Blake Lively: “I don’t exercise, but I will start one day… I’ve been very lucky”

Here are some photos of Blake Lively filming Gossip Girl in NYC yesterday. She had two costume changes (that I see), and she seemed to be filming exterior scenes with Chace Crawford and then with her character’s possible love interest (?), played by Barry Watson (who I kind of love in general). I can’t even verbalize how much I love the blue dress. God, that’s so pretty. It would look like hell on me, but on Blake, it’s kind of perfect. I also love that when she wasn’t filming full-length shots, she switched out her high heels and put on flats. Atta girl.

Allegedly, Blake has a new interview in the British magazine More – likely promoting Savages. Here are some highlights:

Blake on her insecurities: “I have insecurities like any girl. I used to be really shy and unconfident. I hated being tall. Walking the red carpet is so scary, so I pretend to be Marilyn Monroe – someone who owned their sexuality and projected this incredible aura of self-confidence.”

Style pressure: “There’s a lot of pressure to constantly find the best designer outfits. As a teenager, my mum was constantly after me to dress better. She encouraged me to dress up and discover my own style. I love fashion and shopping though, just like any girl.”

She still claims she doesn’t exercise: “I don’t exercise, but I will start one day. I’m 24 now, so I guess I’ve been very, very lucky that it doesn’t show that I like to eat. I should probably start working out I guess!”

What she looks for in a man: “When I look for a partner there has to be a strong connection. He needs to be my best friend, whether he’s macho or sensitive – it doesn’t matter. He also has to make me laugh. I enjoy someone who’s a lot of fun to be with. He also needs to be kind, patient, caring and not take himself too seriously. And of course, he needs to appreciate my cooking! I’m very domestic.”

She thinks cooking is sexy: “I really like to cook. Cooking makes me feel sexy. I think there’s something so sensual about it – the smells, the touches, the flavours, the experience of creating something,” she explained. “And you know, when you’re doing it with someone you love, creating that together, I think it’s really attractive.”

She can’t wait to have babies: “I want to be a mom someday. I’m upset that my nieces and nephews aren’t my own children,” she sighed. “It’s something I can’t wait for and I’m so excited about.”

[From More Mag via the Belfast Telegraph & the Herald Sun]

Blake is really putting herself out there has a domestic goddess/girly-girl/wife-material, right? All of this talk about food and babies and shopping… it feels like Blake has stepped out of the 1950s. That’s never really occurred to me before – Blake IS very retro, isn’t she? She’s all about “hooking the husband” and putting herself out there as “marry-able”. My dad would have loved her – he always told me that no one would marry me unless I learned how to cook. Like that was the biggest threat, I guess, that no one would marry me?

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Az says:

    The blue dress looks really good on her, but it’s the second outfit that I love. The skirt is gorgeous and those shoes! Amazing!

  2. RocketMerry says:

    Of course. That’s ALWAYS been her “game”:

    marry an A-list with nice possibilities for a solid carrier and THEN try and score a carrier ‘of your own’ (with all the nice perks of his last name…).

    Eh. Doesn’t sound that nice to me, but whatever.

    Also, “I don’t exercise”: sure. I believe that, since last pic I saw of her butt she had some cellulite, so at least on that I believe her.

    • tmbg says:

      I don’t know – even people who exercise get cellulite. Madonna admits she has it and she’s about as fit as it gets. I’ve known fit people IRL who have it too. Exercise just makes it a little less noticeable. Man do I hate cellulite. I want my 13 y/o body back!

    • Mimi says:

      Yeah, the latest bikini shots were less than flattering.

    • NM6804 says:

      @RocketMerry: Even supermodels with crazy genes can have cellulite. I believe her too though. She is very tall and has good genes. Not going to hate on that.

      Just my two cents:

      Women don’t need to suffer for being slender, I’m a bit fat now and have a Blake-type for a best friend and I envy the ability of her eating greasy, sugar-y food all day without gaining weight or not eating for a day and drop a few kilos overnight. Some people are just not that lucky (and still in their twenties!)… If Lively is looking the way she looks now without exercise then her body is going to be insane with. Or after a pregnancy snapping back into a small size. Hey not everybody is blessed like that.

      As for her being domestic. Look, I’m all for feminism but that is also respecting women who don’t want a career and want to be a housewife which isn’t a 9-5 job but a 24/7 job. Most women do both anyway.

      There’s a difference to being dependent on a man and being trapped at home because you gave everything up for a man’s needs and had no skills or qualifications to take care of yourself or because society dictated it BUT Lively and a lot of women can make that choice in the 21st century without losing their dependence. Some women choose after a study or maybe a short-lived career that they can’t have children and still go to work fulltime.

      Lively might not have Reynolds’ money and career but somehow (even though I dislike her and her social climbing) I think she does put family first and career second and could turn her back for years to Hollywood. If she marries Reynolds, she’ll always be famous and rich by his connection anyway.

      • RocketMerry says:

        Just to clarify, I’m not slamming housewives/housemen – Lord knows it’s a hard job, especially when/if kids come.

        I’m just saying Blake does not have “housewife” as future dream job: she has “social climber” and “movie star thanks to good (husband-y) connections” instincts. I firmly believe that always was her end game, and she found one who’s ok with it. So, God bless ‘em, but I don’t necessarily like it much :)

      • NM6804 says:

        Nah I know you weren’t slamming them =). It was a general remark.

      • DeltaJuliet says:

        I was one of those eat-whatever-you -want, never exercise, skinny girls for a loooonnnng time. Then I had two kids and hit 35. Now I work out, have been fairly regularly for 5 months now. And have not lost one single pound. According to some of the comments on the Kate Upton thread yesterday I would be considereed fat. I consider myself FAR from fat but whatever. The world view on wight is skewed anyway.

        What was my point? Oh right, I believe thatshe can be skinny and not work out. But it won’t last forever.

  3. katiem says:

    I don’t even wear heels, but I might kill for the blue ones in the last picture.

  4. D says:

    Second picture made me think of Ben Affleck. Can’t shake the resemblance off now.

  5. olivia says:

    How bad she was in Savages?

  6. ronnie says:

    Screw the blue dress, what about those major aqua/teal shoes in the second outfit. I need them.

  7. Christian says:

    Girrrrrrrrrrrrrl please. I don’t believe for a minute that she doesn’t work out. I will say her shoes are super cute.

  8. Wizza says:

    Sheesh must be a REALLY slow news day.
    As a Brit I can tell you More! magazine is full of shit.
    They can compile a Spice Girls interview from 10 years ago and restructure it as an exclusive now.

  9. littlestar says:

    I love both of the pairs of heels she is wearing. Damn are they amazing.

  10. TheOriginalKitten says:

    These interviews with her are getting really repetitive. The “I like to cook/cooking is sexy” crap is annoying as hell.

    I think she’s just being honest about her metabolism but she really needs to stop talking about it because it just makes people want to punch her.

    I wonder when people will get off her ass with the Lainey-driven notion that she’s a playa/man-eater/ladder-climbing she-wolf?
    Maybe it’ll take those people actually WATCHING her act. She’s not untalented but I guess it’s more fun to believe that she manipulated her way into every role she’s ever gotten and that she’s a sh*tty actress. *shrugs*

    I still like her. She just needs to work on expanding her interview content because it’s all really tired.

  11. Aria says:

    I’m in love with the white printed bag!!!

  12. Happy21 says:

    Bitch please STFU!

    I was starting to like her but this “I don’t exercise” CRAP is starting to wear thin. She’s full of it. She might not bust her ass at the gym but she does not have the bod of someone who does NOTHING! She’d look small but soft if that were the case.

    God I love her style!

    • MrsBpitt says:

      seriously, if you saw the pics of her and RR at her family’s house, when she was in her bathing suit…you would know that she is NOT lying…her body is so NOT toned…I was shocked, since most young actresses today have a body you could bounce a quarter off of…those pics at her family’s made me like her more. They all looked like they were having a blast and she looked really “in love” with all the little kids there…it was sweet…

      • Bitca says:

        Exercise is not merely about losing/maintaining weight—it’s for health: cardio, lymphatic system, all of your body. And to lose weight, you have to watch what you eat, & not presume exercise will ‘burn it off.’

        Not-so-Lively is slender, but not toned. I had the enviable genes too, but must have walked 2 miles a day; unfortunately, after hitting 35, that wasn’t enough for my body to metabolize the AM muffin, PM pasta followed by dessert, &c… Wake up call :(

        Cardio workouts also seem to retard aging. At least, the only over-40s I know who look great have exercised since their youth. So telling magazines you never exercise & eat anything you want is dumb. At her age I could plead ignorance, but in the 21st century? Anyone who gets Dr checkups will be asked about exercise, regardless of weight.

      • the opinion says:

        The pictures of her and Ryan were really sweet. When she filmed the GL, she said she tried to get him to break his diet by baking for him. She admired the way he stuck to his diet and daily work out regiment . She was glad that she was forced to get in shape because it paid off later. People commented that she and Ryan were fat but he has no fat on his body and she is not in bad shape either. If she is out of shape, I would take this look any day of the week.

  13. Samigirl says:

    I would kill for her GG wardrobe. (And the body to fit in it!)

    • Chicagogurl17 says:

      Same here. I’m short and round. I would trade my bottom for hers any day with the cellulite.

      My take is that the 50′s housewife thing, it’s very similar to most of my relatives and typical for southerners who come from southern roots. Family is paramount and because in the south, most ppl are Baptist and while sex before marriage is becomming more the norm, it’s not the preferred, it’s typical for girls to get married at 22 and stay virgins until they do or only have the one boyfriend. My parents are in the Carolinas and the newpapers wedding announcements are like breeders digest. They only show the bride and talk about how so and so is from this family. Some of these “articles” are 1/3 the page.

  14. Anna says:

    Everything that comes out of her mouth–like only having slept with “three men”–sounds like a very obvious lie.

  15. Isa says:

    I love both outfits and I want them.
    Wasn’t she just on some fitness magazine talking about her fitness routine? Or am I mistaken?

  16. Joanna says:

    I wish I was one of those lucky people that doesn’t have to work out! I wish i was petite and small boobs, it’s so easy to look boobalicious with the right bra, it’s much harder having to exercise and diet to keep my weight down.

  17. Natalina says:

    Why do they all LIE? They want to seem as natural as possible yet they aren’t. Thats why Kim K says she hasnt had plastic surgery and Blake says she doesnt work out, LIARS–and there are some people who fall for it….

    • ZenB!tch says:

      I believe her. She’s 25ish and naturally tall and thin. She won’t get fat but she will droop and sag and bloat if she doesn’t get into gear soon. I know women like that. They age faster too around the face. I also know women who look like Blake but prettier and do Pilates and look like you would want to kill them except my particular friend is a total sweetie who happens to be Danish. She will never droop or sag because she’s always worked to maintain tone vs. weight loss.

  18. Dasha says:

    She has cellulite all over her thighs, and has saddlebags. Been very lucky? Meh. She may fit into a particular size but she isn’t toned and doesn’t look good in a swimsuit.

    • ZenB!tch says:

      Already? My lazy ass neighbor made it to 40 before she turned into a disaster who looks great in jeans and a tight long sleeved shirt but insists in wearing a bikini all the time.

    • dgayl says:

      Very very true. Just because she may fit into a size 2 doesn’t mean she has a fit body. Those bathing suit pics showed her pancake ass and flabby thighs laced with cellulite. No shade, just being honest. AS they say, skinny girls look good in their clothes, but FIT girls look good naked.

  19. Lamb says:

    After seeing those bikini pics with her and Ryan I actually believe she doesn’t work out. Don’t remember there being anything toned about her and a lot of people are thin without exercise.

    • sallyreo says:

      I agree with Lamb, Blake needs toning. In the 4th of July pics, it shows that
      she does not exercise. Her pouchy stomach says it all. If she exercised,
      at 24 years old and not ever being pregnant, her stomach should be flat as a board.

      The body needs toning to maintain it,
      diet and exercise are the key to a healthy, nice looking body.

  20. bobo says:

    I believe it. She’s young enough. I did’nt think about working out till my 30′s.

    • Green_Eyes says:

      Same here. Exercise was not part of my vocabulary til my mid 30′s even then it was because my medication was so harsh it destroyed my thyroid. I was modeling & doing pageants back then. Would kill to have that body back. Lol not just for the way I looked either to be able to walk & breathe w/o assistance..those were the days lol. (I seriously was my worst critic..think we all are in some way or other… Blake included).

  21. valleymiss says:

    Ugh. I really can’t with this chick. I’ve tried to like her, and god knows her PR people have been shoving her dowon our collective throats for a while now. But, she’s so friggin’ vapid and annoying. Between her “I’ve only slept with 3 guys” claim to her “I put together all my own red carpet outfits…I don’t use a stylist!” to this…it’s like she’s actively trying to be disliked by every female moviegoer and tv watcher. Why this chick gets all the headlines when Leighton Meester is about 500x more gorgeous and interesting to watch is beyond my comprehension.

  22. Sabrine says:

    What about that blue and white polka dot bathing suit she had on the other day at a family outing? She looked terrible in it. Clothes can’t always hide hips and thighs when they’re starting to expand.

  23. Reece says:

    After seeing those 4th July pics I believe it. She’s one of those skinny fat people. Thin on the outside but lard around her organs.

    More importantly I want the orange skirt! And the sandals in the blue dress pic.

  24. Turtle Dove says:

    I think that she’s lying. She used to work out. You can tell, but she hasn’t been working out lately. Both she and Ryan are getting in poor shape. They are quite loved up atm, so I give them a pass, but it’s easier to maintain than to loose. Just saying.

  25. Jayna says:

    I was thin, but always had to exercise somewhat from about 25 on. But I had friends who even hit their early thirties, and because of their genes, had perfect legs, no cellulite, great ass.

  26. Elle says:

    I don’t want to do what she does because she looks at least 35 or older!!!!

  27. AnnieN says:

    I buy the no exercise thing because she seems like a very active person. Even in the pics with the boyfriends, they are always running around. She is also a NYer and that involves a lot of walking. I have the same body type as her, but shorter, and I don’t exercise but lead a pretty active lifestyle, riding my bike, walking, etc. I could walk from Grand Central to Chinatown and back to Penn without blinking an eye.

  28. pink giraffe says:

    I just don’t get her appeal. I don’t think she’s that pretty, she’s not very talented, and yet, she’s everywhere, dating Ryan Reynolds, formerly dated Leo DiCaprio…so much attention for so much meh.

  29. T.C. says:

    Find out actress not on a major diet or exercising daily and I will show you a liar. Same BS like she only slept with 3 men. Sure Blake and I’m the tooth fairy. LMAO.

  30. Violet says:

    Yep, she’s a sexually-inexperienced young girl who likes to bake goodies that she can eat without gaining an ounce even though she doesn’t exercise. She also hasn’t had cosmetic surgery and those nudes were fake, y’all.

  31. marigold says:

    I believe she doesn’t work out. I was tiny through my 20s. Creeping up on 30, though, it became clear that my metabolism was slowing down so she’s right, she’ll have to start exercising. Most people do.

  32. eric says:

    Seen pictures of her in bathing suit from Bedford NY, she needs to start exercising STAT, she’s what is called skinny fat, skinny, flabby body. Both dresses above look like discarded rags.

  33. eric says:

    I’m from LA, don’t see a lot of men with tall blondes, and there is actually an ocean of tall pretty blondes here, dime-a dozen. The odd thing about Blake Lively, is that she’s neither smart, nor talented, or attractive. Dicaprio’s dating standards are pretty low, heard he likes to eat sh-t.

  34. Lucy2 says:

    She seems dead set on projecting acertain image of herself, all her answers sound rehearsed.

  35. april says:

    maybe its true. my sister is 23, and she does not do any exercise, and is skinny, even has a bit of muscle tone. i exercise my ass off to look pretty much the same way she looks without exercising. and she eats like 75% healthy, 25% junk. maybe blake eats really healthy? also, she may just mean she doesnt exercise in a gym, doesnt mean she isnt burning calories doing other things.

  36. Barbara says:

    I believe her based in my own body. I’m 32, I’m not active, I don’t exercise and we share the same body type. I have tons of cellulite and I’m flabby. I don’t mind either, but some people would be bothered by it. Truth is I don’t have patience to work out and I’m very lazy. Of course I wanted to look toned but it’s too much work. It’s all about a fast metabolism because I eat like a crazy person. A LOT and I’m not fat. Still my body isn’t that amazing but it looks good when I’m not wearing a bikini :P
    But despite the cellulite her legs – who are just as long as mine – look much better than mine. Maybe I should at least walk as it seems it’s what she does :P
    now I want the dress and the shoes. I’m not a maxi kind of girl, so the skirt does nothing to me. But the dress and the shoes are perfect, to die for.

  37. NorthernGirl_20 says:

    When I was 24 I didn’t have to exercise and I had a great body. I could almost eat what I wanted too. Then.. I got older and I had kids and now at 36 well… my body isn’t so great anymore and I have to exercise (trying to get back into shape lol). IF she really does eat what she wants it won’t last one day it’ll catch up to her.

    And I love her outfits, LOVE the teal shoes!!

  38. NYC_girl says:

    Give it a few years, honey.

    I thought she was good in “The Town.” She was a really good skank in that.

  39. Stacia says:


    I think that she was on The Hills(stupid show BTW and I admit that I watched it)

  40. RobN says:

    I know why I don’t keep up with my roots, what’s her excuse?

  41. MK yarwood says:

    If feminism is to be believed, she is well within her right to enjoy cooking and popping out babies. There are men who dream of doing the same.

    Bathing suit shots are less than flattering because those things are not made for real bodies. At all. Ever. I am technically ‘fit’, as my baby nears her third year but I got cellulite at nine (yay!) My bathing suit this year is a pair of black lycra bike shorts close to the knee and wide shoulder tank. Some of my friends tell me that if they ‘had a body like mine’ they’d ‘skank it up’. No, they wouldn’t. Because there would always be someone there, looking at their behind and thinking they have cellulite because they have no self control.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      I would describe bathing suit shopping as “traumatic” and I dont have a bad body (but unlike Blake I work my ass off for it).
      I always say that I look better in bra and panties than in a fricking bathing suit. Lycra is the most evil fabric on earth.

  42. Ham says:

    Bull crap. SAW HER AT THE GYM when she was filming in Wilmington, NC.

  43. I Choose Me says:

    Love, love her outfit in the last pic esp the shoes which are gorgeous but just thinking about trying to walk in heels that high is making my calves cry out for mercy.

    Sigh. I envy tall slender girls/women with long legs, they get to wear anything. Me, I’m always hemming pants and trying to find tops that flatter my double D’s without making me look fat.

  44. Well,for starters, I’m not sure I buy that she
    ‘never works out’ because I’m beyond sure
    I’ve read magazine interviews with one of those celebrity trainers that had worked with her. Second, I don’t think her body is that good! I mean, I wouldn’t call her fat but she’s hardly skinny either. Her body seems very average and normal to me, not a ‘celebrity’ body. And there is nothing wrong with that. But she looks about a UK size 10 to me (sorry, not sure what US sizes are) which is pretty normal for a tall girl in her 20′s, nothing especially amazing? I think her figure is quite similar to my own so perhaps I’m biased but to me that isn’t that great. She is not someone whose figure I would aspire to have, like Miranda Kerr or Megan Fox.

  45. Margo Channing says:

    She’s young. It won’t last forever without some effort.

  46. A says:

    I kind of believe it. I think she works out when she’s filming a movie and then backs off when she’s doing Gossip Girl. She’s had the same body type since she did The Girl With The Traveling Pants.

  47. sup says:

    such a terrible liar… her legs looked chiseled a few years back… if she’s not exercizing now, she definitely was before

  48. Lisa says:

    Most of the people who didn’t stay active in some way when they were young regret it when they get older. Either they gain a ton of weight later and stay fat, or they age almost overnight and look older than they should.

    • Bitca says:

      YESSS! What I said above, but more readable & far less verbose. Still kicking myself for waiting til 45. My mom died, & paid no attention to anything until I couldn’t zip my jeans. Still, better late than never. 2 yrs after getting a rebounder & adopting an adult diet led to a stellar report at last checkup.

  49. Ally says:

    Meh. She’s 25. I would say 27 is when your metabolism changes. I gather it’s because parts of you are still growing, up to that age.

    At age 27, you better take up some exercise or find a happy middle ground between eating like Jessica Simpson and Anna Wintour if you don’t want to go up a dress size per year.

  50. teri says:

    she’s a very pretty girl, but godammn, if she’s not beyonce 2.0 with the constant self-promotional bs that comes out of her mouth. Nothing she says ever feels natural or spontaneous, it always feels strategic.

  51. TG says:

    Do all these young celebs watch old movies all day? Why do they all reference Marylin Monroe? I am in my mid-thirties and have never seen a monroe movie nor do I ever intend to. I have never thought any of her photos were attractive. But my point is how the heck do they even know who she is? I would rather pick Catherine Hepburn or someone like her to emulate. Not marylin, plus that is just so unoriginal. I mean even lilo has done marylin how much more low class can you go.

  52. Chris says:

    She’s the greatest Blake since Blake Carrington! Also, the fact that she stayed with Gossip Girl and didn’t get ahead of herself just because she got a few movie roles shows that she has her feet firmly planted on the ground.

  53. the original liv says:

    she might not be working out now, but she has worked out a lot in the past. her trainer was bobby storm if i remember correctly.

  54. E says:

    Wow, another liar teaching young girls being fit, toned and movie ready is attainable through doing nothing! Hate. Her.

  55. pintaLOL says:

    I am in LOVE with Blake. But her roots could use a touch-up :)

  56. dgayl says:

    I agree, Leighton’s way more prettier and more interesting. Doesn’t come off as pretentious.