Brad and Angelina are not getting married, still dislike Madonna

Brad and Angelina are not going to get married in a fairytale wedding this Christmas in South Africa, their rep says. We called bullshit on the story on Friday because the invited guests were said to be Oprah and Madonna. Whoever made that up wasn’t familiar enough with the famous couple to know that Madonna is on their shit list and would never be invited to a wedding.

Brad, Angelina and their cuties are in New York now after Angelina surprised Brad with a trip to architectural great Frank Llloyd Wright’s famous home Fallingwater in Pennslyvania. The staff at the renowned landmark praised Brad and Angelina for being such down to earth guests. Brad was overheard excitedly explaining architectural principles to Angelina. He was said to be extremely knowledgable and interested in the subject.

Angelina even wore a pair of one the staff member’s shoes when her elegant high heels weren’t suitable for walking up the snowy steps to the overlook of the home.

Now their rep is denying the wedding rumors that no one believed anyway.

Brad Pitt’s rep denied late Friday that the actor is planning to wed Angelina Jolie in Johannesburg. “It’s all made up,” the rep told Us Weekly.

A tabloid reported this week that the couple would wed in South Africa in a simple and elegant ceremony with African music. Guests attending, according to the report, included Oprah Winfrey. “Oprah would not be invited to their wedding. They are not that close,” a source close to the couple says.

Pitt, 42, and Jolie, 31, have three children, six-month-old Shiloh Nouvel, Maddox, 4, and Zahara, 1. The couple is currently in New York to promote her new movie, The Good Shepherd; they have been together since early 2005.

I wish they would get a myspace and do some Blackberry blogging so we could be privy to their unedited thoughts about all the crap the media reports about them.

Pictures from Splash News Online.

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  1. Gigohead says:

    I agree no one believed wedding rumors.

    But I would like to add oil to this burning fire. Why are they always parading the first two, but not the baby? Are they sending a “political” message with the adopted kids?

    Call me crazy or insensitive, but seriously (as they say on Grey’s Anatomy),what gives? I’ve never seen anyone in Hollywood exposing their kids (biological or adopted) so much as these two.

  2. Mr. T says:

    Well, they went up a notch in my book by not liking the material whore. Other than that, I agree, what is it with parading the kids everywhere?

  3. slowfreak says:

    I think it’s refreshing that they actually take care of their own kids. They should have the baby out with the other two, though. They’re parents. That’s why they take their kids with them everywhere.

  4. Lee says:

    In the beginning I thought Jolie was so kind to take in Maddox and Zahara, but now after Brad joined, it looks more and more a publicity thing. The look more unhappy too and trapped if you ask me.

  5. Bings says:

    I like how everyone comments that they are so unhappy. Haven’t you people learned from the Jennifer Aniston debacle that looks can be deceiving. Also bear in mind, Angie is a human like everyone who posts here – she is not immune to the hurtful things that people have said about her in the past few years especially now she has children. Nothing hurts a mother more than when their children are hurt and criticised which a fair number of people on blogs do.

  6. kailie2 says:

    I’m fresh from reading some unbelievable, racist, narrow-minded crap about Angie and the kids some folks on Just Jared like to post. As to “parading” their kids.. Gwen Stefani takes her kid with her everywhere, I don’t think I’ve seen her w/o her boy once, except when at an event with her hubby. I think it’s adorable and nobody gives her shit about it. So what if they don’t take Shiloh on outings that only older kids would enjoy.. they have three kids and only two pairs of arms, with all the paps on them, it would be hard to control and keep all the kids safe. Maybe they want to make sure that older kids get plenty of parent time–who knows, maybe Shiloh is very demanding of mom’s attention at home? Besides, let’s face it, if they DID take Shiloh with them, you people would say they’re “parading” their bio child. These two will never win as long as they’re gorgeous and don’t try to beg for your sympathy.

  7. Gigohead says:

    I’m sorry for igniting this fire, but I strongly believe Angie’s incessive need for media to promote her charity work is now backfiring. It’s an intrution to her children. As much as I admire both Angie and Brad, they need to do their charity work in private and stop with “calling attention to plights”, so that the media doesn’t intrepret every step of their lives as an excuse to flash the blubs.

  8. Shelby says:

    why do i only see them with two of their three kids… thats rather strange

  9. Britney ain't all that says:

    Is that Jen posting? or is that Huvane doing her dirty work?

    It’s time to move on Jennypo the clock has past your by and I hope you can be happy alone.

  10. Anastasia says:

    Shiloh is still an infant. And as someone pointed out, they have three kids now. Hell, my husband and I would be loathe to trot out a five year old, a toddler, and an infant with all the paps around, too.

    Once Shiloh is older, you’ll see her out and about, too. Please remember she’s only six months old. When Angelina adopted Maddox, he was older, when she adopted Zahara, she was older. She’s never had to deal much with the paps and a little infant, PLUS two other kids.

  11. frewtloop says:

    I’d look unhappy too if everytime I stepped outside the freakin door there was a bunch of assholes shoving a camera in my face. I reckon Angie’s look is just stoic tolerance of the situation and doesn’t reflect at all the state of her relationship. Also, they’re parents, they take their kids everywhere with them – the fact that their every move is chronicled in the press isn’t necessarily their choice. Don’t read stuff that isn’t there.

  12. Sam says:

    By the way, let’s not forget the fact that the tabloids just LOVE to pick on Angie and Brad. So of course every time they go out, even just for a family outing, they’re pictures are everywhere. So that contributes to the fact that we see pictures of them and their kids so often.

  13. Jase says:

    Bullshit Anastasia. Zahara was adopted at 6 months of age, Maddox at 7 months & both of them were trotted out for the paparazzi from the beginning. Maddox in a photo op in the park for Us Weekly during Angelina’s PR campaign against “bad husband + abandoning the baby” Billy Bob Thornton (Don’t deny this, it’s ben duly noted & even admitted by Us Weekly that the photos of baby Maddox in the park were arranged by his mother to show her maternal side before her interview to US Weekly in which she trashed her estranged husband Billy Bob) & Zahara in numerous photo ops in Malibu so the world knew she had taken her child home to Brad Pitt’s house. Both of the adopted kids were at the same age or younger then Shiloh is now & she had no problem chucking them in front of the paps.

  14. Action says:

    I have mixed feelings about this.

    On one hand, I like the fact they always have their kids (minus one, what is up with THAT?) with them. They are parents and it’s nice to see they have their kids with them. And yes, they do get stalked by the press so every move is on film, so there really isn’t avoiding the camera with or without the kids.

    On the other hand, where is that baby? Why is she never out in public? Do these people ever stay home? I don’t think I’d want to subject my kids to photographers all the time and I think I’d maybe key down my life a bit just to let my kids lead a normal life without cameras in the face all the time. I understand that their life shouldn’t stop, but would it kill them to spend some time at home too? Kids are resilient and an bounce back really easily, but I wouldn’t want to put them in a position to have to! And I do kind of feel like they use their kids like designer handbags.

  15. mangiesucks says:

    Mangie’s a moron. She wore “elegant heels” to visit a freaking house in the snow???

    And those adopted kids are props. Shiloh is NEVER seen and at 6 months old we saw plenty of Maddox and Zahara. I feel sorry for those kids. They have no stability, just rich spoiled parents.

  16. mangiesucks says:

    By the way, let’s not forget the fact that the tabloids just LOVE to pick on Angie and Brad. So of course every time they go out, even just for a family outing, they’re pictures are everywhere.
    Sam | 12.10.06 – 10:14 pm | #
    BULL! Brangelina alert the media when it suits them. Curious how none of the paps knew about visting the Wright house yet they still released a photo. Blecch – I loathes these people.

  17. FF says:

    I always find it funny how people fall for the front Angie and Brad put up. From the very few pictures taken when they think they’re alone – the babyshower pictures and the one where they were in France and kissing inside that shop – they’re very tactile and into each other. But when they’re aware that the cameras are there they change their body language entirely.

    They simply feel – both being divorced and having done the public ‘touchy-feely’ thing with other partners that their affection is a private thing.

    Also, considering the circumstances of their hook up I’m not suprised they’re presenting a modest front.

    I’m waiting to see how they behave with Shiloh and bring her out in public before I conclude whether their taking Zahara and Maddox everywhere with the paps trailing is purely for publicity though.