Rosie O’Donnell brings annoying to a whole new level

Rosie O’Donnell is said to talk so much constant smack to the drivers hired to ferry her to the set of The View that two drivers refuse to work for her. Another guy once pulled over halfway to their destination, hailed a cab and told her to get her annoying ass in it:

In a shocking mutiny triggered by ROSIE O’DONNELL’s razor-tongued rants and rages, a driver for “The View” suddenly blew his stack, angrily ordered Ms. Back-Seat Big-Mouth out of his limo in mid-Manhattan – and sent her packing in a TAXI! Network insiders say the bizarre blowup caps a long-simmering feud that started when Rosie joined “The View” – and angry drivers began complaining to producers that the star never shuts her yammering yap! “She’s either barking directions, telling the driver how to drive – or spewing her political views at them,” said a source. “Two of her drivers became so frustrated they’ve flatly refused to drive her again – ever!” Then the Rosie Revolt really kicked into high gear! Outraged by the star’s loud, non-stop motor-mouthing, her driver du jour pulled his limo over halfway to the studio, got out and hailed a cab – then angrily ordered Rosie: “Get out of my car and take this cab!” Stunned Rosie – who thought at first the guy was kidding — angrily disembarked, spewing threats that she’d get him fired! “I don’t care,” snapped the driver – and roared off without even waving goodbye! Stay tuned.

Limo drivers probably put up with a lot of weird personalities in their line of work. If three different drivers refuse to work with Rosie, she must bring annoying to a whole new level.

Instead of apologizing for her stupid pointless “Ching Chong” rant, which reader and Celebitchy contributor Jude says was similar to hateful taunts she heard way back in grade school, Rosie has said something like “oh, people don’t get my humor.” They don’t get it because it’s not funny and sounds hateful. You’re the one who doesn’t get it:

O’Donnell wrote on her Web site on Friday, “It was not my intent to mock.” On Sunday, she called the bit “comedy” and wrote, “I do many accents and probably will continue to. My mom in law impression offends some southerners. What can u do? I come in peace.”

Over the weekend, O’Donnell’s rep, Cindi Berger, said in a statement: “She’s a comedian in addition to being a talk show co-host. I certainly hope that one day they will be able to grasp her humor.”

But the explanation did not satisfy many, including New York City councilman John C. Liu, who sent a letter to View executive producer Barbara Walters.

Liu told on Monday: “The ‘ching-chong’ bit is not a trivial matter. It really hits a raw nerve for many people in the community – many like myself, who grew up with these kinds of taunts. We all know that it never ends at the taunts.”

If Rosie ends up issuing another apology you can bet her bosses put her up to it because that bitch still doesn’t think she did anything wrong.

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  1. ariane says:

    she needsto get fired and out of hollywood she is so annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!I am also asian and i grew up with ignorant people doing the same shit and It hurt cause I was pretty young about a million years ago!!!!!!!!

  2. Domidroid says:

    I’m so amazed anyone watches “The View”
    (I call it “The Moo”), it’s so vapid.
    A bunch of stupid cows sitting around giggling, talking about nothing. If I were a guy, and that show was all I knew of Women, I’d hate them.

  3. RosieHater says:

    Fire the bitch. She is nothing but a loud mouthed, piece of shit. Love it that the limo drivers refuse to transport her. Barbara Walters should be ashamed of herself to have hired Rosie or even associate with her. I used to think Barbara was real class, but not anymore. Barbara needs to stop defending Rosie, fire her and then work on getting her revamping her image.

  4. alabamapink says:

    What drug did Rosie stop taking these last few years? I used to love her old show; she was fun and hysterical. Apparently, Rosie has MPD. That happy-go-lucky personality has gone away, only to be replaced by Psycho Grouch Rosie. Whoa, somebody’s off their meds!

  5. Action says:

    You can say that again, Alabama Pink!

  6. Christine says:

    she’s such a hypocrite. she talked shit about kelly ripa for that whole clay aiken thing, and then she goes and says things about the asian community. if you’re gonna be politically correct, do it 100%. don’t say how its not right how someone insults gay people and then go and talk shit about asians. at least be consistant

  7. Gigohead says:

    Rosie is never going to get fired. She gets too much ink for her antics. She’s a darling in the eyes of ABC. In my eyes. she makes them bleed. Ouch!

  8. Mr. T says:

    Rosie’s rise in popularity has gone to her fat fat head. She thinks she can talk smack about anyone, anytime she wants and blows it off as being comedic. I think she should spend some time with Michael Richards, they have a lot in common.

  9. cyndi says:

    The Views ratings keep going up when everybody else’s (including Oprah’s) are going down. What’s up with that?

  10. asian and not offended says:

    Come on! People need to lighten up and have a sense of humer.

  11. Carson says:

    You hear about celebrities getting stabbed by stingrays and other crash their airplanes.

    I would like to wake up one morning, turn on the TV and listen to news on CNN.

    -We have confirmation that Rosie O’Donnell was involved in a terrible accident when a girder fell on her legs and she was in agonizing pain for 6 hours before being rescued, hospital officials say they had to amputate both her legs and tongue, there is no official word on why the tongue but the b**ch just wouldn’t shut up.

    Her legs and tongue have been incinerated and lost forever.

    THAT WOULD BE A GREAT DAY for the world and maybe Iran and North Korea would reconsider their view and everyone would be friends again.

    Peace to the world, Rosa O.D. is dead!!

  12. Action says:

    Carson, I truly hope your kidding cause wishing death or maiming on a person really is pretty horrible thing to wish on anyone.

    However, I did giggle at this, “there is no official word on why the tongue but the b**ch just wouldn’t shut up.”

  13. AC says:

    I love rosie. i just can’t hate her. He’s the only person on the view who doesn’t sit around and talk about vapid annoying things. She actually brings her opinions to the table… just like stupid Hasselback… she’s just more abrasive. I can’t hate her.

  14. Carson says:

    Rosa O.D. is not a person.

    –There is LOW:
    Paris Hilton
    Lindsey Lohan

    –There is LOWER:
    Hugo Chavez
    Kim Jong Ill

    –There is LOWER THAN LOWER:
    Nicole Richie

    –Then there is:
    Green smelly pus
    Arm pit hair

    –Then Rosie O’Donnell

  15. Big_Fat_Cow says:

    Rosie should get back on her meds. She is a disgrace and an embarassment to ABC. She is now the most hated “celebrity” on tv.

    Fire Miss Big Mouth USA now!

  16. girly says:

    she is the most annoying person on this planet! i hate that bitch, damn someone needs to fire her from “the view” cuz that shit became lame as soon as she came on

    ughh most annoying mother%$#$ that has ever existed

    GOOOO TRUMP!! sue her fat ass hahaha

  17. Charlotte says:

    Geez, one would think that it is YOU who forgot to take your meds. Rosie may not always say or do the right thing. For those of you who DO…good for you1 It’s hard to believe, but if you say so, okay. For those of you who don’t, take a pill. There are a lot worse things that could go on during the day. Personally, I watch the View. I happen to enjoy it. I love having my eyes and ears opened to new opinions. Doesn’t mean I agree with them, but it is always interesting to hear other’s opinions. As for those of you who are “politically correct”, and I use that term loosly, political correctness is a big reason why this country is in the trouble it’s in. Take your blinders off! Take responsibility for your part in it!

    Lighten up, folks!

  18. Hahaha says:

    osie Donnell is the most annoying person on earth. She gives liberals a bad name.