Tori Spelling’s house is more shabby than chic

Janet Charlton is ripping on Tori Spelling’s sense of style, as evidenced by these pictures supposedly from her house where she’s holding an estate sale this weekend. Tori has been selling her crap on eBay and now she’s getting rid of her posessions the old fashioned way with a yard sale.

It doesn’t look that bad to me. I mean it’s not my taste, but I wouldn’t think poorly of a friend with this stuff in their house and it looks well designed and comfortable. It’s that shabby chic french country style I guess. The china is really ugly, but she’s selling this stuff and she probably inherited it.

We just KNOW you’re going to want to drop everything and dash to Tori Spelling’s “Dazzling Hollywood Estate Sale ” at her Valley home this weekend. (11369 Dona Lisa Drive, Studio City) Ads promise sale items represent “fifteen years of buying and collecting.” But there’s something fishy here. First of all, since when does Tori live in middle class Studio City? And take a look at these photos of the roomsful of items for sale. Doilies everywhere! Plastic plants! Grandma style dishes! Not to mention used cosmetics – and don’t forget that fire extinguisher under the vanity. Granted, there’s an occasional picture of Tori propped up, but we’re not buying the notion of Tori Spelling lounging on white wicker furniture. Either this is someone else’s house, or Tori Spelling’s taste is MUCH worse than we suspected. Candy would be humiliated. Or maybe that’s the idea.

I’m betting it’s her house. It’s not bad at all, and I guess I’m kind of surprised that she hasn’t streamlined everything but I think it looks ok. She must be a collector like her mom.

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  1. Other Karen says:

    Too much stuff! Too fussy! Not awful otherwise.

  2. Gigohead says:

    I think her stuff was real cute. Then again I’m poor.

  3. kailie2 says:

    She is definitely into the Shabby Chic but with a French twist. Some of the furniture is very typical Louis XVI repro (settee and the console) and then some mirrored armoires–a bit too much for my taste, but she obviously bought a whole lot. The china is not my style but again it’s the Chabby thing.. very girly, flowery.. I’ve seen worse–at least not everything is dripping with gold and crystal or painted on velvet. I hated the stuff I’ve seen on dlisted–her cheesy portrait etc. Overall.. not much personality. You’d think that with her money she’d have more sophisticated taste but then of course $$$ doesn’t have to mean taste or sophistication. Just look at her husband 😉 or that awful bustier thing in the bathroom!

  4. Domidroid says:

    The shelf in the second shot gives a huge insight into her personality: shallow and contrived. Looks like something I would have arranged in 5th grade. She can obviously afford anything she wants, except taste. That Baroque-Brothel furniture looks like stuff you’d find after Valhalla exploded. Yech.

  5. sarah says:

    She probably rented a house for the weekend or week, just to sell all these things. I am guessing that she would not just invite anybody to her home for a garage/yard sale, especially if she wants to continue to live in privacy(for the most part!). I think thats why everything is kind of crammed into the house. Its not bad stuff, and I do think its hers, just not in her house.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I had read that she is living in a rental house in Studio City.

    Was kind of surprised to see how humbly she was living but then when you look at the prices of real estate in LA it is probably a $600 – $700K an average/smaller house she is renting.

  7. Joe Sith says:

    Well, she ain’t ever gonna be in ‘In Style’ magazine, let’s just say that…

  8. Action says:

    I have to say, I love the China set. However, I know I’d tire of it quickly!

  9. elisha says:

    Studio city? Wow, that’s like, not THAT nice of an area. I’m leaving for Burbank right now, maybe I’ll do a drive-buy past T-Spell’s

  10. Kat says:

    I’m not going to lie, I actually really like her stuff. I wouldn’t necessarily put them all together the way they are shown in the pictures, but I think many of the individual pieces are quite cute. Though I must say the bustier lamp is damn ugly.

  11. Someone says:

    The place is okay, but I don’t believe for a second that it’s her place. Looks like the bathroom floor needs to be redone, and I just can’t see her living in a small place like that.

  12. lyric says:

    Not a fan but I would have loved to have gone to this. Be more fun than a flea market and I love them.

  13. alexi says:

    Hi all,
    I think Tori gets alot of heat as she grew up as Aaron the gazillionaire’s daughter. I do think this is her house. I have never met her – but at least she is not some loser wacko like Lowwww Lohan. She seems fairly grounded (admitting plastic surgery, needing cash whatever). She has a seriously cute husband. I also found No TORI ous (or however they printed that logo) ridiculously and aburdly tongue and cheek. If I was a neighbor I wouuld go to the sale and bring along a cosmopolitan martini!