Jessica Simpson’s Weight Watchers goal: lose 50 pounds in five months?

On one side, I think Jessica Simpson totally brought all of the “baby weight” speculation on herself, and she has no one but herself to blame now that the “Jessica hates her postpartum body” stories are circulating like crazy. On the other side, I feel bad for poor Farty. My guess is that she just wants to sit at home with her baby and enjoy this time, but Weight Watchers is calling and she set herself up with all of these weight loss expectations, and it’s all a huge problem. Anyway, Jessica tweeted this message today:

[Via Jessica’s Twitter]

Doesn’t it sound like she wishes she was spending more time with the baby and less time at the gym? That’s what it sounds like to me. So, back to the weight loss stuff – thus far, Jessica has been pretty good about making it to the gym a few times a week. She’s vigilant about not being photographed in full-body shots, although a paparazzo did get some shots of her from behind, and everyone freaked out on Jess and started yelling at her. Now In Touch Weekly (via The Mail) has a mean story about Jessica’s struggles to diet and lose weight:

So far this month she has been spotted several times heading to the gym in a desperate bid to lose her baby weight. Since giving birth to her daughter Maxwell Drew on May 1, Jessica Simpson is said to be determined to slim down.

And it has now been revealed that the 31-year-old is on a strict timeline to lose the pounds for her upcoming Weight Watchers campaign – in which she is getting paid a reported $4 million to reach her 130 pound goal weight. The singer and actress has been given the task of losing 50lbs in just five months, according to In Touch magazine. But according to the publication, friends say that the star, who is also trying to care for her newborn little girl, is feeling ‘stressed and overwhelmed’.

‘She’s so emotional,’ a friend told the magazine. ‘She doesn’t want to go to the gym. She doesn’t want to leave her baby. Sometimes she just starts crying. It’s hard for her.’

Sources tell the publication that the singer, who weight a reported 210 pounds at the height of her pregnancy, is also physically exhausted.

‘She’s consumed with the new baby,’ another source told the magazine. ‘She and Eric are often up with Maxi (Maxwell) all night.’

Jessica, who is said to have enjoyed a diet including Mac and cheese, Pop-Tarts, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, Cap’n Crunch and fried chicken while she was pregnant, is said to be desperate to get her body back.

‘She gets so upset,’ her friend said. ‘She wants her body back so badly, but it’s beyond hard.’

Instead of the junk, In Touch reports that Jessica is now feasting on a healthy diet consisting of oatmeal with berries for breakfast, grilled chicken on salad for lunch, hummus, carrots and fresh fruit for snacks and salmon, broccoli and brown rice for dinner. However she reportedly throws in the odd treat in between for the sake of not caving altogether.

‘She’ll have the occasional slice of pizza. If she feels deprived, it won’t last,’ the source added.

Jessica has also enlisted trainer Harley Pasternak to whip her into shape. And another motivation to drop the weight and get into shape, friends say, is her new daughter.

‘Jessica wants to set a good example for Maxi,’ an insider told In Touch. ‘She wants to teach her daughter to have a healthy lifestyle.’

[From The Mail]

Personally, I hope Jessica really didn’t set up the “130 pounds” goal. I think that’s asking for trouble for a lot of different reasons. For one, Jessica wasn’t 130 pounds when she got pregnant – shouldn’t Jessica’s first goal be “getting back to the weight she was when she conceived”? And that wasn’t 130. Two, losing 50 pounds in five months is completely unreasonable (I think) for a new mother. Her goal should be maintaining a healthy lifestyle, getting enough nutrients for breastfeeding, and working out when she can, but not at the expense of other things, like bonding with her child. It really feels like Weight Watchers is keeping poor Farty hostage.

Besides all of that, as soon as Jessica stops breastfeeding, she’s going to start drinking again. So all of the dieting and exercise in the world isn’t going to keep the liquor weight off. Farty loves her Scotch.

PS… Whenever I look at these photos of Jessica from behind, I hear AbFab’s Eddy saying “Thin ankles, darling, THIN ANKLES!”

Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet and Pacific Coast News.

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  1. Bite me aka aniston says:

    Love the bitchyness

  2. Beregorl says:

    If Jessica loses 50 pounds this year, Beyonce will claim she lost 70 pounds in two months.

  3. QQ says:

    the reporting on her body breathlessly is awful BUT she set herself up for it so I give kinda zero f-ks about it

  4. OriginalTiffany says:

    Why wasn’t she eating all the healthy stuff when she was pregnant?

    And yes QQ, I have run out of fucks to give. If she can eat that now, why didn’t she feed her baby that when she was inside her?

    • Samigirl says:

      Exactly. Too many women use pregnancy as a free for all and an excuse to eat like crap. They forget that what they eat goes to sweet baby too. I’m all for enjoying some fried chicken or a slice of pizza every now and then, but you have to be healthy for yourself and baby.

    • olcranky says:

      As her pregnancy weight gain became dramatic and she was openly talking about her horrific diet there was a lot of speculation she already had a deal with WW and was intentionally gaining a lot of weight with the specific purpose of being able to sell the dramatic weight loss.

      • skuddles says:

        That’s the one thing that bugs me too – knowing she probably ate a lot of crap on purpose to gain weight for the post partum WW deal. I imagine she’s regretting it now… She should just say screw it, ditch the deal, and spend all the time she can with her baby. And lose the weight in a slow, steady, sensible way.

    • Vesper says:

      I wonder if Jessica really is eating as healthy as this article suggests. It seems quite extreme to go from mostly processed junk food to oatmeal, hummus, broccoli and brown rice. Jessica has struggled with her weight for years and I never got the impression she had much self control when it comes to food. If she did, she would have eaten healthier while pregnant.

  5. Tiffany27 says:

    How do you lose weight and maintain enough to breastfeed at the same time? Poor girl.

  6. Tiegs says:

    Hmmm, I can see her at less than 130 when she got pregnant (she’s only 5’3″) and at about 180 now (not being rude, but she looks pretty big), so it’s reasonable to me. What’s not reasonable is gaining 50lbs when you’re pregnant, wtf? I’d do it over a year if it was me, but a chef and personal trainer would help.

    And she’s a scotch drinker? She’s gone up a couple of notches in my esteem already….

    • Jano1981 says:

      YES! I am the same height as her and got up to 180 when preg. from eating everything – after about 4 months of work I was 130 easy. I wasn’t craving all those foods anymore. And I didn’t have to work out so much I was missing out on baby time. 3-4 times a week. It is mostly diet especially if her aim is not to be all toned within the 5 months. Seems reasonable to me at least.

    • Erinn says:

      Man, I’m 5’2″, and almost 180 now… I don’t look anywhere near as big as Jessica. I’m solid, but I honestly do NOT look 180 pounds. I’m in the process of weight loss… I weighed 130 in like 10th grade, and I was a healthy thin. Jessica looks over 200 to me. But I guess I might just carry my weight differently.

      • Amelia says:

        I’m trying to work out what 180lbs and 50lbs is in English …. Uh, 14lbs in a stone… So she wants to lose 3 stone 8lbs in 5 months and she’s … 12 stone 10lbs? That’s ambitious but I think with the right work ethic she could do it. It shouldn’t overtake other aspects of her life, though, ie: le bebe.

      • Gabby says:

        I’m sorry but 180 at 5’2”, there’s NO WAY you don’t look overweight. That’s well up in the obese category of BMI. Even 130 at 5’2” is pretty big.

      • Erinn says:

        Yeah, I mean if she’s really strict with herself that’s 10lbs a month… it’s doable, but it’s going to be hard, and I never got the vibe that’s she’s very disciplined when it comes to her body.
        I didn’t say I don’t look overweight, I said I didn’t look as large as Jessica. Also not 180, just closeish. 170 likely.

      • kay says:

        here Erinn, allow me.

        @Gabby- go eat another box of donuts. bad enough people slam celebs for their weight, now you’re calling out Erinn? Leave her the frack alone and learn to READ the post CORRECTLY before you judge.

        I read yours correctly, and my judgement is you’re a right bitch.

    • johnnybadboytapia says:

      i agree at 5’3 my self when i had my baby i went up to 190 ( in my defense i was on bed rest for 7 months and did nothing but eat and sleep. I lost 70 pounds in 6 months and i went back to work when my baby was 3 months old. so i dont think that her goal is unreasonable. plus she has all the added help that i never had!

    • Becky says:

      I’m gonna get so much shit for this, but here it goes anyway. I’m Jessica’s height, actually two inches shorter. at 130 I would be OBESE. At 115 I’m already chunky, btw 103 and 107 I’m healthy. Two extra pounds really show, and the goes for losing. While 103 looks fine, at 100 I’m way too thin. So at 130 she’s still gonna be heavy. Remember dukes of hazard ? She was around 115. Harley is a great trainer, and, if all fails, she’s still filthy rich and happy with her new baby and fiancé, 4 million is nothing for her. A
      Lastly, chubby Jess is a million times prettier than plasticky ashlee.
      Now has anyone seen Hillary duff??? she is huge, and it sucks because she struggled with her body and managed to get really healthy and maintain, and now, after her baby boy, she’s Jessica’s size…with a healthy lifestyle. Still gorgeous though.

      • remote control says:

        you’re hilarious.

      • MsCatra says:

        @Becky – You have to remember to factor in the tatas, though. I’m also 5’1″. At 130 I look slightly heavy, but definitely not obese, because, much like Jessica, I have DD’s and you can’t hide those suckers (and they’re heavy, lol).

      • Mrs.Darcy says:

        You don’t seem to be factoring in body shape/build either. My mom is 5’2″ and 130something and looks great (she would argue, it’s maybe 10lbs heavier than when she was younger but she is an hourglass and can pull it off. I’m only a few inches taller but below 135 I look skinny, totally diff. body shape/build. I think Jessica looks fine, she just gave birth for goodness sake. My Mom gained 60lbs with me and she is the same height, it’s not unheard of. She is stupid for trying to lose it so fast and will put her body into starvation mode so she has to stay on a diet forever but hey ho.

  7. Cleveland Girl says:

    Losing 50 pounds post pregnancy is a lot different then losing 50 solid pounds of fat. It Will be difficult, but it IS doable. She is public figure, she set herself up for this stress. She has plenty of money and other projects. WHY she needed this Weight Watchers deal is beyond me.

  8. jesstar says:

    After I had my baby, it was a struggle to take care of him between the crying fits that happened several times a day for 4 months. It was the most difficult time, emotionally, and if I had the put upon myself the added stress of meeting a contractually obligated weight loss plan, I might be permanantly bonkers. I feel for her, but aren’t these deals announced after the fact? That way the gal shows up looking fabulous, then reveals how she did it.

  9. Zsazsa says:

    Well, Weight Watchers says that, while breastfeeding, you shouldn’t loose more than 1 pound a week. So, if JS is still breastfeeding (and even if she stopped) that story is hard to believe…

    • gee says:

      Im glad you said this. WW is about losing weight at a healthy pace. They make you adjust if you lose more than 2lbs a week, because that is not the WW way. It is about losing to keep it off and lifestyle changes, not crash dieting.

  10. Hautie says:

    It is not as if Jessica needed the money. She ought to give that money back to WW and call it a day.

    Because if she really has to lose 50 pounds in 5 months. She is doing nothing but a crash diet.

    Give the money back. Try learning new eating habits. And enjoy your new baby.

  11. the original bellaluna says:

    I’m betting she’s over-whelmed by her post-partum hormones; she’s tired; and she just wants to be with her baby and bond. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

    I think a 50 lb loss in 5 months is highly unrealistic, and WW should be ashamed of themselves. They’re supposed to be promoting a sensible, healthy lifestyle.

    • Sassy says:

      Didn’t WW used to “suggest” that beginning dieters lose 10% of their weight, then reset the goal to another 10%? If so, Jessica only has to look at losing 18 lbs as her first goal, which is not as daunting as the larger number.

    • Vesper says:

      Does working out really take that much time away from the baby? Don’t they sleep alot? Besides, doesn’t daddy have to bond too?

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Vesper, it just depends on the baby. I had two that seemed to nurse every 45 minutes (“lazy nursers,” the doc called them) and one who nursed for a good long time and then slept.

        The “lazy nursers” (both boys) would nurse until they passed out in a “milk coma” and then be hungry again real soon. The one who nursed for a long time (girl) would actually nap for awhile, but since NONE of them would take a bottle (until I had to go back to work, with the youngest – he’s the only one who would take a bottle) I had to be on-tap when they woke up.

        She never should have agreed to anything until after the baby was born. That way she’d have known what she was getting herself into. (Every baby is different; but with your first, you just have no idea.)

  12. thinkaboutit says:

    If I were her, I wouldn’t even bother with the gym if I preferred spending time with my baby. It’s 90% what you put in your mouth anyway. I understand that building muscles helps burn more fat, but she has so much to lose that she’ll get huge results by just eating less calories in the form of high quality foods. Then, when she’s gotten thru those difficult first 6 months of having an infant, she’ll be ready for the workouts AND she’ll be able to see them toning and re-shaping her trimmer figure.

    • Sara says:

      If you sit on the couch all day with your baby it’s going to be hard to lose weight without starving yourself.

      I know I lost a lot of tone while I was pregnant because I couldn’t exercise. It was really nice to get back to the gym. It’s not just about losing weight, it’s also about being healthy and toning up.

  13. lisa2 says:

    Why would WW which is usually pro losing the weight slowly advocate her dropping the pregnancy weight so fast. Kind of goes against what they say. Most people I know that do weight watchers try to lose the weight in year. If this goes badly it would be a backlash on them (the organization) that they were pressuring this new mom to do something unhealthy.

    OT a bit. has anyone else noticed that the media is covering Nick and Vanessa a lot more since Jessica had her baby. It think Nick/Vanessa are going to have a super cute dimple baby. And I actually think Maxwell is a cute baby. But I feel like there is going to be some serious comparisons down the road.

    • Rhea says:

      I have the same mind too. Even before this, some people comparing Jess with Vanessa by saying nasty thing about the comparison (mostly to Jess). I just don’t see why people have to compare both women. Jessica is in the past, Vanessa is his wife now. Everybody seems happy. Move along, people.

  14. someone says:

    The math doesn’t work. She was 210 when the baby came (the story even says that). Weight watchers wants her to lose 50 pounds in 5 months. That gets her to 160. If Weight Watchers wants her to 130 in 5 months she needs to lose 80 pounds. Goodness, no one can lose 80 pounds in 5 months.

  15. erica says:

    why does she have to go to the gym? Couldn’t the trainer come to her house for half a day and train her with the baby in the room?

  16. dragonlady sakura says:

    It takes time and effort to lose weight. It is not something to do because your pressured for monetary goals. I think she’s setting herself up for future failure.

  17. Mary says:

    As a new mom myself I know that losing too much weight too fast if you’re Breastfeeding is actually dangerous to your baby as it can release toxins in your breastmilk … She should set realistic goals like1-1.5 pounds a week and be a healthy REALISTIC role model for other women not the money hungry idiot she is..

  18. Mar says:

    Ok- I did weight watchers and I lost 30lbs in a little more then 3 months without trainers – sp she may be able do it.

    However- I was 200lbs when I gave birth- it took my body 1 year!!!!!! to get rid of the bloat. A lot of the pregnant weight is hormones and fluids.

    Good Luck to Jessica. That’s what you get for being greedy

    • Anahata says:

      That’s kind of a sh!tty thing to say. A pregnant woman eating food isn’t greedy. She’s pregnant. Granted the choices weren’t consistently great but oh well. The baby looks healthy as can be – that’s what matters. And btw Ive lost over 70 lbs after giving birth to twins just 4 months ago. No special diet or exercise. Just breast feeding and exhaustion.

  19. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    I dont know who is more of the culprit here: Jessica, Weight Watchers or The Mail.

  20. Anastasia says:

    So when she was growing a baby, she was eating utter sh-t all the time, but now she’s eating healthy?

    If that’s true, she really should have been eating healthier while she was pregnant. I know it’s easy to eat junk and crap, but I at least tried to eat healthy foods most of the time, for my baby.

  21. tru tru says:

    uhhhh not beleiving that she and Eric stay up all night w/the baby.

    nope,she has help.

    I’ve often wondered why celebs that have $$ do not have a gym at home and have the trainer come to them. I guess ANY publicity is good. she’ll do it, w/millions on the line, shrug—

  22. stop the madness says:

    She could lose the weight, but she should have been eating healthier for her baby instead of using the pregnancy as an excuse to indulge in junk food.

  23. Lucy2 says:

    If you work at it, 10 lbs a month is doable. For a celeb who probably has a chef, trainer, and home gym, even more so. But for a new mom, that seems to be pushing it- and it’s for a business deal, which is not for the right reasons and will most likely lead to gaining once the deal is done.

  24. imo says:

    I love that during her pregnancy I’d get slammed everytime I mentioned how she was overstuffin on junk like a lil piggy…all I heard was,’she’s pregnant!’ ‘She looks cute!’ Bullshit. Now that she delivered I guess its ok for others besides myself to admit out loud that her pregnancy eating habits were glutonous and now girls gotta pay the price…

    • Diane says:

      You do realize that when people say they are craving something, that is not the only thing they eat for months one end right? It means that’s what they are craving pure and simple. Because people act like they don’t get that, and that confuses the hell out of me.

      The whole “I know exactly what she ate because she told us her cravings” bit is getting kind of old.

      • imo says:

        Whatever she was consuming, she sure put on the pounds…I’m two inches taller than this girl and gained a healthy 30-35 with my pregnancy…topping the scales around 160ish….and had little problem gettin my pre baby body back b/c I didn’t use pregnancy as an excuse to overinduldge

    • normades says:

      I’m right there with ya imo. I got slammed so hard because I questioned Jess’s eating habits while preggers. Now people are admiting she should have been more careful.

  25. nikzilla37 says:

    Wow- that shot from behind tells it all.

  26. Jessica says:

    This whole thing just makes me sad. I wish that she would just say screw everybody, I will lose the weight when I lose it and I am concentrating on my new baby right now. I ate whatever I wanted when I was pregnant, my son is two and a half now and I still haven’t lost all of the weight. I am comfortable with my body, my husband loves me and still wants to do me, so what do I care? I have a wonderful son and he is worth gaining all the weight in the world. Your body will never be the same after a baby. I don’t get these women who think that they HAVE to get back to where they were physically before having a baby. It’s ok to be a little bit heavy! Just worry about being healthy and taking care of your baby. MOVE ON.

  27. me says:

    Well I don’t feel sorry for her. She is a multi-millionaire who didn’t need the money from weight watchers in the first place, so whyyyy put yourself through that??? Secondly, she can afford to have gym equipment at home and have a trainer come to her house…she’s filthy rich ! At least that way she is still close to her baby, if leaving her for a few hours is hard for her. Also, it’s not like she’s on maternity leave and has to worry about returning to a 9 to 5 job soon…she doesn’t have to ever work again if she doesn’t want to and can spend every second of every day with her baby (if that’s what she wants).

    Also, isn’t she eating weight watchers food? She should be since they are the ones paying her to lose weight.

  28. lexicon says:

    Doesn’t breastfeeding burn aprox 500 calories per hour? I imagine that if she breastfeeds and exercises to jumpstart her metabolism, then she should be able to lose the weight without starving herself on the Ann Hathaway Les Mis diet. I don’t think she will ever resemble her Daisy Duke days, but I know the girl can lose this weight if she puts down the Paula Deen cookbook. Also, even though she gained a lot of weight, her face still looks beautiful.

    • OriginalTiffany says:

      Per HOUR??? no way. Maybe per day, BFing pretty much did nothing to help me lose weight, I was a 9 months up, nine down gal.
      I looked my crappiest during my early mother years, mine are two years apart, so I was either pregnant, BFing and raising one and then two little ones while working.

      You can get your pre-baby body back, sometimes it just takes until you have a little more time. For us peasants with no nannies and trainers.

    • Zsazsa says:

      500 calories a day, not per hour.

    • Vesper says:

      I have read that breastfeeding increases a woman’s appetite, and that it is normal to gain a few pounds even after the pregnancy weight has been lost. Is this true?

      • OriginalTiffany says:

        It was for me. It did not burn off weight. I had to really diet and exercise it off, then I turned around and got pregnant right away again. Same thing.
        BF each for 2 years, everyone is different, but many women do not lose weight by BFing.

        500 calories a day isn’t that much, and you are more sedentary at first when you FT nurse. You must be available for baby at all times.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        I was back to almost my pre-pregnancy weight at my 2-week check-up (with the youngest), despite the foods I craved whilst nursing. (I guess the universe was making up for all those months of morning sickness and craving only fruit once I could keep things down.)

  29. ummm says:

    This is someone else’s idea. She never has said how much weight she would lose in what time frame.

    Jess lost 10 immediatley upon delivery of Maxwell & probably another 10 with in days so she already has 20 off. I’d like to mention the pics themselves. Think about it. Yes she has weight to lose but how did the paps get these pics? Let me answer that. They used a long lens that magnified as these pics were taken from far away outside a gate. They have enhanced a lot on Jessica. NO excuses but be fair. There has yet to be a actually pic of Jessica at workout that is not taken with a long lens that enhances. The paps don’t dare step through that gate.

    It’s just been said Oprah lost 25 lbs in 6 weeks why are we not questioning her methods.

  30. Samigirl says:

    She got back into the gym before I did, and my DD is older than hers! It’s HARD working out when you’re heavier than you’re used to. I give her kudos and wish her luck.

  31. Beth says:

    She’s stressed because she’s being paid $4 million to lose 50lbs in 5 months? Cry me a river…

  32. ummm says:

    Gosh why are we not attacking Hilary now.. She has just come forward this week & now said it was her liscence to eat everything & pig out & now doesn’t care when she loses the weight.. very different for Hilary all of a sudden change her good eating & healthy eating during pregnancy to now say she didn’t give a rats butt what she ate & indulged in everything.. Maybe she is looking for an endorsement. OH & its starting to circulate that she turned down WW.. Seeing as she just changed managers I doubt she did as she has only over 1 million followers & Jessica over 5 million so if you were weight watchers who would you want to spread your message.. Off topic but now she is coming out talking like Jessica so its interesting to watch how much other celebs pay attention to what Jessica does ^ then follows in some way for some of the same. Jess NOT DUMB

  33. lassie says:

    I think this is a difficult program for the most motivated of people. It doesn’t seem like Jess is that type of person.

    She should try those ‘Mommy and Me’ exercises, where you power walk with the baby in the stroller and do arm curls and crunches using the baby as a weight, etc. It gives you baby face time and works you out, as well.

  34. Trish says:

    yep, you can never get those first few months back..they are so important and special. Like everyone above said, have a trainer come to your place…make a part of your home your own private gym….it would be perfect…! She really shouldn’t have pigged out as much as she did. giving in to junk food cravings is fine, in moderation, but to just pig out all the time just ‘because’..creates a large, birth weight baby…and in turn, this sets up the baby to possible be a heavier adult prone to type 2 diabetes. Not to say this ‘will’ happen, but it certainly doesn’t help. She should have thought the pig outs through a little more for the long term health of her and her child. but, what’s done is done.

  35. aud says:

    she honestly doesn’t look bad to me now. chunky, but she just gave birth

    her boobs alone look to weigh about 50 pounds anyways

  36. mek821 says:

    Love the AbFab reference!

  37. kay says:

    This post makes me sad :(

    If it’s true she just wants to be with her newborn, then that’s what she should do, and forget about her weight.

    On the other hand, she did it to herself and that’s sad too.

    ITA to the poster who said something like…. it’s too bad she didn’t eat while pregnant like she is now. That’s just sad for everyone.

  38. hatsumomo says:

    Im rooting for you Jessica! You can do it!
    Although I agree she shouldn’t have signed the deal with WW-why? she doesn’t need the 3 million, stay home and be your baby girl. I dont have kids, but I hear ladies say cherish every moment when they are babies because they wont remain that small for long. And I dont think its 50lbs in 5 months, more alike 50lbs altogether when she’s done fulfilling her contract.

  39. Llama says:

    Why do women keep giving themselves a free pass to gorge themeselves on junk food when pregnant? She’s keeping to a healthy diet now – why couldn’t she have kept to it before? I’m not saying limiting the intake, just the quality. Fried chicken is not exactly baby friendly food.

  40. normades says:

    The problem with Jessica is that she has little self control. Of her diet while pregnant or her TMI comments. If she’s doing this now it’s cause pappa Joe made her do it for the $$$.

    Sucks for her, but if she was wiser she wouldn’t be in this position to begin with.

  41. Dhavy says:

    When she was pregnant a lot of people were defending the way she looked, where are these people? I’m probably an inch taller than this girl and I gained 70 lbs and I ate healthy. I was 39 yrs old with my first child and worked out a lot. I had a pretty good pregnancy, no diabetes, hardly swelling and not even morning sickness. I gave birth 8 months ago and I still need about 30 lbs to go. Its very hard because I haven’t been able to excercise and it depresses me even though I’m only 2 sizes away from my preprego size and people tell me I look real good I should consider getting pregnant again now. It’s sad that people can be so mean to this girl (even if she admitted eating crappy food) I had my cravings as well but that didn’t mean I ate that every day! I also found out how many moms asmitted

  42. Dhavy says:

    DAMN PHONE!! (sorry)
    Anyway I found out while I was pregnant how many moms were not as healthy eaters as they claimed to be and would encourage me to give in to ALL my cravings because it was the one time in my life I could get away with it. I’m not perfect so I don’t pick on pregnant women or the ones who just had a child (unless you carry a pillow underneath)

  43. LittleDeadGirl says:

    Sad, she needs to be bonding with her baby and relaxing. She has the money to not have to work. Just be with your baby and be happy and relax girl. This obsession we have with having to be size zero no matter the circumstance. There are times in life there is more important shit going on then how you look.

  44. REDSLIP says:

    I’m a Weight Watcher’s lifetime member (meaning I did the program and have maintained all my loss) and I am really shocked that they expect her to lose that much in that short of a time.

    A healthy rate of weight loss is no more than 2 pounds a week – 10 pounds in a month is more than that. It goes against what they tell non-celebrity customers and what is considered healthy. I think this story may be fabricated, or Weight Watcher’s as a company is rapidly changing for the worse.

  45. Snowpea says:

    Gosh, if I were Jessica I’d renege on that bloody contract, hand back the 4 mil and laze around at home, watching telly, breastfeeding, having a glass of Veuve every now and then and chilling the f–k out.

    Who gives a flying f–k about that kinda money when you’re worth half a billion?

    What the eff is wrong with these people. Time flies. You don’t get that time back.

  46. erika says:

    She sounds really selfish to me…

    first she engulfs the entire cookie/potato crisp/soda/tacobell aisle at her local grocery store..

    then everyone in the state of CA had to cross the border to Mexico if they wanted mex food cause she consumed every mex’s restaurants’ in LA food supply

    really? she fed her growing daughter/uterus S****T for food. If I were a fetus? I’d prefer healthy foods so i can grow my brain/organs/skin/eyes…but Maxi here was fed deep friend oreos and taco bell.


    now, she’s popped maxi out and she’s practically starving herself! just when maxi needs nutritous breast milk AND a mom to bond with who’s not tired, cranky from not being able to eat!

    Just SLOW DOWN B****t! you already got MILLIONS just step away from the selfish limelight, focus on your newborn, take care of your health and enjoy a time that will never ever come again!


  47. Jen says:

    Jealous/bitter/judgmental much?

  48. jan says:

    hhhmmm to all you haters out there. shes looks fine she just had a baby. pregnancy is something to enjoy and who wants to be on a diet when your pregnant thats a time to enjoy yourself and your body.and that includes eating how we want to. ive had six kids and i gained alot of weight with all of them and with all of them i lost all of my weight within six months. all those things about jessica that was said by her supposed friends are probably lies. really would a true good friend dis you like that for reals get with it. these are back stabbing people looking for a little attention. jessica looks great and her goal isnt unrealistic on weight watchers you can loose up to two pounds per week i averaged 3-4 pounds a week without working out. and most new moms dont want to leave there baby for any reason. have you ever thought the reason for her feeling pressured to loose weight is because of judgemental people like you. your the reason our young girls want to be a size 0. instead of bashing her you should be saying good for her for hitting the gym shes going to have more energy to chase her little one. and who cares if she wants to set a goal to loose weight. the rush isnt for weight watchers the weightloss goal is because she probably wants to look and feel her best when she gets married later on this year.

  49. This is kind of mean, but now Jonah Hill looks like a fat Elijah Wood.Report this comment as spam or abuse