Jennifer Aniston and K-Fed leave a club together

Jennifer Aniston and K-Fed, yes there’s no other K-Fed I could be referring to, supposedly met up unexpectedly at a club and spent the evening bonding over shots of Limoncello, the same lemon liquor that led to Danny Devito’s drunken appearance on The View. They then slipped out together through the back door. What happened next is anyone’s guess:

After hanging out with former ‘Friends’ costars, Jen made for Club Citrus with some gal pals for some laughs and what became a few too many Limoncello’s. Jen was first introduced to the high-octane cocktail in Italy by the same guy that sent his pal Danny DeVito to be on “The View” while he was in a state of mild delirium.

And what other newly exed celeb happened to be in the same place, slamming a Colt 45 while wearing a too-large-for-his-frame velour sweatsuit? None other than FedEx and his posse, all of whom went nuts when they saw Jen. My sources tell me they spent the rest of the night in a private area, making fun of their exes.

When the lights of the club finally came on, the two were seen escaping into the shadows through a back door. Citrus owner Peter Chin, always tight-lipped about his mega-star clientele, would neither confirm nor deny the story, then gave me his signature ‘wink.’

Aniston had made an appearance earlier in the night at the premiere of pal Courteney Cox’s new series for FX, Dirt, in which Cox plays a no-holds barred tabloid editor. Incidentally, Cox has said that she would be open to a Friends reunion, but said that it wasn’t in the works yet.

As to what prompted Aniston to perhaps go home with the FedEx, we can only guess it was the liquor. The whole scenario sounds like it was made up by the Limoncello marketing people, who were so grateful for Danny Devito’s on-air plug that they sent a case of the stuff to The View afterwards.

I’m not an Aniston fan, (I mean I was back when she was on Friends, but that was ages ago) but I feel sorry for the woman at this point if this news is true. She went from Brad Pitt to Vince Vaughn to K-Fed. You can just hear the rock dropping into the well.

As for whether she’s pregnant or not, that probably not true. The British newsletter that reported the dubious news two weeks ago said just last week that it was probably water retention. And wishful thinking. She’s not helping matters with outfits like this though.

Thanks to reader Borat for the tip!

Pictures from Superior Pics.

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  1. luigi says:

    Oh come on

  2. Mr. T says:

    Wow, that is not only hitting bottom, that is totally sleazing out. Too bad Chinnefer can’t keep her chin up any higher.

  3. sara says:

    well, IF it is true, and she left with k-fed, then the pregnacy rumors are probably true. haha

    i don’t believe it though. no one could go from brad pitt to k-fed!

  4. :thud:

    Stop it, oh stop it, I say!

  5. Other Karen says:

    Even if there was a sex tape, I wouldn’t believe it. *shakes head* I hope they didn’t go home together, because then K-Fed will be bragging about it all over the place. The shame!

  6. Geoffrey Cannington says:

    I’m not surprised by this at all. It was probably an innocent affair. After a few drinks, I’m sure they probably had a great time together. I don’t see anything wrong with it. These mega celebs are human beings and more often than not simple things tend to get blown out of proportion. In the midst, of her partying with other men, Jennifer is preparing to reunite with co-star and boyfriend Vince Vaughn, for the upcoming People’s Choice Awards. They are nominated for Favorite On-Screen Match-Up. Be sure to tune in on January 9, 2007 on CBS @ 9/8c. You can also visit for more info. I got the latest updates because I work with the People’s Choice Community.

  7. Domidroid says:

    Oh God, she’s just so boring and awful. Like the cheerleader from high-school who never found anything else to do. She’s not Rachel Green in real life people, what’s the interest?

  8. Someone says:

    I don’t believe it. That’s just slumming.

  9. kailie2 says:

    Omigod.. 😉 I so wish for this to be true and this is sooo juicy, however, I have to be fair to her .. there is NO WAY JenJen would even talk to FedEx. Please…

  10. lyric says:

    Much as I dislike Maniston and would love for this to be true I find it almost impossible to believe. If we start seeing pics of Maniston naked down below then I will believe this.

  11. socalchick says:

    yea right this is real. this is such bullshit. i can’t believe you even posted this. like any one would believe it.

  12. jambajuice says:

    What a load of made up shit. This so called story has been circulating since before Courteney’s Dirt premiere. Sorry to tell ya, ya got it all wrong.

  13. Fabiola says:

    No way this is true…however, the both need the publicity.

  14. Anonymous says:

    They both like to smoke herb….probably went back to the hotel to burn a fattie!

  15. Margaret says:

    What a crock of crap this is. OF COURSE IT’S NOT TRUE.

    I think K-Fed is about the most worthless piece of dog manure in this world, but he would be a TRADE UP from Vince Vaughn.

    And just the record, Holy Moly who reported her pregnancy also said in their December 1st mailer she was on the set of Fred Claus the week after Thanksgiving with Vinney Boy. They did NOT retract that in the mailer on the 8th, only the pregnancy.

    Jen, you go girl.

  16. Anabanana says:

    Where are you going with those comments Margaret? That Jennifer was with Vince after he fooled around with another girl and they didn’t break up when their peeps said they did, so he did cheat on her, prompting her to dump his hairy backside?

  17. hckyfan40 says:

    They are both LOSERS and NASTY!!

  18. didi says:

    Jennifer is a human being. She is a woman who has had her heart ripped out & being forced to read, observe, & hear all about the Pitt-Jolie fairytale. I have recently split w/ someone that I truly loved; it gets really lonely, except you don’t want to be around anyone. I hope it isn’t true; he has to be the 2nd most despised man in America, following our Bush man. If you had a life, all of you, you wouldn’t have to make fun and be mean. Give the girl a break. She & Britney have to be the most scrutinized women, except slutty Paris. Now there is a match; they wouldn’t f-up two nice people; Paris & K-fed. Maybe between the 2 they could teach their kids to count to ten. I kill me. Ha!

  19. Les Suckno says:

    Well, KFed has a bad case of herpes, so I guess Jen got herpes in her pussy now, As for Didi’s comment, Didi – you must be a fat chick. You sound like a fat chick. You blubber like a fat chick. Jennifer Anniston is a fat chick who had a lot of plastic surgery. And she can bite an apple through a picket fence.

  20. Les Suckno says:

    Bad gets: The sexiest woman on the planet.

    Jen gets: A virulent case of herpes.

    Sounds about right to me. Viva Brad!

  21. Mary6864 says:

    I am really happy to hear that Jennifer has fallen in love with a male model. May be she can proceed with her life, and stop thinking of what could have been with Brad. He wanted children, but evidently her career was much more important to her.