“Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt tour Fallingwater” Links

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Angelina Jolie gave Brad Pitt a tour of architectural legend Frank Llyod Wright’s Pennslyvania Fallingwater home for his upcoming birthday. [Just Jared]
– Scary pictures of TomKat, JLo, and Marc Anthony at Wil Smith’s movie premiere. Maybe Jada is easily influenced but Wil is not going to convert to the c0s anytime soon. [CelebWarship]
– Cult group “Landmark Education,” which fronts as a motivational seminar group, had a French documentary exposing it’s creepy tactics removed from Google Video, YouTube, The Internet Archive, and Daily Motion. [Cult News]
Katie Holmes pregnant again? What? [Splash News Online]
– There might actually be a Friends reunion [Socialite’s Life]
Mischa Barton sang “Oops I did it again!” on the second day of Britney’s vag-flashing. Just a coincidence. [Egotastic]
– Santa has a little surprise for Mandy Moore [Mollygood]
– More pictures from Tori Spelling’s garage sale [DListed]
– This video is either really funny, really stupid or really weird, and it’s likely you’ll change your mind about it several times while you’re watching it. [Best Week Ever]
– Porn-friendly feminist Camille Paglia says Britney is like a backstreet floosie and is giving pro-sex feminism a bad name [US Weekly]
Pete Doherty as a children’s morality tale [Agent Bedhead]
– Best Nintendo wii commercial [Chic Mommy]
– Now you can pay retail for all the overpriced crap the celebrities get for free. [Spank Cheeks]
Lance Bass and Reichen are back together [Hollyscoop]
– Is Paris Hilton engaged or did she just pull out the old giant fake diamond again? [I’m Not Obsessed]
Paris makes over a granny [Celebrity Puke]
Lindsay Lohan used a butter knife to make those marks on her wrist. She can’t even do that right. [CityRag]
Matthew McConaughey narrowly beat out Paris Hilton for top party animal [Junkiness]
Jessica Simpson’s mom was embarassed by her flub at Dolly’s tribute gala in front of the president, and says Jessica should have shown up for rehearsal and learned the lyrics to the song [The Blemish]
– Papa Joe Simpson says Jessica will read your magazine in her next movie for just $10k. That’s a bargain he’s sure to pocket. [Celebslam]
– The B-52s are working on their first album in 15 years [Seriously? OMG! WTF?]
– The better sex diet [Celeb-Diet]
Renee Zellwegger looks thrilled to be promoting her film [ICYDK]
– Who looks better in this Vivienne Westwood dress: Nelly Furtado or Reese Witherspoon? [Faded Youth]
– Possible names for Mel Gibson’s new movie Radar Online]
Mandy Moore and Wilmer Valderrama went out to dinner, but they’re just friends. honest [yeeeah]
George Clooney buys rights to John Grisham book [Glitterati]
Madonna’s Coat of Many Chinchillas Outrages PETA [Celebguru]

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14 Responses to ““Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt tour Fallingwater” Links”

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  1. Mr. T says:

    I voted for you. Good luck!

  2. celebitchy says:

    Thanks Mr. T! I’m not as popular as the other blogs and it’s an honor to be a finalist.

  3. kailie2 says:

    yes, definitely. I have to confess that I’m loving this photo.. such a gorgeous winter scene (even if it’s photoshopped).

  4. Lee says:

    Boy these two look like they have never seen each other all the time, they can’t even touch like any normal couple, they should have brought the children along they are more comfortable while the children are around. It is the only couple I have never seen cuddling in show business, makes me wonder!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I just voted for you! Dog Runner

  6. kailie2 says:

    Because a “normal couple” would be all over each other for a photo that’s going to be made public. I guess I have different standards.. I don’t drape myself over my husband for the photos, ever, we don’t hold hands on the street ALL the time and surely never kiss in public. Of course that means we’re “not comfortable” with each other or there is no passion in the marriage. You know so much. Only truly insecure people or those with something to prove (TomKat) make a spectacle of their relationship–PDAs are meant to communicate a message to the public, not between a couple. I recall Britney putting her hand in KFed’s pants.. that must have meant they had a great relationship, right? On the other hand, if Brad was hugging and kissing Angie, all the Aniston lunatics will be crying how “insensitive” he is to the feelings of his ex. BTW, I recall her straddling Vince on a balcony, for the benefit of the paps.. obviously a proof of great relationship. You see what you want to see, they don’t care to make their relationship open to the public and are secure enough to be restrained when photographed.. still, they had a kid within months even though they were apart a lot.. nothing happened in the 7 years he was married to Aniston (even with all the PDAs we witnessed).

  7. natalee says:

    I would like to E-mail Angie.

  8. celebitchy says:

    I think they look really happy here and it’s a gorgeous picture. Who doesn’t smile and pose nice with their husband/boyfriend? Isn’t that how you take pictures? I have tons of pictures like this with my husband. Sometimes I can see reading into candids, but it’s hard to judge b/c what you don’t see are literally 50-100 paparazzi mobbing them so of couse they look pissed.

  9. Borat says:

    Well, I think they do look good toghether.
    Celebitchy, this one might interest you hon (and I voted for you,too):
    Jennifer Aniston and K-Fed?
    A Crispin Reynolds Exclusive
    Crispin Reynolds 12/07/2006 2:23 pm
    As if things aren’t strange enough, the tragic soap opera that is Jennifer Aniston’s love life has taken added another incredible twist. Stay with me, now.

    After hanging out with former ‘Friends’ costars, Jen made for Club Citrus with some gal pals for some laughs and what became a few too many Limoncello’s. Jen was first introduced to the high-octane cocktail in Italy by the same guy that sent his pal Danny DeVito to be on “The View” while he was in a state of mild delirium.

    And what other newly exed celeb happened to be in the same place, slamming a Colt 45 while wearing a too-large-for-his-frame velour sweatsuit? None other than FedEx and his posse, all of whom went nuts when they saw Jen. My sources tell me they spent the rest of the night in a private area, making fun of their exes.

    When the lights of the club finally came on, the two were seen escaping into the shadows through a back door. Citrus owner Peter Chin, always tight-lipped about his mega-star clientele, would neither confirm nor deny the story, then gave me his signature ‘wink.’


    Saw it in a Gossip thread and it’s not yet been exposed too much….This is a bomb!!!

  10. celebitchy says:

    Thanks Borat! I wonder if that’s true! It’s crazy to think of those two together.

    There’s a problem with my WordPress software that’s causing the archives, contact, and advertise pages to go blank. Everything else works so I’m trying not to stress about it. You can also e-mail me tips at info -at- celebitchy.com


  11. Jennifer Aniston and KFed?


  12. Hmmm. Phin will probably know what to do about those pages.

    But seriously, KFed and Aniston? Oh please stop the laughter…it’s starting to hurt. 😉

  13. countrybabe says:

    Kallie, you sound a little sensitive. I’m not a feely kind of person but I find it strange also about these two. Considering how Angie was all over Billie Bob, and he ain’t no Brad Pitt. Angelina looks like she tolerats him to have a father for her children.
    I know that sounds cold, but I give it to you straight up. And we know she probably had Shiloh to keep him as well. I don’t think the quick time frame that she got pregnant shows how much she loves him.

  14. toby says:

    In regards to the above comment, it doesn’t sound cold at all. Sounds accurate. So does this: