Rosie’s stupid Chinese parody draws ire, ratings for crappy show

When trying to describe how far and wide the news of Danny Devito’s drunken appearance on The View travelled, Rosie O’Donnel parodied the Chinese language in a way that many people consider offensive:

Asian groups are calling her idiotic parody for what it is while Rosie’s rep is defending it:

“The use of the distorted phrases is insulting to the Chinese and Chinese-Americans, and gives the impression that they are a group that is substandard to English-speaking people,” says the Asian-American Journalists Association. But Rosie’s rep thinks they just don’t get it: “I certainly hope that one day they will be able to grasp her humor.”

Why she couldn’t have said something like “Even Chinese newspapers were reporting it?” This is the woman who claimed that Kelly Ripa was somehow being homophobic when she said she didn’t know where Clay Aiken’s hands had been after he pawed her mouth. She just doesn’t get it when she does something that’s more obviously offensive when it’s directed against another group. Maybe Rosie could have scrunched her mouth up to make her teeth look bucked and used her index fingers to make her eyes seem slanty while saying it.

Note that I am stating how I feel about it without calling her ignorant or anything. I learned my lesson on the Jennifer Hudson thing and I appreciate your comments. If someone has an opinion I will respect it as long as they state it respectfully, which Hudson sort of did. (That doesn’t mean I have to agree or whatever.) Rosie didn’t state her opinion respectfully, though, and no one else brought up the subject – she decided rip on another language in a dumb, pointless attempt to be funny.

I have a feeling half the people are going to tell me I’m stupid and should lighten up, and the other half are going to say I’m right. That’s kind of how these things work.

Maybe Rosie will have the sense to issue an apology on Monday. The ratings for The View are up 15% since Rosie joined this season, and if they weren’t always fighting and pulling stupid shit like this it’s doubtful that their audience would extend beyond the retired ladies in Boca.

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  1. Mr. T says:

    Rosie is a typical loudmouth. She thinks she can speak crap about anyone anytime she wants without accountability. Here she is making fun of the Chinese. Because she is a lesbian, she feels she can speak out about anyone and anything she wants and if anyone complains about her filthy mouth, they are homophobic. Go figure, she still is a fat lousy beotch.

  2. Pecarrie says:

    Ooohhh, ouch. I live in Boca. But I’m not retired, and I don’t have a television. I don’t watch Tv, and if I did, it would NOT be the view. I loved Rosie when she had her show (tells you about when I had a tv last) though, and she out of all people, I think, wouldn’t be one to discriminate.

  3. Carson says:

    I completely agree with Mr.T’s comment.

    Rosa O.D. is a classic case of Ms.AlwaysRight, you can’t win with her. Either you agree or you are homophobic.

    I would not consider myself either homophobic, homohater or homonothing…

    I am homotiredofyourbullshit.

    I am 100% straight and have friends who are gay, but FIRST they know how to behave in public, SECOND they speak like normal people not like attention whores that want everyone to look at them and THIRD they have brains!!!

    Celebitchy I applaud you for your comments on Rosa O.D. inconsiderate behavior towards other groups.

    SCREW HER and HER publicist!

  4. Other Karen says:

    I’m Chinese and I don’t find it insulting at all. I thought it was funny actually. Maybe because she used the words “Ching Chong” instead of the normal gibberish they use for mock Chinese? So she’s not coming off as condescending or anti-Chinese here for me, anyway.

  5. Matt says:

    I’m convinced that Rosie O’Donnell is a loud-mouthed idiot who doesn’t have one damn clue about reality. She should really have her mouth vaccuum-sealed and sound-proofed. It might help. A little.

  6. Domidroid says:

    I don’t feel the need to insult Rosie O”
    on anyone’s behalf, she’s honestly not someone I ever think about, so what she says just doesn’t matter to me. But it is Highly irritating that Jennifer Hudson is expected to “represent” every woman who’s Black “positively”, like the way we’re represented is her problem, or responsibility. I represent myself, and that’s all. Other Black women’s images are their problem. Ideas like that fuel racism, because they imply that:
    a)All Blacks are the same.
    b)All Blacks want to be part of some
    sad little club for Oppressed Souls.
    I know this was originally about Rosie O, but while we’re bitching…

  7. trufflesauce says:

    I’m pretty indifferent to this situation, but I thought you were right about Jennifer Hudson.

    I think Adam Carolla is instigating this Rosie “ching chong” thing. I listen to his morning show. He said he wants Rosie off the view. He got in trouble with an Asian Advocacy group (I don’t know which one, but one that works to fix Asian stereotypes in the media) for aparently the exact same thing. Apparently, prior to this, he said “ching chong” mimicking an Asian language, and the group reprimanded him. His wife watches the View and alerted him to what Rosie did, so he called the same Asian advocacy group and told them what she did and played them the clip. They said they were previously unaware of what she said, and would persue an apology from her. All this happened on his morning radio show.

  8. Jude says:

    I found Rosie’s imitation of Chinese incredibly sickening, mostly because I grew up in a very intolerant part of the country where my schoolmates routinely mocked me using *the exact same noises*. How lovely that, years after I get out of that shit place and stop being made fun of like that, now I can see a grown celebrity doing the exact same thing. Yippee.

  9. Jrock says:

    Rosie O’Donnell speaks her mind for ratings and shock. She is obviously linked with the gay community and uses that to trap other people. They could have a guest on their show trying to tell a story about trying to potty train their male dog and Rosie will question why the dog isn’t allowed to hump other male dogs. Just as long as there is homophobia out there, she has something to talk about. Rosie, nobody cares that you are gay. Seriously. Not everything is about being gay. The only thing that the american public is worried about with you is that if you don’t get your way on The View then you might start chewing up the furniture. And that has nothing to do with your sexuality. That comment has to do with your looks.
    Yeah, I’m not a big fan.

  10. MYPLEASURE says:

    Now I have a concrete reason to boycott the woman and the show.

  11. AD says:

    Its offensive…Im not Chinese, but am Asian, and its offensive as hell.

    But than again with an Irish name like that she was probably drunk at the time.

  12. DJ says:

    Wtf is “The View” ?

  13. Viv says:

    I find Rosie to be a complete backwards bitch. She’s so quick to point out other’s faults yet she cannot accept responsibility for her own.