Heather Mills to potentially get over $200 million secret settlement

It’s being reported by a less than reputable source that Paul McCartney is going to secretly give harpie Heather Mills a $235 million divorce settlement so that she’ll stay away from him and he can be done with this whole sorry business.

Mills is stupidly representing herself in divorce court, and a divorce attorney friend tells me that it’s likely she pissed off her high-priced lawyer, who may have told her that she should go another route if she wasn’t willing to follow their advice. My lawyer friend also says it’s incredibly stupid of Mills to try to represent herself when most any representation would be better than going it alone.

All that might not matter if this news is true though. Paul is said to be trying to make it seem publically like he’s giving lying Heather just $19.5 million, when the real amount is more than ten times that amount

Sir PAUL McCARTNEY will give his estranged wife HEATHER MILLS a $235 million (£120 million) divorce package to safeguard his health, according to a British newspaper.

The News Of The World reports the former BEATLE was urged to agree the deal by his daughters STELLA and MARY because they are concerned the bitter divorce battle is affecting his well being.

The siblings reportedly told their father, “If this goes on, it could kill you. Being happy is more important than money.”

The newspaper claims McCartney will publicly give his estranged wife a mere $19.5 million (£10 million), most of which she’ll donate to charity.

But she’ll actually secure an enormous secret package including $5.9 million (£3 million) a year as a divorce settlement, $15.7 million (£8 million) to buy homes in America and Europe, $5.9 million (£3 million) for English accommodation and more than $3.9 million (£2 million) a year for staff and general expenses for the next 15 years.

One of McCartney’s aides tells the newspaper, “It’s a done deal and Paul is relieved.”

There’s also a bizarre story that someone found heaps of personal photos of Paul and Heather, including more skeevy shots of Heather nude, in a public garbage heap. It sounds like someone planted them there:

Private photos of the former Beatle and Mills – including one of Mills in a bath wearing nothing but diamond earrings – were found dumped at a British rubbish tip.

The bizarre find also included pictures of Mills draped in a sheet in bed, with her artificial leg standing in a black stiletto nearby.

There are others in which she poses nude, showing off her bump while heavily pregnant.

There are also pictures of McCartney’s special moments with his and Mills’ daughter Beatrice.

One set shows McCartney feeding her with a silver spoon, and another of him cuddling his daughter, who is wearing a T-shirt with the words: “My Daddy Rocks”.

Tender photos of McCartney’s first wife, Linda, on holiday in Australia were also in the bags found at the tip.

The pictures appeared to be from a McCartney family album. However, nobody could explain how they got there.

Sir Paul told British newspaper The Sun in London he had no idea how the pictures found their way to the tip.

“I’m very grateful to The Sun for getting these pictures back to me,” McCartney said.

Now how would someone find these and contact The Sun about them? It’s all a bit suspicious.

I hope that this story about Heather getting such a huge settlement is false, though. She doesn’t deserve more than a kick in the ass.

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  1. Domidroid says:

    Beauty and the Beast, guess which is which?

  2. Mr. T says:

    $200 million? Paul is getting off cheap. It is worth it to get her out of his life. Next time, I hope Paul chooses someone closer to age to him and also, will these people stop having babies? I’d give up having kids past 45. After that, it is not worth the work that is involved, and yes, kids are lots of work and then they turn out to be teenagers!

  3. Dia222 says:

    She is such a bitch. You can read that on her face…I thought Paul was a smart man…I can just see it in the papers:
    The one-legged hooker becomes millionaire. Good Ol’ Rocker gets his health back.

  4. Viv says:

    What would be funny is if she gave herself a kick in the ass. Think she could pull it off?

  5. Clarimonde says:

    One side of her face looks like its melting.

  6. Poor Boopie says:

    With that kind of money, Viv, she can pay someone to kick her in the ass!
    She’ll be the richest “one-legged hobo” in Britain!

  7. Kashmir says:

    I bet the next time he thinks about walking down the aisle, he gets the freakin’ pre-nup signed. Big ol’ idiot.

  8. Hayley says:

    She deserves the money. Paul McCartney is an egomaniac drunk.

  9. Helen says:

    Paul is NOT a drunk and or an egomaniac either. He might be selfish sometimes as we all are.