Kelsey & Kayte Grammer welcome baby girl Faith Evangeline Elisa

I keep getting mixed up about Kelsey Grammer and his wife Kayte. They got married last year, correct? And then renewed their vows this year. And then there was the pregnancy – their first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage but then Kayte got knocked up again… which I kept forgetting. I’m sorry for letting you down, gossip-wise. I do try to pay attention, Kelsey Grammer is just some kind of gossip black-hole for me. Anyway, Kayte gave birth on Friday. They had announced months ago that they were expecting twins but it seems like one of the babies died in utero, which is just sad.

Even as they celebrate the newest addition to their family, Kelsey and Kayte Grammer are mourning the loss of her twin.

The couple of two years reveals that the Friday morning arrival of Kelsey and Kayte’s new daughter, Faith Evangeline Elisa, was bittersweet.

“We are thrilled,” the couple tells Us Weekly in a statement about their baby girl, who weighed in at 6lbs, 2 oz. at birth. “Mother and child are in excellent health. We were ecstatic earlier this year, when we announced that Kayte was carrying twins. Tragically, we lost the little boy shortly thereafter,” the couple says. “This was not something we cared to make known publicly at the time. It was unspeakably painful and we know that people will understand our desire to keep the news private then, as we know they will respect our privacy in this matter now.”

Still, the Grammers — who married in February 2011 — say they’re focused on moving forward from their tragic loss.

“A glorious birth with a lingering sadness is ours today. We choose to celebrate the life that has been given us,” they share. “We proudly announce Faith to the world today looking forward to the days ahead and the children yet to come.”

[From Us Weekly]

The children yet to come…? Kayte is going to keep on having babies, apparently. He already has an adult daughter and two children with Camille. Eh, whatever, I’m not going to harp on about it. As for the little girl’s name… it sounds very Southern to me, probably because “Faith” is my mom’s name and she’s super-Southern. I think Evangeline is pretty, as is Elisa. But my first thought was “This little girl’s initials are F.E.E.G.” “Feeg” is just a cool word to sound out… “Feeeee-eeeg.” Anyway, congrats to the happy family!

PS… I like the fact that Kayte wore flip-flops throughout her pregnancy. But this busted red shade of hair color needs to go!

Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. says:

    Errr… congrats? I just doesn’t seem like the right thing to say when you get stuck with him.

  2. Agnes says:

    i bet you he’s talking about having more kids with his future wives.

  3. Lola B says:

    Miscarriages are painful and I wouldn’t wish one on anyone (I recently went through one myself) BUT…being that they’re relationship started so awful, him cheating on his wife and getting her pregnant while still married to Camille, I just can’t help but think that Karma is at work here. Whats the point of celebrities getting married when they have no respect for the vows they take?

    • Johanna says:

      So then what mischievous act did you do to deserve your miscarriage? I apologize for being so blunt but that way of thinking is dangerous. An innocent fetus, guilty of no ”karma”, died because the Universe saw it fit to punish it’s parents for not keeping their vows? Silly.

      • Alex'sMommy says:

        Holy shit Johanna harsh but true. Get her girl! I had a miscarriage years ago. It was an awful experience. I thought I had done something wrong at first but later realized it happened for a reason. My husband and I really got out lives together after that. We have been doing good since. I wish the grammar’s many congrats. I like the name too. Faith is ok but I really like Evangeline and Elisa. I contemplated both Evangeline and Elise for the girl I am carrying now but we decided on Elizabeth. I have an Alexandria and will soon have an Elizabeth!

      • jazzmin says:

        Agree, I personally don’t believe in Karma because very bad things happen to very good people. Children who are abused, raped what karma are they paying for? Glad Kelsey’s baby is OK as for his wife’s grin on the above picture, it makes me wonder how long before her grin turns upside down.

    • Summer says:

      Wow… That’s harsh. You’ve just said you wouldnt wish a miscarriage on anyone, but then you’ve said it’s karma that she lost the baby? Do you realise how sanctimonious and self righteous that makes you sound?
      Irrespective of the morals of cheating on your partner, no one deserves a miscarriage because of “karma”.
      Marriage can be a tough gig and if someone cheats it’s on them, not on their unborn innocent baby.

    • jc126 says:

      That was a horrible thing to say. Did you do something to “deserve” your miscarriage? I bet not.

      Also, some of the most horrible, abusive parents are able to have LOTS of children that they then mistreat terribly, while some wonderful people never are able to have any kids. There’s no karma at work in this, or the former group wouldn’t be able to keep pushing out babies.

    • RN says:

      I wish people would stop casually tossing about the word “karma” without having a clear understanding of what it actually means.

    • JessSaysNo says:

      Karma? Are you serious? Tell us what you’ve done to deserve your miscarriage or better yet, what has the baby done to deserve to die?

      I had a miscarriage at 18 weeks and I don’t believe I did anything to deserve it. It’s just a random horrible thing. You’re nuts if you think people “deserve” to lose babies or have miscarriages. Creep.

    • Shannon says:

      It’s not karma, it’s statistics. 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage (usually early on, before the mother knows she is pregnant). Attributing it to “karma” is harmful to women. No women should have to face accusations about what she did to deserve her miscarriage when she is already grieving about the loss. There is nothing wrong with a woman or her body if she has a miscarriage, or even several of them. It’s natural. And very sad.

    • LaTiDa says:

      I understand why people become so passionate about this topic. And I have no opinion one way or the other over Karma playing any special role (opposed to genetics, health,etc.) in a particular couple’s cosmic revenge being the lose of a child. However, please stop berating Lola B for what I honestly think is a natural attempt to make sense of such a tragedy. When we experience horrible things it is the human condition to rationalize. In specific regard to Lola B, for all we know there is something in her life she feels may have contributed to the miscarriage, maybe not. Who knows, just do not start jumping on a person’s case when I truly believe it’s her attempt at making sense of a horrible and often senseless tragedy. I’m sorry Lola B for your and all parents out there who have lost children.

      • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

        First pregnancies frequently end in miscarriage.

        With all of our modern tools and techniques and with all of our steadying influences and spiritual reserves, I think we have to accept that while time, learning and work converge into understanding we can’t as a matter of fact understand those things. It’s a cold comfort, so we have to comfort each other before, during and after our knowledge is illuminated.

        In coming into our full powers of grown women who have agency, position and self-possession, we sometimes conclude that the only thing holding a woman back is herself, when sometimes life just happens to you and you can’t will and work it away. It makes me sad to think that sometimes we use our own strength to self-flagellate, and a result, we punish ourselves for random accidents and place an unrealistic amount of pressure on ourselves because the ‘it all’ about which we fixate grows every day and you’ve got to get an early start if you want full access. We make up ‘five year plans’ more extravagant than Versailles and inflict hatred on ourselves mainly, but others as well for not being able to get the universe bow to our desires or take it as a sign of weakness in ourselves and others for not making that outline stick.

        We only have so much control and it’s hurtful to the spirit to not concede that are forces beyond our control. We can grieve for a lot of what is missed, but we can’t enter a plea of ‘guilty’ when no crime has been committed and one has to resist the urge to pathologize the random and cast ourselves into an endless season of self-loathing.

  4. Cathy says:

    Congratulations to them on the birth of their little girl. I’m also sorry about the loss of her twin brother….very sad.

  5. jazzmin says:

    So, she had a miscarriage before this pregnancy, got pregnant again with twins. One of the twins died in utero? that must be sadder for her than him. Only because it is her first time at being a mother.

    • mewmow says:

      I highly doubt it was any worse for her just because he has kids already. The loss of a baby effects men too. 🙁

      • jazzmin says:

        I know mewmow I did not mean to imply that a man’s pain is less than a woman’s. I meant to say that as a first time mommy. Kelsey has already experience the joys of parenthood but I am sure he must have hurt also.

  6. crtb says:

    She probly wore flip flops because her feet swole up. I had to wear flip flops also, because my feet were little hams.
    I also grew out of two sets of maternity clothes and ended up wearing mumus the last month. Refuse to buy more clothes for just one month.

    • Cam S says:

      @ crtb: You mean you feet swell when you’re pregnant??? I’m an only child, my Mom is deceased and I have no one to prepare me for this stuff! I just got married. Why do your feet swell? From carrying the extra baby weight? I already wear size 10’s!

      • Alex'sMommy says:

        Water retention makes them swell. I was heavier when I got pregnant with my first and the swelling was ridiculous. Not only did they swell but my feet grew half a size bigger and that didn’t go away after the baby was born:( I am pregnant again and am 34 weeks and haven’t swelled much this go round but it is starting. My feet are normal on the morning and my legs and feet are slightly swollen at night. The swelling goes away after the baby comes. It helps to elevate your feet too.

      • Cletus says:

        My feet grew a half a size, too. I had to get all new shoes- that really pissed me off. By the way, some swelling is normal. A whole LOT of swelling isn’t- like if you mash on your foot and it leaves a dimple where your finger was, that’s more like edema, and you’ll want to see your OB about that.

      • Lane's Mom says:

        You have a lot more fluid in your body during pregnancy, which can cause swelling, especially in your lower extremeties. However, it’s not necessarily a given that your feet will swell–mine never did, even with my twins! Chalk it up to genetics . . . .

    • Bodhi says:

      The general wive’s tale is that your feet grow 1/2 a size everytime you have a baby. Which totally sucks because I have some cahUTE shoes that I am loathe to give away. Sigh…

  7. MrsBPitt says:

    Isn’t he the one who tried to get Camille to let him take his son, while she kept the daughter…Ugh…wonder how he is feeling about having another daughter…I am so over this disgusting pig creature…and he will definetely screw this new wife over too…he is all about himself…

    • Violet says:

      That was my first thought, too! He doesn’t seem to truly value his children, especially the girls.

      He’s a terrible father and I wish he’d get a vasectomy before he knocks up any more women.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        I wish women would get their lobotomies reversed prior to deciding to sleep with him.

  8. Lem says:

    Mk directed us to Kelsey’ s wiki a few days ago. Early life and personal life sections piqued my interest.
    There should definitely be more gossip about this guy!
    Suspicious death everywhere.
    More drug issues than sheen/lohan
    8 pregnancies with 7 women. (?) Multiple miscarriages.
    Only one surviving male heir
    A grandchild older than this latest daughter
    . He is ‘raising’ a gaggle of girls with daddy issues for the next creep

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      Heir? Are the Plantagenets threatening to rise again?

      Joke ended. Truly though, though I wouldn’t exactly want him to be my bridge partner, he’s endured the unendurable and part of me still feels horrible about his early traumas.

      His father was murdered by a serial killer when he was thirteen

      On the one night when he couldn’t drive his teenaged sister (to whom he was reportedly very close) back from work, she was raped and murdered

      His two younger half-brothers were killed by a shark.

      I’d probably have some huge substance abuse issues with that kind of early life misery. I don’t condone his crimes, I’m just saying that given those circumstances, I can’t say that I would’ve turned out to become the President Of Wonderful, either. God willing, I’ll never have to have that mettle tested.

  9. MollyB says:

    Kelsey is a sleazy asshole, don’t get me wrong, but he sure seems to have gotten more than his fair share of sadness in this life.

  10. Ginger says:

    I’m not a Kelsey fan by any means but I feel empathy for his wife. What a horrible, horrible thing to go through! I had two miscarriages before I finally got pregnant with my son and then because of acute Eclampsia we almost did not survive. It was bittersweet since we did in fact survive but he was born 2 1/2 months early. It’s so hard to become a new parent under ordinary circumstances but when tragedy is involved (as some other posters have said on innocent little ones) it’s that much harder. I actually teared up a little of her despite the circumstances of their relationship. I still feel badly for what he put Camille through, however.

  11. keats says:

    I’ve been saving the name Evangeline for my future daughter. I should have known Kelsey Grammer would get to it first 🙁

    • Bodhi says:

      Eh, I wouldn’t worry about it. No one is gonna remember that that Kelsey Grammer’s kid’s middle name is Evangeline

  12. Courtney says:

    um Kelsey’s grandson Emmett Emanuel isn’t much older than his daughter Faith is it’s not a big deal. stop making jokes about miscarriages they are very painful. why do you think some stars that had them decades ago have still never spoken of them publically. as for having parent issues most children in general do not just hollywood kids

  13. Jill says:

    Ewww GROSS!!

  14. Tillie says:

    I used to really like him on ‘Frasier’. I watch re-runs all the time and I still think they are funny.. 🙂

    Congrats with the birth of the baby, hope he’s a good daddy and husband in this case.

  15. Cam S says:

    His wife Kayte (pretentious spelling btw) looks like a cartoon caricature

  16. bgirl says:

    She looks so adorable and innocent. I hope he doesn’t screw her over.

  17. skuddles says:

    Very sad that they lost one of the twins.

    Hope Grammar is done with the wife hopping and actually sticks it out with this one. But somehow I doubt it…

  18. lucy2 says:

    Congrats on the birth of their daughter, Faith Evangeline Elisa are 3 very pretty names. Sorry to hear about the loss of the other baby.

    It’s pretty easy to get confused with Kelsey, he seems to be on an endless cycle of marriage, kids, divorce, marriage, kids, divorce, lather, rinse, repeat. I get the impression he is a very, very damaged person who really needs help. Good luck to this wife and their child.

  19. Onyx XV says:

    Ugh, what a cheesy name. But they are a cheesy couple, so I guess it fits.