging by what she’s been wearing lately I think her footwear will range more from combat boots to anything she can run really fast in- Whatever people fighting to rebuild their lives and gain independence wear.

      • Kimlee says:

        I was thinking the samething Katie for the last week has been wearing the same clothes just mix matching them I thought it was odd but now I know she just grab what she could and left .

  35. says:

    If Tom gets Suri and makes Katie a SP, I sure hope she doesn’t quietly go away like Nicole Kidman did.

    • Belle says:

      I posted this somewhere else, but I think the church made damn sure that Nicole ‘went away’, and I don’t mean by asking her nicely. I think Co$ takes ‘playing hardball’ to a whole new level. I wouldn’t put it past them to not only try to use the massive amount of ‘auditing’ info they have on a member to threaten and/or smear them… but to go as far as making serious threats that might just scare even the most loving mother enough to ‘go away’.

      • TheOriginalTiffany says:

        Hope Katie can dodge black sedans bent on hit and run. Seriously, she needs to be careful.

        This IS COS we are talking about.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        OTiff – I’m surprised they haven’t hired Blohan by now. ;) I also hope that both Katie and Suri will be SAFE, because what that *coughcough* “church” has done to Nicole and countless others is just NASTY, DIRTY BUSINESS.

  36. holly hobby says:

    I can honestly say that I am happy they are divorcing. He is crazy and he pretty much tanked any chances of Katie succeeding in the business. I can see her on TV but no movie career for that one.

    I hope her attorneys are able to get Suri away from him and the crazy. Maybe Katie’s parents can raise Suri – at least she will have a chance of a normal life.

    The only thing that will suck is if Suri ends up in Tommy’s clutches like Nicole’s kids and Katie loses all contact of her daughter.

    The only thing that would prevent that is if Katie admits that Tommy isn’t the biological father – that’s been whispered for years.

  37. Jenny says:

    Another break-up seemingly missed by the tabloids, though it has been intimated for awhile. But this is not just a “separation”. They skipped that part and went straight to divorce. I guess they were already separated.

    Did not think it would happen and who knows what will happen with Suri. No wonder Tom said three children was fine. Yes, Friday dump, but Depp did it better. Tuesday dump when the tabloids already had their stories. This gives them plenty of time to work on covers, which Depp avoided, except for that US one.

  38. JenD says:

    With her father being a divorce lawyer, I hope she’ll be better able to fight for custody than Nicole Kidman was.

    • Malificent says:

      If memory serves, there was a rumor that one of the things that delayed their wedding was that her father was very keen on hammering up an iron-clad pre-nup. I wouldn’t be surprised if that pre-nup doesn’t include some very strict requirements about continued access to her daughter.

      • Catherine Paris says:

        I truely hope you are right about that. It makes me sick to my stomach that he may have full custody of Suri.

      • Lindy says:

        I also recall reading that Katie’s parents are pretty staunch Catholics and have been unhappy from day one about the CO$ thing. (I know, I know, not much better than CO$!). So I’m very hopeful that they will at least get behind Katie if it starts to look like the CO$ is going to play dirty when it comes to Suri.

    • Lauren says:

      Thank God or whomever, that Katiè has a supportive family. Katie is with Suri all the time..very devoted mother. Tom loses interest in his beautiful wives & children. I wonder if Tom is cheating on Katie..he is never around. I think TC is bi-sexual, Katie couldn’t take Tom’s crap anymore. Katie is very fiesty, do not underestimate her power. She is very calculating, and has looked very pissed off for the past two years. This is gonna be War..I have forgotten about the Olympics..TomKat divorce is the main event of the summer.

  39. Bad Irene says:

    And somewhere under a pile of scarves and necklaces Johnny Depp is giddy that the focus of gossip is off him!

  40. Lisa says:

    I don’t see this as a sad thing for Katie at all. Good for freaking her! Take Suri and RUN.

  41. Boo says:

    I think unlike Nicole, Katie holds some big cards in reference to Suri. Like revealing her real paternity if he tries to screw with her custody.

    I believe the recent influx of Katie-Suri-Sad-But-Close-in-NY pics are all part of her plan to reveal who really parents Suri…so that if he tries anything, the press will be all over him for taking her child away from her. His career–stumbling though it is–is far too important to him to risk yet another media shitstorm.

    • kristiner says:

      That’s what I think too! I’m on the fence about the paternity. I do think her pregnancy was wonky as hell but I don’t know.

      If it is true, that’s definitely her Ace in the hole Try and play dirty Tom and your game is over

  42. irishserra says:

    “This was Holmes’s first marriage and the third for Cruise, who previously was married to the actresses Nicole Kidman, with whom he has two children, and Mimi Rogers.”

    Could that be worded any more awkwardly? It makes it sound like NK gave birth to a Mimi Rogers.

    I’m sure there will be a lot of drama to come.

    • MJ says:

      At least they used the Oxford comma.

      • irishserra says:

        True, but you’ll still always have a dingbat like me (and others, I’m sure) who neglected to pay attention to the comma.

        (Thanks, btw, for pointing that out.)


      • Boo says:

        Nope, it’s not an Oxford comma. An Oxford comma separates each item in a series (three or more) with a comma, including the one before the and. This sentence has only two items; in fact, it uses an appositive, correctly surrounded by commas.

        It is poorly constructed, though. Mimi was the first wife and should have been listed first, both for sentence clarity and general “readability.”

  43. Carol says:

    Katie, don’t be afraid. If they threaten to release your auditing tapes, call their bluff. We won’t judge. We promise. Just do what it takes to get Suri out of there!

    • truetalk says:

      I really hope she goes through with it but it’s possible she could still be bullied to stay in the marriage. I won’t be suprised by an announcement of scientology marriage counselling some weeks from now.

    • K says:

      I totally agree with Carol. Katie, grab that kid and run. Fast. Plant yourself at your parents’ house, surround it with security, and pray!

    • Belle says:

      I keep posting this, but there are so many posts here, I’ll sneak it in again(;

      I seriously hope that the worse thing the church does is threaten to release auditing tapes. In all of the reading I have done on this cult, I believe they can do much worse than this. I don’t think Nicole went away because of a threat to release her tapes…. I think they made more serious threats, possibly to smear her character beyond belief, or even worse… threats regarding the kids themselves. Sounds extreme… but that cult IS extreme.

  44. MollyB says:

    Just like Nicole, she’ll get to keep Suri jointly for a while. And then Suri will spend more and more time with Tom, being homeschooled by his sister until “she” doesn’t want to be with Katie as much. Poor Katie.

    • Kara Ann says:

      This happening would be my greatest fear if I were Katie. I don’t know if there is a specialist in the area of cult indoctrination in the mental health field but, if I were Katie, I’d damn sure be researching to find out if there was. I would want an expert on hand to guide me, and thus Suri, through the way to handle the repercussions from her visits to her father and I am not kidding!
      I have to think Katie has something on Cruise that has allowed her to ask for/expect sole custody.
      Really proud of and for Katie.

  45. maggiegrace says:

    C’mon, it wasn’t a matter of “if”, but of “when”. Clearly a 5 year contract. I would also hope hope hope that Kate gets Suri, but I sure don’t pity the child. She’ll live the life of luxury for her entire life. Anyway, look at that first picture of her. It’s staged, sure, but she’s glowing! That glow has been completely sucked out of her over the past 5 years. Now she looks like a zombie.

  46. Mia 4S says:

    I’m surprised they are doing this now though. The story always was that it was a 5 year contract and, well, doesn’t it seem like they kind of just confirm that? Why not do the separate/busy lives thing for another year? So, so odd.

  47. Shelly says:

    I find it interesting that the only official statement so far is coming from KATIE’S attorney and not Tom’s. Makes me think she filed and is letting everyone know that SHE wants out.

  48. Lol says:

    This is going to get very interesting! Wait for the custody rumours and scientology mud slinging.

    • Belle says:

      ^^this. Don’t know how much of the mud-slinging we will actually see/hear. I think it will get ugly though… how much does Co$ have on Katie from her ‘auditing’? Their MO seems to be using all of that info against those who try to defect.

  49. Craigory says:

    This quote works for both of them:

    It’s never too late to be who you might have been.
    -George Eliot

  50. maggiegrace says:

    Oh snap. I just thought of something. I wonder if in the prenup it says that Tom gets Suri. That would be worse than selling your soul — selling your child.

    • polk8dot says:

      @ ‘I wonder if in the prenup it says that Tom gets Suri.’
      I very much doubt that. She got pregnant and had the baby WAY before the marriage. Her father is a successful divorce attorney. He participated in the pre-nup talks. I can’t imagine any circumstances under which she and/or her father would have agreed to the deal if it came with the ‘child forfeiture’. If they could not agree on terms, she could have just gone on being a mom to Tommina’s child, and his ‘girlfriend’ for as long as it went on, and actually retained much more parental rights, and thus power, this way.

  51. Bubulle says:

    They probably try to renegotiate the terms of the contract and didn’t find an agreement, hence the divorce.

    • Roma says:

      No way, as people mentioned her dad drove a hard prenup. I personally think its because Katie was already pregnant, but that’s my Chris Klein conspiracy talking.

  52. mewmow says:

    He is so creepy. I hope she takes Suri and teaches her how to have a normal childhood. It’s not too late, she’s only 6. She needs file for custody before he gets back! :-)

    • Belle says:

      Sounds simple, but don’t think it will be. Yes, it isn’t too late for Katie and Suri IF they can get away from the church… will Tom let Suri out of the cult so easily?

  53. The Original Denise says:

    Well, the celebrity media wishes have finally come true. All the best to Tom and Katie and their child together. Marriage in that business just does not stand a chance with all of the ill will and speculation. I have always liked Tom, and I will continue to.

  54. valleymiss says:

    I wonder if Tom explicitly mentioned he didn’t want more kids *so that* this be the official party line for why they had to split?

    Boy, Johnny Depp got really lucky. This is gonna overshadow his stuff.

    Poor Katie – she definitely didn’t get the career boost from marriage to Tom the way Nicole did.

  55. islandwalker says:


  56. Lindsey G. says:

    What the what????

  57. Fyofeelings says:

    I knew the day she start coming looking like a homeless person I knew it was over because Tom don’t let his bitches out looking any kind of way.

  58. moja31 says:

    aww, all that couch jumping for nothing. seriously though, did anyone really think this was for real?

  59. Paloma says:

    Maybe with Katie’s dad being a divorce lawyer she will be able to have more control over Suri. We will just have to wait and see what happens. Hopefully there are eyes and ears who can tell us if Suri has to stay in that cult. I think Katie finally saw the light.

  60. eska says:

    That marriage was fake as her lashes in first pic!

  61. Talie says:

    It seems like she’s smarter than Nicole was and won’t lose her child. I hope so. After all, her father is a respected attorney.

  62. bettyrose says:

    Yaaay Katie! I hope she’s able to start a new life and someday have a real marriage/partnership. (I also hope she gets out with enough $ to not have to act for a living.)

  63. valleymiss says:

    Man, has tmz lost the plot! They’re so far up the Kardashian’s behinds that they’re running some non-story about Kris Jenner and Lamar…that’s their TOP story as of now, and TomKat is 2nd. Wtf?

  64. mayamae says:

    I’m a little sad for Isabella and Connor if they really considered Katie as mom. On the other hand I’m not sad because Katie was cruel how she let Nicole know that although the kids call Nicole by her name, they called Katie mom.
    Also, I think the kids were pretty fickle how they switched moms. I remember the look on Bella’s face at Nicole’s wedding – bored and irritable. Hopefully this will remind them who their real mom is and Nicole will be waiting with open arms as she’s always said.

  65. Janet says:

    Poor Katie has been looking like she’s had all the life sucked out of her. Now maybe she can finally get it back.

  66. Nicole says:

    She’s Free! :) What will the scientologists think of this? Is divorced frowned upon?

  67. Feebee says:

    Wow. I really hope Katie gets primary custody. I can’t see why a judge wouldn’t grant her this. Hoping this will bring a most realistic normal to Suri’s life (not being surrounded by Scientology etc). Though horrible for her to have to be separated from one parent.

    • Belle says:

      A judge might have final say… but how much will Tom use the church to intimidate and threaten Katie to keep Suri involved in that cult of a church? Those ‘auditing’ sessions they do end up being used as bribe/smear ammunition against those that the church has reason to retain control of when they try to defect.

      Somehow, I don’t think Tom is going to let Suri go that easily.

      • Kara Ann says:

        With these nutters, I’d also be worried about who the judge is and what secrets he/she may hide b/c I firmly believe the CO$ will use blackmail, intimidation, basically any and all leverage to get Tommy what he wants.

    • LahdidahBaby says:

      With all the custodial weekends and vacays in Suri’s future, do you really think she will escape the clutches of Co$? After just 6 months or a year of programming on Daddy’s watch, Suri won’t want to go back home to SP mommy. Katie hasn’t got a chance. These guys are way worse than the Mafia. If I were Katie, I’d be looking both ways before crossing the street. Then I’d look both ways again.

  68. KK says:

    I read that line as “Alien Castle in November”…

    We should’ve started a pool! Oh well

    I hope this turns out OK for all involved, specially for Suri :(

  69. the original bellaluna says:

    While I’m surprised by the announcement, I’m not surprised by the news. I’m also wondering which party released the news to People…

    I pray God that Katie gets to retain custody (at least 50/50) of Suri. The Sci-CO$ have more than proven their willingness to wrest children from their loved ones who “go off the Sci-CO$ kool-aid.” I would hope Katie had better protection against this happening than Nicole did, but I doubt it.

    From the earlier thread: I imagine her refusal to have a second child, combined with his manic behaviour, may have had something to do with a “breakdown in negotiations” if you will.

    • eileen says:

      I thought about this to and you know I think Katie making her move now is smart. Scientology is under so much examination and if she went to the press and added more fuel to the fire CO$ could be screwed. Tom will let her have Suri so she keeps her piehole shut about the “rules” I bet.

    • TheOriginalTiffany says:

      I am so rooting for Katie!

      You guys know my story. While my family isn’t tomkat, it is the COS norm. When my grandfather broke away, he got to see the kids once in a while, then he was declared an SP.

      I’m not sure all of you realize the implication there. It is basically the entire community shunning the person and if they break rank you join them. It’s all about control and fear, that they will be cut off from all of those they love and what they think of as the only way to live. The kids don’t know what money and real life, school and jobs are.

      I hope she and her family have a plan. This does mean that anyone in the biz that is COS will cut ties with her. I really am worried about her both physically and legally. I hope she outwits those mindless soul fUckers.

      I’m actually happy and shocked she’s got the balls to do this, at least for now. They have every secret in her entire life on tape, bet on that. They will intimidate and bully as far as they can take it. Their supreme leader thought murder was an ok means to an end.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        And see Tiff? This, THIS is why I’m concerned.

        I put nothing past an “endangered” megalomaniacial “church” leader.

        NOTHING’S more dangerous than a cornered wild animal. Even if he claims to be “religious.”

      • flan says:

        Especially if he claims to be religious.

      • sarahtonin says:

        Tiff, I bet your family’s story is classic, standard CO$ practice. I know quite a bit about them but every time I hear more I’m even more disgusted that they get away with it. I bet we only know the half of what they really do.

        I knew of a girl in her early 20s who used to take drugs occasionally when she went out with friends, like many people do without consequence. She wasn’t an addict, but her mother thought that anyone who uses at all must be, so she used ALL her savings to pay for her daughter to do a Narconon program. They weren’t members and didn’t know it was run by Co$. Many people don’t. Her mother found them in the phone book listed alongside legit facilities and, I assume, was just sucked in by the spiel.

        Anyway after days of being held against her will and begging to be freed,(she was an adult who had been signed up for the program without consent), they eventually agreed she could go. They said they would drop her in the city to get the train home. Instead they drove in the other direction out into the country and dumped her at a bus stop on the side of the highway at 1am! She had no money and there were no buses coming until the morning. She was young, vulnerable and alone in the middle of nowhere. She ended up calling the police who got her home. I hope they pursued false imprisonment charges but I never heard anything come of it so I imagine they got scared off.

        Can you imagine if you or I did this to someone? We’d be in prison. Even if we ran a ‘treatment program.’ It makes me sick that Cruise condones this behaviour and promotes them; he’d have to know what really goes on. Let’s hope Suri now will never has to experience the madness and will realise, when she’s old enough, that she was better off without her Daddy because he is soulless.

      • TheOriginalTiffany says:

        Sarahtonin, I believe it.

        That’s not half the story with me. They almost killed my grandfather when he blew. He was sent to Clearwater, to several other retraining centers. We did not know if he was alive for quite a while.

        His wife and my aunt and uncle ( much younger than me due to the affair and running off with new wife), signed on to be Sea Org members. My mom lives about 40 miles from LA and for a bit the kids would come see us. Young adults made to marry first at 18, followed by divorces and remarriages at the cults request, so yes up thread they heartily approve divorces.

        My aunt tried to blow to my moms several times, always within a couple hours the black cars would show up and take her back. She has never been allowed to so much as call any of us now. If she went SP, she would be on the streets with no job experience other than scrubbing floors with toothbrushes for pennies or food, no education, no social skills. So they stay, plus that whole billion year contract thing.

        These were rich people, my grandfather was a professional and she was a high paid dentist.

        I never felt comfortable around them, any of them once they joined. You just KNOW when you are sitting with a scio. They give off the crazy vibe, you know? My grandfather moved half a country away from any of his kids. Can’t see them, indifferent to all of us. I think something happened during those years, but he was obviously an ahole either way. I see his reasoning though. He would fear for his life out here. The harassment would never stop. I believe we are all declared SP. who knows? Also for those of you wondering why TC has no outside friends nor does Katie, in fact name me one of them that do…crickets, it’s because they think you have bad juju and are dirtying up their thetan souls. Or they are not allowed to be close to non members.

        I don’t get the Katie thing honestly. How she was into it, had the dead eyes, the whole shebang. Do you just wake up from that or did her family orchestrate this for her? It’s hard for me to believe she had enough time away from her minders to get it all done.
        That is how stifling this cult is, they follow every move, phone call and interaction you have. Tom is so high up it must be auditing all the time, minders with you. Watch his whole nine minute extravaganza of cult crazy on TMZ.
        Sorry for the rant, but thought you might like to hear the entire story and why then I fear for Katie, yes physically as well. Excuse my typos, typing on a pad in bed stinks. Computer due home on the fourth:(

      • sarahtonin says:

        Oh yeah I know they think they are elite. They *think* it’s because non-scios are beneath them, that these people are holding them back from success and happiness, blahblahblah. But the truth is they are being brainwashed to voluntarily isolate themselves from anyone rational who can teach them CO$ is actually full of shit. Alienation is Cult 101.

        Have you been to ? It’s great. LRon was not just a convicted con man who wanted to start a religion to get rich and enjoy tax exemptions etc, or just a terrible science-fiction writer. He was a full blown diagnosed schizophrenic. You can clearly see all his completely paranoid, insane beliefs that have become doctrine. It brings it all home just how brainwashed these people are. They are spouting the rantings of a repressed homosexual madman who didn’t even follow his own rules! (Loved a bit of sex magick with a male friend btw). The homophobic and anti-psychiatry rules are completely transparent. Not to mention all the anti-drug crap. He was off his xenu brain on meds all the time but no one else was allowed to take anything, even if it meant they would die.

        In essence all of them sound schizophrenic themselves. If you went to a psychiatrist and said you were possessed by an alien who was abducted from another planet and flown here in a DC-9 to explode out of a volcano, they’d lock you up. Then they’d figure out you were brainwashed and work to free your mind. No wonder converts are not allowed to go near anyone who can undo their ‘work.’

        The sad thing is that people sign up for a better life and by the time they realise what they are in for they can’t escape. If you’re an actor, you start getting work from fellow scientol-a-holes, so it seems like it works. Then you find out they’re taking all your money, want you to work for them without getting paid, and that you can’t see your (sane) family and friends anymore.

        That’s why I absolutely hate Cruise, Travolta et al. They know they are encouraging people to ruin their lives and they don’t give a sh0t. F^ck them all. I hope they suffocate in their saunas.

        Sarah x
        An SP and proud of it.

      • Issa says:

        Thank you ladies for sharing your stories. Scary stuff. How do they get away with what they do?

  70. Anon says:

    This is sad news; I hope the divorce will be private for the children’s sake.

  71. Candyland says:

    Divorce stinks for kids. I’d stick with TomPill forever to keep my kid. Sucks if Katie loses Suri. Kid’s life looks lonely enuff now w/o Church of the Loonies nabbing her.

  72. Skinnybetch says:

    He needs to come out of the closet already. . .

  73. Mira says:

    Somewhere Johnny boy is high on wine and has placed orders for two more horses, thanking Cruise for taking away the attention from his shit!

  74. AnneOriginal says:

    I’m shocked. I expected it to last a little bit longer. At one time she was so into the crazy.

  75. CC says:

    Hopefully the fact that Katie is American will help her keep the kid. No clue if this was a factor with Nicole Kidman, but I do wonder, especially her kids’ possible unwilligness to live in Australia.

    • Holly Hobby says:

      Nicole is actually American. She was born in Hawaii to Australian parents. I doubt immigration status was the reason she doesn’t have her kids.

      I ready Tommy’s bio and basically Tommy stunned Nicole with the divorce – meaning she wasn’t prepared like Katie is. Co$ made Tommy get a divorce because Nicole didn’t like them and her father is a psychologist.

  76. Katija says:

    I wonder if she has to train her replacement. Also, even if you’re on a short-term contract, it’s common courtesy to still give a month’s notice. Hope she remembered.

  77. Jordan says:

    Actually it may be smart of her to do this before the movie The Master comes out. That way, if he or CO$ tries to take Suri away from her, she can start making comparisons. Those that follow gossip know who the movie is about, but the vast majority of people don’t. She’ll get a lot more sympathy and possibly stir up trouble for the CO$.

    • mayamae says:

      I don’t know what the movie is about. Please, do tell.

      • Jordan says:

        It’s about a religious cult run by a charismatic, albeit crazy, leader (Philip Seymour Hoffman) who pulls in a man as a follower and mentorship style relationship (Joaquin Phoenix). It’s rumored to be based in part on the CO$. It opens sometime in October.

      • olcranky says:

        it’s, allegedly, about L Ron Hubbard and CO$ except it’s dramatized so it’s not obvious to people who don’t know about L Ron Hubbard or the church. Supposedly the director let Tommygirl see a preview and Tommygirl was not pleased

      • mayamae says:

        Definitely a must see. Thanks for the info.

  78. Elise says:

    I said it a few weeks back – I DON’T THINK THEY ARE LEGALLY MARRIED. They will spin it like it is and that someone filed. There was no point in getting legally married for them – this was an employment situation.

    I think this “divorce” is just dissolution of contract.

    I think Hartnett et al is the bio father, problem is that Tom seems to legally be her father since assuming the role since birth. STUPID WOMAN.

    Am laughing my a** off. They have been a joke since day 1!

    • Lexi says:

      I’m with you @Elise ~ Hartnett for the win. That might be Katebot’s Ace in the Hole so to speak. Plus the timing is auspicious for her best advatange!

  79. whybenice says:

    Frees Tom up to be with John Travolta?

  80. moja31 says:

    Any thoughts on who his next beard will be? I’d say Lea Michelle is desperate enough (not to marry, but perhaps a “fling.”

  81. eileen says:

    Wow-Enty over at CDAN has been saying for 2 weeks they were getting divorced. He was right! Can’t say I’m shocked….

  82. heatheradair says:

    Update: she’s filing for sole legal and primary custodial custody — AND, it was Katie who ultimately filed, TMZ seems to think “tom was blindsided.”

    doubt that, but — she’s finally making a break for it!

    • Mira says:

      Woot…woot! Hope she gets to be the sole legal and primary custodian of Suri. I’m impressed…Katie has balls to take on the Cruise.

  83. MBGB says:

    Not surprised one bit.

    Um, can we take a moment to recognize that if you are practicing Catholic girl (like Nicole was and Katie was/is), then it’s not a good idea to have kids with and/or marry a guy who’s in a cult.

    Just sayin’

  84. BeeBee says:

    Go Katie! Git that $ and hit the road. Wow, I guess she’s stronger than the tabloids have led us to believe.

  85. Bubulle says:

    I think she was really frustrated because her career never took off, this and all the scientology controlling. I don’t think her carer will do really better but now at least she’s free.

    • CC says:

      Yea, likely her career will be being Suri’s mom. But beats being Tom’s wife any day of the week….

  86. sup says:

    i’m devastated and shocked, y’all

  87. Aria says:

    Am I a bad person for saying I’m really happy for her? Thanks God she can have her life back!

  88. Shelly says:

    Guess I was right. She filed, without his knowledge. Girl is playing some hardball! Go Katie!

    • Lindy says:

      Wow! Now, that I did not expect. I just assumed that it would be a joint decision (esp. if there really was a kind of a contract, or an assumption of something like a contract).

      For her to have filed without Tom knowing, well, I didn’t see that coming. I wonder if that’s really true, or just tabloid speculation?

      And if it is true, I wonder if it will affect the custody arrangements?

  89. Boo says:

    TMZ reporting SHE filed, Tom didn’t know she was filing, and SHE WANTS SOLE LEGAL CUSTODY and primary residential custody of Suri.

    Also, “there is some nastiness.”

    Grab the popcorn.

    • Jenny says:

      Tom’s ego would not tolerate someone having the “temerity” to leave him. After all, he is TOM CRUISE. I think her father is going to do all the talking and she will be taken care of very well. Don’t mess with a daddy’s baby girl, especially a lawyer’s baby girl.

      Who knows what information she could use on him and it is probably more damaging that fighting her in court.

    • Mia 4S says:

      Sole legal custody?! She filed without his knowledge?! Whoah! That’s it I’m canceling my plans tonight, I need to be near a reliable Internet connection. This is going to get crazy!

  90. katiem says:

    So, my parents were in the military, and apparently when they were stationed in California Tom Cruise hit on one of their military buddy’s wives…relentlessly. After being politely rejected by the wife he continued to send roses and whatnot.

    I really believe he’s delusional and thinks the world revolves around him. Tom gets what Tom wants! Gross.

  91. Jane says:

    I feel bad for her (and him) because I think they’re great people (or at least I used to think he was). It’s kind of sad that what I read in the tabloids are so true. I mean, if you see it x many of times, it must be true. In this case, it is true. She wasn’t happy. It was all in the body language. I remember her first interviews when the entertainment news was all over her because she was Tom’s new girl, and she seemed so in love back then. I even remember her saying, “I’m so in love with him!” and her eyes gleaming.

    Nothing lasts forever.

  92. mary simon says:

    I’m shocked. Thought this would drag on for a couple more years. Katie and her family finally worked it to make the great escape. Hope her dad is the sharpie lawyer everyone thinks he is, because they are going up against the COS machine.

  93. NM6804 says:

    After the initial shock, I got tears in my eyes of hapiness that that rumoured contract must always be mentioned when talking about TomKat. So true :d

    Now KatIE can finally tear her Cruise poster down and Cruise himself can finally go off and have a threesome with Travolta and Smith. And so everybody is happy.

    • Layale says:

      Exactly what I was thinking! Bet she doesn’t think so highly of him now as did did back when he was just a fantasy. All it takes to blow a fantasy is to get to know someone.

    • Jordan says:

      I don’t think Smith is into white guys.

  94. Tiffin says:

    Judging by the comments so far, EVERYONE will be behind Katie in any custody fight. Tommy has had a pretty good year box-office wise and he’s gone a little ways to rehabilitate his career and his image. If he wants that to continue, he better be careful how he handles the custody issue – the public could turn against him if he tries to take Suri away from Katie. It’s going to be very interesting to watch this unfold.

    • stinky says:

      it’ll never fly. why would/should/could he need primary custody… so he can leave the child w/ dozens of handlers? god knows how many assistants & babysitters they already have as it is. he’s far too busy working to genuinely care for a tiny tot. is he a spiteful enough ego-maniac??? time will tell.

  95. qtpi says:

    She’s also seeking sole custody and it looks like Tom was blindsided! Wow!

    I don’t see how he has a case for custody – the kid would be raised by nannies. He only has time for TOM and MOVIES. His kids and “wives” are part of the Tom show.

  96. Shelly says:

    Funny how Tom’s lawyer, in his statement, calls her “Kate”. But her own lawyer, in his statement, called her “Katie”. I guess she is finally ready to say bye-bye to KatE and become KatIE again.

  97. lassie says:

    Well, Happy Birthday, Tom. Good for her.

  98. qtpi says:

    If you compare pics of her on their wedding day to recent pics in NY … it is astounding how much she has aged.

    Maybe he had her fooled in the beginning? She was young and naive… and he was Tom Cruise for pete’s sake. He is an Actor after all… jumping on couches and proposing in Paris. It was a big deal when they got together. Maybe she was all swept up in it and truly didn’t realize what he had in store for her. If that is the case she appears to have wised up.

    • Shelly says:

      I totally think he had her fooled. In early pictures of them, she is positively glowing and giddy with happiness. I don’t think that was faked. I think the whole cult thing has gotten to be too much for her, and that she wants out. And I bet her attorney father made sure their pre-nup would ensure that she would never end up in the same position as Nicole regarding child custody, etc.

  99. grabbyhands says:

    I hope that she is able to undo some of the damage already done to her daughter and start treating her to a more normal life that doesn’t include keeping up her until one in the morning and parading her in front of the paps that obviously frighten her.

  100. Jackson says:

    Shocker!!!! I now have some hope for Katie and hopefully Suri as well. She better watch her back though and I am totally not kidding. Wow.

  101. lisa2 says:

    I never thought Tom was gay. Tom never seems to be mancrushing on anyone. Tom is more asexual to me. I don’t think he cares for sex that much. If he did he would not want Katie so far away. I know he could be with someone else. But you never hear any stories of Tom coming on to anyone. At least I haven’t.

    • Kara Ann says:

      I agree with you. I know that the intertubz have pushed to “tommygirl”, gay thing but I have never really bought it. Like you, I just think that he is indifferent to sex. I don’t believe that this was always the case with him and I think that he is heterosexual. I just think the CO$ has re-formed and re-shaped him into something that isn’t Tom Cruise anymore and he has lost the ability to connect with people, esp. loved ones, b/c of this i.e. sex doesn’t really matter. He doesn’t need the emotional satisfaction b/c he gets that from Xenu. And physically, I believe that he gets off on danger so again, no need for sex.

    • stinky says:

      i have.
      hotel-room rendezvous “wrestling matches”. Google THAT!

    • Mira says:

      I agree with you. I’ve always thought of Tom as asexual than gay and it’s definitely got to do with CO$. Someone should pull the matrix plug off his head. He comes across as programmed. I also read somewhere that he does not blink when talking to someone. He looks straight into their eyes without blinking. That is creepy as hell! Really sad because he’s one good looking fella!

  102. Jaxx says:

    I’ve been saying for five years that Katie was pregnant when he met her, and not with his kid. That’s why she’ll get custody of Suri and not him. He won’t be able to treat her like he did Nicole. Katie has strong, sane parents behind her, which won’t hurt either.

    I just hope there aren’t any “accidents.”

    Everyone said this was coming when she wore hideous clothes with such relish all summer. I find I’m still surprised that she is doing it. I think the fact that Suri is turning into an out of control brat helped her see the light of what that nut’s religion is doing to her kid. It’s not too late to save Suri from herself and put some discipline and sanity into that kid’s life.

    Good luck and God Bless Katie and Suri.

    • Az says:

      I’d be more inclined to question paternity if that child didn’t have the exact same eyes as Tom. That being said, this is going to be one ugly custody battle if CO$ pots the screws on Tom. I’d like to think Tom is savvy enough to realize that both he and CO$ have sustained serious hits to their reputations and are no longer in any position to do to Katie what they did to Nicole. It’d be so much easier on Suri.

      • Jaxx says:

        I’ve always said it’s no surprise people think Suri looks like Tom, hell to me KATIE looks alot like Tom. They both have dark hair, both have droopy cornered eyes, long straight noses. But I’m not buying that Tom has ever fathered a child. Too many rumors, and him being willing to adopt was a big red flag for me. He’s the kind that very much needs and wants his “virility” established. If he could have kids, he would have, like Mel Gibson, had a half a dozen tiny toms running around.

        I’ve always thought there was some big weirdness surrounding the last of Katie’s pregnancy. I think Suri is several months older than they say. And that Katie wore a big fake belly at the end. And remember that Suri’s first picstures didn’t come out until she was five months old. Enough time had to pass for her to lose that newborn infant look. Tom really thinks the public is so stupid he can pull off anything and we’ll believe him.

        And another thing, why would Katie be coming out asking for full custody, after Nicole’s experience? I’d think she would be fearful she, too, would lose custody and would be more conciliatory toward Tom. I think she can afford to come out guns blazing because she knows Tom can’t take HER child away from her.

        But from Suri’s point of view he is her daddy, and for that I’m sorry for her loss, but I still say Good Going, Katie!

      • Liberty says:

        Katie’s eyes slope down that way too. She will get Suri; her parents have been pissed about this fake marriage forever.

    • Lexi says:

      and don’t forget all that weirdness and obfuscation around the unsigned, undated birth certificate. Strong whiff of Orginal Beyonce shenanigans.

  103. Listerino says:

    Holy Cow We all knew this was coming just not so soon. Hooray for Katie bot finally getting free. I expect her to look absolutely fab 6 months from now like a butterfly come out of a cocoon.
    She used to have the prettiest smile. I hope we see that again someday.

  104. POOPIE says:

    To use one of Katie’s favortite words to describe the divorce : AWESOME!

    • Jovia says:

      Poopie, my immediate reaction was the same as yours, to also use one of Katie’s favorite words (beginning with an “A”). I probably wouldn’t have, had I read your comment first, but idk, I guess we are all on the same wavelength today. Isn’t it amazing how good news brings people together? LOL

      • Jovia says:

        Belated apologies that I did not also capitalize your username. POOPIE. (Just reading it makes me LMAO, btw)

  105. lisa2 says:

    I always wondered why they never had more children. Suri is 6. Katie is young and yet they only had the one child.

  106. ella says:

    Why are you posting links to scam websites? I’ve clicked on something in this post that appeared to be a survey with a free draw in the end and it turns ou they stole 10 eur off my credit. Not a good way to promote you blog at all , I’m very disappointed. I’m normally more aware of stuff like that but I’m reading this blog for a long time and didn’t expect a scam like this here!watch out people

  107. benny says:

    Good for her! I hope she’s been de-brainwashed.

    Also, if Tom doesn’t agree to giving her full custody, will the court have to rule on how bad scientology is for a child, when Katie proves WHY she should get full custody? That would be an interesting custody battle.

    But I think it would be best for Suri and Katie for Katie to get full custody, and not JUST because of scientology. I think Nicole was supposed to get partial custody of their children, and look how THAT turned out. Partial custody apparently means Tom keeps the kids all the time and makes all the decisions. The court should consider that too.

  108. Sabrine says:

    There could be a problem if Tom has a lot of visitation with Suri. There may be some brainwashing going on to try and get Suri entrenched into the Scientology madness, and eventually away from her mother. I don’t know if Tom dares though with such a young child, to try and pull something like that.

    Katie has looked miserable for a long time. I imagine she must feel some relief at this point, from thinking about it for probably ages and now actually doing something about it.

  109. Newtsgal says:

    I think Katie was squirreling away her clothing allowance (why she dresses so crappy) so she can fight Tommygirl for custody of Suri.

    • lulu says:

      I LOVE that idea! Yes!

      I’m so impressed with this move by her. Who would have thought she had it in her?

      Drive Katie drive!! (Thelma and Louise reference)

  110. lucy2 says:

    Wow, if she is clawing her way out of this, good for her. I figured it was more of an end of contract, amicable split thing, but it’s not looking that way.
    I know she thought it would all work out great, but getting mixed up with him tanked her career and turned her into a brainless robot. At least she has her daughter from all this, and I hope it goes OK for them.
    For all their talk of COS being such a great way to have a perfect life, Tom now has 3 failed marriages and the reputation of a crazy person. Not so good, huh?

  111. SolitaryAngel says:

    Color me shocked as well…we all knew this was coming, I just didn’t expect it now. I am SO happy for her!!! I know from personal experience what a wonderful gift divorce can be—there is no substitute for freedom.

    I really hope Katie gets Suri; I agree with the posters above who say that those two are a unit and that it would devastate her to lose that little girl. However, that said—I hope Katie takes a firmer hand with Suri from now on; all the stories out there about how Suri picks out all of Katie’s clothes, and the recent pics of Suri throwing a hissy fit for ice cream–and getting it, makes me worry. Although, I figure Katie’ll go home to her family, and there will be a support structure in both their lives that they’ve been lacking. Loving families are wonderful for helping children adjust to large changes in their lives. I think they’ll be just fine. :) Katie, you GO girl!!!

    *Edit* I also think that, should Tom decide to fight her for Suri, Katie could do a shitload of damage to him & his image because I’m SURE she has mega dirt on him.

  112. lori says:

    This explains the kind of plain casual, just mom clothing and photos she’s been giving all spring and summer. They can say she gave up her career to be a full time mom and Tom was never around, too busy being the glitzy Hollywood star. I wonder if she has evidence of any extramarital affairs by him?

  113. Jayna says:

    I always wondered when she never had a second child if something was up. Tom is older and wanted one. She was so gaga over him so I didn’t understand. Maybe Tom just needs a nonactress. I guess Tom needs to stop helping everyone else and look at himself.

    I disagree with people. I think he is a great father. I feel sorry for Suri. Having your parents split up is devastating.

    • whateverusay says:


    • Mira says:

      I think he can be (reasonably nice man) without the Scientology crap. He definitely has a strong work ethic.


      Good timing for PTA’s The Master! Too much focus on CO$ – John Travolta, this and the movie in a few months!!

    • Kara Ann says:

      On the great father thing, I get where you are coming from. I do think TC loves his children and I do think that he teaches them what he considers to be important lessons in life. The older kids are probably well-behaved, polite, a throwback to an earlier generation of behavior and that is commendable. BUT, and this is a BIG BUT, the man has swallowed this biggest load of garbage via the CO$ about how to conduct your life. SP’s, suppressive persons, and all that stuff that isolates a person and does not give them room to make decisions/opinions for themselves. I’m sorry but despite what may be his best intentions he is not a great father.

  114. Jaime says:

    She’s FREEEEEE!!!! Katie, hang in there girl! Everyone is on your side. Fight for yourself and your daughter!

  115. It is ME!! says:

    And the world registers zero shock.

  116. Anon73 says:

    i am also stunned by this divorce announcement. but… VERY GLAD to hear it. and the double shock that KATIE filed !! i have never cared for her, but i have a surge of respect for her today ! hope she also gets Suri, she clearly dotes on the kid. esp since she seems to have been so lonely these past few years.

    btw question : any theories on why a closeted Tom (or Travolta) don’t just come out of the closet ?

    • irishserra says:

      At this point, mere pride. They both have painted themselves in corners by their years of denials and strenuous efforts to make a show of being straight and happy. To let it go now would be the equivalent of saying, “I lied” and those prideful egos aren’t ready to give in yet.

  117. G says:

    Breaking news. Katie has filed for SOLE legal custody of Suri. He claims to be blindsided.

  118. ladybert62 says:

    Perhaps the request for sole custody was just a negotiation step – perhaps the goal is shared custody.

    Perhaps Kati (and her atty) think she has to play tough to begin with in order to get him to be reasonable at all down the road – if she starts out saying “sole custody” then she can bargain later “down” to shared custody.

    What do you posters think?

    • G says:

      I think she has some powerful evidence against Cruise and some excellent legal representation with her father’s assistance.

    • Anon73 says:

      interesting. btw DYING to know if Katie’s Camp has contacted Tom’s other ex Nicole Kidman for any advice on how to handle things

      • Kara Ann says:

        Hopefully, her lawyer or father or herself has made contact with Nicole to see what may be coming their way. I would be shocked if they hadn’t done this and more shocked if they or Nicole ever admit to it.
        I am curious as to what Nicole’s official reaction will be. I just know that she is feeling vindicated for everything she ever tried to tell TC about the CO$ and also, knowing that the public knows the deal.

      • Zvonk says:

        Considering Nicole lost custody of her children, she should be the last person Katie asks for advice.

      • Kara Ann says:

        While I might not want her advice, I would want her information. Nicole has been in dealing with TC and the CO$ throughout her divorce from him thus she would have info on his/their tactics. I would certainly try to get as much info as I could and learn from her mistakes. I actually think that asking for sole custody is b/c Katie learned thru Nic’s mistake that joint custody with a CO$ member just means standing by while your ex and his “religion” systematically disparages you to your child until he/she doesn’t want to see you.
        Why not learn from what she did wrong?:)

    • Kara Ann says:

      I think that Katie realizes that, in truth, there is no such thing as shared custody for a CO$ member. Suri would be indoctrinated and taught to “fair weather” her mother i.e. don’t talk about anything important, discuss non-essentials like the weather until such time as you can remove this non-believer, supressive person from your life i.e. when she is of an age to refuse contact outright. Katie knows this b/c she has lived within the cult and b/c Connor and Isabelle are living/breathing examples of this sort of policy. I think Katie is gearing up to play hardball and I hope she knows that the majority of the public support her wholeheartedly.

      • TheOriginalTiffany says:

        Yes, fair weather is strange. That’s what it was about my family. That is the way they treated us on visits when not trying to sell the cult to us.

        GAWD! It is all so disgusting. Every word you read about them is true. Kinda surprised they don’t have a plant working this blog for cos right now.

      • stinky says:

        wow-wow-WOW. ok so this explains EXACTLY why & how Nicole’s relationship w/ the teens allegedly dwindled (?) there’s been many comments that bash Nicole for moving away from those kids and creating a new life for herself. i’m sure she maintained whatever amount of contact she was afforded, and fighting for more w/h/b fruitless if the kids were giving her the zombie routine…. dang. this is one wild story!! i’m excited to see the lid blown OFF of COS. im dying for the coming movie, and i think Tom Cruise has enough time in the sun, so to speak. that 9 minute video of his r-e-a-l-l-y demonstrates how INARTICULATE he is. what a bunch of b.s. that was. talk about psycho-babble. not one coherent sentence or concept in the whole THING. ick. Original Tiff, PLEASE SHARE MORE.

  119. Turtle Dove says:

    RUN, Katie. RUN

    Good for her. She probably had no choice BUT to blindside him. She’s got to make sure that she gets Suri, and I bet she had to vacate and file like she did because of $cientology.

    Be strong, girl. Everyone is rooting for you!!!

  120. TG says:

    So happy!!! The contract is finally up. Katie we love to make fun of you but you go girl and fight with all your might for Suri. I will read evryone’s comments now. . . .

    I wonder if the contract stipulated that she could have Suri all along?

  121. TG says:

    So happy!!! The contract is finally up. Katie we love to make fun of you but you go girl and fight with all your might for Suri. I will read evryone’s comments now. . . .

    I wonder if the contract stipulated that she could have Suri all along?

  122. the original bellaluna says:

    I’m now officially concerned: She filed in NYC for divorce; requested SOLE LEGAL CUSTODY and joint physical (in Cali, that’s just not done); and the pre-nup is based on Cali law, not NY.

    In Cali, requesting “sole physical” and “joint legal” is the general norm. Attempting to obtain “sole legal” is asking the courts to grant her the sole decision-making ability when it comes to Suri’s religious, medical, psychological, and educational decisions. (For which those reasons alone are very valid for seeking “sole legal” custody, in light of the whole CO$ thing and how Nic was treated.)

    Seeking “joint physical” with “sole legal” just seems crazy to me – you can’t enforce “sole legal” when you have “joint physical.” You just CAN’T.

    It also gives Tom & the CO$ time to “do their thing” to Suri in Katie’s absence.

    (I realise this is long and sounds really sterile, but there is not one falsehood in what I speak.)

    • SW says:

      I think that is is quite rare for joint legal custody to be awarded, at least in situation where differing desires and beliefs led to the divorce. If a divorced couple cannot agree on what is best for the child one of them has to have the legal right to make the decisions.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        SW – In Cali, “joint legal” is the norm, not the exception. It means both parents are responsible for deciding upon and ensuring the child’s educational, medical, religious, and legal decisions during said child’s upbringing.

        “Sole legal” is an up-hill battle (both ways; barefoot; in the snow), TRUST. ME.

        (Cali is a “no fault” divorce state, just like our car insurance; however, just like those policies, someone often ends up getting screwed. Why do you think every Hollywood divorce cites “Irreconcilable Differences” as the reason for filing? Because it’s the ONLY ONE AVAILABLE.)

      • TheOriginalTiffany says:

        Remember too if this goes legal, it will be very messy.

        Katie is going to have what 10 mil? He is worth 275 and the cult has unlimited funds. This could be bad for all involved.

        I’m dreading going out in the humid, hot soup that is outside.

      • olcranky says:

        I think primary physical custody and joint legal is the norm

    • Roma says:

      Don’t worry – I think this has all been planned by her dad. I never like Katie pre-TC but I think I like her now!

      • TheOriginalTiffany says:

        Is her dad a good enough lawyer to stand up to this? You know he is going super high powered attorney like Wasserstein or someone.

        I’m curious, don’t know. I’d imagine she had better lawyer up good and stay very safe.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        If I’m not mistaken, her dad is “directly emotionally involved in the stakes of this case and thus has a vested interest in the outcome” and is, therefore, not allowed to represent her.

        Additionally, he may not be licensed to practise in NY and/or Cali. That doesn’t mean he can’t advise her on whom to hire and other pertinent points to her case, but it would be bad business for him to represent his own daughter/grand-daughter in case in which he has a vested interest.

      • Roma says:

        While I don’t think he may be personally representing her, I do believe he did this fior her. I think she probably has a better position than we even know.

      • Liberty says:

        I think her father has been working on this for awhile. It must have been horrifying for him to see what Tom was doing to her. Now he can finally rescue her and his granddaughter.

    • TG says:

      Ooh I just thought of something. Maybe she can get Nicole to talk in a depo that would surely get her Sole legal and physical custody. Come on ladies work together to get this freak.

      • Anne de Vries says:

        I very much doubt she will – NK is still treading that fine line of not speaking out against the Co$ so that she can maintain a line of contact with her children. If she ever went public, her two older children would decide (cult indoctrinated or pressured) to ‘disconnect’ from her and never see her again.

    • Jovia says:

      Original Bellaluna: Excellent points that you’ve brought up! Thank you, sharp lady. (I hadn’t even gone there yet with the sole legal vs. physical joint custody.)

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Jovia, Thank YOU. :) This custody thing really has me worried. I don’t know how the law will play out between NY and CA; I’m not certain Katie received sound legal advice for her particular circumstances (though I hope to hell she did!); and I’m sincerely worried about what the CO$ will do.

        Like others have mentioned, I don’t think Katie realised the full extent of what she was signing on to. And once that ink was dry, I’m willing to bet shit went south with a quickness. “The Big Reveal,” as it were.

    • Chatcat says:

      I have sat here all afternoon with this smirk on my face…of course the main reason is because I leave for vacation as soon as the markets close and the second is this story.

      My gut tells me Katie has the guns and the mettle to put a dent into Tommygirl and the CO$. Having a parent that is a divorce attorney is a thing of beauty in this case, no he can’t/won’t represent her, but damn can you imagine having that knowledge in the ring with you while navigating the media and the posturing CO$ will try to take in this? And then there is Nicole…don’t doubt she will be some level of support for Katie. It is going to be some type of saga as this plays out. Stay tuned!

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Chatcat – I know all too well, my friend! My Mum (and the high-powered family law attorney by whom she’s employed) proved ENDLESSLY VALUABLE to me in my divorce! :D

        This could prove to be a V-E-R-Y entertaining gossipy summer!

      • Belle says:

        Totally agree with everything you said about Katie’s father being a big asset, not so sure about Nicole though. Didn’t she sign some type of non-disclosure agreement? I don’t know if she would risk getting involved in this, at her own expense.

      • Chatcat says:

        Belle…support comes in all forms. Maybe just a knowing smile, maybe a wink…sometimes Silence is Golden and says more then words ever will :)

    • ZenB!tch says:

      She filed in NY because CO$ is not that powerful there. I don’t really know the history of CO$ – maybe I should since I grew up in LA; BUT there is an area in Old Hollywood where they have at least 10 buildings doing goodness knows what. These aren’t small buildings, they are 2 40s skyscaperish buildings in downtown Hollywood, a cool looking mansion style thing also in downtown Hollywood, an old 30s style apartment building just to the north and an old hospital just to the Southeast. They also have dinky little store fronts in the ‘burbs. I hiss at the one by me when I go on my walks.

      I would never file in CA if I was going to fight the CO$. I don’t remember seeing any CO$ buildings in Manhattan. Maybe a storefront style one but nothing like they have in Hollywood.

      Random: does anyone know what area of town Tom lives in? I’ve never cared until now. I’m wondering if he lives in the hills right above CO$ central.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Zen – He lives in Beverly Hills, in his “compound” – not my word; their’s.

      • TheOriginalTiffany says:

        Don’t forget the enormous ranch in Hemet or the one in Clearwater, FL. They are everywhere, but SoCal is king for them.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Just read on ROL that NY takes into consideration the circumstances leading to the divorce, as they are not “no fault” like Cali.

        So hopefully she’s got some serious legal guns behind her for this.

      • Maria says:

        She has also better chances to get the sole custody when the divorce is filed in NY.

        Katie has obviously planned this carefully before putting it in action. Good for her! I really hope she’ll get the sole legal custody. If she doesn’t, there’s a strong possibility that she will lose Suri all together to that cult. Just like Nicole lost her children…

  123. Bubulle says:

    I think she also wanted to be in a real relationship with someone, must be frustrating to be stuck whith somebody who not doesn’t love and touch you.

    • Jayna says:

      God, I must be the only one on here that likes Tom more than Katie. Don’t get me wrong. His obsession with Scientology is nutty. I couldn’t be married to him for that reasons. But I have found Katie vapid and boring in any interview she has ever given. Tom didn’t make her that way. It’s who she is and probably why he fell in love with her her, her complete adoration. If she used that word one more time in interviews I thought I was going to kill myself. What was it she used all the time? Someone help me out here. She used it about Tom and Suri. She’s nice enough, just nothing special. I’m sick of people calling her a style icon just because she married a powerful man and wore designer clothes. Big deal.

      Anyway, both are good parents and Tom has a strong work ethic, a real zest for life, and interest in his children that is admirable compared to workaholic fathers who barely notice their children and are couch potatoes. I hope they do what’s best for Suri and share custody.

      • Steeze says:

        CO$, is that you???

      • Jayna says:

        Spare me. I have seen Tom’s Scientology videos. They’re positively insane. I would never marry or be involved with a Scientologist.

        But I have never been impressed with Katie. She’s one-dimensional and borders on vapid at times in interviews.

        Nicole is the only one in that group I have a real fondness for. I adore her.

      • Bubulle says:

        Katie is bland and can’t act , she won’t have much a career with or without Tom, agree with you on Kidman, think what you want about her but she’s a true movie star.

  124. lisa2 says:

    Katie is asking for sole custody. Tom said to be Very sad and that this was unexpected. Reports say Katie filed anon.

    Tom was blindsided. Wonder if he will stop filming and fly home.

  125. Diane says:

    Sounds like her family may have staged an intervention while he was in Iceland filming his next film. Filed the papers and had them served before he got wind of it. Good for her. She always looks miserable in photos.

  126. SW says:

    I think that Katie will fight for her daughter. Whatever happened with Nichole won’t happen with Katie. I don’t think Katie will care what they come up with, how bad she looks or what people will say, as long as she has Suri. I truly get he feeling that Katie would do whatever it takes.

    • Jayna says:

      I absolutely adore Nicole. One of my favorite actresses and human beings in celebrity world.

      BUT she has never blamed Tom and said he took away the kids.. They had shared custody for years and she talked about them all the time and her life with them. I read they would have them three months each at a time, and then the other could go do movies during that period. But as time went on she seemed lost and has admitted she focused on her career more and more, called herself a vagabond kind of. Tom’s home became what they loved most with his mom and sister living there, too, and then Katie. If I had been Nicole, I would have cut back on working and created a stable home near Tom that they loved coming to and having their friends over. Then she meets Keith and moves to Nashville for him. She didnt make Keith move to California for her so she could be with her kids. Kids that age have friends. They aren’t going to be shuttled to different states. Tom never took custody away from Nicole. It was shared. I think she was lost at some point emotionally and has admitted she took on roles to hide away emotionally, and then as her tween/teens pulled away, she was hurt and didn’t fight for the relationship.

      Guess what? I never would have moved away to another state from my kids for a man. She made that choice. Maybe she didn’t feel as close to her adopted kids as she does to her biological. But either way she has never ever called out Tom on taking those kids away.

      • Bess says:

        I think Nicole is still afraid what Tom & the CO$ could do to her if she ever criticized TommyBoy and his parenting.

  127. blonde on the dock says:

    He’ll just let her walk away…kid and all. I dont think it will get dirty. It’s been over for awhile now.

  128. LeeLoo says:


    There are too many eyes on Co$ right now and not in a good way. Co$ is going to have to let Suri go just to make sure Katie keeps her mouth shut. This was a pretty bold move on Katie’s part and I don’t think she would be asking for sole custody out the door if she didn’t know she had the upper hand against Tom and Co$. Co$ has been under intense media scrutiny with many former members coming out and telling their story against them, they have John Travolta and then they have Lisa Marie Presley. All Katie has to do if they try and fight her on custody is get Lisa Marie to be willing to get “anonymously” depo’d about Co$ operations and I bet she would do it too. Katie has Co$ by the balls in one hand and Tom’s in the other. In turn Co$ has a hand on Tom’s balls telling him to let her and Suri go. Katie is not stupid, she’s been planning and getting all of her ducks in a row to do this for some time now. Look at all the recent photo old she has taken and the time in seclusion. The girl has been planning for this moment.

  129. Allie says:

    I just heard it reported on FoxNews that Katie blindsided Tom with the Divorce.

  130. Jackie O says:

    free at last, free at last. thank god almighty, she is free at last.

    maybe she is a dark horse after all.

  131. I Choose Me says:

    Aaaaaah! Talk about gossip dish for the weekend. So I’m guessing something serious went down for her to opt out of her contract? (assuming there is one). I was sure she’d stick it out for a while longer maybe. And sole custody – I hope she gets it and I gotta say I’m glad. The sooner that child’s away from $cientology’s influence the better.

    And in other news, Adele’s having a baby! Yay!

  132. lisa2 says:

    Being snarky.. I wonder if the older kids are still going to call Katie “Mom”.

    I hated how they treated Nicole. And all that calling Katie Mom was extremely disrespectful to the woman that raised them. They were not babies when Tom and Katie married. They knew who their mother was. And I didn’t like how Katie went along with it either. I bet she won’t like Suri calling someone else Mommy. And who knows she may one day.


    I think Katie is a lot more smarter and ruthless then we may think. Tom is not a someone to mess with. She is going into this attacking and that takes balls. Tom maybe on his way back to the States. This is going to be ugly. Really ugly. And I think Katie is betting on public sympathy. All those sad walks and terrible outfits. She has a plan. And has had it a long time. Tom was blindsided. He thought he married a sheep. but I think Katie maybe a something quite different.

  133. Tiffin says:

    This is according to

    ‘TMZ is now reporting that Katie has filed for sole custody. We’re right out of the gate and already it’s looking acrimonious. So what prompted this? What do we know right now?

    Just a few quick hits from phone calls I’ve made so far:

    -Her public play will be to paint him as a workaholic, taking job after job and having no time for family. This certainly helps her on the custody side of the argument.
    -He was asking her to reconsider and wait another 6 months. She told him she’d think about it but, with support from her family, went for it anyway, and stopped taking his calls two days ago.
    -There’s a rumour going around that I can’t lock down that she wants new staff around her and doesn’t want to be spied on anymore.
    -Tom was papped on set in Iceland the other day but there’s some confusion now about where he is. No one can find him.’

    Uh oh!!

  134. mln76 says:

    In light of what happened to Nicole the best defense against CO$ is an offense THANK GOD her dad is a divorce lawyer… I think she’s going to surprise us all and put Tommy-Girl in his place.

    • Mimi says:

      ITA. Talk about comeback of the f-cking century! Way to go, Katie, I thought she was a lost cause.

  135. Jayna says:

    He marries them younger and actresses and they resent not having a career and being in the shadow of Tom’s huge career. Although, Katie seems to have done movies (she’s just not that good) and her clothing line. He seems very suppportive and proud of Katie. This reminds me of Nicole, marrying Tom young. Then they take the blinders off re Scientology. Katie was all onboard when she thought she hooked Tom Cruise. You just know she now sees Scientology is fruity. Tom needs to marry someone out of their twenties, with their own mind, and someone who is as involved with Scientology as he is since it’s so important to him. Because these Catholic girl conversions aren’t working.

    P.S. Mark my words, Katie is having an affair. She’s been unhappy, but a new man is the catalyst – probably on her new movie set in China.

    • Lauren says:

      I remember when these two were on Oprah, and Tommy was jumping on the couch! Katie was backstage with a white baggy blouse on, mouthing “I Love You” to Tom. They are both strange and calculating. Tommy is gonna regret signing a contract with Katie..she seems to be full of hate and revenge.

      • hairball says:

        Full of hate and revenge….not sure I’d agree with that.

      • Courtney says:

        I’m really indifferent to katie but I just don’t see hate and revenge there. I think she was swept off her feet by some megastar who was laying it on VERY think. She was infatuated.

    • Jovia says:

      I disagree about Katie’s acting skills. In this moment, I see her persona from Pieces of April, strong and determined, in spite of a very dysfunctional marriage. She has been very good in some of her roles, dependent on what those have been. Marrying TC was disaster for her career aspirations, probably the exact opposite of what she’d imagined.

      Regarding an affair- quite possibly an emotional one. I could imagine that!

    • Bess says:

      Tom Cruise can’t marry a woman who is independent and has her own mind. He’s a control freak who is a high ranking member of a cult. The last thing he wants is a woman with her own mind.

    • Belle says:

      How on earth would she be able to have an affair when she is under constant supervision by Co$ handlers? Not to mention the fact that the church is probably going to try to ‘anonymously’ smear her in any way they can… why on earth would she do anything to offer up proof of something like an affair?

      • hairball says:

        I don’t think she was having an affair either.

      • Jovia says:

        I agree with you. I was responding to Jayna’s comment. My thoughts were that Katie wouldn’t have an (physical) affair and at the most, an emotional one but that possibility would be ridiculous given Katie’s daily living situation all of these years.

      • Courtney says:

        Agreed. No affair.. how could she? Her life is so controlled and she has a 6 year old brat to deal with!

  136. Jenny says:

    Wonder how long before Tom or “sources” start talking about Katie’s drug problem, depression issues and maybe even cheating? Or how she is ruining Suri with all the shopping and letting her get away with everything (though isn’t that COS stuff?)

    Again, I think her daddy is going to take care of her. She probably filed only after his advice and research.

  137. madpoe says:

    wondered if he jumped on the couch when he found out?

  138. TG says:

    I guess Katie will need a new nanny now that Bella won’t be available to her.

  139. Jovia says:

    OMG. This news is AMAZING. (Still have to read the post but had to say that first.)

  140. buckley says:

    Tommy is going to need a couch to let us know how he feels about this.

  141. Ginger says:

    Wasn’t there a pic of him and his co-star holding hands recently?

  142. Ari says:


  143. Mouse says:

    This would explain why recent photos show Katie standing up straighter. Good for her, get outta there girl!

  144. really says:

    I don’t believe that he was blindsided. It was probably planted by his people to make her look bad.

    • ZenB!tch says:

      It doesn’t make her look bad, it makes him look oblivious. We all knew how miserable she was just by looking at her.

    • Belle says:

      More likely an attempt to gain some sympathy… which won’t work.

  145. NicoleKidman says:

    Thank you Jesus sister! Welcome to the Tom Cruise ex-wives club. Glad you got out, let me know if I can help!

  146. Embee says:

    I doubt Tom will fight it, and I bet that Katie’s dad had info about a pending federal suit/investigation into COS (I know nothing of this, personally).

    Methinks this has been in the works awhile and they only filed when they felt safe.

    As for sole legal and joint physical…any bets on whether the visitation must be supervised to prevent all that muck about “subversive persons” whilst preserving Katie’s “reasonableness” regarding time with Tom?

    I am sincerely hoping this is the sign of very bad things to come for that cult.

  147. The Other Katherine says:

    GO, KATIE, GO!

    That is all.

  148. birdie says:

    I am truly shocked, but so happy at the same time! Go Katie! Never guessed she has the balls to do that and to file for sole custody. I hope she will get everything she wants and will save Suri from the sick world of $cientology. Also I hope that these disgusting $cientologists leave her alone.

  149. katie says:

    i bet tom threw some monster bitch fit after rock of ages was laughed at. prob blamed her, her appearance, her making him look bad for whatever reason. i know his acting got some good reviews, but he seems nuts and im sure something happened, between that movie and the J.T scandal.. there most have been something really epic in all that where she knew she had to truly pack up and leave and protect her daughter. good for her.

    • Didi says:

      I think you totally nailed it Katie. I believe her mothering instincts were even stronger than her self-preservation instincts!

    • ZenB!tch says:

      I think her mothering instincts took over a while ago and she’s been plotting her way out for a little while.

      While I’m shocked it came so soon, I knew it was coming.

      • Belle says:

        Agree, I think she’s been planning for a while… hopefully with much guidance from her father.

  150. john c says:

    I feel bad for Tom…hope he is ok :(

  151. Jordan says:

    I’m curious how all this went down. You know the CO$ has her followed and home/phone tapped so I’m picturing some James Bond style planning and sneaking around, slipped notes, etc. with her family and her attorney’s. I’d bet her family has been trying to get her away for a long time.

  152. Apsutter says:

    Good for her! Maybe now she can get some semblance of a career back. I think she has the problem a lot of actors & actresses do. She made it on tv and thought that he’d become some big film star. She is not a movie actress but I think tht she’d do well if she landed another tv show.

    • Belle says:

      Don’t know that she ever thought she’d become a big film star. Seems she was barely getting her feet wet in the ‘movie industry’ when the whole Tom Cruise thing happened. I’m in the camp that thinks she truly fell for Tom and his act and jumped in with both feet.

  153. Didi says:

    Conan O’Brien totally called this 6 years ago. Look out, Dakota Fanning!

  154. Jayna says:

    Cut to, one, two, three – Katie’s affair.

    Katie is very limited. She will never be a Nicole as far as talent. I agree with someone above. She would be fine on TV. But she considers herself too big to be a TV star having been married to Tom.
    She was cuter before the nose job.

    • ZenB!tch says:

      Looking as bad as she has been? Perhaps that is why she has been looking so bad… so they couldn’t throw that out there.

    • Jovia says:

      I’m not sure that Katie would have risked an affair. I’m sure that she’s been disappointed in her marriage and longed for the romance that her relationship with Tom turned out not to be. However, I fail to see why Katie needed an affair to remember herself or to be inspired enough to take her life back.

    • Jaime says:

      Give me a break. How many comments does this make for this article alone? All of them are basically saying the same thing.. Katie sucks and Tom is God. Please. Give it up.

      By the way; where are you getting this info about Katie thinking she’s too big for TV since she’s Mrs. Tom Cruise. Katie took part in the Kennedy’s mini series that took place… on TV.

  155. dizzy says:

    It’s nice that she’ll be finally free. Hopefully she goes back to being a human; it was scary how much of a robot she had become. I just hope it doesn’t get ugly with the custody of Suri. She’s better off with Katie.

  156. ZenB!tch says:

    I’m actually happy. I did a little cheer when I read this. Go Katie!

    So what do you guys think – will he hire another beard or play the field?

    A fourth marriage will not look all that good will it?

    • LeeLoo says:

      He won’t marry again. He’ll get into long term relationships with b-movie actresses already involved in Co$, like Elizabeth Moss, etc.

  157. Kosmos says:

    I am TOTALLY not surprised. What took her so long? I agree, she will no way want to lose Suri, so it will be a battle against the Scientology group. I think Tom will let her have sole custody of Suri, somehow, since he already has the other two children from Nicole Kidman. I AM curious to know why, exactly, that she is leaving him, although I would have never married into Scientology. Free your child from the Scientology crap, too….

    • ZenB!tch says:

      Suri is lucky she’s a girl and that CO$ is sexist. I don’t see a woman taking over being in CO$ plans.

  158. seVen says:

    Ha! I read this to my husband and he goes ” I guess her contract was up eh?” … yeah, I guess so :D

  159. Jaded says:

    The CoS walls are tumbling. It’s only a matter of time before its tax-exempt status is re-examined and hopefully revoked. More high profile members will publicly and angrily leave now that the sh*t has hit the fan about its evil and cultish tactics. A balls-out nasty divorce will only serve to further tarnish its already dirty image as well as Tom’s. We all know he and CoS basically terrorized Nicole into signing off on Isabella and Connor, but what goes around comes around and people today are much more well informed of the perfidies of CoS. If they try the same tactic with Suri it will almost certainly backfire.

    • Jenna says:

      Your mouth to God’s ear.

      Any god really. After trying to work my way through the mess they call religion, Cuthulu looks like a softer option as a deity of choice.

    • Issa says:

      Don’t forget Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master coming out in October. A film strongly linked to Scientology and Hubbard. Read the script and its definitely about Scientology and Hubbard. CO$ is going to have a very exposing & wall tumbling year.

  160. Shelly says:

    “God, that Katie is a bitch”…….said no one ever. I don’t think he’s going to get his way regarding child custody with this divorce. Unless he wants the public to finally abandon him completely. Katie certainly has the upper hand, as far as public perception of her is concerned.

  161. Kimlee says:

    I call BS on Tom being taken by surprised , because it’s funny that Katie fashion line ” holmes and yang” contract with barney’s and the other store is over and so is the clothing line, Only weeks before the split.

    I think Tom trying to play for the simpathy card To get the public on his side, hence the interview he did about how he love Katie. Tom and his cult are very sneaky and I think Katie going to have a fight on her hands.

    • lisa2 says:


      I didn’t know her clothing line was gone. When did that happen??

      I guess Tom has been the sole money maker for a while now. That will help a lot.

      • Kimlee says:

        If I remember right it was like month ago the items that are thier now are going to be the last.

        I can see why 9 out of 10 time Katie dosen’t wear her own brand and their are no celebrties wearing it, not to mention most of the time the stuff goes on sell only after a month or two of being out and it’s over price stuff that other designers have done the season before.

  162. Francesca says:

    THANK GOD!!!!

  163. Bunny says:

    I noticed she has been looking her old self lately, smiling….cheerful. For Tom’s sake and to save his career his best bet is just to give Katie what she wants.

  164. marybeth18 says:

    When Tom and Nicole split up, Tom was a Hollywood God, and she was a supporting actress. She actually got a lot of parenting time with Connor and Isabella when they were younger (if you look at the pap photos, there are lots of her with the kids for several years after the divorce), but once they hit the teen years and really got in deep with Scientology, they rejected her as a “suppressive person.” She certainly could have gone to court to get enforcement of her parenting time, but I have no doubt that Co$ threatened her with a huge legal battle and a lot of damaging info leaks. Plus, once kids are teens, the courts usually defer to their preferences, provided what they want is safe.

    Things are really different now. People are aware of what Co$ can do. People are aware of how deep Cruise is in that organization. People are aware of how weird Cruise is. He’s not the king of Hollywood anymore. And nobody, NOBODY, is going to be able to say that Katie is not a daily, loving presence in Suri’s life. They’re papped pretty much every day, and she’s clearly a very involved mother. With the tenuous grasp he has on his career, the LAST thing he needs is a nasty public fight to wrench his daughter away from her mother, when the entire movie going public is going to see Katie as the more fit parent. He might have to release Suri from the Co$ machine.

    • Jayna says:

      She moved to Tennessee for a man, instead of having him move to California so she could co-parent her teenagers. I love Nicole, but it is what it is.

      • Jackie O says:

        tend to agree. love her as an actress, but she seems to have been a rather crappy mother to her 2 oldest kids.

        no matter what COS was doing, to move out of their state is pretty much giving up on your kids.

      • Jordan says:

        Agree, that always left a bad taste in my mouth that she didn’t fight for her children.

      • stinky says:

        oh come on. you dont really think Tom wanted her co-parenting, do you? i’d guess he made it as hard as possible to have access to those kids. no doubt in my mind. If he cared about the kids having access to their mom, he wouldnt have DIVORCED her. pretty positive it was toxic for her, and she ultimately moved on w/ her OWN life thank you. The kids are just fine.

      • Liv says:

        I don’t think Nicole had a choice. Her kids probably told her they don’t want to spend time with her anymore – because that’s what Scientology is actually doing: brainwashing the family. If you get out, you are on your own.

  165. Rux says:

    And you gals at Celebitchy thought this summer was going to be all about Matt Lauer and Ann Curry. Damn, Katie you bring it girl.

    This is going to be EPIC! I did not think Katie had the balls but I am impressed. If she does anymore movies no matter how shitty I will go see them to support her.

  166. Bobby says:

    I guess she finally got tired of being his beard…

    • Call Me Al says:

      Why were you the first person to say this! I would just add that she was tired of being his beard AND the contract was up.

  167. LucyOriginal says:

    BC (Before Cruise): Katie was sweet, happy, charismatic and had a career going;
    AC(After Cruise): Katiebot and no career.
    I did not know she was bold! I am surprised. I hope she gets sole legal custody of Suri! I too think she planned with her father’s advice. YAY!

    ps: Johnny is probably happy to be out of the tabloids;
    pps: George, you can end your (allegedly) contract with cray cray. Nobody will notice it, I promise you!

    • Jayna says:

      She’s still sweet, albeit a terrible limited vocabulary – everything is “amazing, intense.” What a boring interview she is. She’s not a terribly interesting person.

      She was a TV actress/wannabe movie actress when she met Tom. Since Tom she has been in at least six movies, probably more. She was decent in all of them, but not great. She was on Broadway. She did a TV miniseries. Tom didn’t stilt her burgeoning career. Tt seems like he supported it. Blame Tom for a lot of things (Scientology nuttiness), but not her lack of movie star quality.

      • LucyOriginal says:

        We can say she is genuinely sweet. I haven’t followed her much since she married TC, so I can’t talk about her vocab. She probably only had her daughter to communicate, which would increase the limitation of her vocab (I am not justifying either, just saying). There are so many wannabe’s in Hollywood who pretend to be sweet and all, all smiling (I won’t name it). They just come off fake, fake, fake d-listers…
        I know she is not super talented, but she had a chance. I think she is more of a tv actress than movie star. Anyway, I am glad for her.

      • Kimlee says:

        Exactly Tom brought Katie her movie career, with out him people would even know her name, Katie is a very poor actress.

        My guess is that Katie knows she a jokes as an actress and decided her freedom is more important. I would not be surprised that after the movie she was filming and the one that come out this year if ever ,is the last thing she dose acting wise.

      • Jovia says:

        Well, a Cate Blanchett she ain’t, but I don’t think anyone’s truly blaming Tom personally. Unless they are?

        I still take issue with Tom’s original attributed statement toward Nicole, re their split, that Nicole “knew why” he’d blindsided her. BLECH. How revealing of Tom’s character, back in the day. Just my humble opinion. Of course, only the parties that be, know the whole truth as only they know it, but here we can state our opinions and have lots of fun with it, right?

    • ZenB!tch says:

      Maybe George and Tom can come out of the closet and live happily ever after. I think they would make a cute couple.

  168. Wizzer says:

    Apparently on some Icelandic website the word is Tom blind sided Katie and not the other way around.
    I dunno maybe Tom filed first but is prepared to let Katie take the narrative and feed TMZ this version for a hassle free / scandal minimizing completion.

    • Issa says:

      Sure he did. Katie has been quietly rebelling for sometime now. If he did seek the divorce, its because he can no longer control her.

  169. mimi says:

    There is no judge in the world that would take a child away from a “normal” mother.

    He can’t take Suri, he can only threaten and play dirty, which is what I believe he did with Nicole, but Katie has a father who is a lawyer, and there is nothing much to blackmail her, that will not harm his public image as well.

    What will he reveal? that Suri isn’t his and Katie was a greedy, fame hungry girl who wanted to turn her “situation” of accidentaly getting pregnant into a career move with Tom?

    That Tom was silly enough to think that if he picked a younger woman for PR purposes, that would not only emphasize how older and disconnected he is?

    Both will come out as odd people at best and would do anything for fame/ their career.

    So she doesn’t have to worry, because the last thing Tom would want is for everybody to know the truth about their “marriage”.

    Worst case would be that she will reveal Suri is not even his.

    That way, he gets to have a daughter, Suri gets a guy who loves her and supports her financially and she can call “father”, and Katie gets more financial help with Suri.

    I do hope she will give Suri a normal school and want be blackmailed to put her under the COS for the money.

    I think that poor girl has paid enough for her mother’s greed, and she deserves a “normal” life in school. even if that means less money to support her financially.

    Money is not everything and Katie should have more than enough.

    • Bubulle says:

      Does anybody really believe this was a legit relationship ? They don’t call him the Gay Midget Dwarf for nothing.

    • mary simon says:

      In the beginning, Tom must have wanted this arrangement with Katie very badly. He took a risk with a young woman who wasn’t as vulnerable as Nicole. Katie’s family doesn’t live in another country thousands of miles away, and her father is a divorce attorney. It was Risky Business, and I’m surprised that COS let the marriage happen in the first place. The lights will be on at the COS temple for many nights to come while the COS warlocks work their clay tables!

  170. Lilo says:

    I hope she “get’s” Suri. That’s all I’m saying. Good luck to all involved.

  171. Mira says:

    Anyone else cracking up on MK’s take on this?

    • Chatcat says:

      The first place I went when the story broke. I can’t go without checking in with him several times a day…life of celeb gossip would just not be worth living without him!!!!!!

      “So I’m guessing Suri created a diversion by having a tantrum on the floor in front of the guard guarding the locked door to Katie’s windowless cell. As Suri kept the guard busy, Katie pulled away the “I Love L. Ro” poster on her wall and crawled through the hole that she’s been digging for the past 5 years with a metal spoon. Then she ran to a getaway car driven by Dawson. That’s exactly how it happened.” CLASSIC MICHAEL! LOL

      • Mira says:

        Can’t.Stop.Laughing. Too bad I’m working in the library…of all the places!!

        “After five years of marriage, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are getting a divorce.”

        MK: “Every Scientologist just dropped the dick out of their mouth.” LMAO

      • Jovia says:

        Loved the soundtrack! (Shawshank Redemption)

  172. LeeLoo says:

    How much do you want to bet that Katie’s father has been waiting for this moment and has spent the last 5 years helping Katie prepare for this moment? I guarantee you that her family attorney father has been playing detective and has been gathering more than enough ammo to sink the Co$ boat and Tommy’s career. Come on, those rumors of the Justice Department’s investigation into Co$? How much do you want to bet someone with a bone to pick set the JD on that path? It all makes sense now. Katie married Tommy because she knew he would get full custody if she didn’t go through with the marriage so she married him and spent 5 years letting her family dig up dirt on Tom and Co$. Her family was so against the marriage that you know when they couldn’t stop it this is what went down.

    I get the feeling in the end that Tommy will have no choice but to walk away.

    Edit: Whoops this was meant to be in reply to Mira on my previous post.

    • mary simon says:

      Wow! The intrigue. Sounds like a Grisham novel. So the Holmes family has dirt on Tom and the COS and has been leaking info to the Justice Department? Now Team Tom can only give her what she wants and slink away quietly.

      This will make a great Lifetime movie – Lindsay Lohan can play Katie and Jared Leto can play Tom. I can see LiLo in her Katie wig now!

  173. Julie says:

    hope there will be juicy details that will damage the cult.

  174. Jayna says:

    I think asking for full custody is a legal tactic to push for a better financial settlement (since he has an ironclad prenup with her). An excellent negotiation tactic. I predict it will be shared custody when it’s all said and done and that she will get more than her pre-nup.

    • LeeLoo says:

      I don’t think it has anything to do with money and has everything to do with Scientology.

      • Jayna says:

        That would be it for me, but who knows with her. Tom’s kids are far above typical celebrity kids. Never a whisper of trouble, polite. She isn’t going to be able to ever say he is a bad dad. Suri will most likely be homeschooled for a few yeras because she and Tom are off on movie sets, so as long as it is normal tutoring, there shouldn’t be a problem. The issue would be that she wants to raise their daughter Catholic and doesn’t agree with Suri also attending whatever type of service Scientology does and their crazy e-meters. We’ll see soon enough.

      • Jayna says:

        well, maybe I was wrong and she doesn’t want her homeschooled, even though she’s on movie sets, also. Radar says she wants Suri to attend school with other kids with a routine and not homeschooled like Connor and Bella were.

  175. Newtsgal says:

    Who wants to bet?
    In time Katie’s people will start leaking stories that Tom cheated….Next Tom will come out (pun intended) with he had an affair with some actress from whatever movie….Insert next beard.
    Tommygirl will have his manly-man PR and Katie cashes her check. And finally, we’ll start seeing pics of Tom & Suri on their weekend visits. And Katie will start wear kick-*ss heels everywhere she goes. See, everybody’s happy!

  176. Stacia says:

    She was naieve and young when she married him and probably starstruck by “TOM CRUISE!” You could see in her face at times that she was stressed lateley and I think that she’s trying to protect her child from the influence of the COS, which he is so immersed in. I don’t think that he will get joint custody cause he’s never with the child and always on location elsewhere doing a movie.

  177. hairball says:

    I am SOOOOO glad to hear this. I know a lot of people think Tom Cruise is close to evil etc. I don’t think he is per se and really don’t know to say if everything you hear is true.

    But from what I’ve heard about Church of Scientology, I am so glad to hear Katie is OUT.

    I’m actually a little scared for her too if it is as bad as they say.

    • ZenB!tch says:

      I don’t think he was *born* evil. I have no idea why he originally converted from Catholicism to Scientology. I swear I even read he wanted to become a priest once.

      The reason he pics all these Catholic girls is probably due to his upbringing. They couldn’t totally wash that out of him.

      I think he may be evil now because of whatever they have done to him in the last 30 years. He was certainly evil to Nicole or allowed CO$ to be evil to her – either way that was cruel.

      He was a perfect target for him. He was young and unproven when they got him. He was like Pattinson after his first Twilight movie. He was ripe for the brainwashing and he was DRIVEN. It was a match made in CO$ heaven (aka regular hell).

  178. hairball says:

    Also, I was SHOCKED to hear about the divorce. Just heard it now. I didn’t think she had it in her to leave.

    But assuming she has a very supportive and normal family.

    I’d leave just for having his mom around all the time – that alone would make me want to divorce.

  179. LucyOriginal says:

    A divorce lawyer from NY called tmz and she said that in NY that give joint custody as they do in CA. Smart move Katie, well played!

  180. M.F says:

    At least now Katie can fart without abandon.

  181. dorothy says:

    I think the world has a whole new respect for her. She is no longer willing to be a puppet for Tom and Scientology. She has shown a rational conern for the way Suri has been raised.

  182. hairball says:

    I hope Tom and his people realize that if he has a messy divorce, trying to take down Katie and keep her child from her, it will only make it 100x worse for his career.

  183. hairball says:

    I’m actually worried for her! I wouldn’t want to deal with an angry Tom Cruise or his Scientology people. I would want someone from my family with me during this time.

  184. Chris: now with 10% less negativity says:

    Congratulations “Katie” it has only taken you five years to realize what we’ve known all along!

  185. blonde on the dock says:

    He looks pretty hot in the picture above even though he is somewhat short. My guess is he has a small man complex and is a major control freak. That’s where the problem lies with him. I think he’s good looking!

  186. Amanda_M87 says:

    Not surprised. I haven’t seen the two of them together in months.

    • ZenB!tch says:

      TMZ has pics of them in Iceland two weeks ago.

      They are coming across as Team Tom. I have to ask again, is TMZ a CO$ site? I got that feeling during the JT scandal and I am getting it again.

  187. Hautie says:


    Oprah is going to have to drag her couch out of storage.

    And get Katie on it for the interview of a lifetime.

    Because you realize Oprah just sh*t herself. This would be the interview to get.

    I wonder whom Katie will talk to. I see her doing one big interview. And I see Oprah moving heaven and earth to get it!

    • Jayna says:

      Why? She won’t say a word, but talk in circles. I do believe Suri is of the age to go to school, and how Suri is raised is probably a big issue, the more I think of why they’re divorcing. But I am more interested to see who she is having an affair with. I almost guarantee on her movie set in China or wherever it is she has been shooting a movie that she has a new love.

      Nicole was a far more interesting interview. Because she was dumped cruely, whispers of her sleeping with Ewan McGregor during Moulin Rouge and pregnant with his baby after she miscarried, later proved to be Tom’s (Though, I believe she did have an affair back during the shooting and Tom found out). Nicole’s pain and devastation made for an interesting interview, even if she didn’t reveal a whole lot. By then Tom was seeing Penelope, his costar, which made it very interesting..

      Katie wants out. She won’t say a word terribly interesting in an interview. It will all be behind closed doors as they hash it all out unless it gets really ugly. Even then, Katie won’t say much. He’s Suri’s dad.

      • ZenB!tch says:

        Ewan’s baby? I thought she miscarried Russell Crowe’s baby.

        With apologies to Ms. Kidman because I never believed any of that BS.

        TC realized he was getting close to the 10 year mark which i$ important in California and cruelly dumped her.

        SHE is the one who was blindsided.

      • cr says:

        @ZenB!tch: While I think NK was blindsided, she and Tom were past the 10 year mark when he filed. Christmas Day 1990 to their separation in February 2001.
        And it wasn’t as if she didn’t already have her own money and career.

    • Jackie O says:

      im sure there is, and will continue to be, an iron clad confidentiality agreement.

      each side will just leak stories to the tabs…’close source’ kind of deal.

    • ZenB!tch says:

      I’m sure Suri has been DNA’d. If she is not Chris Klein’s then she her genetic father is the turkey baster. While Tom is the legal father, he does not want the fact that he is not bio-dad coming out.

  188. Jayna says:

    Thank God, I don’t have to listen to Tom carry on about how brilliantly creative Katie is with any little thing she does, making a cookie, decorations, blah, blah, and Thank God, I don’t have to hear from Katie how Tom is so “amazing” and Suri is so “amazing” on and on. I wonder how the Connor/Bella and Katie/their new mommie relationship will pan out.

  189. Paloma says:

    I think it all has to do with Suri’s coming of age. Probably time for her formal Scientology schooling. Team Katie; I think her dad will help her cause tremendously.

  190. Anna says:

    I really hope for her she doesn’t lose Suri, although I think her chances are poor. I’m so happy she got out of this, I don’t feel sorry for them as a couple or him at all. I think her parents are probably over the moon too. All through the years, there was the occasional news item that showed how much they disapproved and were worried for their daughter. Better Catholic (as they are) than Co$.
    He should really stop marrying non-Xenu girls. It clearly isn’t working for him. He should start marrying within Xenu. And please stop procreating.

    • ZenB!tch says:

      Since when has he been able to procreate. He may or may not be gay but I am pretty sure he is sterile.

      • Jayna says:

        Nicole said in an interview a few years ago she miscarried early in her marriage to Tom. She couldn’t get pregnant and adopted. Then she miscarried when they separated. I think Tom wouldn’t acknowledge it was his at first, since he dumped her. (I think he thought she had an affair or something). But from what I read a DNA was done and proved it was Tom’s and he acknowedgled she miscarried their baby. Something about it was put in the divorce papers, I think.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      He’s definitely got a type: young, Catholic (lapsed or not), less famous than he, and HUNGRY to be more so.

  191. B says:

    Good for her!!!!

  192. Lucy says:

    I wonder how Oprah feels abt all of this, given the whole couch thing…

  193. Jayna says:

    Well, she was old enough not to be so excited about hooking an A-list moviestar that she didn’t have to be all, hell, yeah, I’ll be a Scientologist. She was studying like mad to hook him. So then after the bloom of the romance fades a little three years into the marriage, she says, hell, no, it’s nuts and wants no part of it for her child or her. So he’s floored. But, Tom, stop dating non-Scientologist, young actresses who will say and be anything in the beginning of the rush of your attention on them. Penelope loved him and raved about him and is still friends with him, but they broke up amicably. And I guarantee it was because she had a mind and knew Scientology wasn’t for her even for a nanosecond. So no marriage for them.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      I think Penelope’s Catholicism got in the way – she wasn’t falling for the CO$ party line – so attempts to “groom” her as the next wife failed.

  194. judyjudy says:

    Good for her and all, but she knew what she was getting in to. And everyone, included her family, advised her against it. It reminds me of my sister who married a terrible man against everyone’s pleading that she not, she disowned everyone, life turned to crap, we all helped he get out of the relationship, and then she left and expected everyone to celebrate how strong she was. Whatever.

    The most basic life advice….if EVERYONE thinks he’s bad for you, he really is bad for you.

  195. Jill says:

    Not shocked at all. I saw this coming. She was young, vivacious, happy and since she got married she just looked beaten down, drab, unhappy, dusky, controlled, sad. She was dressing differently, older, darker, drab, homely. She didn’t have the light in her eyes she used to when we first saw her on the scene.
    Then the body language btwn the two was not cohesive, it was off, forced? IDK but I saw this coming.

  196. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    Prior to her marriage, she had the female leads in “First Daughter,” “Thank You for Smoking,” and “Batman Begins.”

    After her marriage, she got a nose job and breast reduction, starred in some tv movie, and did a bizarre song/dance number on a reality dance competition.

    Being married to Cruise didn’t seem to give her career any boost. And didn’t Tom say they met when she auditioned for a movie role? Why didn’t Tom cast her in any movie? Who did that role go to? Did Tom think Katie wasn’t talented? Maybe that’s why he hasn’t helped her career very much.

    • Jayna says:

      She’s done quite a few movies since her mariage. She’s okay in them. I think her nose job took away her cuteness. Of course, that was her plan. She wanted to be sophisticated. Her nose almost looks crooked now sometimes. Her wider, cute nose suited her face better.

  197. Bobby the K says:

    From Fark:

    “Tom Cruise Shaves His Beard”.

  198. flower says:

    I don’t think scientology (I refuse to use a captial S for that creep show) will say very much at all. Katie must now where quite a few bodies are buried by now, some indepth interviews from her about them would be very, very embarassing. She will probably get everything she wants without a bleet from them. Apart from the fact Suri may not actually be Tom’s natural daughter a DNA test could cap the whole thing off.

  199. ZenB!tch says:

    480 comments – geesh!

    I was just watching the CNN version of this story on Erin Burnett and her legal expert said that Suri’s primary home and activities are in NY such as her pediatrician. How he knows that I don’t know but he said one more interesting thing….

    Filings are a lot more private in NY, in CA the go straight up to e-Something and people can see them automatically.

    TC may not want to bring this to Cali.

  200. jo says:

    Recently some comedian Adam something said when he recently watched a game on tv at another stars house.. oh yeah Corrola is his last name.. he thought Tom was there to observe how to “act” like a normal guy this was just recent too so google it. He said it was akin to an alien trying to fit it. But the big story for me is when I was at an event working cocktails during the marriage betw. Nicole and him.. some phot guy started taking pic in the bar of the two and Tom told his b.gaurd to get film and a totally panicked Nicole quickly tried to remove her high heels. So he would not look short it was the weirdest thing and made me sad and discusted for her.

  201. hairball says:

    I’m so glad for Suri’s sake as well. Scary, scary to think she’d be raised in that cult. Hopefully now she won’t be.

    I really am surprised by this, really am. Didn’t think Katie would ever leave him.

  202. Reece says:

    WOW!!! OMG. Totally stunned! I just regained the respect I’d lost for her. Wow!

  203. julie says:

    someone brought up a very interesting point. If Suri continues to live with Katie and does not get more involved in Scientology, she will be a “suppressed person”. Does that mean that Tom will have to cut off ties with his own daughter? Now there is a very interesting question. Any Scientologists in here want to answer that one?

    • hairball says:

      Just sad. What a pathetic group that makes you cut off ties with someone who leaves the group. Pretty insecure group.

    • Josie says:

      I’m sure Jayna is on the way.

    • PleaseICU says:

      For a regular person a total cut off would probably be required. But Tom is so high up in that organization and a celeb to boot that I’m sure he’ll get some sort of exemption to the normal rules and be allowed as much or as little contact with Suri as he wants, if Katie retains sole legal custody, etc.

      $cieno likely has a ton of dirt on Cruise but I still don’t think they’ll risk pissing him off by making him cut off all contact with one of his kids that they can’t strongarm into the cult.

  204. jkirk says:

    Please…is anyone actually surprised by this? This business has to have been over for a while, and now Tom has a new movie out that could use an extra publicity bump, so they brought out the “big guns” to get everyone talking about him. It seems like this is what all stars with failing marriages do, and I can’t say I blame them. If you were living in separate multi million dollar mansions and never had to be publically together, what would the big hurry be to file for divorce if you could possibly get a cut of the $$ made? As an example, see Kutcher, Ashton and his 2 & 1/2 Men debut.

    • Belle says:

      Of course I could be wrong, but this doesn’t strike me as a planned, contracted move by both parties… especially with Katie being the one to file, and go for full custody of Suri. Doesn’t seem like Tom would agree to this type of ‘plan’…. at all.

  205. Amy says:

    Woah. I never thought she would have the courage to do this. I thought Tom would be the one to file before the ten years were up (I remember he did the same with Nicole Kidman–CA has some kind of law that if you’ve been married for ten years, the spouse is entitled to a certain amount of assets). It’s high time she opened her eyes and realize she needs to get herself and her daughter away from Tom’s suffocating Scientology environment!

    However I’m so worried how the divorce is going to play out and the ramifications it might have for her. This might be what finally exposes the COS–they managed to convince Nicole to leave her children. Whatever they had on her, she was scared enough to walk away. However, are they really going to be able to separate Katie from Suri? I hope not!!

  206. Cletus says:

    I wonder what happened? She seemed so… programmed. Did she fall in the tub or was there a power surge or something? Well, whatever it was… praise Jeebus. And gird your loins, Katie- that midget be TRIPPIN.

  207. Kloops says:

    The contract was up and she chose to not renegotiate. The ONLY thing that will make this interesting to me is if Katie removes Suri from CO$. If she doesn’t, then I don’t see the issue that she’s seeking primary custody to be significant. Katie doesn’t work and Suri doesn’t go to school. Where else would she live??

    Now, if Katie is removing her from the cult I take back everything I’ve said and will have tremendous respect for and the only hope that little girl has for a normal life. Until then, I’m nonplussed.

    • Belle says:

      I think 99.9% of the posts on this are assuming that Katie is trying to get herself and Suri out of the ‘church’. If she doesn’t, then what is the point? They would still be controlled by Tom and the Co$.

  208. Amy says:

    Also she filed in New York State and cited “irreconcilable differences” but NYS doesn’t have a no fault clause (it is miserable getting divorced in New York State–you have to do trial separation and everything). So how does that work?

    • the original bellaluna says:

      NY could kick it back to Cali, or (if a judge finds in Katie’s favour) Tom could contest it and/or petition for the case to be moved to Cali.

  209. Fabgrrl says:

    Over 5000 comments! I’d love to read them all, but can’t. So please forgive me if this has already been addressed.

    Filing in New York, wha? I believe NY is one of, if not the only, state without “no fault” divorce. Spouses have to have a reason, like infidelity, abuse, etc. to divorce without a year’s separation. I’m just wondering why someone would file in a state where it is more difficult to divorce, if they could file in California?

    Also, posters were saying that revealing TC is not Suri’s bio father would help Katie get custod. Would it? I don’t think so. I believe that a man needs to challenge paternity within a year or two of the child’s birth. Otherwise he is presumed to have a fatherly bond. Makes sense if you think about it. After putting in years to love and care a man should lose his child, and a child shouldn’t lose his or her father, just because he didn’t contribute DNA.

    • Djinn says:

      NY has had a ‘no fault’ law since 2010

    • sarahtonin says:

      Yeah, I read on Radar or TMZ that filing in NYC was a calculated move because of the no fault law. (I’m sure it has been mentioned here. CTRL-F “no fault law” on this page will bring up all the instances of it).

      As for a future court paternity shocker, I thought this initially might be a way out for her, but there is no way Suri hasn’t already been tested, (unless Tommygirl already knows it’s his cousin/LRon/Xenu’s DNA). It’d be part of the contract that Katie would only be entitled to the spoils of producing an heir if said heir was biologically Tom’s.

  210. Fabgrrl says:

    Over 5000 comments! I’d love to read them all, but can’t. So please forgive me if this has already been addressed.

    Filing in New York, wha? I believe NY is one of, if not the only, state without “no fault” divorce. Spouses have to have a reason, like infidelity, abuse, etc. to divorce without a year’s separation. I’m just wondering why someone would file in a state where it is more difficult to divorce, if they could file in California?
    Also, posters were saying that revealing TC is not Suri’s bio father would help Katie get custod. Would it? I don’t think so. I believe that a man needs to challenge paternity within a year or two of the child’s birth. Otherwise he is presumed to have a fatherly bond. Makes sense if you think about it. After putting in years to love and care a man should lose his child, and a child shouldn’t lose his or her father, just because he didn’t contribute DNA.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Fabgrrl – She wants sole legal custody, and that rarely happens in Cali. (Also, “no fault” divorce is ridiculous.)

      There’s a precedent-setting case for the circumstances of which you speak. I believe it’s called a Klavinger Kid (could be the incorrect name/spelling, but it’s a precedent-setting case), in law lingo.

      • Djinn says:

        How ‘no fault’ ridiculous? Do you think people never just grow apart or that the state should force two people who no longer love each other to remain married just because neither cheated/beat on the other? Weird call.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Djinn – It’s only “weird” until you walk in on your spouse screwing another woman in your marital bed while your children sleep down the hall.

        Filing “Irreconcilable Difference” is fine, IF it’s true (yes, I’m aware people grow apart). But it’s damn laughable and ridiculous when the above circumstances led to said divorce.

        Cali did “no fault” because so many people divorce here; the courts don’t have time to listen to the “he said/she said” of divorce and sort it all out (nor do I think they care to); and budgetary reasons.

  211. the original bellaluna says:

    GoodCapon – Try one! I always like to try a new drink for summer, and it seems like this is going to be one ripping summer for CO$. ;)

  212. Hope says:

    OMG!!! My jaw just fricken hit the floor! I’ve been at work all day and this was just the thing to make my friday night even better! Why is this making me so gleeful? I suppose it’s because after all the coverage here, all the blind items, and all the horrible omens, there is just soooo much satisfaction in saying “called it!”

    This is schadenfreude at it’s finest :)

  213. Chris: now with 10% less negativity says:

    I spilt with my wife three months ago and since then Johnny Depp and Tom Cruise have split with theirs. I guess these things come in threes. :(

  214. Random Devotchka says:

    So Does this mean Tom’s mine now? Like, I can just go in and take him?:)
    I am only kidding. Good for Katie and the best for Suri.

  215. JRenee says:

    I hope that Katie and her dad are safe and she grabs Suri and runs!

  216. Ravensdaughter says:

    What will this mean for Suri’s Burn Book? OMG!

  217. qtpi says:

    Who is the scientologist guy that Suri bears a striking resemblence to? I can’t seem to find it on the net and saw it mentioned on here once.

  218. SW says:

    Didn’t he date Penelope Cruz for awhile? What has she said about him? I always forget abou her…,

  219. orion70 says:

    Well I guess this explains why she was looking so relaxed and happy in a couple of recent photos.

  220. erika says:


    good for Katie!!!

  221. erika says:

    maybe tommy c. might change his outlook on anti-depressants! he might be itching for one himself…cause i’m thinking Katie’s got some fire in that blood (good on ya woman!) and she’s gonna TAKE HIM ON!

    Wow! This makes me want to throw on jr high cheerleader outfit and ROOT for Katie!

    Ever since tom’s spasmatic “I’m in LOVE” mental up/breakdown i’ve hated him, even MORE for pissing on brooke shields and her courageous win against post partum, and calling people on anti-depressants as weak…

    he is a weak man..

    AND…knowing how spazzzzzy this guy is to turn a movie trick every 3.5 weeks, he’s made it clear he has NO time for Suri and no IDEA of what good parenting is…

    anybody else sniffing the Scientology bones comin’ outta the closet? John T, Tom C.?

  222. Amy says:

    Actually I double checked the no fault divorce law. New York State USED to be the only state that didn’t have “irreconcilable differences” as an option. However, in 2010 the lawmakers up in Albany decided to do away with that. So the “irreconcilable differences” is fairly recent for NYS.

  223. Kristin says:

    My respect levels for Katie Holmes just went up drastically. Like, as in, I actually have respect for her now.

  224. Janet says:

    7,800 comments on HuffPo about this.

    You’d think the heavens had fallen.

  225. constance k says:

    I love how everyone treating Katie as if she’s the victim, please that girl has a pretty good prenup in her favor. The only reason why she filing for divorce is because her career didn’t turned out the way she had hope. Like she thought being with him=equals better roles and now she is going to take the money and run.

    There is no way Tom could let her have sole custody of Suri especially after she has humiliated him with divorce

  226. Naive says:

    Seems he targeted her because of her seeming innocence and naivete. I’ll be he propositioned her with his love, money and fame… with dreams of having a baby with her. Then, once in his world, she realized it was like a prison run by a controlling scientologist. Then, once he had her and the baby, he probably started ignoring her, having affairs, etc. She finally woke up and now feels she wants out for her and her daughter’s sake… plus, she’s young enough to start over. Good luck, Katie.

    • hairball says:

      Definitely agree that she is young enough – though doesn’t matter what age – to start over. Why spend the next 30 or 40 years with him if you are miserable?

  227. pato says:

    she knew was she was getting into but I am happy for her. the guy has lost his marbles. can´t deal with aging.

    next victim..rooney mara..she´s young, she´s an actress, she has had some success and she like to be in the spotlight.

    • NYC_girl says:

      She comes from an extremely wealthy family – founders of major football teams. I highly doubt she would fall for his fame and fortune spiel.

  228. Elliejo says:

    Good for Katie. The fact that she sold her soul for Tom Cruise (yuck) always mystified me, if that is actually what happened, contract style. Maybe she was just naiive? Dunno. But good for her.

    Most of what I know about COS I’ve read in forums like this (re Tom Cruise, JT, etc), but growing up in Seattle, there was a Scientology office in a crappy building near the University. It had a lot of foot traffic passing by because it was in the heart of “The U District,” which had tons of stores and restaurants. People would stand out front with “Dianetics” t-shirts on and try to talk you into coming inside for more info. They wouldn’t bother us when I was in my early teens, but were always trying their spiel with the University students or anyone that looked to be in the 18-25 age range. The rumors of what happened to some of the folks who took the bait and went inside were legendary…as in, being kept for hours or overnight, basically kidnapped. Possibly urban legend, but by high school, we all knew to stay the F away from the guys with the leaflets when you went by that building. They had closed up shop by the time I was in college. Nasty business.

    Again, yay Katie, and good luck!

  229. jk says:

    YOu reallt think the COS is going to let her walk away with the kid? Look again folks. They blackmailed and threatened Kidman spied on her taped her phones so she gave those kids up. I would not be surprized if Katie met an “accident” if she gets full custody of Suri or if Suri would not be taken to another country the does not enforce custody laws. Katie never fell into that COS trap and now is the tme when they take control of the little kids by having them live with the chruch and send them to their school SHe will also pay big tme for blindsiding him by filing behind his back. If I were Katie I would get a few big body guards for her and Suri because he is going to go after that kid.,,.the fight has just begun Katie is not Nichole she is going to fight for what is hers and her dad is going to make sure she gets it,

    • Anne de Vries says:

      Agreed on the body guards, but..

      I have some moderate optimism about this. Co$ no longer inspires the hushed silences that it use to. Anonymous and a series of high profile defectors have put a serious dent in the power the cult holds, and the media is no longer too scared to publish critical pieces about the cult. They can’t do to her what they did to Nicole Kidman – there’s a LOT more scrutiny now. Too many people are watching.

      If they took Suri away from Katie that would be a public relations disaster possibly beyond anything that’s come before, and I think Katie and her support people are aware of that and are willing to play it out.

  230. Carolyn says:

    what the? Apologies..haven’t read all the 560+ comments ahead of mine. Surprised this happened. Kate will get a massive $$ payout in return for silence (a la Nicole). Not bad for only 5 years.

  231. lola says:

    5 year contract is over. tom Cruise is gay and he is not the one to blame for this ridiculous marrriage. She agreed to do it and brought a child into this world with this man. The only victim in this situation is Suri

  232. Tillie says:

    Wish Katie all the best. I am glad to hear their are seperating. She always looks so miserable and nothing like my little Joey Potter anymore.. Think it is the best for Suri too, maybe she gets to be a little bit more ‘normal’ now.

  233. Sal says:

    Katie gets no sympathy from me. She KNEW before she married Tom what he was about re Scientology. People warned he, tried to make her think again about it, but no, she had a child with him and married him, inflicting that poor girl to the evils of Scientology. She brought Suri into it and for that she shouldn’t be forgiven. No sympathy for her at all. She is a very very stupid and selfish woman.

    • G says:

      People are entitled to change their minds for the better ins spite of mistakes made and in spite of the tabloid carping of strangers.

  234. hairball says:

    I have such a bad feeling about it. If Katie doesn’t want Suri to do Scientology, her life is going to be a living hell. To have to deal with that the rest of her life…?

    I also wonder so much how happy his older kids are, esp the older daughter. She makes me feel sad for some reason.

  235. skuddles says:

    Well one thing is for certain, Katie will see a real resurgence in her popularity now. A lot of people are going to be rooting for her in what could be an epic battle against crazy CO$ Cruise. I sure will be. I have feeling we’ll be seeing a much creepier side of Tommy soon.

  236. hmmmpf says:

    The only way Tom C was “blind-sided” was because he had forgotten it was a marriage and was expecting a notification on the contract being fulfilled and terminated – and voila – a divorce – “say WHAAAAAAAT??????? oh, oh yeah, yeah that’s right, marriage and… yeah, okay…

    So, when will Rock of Ages 2 be filming, maybe we could call it Rock of Tom, I mean Rock of Stacee, or maybe Tom Jaxx?”

  237. Aud says:

    I was wondering when her contractual obligations (with Tom) were going to be over.

  238. Anne de Vries says:

    I think filing for sole legal custody in New York might mean that she’s going to open up about the cult to argue her case of why she should have sole legal.

    And that could be, well, epic.

    I have some moderate optimism about it too – Co$ no longer inspires the hushed silences that it use to. Anonymous and a series of high profile defectors have put a serious dent in the power the cult holds, and the media is no longer too scared to publish critical pieces about the cult. They can’t do to her what they did to Nicole Kidman – too many people are watching.

    If they took Suri away from Katie that would be a public relations disaster possibly beyond anything that’s come before, and I think Katie and her support people are aware of that and are willing to play it out.

    • G says:

      +1. Bye bye Scientology.

    • sarahtonin says:

      Anne, you have raised some very good points.

      The only thing that CO$ have over anyone is fear. If people stand up to them their power is gone. Katie will probably face her e-meter demons, but her best defence is to fight back with everything she knows about the cult. If they try to destroy her with info, she should do the same.

      You are right that anonymous et al have paved the way for the truth to come out about them. People are now educated about what their core beliefs are, and the shady practices they are guilty of. Most reasonable people think they are at best a joke, at worst a dangerous cult. The ‘church’ was nearly done for in the 70s when L Ron was around and people knew about all the illegal stuff (and remember that Hubbard was completely insane). It’s only because of these celebs that it has been given any legitimacy. High profile people made them, high profiles can break them. Let’s hope this will be another step towards revoking their legit religion status once and for all.

    • Sunshine says:

      Gaaaaaaaaaawd!!.. its a family breaking up.. think about that for once rather than thinking about scientology and shit for a moment.. Suri definitely doesn’t deserve this nor does Tom!..

  239. Mugs says:

    Hmmmm.. What do you get the man who has everything for his b-day?….. FILE FOR DIVORCE!

    • the original bellaluna says:

      That’s what I gave my ex-husband for his birthday, 15 years ago! :D

      • skuddles says:

        Om my, tooooo funny bella, you wicked babe you! My Mom told me when she divorced my Dad he ended up getting papers served on his bday – it wasn’t intentionally planned that way, just a happy little coincidence :D

  240. serena says:

    I’m actually quite shocked.
    But good for Katie, I’m really happy for her! Hope she goes back to work and gets a good boyfriend!

    • Sunshine says:

      Well Katie Holmes could have never made it as a hollywood A-lister without the tag “married to Tom Cruise”.. she isn’t not on the same level as Nicole Kidman or Penelope Cruz for that matter.. I know she’ll be fulfilled with that 50 million or whatever big fat alimony that she is gonna get.. but then no one is gonna remember her ever as a great actor or something.. she’ll always be known as Tom Cruise’s ex wife.. the other actresses like Penelope Cruz Nicole Kidman they succeeded in moving ahead in their careers being hooked with Tom Cruise.. but Katie never had the “thing” in her only!.. so even Tom being a superstar couldn’t help her out!!..

  241. serena says:

    Anyway I believe Suri is Tom’s. She looks like him a lot.
    If something is wrong down there for him (or better, he’s gay and can’t get his thing to get up) then maybe they did it artificially.
    Also, I’m sure that Nicole couldn’t and can’t carry a child, so there was double problem when she was with Tom.

    • cr says:

      I also believe that Suri is Tom’s.

      But Nicole can and did get pregnant-she was pregnant when TC filed for divorced (she miscarried).

      And she and her current hubby have Sunday Rose, whom she had (2nd daughter was surrogate mom/gestational carrier).
      So she may indeed had trouble conceiving, when most everyone presumed the ‘fault’ was with TC.

  242. Emily says:

    Scientology calls homosexuality an “aberration.” L. Ron Hubbard said the world would be a better place if all homosexuals (and disabled people) died.

    Whenever you see a Co$ celebrity do anything really weird, there’s at least a 95% chance it’s purely because of Scientology. That’s also why Tom treats Suri like an adult in a child’s body. Scientology teaches that children literally are adults in small bodies. This way, they justify treating children absolutely horrifically, like when L. Ron Hubbard locked a 4-year old in a chain locker on a ship overnight.

  243. Hubbahun says:

    This thing about all his wives being 33 when they’ve split – it’s a code. 3 wives x 33 = 99…

    Tommy Girl’s saying he’s got 99 problems but a bitch ain’t one!! HE’S COMING OUT, PEOPLE, AT LAST!!! :P

  244. Str8Shooter says:

    Tommy Boy’s finally losing the BEARD!

  245. frankly says:

    I’m wondering what could possibly come out in monitoring that you couldn’t spin. Unless you murdered someone. I mean, what could they have said about Nicole Kidman that wouldn’t have been a story for 5 minutes then, meh. They only could have made her seem more interesting and human, if you ask me.

  246. kityafey says:

    Hope she signs the divorce papers with a smiley face.

    Good for you Katie. I knew you had it in you. I am on your side.

    I was that stupid when I was young. I was naive, sweet, sheltered and romantic. I was intelligent too and feisty as all get out. Fell for the charismatic guy that would give me the world. My intelligence left but not my festiveness. I wised up real quick and I got him in the end but it took years and a lot of sacrifices including losing my sons to a cult religion, not CO$ but just as bad.

    This is going to be CO$ Scandal Summer.

    Tom’s new piece will be Elizabeth Moss (Peggy on Mad Men).

  247. Dirty Martini says:

    He was hardly blindsided. There WAS a contract. This timing was one of the alternatives in the contract.

    Blindgossip called this one back in April by the way. Here’s the link:

    And the whole thing is just freaky scary. While I’m Team Kate (maybe its Team Suri) …. I really truly am perplexed at how these people live their live.

  248. cannonball says:

    The heat is off Johnny!

  249. Lady LaLa says:

    Somewhere in the Austrailian Outback, a redhead is smiling…

    • Sunshine says:

      Well the red head certainly has better things to do than smiling at this!!.. and moreover.. she said that she will always love Tom!.. she said that Tom’s huge for the rest of the world.. but then Tom will always be just her Tom to her!

  250. Edith says:

    “A New York divorce is a diploma of virtue” — Edith Wharton, “The Other Two” (Meaning, I think, that if a woman could get one back then–turn of the century–then she had to prove infidelity on the part of her spouse and was thus proven chaste/virtuous.)

  251. me says:

    I hope KATIE can get away from Scientology, and she can also save SURI.

  252. foozy says:

    good riddance i say!!! tom can do much better!!! this relationship was not meant to be……

  253. Observer says:

    next Tom-Bride should be Taylor Swift.
    Then once their contract is up , Swiftie will have a lifetime’s supply of songs to write :D

  254. idk says:

    Awww poor Kim Kardashian, this divorce is going to take away publicity from her divorce…lol.

    I’m a little shocked about Katie filing for divorce. I just feel sorry for Suri, that’s it. Tom will have a younger gf in no time…just watch. That’s how Hollywood works.

    Actually, I also feel sorry for Isabella and Connor. They were both adopted and never knew their biological mothers, and now they have gone through two step-moms and God knows how many more ! So sad for them.

  255. Bubulle says:

    I can’t see anyone willing to marry this freak, even the most desperate golddiger wouldn’t touch him, he is way too tainted and his career is declining.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Oh, Bubulle, how I wish you hadn’t said that! I don’t think I can take another “Tom’s so virile!” campaign this soon after all that Rock of Ages promo-BS. ;) Especially one brought to us by CO$!

    • Liberty says:

      Pippa for the win. Party Pieces can get all the Hollywood event business, sisters are married to two future kings (of England and Scientology) and brother can make cakes with Tom on the weekend. Scientology gets a freaky “in” to the UK, and the Middletons move up into their own wacky compound while using cheap Scientology slave labor to make their little paper bits. Then Russell Brand takes on Katie and Suri and helps cleanse them of the last years with yoga and juice instead of sugar and midnight pizza. They can share scarves and odd clothing; she will look cute in his jackets. Done. Next?

  256. dave says:

    Holy crap.. I wonder if this topic can reach 1k post count Did anybody actually reach each post? xD

  257. eb says:

    Oh… I just had premonition goosebumps. Can you imagine a legal battle where Nicole Kidman is called in to provide corroborating testimony for the ill-effect of scientology on the marriage, and her relationship with her children. This could be Krakatoa big.

    I still wonder how Tom finagled her children away from her. Maybe this could be Nicole’s venue for explaining to her children what really happened to their mother. How and why she disappeared (seemingly) from their lives.

  258. vava says:

    why do people refer to 10 years as being somehing significant? Also, what is the story behind a “5 year contract”?

  259. Minxx says:

    I bet that Suri isn’t really his kid, biologically, that she was pregnant when they met (which was fine by him since he can’t father a child) and that’s why she has the balls to file for sole legal custody.. that’s VERY rare. Either this or she’s got some MAJOR dirt on him. Either way, I’m impressed by her guts to pull this move – this is going to get VERY interesting!!

  260. Sunshine says:

    Ohhhh!!.. I see!!.. so it took Katie 5 long years to realize that she was not the “luckiest woman on earth” after all!.. huh?.. What?.. was she drunk when she married him.. did she not know that he was into Scientology!.. i guess noh!.. she just couldn’t resist the fame and fortune that was awaiting her.. and now she is after a big fat alimony!!.. suddenly she thinks that her daughter’s future is in sheer jeopardy!. wow!.. you’re an inspiration to all the golddigging bitches in the making!.. and well some prominent tabloid’s even saying that you had a problem with Tom’s family i.e his mother.. sister.. and his other two children living in the same mansion.. too bad.. Tom should have had disposed them off then for you?.. isn’t it!..

    • Sunshine says:

      well.. and yeah.. things can “not” work out between two individuals.. it can happen.. so happened between Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise. whatever happened it was personal between the two of them.. at least Tom didn’t behave the way Katie is behaving.. and yes Nicole Kidman wasn’t a superstar during her marriage to Tom Cruise. but Tom was.. yes she used him in a way to advance in her career.. but then she had it in her.. she was well worth it..!!.. she’s such a versatile actress!!.. and well their kids the adopted ones.. its true that they prefer to live with their father Cruise than with their mom Kidman.. who recently gave birth to Sunday Rose.. but then thats completely their own decision!..

  261. Hakura says:

    I’m also shocked she had the balls to pull this on Tom without his knowedlge. Granted being in other countries filming every week can give her an advantage in ‘sneaking up’ on him. (She & her lawyer father >xD)

    I completely agree that the issue with Suri is ‘the straw that broke the camel’s back’. She’s seemed to be shielded from a lot thus far, but if Tom’s wacky scientology is now trying to extend to Suri…Maybe she grew a backbone for her little girl. I hope so.