Nicole Richie arrested for DUI

Nicole Richie was arrested for DUI after she was busted driving the wrong way on the freeway while talking on her cellphone this morning. Two other drivers called 911 when they spotted her vehicle driving into oncoming traffic. She passed the breathalyzer but told cops she was under the influence of Vicodin and pot.

TMZ has learned that Nicole Richie was arrested for DUI early Monday morning. She was booked at 4:50 AM today and was released around 7:15 this morning. The booking sheet reveals Richie is 5’1″ and 85 lbs.

We’re told two motorists spotted her SUV going the wrong way on the 134 Freeway in Burbank. The drivers called 911.

When the CHP responded, Richie was stopped in the carpool lane and was alone in the vehicle. When cops approached the vehicle, Richie was on her cellphone.

Law enforcement officers tell TMZ Nicole Richie admitted she had taken Vicodin and smoked pot.

A preliminary alcohol screening device revealed that Nicole was not under the influence of alcohol.

This is not the first brush Richie has had with substance abuse. In 2003, she pled guilty to heroin possession. The charges were dismissed after she completed the terms of her probation.

Aren’t you supposed to clam up and lawyer up when you’re arrested? She must have been really high if she admitted to it so easily like that. I would say that Richie might have a two week stint in rehab to make it look to the public like she’s contrite, but her career doesn’t really depend on it or anything and she seems pretty stubborn about doing her own thing.

Nicole Richie is rumored to be dating Hillary Duff’s last ex, Good Charlotte singer Joel Madden. She and Madden were seen trying to cover their faces while leaving a club on Friday night. Hollyscoop reports that Richie was likely driving home from Madden’s house at the time of her arrest.

The header image is of Richie on 11/17 and is from lime-light.

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  1. julie says:

    This girls are rich enough to hire a driver or take a taxi… why do they keep insisting on driving themselves.. thats soooo stupid!

  2. Pecarrie says:

    85 pounds?!?!? How the hell do you humanly weigh 85 pounds? That’s the weight of a small desk or … a cart full of groceries… my cart, anyway…

  3. Domidroid says:

    Hey…drinking’s one step closer to eating…

  4. Someone says:

    I probably weighed that much in 5th GRADE! I wouldn’t be surprised if she died within the next few years because of her drug and weight problems.

  5. Action says:

    Domidroid, now THAT was funny.

  6. lyric says:

    way to go dumbass.

  7. funflower says:

    Nobody seems interested in doing an intervention on the girl. She really needs help.

    I like her hair dark though.

  8. Lucy says:

    American justice system is extremely fucked up. Wealth is above the law. Insanity. Nicole could have killed or hurt someone. One of my friends was killed by a drunk driver. Plus if she’s pregnant then she’s hurting the baby with the drugs. What was her punishment? 96 pathetic hours in jail, a fine, and a little probation…boohoo…It’s just a waste of our tax money. Do you really think she’s going to learn her lesson? no. I say treat her like an average American citizen and keep her in jail for at least a month or until her spoiled ass learns some respect for other Americans. She wouldn’t be famous if it weren’t for Paris.