Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes release a joint statement (update: divorce settled!)

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise just issued a joint statement through their respective representatives. This is the first official statement Tom has made since the initial “he’s so sad” thing just hours after Katie filed for divorce. Katie too has only issued one “official” statement and that was two Fridays ago. Okay – of course, both Team Cruise and Team Holmes have been doing strategic leaks, but this is the only evidence that we have thus far that both sides are playing nice… for now. The statement:

“We are committed to working together as parents to accomplishing what is in our daughter Suri’s best interests,” say Cruise, 50, and Holmes, 33. “We want to keep matters affecting our family private and express our respect for each other’s commitment to each of our respective beliefs and support each other’s roles as parents.”

[Via Us Weekly]

Oh, I could parse that all day long. Working together for Suri’s best interests = negotiating Suri’s custody is the major sticking point and nothing else matters. “We want to keep matters affecting our family private” = Katie will continue to play the media like a champ. “Express our respect for each other’s commitment to each of our respective beliefs” = Tommy’s panties are in a bunch because he belongs to a cult and people are really starting to question it. HARD. “Support each other’s roles as parents” = Tom and Katie agreeing not to publicly call each other out for “bad parenting”. I’m just guessing. I also guess that the thing about “our respective beliefs” was the important part, the part about Tom’s “religion.”

Anyway, earlier today TMZ reported that YES, Suri is the major sticking point in these divorce negotiations, and Tom “has made one thing VERY clear… Suri is the deal-maker and the deal-breaker in his divorce with Katie Holmes.” Tom is hellbent on having “meaningful, significant contact with his daughter” because Suri “is the primary concern in his life.” Katie has allegedly told Tom that she will let him see Suri when he finishes filming his latest movie. TMZ also says that Tom and Katie and their lawyers are trying to hash out a total deal for their divorce, and that’s why Katie was seen at her lawyer’s office two days in a row.

UPDATE: TMZ got a statement from Katie’s lawyer, Jonathan Wolfe, about the past few days of negotiations – apparently, everything is settled…?!? Wolfe says (to TMZ & People), “This case has been settled and the agreement has been signed. We are thrilled for Katie and her family and are excited to watch as she embarks on the next chapter of her life. This result could not have been achieved without the hard work of my partner Gary Skoloff and our co-counsel Allan Mayefsky, Michael Mosberg and Larry Trachtenberg of Aronson Mayefsky and Sloan and Peter Walzer and Chris Melcher of Walzer & Melcher in California. We thank Tom’s counsel for their professionalism and diligence that helped bring about this speedy resolution.” Allegedly, the deal involves Katie having primary custody of Suri in NYC, and Tom being granted “generous visitation”. I’m hoping there’s more to it than that, but we’ll see.

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  1. Lindy says:

    I really hope the portion of that statement about respecting beliefs etc. does not mean that Katie plans to cave in re: CO$ stuff. I really, really hope she will stay firm on minimizing Suri’s exposure to all things CO$ related.

    p.s. I finally decided to get myself a Gravatar! I think the Tomkat divorce has officially pushed me over the edge from sometime-commenter to C/B addict!

  2. brin says:

    Oh to be the fly on the law office wall!

    • Happymom says:

      Oh my Xenu-I’ve thought the same thing. Would love to have heard this weekend’s negotiations!! I hope Katie is able to keep Suri out of COS forever-but it’s going to be an on-going struggle as she gets older and spends time with her father and his whackadoo family.

      • DreamyK says:

        Oooh…blindgossip just released another apparent dig at Tommy boy. : Although all the talk up to this point has been about his involvement with a powerful group, there were actually three other reasons he settled so quickly.

        Here are the three reasons: 1. His very personal relationship with a professional athlete. 2. His very personal relationship with a musician. 3. His very personal relationship with a famous actor.

        She was ready and willing to expose all three relationships to get what she wanted. The scandal of having these three famous people deposed by attorneys about their sexual relationships would have destroyed all four men. So, he gave her the thing she wanted most so that his biggest secret could remain a secret.

        o_O THREE? Holy hell. My guesses: Jeremy Renner for the actor..Is Will Smith still considered a singer? And lots of guesses for Beckham as the athlete but I’m not feeling that one too much.

      • gg says:

        Oh yes, this is not completely all over now. There will be struggles.

        Meanwhile: Bring on the indictments for criminal activity of the the Cult! ::blows noisemaker::

    • corny says:

      i heard there is insect repellant just for cos overhearers so be warned!

  3. Eve says:

    I agree with Lainey’s take on this. Especially this:

    Fine. It’s a small victory. But don’t think she didn’t expect it either. She was aggressive out of the gate for a reason. The fact that Tom is even negotiating with her, and not bullying her, is remarkable in and of itself. She wanted to put him in a position where he had to acknowledge her demands. And she succeeded. Tom Cruise is bargaining. For Tom Cruise, bargaining is new territory. And Katie Holmes put him there

    • gee says:

      She must have had some serious sht on him. I bet he didn’t think she’d end up smart! Thank God for her mom-strength and her father.

      • LucyOriginal says:

        I do believe she has a lot on him, especially that this “agreement” was so fast! his team try the sad card and nobody got sympathy for him… I said in one of the posts: Tom, let it go…I hope he did and let Katie have the sole custody of Suri. Anyway, she is the one spending more time with Suri…

      • LeeLoo says:

        That is what I am saying. She had something he did not want getting out.

      • Turtle Dove says:

        I think that she could tell some tales about the church and him for sure, but I think that her jumping out of the gate quickly on the divorce and announcing the way she did has more to do with unsettling him and grabbing sympathy. If this was talked about before hand he would have killed in her the media.

        Plus, he’s got a lot at stake right now with his movie coming out after all the stinkers he’s done in the last few years.

        Timing was everything on this for HER team.

      • Layale says:

        Maybe he let it be because CO$ told him to. They (Co$) are probably more important to him than Suri. And their reputation is more important to them than Tom and his daughter. Then again, maybe they want to get the media attention away from them so they can do whatever underhanded thing they plan on doing without getting noticed? (Whatever it is that CO$ does to silence people…sigh)

      • Esmom says:

        My thoughts exactly. I’m guessing he wanted to wrap this up as quickly as possible to avoid going down in complete flames.

      • kct says:

        Exactly what I was thinking. No “please take me back” or anything to negotiate saving the relationship after all those declarations of love. Just settle it and get it out of the way to keep her from blowing the whistle and toppling his Co$ empire.

      • TheOriginalTiffany says:

        My COS opinion for what its worth
        That’s why I personally believe those blinds might be true. For cos to step back like this, for him to capitulate so quickly is. COMPLETELY out of character.
        I believe she had something on him so bad that the cult pressured him to give her what she wanted. If not both he and his cult and all their other celebs clients would go down in flames for good.

        This is called self preservation by both the cult and Tom. Period. No other way they give up this easy. It isn’t in their repertoire.

      • Latoya says:

        Tom probably was told to get this out of the press as soon as possible as it’s dredging up loads of scientology hate. I think that’s the real reason it’s so speedy. Also something that probably played to Katie’s advantage.

    • Genevieve says:

      I have LOATHED TC ever since he cheated on Nicole with that freakish looking Spaniard with her wonky eye. All the CO$ cult garbage only added to my disdain for him.

      Would give my right boob to know 1). How severe the tantrums were that the outfoxed GMD threw over Katie royally f*cking him over, and 2). WHO are the three other people GMD was involved with?!?! I am LITERALLY DYING to know! PLEASE let this be the beginning of the end for CO$.

      Clever Katie…and lucky Suri to have a mother like her. I feel nothing but rage and pity for both of them that they have to be involved with TC for the rest of their lives. Wouldn’t it be glorious if Katie worked out a way to completely abolish him forever?

      You know…exactly like the way he treated Nicole.


  4. the original bellaluna says:

    What this says to me is “We are trying to reach a mutual agreement over our daughter, and is something upon which neither of us will ever fully agree, and the CO$ isn’t to blame.”

    I smell a ND agreement in Katie’s future. I hope I’m wrong. If I’m not, at least be smart enough to put a statute of limitations on it, Katie.

    Like, in 5 years (duration of marriage) or the event that something “mysterious” happens to you or Suri, documentation of the FULL TRUTH will be released via an “undisclosed” source.

    • Chatcat says:

      Bellaluna…I have to disagree here. I think Katie is way ahead in this game and Tommygirl is spittin nails mad!

      He and his posse have no spin right now so they are keeping it simple hoping for any opening in public opinion for him to slither through…and it’s killing him. The ranting and raving must be driving everybody around him loopy!

      Stay your course Katie and finish what you started here for Suri and yourself~

    • bluhare says:

      Really good point about the ND agreement. Hopefully, she’s given her dad a stack of stuff and a video for him to use “just in case”.

    • mary simon says:

      I like your thinking, bellaluna. Anything Katie gives any ground on regarding Suri should be very conditional, with all sorts of checks and balances in place. TBS – this statement just shows what a CO$ tool Tom is – he is in the middle of a divorce, child custody is an issue – and he and his team are focused on defending their crumbling evil cult.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        It really sucks, thinking that way, but once you’ve been the escapee, I think it permanently alters your perceptions.

        I didn’t have video tapes, but I told a dear high school friend the litany of things I couldn’t even tell my mom that he’d done to me.

        I made her swear that if anything happened to me, she would go tell my mom EVERYTHING and NEVER let the man get ahold of my child.

      • Rumorhasit says:

        This isn’t entirely true, he’s spent most of his time on movie sets. That’s his true love and priority. How hard would it have been for him to have stopped in NYC however briefly and attempted to see his daughter, at her mothers apartment? Even if he stopped outside the door and never knocked, or let them know he was there…then leak that Katie refused to let him see their daughter to comfort and console her in this confusing time, and plea his case as it were, and reassure her he would always be there for her, in spite of whats happening with mommy.
        Pap pics would prove he had been there…and how damaging would this simple act have been to team Holmes?
        But he didn’t do that.
        Suri does however, merit a couple phone calls as Tom flits from one movie set to another. So much for being a priority. He will squeeze in a visit when this next movie has wrapped. Attaboy, Tommy. Priorities ….himself, Paramount, Scientology…in that order.

    • skuddles says:

      bella, I completely agree that Katie should put some sort of plan in place to disclose all she knows in the event something happens to her or Cruise reneges on what I hope is an iron-clad custody agreement.

    • sapphire says:

      O Bell, my money is on there’s no non-disclosure, other than the general boilerplate requiring the parties to refrain from disparaging each other. Why in the world would Katie agree and what leverage is there? She’s dealing from a position of strength.

    • only1shmoo says:

      I hope you’re wrong about that last bit too. To be honest, given how corrupt and abusive the Co$ is, I think many people would get satisfaction out of seeing it raked over the proverbial coals and publicly humiliated.

    • mayamae says:

      My first thought was that she has sold out. If she has agreed to keep CO$ secrets, she is complicit in their lies. How selfish to care only for herself and Suri. She was holding all the cards and did not need to compromise. CO$ will now be able to spin this story implying the “church” is the victim.

      I hope I’m wrong but I have a terrible feeling I’m right.

      • Raven says:

        Given the choice, I’d do the same. My child would be more important than weak people with bad judgment.

      • Emily says:

        No they won’t. Co$ will try to spin this as Scientology being the victim, but they will not be able to. They weren’t able to get people on Tom’s side even when he divorced Nicole Kidman. And things have changed for the worse for them over the years. They cannot fight the internet.

        I don’t think it’s right to demand incredible heroics of people, especially when their children are on the line. What Katie did was brave and I think she did a lot of it for Suri. No matter what she knows, Katie doesn’t have the dirt to bring the Co$ down anyway — the cult’s survived abusing, raping, imprisoning, and enslaving people who escaped to tell about it, after all. I doubt Hollywood would care about anything Cruise has done either.

        David Miscavige’s father recently escaped, and I think he might be able to bring his son down. I don’t expect him to do anything other than try to live the rest of his life in relative peace, though. The mere fact of his escape hurts Scientology.

        By now, we all know about Scientology’s abuses, though I’m sure there are plenty that have been covered up. After Debbie Cook’s e-mail (speaking of brave), they’re hemorrhaging members. I would expect David Miscavige to hand the cult over to someone else and escape to the Cayman Islands, but I don’t think Miscavige is capable of giving up one iota of power ever.

        Scientology is being investigated by the FBI. It seems to be taking for bloody ever, but I suppose the FBI wants everything set up perfectly before indicting people.

      • Belle says:

        Agree with both Raven and Emily… don’t think Katie has the ammo to bring the church down, and if I were in her place, I would be trying to get myself and my daughter out. Not selfish at all, and surprised anyone would think so. I think Katie has done her part in damaging the church to a certain extent already.

      • G(really) says:

        Frankly. the idea that celebrities are responsible righting all the wrongs in the world is silly.

        I don’t believe that she’s selfish at all. The idea that she should bring down Scientology on her own is a bit delusional. And this this is all speculation as well. Undoutably the source of their differences is more wide ranging.

      • TheOriginalTiffany says:

        I think she just might. Remember Tom cruise is THE face of Scientology. If they lose him, travolta, smith to these scandals they and the cult AND all their other celebs get smeared and ruined.

        Remember, this reaction of them giving in so easily is just not heard of in this cult. For Tom and his cult to go along so meekly means something big. Something big enough to bring it all down like the house of cards it is.
        They sue, sue, sue, not give in like this. When something this out of character goes on surely there is a big fire because I smell SMOKE.

      • mayamae says:

        Thanks G(really), it’s always a compliment to be called delusional and silly.

        Belle – Katie DOES have a responsibility in my opinion because she has been a part of CO$ recruitment.

        RAVEN – Saying these people are weak and have bad judgement implies they deserve what they get. By saying this you imply that Katie got what she deserved. Instead she is being hailed as a conquering hero. Why compassion only for Katie?

        The point is ladies – Katie had all the power. She could easily have helped the very women she may have lured into the cult. The motto of I only care for me and mine is utterly selfish.

      • mayamae says:

        I just want to add that most high profile defectors in CO$ had as much to lose as Katie and yet they risk everything to help those who have been left behind.

        I do not believe Katie has done anything wrong yet. I am giving my opinion of how I feel if she does walk away silently keeping secrets. I will praise her from the rooftops if she does reach out to help the repressed. I respect her for what she has done to protect Suri. I simply suggest she has a responsibilty to be a whistle blower. I think caring about the greater good is instilled in most of us. She will be a true hero if she attempts to help the people who’s shoes she wore for 6 years.

        Of course I am saying this without knowing the full details. None of us know the full details. I personally would not want that on my conscious. I’m frankly surprised that so many think she has no responsibility to help those who are far more helpless than she ever was.

        Sea Org members do not have the benefit of being a millionaire in their own right – like Katie is. They also do not have supportive fathers who cunningly help plan escape. They are extremely controlled to the extent that they cannot even make a phone call without pre-approval.

        The cult members live at the mercy of the church and I feel to walk away from involvement of the church without caring about those helpless and left behind is unethical.

    • P.J. says:

      Perhaps this went down so fast because they just followed the terms of their prenup, which formed the basis of the divorce agreement.

      Agree that there’s got to be a non-disclosure clause. Neither of them are going to say a word about the marriage, just like Nicole Kidman.

    • Genevieve says:

      A five YEAR ND?

      Dear Lord…I don’t think I can wait five MINUTES to find out the smut that Gay Midget Dwarf was up to. A scant week of David vs. Goliath (with TC being Goliath, of course) has been enough to put me into near cardiac failure. I NEED to know. Undisclosed source, please come through directly!


  5. Loulou says:

    Looks like Holmes isn’t ahead right now if the suppressive atmosphere has returned with just a few glib words. What’s the use of the release if only to quell the Cruise backlash? Come on Katie, don’t give up!

  6. Kate says:

    I think this means that Katie is getting what she wants. Every day this drags on brings more negative attention to Co$, and makes Tom seem even more bizarre for being a part of it. I think Tom and his team are hoping the quicker they can sweep this under the rug, the less the fallout will be.

    • Happymom says:

      This. I think it’s her concession to have Suri with her most of the time and make sure that she can’t (officially) be exposed to COS.

    • dorothy says:

      I agree. I think he realizes that the more that comes out regarding how utterly bizarre Scientology and Tom’s relationship is in it, the more his career slowly dies. Personally I think this will kill his career anyway. People can’t quite separate his professional work and his crazy involvement in this cult.

      • Samihami says:

        So true! I used to defense TC, saying that even though he belongs to this whacko group he still is a great actor. Now I have to retract that; he is just such a weirdo I cannot enjoy him in any movie any more. And while I used to think of him as a good looking man, now all I see is the crazy in his eyes.

      • Zvonk says:

        I completely agree. I’ve decided that I will no longer watch a film starring Tom Cruise. A portion of that ticket money will inevitably go to Co$, and I am not prepared to indirectly finance them.

      • Genevieve says:

        Yes, that…and the fact that he freaking SOLD HIS KID OUT to keep his filthy little secrets and f*cked up “religion”.

        The public at large will forgive an awful lot for a good box office-buzz….but I don’t think they’ll forgive or forget this. Too many questions have been raised.

        Time to come out of the closet and face the music, Tommygirl.

    • Jeane says:

      Yes, exactly. This has caused all kinds of dirty CO$ things to come into the spotlight in a major way, like Miscavige’s missing wife.
      And they have no comeback. They don’t have any dirt on Katie, or we would have heard about it already. The nastiest thing they could come up with was “Katie is playing the media” well, whatever, no one can blame her for that.

      Their only way to control the damage is to keep painting Tom as a loving father, heartbroken husband and decent man who is trying to protect his family, and hope this shitstorm will end fast and quietly.

    • hunter says:

      I agree. I don’t think Katie ever intended to remove Suri from Tom. Regardless of all the bullsh-t (DNA, gayness, Co$), he has been a very loving father and seems to have a tight relationship with her as a proper parent.

      This agreement is pretty much what I was expecting for best-case scenario and clearly in her favor. I strongly doubt Katie will spill ANY beans on the stuff we’re really dying to know.

    • stinky says:

      hey…speaking of rugs…
      i’m loving that K appears to have pulled the rug out from under T, much like T pulled the rug out from N. i sometimes wonder if it really was all a part of the scripted plan, but i think T and Co$ are smart enough to know that the “church” would suffer more bad publicity than they would care to endure. i really do think she blindsided him. so it’s just his time/turn to learn a few karmic truths about life & humanity. ‘surrender’ is the word of the day.

  7. Little Darling says:

    Typical. he’s under fire and he knows it. I wonder what she will get in return for this damage control?

    However, this is good for Suri and I do firmly believe in all divorces with children the parents should try to be as united as possible.

    That is, unless you are dealing with a Nappy Complexed control freak. Then protect and gain whatever control you can back.

    I could imagine him looking up at her begging to agree to this.

    She’s not dumb, she knows that he is silly putty in her hands at this point.

    • CC says:

      nuh uh. Depends on the parents. If my parents had divorced with me as a kid, if somepne ever forced me to have visitation with my father, I’d have run away for sure. Then again I didn’t “like” getting beat up for not falling in like with his edicts, like deciding if I needed a new mattress andwhether or not a buddy of him should sell it tto him for me…at 17. And so on, I endured massive beatings just for wanting to be a person. I waqs forced to say goodbye to his despicable trash parents but because I didn’t wave from the car, they complained and got slapped for it, etc etc, my whole childhood was like this. I wasn’t even a person to him, just property he felt he had a right to dictate about.

      The word “all” never applies.

      • Little Darling says:

        Sorry your upbringing was like that. But I do believe that in most cases it serves the kids much better to not have to deal with their parents warring all of the time. Obviously in cases of abuse, both physical and mental, this does not ring true. But in a case like this being as united as possible only means that Suri will grow up with two loving parents, which ultimately she deserves as long as Tom doesn’t have legal custody. Divorces are messy and tough but the sooner the parents can hash it out and move forward the better off everyone is, in my opinion.

      • TG says:

        @CC – Your story is very sad and I hope your dad is burning in hell right now. Did you ever tell your mom this was happening to you? Also, I hope you don’t hold on to your anger and let it consume you. Don’t let that monster define you. And I am glad you are safe now it is so sad to me that parents could abuse their children.

      • Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

        But, Little darling, Suri doesn’t have two loving parents. She has one loving mother and one psycho, brainwashed, control freak, cult member father. Tom Cruise doesn’t love anyone but himself; he’s an emotional void.

  8. Redheadwriter says:

    The divorce is settled. Damn would I like to know all the dirt Katie has on Tiny Tom and COS!

  9. Happy21 says:

    I think CO$ is pissed at the negativity being brought unto their little (huge) cult and have demanded some sort of statement.

    I hope Katie sticks to her guns on this. I think she will :)

  10. RHONYC says:

    dig them mighty guns on her female bodyguard!

    Katie rules! :-D

  11. Green_Eyes says:

    For lil Suri’s sake I hope Katie doesn’t back down. I agree everyday she stands up for herself and Suri is a day that chinks into the Cult of Scientology’s armor!

  12. Mia 4S says:

    He blinked. Good. What will be really interesting is if people in the cult suddenly start to notice that the “Supressive Person” rules aren’t going to be applied in quite the usual way in this case (they won’t be). Double standards, open your eyes Sci-folks!

    • TG says:

      There are a lot of suppresive people out there. Poor Co$ freaks. And poor tommyboy thought that one day we would just be reading about them in the history books. This man is gone, his body might still be here but his mind got in a spaceship a long time ago.

  13. Jess says:

    I really hope Katie stays strong. The problem is that she’ll have to stay strong for days, weeks, months, and years to come, because Tom and the Co$ will keep doing everything possible to bring Suri into the fold and push Katie away.

    • mary simon says:

      Agree with Jess: Katie will have to be ever vigilant for the rest of her and Suri’s lives. She must never let her guard down! I don’t trust Tom and his cult. They are giving ground now, but probably have something up their sleaves for the future. I pray Katie has some serious shit on Tom.

  14. Me says:

    This also could be a plan for little Tom to try and get sympanty from the public. Little Tom would never let something like this happen, he too much of a control hound.

  15. Loulou says:

    The divorce has been settled, according to TMZ

  16. Jane says:

    TMZ is now reporting they have reached an agreement.

    Wow! That was fast and very unusual for such a power couple.

    Katie does have something on him or he would have used his money and influence to wear her down to get a settlement mostly in his favor, if not entirely in his favor.

    Either that or once he was rejected by Katie his ego refused to allow him to persist in trying to save the marriage. He is used to being the one doing the rejection, so giving her the satisfaction of groveling was not going to happen. “You don’t want me, I don’t want you. How about that Miss Bossy Pants!”

    However, it remains to be seen how often he gets Suri and what happens when he does get her. He has to know he will be watched like a hawk about Suri and his cult.

  17. Lucy2 says:

    That part about the beliefs is interesting, not the usual joint statement wording. I think that’s so she won’t publicly cite COS as the cause, but let’s be honest she doesn’t need to, everyone else is doing it for her.
    If he truly cares about being with his daughter, he needs to put her first and agree to whatever Katieis asking regarding COS. His child should be more important to him than his cult. Sadly I doubt he will do that, but who knows.
    Considering he basically used her and their life as a way to promote his career, it’s a little late for privacy.

  18. Jeane says:

    I think everyone who was hoping for Katie to “bring down Scientology” will be very disapointed…

    Katie is not interested in taking on an entire cult, at this point she only cares about Suri’s wellbeing. When she came out with guns blazing, she was setting the stage for how this thing is gonna go down. She’s shown Tom & CO$ that EVERYONE, the media, the public, the paparazzi, is on her side and we’re all watching this unfold.

    By playing the media like she did she was basically saying: 1. I’m getting out of this marriage and out of this cult 2. I’m taking Suri 3. DO NOT TRY TO STOP ME.

    Katie is just showing how big her guns are so she won’t have to use them. I’m sure she has A LOT of nasty info about CO$, and I seriously doubt they have any dirt on Katie, girl has always been amazingly boring.

    • Mimi says:

      Totally agree with you, but whether she intended to or not, she got a massive ball rolling with getting the public to start questioning Co$ *en masse*. Bravo, Katie, well done.

      • Jeane says:

        That’s true! The time was ripe for it though. Katie didn’t even have to leak specific stuff, just a rumour “Katie was afraid Suri would be sent to Sea Org” and people started googling Sea Org and reading stuff that was already out there about abuse in CO$… and suddenly Miscavige’s missing wife is brought up again in posts about the TomKat divorce… She didn’t even had to get her hands dirty, the people and the gossip blogs did all the dirt digging!

        Well played Katie, seriously well played.

    • RHONYC says:

      i’m not disappointed at all.

      Katie givin’ her ol’ man a sharp kick in the testes proved to be a summer highlight for me.

      ever since he bodyslammed Nic with divorce papers i’ve always wondered if Karma would in fact bitch-slap him in the future.

      it gives me a chuckle every time i think about what his reaction must have been when he got the news. lol

      “she f*cking did W-H-A-T!!!”

      *Rumpelstiltskin stomping rage ensues*

      *Katiesmirk* ;-)

  19. Ainsley says:

    Wow, they settled fast. I wonder what the custody arrangement will be like? I bet Katie gets a pile of money too. Gotta keep the girl quiet about all of Tom’s weirdness!

  20. islandgirl says:

    Good for them for settling it. Bad for the bloggers though no juicy details lol

  21. Kaye says:

    Her eyes look really weird in the second photo. Bad makeup . . . or drugs?

  22. Janet says:

    It sounds like she got custody and he got “significant, meaningful contact”, which can be interpreted any number of ways.

  23. Eleonor says:

    He was nice even to Nicole Kidman (50% custody) and we know what happende after.

  24. Pie Face says:

    Raise a toast everyone! I hope she got everything she asked for and that there isn’t some C0$ driven legal skullduggery down the line.

  25. Talie says:

    Keep an eye on where she registers Suri for school in the fall…I’m thinking she’ll make a statement and put her in a Catholic school. That’s how you’ll know for sure what went down.

    • Playlist says:

      I agree, she will likely enroll her in a Catholic school. Not only as a statement, but because she’ll have the protection of the Catholic church. I doubt the CO$ would want to mess with that. Catholic vs. CO$ is a battle that could be epic. And really entertaining.

  26. bluhare says:

    Wow. She’s really got the dirt. Less than a week from file to done? Unheard of.

    • Mich says:

      I totally agree. In fact, I’m more than a little stunned. He went from ‘blindsided’ to ‘give her hell’ to ‘give her what she wants’ in no time flat. Maybe it is an OTVIII thing?

      • bluhare says:

        OTVIII is a Co$ thing? I’m blissfully unaware of them, something I’m going to try and keep going.

        Who’d have thunk it about Katie Holmes. I’ve got a friend in Toledo who runs at the edge of her family’s circle. I think I need to email her!

    • Talie says:

      He has too many big movies in the pipeline. This could’ve really screwed him if it went on too long.

      • bluhare says:

        I used to like Tom Cruise. I even liked him in Rock of Ages, and I don’t care if he’s 5’3″ or 6’3″. But he’s got some serious effed up crap going on in his head. I actually find myself feeling a bit a sympathy for him.

        You can all smack me now.

    • Playlist says:

      Katie (and her Dad, who is the brains behind her metamorphosis) planned and played out their battle ahead of time so Tom didn’t stand a chance but to quickly and quietly settle. I would bet Katie already had DNA proof on Tom long before filing, along with detailed notes on all the church activities. She didn’t go into this settlement meeting unprepared. Tom settled with her because he had nothing left to fight her with.

      He doesn’t want anyone knowing he is not Suri’s biological father, he doesn’t want anyone knowing about his real lifestyle, he doesn’t want to lose his career by fighting Katie in a ugly divorce, and his church doesn’t like being under fire. He went into the meeting to close the battle down, quiet it up, save his frail career, and stop the attacks on his church.

      He then comes out of it with the image of a concerned parent that only wants to settle for the sake of his child. He saves face, Katie gets her life back, and her child is protected under her care. He can use his future visits with Suri (hopefully supervised by one of Katie’s bodyguards) as positive PR control. The damage to Tom’s image, and to the church will quiet down now, but it won’t disappear completely. Let’s hope the church continues to fall apart.

      • Genevieve says:

        Totally agree, particularly about the DNA results.

        WHY don’t more people google Tommy Davis?

        Think somebody slipped poor Katie a roofie and a turkey baster on their three week long “whirlwind romance”.

        That child is the spit and image of Tommy Davis. The only question is: At WHAT point did Katie realize it?

        I hope she gets millions out of the gay midget dwarf for the five years and career that he stole from her.


      • Floridaseaturtle says:

        @Playlist & Genevieve, wow about the DNA and I sure did google Tommy Davis. The resemblence is more than uncanny. How could that be? Whatever the truth, Suri is beautiful and thank God that Katie, her father and team have taken such an iron strong stance. Just wow!

  27. Francesca says:

    I hope it is good for Katie and Suri. Tom seems invincible in terms of being knocked down for long. He probably has a new girl in the pipe already. I doubt he ever cared about Katie at all beyond her childbearing ability.

  28. the original bellaluna says:

    I still smell a ND agreement. I just hope she was smart enough to put an either/or statute of limitations on it: rendered void after either 5 years, or in the event something happens to her or Suri.

  29. sapphire says:

    My guess is limited visitation and he is not permitted to leave her in the custody of mom/sis/CO$ minions at any time. Further, I am betting there are sanctions written into the settlement documents for violation of the agreement. And HE pays the attorney fees!

  30. emq5006 says:

    I can see Tom jumping on a couch right now….hehe

  31. Paloma says:

    Wonderful news. Wonder if Katie spelled out there would be no coS indoctrination?

    • Happymom says:

      I read on either Radar or TMZ that she cannot attend ANY scientology events or parties, and that her nanny and bodyguards (that Katie picked out-so no freaky COS members) are with her when she’s with Tom. I hope that’s enough to keep her out of the cult’s clutches.

  32. Jenny says:

    She must have threatened to blow the lid off of COS (and Cruise) since there is no other reason something this big could be done in less than two weeks. Good for her clean escape. But folks are talking about COS like never before, so maybe others will get courage to escape and tell the truth.

  33. Mira says:

    Great! I can get my life back in order now. Stop reading about CO$ and finish my work instead :)

  34. Mia 4S says:

    Holy Cow! He not only blinked, he mega-blinked! LOL! Karma is a bitch Tommy. Now for Xenu’s sake stay single! This happened so fast I doubt he even had time to line up his next “girlfriend”.

  35. Samigirl says:

    That has got to be the fastest divorce settlement in the history of divorce!!!

  36. Lucy2 says:

    Amazingly fast- she must have been preparing for ages, and when his team saw what she had, they caved. I hope, anyway. She must have spme good dirt but promised to never spill.

    • Cazzee says:

      Exactly – she (or her Dad as a proxy) must have hired those lawyers MONTHS ago in order to put together the sorts of detailed documentation you need in order to negotiate a divorce. You just can’t start and finish a divorce that quickly – it takes months of preparation. Someone as wealthy as Tom Cruise (with all sorts of tax shelters, ongoing residuals from previous movies, probably a hedge fund or two, etc.) couldn’t use their tax returns – his financial statement would be dozens of pages long.

      That means that Katie’s lawyers have been doing the work for him: for the last several months, they have been busy putting together an extensive list of TC’s various possessions, which they brought with them to the meeting.

      And they said ‘an agreement was signed’. There are probably lots of contingencies in the agreement, but still, that has to be the quickest divorce ever.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Women in bad situations become fabulous note-takers, journal-keepers, and quite the little info-retention machines.

        To escape a seemingly inescapable situation, it takes planning, savings, a strong support network, and a great poker face.

        Apparently, Katie had all of those things. Good on her!

  37. Black Pearl says:

    I never really cared for Katie before all this and I didnt know she had it in her but now i’m fully #TeamKatie

  38. Kloops says:

    Not even remotely surprised. Marty Rathbun called it. There’s no way this was ever going to court. Katie will have legal custody and Tom and CO$ get to save face. It’s a win for her.

  39. fabgrrl says:

    Katie, you sly vixen! WHAT do you have on him/them to get a cave-in like that?!?!!? Of course we will never know. At least not until Suri writes her tell-all in 30 years.

  40. apsutter says:

    Hmmmm….look like COS took charge of the situation and “strongly suggested” to Tom to get this over with. God forbid he disobey his best friend old David. Good for Katie, she came out guns blazing and totally took control of this whole situation. Now I just hope that they get on with their lives and Suri can grow up in a loving home.

    • bluhare says:

      That’s because David would put concrete lifts in Tom’s sneakers and tell him to go swimming in them.

      • TG says:

        @bluehare – I am laughing too much at your statement and so true. I was actually thinking of a scenario where they would figure out a way to get rid of him since he is radio active at this point and replace him with a new recruit. I was thinking of Taylor Lautner and doesn’t Lainey call him Tom Cruise, Jr.?

    • Jayna says:

      This wasn’t about what COS wanted. It was about Tom saving his career and the box office of all his movies in the pipeline set to come out. Tom is his career. He loves it most of all.

    • Mira says:

      @apsutter – I don’t think CO$ ordered Tom to clear this shit asap. I think it’s the studios. If CO$ had its way, David would have wanted Tom to go in for a solid fight and give Katie hell. It’s definitely the movies that are lined up. That’s a lot of $$$ riding on his back and the studio bosses would shit a brick on Tom’s head if he decided to go in for a fight. Of course, Katie’s timing and cornering Tom about CO$ was perfect. That won her the deal.

  41. Tifygodess24 says:

    I don’t think anyone should count the chickens before they are hatched when it comes to this situation. I’m hoping Katie didn’t back down at all , because if you give Tiny Tom the dictator an inch you can guarantee he’s going to take 40 miles. Katie won’t be able to know what kind of influence he is going to place on Suri behind closed doors when she’s not around and I wouldn’t be surprised if he starts the manipulation of Suri out very slow. I would hate to see another Nicole K situation , Tiny Tom the dictator doesn’t seem like he’s ok with not getting what he wants and will do what it takes to get it. Aka- the freak cult doing it for him.

    • Happymom says:

      I did read that Suri is not allowed to go to any COS functions or parties and her nanny and bodyguards (picked out by Katie) have to be with her at all times. That’s the most Katie can really do. After that, pray that Catholic school and being around “normal” people keep her out of the cult.

    • Jess says:

      I hope Happymom is right and I also really hope that Katie only agreed to keep things confidential if (and that’s a big if) Tom behaved and didn’t send Suri off to be programmed by the Co$!

  42. TXCinderella says:

    Thank goodness she finally escaped his clutches.

  43. LucyOriginal says:

    Let’s take a moment to acknowledge one lesson learnt here:
    Never underestimate someone’s potential.

    Everybody called her Katiebot and that she was so boring. This woman gave all of us a huge lesson! I am impressed! Go Katie!!!

  44. Jackson says:

    Shazam!!! About what I expected. No details other than a vaguely worded statement about co-parenting and respect. Mmm hmm. In other words, Katie won. Good for her!!! Good for Suri!!!

  45. Aubra says:

    Well their divorce isn’t final, the fact that the small details have been worked out so quickly…she must have had some REALLY good stuff on him!

  46. Jill says:


    Good luck with that!

  47. LucyOriginal says:

    Off topic: somewhere in the realms of Hollywood golden walls…

    …Hollywood royalty is in total distress.

    Now they know they are not invincible. I wonder who’s gonna be the next A-lister to give us the juicy gossip pleasure.

  48. Patricia says:

    I think COS was pressuring Tom to settle this ASAP. He may give them a lot of money but they don’t want all this bad press. I don’t think they care about Tom’s issues or needs and just said close this down or else. With COS and Katie saying the same thing essentially (stop this now) I don’t think Tiny Tom had any power to wield here.

    • apsutter says:

      Oh yeah…COS tugged his leash and he fell right in line. As long as he’s a part of that cult his life and decisions are truly not his to make.

      • mayamae says:

        He clearly put his “church” before his daughter. Imagine how amazing it would have been if he refused to obey, left the cult, and outed David Miscavige. It’s absolutely bizarre that they have so much control over him.

        When do the auditions for wife #4 start? He’s going to want to prove he can father a child since there’s so much talk that Suri is not his biological child.

  49. Boo says:

    From RADAR:

    “Katie insisted that Suri’s nanny and bodyguards always accompany her when she visits Tom. Katie did this for several reasons. This will ensure a smooth and easy transition for Suri when she is with Tom.

    “Suri is Katie’s number one priority. Tom only has Scientologists that work for him and Katie insisted that her staff will always be with their daughter. Under terms of the settlement, Suri isn’t permitted to be exposed to anything Scientology related and this includes going to any Scientology churches, parties, etc. Katie made sure that this was ironclad in the agreement,” a source close to the situation tells

    I REALLY hope this is true, because that is the smart way to proceed. That way, there are always people there listening and hearing what goes on when he is with the child….you go, Katie! I’ve never been so proud of a complete stranger in all my life1

  50. Jen says:

    Like everyone, I wish the best for Katie & Suri. At the same time, I hope her single mother-hood leaves Katie too busy to inflict any more of her “acting” upon the rest of us. :-)

  51. Ali says:

    Weird its almost like the contract was already drawn up and she just filed. Then he just agreed to it. Makes no other sense. I guess Tom will go shopping for the next wife and Katie will go back to her career. I guess she can make that sequel to Pieces of April I have been waiting for!

  52. Christy says:

    Marty Rathburn called this yesterday. I believe his version is probably how it went down.

  53. TG says:

    Hope the agreement gets leaked because I am hoping that this joint statement is just a way for tiny tom and his cult to save face when in reality Katie is getting full legal custody of her daughter, but they can pretend like he didn’t compromise. Here is hoping. I just don’t understand why she would go to these lengths to free herself and her daughter from this cult loving maniac only to concede in the end. Make this maniac fight, he will lose in the end and have to pay for her legal fees anyway and she and her daughter will be free from the clutches of the co$.

    Edited: @Boo – I wrote the above before reading your comment. Really hope this is true too. I wish she would blow the lid off of these freaks though. But, as long as she can keep the evil influences of teh co$ and the maniac father than I am happy for her and her daughter.

  54. blonde on the dock says:

    Well now we can wait and watch her disappear. And not because of Scientology but because she’s basically boring and not all that talented. I dont think she would ever have lasted this long in the public eye had she not married Cruise.
    I read a book written by Rob Lowe. There was a little bit on Tom Cruise before he became famous and a Scientologist. He was intense and driven then. I like him and enjoy his movies but I think he’d be a tough guy to be married to with or without Scientology. I’ll still go see his movies. I dont care about his private life.

    • Cazzee says:

      Didn’t Rathbun in his statement to Katie Holmes say that Scientologists would be doing their utmost in the long term to destroy her career?

      It kind of looks like the long term strategy is being implemented now that the divorce agreement has been signed….

      • Emily says:

        Almost every time a celebrity leaves Scientology, their career improves substantially. Scientology hasn’t been able to destroy “show me a motherf*ing clear” Jason Beghe’s career, and they’re not going to be able to destroy Katie’s. If she even wants one now.

    • Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

      blonde on the dock, I read the Rob Lowe memoir as well. Concluded that… like most cult members, Tom Cruise joined a cult because he had emotional issues. Scientology did not create those issues. According to Rob Lowe, Cruise was unlikeable, aloof, and hard to be around even as a teenager–we can’t blame Scientology for that.

      • Ersnickety says:

        Wow, Katie! Little girls all over the world should be taught this fabulous tale of righteousness and self-empowerment. She played her hand masterly, yet with the best intentions. I keep wanting to apply movie review slogans like “It’s the feel-good story of the year!”

        I think the ball is rolling to bring down Co$ and Katie’s harrowing escape personalized the danger in the public’s eyes.. All of America has to be asking themselves (or will soon): why does this cult have tax-exempt status?

      • Persnickety says:

        Wow, Katie! Little girls all over the world should be taught this fabulous tale of righteousness and self-empowerment. She played her hand masterly, yet with the best intentions. I keep wanting to apply movie review slogans like “It’s the feel-good story of the year!”

        I think the ball IS rolling to bring down Co$ and Katie’s harrowing escape personalized the danger in the public’s eyes. All of America has to be asking themselves (or will soon): why does this cult have tax-exempt status?

  55. the original bellaluna says:

    Karmakazis & Karmaritas all around! :D (And now, the scientolotrolls may return to their regularly scheduled activities.)


  56. lisa2 says:

    I said this before that people would be disappointed in how this ends. Tom has not said one word. And everyone is assuming that Katie has an upper hand. I don’t know if that is true. I get the impression that the Prenup covered so much. And despite what everyone was saying I don’t see Tom marrying Katie, especially when Suri was already born, without insuring that things would go a certain way. The part about religious beliefs sounds to me like Suri will maybe get to decide what she wants to do at a certain age. Maybe learning about both views. Just guessing. But I’m more interested in hearing if Katie got sole custody. That will tell if her hand was hot or not.

    • LeeLoo says:

      Tom hid. Tom has lots of things he wants to hide. I think that’s why we never heard a word from him. You are right, we don’t really know what went on but a person either has fight or flight when being attacked. My opinion is people only use flight when they are in danger or when they know they cannot defend themselves against the crowd. Sure there were many reasons Tom was unable to defend himself but I tend to think it was because most of what was being said about him was true.

  57. G(really) says:

    Good for her. Well done.

    This isn’t about bringing down Scientology. It’s a about Katie regaining her personal autonomy and the right right to parent her child in normal society.

    Scientology seems to be beginning to crumble anyway. This will put the spotlight on it and hasten the process. After all the bulk of their victims aren’t celebs.

    This also prove that he had NOTHING, nada that was going to be a threat to her.

  58. Beatrice Huth says:

    Katie was an adult and jumped right into the lifestyle and didn’t complain then. Suppose she is tired of the lifestyle; but still wants the money and her child. Doesn’t always work out that way; hope she figures out how to share their child.

    Katie also knew he was a Scientologist before they wed. He seems to be doing well; his other 2 children have turned out well.

    • G(really) says:

      Katie, like every other person on earth has the right to change her mind. In fact, IF she feels that his Scientologist beliefs were bad for Suri, she had the duty to do so.

      Tom’s other childern have shunned their mother as a Scientology suppressive.

    • diana says:

      +1 I was of the same opinion. She entered this with her eyes wide open and involved her child in it.
      Then COs was not an issue for her. She even attended/ pretended to attend those stupid sessions.
      She played media and public well. Why doesn’t anyone notice that she waited exactly 5 yrs? Surely something must be promised to her in prenup for completing this time period. And then she suddenly takes her father’s help and portrays herself as a devoted single mother who abhors the cult and goes back to her own faith. And very cleverly it is designed that blame entirely falls on that weird cult which was a timebomb waiting to explode.
      I actually admire her tactics except for one thing. SURI WILL BE THE ONE FACING THE CONSEQUENCES OF THE ENTIRE DRAMA. There is no way that she can have a normal relationship with her father, particularly when surrounded by bodyguards, nannies etc.. Is that worth all this conflict over stupid religion? Idk. Add to the mix, her mother and father trying to indoctrinate little Suri agaonst each other.
      This is all good for gossip and throwing mud at a deservedly so cult, but in the long term bad for that kid.
      But wait, now the posters will start blaming both of us, accusing us to be founders of that sh-tty cult.

    • Happymom says:

      Let me guess-you’re part of the cult. While they’re letting you get online, you might want to check out Tony Ortega’s Village Voice articles about how sinister your “church” is.

    • diana says:

      I ve got no added respect for her. She merely turned into a rich, dependent-on-catholic-lawyer-father-robo from a dependent-on-sciento-husband-robo.
      I ll really respect her when she comes out forthright with her experience as Tom’s contract wife.

  59. Julie says:

    this could just end very fast or blow up like all nukes combined. (i woul have loved the latter for the sake of damage to the cult)

    but i cant expect a single mother to fight that fight, she send a big sign and FU to the Co$ by divorcing Tom.

  60. Jayna says:

    Tom will get about a third of the year when you add it up. She will get two-thirds. She probably got a lot more than her pre-nip, plus a house and massive child support. The child will go to private school and be raised as a Catholic. Case over.

  61. Green_Eyes says:

    It’s not about scientology no, BUT the cult will do to Katie & Suri what it did to Nicole & her kids. In a yr Suri will be brainwashed ..I hope not, I hope I’m wrong. But past history is saying otherwise.

    • Jayna says:

      You’re wrong. Katie will be the primary caregiver. She will be in school, going to Katie’s church. Nichole’s kids were with Tom 50 percent of the time, living in a house with Tom’s mother and sister, Scientologist, going to Scientology school. Suri’s life will be far different. Het mom will be her biggest influence. Plus, I am sure in the agreement she will never be exposed to Scientology as far as taking courses, e-meters, etc. Suri is justvfine. Tom loves her and she loves Tom. He won’t break the agreement and risk losing her.

  62. Tiffin says:

    I am so happy for Katie and Suri and I hope Katie got everything she asked for. I also hope her dad was wise enough to ensure a few safeguards were put into the agreement, because this is the CO$ after all and everyone knows what they are capable of.

    Initally, CO$ were all ‘give her hell Tom’ and the film studios were ‘just make this go away quietly, we’ll support you.’

    Now, if Tom had listened to Miscavige, his career would have gone down the tubes, which of course, would have meant less money for the cult.

    I believe the cult decided that revenge against Katie was not in their best interest (more bad publicity when they’re already in deep s**t; the prospect of losing money from their number one cash cow, TC.)
    So they probably encouraged him to settle.

    It will be very interesting to see how his next movie does at the box office. Will people have been so turned off him because of this, they’ll stay away?

    I refuse to support any actor or musician member of CO$, because a dollar in their pocket means half (or more) into the cult.

    The next few months are going to be very interesting indeed.

  63. Eleonor says:

    My guess is that Tom and his team have seen a possible pr catastrophe for him, and for his career so they arranged things to give her what she wanted, basically to free Suri from Scientology.

  64. Emily says:

    The Village Voice predicted something like this. They also have a prediction as to what statement Katie Holmes is going to make, and what the settlement is actually like:

    Still, one week from filing to settled, holy cow! My parents had a completely amicable divorce with no arguments over custody and nowhere near Katie’s or Tom’s assets and their lawyers took a couple months to reach a settlement. Tom and Katie must have had an incredibly detailed prenup, and Tom must have given Katie everything she wanted regarding custody.

    • Jayna says:

      He was way off about what would be said. She isn’t going to agree to renounce Scientology as a factor. No way. She just won’t mention it.

      • Emily says:

        He was right about Tom settling quickly, but yes, wrong about the statement. Let’s keep hoping he’s wrong about that. I don’t think it will happen either, after Katie’s attorney’s celebratory “woo-hoo I’m divorced!” statement. If it were to happen, it would be absolutely transparent. Of course, the one supposedly by L. Ron Hubbard’s poor wife is absolutely transparent too.

  65. Mew says:

    When they got married, it was reported they had an agreement for certain amount of money she’d score for each year of marriage and a bonus pay for every child she gives birth to. Cash in girl and run!

  66. Stephers says:

    I see this as a Katie and Suri WIN!
    For a man (if you can call him that) to have been “blind-sided” and “deeply saddened” less than two weeks ago it is quite a shocker that he has reached a settlement in the dissolution of his marriage this quickly.
    I guess when the rampant discussion of how whack CO$ is goes viral it causes DM to force Tom’s moves. I had never heard of Mark Rathbun, Karen De La Carriere, SeaOrg, SP, etc. two weeks ago. What I have learned thus far brings bile to my throat.
    I am so happy Katie and Suri have freedom! I think she had a huge support system, a long and well thought out plan, and by filing as she did, opened up the skeletons of CO$.
    Someone posted a comment shortly after she filed on Celebitchy and I LOVED IT! It went something like this “Katie did not say anything, she gave our imaginations a shovel that allowed us to dig his grave”. That was not it exactly but the best I remember. Beautiful!
    I still think CO$ is going down! All just my opinion. I am happy for Katie and plan to pop some Prosecco tonight to celebrate. I hope she pops some Cristal or Dom :)

    • Tiffin says:

      ‘Someone posted a comment shortly after she filed on Celebitchy and I LOVED IT! It went something like this “Katie did not say anything, she gave our imaginations a shovel that allowed us to dig his grave”. That was not it exactly but the best I remember. Beautiful!’

      YES!!! The comment was made by cmc I believe and it has stuck in my mind too!! The very best description of how Katie won the war.

      cmc should copyright it!!

  67. stop the madness says:

    Good for her! I’m curious what she has on him. If she has an ND I hope it has conditions. She needs to have her guard up constantly.

  68. CC says:

    I don’t like it. The REAL damage will be done when all of this blows over and TC as his time with her. Then the brainwashing will begin. Katie needs to be really careful, and honestly? Hac=ving Suri having a professional phycologist accompanying her on a regular basis to make sure she’s not being brainwashed would probably be a good idea.

    • RHONYC says:

      i don’t think he wants to f*ck around & chance losing visitation. if Katie even ‘smells’ some bogus mess going down with her daughter i think she’s gonna cut his pecker clean off (legally, that is). ;-)

    • Embee says:

      I agree she is far from being in the clear. In addition, he can really “work” Suri with his charm, now.

      Still…what are you going to do? I sincerely believe Katie stayed as long as she did thinking that she could better protect Suri being on the inside.

  69. tru tru says:

    Yippeee Katie is free w/o a bunch of mudslinging, Tom is the one who should be happy, very happy!!!

    weird lil midget

  70. TG says:

    Poor Nicole she must be feeling all kinds of a fool now.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      No, I don’t think so. Nic was in it for 10 years, not 5; and her family was on another continent.

      • Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

        Agreed. And, the Kidman/Cruise marriage was pre-internet and at the time most people were in the dark about Scientology. Since that time information has exploded about the cult.
        If I were Nicole I would be thinking “see, Conner and Bella, I’m NOT the only one that thinks your dad and his Co$ are a massive creep show”!

    • CC says:

      ehh…Nicole got blindsided and she had no way of knowing his team would turn the kids against her, after all they did “agree” to a 50-50 settlement. Katie has the dubious benefit of having seen the results first-hand.

      The only thing that might…offset this, provided they don’t decide to hide Suri from the world from now on…is Suri continuing to be seen with Katie on a regular basis. In a way, using the paps as she’s been doing the past week, just in a milder form.

    • Talie says:

      I think she’s filled with regret, and was probably watching this very closely. But Nicole was played by Tom in the same way Katie played Tom. He dropped the divorce bomb on her and agreed to 50/50 even though he knew that his kids would be brainwashed. I’m certain it haunts Nicole every day.

  71. Feebee says:

    Holy shit, what did she have on him?

    Will this be the new model for Hollywood divorces? I can imagine there will be some wanting Katie’s how to divorce without breaking a sweat manual.

    Good for her, good for Suri and god help me good for Tom for not being a dick – publicly at least.

    • RHONYC says:

      …someone mentioned his secret shrine to David Beckham. :-D

    • Stephers says:

      Just for fun google Tom Davis Scientology and look at his picture.

      He is some CO$ spokesperson and Anne Archer’s son.

      I don’t want to start the “who is Suri’s daddy” thing but….

      • Jaded says:

        @Stephers – he was a very senior PR person in the Co$ and you can google all sorts of videos where he’s being interviewed and stomps off in a huff or gets really nasty and confrontational when being asked questions he’s clearly not comfortable answering. And by the way, he’s disappeared, been gone for a year or two now – probably buried in some godforsaken Sea Org location licking out toilet bowls with David Miscavige’s wife ‘cuz they pissed him off.

      • Stephers says:

        @Jaded thank you for accurate information on Tom Davis. I am relatively new to all of the CO$ players and disappearances and the like.

        Someone had commented on a previous CB post about Tommy 1 and Tommy 2 and TC being infertile. When I googled “Tom Davis Scientology” the still images that came up made my jaw drop. I find it uncanny how much Suri looks like him. Maybe that was Katie’s “smoking gun”

        Once again, I appreciate you educating me on exactly who this guy is/was in the CO$

  72. the original bellaluna says:

    FYI, just because liberal visitation was granted doesn’t mean he’ll exercise it.

    I mean, did he exercise liberal visitation when he was still married to Suri’s mother?

    NO. He was too busy being Tom Cruise.

  73. Aqua says:

    Everyone was predicting this to be a knock down, drag them through the mud,very public divorce but it wasn’t.I’m glad that both parents remembered to keep their daughters best interest at heart.At the end of the day that’s all that matters.

    • TG says:

      Don’t for a second think that tiny tom was putting his daughter’s best interest at heart. He was backed into a fence and had no other choice. What with the Co$ riding him hard and the studio execs telling him to settle quietly and quickly. Operation Freedom for Suri and Katie!!! I am going to have a drink in their honor tonight!

      • Aqua says:

        You may be right,but all I know is that it would be nice to see Suri happy for a change.I not only felt bad for her but I also sad for Suri because every time I saw her, she looked just miserable. Angry, crying or telling the pap to “Just go away”.Now that this is over hopefully things will settle down for her. I’m glad Katie had the courage to leave and I wish them nothing but happiness from now on.

  74. me says:

    TomKat’s story should be awarded the best script ever because it’s very realistic. I mean com’on this marriage was nothing but a contract from the very beginning and now is the time to end it. Tom signed Katie to be his wife to display a public image of a loving family man. Katie, on the other hand, accepted the offer to further her career. This divorce is exactly the way they’ve planned from the very beginning. The divorce was well-though of and well-planned to put Katie in a positive light. I mean look at the sympathy that Katie gets from the public now, it will help her get more work because people will no longer be critical of her. True enough, she’s got 2 movies lining up and a fashion show. Work is finally starting coming in and the public will now be more accommodating to her because she is now known as the woman who fought scientology and succeed at protecting her child from the cult. How strong and inspiring? And as for Tom, well he is back in the game and is named this year’s highest paid actor. Well done! And no need to worry about Tom Cruise after this divorce, he always finds a way to restore his image and career. The only victim here really is Suri because she is just a child who knows nothing about her parents’ selfish agenda. Let’s just hope once their so-called divorce is final, the media will lose interest of these 2 famewhores so that they will both fade to oblivion.
    They are only interested in being famous and advancing careers.

    • TG says:

      I have thought a lot about the “planned divorce” and I don’t buy it because why would tinytom agree to a plan that would portray him and his cult in an extremely bad light. If it was planned they would have released a joint statement from day one saying the usual blah about an amicable split and everyone’s priority is on their child. That didn’t happen.

  75. Veruca says:

    Yes, I posted this in the comments of another article, but I’m not letting this go. To those who are feeling sorry for Tom for his so-called brainwashing:

    Tom isn’t living in the Hole, and never had to go through what non-celebrities have gone through.

    I don’t think he’s brainwashed. If the DM article showed anything, it showed the man’s obsession with himself.

    Scientology simply played on an already inflated ego, and saw a means to promote their religion. They handed him the power (which is what he wants more than anything), and he happily accepted.

    He doesn’t live under a rock. He knows what’s going on. He knows where Dave’s wife is. He’s used the slave labor presented to him and does nothing to prevent it.

    He gets no sympathy.

    I’m not a Catholic, but I truly hope there is a hell. I’d love to see that f**ker burn.

    Justifying his actions is no different (in my mind) than rationalizing the behaviors of Woody Allen or Roman Polanski.

    They’re scum. They’ve exploited others to their own benefit. Tom is the worst of them, because he’ll not only exploit his personal relationships (no, he doesn’t rape his children, but manipulates them beyond reproach), he condones the systematic approach for the development of an army of truly brainwashed servants.

    Anyone giving him pity should be ashamed.

    • ZenB!tch says:

      I have disliked Tom Cruise 30 years this summer – I think Risky Business came out in the summer of 82. That dislike has progressed to a higher level as time has worn on. I find him repugnant and would love to see Xenu zap him with a ray gun full of Thetans or whatever the hell they think the evil Xenu (my hero) does.

      However, I would never compare him to Polanski and Woody Allen.

      I don’t think Hollywood does either. They don’t rally ’round TC. Not their kind of perv.

      As a native Californian, I am so glad Woody Allen is 100% NY – with apologies to NY.

      • Veruca says:

        As I stated in my post, I don’t think he’s the same type of predator as WA or RP, but he’s a predator, nonetheless.

        I don’t see how raping a child or enslaving one is anyone different. Either is morally reprehensible, and I don’t see how blaming it on his ‘brainwashing’ (which, again, I don’t buy) gives him a pass. It’s a gross rationalization.

    • Emily says:

      I think Roman Polanski’s the worst of them, with Woody Allen second and Tom Cruise third, but they’re all scum. I’m disgusted that Hollywood keeps throwing flowers at their feet. Remember all the people who defended Polanski? From Johnny Depp to Whoopi Goldberg, they all claimed drugging and raping a sobbing girl who was pleading with Polanski to stop wasn’t really all that bad. Because Polanski was an artiste and artistes are allowed to do whatever they want to the plebs. Only a very few stood up for what was right, and none of them made a dent.

      This is one reason I refuse to see movies in the theater and longer. I don’t want to give any money to any of them.

  76. Dimebox says:

    If that Radar statement is correct, then it will be very apparent that Scientology was definitely a major problem. Suri can’t be exposed to it and her own nanny and bodyguards will be there to make sure about that. That nanny/ bodyguard in the photo is wearing a cross!! Sounds to me as if Katie had very damaging info in her arsenal. And when one of the team of excellent lawyers includes a protective father…Katie wins!

  77. Random Devotchka says:

    In the best interests of Suri, it is good to see they settled. But is it really over? Is anyone else getting “there will be a kidnapping attempt” from “generous visitation”?

  78. ZenB!tch says:

    She promised not to talk IF and only IF she got everything she wanted.

    However what is up with her legal team. It’s a divorce settlement no an Oscar speech.

    • LeeLoo says:

      Zen, she was married to Tom Cruise for 5 damn years. I think she deserves an Oscar just for putting up with his shit for that long. Her legal and pr teams were brilliant. I guarantee you that anyone who has ever had a divorce in Hollywood (everyone) wishes they had her PR team and every person in NY society will be using her divorce lawyers from here on out.

    • hunter says:

      Ha ha – yeah, watching the credits roll at the end of his statement was longer than the statement itself!

      Also really enjoyed the fistbump shoutout he gave to Tom’s lawyers. Classy.

    • Jackson says:

      “We are thrilled for Katie and her family.”

      That one little sentence tells the world that things went exactly as Katie wanted them to go. I’m glad he said it, necessary or not!

  79. LeeLoo says:

    It settled exactly the way I thought it should. If Radar is accurate (and I got an inkling they are) the nannies and bodyguards Katie hired have to stay with Suri at all times and Suri cannot be exposed to any Scientology teachings.

    But I do agree with @bellaluna if Tom didn’t exercise liberal visitation with Suri when he was married to Katie then I doubt he will now. Especially since Suri cannot be exposed to Scientology and other Scientology members. I get the feeling Katie will be declared an SP and that may apply to Suri as well. One rumor that keeps getting mentioned is a “trust” for Suri. Rich people do this all the time and set up trusts for their children, especially when the parents are divorced but I wonder if he is also doing that so he is not obligated to visit Suri.

    In the end, I think this is the best thing to have happen. Hopefully the paparazzi will back off now and Suri can have a normal childhood, go to school and in time become a normal emotionally healthy child. She does seem anxious right now and I can’t blame her but I think she will be just fine. I think both of her parents did right by her in settling.

    • Bess says:

      I think Tom & the CO$ are just biding their time. They know they look like the bad guys here.

      there may be a plan to play nice for a few months or a year until all of the attention is off and then catch Katie off guard. They may still try to take Suri and whisk her off where Katie can’t get to her.

      • LeeLoo says:

        Can you imagine the scrutiny that would cause? No, Katie tied Co$’s hands for good where Suri is concerned. They won’t do anything. Suri is probably being “declared” as we speak. If Suri were to be kidnapped and taken across state or international lines that would give the justice department a wonderful excuse to raid Gold base and any other Scientology base. Sure, I have no doubt that many government figures have been blackmailed into keeping quiet about Co$ but kidnapping a child will only cause angry people with pitchforks at any Scientology center in the world. That’s the last thing Co$ wants. They want to be left alone.

      • Jayna says:

        Oh, spare me. And ruin Tom’s career? He’s no good to Scientology without being a big movie star and deep pockets. And they don’t want any more scrutiny on them again over this.

    • The Original Mia says:

      I agree with everything you’ve said.

    • TG says:

      How can we be sure the co$ won’t brainwash, buyout the nanny or bodyguard?

      • LeeLoo says:

        @TG Do those burly ass bodyguards (along with the über burly nanny) look like they can be bought out?! No. They look like they have no qualms punching Tom in the face if he were to try anything.

        Come on guys, I’ll be the first to admit Scientology is crazy cult capable of just about anything but this is getting to be a bit much. We’ll be keeping our eyes on Katie in the coming years to make sure no funny business is going on but let’s give everyone involved a slight break. Co$ is and will continue to be under heavy scrutiny in the years to come and will eventually be destroyed. In the meantime, we need to have faith that Katie is doing everything she can to keep Suri safe.

  80. Blue says:

    Yeaaaa, I was right. I knew they would settle this quick. Katie must have a boat load of dirt or one really big dirty secret. I think she will be on the alert for any shady business involving Suri and the time she spends with Tom. Katie isn’t stupid and didn’t go through all this just to let Tom brainwash their kid anyway.

  81. Aria says:

    I have only one question: Is now Suri a SP for TC?

  82. mrsezc says:

    I’d like to think it went down like this.

    Katie: I’ll tell everyone your in the closet.
    Tom: You wouldn’t
    Katie: Settle this and I won’t!!
    Tom (sighing): Okay but you must sign a confidentiality Agreement ..
    Katie: I will FOR FULL Custody of Suri.
    Tom: Done.
    I hope this is done for her and she finds true happiness.

  83. Lira says:

    My posts at another blog (JJ) regarding this topic have already been erased along with a bunch of others unflattering to Tommy ones. The scientobots are in full force.

  84. Dizzybenny says:

    Note to Halle Berry…This is how you do it!!!!

  85. Paloma says:

    I just read on another website that Katie has joined a Catholic church in NYC.

  86. Memphis says:

    I never thought Katie had an interest in bringing Scientology down or any interest in keeping Tom permanently out of Suri’s life. She just wanted Sci out of her life, and it appears she is getting that.. At least as much as she possibly can given the situation and I’m happy for her.

    I’m also interested in seeing how the higher up members of Sci (Including Suri’s extended family– like Tom’s mom, sisters, and his other children) treat Suri now. Is she to be considered an SP and ignored an shunned?

    I really can’t see that happening, because even with all this, I do feel they all love Suri. But it will be an interesting thing to see how they treat her in regards to Tom and Sci. How the rules will change for her.

    I know it will be hard to keep Suri completely away from Sci even with an agreement (because it may not say anything about what Tom and his family can SAY to her–just where they can take her with regards to Sci–but I have no idea) But I’m sure Katie will have a strong influence where Suri is concerned and hopefully that will be enough to keep her far away from the cult.

  87. cody says:

    I think it went down pretty quickly because she had a great prenup, which may have included Suri, because she was born before they got married. From what I have read Katie’s father, who is a lawyer specializing in family and divorce law, delayed their wedding until everything was signed and sealed. I am sure he is happy he protected his daughter and granddaughter.

  88. AnnieN says:

    Maybe Katie used her Scientology super powers on all of them? Wouldn’t that be a kicker…muahahahaha!

  89. Newtsgal says:

    Along with the prenup….
    $5 says Kathie went into that lawyers office and said….Not without my daughter and you can tell him if he has a problem with that, remind him of the home video I have along with copies of CO$ paperwork that I will go public with…..Cut to Tommygirl- Give her whatever she wants but, make me look good. Oh, and taller!

  90. Belle says:

    I just hope this isn’t a case of Tom/co$ losing this battle, in hopes of winning the war. I just don’t think Tom wanted to give up that easily… and have no doubt in my mind that he will take any opportunity he can to expose Suri to the ‘church’.

    I also agree with those who have said that Katie will have to watch her back… and Suri’s for the rest of their lives, along with Katie’s parents/family. (Unless the cult falls)

  91. Anna says:

    CruiseVage did the best thing possible. Settled immediately so the bad press will stop. Do whatever it takes to keep CO$ child abuse, torture, murder, and thievery stories off the air. Not to mention their insistence on ripping families apart. Familicide. I for one hope that enough news was dropped in the last few weeks that Someone Somewhere will bring this horrific cult down.

  92. Jay says:

    Aren’t joint statements traditionally released at 4:20pm?

  93. Original N says:

    I just read through every comment so I could ensure I didn’t duplicate….

    Isn’t it possible that the reason Katie won sole custody (as it sounds that she did) is because Suri is not Tom’s? Regardless of the fact he was backed into a corner, it seems that he gave up far too easily. Perhaps that is just my parental side, but I wouldn’t stop fighting for my children.

    • LAK says:

      i kind of feel the same that he gave up too easily.

      Either child isn’t his or she has something really juicy on him and co$ was simply a way of showing that she is ready to use it should he cross her.

      Given how long it took him to brainwash the other kids, i’d say that we should all continue to watch this space.

      I honestly do not think he will do anything drastic to Kate or Suri but don’t be surprised if 10yrs later we learn that Suri is co$ afterall, assuming they are still around and he is still a member.

    • CC says:

      The problem is that even if she’s not his biologically, she’s his legally. “Adopted”, if you will. So, unless the potential “real” father came forward and try and claim her, and there are limitations to that, he’d have to not have known, for one, and not donated … so yea, as far as the law is concerned, Suri is TC’s daughter.

    • The Original Mia says:

      I thought of that too. What would happen if Katie informed Suri’s Biodad he had a kid? Would he want his parental rights?

      I don’t think Tom would want people to know he is truly shooting blanks/defective bullets.

      • LAK says:

        I know we all dislike TC, but i really believe that Suri is his child.

        The problem is that people keep comparing his now face rather than his pre-surgery face. You have to go back to 1981-83 to find his surgery face to see the changes that were made – i am sure this is a common hazzard for people who have facial surgery and then go on to have kids that don’t look like them when infact the kid merely has the original features.

        2ndly, his first wife said that he preferred to be celibate rather than have sex. I think being in a sexless marriage will = childless marriage. This has somehow turned into the urban legend of TC being sterile.

        3rdly infertile men are not shooting blanks. There is no such thing. Unless they have defective sperm, they are more commonly of low sperm count. If they use a specific type of IVF which was widely available in 2005, where egg is fertilised in a petri dish [metaphorically speaking] rather than turkey baster method, it is possible for them to have kids. The fact that Kidman had 3 miscarriages that we know of, plus the celibate thing = another childless marriage.

        Given how narcissistic TC is, if they did go IVF route, do you really think he would use another man’s sperm when he couldn’t control the outcome of a child’s features? The cousin as sperm donor theory is more believable since he shares TC DNA and the deception is easier to hide because there is a greater chance of the child resembling TC or his immediate family than some random co$ person.

      • Mira says:

        Too many urban legend theories about Cruise! I believe Suri is Katie and his child. She shares both their features and she is one beautiful girl. I remember how adorable she looked when she was 1-3 years old. Some of those pap pictures are very nice.

      • cruiz2 says:

        Maybe Katie didn’t know yet – too early. Then she went on the 17 day escapade and Tom took over. Real father never was told, but Tomkat knew? Who really knows.

  94. LAK says:

    I have two question.

    1. How do you raise a child with two very different religions? TC is super religious, and i am assuming Katie, by her actions, is too. Won’t the child grow up with conflicting POVs.

    2. If religion was the big no no, and the warring parents live by their own doctrines, won’t the child get indoctrinated anyways? Not so much with regards auditing or confessionals but eg at Katie’s home, certain religious rules are observed eg fish fridays and at co$ HQ they start the day with a co$ multi vitamin….wouldn’t that violate the terms of the agreement on either side?

    • Mira says:

      @LAK – If both parents are from different religions and if they are strict about practicing their religion, it’s obvious that the child will suffer. That’s why sensible people decide about these things before marriage. Most people who are strict about their religion usually find a partner who is similar. They realize that religion will always be important to them, if not more than their marriage. Those who don’t follow/practice/bother about their religion usually decide to have a neutral approach. They focus on other values than insisting on religion. It’s at least true in my case. My parents are from the same religion; however my dad is an atheist and my mom believes in god. They lived accordingly without imposing their beliefs on us and without bad-mouthing the other person’s opinion. They let us decide what’s good for us. The norm however was to insist on values of hard work, discipline, respect and fairness etc.

      • LAK says:

        @Mira – I see what you mean, but i still wonder about parents of different religions. My question though is for day to day living that could be interpreted as indoctrinating a person or am i reading that too literally.

        eg some religions won’t let you eat pork. others don’t care. A person may not even be super religious, but that little detail is indoctrinated into them so they always avoid pork and it’s products.

        Now if they divorced someone from a religion that didn’t have pork issues, but the divorce was centred around religious matters wouldn’t the kids eating pork products in the ex-spouse home constitute a violation of the agreement even though they didn’t talk to the kids about religion specifically?

        i guess that’s why i am having a hard time believing that katie can keep co$ out of Suri’s life.

      • Mira says:

        @LAK – I see what you’re saying, but from what I’ve seen people with very strict religious beliefs/practice look for someone similar. It’s difficult/impossible to live with anyone otherwise. I know people who are vegetarians looking for fellow vegetarians. If it comes down to something as precise as food, clothing etc., you’re better off hooking up with your own kind. Some others are religious but flexible about food, clothing etc.

        I’m sure there are cases like the example you mentioned. If they are civil, then kids learn about both religions/cultures. It’s unfortunate if one of them insist on following his/her religious practices. Yes, it would be a violation of agreement IF they agree on such specifics. In any case, kids who have parents practicing different religions will be exposed to both ways. In case of Suri, I don’t think Katie will be able to keep scientology out of Suri’s life completely. She would have instead bargained for bigger details like Suri not going to the church, not spending unsupervised time with Connor and Belle, and also with Tom. We can only guess if Tom would choose to spend the limited visitation time with Suri by talking about CO$.

        For example, Tom will treat Suri as a young adult as per CO$. Katie, on the other hand, will not. This will be confusing for Suri but one of them, Katie preferably, should explain to her about the difference without bad-mouthing Tom.

      • Shannon says:

        It’s not necessarily all that complicated. It’s only a problem if the religion of one parent stresses complete isolation and indoctrination. As someone with a Catholic parent and an atheist parent, I was raised going to church but eventually became an atheist. It was contentious only when I was a teenager. Once I was 18 my parents accepted it.

        I also had friends during childhood that had one Jewish parent and one Christian parent, and they turned out pretty normal. Most don’t consider themselves “religious,” but “spiritual” and tend to avoid organized religion in favor of following their own paths.

        I actually think it’s GOOD to raise a child with two religions – they end up with exposure to the idea that multiple worldviews are “correct” rather than just one and are less likely to be dogmatic about one religion. They are more independent, more capable of critical thinking, and more accepting of differences among people.

    • sarahtonin says:

      Yep, sensible people work out if their faiths are compatible before they have children, so they don’t end up in this mess when it goes foul.

    • Mira says:

      @LAK – According to Daily Mail, their agreement includes details on what Cruise and Katie are allowed to tell Suri about their religion. There you go! Looks like the agreement is very detailed.

  95. Jackie O says:

    so, he chose a cult over having joint custody of his child. what a creep.

  96. Janet says:

    Tom has already been tried and convicted in the court of public opinion and he knows it.

    I’m betting he is desperate for whatever he’s hiding under a rock to stay under that rock.

    Katie has him by the cojones. He’s smart enough to know when he’s lost.

  97. apsutter says:

    All the crazy shit happening in Hollywood almost makes me pine for all the spectacular biographies that will be written when we are all old ladies!

  98. Rachel says:

    Well this didn’t turn out as I’d hoped, I think I along with everyone else was hoping for a big old ugly drawn out battle
    What a bore this turned out to be. Hope there’s more dirt on the CULT of scientology though

    • Floridaseaturtle says:

      Rachel, I disagree. I think this way is more like a nuclear bomb just went off, heard around the world. Gazillions of people will dig for details due to speculation over the cult. Way more than just because of a simple gossipy breakup. Tom has been way too public regarding is stance and extreme loyalty towards CO$. If his goal was for people to undertand, well, goal achieved. People sure want to understand now. This has our attention.

  99. sarahtonin says:

    CO$ people give up their loved ones all the time. They are taught that their family in this lifetime is not as important as the work they are doing to save mankind.

    So Tommygirl is just being forced to make the same sacrifices most other members have been faced with on their ‘path to save the world!’ We should be thanking him for it or something. *Cough*

  100. Ravensdaughter says:

    Wow, I’d love to see Katie’s legal bills. That’s practically a whole firm of lawyers cited as the team. Good on Daddy Holmes for a excellent referral!
    I hope the statement means that Katie got what she wanted. Honestly, she has been the lead parent all along. I doubt Tom could spend more that two hours with Suri without significant nanny help-or without just buying her everything she lays her eyes on, which I believe has been his m.o. since Suri began to point at the stuff she wanted.

  101. islandwalker says:

    She must have some awesome dirt on him!

    • Jaded says:

      I think she has more than dirt on him, she has enough dirt on Co$ to do it serious damage. It’s in a precarious position right now due to the unprecedented amount of negative publicity it’s been getting, both pre- and post-split-up.

      I think Tom has been counselled by Miscavage and other higher-ups to keep ‘schtum’ and go with the flow. He’s clearly showing his preference for maintaining his credibility with Co$ and Hollywood rather than making Suri his focus. At all costs the control freak has to come out looking like a hero. What a twisted, f*cked-up person he is.

  102. Izzy says:

    Well, it’s over, and Tommy Nut-Job is showing the same incredible concern for his daughter that he displayed when he jetted straight from Iceland to L.A. without even trying to see Suri:

  103. Izzy says:

    Posted on Former Church members describe their experience with the religion on “Piers Morgan Tonight,” Monday night at 9 ET/PT. Should be interesting.

    • Jaded says:

      Ooooh! Thanks Izzy, I won’t miss that!

      • TG says:

        Were you all disappointed in Piers Morgan tonight? I was. This man was kissing the lawyer for casey anthony’s a** there is no way he was going to get to the bottom of things with tommyboy and the Co$ goons. Anderson Cooper did a better job of getting more details about the cult but the best part of both shows was the standard bland statement the Co$ puts out in denial of everything. It is great. They can’t say anything so they put out their standard statement of denial. They remind me of some of those leaders of countries who always put out ridiculous statements when everyone else knows they are full of shi*.

        Here is hoping the US Government finally gets involved and takes down these goons. And if the US won’t do it let Great Britian do it on their end maybe the US will stop being cowards to these tiny men that run this cult. I mean Germany did their part it is time someone else step in.

  104. Miss S Ippi says:

    Tom is obsessed to keep hidden that he is gay and that he fires blanks. He MUST make a ton of money for Co$. He is basically their prisoner. He gives them $, they keep his secrets. Betcha money Katie discovered or caught him in some hideous.

  105. erika says:

    Yabba dabba do!!! yabba dabba do! scoooty mcscoo! Rock n’ Roll, yeah yeah! Rock n Roll baby BOOGIE YOUR SOCKS OFF AND WOOGIE YOUR ROCKS OFF!!!

    Yeah! Good on ya Lady Katy! ‘Shady Katie’, Cooo-rage–ous Katy! Hell yeah Mother F****ers!!! I’m so relieved she got sole custody of Suri! That lil girl now has prospects for an amazing ife ahead of her, instead of the F****ked up CS$, warped, Daddy Issue, Zombie funk!

    I hope Katie’s moves inspire ALL the women in the country who feel trampled by abusive, controlling, mean, cheating husbands/partner! ‘Think Kate’!

    The only downer? Tommy gets to keep the CS$ silent, damn it! I was hoping all that cultish-bullcrap would get unraveled…maybe there’s still hope.

    What a pathetic, selfish DICK. Didn’t even put up a FIGHT for his own daughter! CS$ means more to him than his own blood line.

    I stll predict Cruise will be treated as a nemesis, pussy, Dick in Hollywood Land!

  106. MollyB says:

    Good for Katie. I’m sure Tom gave up Suri to avoid anymore bad press to his cult. He’s not a father, he’s a narcissist. If he can’t turn Suri into a $cientology robot, like his other two kids, he doesn’t want her. I’m sure the next Mrs. Cruise will just be some pretty, young Sea Org girl who won’t put up a fuss.

  107. maggie says:

    In my opinion I believe that Katie will get EVERYTHING she wants as I think that Suri is the biological child of a guy named David who is head of COS….Suri looks EXACTLY like him and I think that Tom is actually infertile. This is just my psychic opinion. Also, I think that Tom really loves Katie and that is part his reason for being good to her. Men who really love you are actually good to you when you leave. Resolving it quickly and respectfully moving on is the best thing for everyone and I am happy that they are going to do the classy respectful thing.

  108. Miss S Ippi says:

    haha, try to find the timeline mashup of the months of Katie’s pregnancy. They’re all gone. *poof*

  109. Paula Berry says:

    Ummmm, thats such BS! Please we all know Tom’s about to go American Psycho on this divorce. Lets play nice but behind closed doors I’m sure he’s trying to push Katie out of Suri’s life like he did with NK and I&C.

    I’m secretly waiting for the day in court when (custody battle) his attorney says “Katie, heres your DNA test, did you know that your not the bio mom?” LOL
    poor katie,2 wrapped up in Xenu land 2 think straight. I never believed for a sec she was preggers! I’ve been pregnant and your belly can’t pull a Beyonce and one day look 5months and the next look 8. Poof here she is on the cover of Vanity Fair looking like shes 3 1/2 months old and the daughter of Bjork….. If Tom really does settle this like an adult that isn’t brainwashed by his cult then Katie must have some major JUICE oh him! Like……Well we never did have sex, We did use IVf, but thats only because his sperm was slow because of his age. She’s already admitted several times that they never even slept in the same bed in the same wing of the mansion! Please T&K give us many more stories whats better to chat about w/ my gf’s on monday night Martins & Gossip!?

  110. birdie says:

    Okay people, my little crazy theory:

    When they got together, Tom told her that his sperm was too slow, so they would need IVF. Katie was okay with that. Tom asked Tommy Davis ( google him, he looks just like Suri ) to give him his sperm. Tom and Tommy look a bit alike, so Tom thought nobody will find out. Katie became pregnant with Tommy’s baby and found out just recently. Maybe somebody told her or she was already suspicious and took DNA tests. She found out Tom is not the biological father and planned for the great exit, secretly. So she pressured Tom with something bigger than Scientology.. and now we got that record speedy divorce settlement.

    Well, it makes sense to me :)

  111. The original Tiffany says:

    Cant believe it. And yep I am checking in while on vacation at the Cape. See what happens when you go to the beach for a few hours???

  112. Alecto says:

    “She knew what she was getting into”

    Blah Blah Blah….so glad that so many commenters here have never gotten a divorce.

  113. Stephers says:

    Look at this link to a picture of Tom Davis:

    Who looks like him?

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Tom, Tommy, and Suri all look alike. They’re all three related.

      • Stephers says:

        I agree bellaluna. But how?

      • TG says:

        I agree bellaluna as well. I love a good consipacy theory and I too have stated that suri looks just like tommy davis but I also think she looks like tiny tom as well. It could just be a coincidence or they all 3 are related. And I believe 100% Suri is Katie’s daugther. She looks exactly lilke Katie. I do wonder how she could have completely forgotten her faith and agreed to get pregnant before marriage. I mean geez he really did a number on her those first 2 months.

      • LAK says:

        Tom Davis looks like Tom Cruise NOW. The current tom cruise has had a tonne of facial surgery. Suri looks mostly like Katie, but she has Tom Cruise’s original features too.

        THIS is the face you need to compare with Suri, not the current plastic one. He started messing with his face soon after these pictures were taken, and he has been a star so long people forget what he used to look like.

        I like a good conspiracy but you can’t order genetics, even if the guy is related to you. There is a pretty good chance that the kid could end up looking like none of you.

      • LadidahBaby says:

        I agree, Bellaluna, but I would add Katie herself to that line-up of lookalikes. To me, it’s just weird how much the four of them resemble one another–well, it’s not weird that Suri resembles them, being the issue of Katie and one of the men in question, but it is SO weird that the three adults in question look that much alike. And none of them have “ordinary” looks–there’s something a little unusual about all of them. Maybe that’s why Katie was selected, seriously. Or, hell, maybe they’re all aliens! (JK, but it really is odd.)

  114. Persnickety says:

    Wow, Katie! Little girls all around the world should be taught this inspiring story of righteousness and self-empowerment. Katie played her hand masterly, yet with the best intentions. I keep thinking movie review slogans pertain, like “It’s the feel-good story of the year!”

    Co$ took a massive hit over this and there will be damaging ripples for a long time. Katie’s literal escape personified the danger for the general public, in an enormously sympathetic light. All of America will soon be asking: why does this dangerous cult have tax-exempt status?

    I’d expect droves of celebrities to leave Co$; it will be a career liability.

  115. RHONYC says:

    @ birdie & Stephers

    you guys have got me goin’ meshugenah over here!

    let’s put this one to bed (as well as myself, i gotta workout in the am, lol)!

    it’s a coinky-dink the similarities btw that T. Davis dude and their daughter.

    that dude could be a relative, maybe. but just google ‘Katie Holmes as a kid’, then ‘Tom Cruise as a child’ and you’ll see that lil’ Suri is a COMBINED carbon-copy of them BOTH as children.

    look at her nose especially. it’s not narrow or points down like that dude’s & both Katie AND Tom had quite the schnozz ‘before’…plus she’s got Tom’s mouth & Katie’s height 100%.

    it’s all over folks. no more conspir-theories.

    off to sleep.

    ‘nighty-nite wab-bits…nighty-nite’ :-)

    • Stephers says:

      Heeeee! Rock on RHONYC!

      I guess it is back to the library and/or Words with Friends for me now that this story line is pow pow. I am glad it ended so quickly for Katie.

      On a happy note, I can’t wait for Katie and Suri’s next visit to Whole Foods. I would have no idea what to wear when VICTORY was screaming through my soul. I do love that she has carried the same casual, inexpensive I presume, handbag every single day since she filed. The little things make me happy.

      Sweet dreams and have fun at the gym tomorrow :)

    • TG says:

      Also to those saying she faked her pregnancy to me her stomach looks just like what many women’s tummys look like after baby. Flat, but still with just a tad bit of loose skin in the abdomen no reason not to wear a bikini though. Not saying everyone is like that but when Katie wears a bikini I see a lady who has had a baby.

  116. cruiz2 says:

    Wow, that WAS fast! Fast engagement, fast pregnancy, fast marriage and now…fast divorce. Tom’s a FAST guy!

    This confirms to me; he is sketch and his PR team is working FAST. He’s more transparent than ever now. He can money/power silence all he wants, the public is not stupid!!!

  117. Nicolette says:

    Very fast. She’s got some MAJOR dirt on him that he doesn’t want out, aside from CO$.

  118. Amy says:

    Well that was fast! No doubt the Scientologists in Tom’s camp wanted this divorce to be over fast! (Well they reached a settlement, does that mean they are officially divorced? Or is there more to follow?) They obviously wanted to minimize the impact of the media firestorm and probably told Tom to give Katie everything she wants! Including sole custody of Suri! The faster they reached a settlement, the faster the chatter about Scientology would die down…

  119. erika says:

    Look at the bit I just found on, it talks about the CO$ belief that little children (like Suri’s age) shouldn’t be ‘disciplined’ and treated like adults, cuz they’re basically adults in little bodies. proof that TC would have made a S****tty father if he got even partial custody:

    “This is about the time children start going to the big Scientology schools so it is no coincidence that she left now. It is also very telling that they say Tom was the one that was loosey goosey with her when Katie was trying to discipline, that’s a Scientology thing. Children are looked on as adults in little bodies”

    cuz we all know that lil kids left undisciplined only grow up to have a TERRIBLE time dealing in the real world, they have NO self control, discipline, motivation, or work ethic – cuz they got away with everything as a kid! discipline free! a kid you love it, but honestly as an adult? I’m happy with the way my parents disciplined me, and they did! I finished college in 3 yrs, traveled the world, live on my own, good credit…

    what I’m saying is it’s ABSURD to NEVER discipline a child! that’s S***t parenting! But…exception when u r a kiddie indoctrinated into the CO$ cult, cuz they’ll do all the thinking for you!

    TC – u r pathetic, I think YOU need a SPANKING! and I sure the HELL don’t mean a ‘naughty’ one…you’re a creep!

  120. LadidahBaby says:

    Re the family resemblance thing: I think Katie, Tommy D., and our little Tom Thumb all look a lot alike. It’s almost weird, IMO, how they all have that broad-at-the-bridge nose, the downturned eyes, strong chin, dark brown straight hair, strong brows, and pale skin. Suri looks like all three of them. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Davis was chosen as sperm donor for a sterile (or reluctant-to-have-sex-with-a-contract-wife) Tom. What concerns me is the implication of that: was Katie chosen to be Scientology’s equivalent of the Virgin Mary, with Suri their Promised One? If so, she is the future of Scientology, and as such, it would seem pretty unlikely that the COS is gonna let her go that easily, no matter WHAT TomThumb has signed.

    • mayamae says:

      I read somewhere – I think the Daily Beast – that Anne Archer’s son Tommy Davis has displeased Miscavige and has not been seen in some time. Maybe he’s in the Hole?

      • LadidahBaby says:

        Really! I hadn’t seen that report. It’s eery how many prominent people are just “disappearing” for years–Miscavige’s wife dropped off the radar about 5 years ago; Hubert Jensch (not sure if I’ve spelled that right) who is still the president of COS but hasn’t been seen in years. Why isn’t law enforcement looking into some of this, I wonder? It’s creepier than just creepy–it really smacks of all sorts of evil that would be considered crime, I would think.

  121. d says:

    TC is all about image imo and the reason he didn’t do a fly-by to see Suri in NY was all about controlling his image in time of crisis. Easier to maintain the image by not showing up at all than by showing up and allowing all kinds of speculation and photos by paps he can’t control. So flying back to filmset now is the same.

    And spurious is what came to mind when his lawyer snarked about Katie playing the media. Like TC didn’t go all out with photos of Suri and Katie in mags in beginning? Please. They’re ALWAYS playing the media. They’re STILL doing it. Geez. Even by NOT appearing before the media was a way of playing the media. He just controlled what was said – to a degree – by not doing anything until that statementfrom hsi lawyers. And for TC, image and church and career and money before relationships, that’s my impression.

    I still maintain that TC is the subject of blind item way back about an actor who so ruthlessly controlled his wife (NK) and their image that she’s forever messed up, even though she’s moved on. so much so that she does the same ruthless image control in her new life. Everything you see is planned down to the thread.

    I hope Katie has some clause in there that if ANYTHING happens to her and/or Suri, secrets are OUT. And very, very clearly, and contrary to their statements, this settlement not about Suri, but all about secrets. IMO. I mean, one week to settle? Yowza. Not totally surprising though. I think that once TC decides you’re done, you’re done and then it’s just a matter of paperwork. And fer SURE, there’s a NDA. Even w/o the scikooks in a marriage, any Hollywood couple would have one. There’s too much wierdness in that place anyway and I would see that as a standard PR thing.

    Although I can’t imagine what dirt they’d have on Katie. But I do have to snark on her fashion sense or lack thereof. God, those horrible booties. BURN THEM. Halter tops? BURRN.

    But otherwise, this confirms what I thought, which was that this wouldn’t bring $ci down. If anything, and to somewhat contradict myself, protecting their secrets protects Suri to a degree, so it WAS about Suri, but not entirely. On the other hand, I did find reeeeally interesting in Katie’s lawyer statement that they actually named all the lawyers who helped. There was a message there imo and/or a preventative measure or something.

    I HATED Katie’s smirk, but I have to say I am now enjoying “Katesmirk” as a term. That is cracking me up.

    Yeah, I don’t think this is over. The harder you try to suppress something, the harder it comes out elsewhere.

    re “It’s only a problem if the religion of one parent stresses complete isolation and indoctrination.” from a commenter=agreed.

    • LadidahBaby says:

      Great post, and gotta agree all you say about TC, COS, NK, etc. And it’s a very good idea about an automatic media spill from Katie’s camp if anything should happen to her. I really think it stinks that Team TC called her out for “playing to the media”–c’mon, she filed for divorce as “anonymous v. anonymous” and she hasn’t made a single comment to anyone in the press except “I’m all right, thanks.” If her very presence on a public street is “playing the press,” that’s absurd. She’s just living, or trying to, after years of being programmed like an automaton by a guy who only wants whatever and whomever he can control absolutely, as you say.

      I also agree with you about those hideous boots–but in general I really like her fashion sense, with some glaring exceptions. She’s got a long-waisted body and she wears her clothes well most of the time (except during her “gray period” in May and June when she looked like Dawn of the Dead). For the most part I really like her wardrobe choices–they’re simple and sleek and accessorized subtly. (Okay, except for that awful scarf she wore yesterday…but I give her a pass for that, considering what was going on!)

  122. tmbg says:

    This is terrific news! Although I think my hopes and dreams of a tell-all book are now dashed. Oh well. I just hope she stays public because as bad as the paps are, they kind of provide a bit of protection in a warped way.

    And on another note, I hope she drops that Kate crap he branded her with and goes back to Katie. “It’s Katie; Miss Holmes if you’re Tommy. Tommy boys, don’t mean a thing…” (Sing to the tune of Janet Jackson’s Nasty)

  123. Chris: now with 10% less negativity says:

    I’ve been reading some comments about this settlement around the traps and a few people are bashing Katie for being selfish and having no integrity. Their rationale seems to be that Katie could’ve sunk Scientology with what she knows but instead agreed to stay quite to get a favorable settlement and in the process has condemned a lot of innocent people to further abuse from the Church. But I disagree, as a mother Suri’s welfare was Katie’s number one concern and putting her before the welfare of strangers was absolutely the right thing to do. I’d do exactly the same thing myself.

  124. normades says:

    Katie had his balls to the wall. If he wanted to save his career and keep his church business in the closet, he had to settle quick.

    I am amazed. This was all very well planned out indeed.

  125. ojulia123 says:

    I hope she keeps her body guards. I keep thinking that she’s going to have an “accident” and Tom will get Suri back.

    Katie must’ve had something HUGE on Tom for him to just roll over like this. Damn. I wish we could know what it is!

  126. benny says:

    That’s exactly what I predicted: they will settle this out of court; Katie gets primary custody; Tom gets liberal visitation; Katie gets a sh!tload of money; Katie signs a non-disclosure so she can’t talk about scientology; and none of the scientologists higher-ups will be deposed.

    This outcome was very predictable, considering scientology would never allow Tom or any of his friends to be deposed and risk airing dirty laundry about the church.

    • Stephers says:

      I agree benny

      It was predictable. I am so very happy that Katie and Suri are OUT though.

      Being a mom of a 6 year old, if I was in that situation I would have done anything to escape. I am proud of her bravery and having a concise plan to make that escape.

      Katie brought the evils of CO$ to daylight and she did it in a brilliant manner.

      CB (Celebitchy) is still keeping the CO$ in the daylight. Katie just put the mortar down…it is up to the rest of us to put CO$ down.

      I presume that in their settlement she had to stay out of the “limelight” for a bit. She played this thing brilliantly, but notice she has not been photographed doing normal things since?

      Let’s build the bricks on the mortar…CO$ is not a religion, it is not even an off beat religion. It is a CULT!

      Good on you Katie! You saved 2 people from the grips of Scientology!