Us Weekly: Jessica Simpson was drinking margaritas while breastfeeding

I’ve been saying since the beginning of this fart-blanketed catastrophe that Jessica Simpson is going to rue the day that she signed a $3 million contract with Weight Watchers. Jessica says there are no problems, tweeting, “Just so everyone knows…Weight Watchers hasn’t put ANY pressure on me! I’m trying to be as healthy as I can be for myself and I feel great!” – but we know the truth, don’t we? Weight Watchers will totally put pressure on her to lose weight, and some claim they’ve already set up goals for Jessica – goals which she’s already struggling with, like losing 50 pounds in five months. Now Us Weekly reports that WW has told Jessica she needs to lose AT LEAST 20 pounds by the end of August or they won’t pay her. FINE. She doesn’t need the money anyway, but it will be embarrassing for poor Jess if she can’t meet her goals. Also, guess who grabbed a cocktail as soon that baby was out of her?

The scale has spoken – and it doesn’t have any good news for Jessica Simpson. A source tells Hot Stuff that Jessica learned at her first Weight Watchers weigh-in – a few weeks after the May 1 birth of daughter Maxwell – she had gained 70 pounds. Luckily, Jessica has $4 million worth of motivation to shed them.

Her contract requires a 20 to 30 pound loss by the end of August or no payday, says a source. But it won’t be easy.

“Jessica has always had issues with junk food,” says a Simpson pal. So Jessica has called in reinforcements: She enlisted her mom, Tina, and a few pals to do the program “to help keep herself in check,” says the insider. Simpson, who plans to breastfeed through July, also ditched her beloved high-calorie margaritas, adds the source. “She had a few drinks postpregnancy, but then stopped.”

[From US Weekly, print edition]

Jessica had a problem with margaritas? I didn’t know that. I knew she had a problem with Scotch, though. I wonder if she still sips her beloved Macallan now that Maxwell has arrived? Is Maxwell drinking White Russians while breastfeeding? What is the caloric difference between a double Scotch, straight up, versus a margarita? So many questions.

But as for Weight Watchers and the money and all – I think Jessica just signed on to WW to give herself some instigation to get back into shape. But I swear, she had no idea how much Weight Watchers would pressure her to lose the weight fast.

Photos courtesy of Jessica’s Twitter, WENN & PCN.

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  1. the original bellaluna says:

    Her love of margaritas and Mexican food are well-documented.

    She needs to tell WW to “F” off and be on her own programme for a little while. It’s not like she’d be the first person to lose a weight-loss deal. (see: Carnie Wilson)

    She looks absolutely miserable when she’s getting out that SUV, trying to hide her body. I feel for her. (I know she ate junk, but still…)

    • Kimlee says:

      I don’t feel any simpathy for her when she was pregnant all she saw were dollar signs and not what would be best her her and her new baby, now WW are asking her to pay up.

      If she really whated to not deal with WW because of pressure then she should give back the money they paid her and cancel the contract even of it mean having to pay more and live her life.

      • Erinn says:

        Exactly. Weight Watchers is paying her for her promotion of their system. She made the deal. She knew what she had to do. If she isn’t following the contract, then they have the right to get on her case, or drop her.

      • olcranky says:


        I don’t think she signed on to WW for the inspiration, I think she did it for the press/publicity to remain relevant and to boost her income as a powerful hollywood “business woman”. I also think she intentionally ate poorly knowing she’d gain weight to have a more dramatic weight loss story without realizing that it may not come off so easily

      • Carolyn says:

        Yes. This WW deal was a bad idea from the start. My tip is that she’ll have weight loss surgery to try and keep it. She ate very badly whilst pregnant, now she reaps what she sowed.

      • t says:

        I don’t have any sympathy for her either. And I agree with olcranky. For Simpson, this isn’t about getting in shape or making money, as always, it’s about getting press.

        The easiest way for her to get press right now is to release photos Eric Johnson and/or Joe took of her post partum body.

        The Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes divorce coverage must be killing Simpson. She may have to start showing her cottage cheese to best Katie.

      • Camille (The original) says:

        I agree with the above comments ^. Nothing else to add.

    • deep says:

      @original bell…I feel sorry for her too. She did put on a lot of weight. but, still, her baby is only eight weeks old. It takes time. Eight weeks isn’t that long. I’m going to cut her some slack. She does look embarrassed. Bless her heart. She’ll get the weight off. I don’t think it will be 50 pounds in five months..but, I do believe she will lose the weight. She doesn’t care about being super skinny anyway. So, she’ll be just fine. I’m sure it doesn’t help that she can’t even walk out the door without being photographed and seen by all the world.

      • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

        I guess, but she literally sold her body and signed up for this, so it isn’t a Aishwarya Rai situation with random yokels photographing her at inopportune moments without her knowledge and consent.

        If Simpson thought that she was storing 57 pounds of amniotic fluid mass up in there, can WW be faulted for that kind of profound…screw it, idiocy? I don’t know who told her, or how she convinced herself that losing 50 pounds in less than six months is plausible, especially when she’s a tiny person? I am freakishly little and if I don’t ask someone in the grocery store to grab that baking soda placed on the rooftop of the world, I’d lose weight through starvation, so you know, after about six pounds, or so, and would take nineteen years, or so. It has to be pretty darned difficult for women who don’t have a newborn in their arms taking precedence over everything. All things considered, what is WW supposed to do about the crap she ate months ago? A bigger contrast just means a bigger battle awaits you.

        I don’t see why anyone would want that kind of intense scrutiny after having a baby, especially if it’s her first. I guess hindsight is always 5150.

  2. Jackie K. says:

    Let’s be honest. She just had a child I get it but she got really fat. She really lost control over eating during her pregnancy.

  3. Sirsnarksalot says:

    Who cares about a drink while breast feeding. So long as you don’t nurse until the alcohol has cleared your system I say have the occasional cocktail. But junk feeding your way thru pregnancy then thinking the baby weight (ha!) will fly off thru delivery and a couple months breast feeding? Well that just proves what I’ve thought about her all along…she’s dumb. Enjoy the agonizing gym visits and starvation diet you’re gonna have to endure to meet those WW contractual obligations!

    • sarahtonin says:

      Yeah this. Everyone goes out for a few drinks every now and then while breastfeeding, especially after going without any alcohol for the entire pregnancy. As long as you discard the milk until you are sober there’s absolutely no harm. It’s not like she’s nursing her baby and a bottle of scotch at the same time. Besides, isn’t that White Oprah’s trick?

      • the original bellaluna says:

        I can’t remember what medication I was on, but the doc told me to take it a certain amount of time before or after nursing, to lessen its impact on the baby.

      • sarahtonin says:

        Yeah that makes perfect sense and I’m sure it’s very common, especially when you consider all the things you could need medication for, from antibiotics to anti-psychotics. When the danger of going without outweighs the danger to the baby, you have to go with the least harm option. When it can’t be avoided, you minimise the damage.

        Same goes for medications during pregnancy. If you can avoid taking them you do, but not everyone can go without. I’d tell you a nasty story about a schizophrenic woman who stopped taking her anti-psychs while pregnant but it is way too gruesome to post here and leave for anyone to read. Needless to say it didn’t end well for either mum or baby but is a reminder not to judge women who medicate during preg/breastfeeding.

    • TheOriginalTiffany says:

      Pump and dump!

      We’ve all done it, lord knows she’s got the milk supply to afford it with that rack.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        OTiff – Pump and Dump, is right! :) It’s not like it’s fatal or anything.

        Did you enjoy the Boston Pops? I DVR’d it for Toddles, as he refused to nap and passed the heck out before the local fireworks even started!

      • TheOriginalTiffany says:

        After seeing the crowds on the 3rd, we didn’t go, went to a gorgeous lake home, boated, tubed, ate, drank homemade margaritas and chilled with friends. Was awesome. Fireworks there but for me getting out of the city and being near Concord where the revolution started was even cooler.

        Hope yours and everybody else’s day was great!
        Thankfully I did not have to pump my margaritas out, though I am paying for them today😲

      • jen d. says:

        Pumping and dumping doesn’t work – you just need to wait it out.

        And honestly, I can’t stand to throw out any pumped milk. That stuff is liquid gold!

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Tiff & Bella-Boston Pops was crazy-did you see how they evacuated people into the Storrow tunnels? I watched several fireworks displays from my roof deck and basically had panoramic fireworks AND crazy lightning/thunder during it. So wild!
        Tiff-glad you enjoyed Concord-it’s a pretty town. Boston will miss you! :)

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        We were at Fort Pond? Past Walden’s pond by 20 miles or so. Got back in town at 11pm so the streets were open again, but people were still leaving. We did have lightning over the lake with the fireworks, so cool! We would never get that at home in Cali.

        We got to see NY eve fireworks on the Thames, so boating was a great trade off. We are about 1 block from Fenway and it wold have been a madhouse around here! Glad you had a good one. We’ve got a month left, then on to DC. ;(

    • ya says:

      Ya and I doubt a bit of alcohol is going to harm the baby…….. stories like this are just another way to control and judge women’s behaviour.

      Gripe water – which was basically alcohol – was marketed all the time as a means to calm babies, and nothing happened. I think gripe water is still sold with alcohol in it in Canada.

  4. Samigirl says:

    LLL will tell you that unless you’re just binge drinking, it’s ok to have alcohol while nursing. The baby may get like.02% alcohol in it’s system…they’ll get that much if momma has cough syrup. Pump and dump is unnecessary, but if you’re concerned, wait an hour! I don’t drink, but I sure hate it when people bash a new mom for enjoying herself!

    • the original bellaluna says:

      My OBGYN told me to have a glass of wine to “help” with the let down. Not every time I nursed, but you catch my drift. ;)

    • TheOriginalTiffany says:

      I agree samigirl. I only dumped if I went out to a party, which was really freaking rare back then. Never if I had one glass of wine at home. Only for a heavier drinking night.

      I did dump in that case. Of course I did EBF for two years each and had a big time back up in the freezer.

      Once my power went out and after about 2 hours, I was calling the electric company and freaking out. “i have a freezer of breast milk that cannot melt, do something!” I am sure I sounded crazed and they probably thought so, but I did not want my liquid gold going to waste!

      Good times. Once I was napping with new baby who went to sleep nursing and my doorbell rings. It’s the gardeners, I answer their question, notice the strange looks I am getting and go back in…look down and I had had a boob out the entire time. Hahaha! Sleepy new mom daze. My gardeners did a good job that day:)

      • Samigirl says:

        Lol!!! I’ve done that! I’m so used to having a boob out that I feel weird covering up! I’ve also accidentally sent a picture of my nipple (right next to smiling baby’s face) to my father in law, bc I just wasn’t noticing they were there lol!

  5. opinion8edx2 says:

    I don’t think alcohol is part of a healthy eating/fitness program…but, to each their own.

  6. Jayna says:

    She’s sweet, but comes across so dopey. My husband couldn’t last a month with her. I can’t imagine a Yale graduate marrying her. Oh, wait, he’s out of work, and she’s wealthy. Never mind.

  7. princesslizabeth says:

    She’s an idiot.

  8. How nice for her… Next!Report this comment as spam or abuse

  9. AmyLynne says:

    Wouldn’t any goals and set weight loss numbers have been spelled out in the contract? I’m honestly just wondering. It would have been stupid for her team to leave that open; it’s setting her up to fail.

  10. Liz says:

    Is anyone really surprised? She’s literally one of the stupidest, most selfish people ever.

  11. Joy says:

    Not sure why but that shot of her with her mouth hanging open bothers me. Like I don’t even see the boobs. Just that awkward open mouth.

  12. FireNgin says:

    I would imagine losing 20 lbs by August wouldn’t be difficult. Girlfriends of mine that have gained that much during pregnancy ended up shedding 20-30lbs right away, mostly from fluid retention. It’s that last 10-20lbs that is the most difficult postpartum. I hope WW is letting her weigh “the girls” separately! ; )

  13. Izzy says:

    I’m actually having a little trouble believing this story. I’m a lifetime member of WW, and they have a very strict policy that nursing mothers cannot follow the program based on estimated caloric intake, which is calculated in part by your weight and height. It’s one thing to eat healthy, but nursing moms need extra calories and liquids to feed their cub. Mind you, I don’t think tacos and margaritas are the kinds of calories and liquids WW has in mind.

  14. Anahata says:

    Yeah that mouth shot is gross. Send that to your man, not the world girl!

  15. Trish says:

    i just saw an interview where she joked she was putting peanut butter on pop tarts and eating a box a day of kraft dinner…. (while pregnant)..I think one might want to be more worried about the incredible amount of chemicals in the kraft cheese powder and the pop tarts and not just be concerned about a bit of alcohol…….geez, that can’t be good for a growing baby…or for her weight. Pregnant women only need a couple of hundred extra calories per day..not a couple of thousand. reckless and unhealthy to say the least…she only had to gain 30 or 40 or less if she wanted to and she could have easily met the WW contract guidelines by August.

  16. lola says:

    kiss my ass bitches i’m nursing and i will occaisionally have a cocktail – and now they’ve done studies suggesting wine during pregnancy might actually be a GOOD thing. The world does not always revolve around the baby just because he’s a baby. Sometimes mom needs a cocktail and he needs formula.

  17. Zorbitor says:

    hyper-vigilant legally approved monitoring of parenting is the hallmark of the 21st century

    • GreenTurtle says:

      Ain’t that the truth. I’m glad there are so many posters on CB who shoot down mommy-guilting immediately. Also, the title is super-misleading. The story is all about her deal w WW with a one-off line about having a couple of drinks.

    • starsh says:

      Yes siree, as my doctor always points out – women starving in Africa manage to have babies with little hygiene or nutrition. Women are built, as are babies, to survive! Its ridiculous to over-monitor parenting!

  18. TaylorB says:

    She isn’t being selfish, she is being human. Tons of women pump and fill the fridge or use formula then go out have some fun and relax and have some ‘adult time’ then pump and dump the next day. Just because you are a mother doesn’t mean you have to be a nun. A woman needs to get out and have fun, let loose and spend time with friends or she will go nuts.

  19. Bayarealife says:

    People are way too hard on her. She got fat during her pregnancy so effing what? This is the least of your business. To make comparisons of her body to yours your friends your sisters, etc is irrelevant and ignorant. Every body is different and I’d never judge how another woman handles her own pregnancy. As women it’s kinda shameful, I expect that from men. I haven’t had kids yet so I don’t know how my body will react. As far as the margaritas…I’m sure she pumps enough before she drinks.

    • Mia 4S says:

      People are talking about her body because she accepted MILLIONS to lose the weight publicly! She made it our business because she wanted a payday! This is what happens when you sell your private life. She didn’t need the money, so save your sympathy.

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      People are free to say what they please if they are explicitly encouraged to watch the fairground attraction corporeal morph which is being sponsored by a multinational’s money. Don’t want the scrutiny, don’t take on the endorsement deal because in the end, if she doesn’t meet the standards set for her, she isn’t doing her job and employers don’t generally like it when that happens. Was it ill-advised to partner up with a weight loss initiative when she was in the middle of her first pregnancy and had no idea about how her body would respond to her pre and post-natal condition? Yeah, from a business standpoint, at least. Why put all of that pressure on yourself? I’m not saying she’s a bad person, or anything of the sort, I just have no idea why she would enter herself into this kind of situation with its attendant stresses when she’s got other things to worry about. Pacing, balance, patience and perspective, those seem to me to be much healthier ways of finding homeostasis in a radically changed body than following an abstract set of rules in the sky that may not work for you in anything but the short term. But the die has been cast and they’ve got her by the bib. Make a contract, keep a contract. This is business, not NBC.

  20. G says:

    I’m just going to go ahead and use the “F word” here…


  21. Lucy2 says:

    A drink might not be an issue for nursing, but it is for dieting- if you’re on a diet with deadlines and multi million dollar contracts.

  22. jesstar says:

    As dumb as she might be, I’m sure she’s not dumb enough to drink enough to get drunk and breastfeed at the same time. Its called pump & dump. Get over it.

  23. whatsthebigdeal says:

    While I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I think it is unfair the way that Jessica is being critisized about her weight. She is making an effort to get back in shape, and that takes time. She isn’t resorting to surgical intervention, or crash dieting by “living on lettuce” to lose the weight ala Beyonce. So what if it doesn’t come off overnight, she had a caesarian which usually requires a 6 weeks of very little lifting and activity to ensure the incision heals properly. She isn’t a failure for taking care of herself and allowing herself to heal before jumping into a workout and weight loss regimine. Give the woman some credit, she’s only human.

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      That’s the point, though. She accepted all of the criticism for the cash of her own volition and if she hadn’t done that, people generally wouldn’t be assed about her weight loss. She did this, not ‘people’. Free will, agency, patience, balance–these are not traits that you automatically lose for all time when your water breaks and I think that she and her team have made things harder than need be by willfully subscribing to the notion that pregnancy weight can and should be lost in a weekend. I don’t remember telling her that.

  24. Courtney says:

    this is fucking heartless 1 margarita won’t afect her milk supply that would be like Joanne Woodward having a glass of wine at the the Governors ball after the 1962 oscars and it didn’t afect her nursing her daughter Melissa 1 1/2 later granted Melissa was about 6 1/2 monhts old then and Joanne almost never drank because of hypotention. you people need to get off Jessica’s back she didn’t have an easy pregnancy

    • OriginalTiffany says:

      I may stick a fork in my eye if Joanne Woodward shows up in another unintelligible run on sentence.

    • mayamae says:

      Isn’t there a more recent example you can use? 50 years ago women drank lost of alcohol while pregnant – that’s when fetal alchol syndrome was out of control.

      Someone from this century would be more appropriate as an example.

      Everyone has their priorities. Some mothers strongly believe in the theory of exclusive breast feeding with no formula. For them it might be worth going a little longer without a drink.

  25. e.non says:

    despite simpson’s everlasting famewhoring, this kind of stalking is realllllly effed up. whose damn business is it unless she was knocking back fifths of whiskey and crawling out of the bar..

  26. Skinnybetch says:

    I don’t understand how hard it is to eat healthy. Especially when you consider how much crap and chemicals are in food that isn’t organic. If I was pregnant it would only motivate me to be more healthy than usual. For the sake of my baby. . . She looks like she needs a shower. . . gross

  27. Green Is Good says:

    She was eating for 8 rather than 2; contrary to her Obstetrician’s advice.

  28. Dhavy says:

    Her losing or not losing the required weight will be more believable than other Hollywood women that sign up for these type of deals or the ones that “lost” all the weight in like a month (except Heidi Klum). Why are people hating her? I’m sure she knew what she was getting into or she probably thought it would be easier. God knows how many people told me to eat and enjoy all my cravings when I was pregnant telling me it would be easy if I breastfed blah blah. I didn’t eat everything on site, I still gained the weight. I had to take antibiotics because of the c-section and I dried up, so no BF for me. It hasn’t been easy and nine months after I’m still 25 lbs away from my pre pregnancy wt. Yes she’s a celebrity who can take the easy way out but she’s not. I think we can give her more credit here because after all she wasnt carrying a pillow

  29. Lindsay says:

    This makes WW look bad as well. It seems like the ONLY thing they care about is how much she loses and not how. If she crash diets, which she has had some experience with and is working out with a personal trainer, she may be thinner for the ads but not because of the program. This was not a good gamble for them, especially to start talking about it before she was on the program, was consistant and succesful. Everyone involved should have kept their mouths shut until they knew it would work for her and what a reasonable amount of time for her body would be. It would be way less pressure on everyone. I do wonder how closely she is following the plan or if she is using a totally different diet.

    I know she got herself into this mess but I do feel badly for her. She does have some kind of self-esteem/body issues and the constant scrutiny and critisim, the pressure (from herself, WW, her management), hormones, and what not have to be taking a toll. On top of all that she is a comfort eater/drinker. I wish she had chosen to go at her own pace and adjust and enjoy being a new mom. (I also wish she had listened to the Internet about her daughter’s name)

  30. erika says:

    Does she even GIVE a S***T about what she puts into her babies body? When pregnant she got taco bell gorditas + deep fried oreos and now as a growing bundle of a baby she’s getting tequila, salt and basically SUGAR juice!!!

    She is going to fail WW.

    I’ve done WW and it’s an excellent weight loss/maintenance program. However, YOU MUST be strict with your points, an extra piece of toast, or not counting ketchup as calories can hurt.

    It’s NOT possible for her to lose 50! If she was BIGGER than yes, like if she was well over 230 pds, yes, but your body also starts to slow down the weight loss as time goes by

    Gonna be very embarassing….

    Scotch = 3 pts for 4 ounces
    Margarita= 7 pts for 6 ounces

    for her weight she’s probably on a 24-26 pts a day system

  31. moxylady007 says:


    I love this pump and dump stuff- and personally plan on doing this a few times once I have my baby and want a glass of wine. What I am really wondering is what kind of pumps do yall rec?

    I dont know if I will be able to breastfeed (some women just cant) so I dont want to buy one until I know, but I also would like to register for one. Those suckers are expensive!


    • Scarlet Vixen says:

      @moxy: Actually, pumping & dumping has been proven to be unnecessary. I thought that was the thing to do with my 1st baby 4yrs ago, so everytime I had alcohol I would pump & dump. When I had my 2nd 18mos ago I did more research and found out you don’t need to do that. (I still get sad thinking of all the milk I unnecessarily dumped years ago!) The consensus now is that if you’re ok to drive, you’re ok to breastfeed. is a super helpful website for BFing moms. :-)

      Also, I use a Medela electric double pump. They are pretty expensive ($250-$300) but worth it. I’ve used a total of 30months, loaned it to my SIL who used it for 6mos, and it still works great. If you don’t want to pay full price I see them on craigslist or consignment shops from time to time (just make sure you sterilize everything really well before you use it!). And, more women than you think really can BF–it’s super hard at first, but it’s totally worth it! Good luck!

      • moxylady007 says:

        Thank you! I really appreciate it!

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        I used the same pump, they are the best. It got passed to two other family members after me, the pump, not the tubing and stuff. They work like an iron horse.
        Back when my kids were born we were told to dump if we had more than one drink. That was 12 and 14 years ago, though.

        That Medela pumped so much I could full time nurse and fill a freezer of back ups!

        Invest or get one on ebay and just buy the breast cups, bottles and tubing new.

    • Hazel says:

      A glass of wine with dinner is fine. The general rule I was taught in regard to breastfeeding/drinking is “if you can drive you can breastfeed”. Generally speaking 1 standard drink (1 glass of wine etc) takes roughly 1 hour to metabolise and leave the body. Im breastfeeding at the moment and almost never drink, however if I fancy some wine with dinner I will breastfeed baby before I drink, then by the time she next wants a feed (3-4hours) I know the drink would definitely be out of my system.

      It is not recommend to drink and breastfeed before baby is 3 months of age.

      Pumping and dumping is fine, however just remember alcohol consumption and pumping can decrease milk production. (perfectly fine for a once off occassion) But I would strongly suggest continuing breastfeeding and just limit the drinks to 1 and make sure baby is fed before you drink it. :)

      heres a helpful link

    • jesstar says:

      Moxy, I also used the Medela, but was just not able to breastfeed exclusively past 2-3 months. I tried everything, dietary changes, herbs, teas, pumping & regular feeding intervals and it just didn’t work out the way I hoped. I had planned on breast only feeding for the first year and I was sorely disappointed. I wish you well & all the luck in the world, but no one ever told me my DDs might not do their job, so I just wanted to let you know if it doesn’t go as planned, you’re not the only one.

  32. Jennifer says:

    Someone may have already posted this and I just didn’t see it, but she may have pumped milk and froze it. It isn’t unheard of and it means that the baby isn’t ingesting any alcohol. No big deal.

  33. RHONYC says:


    i’m not buying it! pre-pregnancy i loved my ladies-night happy hours, but during pregnancy & breastfeeding after i didn’t think about a cocktail until like 1-2 years after i stopped bf.

    seriously, i was so used to non-drinking it didn’t occur to me to drink until yrs after i stopped w. the boob.

    i dunno. :-(

  34. Ramona Q says:

    I would LOVE to see Jessica break her deal with W.W. and announce that she would rather be with her baby than honor a contract with a dieting company, which is not what she anticipated, but she’s proud of herself for what she’s discovered about her new priorities.

    How awesome would that be!?!?

    • mary simon says:

      I think that would be awesome, too. I’m not a fan and I think she is a total slob, but she should be focusing on her baby right now.

      She should not be stressing about her weight, and her contract with WW. She is going to fail. She should, however, be taking better care of herself and not abusing her body. It would also be nice if she washed and brushed her damn hair once in a while.

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