Duchess Kate was “humiliated” by the Queen’s new anti-Waity protocol

Can you believe that Life & Style didn’t use Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes as their main cover story? Maybe they just really wanted to discuss this Duchess Kate story – because it’s a good one! Last week, we discussed the Queen’s new protocol measures which she decreed to ensure that “blood princesses” are always ahead of (protocol-wise) “princesses by marriage”. It’s all very archaic, for sure, but it has real-world implications too. The Queen’s protocol decree means that Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice never curtsy to Duchess Kate, and when Kate is without William, she has to curtsy to them. It means Camilla (Duchess of Cornwall) can’t show up by herself ahead of Princess Anne. Some read the news as the Queen’s not-so-subtle reminder to both Camilla and Kate that they can both be removed from the royal family. Anyway, Life & Style claims that Kate is “humiliated” by the new protocol:

During Queen Elizabeth’s recent Diamond Jubilee celebrations, all eyes were on Prince William’s wife of 14 months, Kate Middleton, who appeared to be embraced as a member of the family. But just weeks later, Kate has been delivered a slap in the face.

In an official revision to the Royal Household’s Order of Precedence, Kate, 30, is now required to curtsy to Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson’s two daughters, Princess Beatrice, 23, and Princess Eugenie, 22. Why? They’re considered blood princesses, while Kate merely married into the royal family.

“It’s a total humiliation for Kate,” a source in Kate and William’s social circle confirms to Life & Style. “It’s like a demotion for her in the royal family, and the queen is the one who ordered this.”

Even more insulting, when William’s with her, no curtsy is necessary — but if she encounters them without her husband by her side, she has to bow down, whether in public or private.

“These moves from the queen are designed to remind Kate that just because she’s popular, she isn’t as important as the queen or any other royal-born family member,” a friend reveals.

[From Life & Style]

I believe the part about these moves being a reminder to “Kate that just because she’s popular, she isn’t as important as the queen or any other royal-born family member.” The Queen reportedly felt that way about Diana too –that just because she was the most “popular” member of the royal family, it didn’t really mean anything.

Also – Kate and William were at a “society wedding” over the weekend, and they ran into a slew of ex-girlfriends and ex-boyfriends. The English upper class is so incestuous! Anyway, you can see some photos here. Pippa was there too. Some people are saying Kate looked pregnant, but I kind of think it’s just a really unflattering dress. Kate needs to burn that one, it makes her look thick-waisted, and this is not a thick-waisted girl. At all.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. irishserra says:

    Meh, I call B.S. on this story. I doubt she cares that much.

    • RocketMerry says:

      I agree it’s BS, mostly because this is NOT a new protocol. There was some preoccupation that Charles marriage to Camila Parker Bowles would create confusion (especially to avoid, considering all the background stories), and THAT was when the protocol was issued. Then it was recirculated again with an addendum when William got married.

      The document seems pertinent and helps everyone involved to figure out the correct protocol, since it can be really tricky and complicated.

      I think this is good Waity trying to spin an old non-story into a pity party. What a piece of work William married!

      • ozmom says:

        I fail to see how Kate is the one spinning anything. If its not new protocol I’m sure it came as no surprise.

      • maemay says:

        I’m sorry but Kate spinning story for an also ran like Life and Lies is sort of strange. I get you don’t like her but she is not some bogey man spinning story with a cheap american tabloid.

        This is all MEDIA spin and MEDIA twisting stories to sell story.

      • RocketMerry says:

        Well, that’s just how I see her; like the kind of person who tries to control exactly how she is perceived by the public and, when she’s being criticized too much, has her team plant stories around to see if she can get some sympathy.

        Maybe that’s not how she is but that’s how she appears to me.

      • maemay says:

        So Kate is some makebelieve character in peoples fanfiction?

      • RocketMerry says:

        Maemay, as I see it, she made herself such :)
        She worked hard to portray herself in a certain way. She really, really, really wanted this. For 9 friggin’ years.

      • fairy godmother says:

        The reminder for protocol apparently does bother her and Waity’s family.

        Midds posted a letter written by a teacher they had on their party junk website. Reportedly it indicates how upset they are about putting Waity beneath blood royals.


        I doubt putting something about HM’s choice or Charlie’s eggs will put Waity in a favorable light w/ BRF.

        Midds are so tacky, lack any sense of decorum to the very institution they want to be in.

        Time for HM to cut these low-lives out of BRF events.

      • iseepinkelefants says:

        This is the Waity camp trying to play the pity card. This isn’t just last week old new but years old, old news.

        Why keep bringing it up? So your husband buying your parents a house doesn’t come up? Or you’re insnae cost of clothes for 20 appaerances? Not to mention the amount she spends on hair and beauty.

        Nice try but only the Waity sychophants are the numpties to believe this tripe (I see they’re already out in full force).

    • Luise says:

      She totally cares. She hates the York girls and she and her sister have made no bones about it over the years. Kate totally deserves this and I bet she is raising some kind of hell with William right now.

      • bored with the usa says:

        And you know this how?

      • Luise says:

        Well, Bored, if you took the time to do any research on the internet you know this for yourself.

      • niniane says:

        Share your sources. Anyone can post anything online, and that doesn’t necessarily mean the information is believable, true or accurate. So post the links here and let everyone else see.

      • Mich says:

        Bored and Niniane – The fact that you aren’t aware of this is interesting… it has been reported on for years.

      • Snowangel says:

        They need to get DNA tests on all of them, because no one really knows to whom they are really bowing down to, or curtseying to. Whom is decended from whom is the question. What if their assumed fathers are not the actual fathers ? This should be checked before more and more money is payed out to these supposed “Royals”.

    • niniane says:

      “RocketMerry says:
      July 3, 2012 at 11:47 am

      …Maybe that’s not how she is but that’s how she appears to me.”

      Well if you’re not sure, maybe you shouldn’t make comments that might blacken the reputation of another human being. Kate may be a nice person, or she may be a lousy one. But speaking without facts is called character assassination. A little human decency please. For everyone, not just Kate.

      • RocketMerry says:

        And you come to a gossip site to write that?! Lol
        Look, we’ve already been through this kind of discussions a thousand times here on CB:
        celebrities are people who willingly put themselves into the spot-light, with a VERY precise intent in terms of what they want to appear like. There are rules of behaviour in these PR activities, too: after a while one comes to see those patterns (see: Halle Berry and the fake paparazzo freak out used in the custody proceedings, called by pretty much half of the commenters with days of advance).

        You may like it or not, but most streams of news truly serve a purpose to the celebrities who put them out. This seems like one of these cases, it’s not Waity’s first, won’t be the last and yes, it does portray her in a specific way (that just happens to reinforce the idea I already had formed of her through her campus moves). Besides, I did not go hard on her, at all. Harsh is something else entirely :)
        There. Clearer?

    • Addison says:

      Too bad some actual Royal historians already said this is bogus. Wish I had a link. Nice try Kaiser.

      I think that maybe the royals actually get along, but that story does not sell as many magazines is why this magazine ran this story. This is what I think anyway.

      We need only look at the Jubelie. There should be tons of pictured with curtsies left and right but there aren’t.

  2. Dusty says:


  3. RobN says:

    The public announcement of the new protocol does make it seem like a shot. I know the British love this stuff, but I wouldn’t bow down to those horsey hangers on for all the titles in the world.

    • fancyamazon says:

      I’m Canadian, and military, and protocols are in place for a reason. It allows for stability and the paying of respects to positions of authority (and secondarily to the people who fill them). Also, Americans have their own brand of aristocracy, it just isn’t quite as regimented and is more based on money – how much you have and how long you have had it for. I’m not saying money doesn’t count anywhere else, far from it. But there are poor aristocrats in England and there are rich people who don’t rate much at all. And same in Canada, minus the inherited aristocracy of course.

      The saluting and bowing and such is not such a terrible thing, really, is what I am trying to say.

      And I highly doubt that Kate has much of an issue with it, although she may have needed to have some instruction.

  4. Kaye1 says:

    I don’t believe this was “totally humiliating” for Kate. She knows she wasn’t born royal. It’s not news to her. I don’t think the queen wants to humiliate her. They just have weird, archaic protocol to uphold.

    • marie says:

      agreed. I don’t see why it’s such a big deal..I just always assumed a born princess ranked higher than a married-in one..

      Although I do wonder how it would all work out if Kate gets pregnant and has a daughter

  5. Zimmer says:

    One Kate is drowning, one is emerging.

  6. Amelia says:

    Was that only last week? Blimey, seems like an age away, what with all the $ci craziness.
    Still think it’s funny if the stories of her being a bitch to B+E are true. I think it would be weirder to *not* see the Queen take preference over her granddaughters though. Maybe something’s happened behind closed doors and this is the Queen’s way of saying “WHO’S Queenie, bitch?”

  7. Madamanda says:

    Wow, so the Queen of England is a thirteen year old girl after all. The queen bee. Does that make Kate the Gretchen Wieners to her Regina George?

    • fancyamazon says:

      She takes her position very seriously. That’s all. And she expects those around her to take their positions seriously as well. Everyone has a place, and everyone of those places is important in its own way, in her world.

  8. Murphy says:

    Stick with Camilla darling

  9. Hip-ster says:

    The eyeliner is strong with this cover…

    • Belle says:

      +1 Was trying to figure out if someone was being cruel and photo shopped it to make it even worse than it usually is, but….. nah!

  10. marigold says:

    If you want the truth on these matters, the royals have a legitimate website about protocol and this is all a bunch of hooey. That’s why they haven’t commented. The rule is that if they don’t comment, it’s false.

  11. Riana says:

    So Royalty is high school with it’s mean girls and humiliating laws, lovely. No wonder it’s a show piece with no real power anymore.

    • bettyrose says:

      Actually, all of life is high school with mean girls and humiliating laws/rules.

      • fancyamazon says:

        +1. I have to remind myself many times in a week not to be as petty as my brain tells me to be.

  12. crtb says:

    Time to get rid of theoutdated rules of who bows to whom. Should be done by age. The youngest person bows to the oldest. Love the eyeliner!!!

    • Mac says:

      The Brits love the Royal inbred Family and feel that adherence to the protocols of the monarchy helps legitimize their continued existence.

      QEII led the effort to have grunting banned at Wimbledon because she felt it was uncouth.

  13. Lilo says:

    Thick-waisted? Where?

    Of course they “married in” and they don’t need to be reminded via protocol…everything else would be called incest.

    • Ycnan says:

      As IF she looks fat in these pictures (and don’t pretend thick-waisted is not a nice way of calling someone fat).

      My god this girl is so underweight that I cannot imagine anything she could wear that would make her look fat.

  14. sarahtonin says:

    Does anyone remember who designed the blue coat in the last pics? I want it.

    Edit: Btw, for the record, I believe the protocols. Princesses of the blood take rank. But I don’t think it’s a rule pulled out just to stick it to Kate or teach her a lesson in humility. It’s just a rule.

  15. Hautie says:

    How many times is Kate really around these cousins, yearly?

    I seriously doubt that Kate is around William’s cousins that often, alone. It seems to me that this is a non issue.

    And what few times Kate might walk into the room where they are at alone… she does a little curtsey. Who cares?

    Well besides the British media.

  16. GoodCapon says:

    Does this have anything to do with that curstey she did at the balcony cause the timing was just too right. I’ve read comments where it was a faux pas (she should have curtseyed inside) and she looked like she cursteyed to Philip when it should have been to HM. Also, there was never an instance of anybody curtseying in the balcony, ever.

    One thing I did find strange… she seems very surprised to see Philip there, I thought they’d have seen each other before going out to the balcony!

  17. Grace says:

    The Queen has always been petty and childish,some say murderous. She was never beautiful in any way, physically or otherwise. That is why she is so fond of Camilla; they share unfortunate physical attributes. Diana was beautiful and Kate is beautiful. The Queen is not. She is a truly an example of nepotism in action. Kate knows she is going to outlive Elizabeth unless another “accident” is arranged and Will and Harry would never forgive Elizabeth.

    • Amelia says:

      Someone’s been reading one too many conspiracy theories…

    • bettyrose says:

      What you’re saying then is that a powerful, influential woman who has had an impact on more than a half century of history is reduced to jealous, petty behaviors over mere appearance. Hey, maybe it’s prince Philip who’s the jealous drama queen and she’s just acting on his behalf.

    • Ravensdaughter says:

      Speaking of conspiracies-shock!-my theory is that Philip had aspirations to knock Diana off, at least. Of all the royals, I think he hated her the most. But to be honest, I can’t think of the “how”-besides, no one could have set her up for a tragic death any better than the clowns at the Ritz in Paris. Many “what if’s” there…
      But this isn’t about Diana-well, really, it is. Q-Tip wants to make sure Kate doesn’t get too big for her britches like Diana did.

      • Victoria says:

        I could never understand why The Firm did not just let Diana throw herself down the stairs or take too many pills?

        What power does the Palace have if they let Diana poop all over the Royal Family with books, tapes, interviews, leaks to the media, etc?

    • backwards says:


    • fancyamazon says:

      Have you actually looked at pictures of her when she was younger? Do so, then compare her to her contemporaries. She was not a model, or a starlet, but she was quite lovely in a non-showy sort of way.

    • fancyamazon says:

      Also, I feel I should add that royal progression is not nepotism, as though someone else could have been placed in the position and wasn’t. It’s not like some Sherriff’s department being stocked with half illiterate cousins just because they are related, not because there isn’t anyone else to fill the positions.

    • lil says:

      What? The Queen was gorgeous in her prime. What kind of conspiracy crack are you on?

    • Fue McCormick says:

      OMG … that is one of the most ridiculous (and hilarious) things I’ve heard here. QEII was certainly not a great beauty in her younger years, but neither was she an ugly dog. I don’t think the Queen gives a rats ass about how “beautiful” a woman is at all; I’m sure she’s looking for substance.

  18. Cathy says:

    I don’t believe this for one minute. L&S is always full of bullshit stories. I’m pretty sure their editorial department is actually called the bullshit department.

  19. Bren says:

    Quick question – if Kate refuses to curtsy what happens ? Does she get kicked
    out of the royal family ? fined ? Just wondering…..

    • Luise says:


    • Jaxx says:

      I’ve wondered that myself. What? Bread and water for a week? If I was Kate I would refuse to curtsy to the ugly stepsisters on principle. The fat one always tightens her lips when she sees Kate, like something smells, and the bug-eyed one goggles like she’s waiting for something scandalous to happen. No curtsy for you!

    • Dragon says:

      That is a brilliant question. *lol*
      Well, let me think, she will be tied to a pole, covered with feathers and tar and has to leave the country. ;-) Or something like that. :D :D

    • Amelia says:

      Tbh, I think the reality is that Waity not curtseying would simply never happen. The consequences would be catastrophic in terms of PR.
      Waity would be known for being insubordinate and rude – disrespecting what is essentially the most powerful family in Great Britain would blacklist her in people’s minds.
      And even if there is no literal punishment in terms of X for a week, or Y for a month, the response from the rest of the Royals would destroy her. She’d be blanked, bitched about, pushed to the back in photos, the last choice for royal duties etc.
      As interesting as it would be to see, I don’t think we’ll see it.

  20. Boo says:

    Bea and Eug always look goofy.

    • Luise says:

      Leave them alone! Just because they haven’t had all the processing that Waity has had.

      • bluhare says:

        Apparently Bea and Eug took it seriously enough to get a stylist.

      • Nancy Blue says:

        @Bluhare. Hi – just come from Enclave24 but site ‘unavailable’. Have you had problems? If there are perhaps Miss24 could contact us by e-mail. Enjoy your posts too.

      • bluhare says:

        Hi Nancy: Yes, I’ve been there and the site’s down. There’s a couple of other people downthread who’ve said the same thing.

  21. Hubbahun says:

    Seriously this is all bullshit. I doubt Kate gives a living crap.

    • Fue McCormick says:

      I bet she does give a crap. She probably reads CB six days a week and wonders why we aren’t referring to her as Catherine. She always looks like a smug little bitch and has the capability of making expensive clothing look cheap. … And her sister … dear Lord … don’t get me started. I’m definitely Team B and E.

      • Luise says:

        OMG. Thank you. I really feel bad for those 2 girls. The Waity is a hideous fake silent but deadly monster. Lord only knows what William (Kate) is going to do to them down the road.

  22. melissa says:

    When’s the last time Life & Style printed something that wasn’t completely fabricated?

  23. Jenny says:

    What I sometimes find amusing about the really low end tabloids, well they are all pretty low end, is that when a story they had been fabricating for years (Tom and Katie break-up, Its over!) finally comes true, they put it in a side bar and go with another made up story for the main cover story.

    Shouldn’t the true story of Tom and Katie break-up have been the cover? The same is true with Star. They feature some Jessica Simpson nonesense and put tom/katie on the side.

  24. DD says:

    Ehhh, I don’t believe a word. Eugenie looks like a sweet girl. Kate and those two princess’ are very much alike. Rich girl hoity toity tea drinking pinky raisers. They probably get along just fine. Camilla looks like a fun old bird and the Queen seems to get on with the lot.

  25. AnneOriginal says:

    BS story. I seriously doubt the Queen is “consumed by jealousy”.

  26. It is ME!! says:

    I doubt this is a “shock” to Kate. She knew what was up when she got married….or she SHOULD have known what was up….

  27. Ally says:

    Well, at least her quads will stay toned. What would happen, should she ‘forget’ to curtsey?

  28. Loulou says:

    I’d be more worried about Carole Middleton who’s one fast operator IMO.

  29. bluhare says:

    Yes, there’s a lot of weird protocol involved, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say that if Kate was Lady Catherine of Middletonia this might not be happening.

    I don’t recall any curtsey memos when Diana married Charles. She was third in precedence behind the Queen and Queen Mother. Camilla should be as well as she’s technically Princess of Wales but doesn’t use the title because of Diana. So really, Camilla should be miffed because she was royally snubbed. Beatrice and Eugenie have an axe to grind because they don’t like Kate, and their dad is always willing to go to mummy and beg. So I think this is all about how some of them don’t want to curtsey to someone so . . . common.

    Maybe someone who knows more than me can correct me because I’m making this up as I go along.

    • LAK says:

      isn’t it silly how all this is playing out as Kate vs B&E when really it should be Anne and Alex vs Camilla?

      or Anne and Alex against all the commoners……LOL

      • bluhare says:

        That’s true, LAK. It’s even more amusing about Anne, the person who didn’t want to give her kids HRH status, thereby ensuring they have to curtsey to everybody.

      • LAK says:

        Can you imagine if Margaret were still alive. She would have out-snobbed the lot of them!!

      • mayamae says:

        Ladies I’ve probably posted this too late for you to see, but I have a question.

        I am wondering why Elizabeth allowed her sister Margaret to be such a useless, spoiled, ridiculous person. I actually think it seems very loving that she spoiled her sister so. Yet it seems so unfair to me.

        I have read that the reason she had more children after Anne was to take from Anne the burden that Margaret experienced. It doesn’t seem to me that Margaret acted like she had any burden.

        After Elizabeth’s father became king, is it believed that they tried to have a son to take the burden off of Elizabeth? I know if they had a son he would have been a child when his father died.

      • bluhare says:

        I don’t really know the answer to that other than Margaret and Elizabeth were close growing up. They never went out and mingled with people, “proper” people were brought to them.

        I’d say it’s Elizabeth who had the burden. Margaret could get all the perks without much of the work. And had quite the life, I understand. You could argue she was the first modern day cougar.

      • LAK says:

        @Mayamea – i agree with Bluhare’s conclusion too.

        May i add that the only time HM intervened, at least in public, in Margaret’s life, *She stopped her from marrying the love if her life so there was probably guilt too in allowing her to do as she pleased after that.

        *Margaret wasn’t really stopped. She was given a choice; Royalty or love. She chose royalty.

    • Nancy Blue says:

      Bluehare. – really appreciate your response re Enclave24. Hope it’s not permanent! Keep in touch. Enjoy your posts here too.
      I have also been on moderation here and not sure why.

  30. Genevieve says:

    Who else thinks of the ugly stepsisters when they see Princess Beatrice & Princess Eugenie & think of Princess Kate as Cinderella?

  31. The Original Mia says:

    Why would the Queen be jealous of Kate? Lordy. I’d buy this story if it played up the Queen’s love for her granddaughters being the reason she told Waity to sit her butt down, but jealous? Nah, son.

  32. marlio says:

    I think Kate is going to upstage Queen Elizabeth, not matter WHAT she does. The monarchy is almost irrelevant anyway and unless Prince William is the next king. the monarchy will be dissolved. The princessess are not as important as they think they may be.

    • fancyamazon says:

      Just wait for it. Charles will be crowned, that is the way it goes. then he will abdicate. This is my opinion only, and conversations with people who know a lot more about it than I do, but I believe that when Charles married Camilla he made the decision then not to take the throne.

      • fancyamazon says:

        *sorry- should read “this is my opinion only, based on my observations and a few conversations with people who know a lot more about it than I do*

      • Amelia says:

        Really? D’you think Charles will abdicate? I’ve never heard that theory before, I thought he was going to make the Royal family ‘greener’ so to speak.

      • fancyamazon says:

        @Amelia – well, he does have a lot of “Green” things on the go, including his little village (can’t remember the name of it right now, read about it years ago, sort of a self-sustaining area), but yes, I think he will abdicate. He believes in the monarchy in much the same way the Queen does, and I think he and she decided together the best way to move it forward, while staying true to the traditions and protocols and such.

      • bluhare says:

        I read somewhere that there have been meetings that pretty much say the same thing. Now I’m wracking my brain to try and figure out where!

      • HME says:

        No way. Charles won’t abdicate. He’s literally spent his WHOLE LIFE training to be king, he’s not going to just step aside when he finally gets his turn. And the Queen , who lived through her uncle’s abdication for which she at least partly blames her father’s early death on and who pledged her whole life to the service of her people when she was just 21 would NEVER condone an abdication. Never.

      • fancyamazon says:

        @HME I cam to my opinion based partly on the same things you just said to have another opinion. It is just an opinion, but I have had it for a long time, since long before Kate came on the scene. I believe the Queen has long eyes, and so does Charles. I was not in on their discussions, of course, so it is my perspective from where I sit, over here in the Canadian “colonies”. :)

      • JulieM says:

        Sorry, HME is correct. Charles will never abdicate. It simply will not happen. And additionally, he will be very determined to make Camilla his Queen. You can count on that.

    • Jaxx says:

      I can’t see Charles abdicating when he has waited in his mother’s shadow his entire life. But do you really think Camilla will be queen? I can’t see it. There is still a lot of love for Di all over the world. And can you not see all the tabloids bringing out that old tape where Charles wished he was a tampon so he could be closer to Camilla all the time? King and Queen Tampon. Oh yeah, that will go over BIG.

      Which may be the very reason Charles gets bypassed in favor of Good Press Will & Kate. Losing the crown over a tampon. Bet he wished he had never said that.

      • Sachi says:

        Seriously? You think many people are going to be stupid and shallow and wish Charles not to be King because he compared himself to a hygiene product?

        I wish we can have that standard for politicians. Compare yourself to a tampon? You’re gone! Forget every good thing you’ve done for others. You’re not worthy of the position.

        Just because Diana’s marriage to Charles was terrible doesn’t mean that Charles would be a bad King. His unpopularity has lessened a lot the past few years. He’s not as “hated” as many people assume he is. Rational people can see beyond the Diana issues and see Charles as a worthy heir to the throne.

        IMO people who think William should bypass Charles as King don’t know how a monarchy works and functions.

        Honestly, I hate to be harping about this, but people have to stop with their assumptions that Charles won’t be King because of Camilla. The laws were changed in 2005, that was why they got to marry in the first place. Camilla is really Princess of Wales, she just doesn’t use the title to spare herself the added hatred from the crazy Diana fans who wish her ill no matter what she does.

        Camilla will be Queen. Charles will make sure of that.

        Everything else is nonsense conspiracies rooted in others’ perception that William is so popular in the UK, ergo he is ready to be King and he must be King over his father who has been doing his role as Prince of Wales for the past 50 years.

        Does that make sense? Parliament is going to prefer a lazy, spoiled, unprepared 30-year old like William over the dedication and service Charles has given the Crown and his country? I don’t think so.

        Charles can transform himself to a giant tampon and he will still be King as long as he does what is expected of him as Prince of Wales.

      • bluhare says:

        Sachi: Then don’t you think that if Camilla is really POW that everyone should be curtseying to her? Anne should just shove it. She didn’t want her kids to have titles, so why was she raising a holy shit fit over that? She didn’t even like Diana!

      • LAK says:

        Bluhare: Anne and Camilla have history long before Diana came on the scene. THis was probably Anne’s revenge over Camilla stealing APB from Anne. Although, seeing what a lothario he was and turned out to be, who is to say who had the better deal.

        And of course Anne never seems to take to any of the wives. Diana was generally liked to begin with by everyone in the family, so i am sure it wasn’t a problem then. When she started to overshadow them, that’s when the dislike begun.

        Charles was savvy enough not to create waves when he first married Camilla. Marrying her was and has been such a battle, i am sure he would not have allowed his wife being belittled in this way.

        And whether we like it or not, Camilla is POW. They are not in a morganatic marriage. She enjoys all his titles and can style herself with all of them. Duke of Cornwall is his second title. Diana had that too BUT since people are still so crazy about Diana, and seem to think POW was her personal title, not to mention media and public mood, they decided to use the second of his titles for Camilla.

        And she will be Queen Consort or Queen if he can manage it. When they married, he made such show of her being Princess Consort, but the pr has worked, so now every one can’t see why she can’t be Queen Consort. Legally, she’s entitled to be that. If she’s not, it will be as illegal as HRH being kept from Wallis Simpson.

      • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

        Old age and low ranking on the ‘sexability’ scale never stopped the ascent of a monarch before.

        -Edward VII was no spring chicken
        -George IV
        -William III of the Pineapple-Shaped Head
        -James I (VI of Scotland) was well into life when he came into the English part of his throne.
        -James II
        -Charles II

        …and so on.

        If infants and children (both James VI and Henry VI were about nine months old, not to mention all the rulers who were born into kingdom as their fathers died whilst mum while pregnant) can take the throne, so can older people.

        People talk a lot about how the monarchy has no significance anymore, but then it suddenly becomes the most important institution ever when discussion turns to the rule of Jug-Ears III, and the stars will crash into the sea if Camilla ascends.

        I know that contemporary standards for marriage among the common folk change like socks, and a marriage of the titled brings along its own set of confusions and frustrations, but throughout the ages royal dalliances (of the male kind) have been expected, tolerated, encouraged, loathed…everything. But the description of Head Of State has one meaning, always. After Wallis and Margaret and the unholy cluster migraine that was Margaret and Snowdon, I don’t think Queenie is in any rush to just start throwing people in and out of the line of succession for the sake of photo ops. The Windsors are not generally good at being married and no one knows what will become of the relationships decades down the road so you have to have a better reason to force abdication than ‘this couple is prettier’. They don’t see adultery the way we do, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Queenie takes a dimmer view of Diana than she does of Camilla for not keeping quiet and carrying on in the face of her husband’s infidelities. I’m not her, but I feel as though Charles’ faithlessness towards his wife would be far more tolerable to her than the opening of the floodgates that resulted from Diana going public.

  33. Dena says:

    Part of the RF’s appeal is its tradionalism. With tradition comes rules of protocol and engagement. Those things helps it to endure and survive in a changing world, century after century. Their world is one of rank and privileve. Waity is now a part of that life. She doesn’t get the flout the rules just because she bagged the big, bald yellow-toothed one. Hence, she should have to curtsy to the Royal Princesses et. al.

    • fancyamazon says:

      +1 – sometimes I feel it would be nice to have a bit more of that infused into everyones daily lives, my own included.

    • svlover says:

      Completely agree – I think my country (US), in addition to other countries, would be a much better place with a little more class, tact, traditions, and manners.
      I am all for freedom of choice, but there are negative outcomes too when “anything goes.”

  34. marion says:

    Sorry Marigold – you got it wrong – the RF never comment whether the story is right or wrong – hurrah for the Queen I say – it’s about time someone took that little upstart down a peg or 2 – the way she walks in front of senior royals as if she is more important – everyone knows the RF have rules and protocols that may seem archaic to the rest of us but that’s the way it is and Kate must have been given guidance on these matters when she married – I wouldn’t push in front of older members of my or my husband’s family like she does – it’s just not good manners to do so

  35. kay says:

    someone needs to post that fabulous link of one of the blood princesses (I can never tell them apart) bumping into Kate, and kate’s face.

    it was priceless.

    I find all the protocol fascinating, but I would never be able to pull it off. curtsying is just not for me.

  36. celine says:

    kate is not only no part of the royal family. she is more important than any part of the royal family.
    they need her.

    • Danielle says:

      How is she more important and why do they need her?

      • bluhare says:

        They need her as a brood mare to produce the heir.

      • Sachi says:

        They don’t need Kate, they just need a womb.

        Kate is dispensable, as is any other commoner-turned-royal spouse.

        They can always get another one like Kate. If she doesn’t have any children, the Windsors have 1000 more people in line to the throne, all over Europe.

        It’s a sad commentary, but it is what Kate has committed herself to when she married William’s title…er, William.

    • fancyamazon says:

      Well, who would she be to any of us if not for them? They are interconnected, and I think they all get along much better than what the tabloids tell us.

  37. Victoria says:

    Don’t tell me the Queen’s staff did not know that Kate would be taking the spotlight from the Queen in a red dress, etc? Her clothes MUST have had the Queen’s approval.

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      I honestly don’t think she stood out. Lots of the coterie members were in red, QEII’s white outfit really popped.

  38. Sachi says:

    LOL @ Total humiliation for Kate.

    Does Life&Style think Kate is as innocent as a “country girl” who gets her poor feelings hurt every time she hears/reads something negative about her?

    She can’t have survived living among the aristocracy and the elite if she’s so kind, shy, and gentle. They’d have eaten her alive a long, long time ago. She’d have been as ruthless, cunning, and manipulative as the rest of them.

    Protocol is protocol. Everyone adheres to it, so why should Kate be exempted?

    This is all BS from the Kate sycophants at the Daily Mail and every other fawning press that made a stink about this out of nowhere to try and deflect the attention on Kate’s spending habits.

    Of course, some of the US media can’t let this one pass by because they have to keep William and Kate’s fairy tale alive, so they make Kate out to be the victim and the royals the villains. Poor Kate. The Windsors are so mean to her. Oh, the injustice!

    Typical media tripe.

    • Luise says:

      I for one am so glad that the queen did this. The Waity has totally gotten out of control. Now, it will be interesting to see how William reacts to it.

      • Sachi says:

        If William considers it an offense to him, he’d probably do something.

        But he’s very self-centered and seems concerned only about his Golden Boy image, so who really knows.

        After all, he strung Kate along for almost a decade, let her be scrutinized, be labeled Waity Katie and her laziness be out in the clear for everyone to see, cheated on her many times, etc. so I doubt he’d be upset for her.

        You can’t be upset for someone you don’t respect, and seeing William’s behaviour in the past towards Kate, I don’t think he will care that much, unless he feels the position, not the person, of Duchess of Cambridge is not being respected since it might reflect on his position as Duke as well.

        But we’re talking about born-royals and blood Princesses, so William will know of the correct protocol.

      • Luise says:

        I don’t know Sachi. I think William may take offense now since he married it…..particularly if Ma Snake Eyes starts working on him.

      • maemay says:

        Out of control? she is barely seen? You want out of control look up Fergie toe sucking or Diana and Fergie at Ascot sticking men in the bum with unbrellas. Kate is just fanfiction fodder.

      • Sachi says:

        @ Luise – hmmm, maybe if Ma Middleton lets him know she was upset by all of this, he’d do something about it. IMO he cares more for Kate’s family than he does for her. If they raise a stink, maybe he’d be pushed to do something.

        But I really doubt it. William cares too much for protocol. This is the guy who doesn’t let anyone touch and approach him unless his security approved it and it’s within royal guidelines.

        He looks uncomfortable when he’s not “in control” of the interaction. See that photo of him and Kate in LA where a woman (I think the mayor’s wife/GF?) has her arm around Kate. Both Kate and William looked uncomfortable, but Kate was still smiling while William had a grimace on his face. He wasn’t happy about protocol being broken when it came to touching the royals in an ‘intimate’ way. It was not Kate he was offended for, but the breach of protocol regarding Kate’s position.

    • LAK says:

      Personally i would have thought being used as the punch line in a chinese advert is more humiliating.


      • Sachi says:

        I don’t know if the ad meant to be funny or are they actually broadcasting what they think of Kate.

        It’s just an ad, so I doubt Kate will care too much. Maybe it will just fly over her head, considering her past comments. :D

        This is what I meant when I say anonymous posters’s comments on the internet can’t be worse than what others are thinking and saying when it comes to Kate. And they’re not being subtle about it.

        Is the Chinese company “jealous” too for showing Kate this way? I think it’s also humiliating, but it’s not the first time Kate has been portrayed and called as as such.

        I just have to wonder if something will be done a la William-Amanda Platell case.

      • LAK says:

        it’s one thing for people to make anonymous comments. Once the spoofs start, your image is set.

      • Sachi says:

        I agree. I remember there was a twitter joke going around when Kate visited the NPG for the Lucian Freud exhibition, and someone tweeted that Kate asked what time Freud himself would be there.

        It was meant as a jest, but it came in the aftermath of her Faberge eggs comment, and someone decided to make a joke about her…lack of knowledge when it comes to things relevant with the purpose of the events she attends.

        It’s one thing for anonymous posters to make comments. But it’s another for a massive network like twitter to run with a joke about her being, essentially, stupid.

        And now she was called a gold-digger by a Chinese ad.

        Do you think she cares, though? I remember the Queen making a snide remark about her wedding dress when they viewed it, but Kate just went on talking and ignored what the Queen said. And she famously said in her engagement interview that she only cares what William and her family think, she doesn’t care about anyone else’s.

    • bluhare says:

      Sachi: I don’t think I understand. If protocol is protocol, why did HM issue the memo? Anne should have been made to curtsey to Camilla, as that would have been protocol. Now they’re doing the same thing to Kate. As wife to the 2nd in line, one would think she’d be ahead of Bea and Eug in the protocol line, yet she’s been downgraded.

      I seriously don’t get it.

      So if protocol is protocol, why this?

      • LAK says:

        Bluhare: HM doesn’t like to change stuff. She loves her protocols. It doesn’t mean she can’t and has never changed things, but she’s not going to change stuff to suit the prevailing situation unless she has to.

        I think Anne is the reason she hasn’t changed the protocol back to reflect Kate’s true ranking because if she did, then she has to change the protocol for Camilla. And she can’t very well put some Blood Princes above Kate/Camilla but not others. All this stuff didn’t matter a jot when William was unmarried and no one realised the implications of the change in protocols.

        I maintain that this story was leaked to distract from the other 4 stories because people knew and were talking about it at the wedding and no one then was saying it was humiliating for Kate.

        People love or respect Anne. So B&E are easy targets and can easily be made the villains of the piece.

        I think it is really bad form that Kate’s pr can put out or even insinuate that this was done specifically to humiliate her. And to use The Queen in this way.

        That’s not to say that HM is above reproach, but right now her approval rating is sky high. This simply makes Kate look very petty and demonstrates beyond a shadow of a doubt that she does care about these things even as she pretends not to.

  39. Paula says:

    the video that someone was talking about-starts at 3:19.
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rAMYz2MtKbU ;)

  40. Lia says:

    It’s the Queen and her family just trying to do to Kate what they did to Diana. Charles allowed it; maybe William should not.

    • LAK says:

      The same William who allowed the press and all of Britain if not the world to call her ‘waity’ and now ‘dolittle’???

      • KingOfMyBed says:

        Well she was waiting and now she does little.

      • bluhare says:

        Diana didn’t like Shy Di either, and Chuckles didn’t do anything about that.

      • LAK says:

        ….but, Shy Di is hardly an insult is it? Some of the other names that Waity was called not just by the public but by his own circle of friends really reflects badly on him. And he didn’t stop any of it.

        When Charles friends called Diana mentally unwell, that was for a very specific reason with his backing. It certainly wasn’t done out of concern for her.

  41. Fue McCormick says:

    LOL … reading and watching this stuff is hilarious … it’s the only blood-sport I truly enjoy … :)

  42. sarahphillip says:

    Kate is a consort and married to monarchy.Not anying kinda of princess or monarchy thatt she was at birth.I know William and Charles will never be King because of workingclass mate.Workingclass does not bring the blood of continue birth monarchy.It ends it and destroys the laws by not being applied which ends the royal life.Kate and Camilla both knew this is part of their birth right workingclass.They shouldn’t even fuss they get treated better then President’s of other countries.They need to shut up.Kate’s probably upset of never being crown or given royalty term.They are workingclass despite being married to monarchy ,they must curtsy…Embarrished is right,it shows she isn’t a proper mate for a monarchy or properly fitted for the purpose.?OOH,SO MEAN TO TELL SOMEONE YOU WEREN’T MEANT TO BE IN ROYALty,IF YOUR were, YOU WOULD HAVE BEEN BORN MONARCHY AND NOT WORKINGCLASS.FACT BY God Almighty.Same with high society.

    • sarahphillip says:

      Kate is really spoil and contraite.Queen’s is proud of her granddaughters but kate wasn’t even allow the wedding at the abby but she let william pay for the use .When consorts are never married in the church by Bishop.They marry civil ceremony in small chateux or church.Not what was seen 2011…Camilla and Charles didn’t get approve by the Queen like Kate didn’t both couple had to pay for everything possibl;e.Very different from Sarah Ferguson(birth royal countess leanage by birth ) and Lady Diana Spencer(birth monarchy hier).Their day was taken care of by all the requirements needed to be Princess and Dutchess legally.Kate and Camilla have hype term for their nontitles.Because they are not monarchy hier to the crown.And no one going to lie to make them so…

  43. KingOfMyBed says:

    How can she be humiliated when the rules were already in place? If anyone should be humiliated it’s Camilla who the rules were brought in to make lower in status than Anne and Alexandra and she’s just gotten on with her life and not given it much thought.
    As soon as Charles is King he’ll put it back so that his wife is no1 which she would be as Queen anyway and to all the people saying Kate would have to curtsy to her own daughter she wouldn’t because a princess ranks lower than a Queen.

  44. anne_000 says:

    Judging from stories about K & P being bullies to E & B, and seeing that Kate purposely walked ahead of Prince Charles & Camilla at a royal event (seen on camera by world on that Jubilee boat) because she doesn’t really care about showing public respect to the higher-up royals, I think this was the only way anybody could get Kate to act & think properly. I dont know if Kate is just a snob or stupid or both, but I’m thinking that either way, it takes a lot to get something into Kate’s head & change her behavior. I dont think it’s about jealously at all. Kate has gotten away with a lot over the years by doing as little as possible before & after her marriage. I think this is the first time in her life that someone had put Kate in her place and told her to take something seriously (besides hunting for rich & influential men). Someone finally told Kate “Look, it’s not Kate’s world” and that she finally has to answer to someone for her decisions & behaviors.

    • bluhare says:

      I’m not a Kate apologizer by any means, and perhaps she was mean to the York sisters, but on the other hand, perhaps the York sisters weren’t perfect either. God knows, Kate had to put up with a lot of aristocratic sniggering about her lineage on top of the Waity Katy stuff.

    • marion says:

      As for Waity walking ahead of Charles and Camilla on the boat – leaving aside roayl protocol does she not know it is very bad manners to walk ahead of her father-in-law and his wife – I was always brought up to allow older members of the family to go first

  45. anne_000 says:

    I also think that Kate thinks that just because she’s popular, in magazines, & papparazzi’d a lot, she thinks she can get away with some things even when it crosses the line, especially in terms of disrespecting the other royals. It think this is a way in which the Firm/Queen/Palace can tell her that popularity isn’t everything and it isnt what is truly substantive especially when it comes to family matters.

  46. B says:

    Catherine definitely needs more practice in the etiquette of the proper curtsey. She is only bobbing. Maybe this will allow her the chance to practice. Watch B and E curtsey. Especially PE ‘s wife… Sophie /Sophia?

  47. Shannon says:

    Am I really supposed to believe the royal family curtsy to each other in private?

  48. d says:

    I agree, I think Kate’s not getting it, all these protocols. She may not give a fig, but that protocol is just about using a visual way of showing respect to the Queen/King. When you don’t follow protocol, you are disrespecting the Queen.

    If this story is true, she needs to suck it up and take her head out of *ss. Because not only is the Queen the Queen, but she is an old lady. And if Kate wants to not care and do her thing despite protocol, she’s basically being a jerk to the woman. It’s like going to a little old lady’s house, and the lady’s got old-fashioned rules of how to behave…and so would you just ignore that, or you would be polite and conduct yourself accordingly? I mean, it’s just plain RUDE and ill-mannered if you can’t follow protocol set by someone who’s been in the biz for a gazillion years. And jeez, if you don’t like the royal rules, don’t marry royal. How hard is that to figure out?
    It would be like a newbie entering a company and telling the president, “I don’t need to follow your policy, everyone likes me, i’m just going to do my own thing.” They’d be fired for insubordination.

    And yeah. The Queen will NEVER abdicate, and I seriously doubt Charles would. Not with what her parents when through when Elizabeth was a child, and what she had gone through herself. I agree too that she takes the job seriously and expects others to do the same. It’s not that much differnt from the idea of being told to “pull your weight” in an organization or relationship. Sorry, I’m a big fan of Queen Elizabeth and her cracking of the whip.

  49. erika says:

    HA! Porky and Petunia are just jealous! Those two gals are raunchy lookin’!

    and the Queen rides them hard…


  50. flan says:

    I don’t like the Middletons much, but I find it very strange that the wife of the eldest son of the eldest son, should curtsy to two daughters of the second son.

    That is definitely not how things used to be in royal circles in Europe.

    Of course in the old days, princes tended to marry at least nobility, but often royalty from under countries. I think this weird rule has a lot to do with their contempt for ‘commoners’.

    Also, now that I thought about it, I think they really see the marriage of Charles and Camilla as a morganistic marriage (higher ranked married lower ranked; the children are legitimate but can not inherit). Of course they can not say it out loud, since it would be considered too snobbish nowadays. This is probably why Anne refused to curtsy to Camilla, which in turn invited the other rules as well.

    • bluhare says:

      I agree with you. I think it’s all about snobbery, and it’s pretty disgusting. For all their talk about good works and serving their country, they’re a bunch of spoilt petty mean girls.

  51. sharron says:

    Just some views from the UK:

    The York princesses have probably asked Daddy to remind Her Majesty to ‘remind’ the family about protocol as it’s clear they don’t like Catherine. In particular, the oldest one Beatrice has campaigned (according to the non-tabloid UK press) for a more prominent place in ‘The Firm’ and to be allowed to due more official duties (and therefore presumably be paid from the Civil List).

    HM The Queen has reportedly refused point blank to include them, asking Catherine to be more involved instead. Indeed, she seems to like having Catherine and Camilla involved in official duties – she smiles even more when they are all together. I would imagine this has caused tension at lower levels.

    Finally, I doubt very much that Catherine did not know the protocol, they are entrenched. It’s probably more that she’s rarely with the Royals when William is not by her side and so has not had to face this ‘issue’ yet. You can bet she will deal with it by never seeing the Yorks alone, which will irritate them even more. Go Catherine!

    • bluhare says:

      Agree with you re the York girls. Seems like quite a few people think they’re paragons of virtue, but they were raised by Air Miles Andy who had to quit his job due to his links with a paedophile, and Sarah Ferguson, who probably needs no explanation.

      Andrew is rumoured to be the Queen’s favorite and he goes whining to mummy all the time, and she gives in. For example, giving him some arcane royal honour while he was in the middle of the paedophile mess (he was photoed with an under aged girl who was a masseuse), the end result being he was untouchable although he did quit being trade envoy or whatever he was.

      It’s Andrew who’s seriously lobbying the Queen to have Bea and Eug included as working royals. Charles is on record as saying he wants to streamline the royal family when it’s his turn. They don’t like it. The bottom line is it’s always the eldest’s family who takes over. Everyone else moves down a notch.

      Kate technically outranks Beatrice and Eugenie, and they should have to curtsey to her. But she’s “common” and not a blood royal so their snobbery knows no bounds.

      • arlie says:

        This is an interesting perspective, bluhare. I find myself inclined to favour the York sisters because of their perceived inferiority in terms of looks and because Waity overshadows them in terms of media attention. On the other hand, I can’t help but think that they, along with Waity, Pipsqueak, and the whole lot of upper-class women in Britain, even Sophie, are all just spoiled, indulged snobs who could become petty mean girls any time something rubbed them the wrong way. I reserve judgment on Autumn though. She seems so down to earth and normal, and she’s still quite new.

      • LAK says:

        @Bluhare: Eugenie has just graduated from Newcastle. For now i hold to my wait and see policy.

  52. marion says:

    To Fairy Godmother – and so say all of us – about time someone put Waity in her place and who better to do it than the Queen – by the way does anyone know what has happend to Enclave 24 website – deosn’t seem to be available – just wondering if Middies have managed to get it blocked as it wasn’t exactly flattering to them and their stick insect daughter

    • Luise says:

      Hee Hee.

    • Sachi says:

      I tried clicking on Enclave 24 but it doesn’t show for me. The whole webpage/URL is gone.

      Smells fishy to me, how it disappeared. It was practically wiped out.

      They were on a roll about their take on William and Kate, and they did great write-ups about it, too. Shame IF they were closed down because of their opinions.

    • bluhare says:

      Interesting. I just clicked and can’t get there either. Maybe they’re having internet issues. I can’t believe they’d get shut down just because they don’t like Kate and her family.

      • arlie says:

        I wondered what happened to Enclave 24 today too. No notifications, and can’t access the website. Surely it’s just Internet issues, as you say, Bluhare.

      • LAK says:

        I have been lurking without posting at Enclave24 for a while. On the oldest page, an anonymous poster added a comment that Kate and her circle were very aware of the blog.

        methinks as it became more and more accurate and popular in it’s musings with clear evidence rather than speculations, and especially the latest update when it pointed out in many, many, ways why Kate has been snubbed by the Royal Family, it may have hit upon the/a truth.

        Like William’s directive to The Daily Mail to only write positive stories on Kate, i am more than ready to think that this was shut down for the very same reasons.

        Royal Dish and CB better watch out!

        ps:- i have been lurking on RD for a week now, someone was posting entire Enclave24 articles there, maybe we should cut and paste them here!!!:) or maybe not because CB will then be shut down.

    • Luise says:

      I can’t get on Enclave 24 either. They( being The Palace, William , Kate ) have definitely shut it down. Oh how the truth must hurt.

      I guess there is nothing any of us can do about Enclave. Does anyone have any suggestions?

      • fairy godmother says:

        I just tried and enclave is shut down! So sad!

        I did not even get to read the blog from 2 days ago.

        It had to be incredibly spot on to be wiped off the internet!

        After all this site has been writing about Waity for some time. Wonder if Willie sent his bullies like he did to Amanda Platell?

        If so I would expect a new site set up under a new name asap.

        Funny thing that bitter snub Party Pieces posted on their website about HM’s curtsy orders and PC’s eggs has far more sinister, disrespectful undertones on BRF – you know the very institution Midd’s have been aspiring to be a part of.

      • Nancy Blue says:

        Luise. Hopefully Miss24 can communicate with us here or by personal e-mails to update us.

      • marion says:

        I don’t have any suggestion Luise about Enclave 24 but given the comments on tbis site how long before it too is removed – maybe Miss 24 from the Enclave site may visit this one and leave a comment – I do hope so – this site was often mentioned on Enclave 24 so she will be aware of it and may visit here if she has lost her own site

    • Nancy Blue says:

      Hi Marion. Just posted a query to Bluhare upthread asking about Enclave24. I thought like you that it was Mid interference. Hope if it doesn’t come back up Miss 24 can communicate what the problem is here or by our personal e-mails


      • arlie says:

        Call me naive, but how can anyone besides the owner shut down a website? Aren’t access codes and such required? Besides, I thought the Internet was a democracy. And surely if Miss 24 had been threatened with a lawsuit or anything like that from the Royal Family’s lawyers, she would have posted a parting notice. This is very worrisome, and yes, creepy.

      • LAK says:

        @Airlie – The internet is a democracy, as long as you do not hit on the truth especially as it pertains to government. Many people think that because they are constitutional and appear harmless that they aren’t government, but they are.

        I say the fact that there is no finger/foot prints what so ever, as if it has never existed, does point to it being shut down.

        isn’t that the point of wikileaks and how it tries resist censorship??

      • arlie says:

        I don’t know. Crap, it’s just a harmless, innocent website with astute criticism of facts mixed in with enlightened speculation. A couple of the posts have stretched things a bit, IMO, when it comes to conspiracy theories, but nothing malicious. If they shut down Enclave, then what’s next? How long can they keep whitewashing Kate Middleton? As you say, LAK, RD and CB look out!

      • LAK says:

        @Airlie – That blog was getting exponetially popular. Plus each post was moving further from speculation and closer to truth. I am sure Miss 24 was not intentionally exposing the truth but her speculative arguments were astute and very good starting points for anyone to look in the right direction.

        Plus, that anonymous poster who said that Kate and her circle were very aware of the blog. And that the speculations were very close to the truth.

      • arlie says:

        I know it was getting exponentially popular! I joined a year ago, when I first starting having grave doubts about many aspects of Waity’s ability to do her job. Since then, and especially recently, I’ve been astonished at the number of responses and the number of new people who have joined.

        If it’s true that Miss 24′s blog has been shut down, I hope she has saved all her articles somewhere else. She’s a great researcher and could easily one day use her material for a book. And I hope she surfaces somewhere else on the Internet soon.

      • LAK says:

        i found it about a couple of months ago.

        She really should put it down in a book.

    • Luise says:


      • Nancy Blue says:

        Arlie and Luise. – I posted a comment earlier also suggesting that Miss 24′s blog should be used as a book but can’t find it. My posts are also ‘moderated’ but don’t understand why as not offensive or why book one not printed unless I have missed it!

  53. kitty-bye says:

    I need a diagram :D

  54. Lisa says:

    I sure hope that enclave24 is just experiencing internet problems and that no one is actually trying to shut down the free exchange of ideas. That would be creepy.

  55. Random Devotchka says:

    Did anyone read the “princess of the blood” and automatically have that sceen from Marie Antionette pop into their head? “Non, Madame, this is Versilles…” :)

  56. mimi says:

    This so called “queen” is so ridiculous.

    Who wants to be connected to this disfunctional family anyways?
    If not for british tax-payers’ money they would just be bums. They are not intellectuals nor artistic, nor scientists.

    What are they good for other than busy themselves trying to humiliate women who married their children/ cousins etc.

    Some people need ego games to feel good about themselves because they have absolutely nothing that they constributed to any other human being and they have zero positive things to give their friends, family and community.

    She must be the worst grandmother in law out there.

    • LAK says:

      ‘Who wants to be connected to this disfunctional family anyways?’

      Kate and The Middletons.

  57. arlie says:

    Well, Enclave 24 seems to be back, at least for me. In a way, it would have been exceptionally interesting if it had been shut down, proving how important it really is to the RF.

  58. B says:

    Do ‘They’ really watch these blogs?

  59. B says:

    Do ‘They’ really watch these blogs? That’s Very Interesting!

  60. B says:

    Do ‘They’ really watch these blogs? That’s Very Interesting! Why won’t my comment go?

  61. B says:

    Can’t leave comment at enclave24. What’s going on?

  62. Fofototto says:

    What happens when Will and Kate have kids? Will they have to bow/curtsy to the York sisters too? Do the York sisters currently curtsy to Will or Harry or the POW? This is so dang confusing. Does this family spend all day bowing and curtsying to one another. I certainly hope not. In the words of Sweet Brown: “ain’t nobody got time fo’ that”!

  63. Jaye says:

    Enclave 24 is up and running. I just clicked on it w/out a problem.

  64. Luise says:

    I am so glad Enclave 24 is back again. Thank you Miss 24!!!!!!

  65. meanjean says:

    These royals spend their leisure time with bathroom humor. I’d kill myself from the boredom.