Micheal Douglas enhances permanently surprised look with gray hair

Micheal Douglas just looks really scared in this picture that reveals how he’s let his hair, but not his face, go to seed. He was photographed while out celebrating his dad, actor Kirk Douglas’, 90th birthday:

As his hair turned increasingly grey the Hollywood star had regular highlights in the past to keep it a more youthful blonde.

But these days it seems he is finally ready to start looking his age – at least as far as his hair and eyebrows are concerned.

Pictured leaving The Ivy restaurant in Beverly Hills with his 37-year-old wife Catherine Zeta Jones, Douglas had reverted to his natural grey.

Wearing a cream jacket and lilac top with purple trousers and sunglasses he walked in from of Miss Zeta-Jones who looked stunning in a low-cut black dress and diamond necklace…

Over the years speculation has been rife about Douglas’s enduring good looks.

The actor, who turned 62 in September, has denied having any cosmetic procedures despite reports that he had paid £7,000 to “freshen up” his features with a face and eye lift before his marriage to Miss Zeta-Jones.

And last year, when the couple, who have two children, Dylan, six, and Carys, three, holidayed in Barbados, the Fatal Attraction star was seen with two bleeding scars in front of both ears.

His publicist denied surgery, insisting he had had two benign lesions removed from his face.

Later that week he appeared on the beach showing off a newly toned physique, prompting speculation he had also had liposuction a and a tummy tuck.

And this summer he was spotted with a remarkably smooth wrinkle-free face above a wrinkly, haggard neck, which experts said could prove he had had some kind of cosmetic treatment. He was in Los Angeles with his wife to celebrate his father Kirk’s 90th birthday.

Kirk Douglas issued a cool press release to the young ‘uns on his 90th birthday. He urges us to vote and get involved in making a difference in the world and says if we don’t know who he is we can just Google him!

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  1. Domidroid says:

    Uh Oh, looks like The Crypt Keeper needs an even younger wife. The youth he’s sucking off Cathy’s not working anymore. I think he should go for an 18-yr-old this time. Never liked this guy, is an arrogant, sexist, putz.

  2. KIM says:

    YUCK! His balls must be down to his knees and somehow he manages to keep Catherine Zeta Jones. If this were an old woman with a gorgeous young man it would never last. He’s gross no matter what age he is.

  3. Therese says:

    He is just exactly looking like his dad, that’s all.

  4. sabine says:

    So he got old. Shit happends. And it will happen to all of us sooner or later. He was hot when he was young…anybody remember “streets of San Francisco”????
    Oh well, it’s quite obvious he’s had some work done. I don’t know if that’s necessarily for the better. The blonde does look better on him.

  5. Action says:

    Sabine. You’re right, we can’t stay young looking forever. People get older-it’s the fact of life. I just hope to grow old gracefully like so many great celebrities have–Lauren Bacall comes to mind!

  6. SusieSunshine says:

    “I’m Kirk DUGLUSSSSSSS”. Hahahaa my ex-husband does this great imitation of Kirk and any mention of his name makes me think of that and laugh.

    Kirk is the hottie!

  7. ER says:

    Why do celebs feel the need to deny their plastic procedures? The public is not stupid and we know that EVERYONE gets older and eventually it shows. They need to just admit it and quit trying to be so ridiculously elusive about it!

  8. Randi says:

    Enduring good looks. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. Seriously, Zeta Jones doesn’t make enough money on her own, she feels a need to f*ck this creepy old ‘sex addict’?

  9. Anonymous says:

    He was totally hot in “Wallstreet”.

    Yeah, he is looking a lot like his dad now.

  10. rita says:

    Michael Douglas is creepy, always has been always will be. Vanity is his long suit.

  11. lyric says:

    Judas priest is he even alive?