Gwen Stinks it Up

No, I’m not talking about her latest single (although I definitely could be), but about her latest fashion/beauty project. Coty has enlisted Gwen Stefani to create a series of L.A.M.B. scents, the first of which will be released in fall 2007. Stefani says Eau de Gwen #1 will be “broad, classic, and timeless, but from there, I can get more specific with my next one.”

Somehow I completely trust Gwen’s ability to create fun, unique fragrances. She may get a bit weird with her musical endeavours, and have strange taste in hairstyles from time to time, but her L.A.M.B. line is always on point (check out this amazing dress to see what I mean.) If nothing else, we know her scents will come in cute bottles.

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  1. Domidroid says:

    HA! Now I have proof!
    No one believed me when No Doubt first came out, and I told everyone she sucked.
    Kids who are impressed with her are generally too young to remember Missing Persons, but us old-skoolers knew she was building a career on imitating Dale Bozzio. Now that she’s trying to do it on her own, the plight of the Second Hander has come to light. Cloaking yourself in hip, ska imagery won’t disguise your lack of actual talent.

  2. xiaoecho says:

    NO-ONE has a jaw that square!!

  3. funflower says:

    Her performance on the Billboard awards was bizarre. I’m not too sure about the Sound of Music mixed with rap thing. What’s next — Little Red Riding Hoodie?

  4. DJ says:

    Missing Persons ? Hardly. Considering that “Tragic Kingdom” went 10x platinum, and she has experienced huge solo success, I’d have to say you are wrong.

  5. AC says:

    well im excited about her fragerances. She’s awesome. even if some of her new songs occationally suck, no doubt was and hopefully will continue to be awesome. He last album was like 90% great. so … im not gonna turn on her just for a slight dud.

    Her fragrances will be great!

  6. Action says:

    That is a great dress and a great pic. I personally don’t like her singing–solo or group. We’ll see about her fragrance.

  7. Domidroid says:

    DJ, Tragic Kingdom went platinum because people are idiots.