Katie Holmes reportedly enrolled Suri into a prestigious Catholic school

We have 20 million more photos of Katie Holmes and Suri from the past few days. Some of the places they’re been: The Children’s Museum, Via Qadronno (for ice cream and face painting), FAO Schwarz (Suri got a new stuffed animal), and gymnastics class. Oh, and Suri also went with some friends (!!) to a pet store to look at puppies. Because that’s what’s next, I bet. Katie and Suri are going to get a pet. Perhaps a puppy, although I would suggest a kitten, if they’re listening. Two girls in the city, restarting their lives… I just see Katie and Suri with a kitten.

Anyway, as you can see, Katie and Suri are moving on and right now their movements are being documented extensively, on a daily basis. But when the heat dies down and it’s time to settle into NYC for the long haul? Well, Katie is preparing to lay down some serious roots. According to reports, Katie has enrolled Suri into a prestigious Catholic school in Manhattan –the same Catholic school that educated Lady Gaga.

Come September, Suri Cruise will attend an all-girls school in New York City, according to The Los Angeles Times.

Katie Holmes, 33, has reportedly enrolled her daughter, 6, in Manhattan’s prestigious Convent of the Sacred Heart. The school’s notable alumnae list includes Lady Gaga, 26, Jordana Brewster, 32, Nicky Hilton, 28, Caroline Kennedy, 54, and the late Gloria Morgan Vanderbilt.

When classes begin, the previously homeschooled Suri will be required to attend Catholic mass every Thursday. Tuition at Convent of the Sacred Heart costs $38,000 a year.

Holmes and her daughter are currently living in a $12,500-a-month apartment in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood. In a previously released statement, Holmes and Tom Cruise, 50, vowed that they “are committed to working together as parents to accomplishing what is in our daughter Suri’s best interests.” The Romantics actress received primary custody of Suri, though Cruise has been granted visitation rights.

[From Us Weekly]

I believe that Katie and Tom worked out a child-support agreement in which Tom will be paying for everything involving Suri… which means Tom is probably going to have to foot the bill for Suri’s Catholic-school education. Xenu will not be pleased. Incidentally, I think Tom’s film – Oblivion – just wrapped or is about to wrap, which means Tom has a window of free time coming up. Which means he’ll probably be headed to NYC to spend some time with Suri, per their “generous” visitation agreement. Tom’s lawyer Bert Fields is still trying to make Tom sound like father of the year for giving Katie primary custody – Fields told People Magazine, “Tom was always most interested in his child. His concern was for Suri. He will have a meaningful relationship with Suri. I don’t know the details of his schedule, so I can’t comment [on when Tom will see Suri]. My guess is he’ll be seeing Suri very soon.”

Of course, Fields also told People Magazine, “Somebody said the Scientologists were directing the negotiations, and that is absolute hogwash. There was no Scientologist present, I wasn’t on the phone with Scientologists. Scientologists played no part of role in the negotiations between the lawyers. [We] dealt rationally with the issues, hashed them all out and over a few days worked something out that was to the satisfaction of both sides.” Er… Bert Fields knows that at least one Scientologist was on the line, right?

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. PHD in Gossip says:

    Katie got absurd looking longer extensions.

  2. Lizzie K says:

    And THIS is why all spin by Tom’s camp that he didn’t get rolled won’t convince anybody.

  3. Monie says:

    That poor little girl. I used to view Suri as a brat but this year she seems to have a sadness about her. Hopefully a new life of friends her age and doing normal, childish things will bring a sparkle back to her eyes.

  4. Lem says:

    Katie’s posture it’s so improved, but goodness. Katie could use some trap work. Look at those babies; she must have a massive headache.

  5. Bubulle says:

    Katie needs to stop with the photo op, it’s obvious her daughter doesn’t like it at all.

    • islandgirl says:

      Exactly! Sickening IMO

    • islandgirl says:

      Exactly! It is getting tiresome. I am a great mom see me parade my shy child in front of the paps every single day and as a parent myself I find that crazy

      • mewmow says:

        Islandgirl, she isn’t parading her for The paps. She can’t walk anywhere without being followed. What should she do? Stay inside? Besides her presence may make her feel safe. Oh and you may be a great Mom but you don’t have paps following you, so you can’t compare yourself to her. Lol.;-)

      • Bec says:

        Before there was The Church of Scientology there was the €atholic Church. They wrote the handbook that the CO$ is using. You want to talk about a cult? Want to talk about brainwashing? About people being intimidated and ‘disapppearing’ for speaking out against the church?

        Why should we be happy for Suri when the €atholic Church has such a frightening record of treating children well? It’s not just boys that have been abused it’s many, many girls too. Most cults have rampant child sexual abuse in them – and I bet CO$ is no different but that doesn’t mean that if Suri leaves she is safe.

        Even though I’m thrilled to see CO$ about to go up in flames I am more angry at the €atholic Empire than any other cult. It continues to flourish because good people still support it by going to mass and sending their kids to €atholic school. I want to say to them: You can be a Catholic without entering a church. Every time a Catholic enters their church it is like voting (or sends their kid to €atholic school) they are basically telling the Vatican that their monstrous abuse of children is ok. I can’t believe how all of us- Catholics and non-Catholics alike- have shrugged our shoulders and been complacent to such atrocities.

      • Elizabeth says:

        @ Bec says :

        How much do you really know about Christianity or Catholicism?? You sure don’t speak for me. I was raised Catholic and now attend a Baptist church. You sound like you’re just on a rant – so much hatred for something you seem to know so little about. Going to church endorses child abuse?! Seriously? Not in my opinion. I go to church and I believe child abusers should go to jail. Sorry to show you that your commetns are inaccurate.

      • Emily says:

        L. Ron Hubbard wrote the handbook the Co$ is using. He did not copy Scientology’s evil practices from Catholicism. The only way you can find similarities is to look at Catholicism hundreds of years ago. Abuses withing the Catholic church do not make it a cult. Every big, powerful organization has abuses that need to be stamped out.

        What I don’t understand, is why don’t people bring up the supposed similarities between Scientology and any other organization but Catholicism, ever? Catholicism is absolutely HUGE, gigantic, humongous, and it’s been around for over 1600 years. Find me an organization of any kind, let alone a huge, globe-spanning one, that’s been around for over 1600 years that hasn’t committed atrocities.

        The Vatican put out a “tsk tsk you are bad women for not doing precisely what we say” letter to a large group of American nuns, and the American nuns told the Vatican to piss off, and what’s happened to those nuns? Well, they’ve grown more popular, particularly among Catholics. And that’s it. No punishments from the Vatican, and if the Vatican attempted to impose punishments, I think they know that average Catholics would not stand for it. That right there is proof that Catholicism is not a cult.

        There are cults and cultish organizations in the world other than the Co$. Why not bring those up? Why the constant anti-Catholicism drumbeat?

      • Bec says:

        @Elizabeth and @DottieDot

        I think people do not realize the power they have to stop abuses by powerful institutions such as the Catholic Church. So they don’t realize that by attending mass or sending their child to a Catholic school they are UNKNOWINGLY sending a strong message to the Vatican that the Vatican can continue to try to weasel out of being held accountable for the gross abuses of its chilldren.

        The Vatican has had to be pulled kicking & screaming to own up to the great pain and suffering it has caused. They are STILL trying to cover-up what they did. They have only recently been forced to apologize and pay for great atrocities against children. And it is a drop in the bucket.

        The Vatican looks at their attendance numbers but most importantly their pocketbook to see if they need to change. But I think people feel hopeless that they have any power to change the Catholic church and that is where I believe they are wrong – they DO and WE all do have power, and that power lies in protest and waking up to our own power. Our actions speak volumes and at times, like this one, speak louder than words.

        This makes me think of a great quote:
        “The only thing needed for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing.” –Simon Weisenthal

      • ZenB!tch says:

        I was raised Catholic. Catholicism drives me nuts because of the influence of the Pope. The only Holy Father to me is God. If chosen non-Evangelical Protestantism – I haven’t picked a denomination nor do I know if I will. I’ve basically disowned the Pope which makes me a Protestant.

        The point is – I can leave @Elizabeth left. We are not cut off from any of our Catholic relatives.

        As for children, I would keep them away from sports, school and especially Penn State since they have a track record of abusing children as well.

      • Genevieve says:

        @ islandgirl:

        Or, protecting Suri against Crazy Tommygirl and a potential CO$ kidnapping.

        Let’s not forget who we’re dealing with here.

        I’m starting to sense an anti-Katie theme, which is VERY disturbing. Makes me wonder how many CO$ infiltrators are working this site :(

        She is doing exactly what she has to do to protect her child. Tommygirl created the insane rules, she is simply playing them to protect her family.

    • jazzmin says:

      Stop with the Photo op?! Katie needs to stop wearing those fug boots with every outfit!! Katie, you have money now buy yourself some new Kate Spade boots. Piperlime has a sale gurl!!

    • hairball says:

      Photo-op? She’s going about her day with her daughter and being stalked and photographed without her permission. You blame her for that?

      • anonimouse8319 says:

        She knows that she can’t go about her day like everybody else…the photographers will be there…she could just as easily leave by a car from the parking garage…

      • Mich says:

        Last I checked, it was easy to follow cars – particularly in grid locked NYC. We have no pics of her and babes walking out their front door the way they had to in their old digs.

        And the top pic makes it clear that everyone and their father is taking pics of them on their phones. They can’t escape. Best to just carry on.

      • Emily says:

        You cannot leave by a car in a parking garage in New York City. Not to the places she’s been going to. It is physically impossible. Maybe the Co$ thinks that they could teach her to fly from Queens to the center of Manhattan?

    • Mimi says:

      And do what? Hide out behind locked doors and shuttered windows? Move to Idaho? Come on, Katie & Suri are going to be papped until their dying day; might as well try to make a day out of it.

      • Tiffin says:

        Absolutely agree Mimi.
        She’s just escaped one prison and some folks want to see her put herself into another??

      • Aagje says:

        I’m sorry but what about the months we didn’t see a single sighting of them? They can fly under the radar. Katie apparently chooses not to, not even for the sake of her own daughter.

        And why are some people treating Katie as if she’s a hero? She played the PR-game and very well even, ensuring that she will never have to worry financially. But she knew Tom was a Scientologist when she married him and many people warned her about it. Not a fan of TC and certainly not of CO$ but Katie doesn’t get much sympathy from me either in all this.

      • ZenB!tch says:

        They were probably in Iceland or some faraway pap-free place with Tom making yet another action movie. When he was in the US making Rock of Ages they papped all the time.

      • flan says:


        Katie will never have to worry financially, even without TC’s money.

        She has several million of her own.

    • Ms Deb says:

      In my uninformed opinion, the more she stays in the public eye, right now, the safer she (and her daughter) are. If the tabloid press, legitimate news outlets, and tourists are documenting her every move, if something does happen, there will be pictures. If I were in her position, I would want to be surrounded by people at all times. When he finishes his movie, I expect she will have problems. Just an opinion.

    • Girlygirl410 says:

      IMO she needs to keep getting her pics taken. With the history of $cientology Katie and Suri, could both go missing in the blink of an eye. I believe this is saving her life.

      • Genevieve says:

        Well said, Girlygirl.

        I am convinced that a large number of CO$ whack-jobs are behind all of the nasty comments about Katie “parading” Suri in front of the paps “against her will.”

        I’m sure Katie wishes she could flee to Australia or somewhere far, far away…just like Nicole did after Tommygirl stole her kids and brainwashed them against her.

        SHE CAN’T.

        The perfect time for CO$ (or any other of the gay midget dwarf’s minions) to swoop in and make K and S disappear is now…or 6 mos. from now. Or a year from now.

        This will NEVER end for Katie. People can bitch all they like about her living her life so publicly now, but it’s not a lifestyle choice. It’s the necessity born of being the divorced wife of a psychopath who thinks he can “move things with his mind” and is a “god” in the effed up little fiefdom that is CO$.

        She will ALWAYS have to live this way. Haters, get over it.

      • moxylady007 says:


        Katie will be looking over her shoulder for the rest of her life. That is an awful burden to live with but she is taking it on.

        These pics are keeping her and Suri safe. Many of the people slamming her for “parading” and being an “attention whore” are CO$.

        Its obvious neither Katie nor Suri like it, but there really is no other choice. It keeps them safe from the
        CO$ but also from more intrusive paps. This is the biggest entertainment story at the moment and pics are worth a lot of money. Paps will find one way or another. Katie is taking Suri out on great adventures, and yes they have to walk by the paps which sucks, but its better than being followed into museums, trying to sneak into their apartment, etc.

        She is being really smart about all of this.

    • aussie says:

      so you are saying she shouldn’t take her child out at all; the pap’s will find them everywhere, Tom is the king of orchestrated photo ops; I imagine she’s hoping that after about 10 thousand pics of her and her suri shopping, people will eventually get bored and leave them alone.

  6. Tillie says:

    I like Katie’s striped pyjamas dress :)

    good to see them do normal, fun things!

  7. Cherry says:

    Wait, Lady Gaga is an alumna of the Convent of the Sacred Heart, costs $38,000 a year? I thought she was all about struggling and overcoming poverty?

  8. Eleonor says:

    If she did manage to convince Xenu posterboy to pay for a Catholic school…I can’t even imagine HOW she did.

  9. The Original Mia says:

    Take that Tommy Boy! Love it! Tom “I am a Scientologist” Cruise has to pay for Catholic schooling. Hahaha! I hope the transition from homeschooling to regular schooling is smooth & that Katie is talking to a child therapist to ease Suri (Scout)’s transition into her new life.

    • Kevin says:

      Catholic school is not regular schooling. Just another cult. Ask anyone who has been. Nuns are sadists.

      • MollyB says:

        Nuns rarely, if ever, teach in Catholic schools these days. My two nieces go to Catholic school and it’s a really loving, nurturing environment for them. It’s not the 50′s anymore.

      • Azurea says:

        @Kevin…agreed. Hopefully time has changed things, but Memories of a Catholic Girlhood, by Mary McCarthy, paints a chilling picture.

      • duchessofhazard says:

        I went to Catholic schools from K-18, and a fair few of the teachers who taught us weren’t Catholics – just relatively well paid (for their jobs) teachers. Nuns tended to either oversee the school (as in being principals) or doing the religious studies (about two periods a week).

        Catholic schools are more than doctrine.

      • Jill says:

        I know thi is not everyone’s experience with catholic school, but if one more of my friends who went to catholic school tells me that they’re now an atheist, I’m going to scream!

      • valleymiss says:

        Talk about painting nuns with a broad brush! Maybe Catholic schools were like that in the 50s, but they’re not now. As I’ve stated, I went to 12 years of Catholic school. In grades 1-8, I had 3 nuns as teachers. They were very strict and very competent and fair. I was never hit with rulers and so on. Punishment was going to dentention, or being benched. Pretty standard.

        And for the person who said that non-nuns are paid well…nope. I looked for a teaching job at my old school back in the early 2000s and the starting pay was $24k a year. In Los Angeles, with trying to pay back student loans and cover rent, that was a ridiculously low wage for LA’s high cost of living. I passed!

        Maybe it’s different at this prestigious NYC school, because their tuition was so high. But generally, Catholic school is a bargain among private schools, and the teachers are paid diddly. Why would they teach there, you ask? Because of the aforementioned warm and nurturing “family” environment. Plus, Catholic schools immediately kick out kids who have behavioral issues. That’s why it’s a good education – imagine how much a teacher can accomplish if s/he doesn’t have to stop and discipline anyone?

      • Tiffin says:

        Kevin, did you go to Catholic School?

        I did and I hate to tell you but in my experience, it was a regular school that just happened to be in a convent. None of my teachers were nuns and the nuns were not sadists.

        You should look up the definition of a cult – it does not apply to the church or to Catholic school.

      • moxylady007 says:

        I went to Catholic school and its actually what started me down the path of not being Catholic. We were taught about how the bible was written and what was left out. I just decided it didnt work for me, and everyone at the school respected that.

        I am not a fan of the Catholic Church because of what has happened over the centuries and due to some of their stances on political matters, to say nothing of the pedo scandal.

        HOWEVER being a Catholic does not mean you condone the history of the church or even agree with its stance on things. I know many Catholics who believe and who follow their heart and their beliefs in what is right regardless of what the church tells them.

        The Catholic Church is nothing like Scientology. Perhaps fanatical segments are more cultish than the Church as a main thing, but thats to be found in every branch of every religion as well as in every branch of politics. Just as every Muslim is not to blame of the actions the fanatics on 9-11, not every Catholic or every Christian is to blame for the actions of the fanatical elements of Christianity.

        I am more scared of the blind faith and hatred I see coming out of American politics than I am of Catholicism etc.

        Lastly, I say all of this as a person who disagrees strongly with what Christianity has done to segments of the population, esp women. I dont contribute to charities that are Christian based in many cases because I dont like the teaching of Christianity that goes alone with their tending to the poor and sick.

        But you guys are off base here.

      • KMD says:

        One of my close friends teaches at a private Catholic school in Texas. She isn’t a nun, and has a normal teaching degree. While they are a Catholic school, it is nothing as horrid in the movies. Seems to be just a normal school with a good curriculum and nice people.

      • Emily says:

        You sound like you’ve learned everything you know about nuns from hardcore porn.

      • melissa says:

        I went to Catholic schools. I even taught in one briefly. As a lapsed Catholic, I can say with authority that you’re full of baloney.

        It has its problems, but to refer to it as a cult is just ignorant, hyperbolic, and slanderous.

      • tmbg says:

        A cult? Far from it. My cousin goes to a Catholic prep school and has more freedoms than I ever did in public high school.

        They have a tough curriculum, but there are no stereotypical nuns standing there with rulers ready to slap anyone who misbehaves on the knuckles. (Now that did happen in the old days – my mom went to Catholic school and told me about some of the nasty instructors who were nuns. But we’re talking late 50s/early 60s here.) Even by the time I was in high school (90s), Catholic schools were much different. I had a few friends who went to one and I think they got a better education than I did.

      • Lukie says:

        I went to Catholic school and I have no idea what you are talking about…

      • Lisa says:

        I have a couple of jobs, and one of them is being a test-prep tutor for high school kids. I prep kids for the SAT, ACT, etc. Almost all the kids I tutor go to private schools, and about half of them go to Catholic school. The Catholic school students are by far the most polite, kind, non-snotty kids I tutor. They are also more self-aware than most of the students I have.

        From what I understand, the vast majority of their teachers are *not* nuns.

      • dilettante says:

        I have friends who went to CSH in NYC and loved it. No mean nuns and a great education. I went to ISSH (International School of the Sacred Heart — sister school to CSH) in Tokyo. I’m not Catholic but it was a wonderful experience and a very good school. Not all of the teachers are nuns, by a long shot. And the nuns who did teach were lovely.

  10. DanaG says:

    Katie starts her new role next week maybe the extra hair is for that? I think Suri is looking a little better and I think it’s good they are going out. It will be even better when things calm down and Suri goes to school. She will be in a proper routine and make new friends. I thought Tom was supposed to visit this weekend? Now at least when she starts school Suri can say some good things about what she did over the Summer.

  11. MoxyLady007 says:

    I think a puppy is great for a shy child. Help her break the ice and make friends! Everyone loves a puppy.

  12. Boo says:

    I’m glad Katie’s sending her to school, as I think some routine and normalcy will go a long way toward forging a decent future for both of them. But I bet Suri is going to rebel against the new structure in unpleasant ways.

    Maybe a good side effect of Katie enrolling her in school is to make sure that Tom can’t take her anywhere for very long from September-June? If he screws with her school schedule, the courts and the media will have his ass. Keep those reins tight, Katie!

    • MoxyLady007 says:

      @ Boo- that is a great point about it restricting Tom’s ability to take her away.

      I also think the structure and the routine are great for her. I am not a Christian but I totally understand Katie returning to Catholicism after what she has been through. Also Catholic schools for the most part are really lax these days. Much better than they were.

    • CC says:

      Not to mention discipline. They may not (according to popular belief) use rulers, etc, but there are still strict rules. And she definitely needs a normal routine and discipline, and not being carried around based on her parents’ agenda and being homeschooled and isolated from everyone else and not having a normal childhood. Not to mention a school uniform for a sense of school identity in for all purposes, which also force her to curb all the excesses she’s been allowed since birth. At least during school hours.

    • aussie says:

      I think it’s great she will be at school with other children, I imagine this school would be a safe environment and it would not be easy for just anyone to wonder in and out unidentified….you make an excellent and very valid point in regards to not being able to mess with suri’s routine, routine is essential for young children.

  13. DanaG says:

    I vote dog they are easier to cuddle and come when they are called. And Suri can take him for a walk. Can’t do that with a cat. I bet we will know when she get’s one though think of the cute photo ops.

  14. sup says:

    one religious dogma after another. i feel sorry for the kid.

    • Ravensdaughter says:

      That’s kind of what I thought, too. I know some parents opt for religious private schools vs non because they are subsidized (especially Catholic schools) and thus more affordable, but Katie can afford any private school she wants for Suri. Also, she’s asking for trouble from Tom and Co$; if Katie can go as far as enrolling Suri in a Catholic School, what can Tom do?
      I feel sorry for Suri, too.

      • Boxy Lady says:

        Katie graduated from an all girls Catholic school so that probably has something to with it.

      • valleymiss says:

        I went to 12 years of Catholic school. I self-identify as Catholic even though I don’t go to mass, am on the pill, have premarital sex, support gay marriage, and so on. I was mortified and incredibly angry to find out about the sex crimes against children, and even more angry when the church covered it up.

        Having said all that, a Catholic education is a strong education. It’s a very nurturing, warm kind of community, and I don’t blame KH for wanting Suri nto experience it.

      • CC says:

        Well, this type of catholic school will give Suri the environment where she can actually make friends. This school is definitely not about religion, despite having a religious component. Plus as far as quality of education in non-religious subjects, that school has really high standards, and that alone should be a good reason to enroll.

        It’s a highly selective school, and no matter what people say, mixing it up too much isn’t useful to either the very wealthy or very poor. Only creates resentment when they see what they can’t have.

        Once, in a public school I attended that tried to force that mix, one kid from social housing started stealing stuff from everyone else. So, we all, as a group, wrote down on the blackboard during a class that she was a thief, the list of what she stole and from whom, and ostracized her after. And in my opinion, she should have been turned over to the police, but no one school authority likes to charge a minor for stealing from her classmates…. especially since all of this came about because they forced that “integration” in the first place. No one wanted her around in the playground, much less in home playdates.

        oh and @valleymiss. Ditto. I attended public school buti wish I had gone to the local Catholic school, my public school classmates were awful, and I was friends with people in the Catholic school I would have much rather studied with.

      • Harper says:

        I second everything you just said, valleymiss!

      • mayamae says:

        CC -

        Yeah, that “integration” is just awful. Don’t you just wish we can turn back the clock and return to easier times when there was segregation?

        That way, those like you who are privileged will never have to encounter those who are less fortunate and “jealous” of all the things you have.

        Why so bitter? You successfully “ostracized” and outed the peasant child and apparently made sure her life was lonely and isolated. You actually wanted her to go to jail as well? WOW.

      • Janet says:

        @CC: Now let me see if I got this right: you humiliate the kid, you ostracize the kid, you make her feel like she’s worth sh*t, and on top of all that you want to have her arrested?

        Sometimes I wonder if you one-per-centers even occupy the same planet as the rest of us.

      • mayamae says:

        Janet –

        Glad to see I wasn’t the only one. Pure elitism.

      • Janet says:

        @Mayamae: It’s not just elitism, it’s the worst kind of snobbishness.

    • Cazzee says:

      I have a friend who always credits the Catholic Church as being immunization against joining a cult. His point is that people who have that need for structure and order in their lives can find it *within the church* without having to leave their community and family behind. If somebody who’s predisposed towards becoming a cult member is raised Catholic, they’ll just become really, really Catholic!

      The Catholic Church is an institution that has survived for 2,000 years; they have a place for everyone. There’s a sub-type of Catholic person who goes to church daily, does their rosary like it’s actually going to make the world a better place, thinks the pope really is closer to God than us regular humans, etc. My friend may have a point.

      So my theory is this: Katie Holmes is going mano-a-mano against Scientology with this catholic stuff, hoping that Surie will have the sense to just go really Catholic if the cult experience appeals to her (you never know – it might be genetic).

      This seems like a valid strategy; sometimes you just have to fight fire with fire!

    • Tiffin says:

      Sup says:
      ‘one religious dogma after another. i feel sorry for the kid.’

      LOL!! The CULT of scientology is NOT a religion.

      I have the freedom to make up my own mind about the Catholic teachings. Blind allegiance is NOT required. Nope, no brainwashing here.

      • sup says:

        All religions start out as a cult. And about 200 years ago, you were not allowed to form your own opinion about Cathecism. You have to credit secularity for your religious freedom, not the Catholic church which would have burned you at stake for forming your own opinions in history.

  15. carlino altoviti says:

    I went in a Catholic school and I survived.
    It’s not so dramatic.

    • ojulia123 says:

      My husband went to Catholic schools his whole life and he’s the most intelligent, secure person I have ever met.

      • valleymiss says:

        This whole discussion has actually led me to a personal epiphany of sorts: I teach elementary at a public school here in LA, and I went to 12 yrs of Catholic school. I am legally required to report any knowledge of child abuse/neglect, which is why I was that much more disgusted with how the church handled the priest crap. (I had a knock-down drag-out argument with my dad about this. He was a very devout Catholic and he was very hurt at how angry I was at the church. I explained, “Look, I would *lose my job* and never be able to work with kids again if I knew of something and didn’t report it. These higher-ups knew, and didn’t do anything?” It really shook my faith, such as it was.

        Yet, I still call myself Catholic rather than agnostic, and I think the reason why is because I am so thankful for the education I received. I was pushed hard to do my best and treat people with kindness. Yes, a lot of things I learned, I grew out of (premarital sex, etc), but the education was priceless. I was so much better prepared for Catholic high school than the kids who went to public first, and then Catholic high school.

        So anyway, I think that’s why I still have loyalty to the identifier “Catholic.” The only thing the schools could have done better was educate us more when we were in grade school about other religions. It would have been nice to be taught, “This is what we believe, but not everyone believes this. Other people believe this, this, and this.” I didn’t have a more global education on religion until 10th grade when I had a class on Judaism, Buddhism, and Christinaity. And I didn’t know many non-Catholics until I went to college.

      • Janet says:

        My son went to a Jesuit prep school and received one of the best educations in the country.

        Jesuits are known for running excellent schools. They also encourage kids to think for themselves and question established dogma. His ninth grade religious studies class was discussing the immaculate conception and my son says “How did God know that Mary and Joseph didn’t sneak off into the bushes?” The teacher cracked up. If he had said that in a school run by the Irish Christian Brothers he might have been suspended, if not expelled.

    • jojo says:

      You know, one of the coolest athiests ever actually went to Catholic school – George Carlin – product of Catholic education. I’m not for religion, but oddly enough its training did produce him, one of the great voices of the 20th century.

  16. Lol says:

    There’s great pics on the mirror website of suri having a tantrum because Katie wouldnt buy her a puppy when they went to the pet store. in fairness to suri the puppy was VERY cute. a little maltese I think.

    • hairball says:

      If they get a dog I hope they adopt. Don’t buy from pet stores people.

      • Boo says:

        AGREE one million percent. Go to North Shore Animal League, Katie! There are so many great animals there who need a loving forever home!

      • Hautie says:

        All of our local Pet Smart stores are stocked with the rescue pets from all the local city shelters. (Dallas – Ft. Worth and the local counties)

        It is done so the local shelters can get their homeless pets adopted.

        They come with their shots, micro-chipped, a clean health bill and are fixed.

        So making a blanket statement that pet store pets are all pure breeds and not healthy. Can be an inaccurate statement.

        It has been in effect here for a few years. And it makes adopting a new pet a great experience. Plus you are standing in a store filled full of pet goodies! :)

      • NYC_girl says:

        @Boo – I got my first cat at North Shore! He was so great, and I had him for almost 14 years. I got my next one from Bide-
        A-Wee. The staff is great there.

    • bettyrose says:

      As soon as I saw the bit about pet stores, I scrolled own to see if anyone else has addressed this. Pets are living, breathing, feeling creatures. Treating them as commodities to be bred, bought, and sold for human amusement – while thousands sit lonely in shelters – is nothing short of cruel. How can we contact Katie to get her to adopt??

  17. Shoes says:

    The red gingham pinafores that the little girls wear at this school are frickin’ adorable. I know Suri wrote in her Burn Book that she was worried, but I hope she’ll come around once she sees them. :)

  18. Po says:

    Ok so if this is to be believed something is going on. This child is being sent to a Catholic school so that first statement the lawyers made about respecting beliefs is hogwash. Suri is going to be raised to believe that God is not in fact L. Ron Hubbard. That there is in fact a God. Wow. So I never put much stock in those people who said that this wasn’t Toms kid but now if this is true Im starting to believe it.
    Either that or Tom is finally ready to concede that he’s been tricked all these years. I don’t know but something good is going to happen next. I was starting to get bored with this story but if Suri is going to Catholic school this is going to get good. When was the last time you saw two divorced parents with different beliefs decide what religion they’re child would practice within a week.

    • MrsBPitt says:

      This is an easy one to answer,Po. Katie obviously has some very damaging goods on TC…There is no way that TC would have given over so much control to Katie concerning Suri, if she did not have some really good dirt on him…I am afraid for Katie in the long term…I don’t trust TC or CO$…If I were Katie I would be watching my back…TC does not like to lose, and Katie not only won, but she is sticking it to Tom really big with this Catholic school thing…Katie should be worried…I cant see TC letting her get away with making him (in his eyes) look like a fool…

      • Po says:

        Look, I believe wholeheartedly that Scientology has stuff on Tom but as secretive as these people are I have a hard time believing that Katie was able to get that much dirt on Tom in only a 5 year marriage that would allow her to raise their child completely opposite of what he believes. These scientologists try and keep everything secret so aside from what we already have known for years about these people what does she really have? Did Tom really weaken enough that she was able to meet one of his boyfriends? I just don’t think so. I dont even think Tom and Katie shared the same bed.

      • MrsBPitt says:

        @po – well if they didnt share a bed, there is one thing katie could spill the beans on…tom surely would not want his public to know that little secret…what would that say about their great love affair…

    • hairball says:

      I think she is his kid. I can see him in her.

  19. zinjojo says:

    A little off topic, but I really hope that if Katie and Suri get a puppy that they do not get one from a pet store. Pet stores are notorious for selling puppies from puppy farms where animals are kept in appalling conditions.

    There are so many puppies and kittens available for adoption and I hope that if they get a pet that they adopt one. Don’t support the puppy mills Katie!

  20. kris says:

    Gloria Vanderbilt still alive….Anderson Cooper’s mom

  21. MoxyLady007 says:

    I am really glad that Katie goes out every day with Suri. I know she hates the papa but it’s a few minutes of discomfort for a really fun outing. I am sure it’s worth it!

    Plus it makes it so much harder for the Scientology goons to hurt her, both actually and in the media.

    Stay strong Katie! Keep up the good work! You are saving your little girl!

    • Bubulle says:

      Come on enough with the praise, it’s pretty obvious she’s calling the paps, even Brangelina can fly under the radar when they want, it’s one thing she wants to have her picture taken but she should leave her daughter out of this.

    • Mac says:

      The purpose of Katie’s daily Pap strolls is to rub Tom’s nose in sh!t.

      Every time I see Katie having to carry their 6 year old daughter while surrounded by bodyguards, I am reminded that Tom Cruise failed miserably as a parent and husband.

    • moxylady007 says:

      Katie is using the publicity to keep herself and her child safe, both physically but also safe from a media attack. Its hard to see the pics of her looking great and happy and seeing Suri around kids for the first time and not be on her side. I think its brilliant and I think its completely NECESSARY.

      Katie will be battling the CO$ and their hatred for years and years to come. For the people who say, good job now stop being seen for the sake of your child…. It doesnt work like that. Being hidden away would be MUCH worse.

      As for Brangelina- its apples and oranges. Katie and Suri live in one place, need the media for protection against the Co$ AND are in the middle of the hugely popular scandal. They cant sneak around. And she doesnt need to “call the paps”. They are literally sleeping on her sidewalk.

  22. Dusty says:

    Katie makes me ill – she is such an attention seeker.

  23. PS says:

    I went to a private catholic school here in Germany and the only difference between us and the state schools was the prayer in the morning. And we had to go to church once a month, but that was it.
    Sex education, science classes etc. were fine. The curriculum is dictated by the state and all schools have to follow that, confessional or not.
    Our principal was a nun, but I never saw here.

  24. serena says:

    I’m really glad they’re doing all kind of different things. Hope they’ll adopt a kitten or a puppy very soon :)

  25. Tiffin says:

    Bert Fields is lying. Of course the cult was involved in the divorce negotiations. HE WORKS for Mascavige and the cult – Marty Rathbun outed him 3 years ago.


  26. Franny says:

    THOSE BOOTS! Who told her they look good?!

  27. Laurenis says:

    In this pictures Katie looks so much like Kate Middleton. Even though I think Katie is more beautiful she just needs to hire an stylist asap!

  28. gee says:

    I love Suri, she’s like a real life Blair Waldorf.

    That being said, I think a Catholic school is a very good idea. I work at a Catholic school and love the Jesuits. I went to a Catholic colleges and loved the Christian Brothers AND the Sacred Heart nuns too. I’m sure some schools are a nightmare of yesterday, but for the most part, in my experience Catholic School is great.

  29. Theoriginalkitten says:

    This poor little girl is going to be so confused. It’d be nice if they could just let her BE for a little while. Be a little girl who has the freedom to think for herself before forcing another round of contradictory indoctrination on her.

  30. efwcheryl says:

    The structure of Catholic school is very good for children and prepares them for going to collage better than the public schools in America. Not that Suri would be going to public school. Also, it will be more difficult for Tiny Tom to just whisk her away anytime he wants..I think it’s an excellent choice!

  31. SuBHon says:

    Tom Cruise can well afford this Catholic education. I just checked, and his net work is upwards of $270 million, not including anything he makes from his Oblivion film. So if Suri’s catholic eduction costs $38,000/year, if she goes minimum ten years and the rate does not change, that is $380,000. Not even a million yet. I’m sure money has been set aside for this all along, but if he was counting on a free education through Co$, sorry Tom!! Can’t wait for a catholic school girl picture of Katie, I guess she’ll have to lose wearing pink so much. Someone please get her hair braided or styled!! Maybe they are working on that “Suri can dress/choose any clothing she wants” mentality, she could use a little parental influence by now. Maybe she wont look so spoiled either.

    • SuBHon says:

      I goofed, Katie is not going to school!! I just think it would be cute to see Suri in a school girl uniform, getting her away from all that pink and high heeled jazz. I think it would do her good to be in uniform is all.

      • aussie says:

        it gives kids a sense of community I think. Katie was a straight A student apparently , so i imagine Suri will do quite well being such a girlie girl I think she’ll love being around other girls of all ages who aren’t all children of celebrities.

    • aussie says:

      school fee’s usually go up about 7% per annum in independant schools,they at least increase in line with inflation / cost of living.It may be different for catholic shools. I think you’ll find it will cost more..and the bonus being Suri will be educated properly unlike ex sc kids who say they are taught very basic literacy skills.

  32. NM6804 says:

    Suri’s angry/scared look reminds me of Samara (The Ring). Poor thing but for once, the paps are actually doing a “good” job by taking lots of pictures because it’s easier to spot certain people ;) .

    I think Holmes is doing a great job reforming her image as former wife of a Scientologist. After the evil man lured away the virtous naive Catholic girl from her warm home, she now returns back to her roots, stronger than ever all because she the love for her child is greater than any love she ever knew. This shit writes itself.

    Cruise might (is) be a dangerous nutter because of his controlling personality coupled with the CoS but Holmes is no peach either.

    Unlike the majority (again, great work Holmes) I’m not buying the innocent Katie shtick. If she is capable of THIS (after years of “brainwashing”) then she was capable of making big thoughtful decisions regarding dating Cruise and getting knocked up within a heartbeat. His other conquests didn’t like his pushing Scientology on him yet Holmes, the strict Catholic, takes the bait? Vergara who wasn’t an A-lister either when dating him, didn’t shuck away her faith within a second because some film star woed her and she was rightfully scared yet Holmes still tries to act as if she cares about her faith. Now? After all the Cruise-years where she was subjected every SECOND to another religion/cult and smelled the roses after a good seven years? Hmmm, not drinking the kool-aid.

    • G says:

      Actually, if you look into cult psychology it usually is a specific episode or episodes that results in a sudden psychic break. This is followed by a period of time that is much like PTSD and then the person moves on.

      • NM6804 says:

        Cult psychology also says that they zoom in on emotionally vulnerable people. Cruise comes from a poor broken family with an abusive background. He has personality issues for sure and would be an easy target for ANY cult. Holmes was not vulnerable, good warm upbringing etc. Plus she made it to Hollywood and succeeded in being a thing for a while, that proves that she is not weak and capable of making decisions.

        I’m just saying I don’t believe her nor Cruise’s pr-spins but all this makes for a good biography 20 years from now. Let’s see how this PR-magic holds up to the truth.

        And while we could all see how empty she was for years, she also played that character when she was planning to escape. I guess she has acting chops after all, she fooled her own husband and the public to come out in victory.

        Forgive me for being callous but this is still mostly Hollywood not real life no matter how hard we wish it.

    • moxylady007 says:

      I disagree. I think that she is acting very much like a strong mother protecting her daughter AND like a woman who has been emotionally battered and is taking her life back.

      I think thats why her story resonates with so many women. We see our struggles and our friends and our sisters struggles in what she did. So I dont think its so much drinking the kool-aid as its a truly compelling story, esp for women who have lived through abuse.

      Its so easy to see how everything this all happened to her when you have lived through it yourself.

      • NM6804 says:

        I didn’t judge her qualities as a mother I judged/praised her on how she worked the media and the public with the mother image and I suspected that she has always been like this.

        Now with the Catholic schooling, it all comes full circle. She’s one of us, the good people again, that’s how she portrays herself and clearly many people believe what you just tried to explain in your response. Holmes is smart.

        I don’t think she is a bad mother nor a bad person, I just think she can be just as calculating as her ex-husband and will drop everything and everybody to pursue fame all under the guise of being innocent and sweet. Just look at the timing of her relationships, both actors peaked during the time she dated them. Coincidence? I don’t know but the girl loves fame just like every B-lister who tries to get on to the A-list and enter Cruise: bye Klein, family values, faith, friends.

        Or just look at all the articles, it claims she was always wary of the CoS and didn’t reveal much (calculating). She knew what was up with the CoS.

        She doesn’t even need acting talent anymore (not that she ever had it in the first place!), she will always be a hero whether she performs well or not. She hit the PR-jackpot. She’s great without any effort from now on, it’s PR-magic I tell you :) .

    • G says:

      The idea that she put herself her husband, her child and her family through this situation to engineer some eventual PR advantage seems unlikely.

    • kristiner says:

      Katie was OBSESSED with Tom Cruise. Then he comes along and fantasy becomes reality. I could totally see him convincing her to jump into bed with him. He’s TOM CRUISE. The ultimate crush for her.

      And I could see him playing her or maybe actually being in love but still being calculating and during some pillow talk mentioning her giving him a biological child.

      She was a naive 27 year old. TOM CRUISE just asked me, ME to bear his child? Forget those birth control pills and condoms. YES! YES! I’ll be the mother of your child! YOU love MEEEE? Me Katie Holmes and YOU’RE Tom Freaking CRUISE?!?!?!?!

      She jumped at the chance and got knocked up because he asked her to. I believe that. Her ultimate dreams and fantasies came true.

      All little girls and teens have major crushes and say I want to marry, have so and so’s babies. But it’s like a billion to 1 to actually meet the guy, feel that he’s falling in love with you, actually have sex with this guy who you love and millions of other girls and women do too and actually get to be THE ONE to give him a child. That’s amazing. Connor and Isabella he loves them dearly but his FIRST biological child. To carry her ultimate fantasy’s child? Girl lost all sense on her own to get that chance.

      She’s been in fantasyland. Not just from Scientology but from her OWN brainwashing. Tom could have been into Devil worship and Katie would have followed because he’s TOM CRUISE. She knew Scientology was mucked up but he was Tom CRUISE and he said jump and she started doing her best impression of a pogo stick because HE picked HER.

  33. Lira says:

    Weird ow now every decision KH makes has to be politically correct.
    If she prefers a catholic school, it is wrong for some, the way she gets a pet has to be the correct one.
    Let them make their mistakes, she is on her own now, not surrounded. By scientos, good for her.

  34. Birdix says:

    I toured this school last year– it is in 2 beautiful mansions right across from the Met. It has this amazing art studio on the top floor with a pitched roof with windows looking over the Met, with the girls in pinafores it looked like something out of Paris in the 20s. By crazy nyc standards it is not considered “top tier” which means that a number of women with girls in the so-called top tiers probably are gnashing their teeth.
    One odd thing–the girls have to curtsy to the head of school as they come in each morning.

    • Janet says:

      Wrong school, Birdix. The school across from the Met is Marymount, also a private Catholic girls school. The Convent is seven blocks up Fifth Avenue on 91st Street, across the street from the Cooper Museum.

      BTW most Catholic schools in the city don’t cost anywhere near $38,000 a year because they are mostly funded by the diocese of New York. They are more in the range of $7,000 to $9,000 a year. Marymount, the Convent, Saint David’s, and Fordham Prep (where my son graduated from) don’t receive any diocesan funds so they are truly private. A few students receive scholarship assistance but most pay full tuition.

    • blouson says:

      I attended a sacred heart school in Aiustralia (chapel was from a church in france that got ripped out during eth french revolution and ended up being shipped over …amaaaazing)and they ae posh schools but not as pricey as anglican versions. And we also curtsied but in our school whenever the teacher first entered the room.

  35. G says:

    I think paps should be be barred from photo opping anyone under 16 or so.

    A dog. Dogs bark.

    Nothing says love for your child like statement released by one’s lawyer.

    • skuddles says:

      Totally agree G, paps stalking a small child seems very wrong. It should definitely be illegal to snap kids without the parent’s express consent. If that were my child I really don’t think I could stand it on a daily basis – I’d be whupping some pap ass and no doubt finding myself in a world of legal sh*t. I can almost (okay not really) understand why MJ made his children wear masks…

      As for Katie trying to go about her daily business, I don’t fault her for that. She’s desperate to experience “normal” and freedom on some small level. And I also suspect, in part, she’s making herself and Suri highly visible to send a message to the creepy CO$ cult -possibly even on the advice of legal counsel. But I do hope she starts keeping Suri out of the public eye a lot more once school rolls around. The child clearly hates the invasive pap frenzy (not to mention the gawkers on the street also snapping away).

      • G says:

        I think that the paps are generally much more low key in NYC. Once Tom does his showboating visit, I predict they’ll be left more or less alone. I too would be all Baldwin on their asses.

        Tons of celebs live quite quietly in NYC and mostly just photographed at social events.

  36. Amy says:

    Good for them! She’s trying to give the kid some stability, and she’s using everything she has to make sure she is as in control of their lives as she can.

    In my job – which includes working with parents whose former spouses or partners are doing their best to jerk them around and often using the children as weapons – I urge my participants to document EVERYTHING that may be relevant in a court situation. Good for Katie for being smart enough to outsource a big chunk of that documentation to the paparazzi.

    And I said it last week – a dog. It will be a dog, because that means daily walks. More evidence of routine and stability.

  37. Lukie says:

    Not sure if anyone said this, but the big deal Catholic prep schools in NYC ARE NOT affiated with the archdiocese. They act independently.

    Sacred Heart is excellent. My niece almost went there, & my sister is anti religious school. Excellent open minded Catholic school…

  38. Kloops says:

    Good for her. That child needs some structure and proper education. In my experience, there is very little correlation between a catholic education and ending up catholic. Now if Katie puts her into Sunday school and takes her to mass, then yes, she may end up catholic. However I suspect the divorce agreement will not allow that

  39. T.C. says:

    Lol try selling the lie that your divorce wasn’t about Scientology when your estranged wife immediately signs up your daughter for Catholic School. Good luck with that Tom.

    Now Suri will spend more time around other children and have some structure. No more COS home schooling.

  40. Jaded says:

    I went to a strict Anglican school run by nuns. I am neither a practicing Anglican today, nor a religious “nutter” of any denomination. I guess I’m a spiritual humanist if there has to be a name attached to my beliefs.

    However, what I’m saying is that going to a Catholic or Anglican school doesn’t turn you into a rabid Catholic or Anglican. It does provide a good, structured environment and high quality of education and individual attention, so I think Katie is doing the right thing with Suri’s education.

    And to all the Katie-haters out there who are accusing her of all kinds of manipulative behaviour and media courting, she’s just going about her life now as a single woman in charge of her daughter’s well-being. They’re going to get papped no matter where they go, she’s not deliberately setting it up.

    Furthermore, I believe she fell in love with the wrong man. Who hasn’t? I’ve done it several times and realized too late what I’d gotten myself into. I think she just went into her relationship with Cruise with an open mind and heart, thrilled with the love-bombing and devotion he showed her. To ascribe all sorts of devious, greedy behaviour in her choice of husband is just silly. In fact it was Tom whose behaviour was most devious as I firmly believe once he had Katie in the corral with the gate closed, his true personality and motives came out bit by bit, and she finally realized she’d made a huge mistake.

  41. Fue McCormick says:

    Why is Katie always dressed so budget?

  42. Mira says:

    Please buy her a puppy, not a kitten. Sorry Kaiser and all kitten lovers. More importantly, stop the paparazzi nonsense, Katie. You know you can get an injunction against the paps, right? You don’t need any more photos to tell the poor girl hates it. Do not give the excuse that paps are saving your life from Xenu by documenting your daily activities. They are not there 24 hours, are they? Don’t act like an alarmist and spare your child some privacy when on the streets. You have an agreement with Xenu, so live life under the radar for a few years. You can always shout if Xenu tries to disobey settlement rules. You’ll still get the same media attention because of Tom and CO$.

  43. Anne de Vries says:

    I think a dog would be a great idea – not a puppy though, but a well-raised, stable adult dog. It could more or less function like a therapy animal for Suri, giving her more confidence when out on the street and distraction from scary paps. Sounds like a great idea to me.

    (just make sure you stay away from Cesar bloody Millan and his trainingbullying tactics..)

    • mayamae says:

      Cesar Millan is an amazing dog rehabilitator! All dog trainers teach you to use choke collars and yank the dog’s head off. I took my puppy to one and they were not happy until her little body was flying in the air from yanking on her. With another dog, I was to take about a 6 inch length of chain, tie it into a ball shape, and whip it at her butt to correct her. Another tought to keep a cannister full of change to rattle loudly to terrorize the poor dog to correct her. There’s also the good old fashioned flick in the nose and slapping/hitting. None of these are advocated by Cesar.

      Have you actually watched the show? He does very little physical corrections and rarely uses his voice. He rehabilitates aggressive and fearful dogs whose owners would have gotten rid of them otherwise. I am a certified animal freak to the extent that I am a vegetarian. I would never support anyone who used intimidation on an animal.

      Showing a dog that you are the alpha and they aren’t is not intimidation. Dogs like to know where they stand in their pack – they actually thrive on it. Kind of like a kid who knows what their parents expect from them and what their boundaries are.

      He teaches humans how to interact with their dogs in a way the dog instinctively understands. He uses very slight corrections on a lead and uses small tugs which he immediately releases. He often taps a dog’s flank with his foot if the dog has become desensitized at the neck.

      Forgive my fanatacism, but I’ve seen all the shows and own his books and dvds. If his method would be used more broadly, we would have a lot more well-balanced and happy dogs,and fewer neurotic homeless dogs.

      • Anne de Vries says:

        I have studied dog body language and then watched his show with the sound turned off, which is very revealing. Human brains are very susceptible to influence from a voiceover. That nice soothing voice is telling is the dog is now in a ‘calm submissive’ state. Turn the sound off and I see a dog that’s shut down and scared, which is the very opposite of what training should accomplish.

        There is nothing you can do through aversive techniques that you can’t do through positive reinforcement techniques – AND those will be more enjoyable for both dog and owner.
        The theory CM bases his ideas on is outdated and has been disproven multiple times. Organisations like American Veterinary Medical Association and American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (among many others) are opposed to Millan’s techniques.

        For a complete and well researched overview:

        She also has wonderful videos that explain how positive reinforcement training works.

      • mayamae says:

        I know what a scared dog looks like and I know what a calm, relaxed dog looks like. Some disagree with his methods because it’s cutting into their profit margin. Vets are amazing at dog health, but I find them pretty poor at dog behavior from the way they approach dogs to their incredible willingness to recommend euthanasia to a poorly behaved dog. I’m a rescuer of pitbulls and Cesar is one of the few who know how to handle them rather than immediately euthanize.

      • Anne de Vries says:

        Sophia Yin is a veterinary animal behaviourist. She is considerably more qualified to recommend dog training techniques than somebody who is working by outdated and disproven research.

        The methods she recommend consist of working with the emotions that underlie the behaviour of the dog, and finding ways to change those into something more positive. The dog stops growling because he no longer feels scared or angry.

        Millan just intimidates the dog into silence. Then, surprise! One day that dog bites somebody ‘Out of the blue’. All he does it turn the alarm signals off, not the actual danger.

  44. TG says:

    Kaiser – That last comment was awesome. So now we know the lawyer is a big fat lier, unless of course they didn’t even let tom thumb on the phone. LOL god those goon freaks are losers.

  45. bgirl says:

    I went to this school and it is very diverse. Catholics make up the majority but there are many who identify as another religion. We learned religion but Catholicism wasn’t shoved down our throats. Long gone are the days when nuns in habits walk the halls with rulers. It a wonderful education for girls/women with tremendous educators and administrators. And no I don’t work for them not am I Catholic. But I credit them with providing me an incredible education and foundation for life. I think she will benefit from being there.

  46. Soxfan says:

    NYC_girl says:
    July 15, 2012 at 2:45 pm
    That’s the going rate for private schools in NYC – most are $35 – 40k per year. I don’t quite understand why they’re the same price as Ivy colleges, but what the hell do I know?

    In this area, teacher’s salaries are higher. Food budget is probably high as well?? Additionally, you would get smaller classes and lots of $$$$ for various extras to help teachers teach and students learn.

  47. d says:

    Bert Fields: “…we dealt rationally with the issues …”

    AHAHAHAHAHA! that is a very telling remark.

  48. Emily says:

    Dogs require a ton of work. And I’ve had dogs and cats, and the cats are WAY cuddlier. They also do come when they’re called, and you can take them for walks on a leash if you train them to it.

    I once rode on the subway with a man who had a cat on a leash. He plopped the cat down in the seat next to him, and she braced herself instinctively at stops just like every other native New Yorker does.

    Though it’s not really either/or. They have the money and Katie has the free time — I think they should adopt (not buy from a pet store) a puppy AND a kitten. Suri would have a great time watching them grow up together, and with her, and as she grows, she can take on more responsibility for them.

  49. tmbg says:

    Just don’t buy a puppy from a pet store, Katie. (LOL, like she’s reading this, right?)

    But seriously, it’s best to either rescue a dog or buy from a very experienced breeder who cares about preserving the quality of the breed and does not operate a puppy mill.

    For what it’s worth, I think Katie would do well with getting herself a dog with good protective instincts. I don’t mean a vicious animal, but one that is willing to protect their family if need be. I’d be living in fear knowing those lunatic cult members and Tom’s goons were always waiting in the mist.

    • Anne de Vries says:

      With paps always surrounding them I think getting a protective dog is just begging for multiple biting incidents.

      She has bodyguards for protection. She’d be much better off with a well-trained adult dog for company and to help Suri be less anxious outside.

      • tmbg says:

        Unless it was a small dog, they wouldn’t be able to take it everywhere anyhow, and since they’re living in an apt., the situation isn’t dog-friendly.

        Still, when I said protective dog, what I was thinking of are some of those gentle, yet firm dogs that will place themselves between the child and stranger and be subtly protective.

        If the time is ever right for them to have a pet, I’d get her a Golden. A family member has one and last year I was nervous at this family party, but the dog stayed at my side for almost all of it. He was a great source of comfort.

  50. ViloDeMenus says:

    It appears Bert Field’s now does some representation for the “church”, which is really bizarre since he’s been known as a human rights champion and there are people in a religious work camp jail at the CO$ headquarters – Heber Jentzsch since 2004, he was supposed to be the head of the church until Miscaviage muscled him out and is holding him prisoner. I guess Field’s only cares about human rights unless he gets a paying client who abuses those very rights. The mighty dollar over principle is at play here.

    I now consider anything out of Bert Field’s mouth a complete lie.

  51. carlino altoviti says:

    As I said above, I went to a Catholic school in Italy. Here the school follows the state curriculum, religious activities are extra.
    There is no relationship between the school and become a Catholic, many of my classmates are now atheists, communists or decidedly anti-religious. They are great schools, but not indoctrinate schoolchildren as a sect do.
    You already know that Lady Gaga went to that school and she is certainly not something that looks like a nun.
    I know that the Holmes family is very Catholic, so I guess for them this is the best solution. Now would be best left Suri to his childhood.
    I am very surprised how the American medias to follow the children of celebrities. This would not be allowed in Europe.

  52. really says:

    From one indoctrination to another.

    • Tiffin says:

      So you admit the CO$ is guilty of brainwashing? You’re right – they are.

      A Catholic education? Not so much. You’re instructed in catholicism AND other religions. It’s up to the student to come to their own conclusions and follow the path of their choosing. That’s the difference. You have the freedom to make a choice.

      Did you?

  53. Aria says:

    I don’t think Suri is Tom’s. I don’t think Suri is Chris Klein. I bet it’s Josh Hartnett. I remember he has a fling with Katie before she started dating CrazyTom.

    Josh was a big thing back then but suddenly he started disappearing from the media. Tom’s influence perhaps?

    • Smurfette says:

      I agree, I don’t think Suri is Tiny Toms kid. I think Katie got engaged to him so fast because she needed a baby daddy, and coming from a strict Catholic family it appeared to be the best answer at the time. This is also why Tiny Tom didn’t fight for custody and caved. Too much can be brought out if he did. Tom needed a beard and Katie needed a daddy. I think Chris Klein may be the father though. Katie signed a deal with the Devil and finally realized for Suri’s sake she had to get her away from Crazy Tom and the cult.

    • Francesca says:

      What? You know you are starting a reckless rumor ain’t you. The child belongs to Tom. He is not tinytom. I am a fan of Tom’s and think he is a fine actor, good-looking man and a fine gentleman. Point me towards the man that is perfect and faultless.Katie can’t be without any fault herself. The person I feel sorry for is that beautiful child.

      • Smurfette says:

        No reckless rumor here, this conspiracy theory has been around for years. Of course CO$ doesn’t want the public doubting Suri’s paternity. That’s why you’re posting, right??? Quit slamming Katie for doing what is in the BEST interest of her child…getting her away from the crazy. And Tiny Tom is no gentleman either by the way. You people are so transparent.

  54. Turtle Dove says:

    Is it just me or do other people think that’s it’s pretty thick with CO$ on this thread?

    Ridiculous. Get a f*cking life you nut jobs.

    • TG says:

      I agree it seems the Co$ freaks are out in full force still with their unoriginal argument comparing the cult of Co$ with the Catholic Church. It is not going to work they are still an evil cult and I have never met a Catholic who has to pay their way to salvation with their money and abandon family and friends who don’t agree with them. In fact I have never known any religion that is a pay as you go. That to me is a cult or just a business. How they get tax-free status is beyond me. It is time our Feds do their job and stop rolling over for tiny little men like tom thumb and missy cabbage.

    • Tiffin says:

      No Turtle Dove, it isn’t just you.
      But we shouldn’t be surprised – this ‘strike back’ was predicted by Village Voice just after the divorce agreement was reached.

  55. Playlist says:

    Katie could easily hide before because she wasn’t headline news, now she is. She was also controlled by Tom before, so she couldn’t go everywhere that most people take for granted. Seeing her do normal things is news in itself.

    Katie and Suri are still the target money shot for magazines right now, until the next scandal breaks. The paps know that is their meal ticket right now. It’s not Katie’s fault the paps follow her everywhere. Katie just makes the most of it by hiding in plain sight. It will be 10 times worse when Tom shows up to visit. He will make sure every single moment is captured for PR. You can be sure all those paps are staying camped out at Katie’s until Tom arrives, and they will continue with the K/S daily pics until then.

    A dog? Katie has enough trouble walking Suri! She doesn’t need to add more to her entourage right now. It’s bad enough the paps terrorize a little girl, they will do the same to a dog. If the dog reacts to protect the family, a pap will jump in with a lawsuit. Normally I think every kid should have a dog. But Suri isn’t a normal kid (yet) and they don’t have the privacy to walk a dog. That would be adding a workload of daily walks and security detail that they could do without. Judging from the picture above, Suri got a new stuffed dog instead. A kitten could give her something to play with and cuddle in private without the requirements that a dog needs.

  56. qtpi says:

    A few random thoughts:

    1) I think Katie is going hog wild with going out because she is finally FREE! I’m sure this will all die down once the divorce is old news and Suri is in school.

    2) As a lifelong Catholic I am annoyed by many of the comments I have been seeing here and on other sites. Every Nun I have ever met has been the sweetest, kindest, most generous person around. My great Aunt was a Nun in Tennessee her entire life and spent her time in the maternity wards of Catholic hospitals. Toward the end of her life when she was in a nursing home suffering from dementia they gave her baby dolls to hold and rock in her room to bring her comfort. There are bad eggs in every walk of life. I try not to let the few bad ones ruin the reputation of the rest of the good ones.

    • Emily says:

      Speaking of bad eggs in every walk of life — I know very, very many women who were sexually abused as girls and as adults. None of them were abused by Catholics, either clergy or laity.

      This is not to in any way excuse the abuse of both women and children by clergy of the Catholic church, or to excuse the despicable cover-up and subsequent attacks on victims by the hierarchy. But I think a lot of the anti-Catholic frenzy is a way to deflect attention from the fact that sexual abuse is rampant among people in every single group. We need to change more than the Catholic church to even make a dent.

      (Also, there’s way more sexual abuse in the Co$ than in nearly any other organization, including the Catholic church, percentage-wise.)

    • Stacy Dresden says:

      I am atheist but respect others’ religious choices and your comment about your Aunt touched me deeply! It is really upsetting to read so many judgmental and cruel comment aimed at Catholicism. Are we really so narrow minded?

    • Stacy Dresden says:

      I am atheist but respect others’ religious choices and your comment about your Aunt touched me deeply!

  57. Jinko says:

    Who will carry her around? Will they endure her hissy fits and crying tantrums? Who will carry her blankets and toys? This will not work out, and she will be a total disruption to the school and other students. Katie waited too long to save Suri.

  58. Kiyoshigirl says:

    Hopefully this will die down and this little girl can begin to live a normal life. I can’t imagine the fear of seeing not just the paps, but all those people with cell phones taking my picture everywhere I went. Horrible.

  59. Soxfan says:

    All of you idiots calling this child spoiled and evil. Seriously? First of all, she is 6. Secondly, how do you know what goes on behind the scenes? Maybe they privately donate to charities? Or sponsor a child? Katie was raised in the Catholic faith which promotes giving and charity FFS. Are you all so jealous and frustrated because you cannot provide for your own children that you are picking on another mom and her child because they are wealthy?? Speaking of the Catholic faith, the CO$ are out in droves today and their #1 MO is to put down the Catholic Church to deflect from the issues. #2 is to say that all Katie cares about is $$ and is a bad mom. Stop feeding the trolls, people.

  60. mia says:

    Are all the people in this photo taking Katie’s picture with their phones? That is so weird. What happened to New Yorkers being more sophisticated then stalking a celebrity??

  61. casey says:

    Omg,please Katie stop exposing your child to the paparazzi.Can’t you see how scared she is?This woman is using her kid for attention.Im so sick of pictures of her everyday.I feel sorry for Suri.Im sure she is so tired of her mother parading her for the paps everyday.According to New York Times, even Kim kardashian has to lay low after her divorce but not Katie. She is so loving the attention.having said that,Im glad Suri will go to Catholic School.I grew up a Catholic myself.

  62. casey says:

    Katie must stop this daily photo op.New York Times is calling her out.That article about” katie Holmes calculated divorce” is so correct.

    • MoxyLady007 says:

      There are no pics of Suri in museums, coffee shops, toy stores etc. It’s just a few pics of them traveling to their destination. Katie is the mom and if she thinks these trips are worth the pap exposure or that she needs the pap exposure, none of us can truly say she is wrong. Leave them alone.

    • Smurfette says:

      I think CO$ doesn’t like people to escape the cult and look happy in all the photos. Katie looks great!

    • aussie says:

      you have to be strategic when planning to leave a controling man or woman, talk to anyone who has been emotionally or physically abused, it’s about staying safe. As for photo ops etc…well she learnt from the best manipulator anyones ever seen [well perhaps to be fair, the kardashians may rival him a nano of a smidge]….it must be hard for him and his church to be losing so much control of so many people all at once. While she’s in public she can’t be approached by sc nutters, there would be evidence.
      Let’s face it, the guy has failed at 3 marriages to perfectly nice women, two of whom were quite young; Nicole was 22….he is not a nice guy. He’s not a good father; if he was he would have spoken to Nicole sometime in the last 11 years. Even in the nastiest of divorces real adults communicate…but not tom. He lies.

  63. TG says:

    I think the little girl will be fine in school and probably will do well. I didn’t start school until I was 6. Kindergarden was not mandatory back in the day and I was not well socialized, but I did fine in school. I have a feeling this girl will be okay.

  64. Chrissy says:

    I kind of get the feeling Katie is not purposely using these outings as photo ops, but truly trying to show Suri some fun to distract her from the tension between her and Tom. Divorce is difficult for kids, even if Suri will be better off in the long run. I think the paparazzi just follow them everywhere. And I think Suri wasn’t allowed to do very many things out of the house when they were living with Tom.

    • erika says:

      HELL to the YEA!


      many reasons i can think of…

      1.) her entire life has been walking out a door straight into a car while paps assassinate her; go paint pottery, pet a kitty for pete’s sake! HAVE FUN!

      2.) SAFETY- i’d rather see this pair out n’ about every single day to know they’re still alive, CO$ is insane, i wouldn’t put it past them to try something shady. and yes, those white vans, parked outside her apart, with GUNS and CAMERAS? those were CO$, that’s their M.O.

      3.) teach suri some life skills, how to get about the city, cross streets safely, understand maps/directions, take the subway! this lil girl needs some street smarts/confidence, as she already leads a terrible sheltered life

      4.) just what do you think life has been like with tommy at the helm? and CO$ staff/spies? they prob had to clear anything they wanted to do with tommy before they could do it…

      so much more….it’s SUMMER!

    • aussie says:

      I agree, she is trying to bring some “normality” for want of a better word, into suri’s life…start as you mean to go on as they say. If the last 20 years have showed us anything it’s that Tom doesn’t do normal.

  65. Honestly says:

    Katie needs to stop parading Suri for the cameras – there are a ton of photos of Suri appearing tormented by the pap… If Katie was such a ‘great mom’ she would really let her child have a childhood – in a town somewhere where there is not constant media.

    • aussie says:

      so do you Honestly expect her to never go out again? That is simply ridiculous. The pap’s are everyhwere, camped out the front of her building and not just paps, everyday people with iphones and camera’s. How is she not being a good mother by taking her daughter out with other children for a change? Tom is the one who encouraged the “photo ops”, and parading them around like his personal zoo. He is the king of media manipulation.
      I bet the next move will be for tom’s people to say he’s seen suri when he hasn’t, but they’ll say there were no photo ops. She needs to stay safe and as long as paps are there, the sc intimidators can’t get close and if they do they’ll be photographed. I think she is being a good mother and she’s being strategic for personal safety.

    • Smurfette says:

      Funny, Tom loves photo ops. But that’s ok, right???!!

  66. Mary Stevens says:

    Paris Hilton never attended the Convent of the Sacred Heart; Nicky did. Paris was expelled senior year from the NYC private school she did attend, so I don’t know if she even has a diploma.

    Lady GaGa grew up on the Upper West Side (not East) of Manhattan, where her parents still live. They were not mega wealthy then.

    The Convent of the Sacred Heart’s fall tuition is $39,500.

  67. Carolin says:

    Perhaps Katie should try and protect Suri more from the paps, she seems so unhappy with all the attention. Thus can’t be good for her.

  68. Francesca says:

    @coco.. I have never seen an evil spirit but I am quite sure this poor little rich girl doesn’t look like one. I wish her katie would stop parading her all over NY.

  69. kct says:

    I think Katie is just living her life in a way Tom and his handlers would never have allowed. She is free to come and go as she pleases, take Suri places that a 6-year-old loves, and finally enroll her in school. The cameras are just a way of life for them, more so now than ever, but it will die down eventually. Suri is just reacting like most little kids would to the cameras, not to mention the noise and yelling that is likely also going on around them.

  70. moxylady007 says:

    Blah blah blah “parading” blah blah blah “bad mom” blah blah blah bad grammar and spelling = CO$

    We may be sp or squirrels but you guys are trolls

    They think that by posting it over and over it will look like many people think this, and others will start giving it credence. Ugh.

  71. G says:

    Stay in front of those cameras Katie…it obviously infuriates your stalkers. Save your “faux concern” for Suri CO$…we’re all watching you!

  72. Emily says:

    What does the Co$ have against proper punctuation? Did L. Ron Hubbard write a policy letter demanding Scientologists not put spaces between sentences?

  73. jwoolman says:

    I’m just waiting to see what the nuns do to the paps if they try to stalk the kid at school… :) Strong women who aren’t afraid of anybody! 

    Some posters here seem stuck in the year 1000 with regard to their views on religious education. Catholic schools do have religious classes but the vast majority of time at every level is spent doing the same things as at any other school. They just expect kids to not be disruptive… Kids really do respond better if you have clear and high expectations. Expect the worst and that’s what you’ll get. 

    But actually, even back in the 1950s there was no more reliance on physical punishment in Catholic schools than in all schools of the time. Maybe less. I think I saw one kid get his hand hit a little with a ruler once in grade school and he really was obnoxious… The teacher was actually just giving a mild threat, though, to convince him to shape up. They were both laughing. 

    We had non-Catholic teachers at all levels. I think my third grade teacher in the 1950s was some sort of Protestant. In high school, the nun who was supposed to teach a course on Christian Marriage wasn’t available for the first few weeks and so they assigned their favorite substitute to the class – who was both married and Jewish! 

    My Catholic college in the 1960s did have courses satisfying the religious studies requirement that were about other religions, for example a local rabbi taught one on Judaism. The Old Testament course used a textbook by a Protestant… The theory of evolution was taught without a qualm in both high school and college. Catholics don’t interpret the bible literally, so they don’t have conniptions about modern science (their problems with Galileo were centuries ago and they’ve apologized…)

    Anyway, many schools and colleges run by a particular religious group have many or most students not of that religion (including of not any religion). Parochial schools today are often mainly non-Catholic, especially in “inner-city” areas. That’s really a continuation of the original mission of the parochial school system, to provide a good alternative to the public school system of the day — which was overtly Protestant and filled with prejudices against Catholic immigrant kids, assuming they were inferior and incapable of learning. Those nuns (who made it happen) proved them wrong.